Brushed Steel Kitchen Taps With Pull Out Spray

Updated 25/06/2021:
Beautiful brushed steel kitchen taps are the modern, instinctive choice that personifies a flawless look for any household cooking area mixer tap along with unrivalled flexibility.

It's sanitary, supremely functional and will continue it's physical lustre and gleam over the long term, rendering perfect harmony with different home kitchen appliances.

Black Steel Tap For Hard Water
Fashionable Steel Tap With Lever

: ASDFG Kitchen Tap With Hose Nickel/Brass

A first-class component kitchen tap in resilient sturdy brass and brushed nickel structure. There is also a drip-free cartridge for consistent and longer-lasting performance. The thoughtfully refined surface area looks luxurious and chic, and the dazzling silver colour will keep for an extended time.

With 360 degrees rotation, the ASDFG sink mixer tap provides a remarkable margin for all kinds of sink actions. Still, it may be expanded widely to satisfy your cleaning requirements. The rotating spout matches for two kitchen sinks with equally cold and hot water, but you may use the grip to modify as you choose.


  • Clean From Several Positions
  • Smart Pull Out And Swivel


  • None here..

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Great Price For Brass/Nickel
  • Water Taps Are Fully Tested

Unique Selling Point:

  • Stunning Tap Exterior Surface Area
  • All Important Fittings Are Bundled

It is an incredibly functional objective that is suited to diverse weather conditions and other requirements. The more extraordinary copper content material it includes, the better corrosion prevention it will probably possess. Furthermore, every single joint of the tap is incredibly firm and never straightforward to break.

Specs: Brass Ceramic | Weight 3Kg | 360 Degrees Rotating

The ASDFG sink mixer tap is actually examined twice throughout the creation operation of the water pressure test. Due to this, you might find water within the tap as you acquire it. However, the faucet is not hard to set up, and it includes a user guide and trigger spray - the swivel spout will fit 2 kitchen sinks.

Kitchen Tap With Pull Out Hose

£75   ASDFG Kitchen Tap With Hose - Get It!  

: GlanzHaus Swan Neck Tap Steel Pull-Out

With an over elevation of 14 inches, this pull-down spray head includes two water features in STEAM and SPRAY settings for fast washing. A brushed surface finish with a 'solid brass structure' resists dust particles and corrosion for superb tap efficiency, establishing a beautiful tap perspective.

The substantial arch faucet and 1.5 metres pull hose provides a more flexible cleaning spectrum. Using a dual grip for water and heat regulation, the easy solitary hole set-up is completed in half an hour. The GlanzHaus kitchen sink mixer tap stream function allows you to decrease water use without bargaining on its overall performance.

Furthermore, this sprayer features supplies more water pressure to eliminate gooey dirt in the sink. The outstanding resilient aspects and elaborate systems generate superior quality taps. The style is sturdy and long-lasting by screening twice throughout the processing plant.


  • Fashionable With Great Price
  • Ditch Your Old Boring Taps


  • No Cons Here

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Very Smooth Consistent Flow
  • High Elevation Water Arch Tap

Unique Selling Point:

  • Double Lever Controls Water
  • Stream and Spray Configuration

Contemporary engineered, the GlanzHaus kitchen sink mixer tap will make your kitchen space considerably more stylish. It makes a much better perception of the modern home. The professional style is not merely an excellent looking tap - additionally, it is very productive.

Specs: 56 x 31 x 8 cm | 2.3 Kg | 1/2 Inch Hose | 360 Swivel

This tap offers smooth water circulation and no leak across all assessments. A twin handle pull-down commercial-style incorporates a versatile hose, and it is elementary to use.

Swan Neck Tap In Steel Style

£68   GlanzHaus Swan Neck Tap Steel - Get It!  

: Which Type Of Kitchen Water Tap?

The plethora of steel kitchen tap designs and finishes in existence translates to an unquestionably superb choice for equally regular and modern-day kitchen areas. In the event you are choosing brand-new kitchen taps, the level of quality and sturdiness is certainly significant as it's a tough product.

: Functional And Visual Tap Factors

A tap needs to be simple to operate and made to match all functions whilst merging a smooth structure. Everybody need superb quality for the kitchen. For any kitchen mixer tap, you will find various sort of fixtures like water filtering to reflect upon with different functional and visual factors too.

: Sink Mixer Taps Steel Or Nickel?

Any reputable kitchen mixer tap must not distribute anything at all to the water supply. Screening the water-bearing components in the mixer tap is vital. Subsequently, you should obtain qualified kitchen sink mixer taps made from corrosion immune steel or perfectly nickel finished to be sure.

: Monobloc Mixing Tap Choices

Most pillar taps are delivered as a set of two where every faucet works individually from each other; thus, one can control cold water plus the other can master warm water. Mixing machine taps can be purchased in Monobloc models, which in turn offer 1 or 2 handles attached to a specific holder.

: Higher Spout And Rotating Ease Of Use

Kitchen mixer taps are obtainable like a deck mixer that incorporates a solitary spout, yet benefits two tap openings. Such faucets frequently have a comfortable high spout for convenience and a rotating system for further control of the path of drinking water. It is simpler to set the temperature and prevent hot water dispensing scalds.

: Sufficient Amount Of Water Pressure?

A few points you have to reflect on before starting selecting the preferred tap models to embellish that fresh new kitchen sink. Just about all taps function well with typical water force - and most homes possess a regular amount of pressure, so 'look at your pressure' as there might be defects.

: Do You Have Knowledge Of Plumbing?

It is superb to visualise your brand-new taps in a specified area of the kitchen; nevertheless, they must be attached to the water plumbing. This may incorporate some water system employment that you have to reason in the total spending budget - so contemplate the practicalities on their location.

: Is The Tap Proportionate To The Sink?

With all the functional concerns dealt with, you can begin determining the precise taps you choose within your kitchen space. In the form of a fundamental guideline, the dimensions of your tap installation must be approximately proportionate to the size of the kitchen sink - small or more extensive.

: Beelee Pull Out Kitchen Mixer Tap Monobloc

This kitchen faucet is constructed with top-notch components, offering you a rugged solid brass and lustrous chrome structure. The drip-free cartridge is ideal for consistent and long-term procedures. There exists a high alignment spout and 360 degrees spin for boundless wash manoeuvrability.

This rotating water region is much more comprehensive, supplying you with more flexibility and adaptability. The Beelee kitchen sink tap pull-out comes equipped with a 2-way spray system using a secure dual-action water movement. The stream for filling up water and spray for regular washing.


  • Exceptionally Stunning Curves
  • Comprehensive Pull Out Spray


  • None Whatsoever

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Highly Polished Chrome Finish
  • Smart Deck Mounted Kitchen Tap

Unique Selling Point:

  • Double Water Flow Spraying
  • Monobloc Tap With Twin Pull

The faucet provides equally cold and hot water outlets, but you may use the handle to modify the water heat as you value. It is an efficient action that is suited to diverse climates and other expectations. An installation manual and all components are presented for your assembly.

Specs: Weight 2.96 Kg | Height 13.8 Inch | 3-Years Warranty

For the ceramic cartridge, it can endure 500000 times for close and open evaluation. In addition, the Beelee kitchen sink tap 360 degrees superior ceramic design supplies both ease and regulation accuracy.
Every tap is analysed at a very high water pressure level to ensure superior and extended longevity. So basically, no local plumber is necessary with this absolutely 'no risk to buy' tap.

Kitchen Mixer Tap Monobloc In Polished Finish

£91   Beelee Pull Out Kitchen Mixer Tap - Get It!  

: Avola Black Steel Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

Employing materials in tough brass, the solitary handle is straightforward to manage for hot and then cold water. An enhanced edition, the (spraHigh arc) pull sprayer 360-degrees turning presents more space for several sink activities. Ideally, use the toggle switch spray, stream or perhaps stop options.

The Avola black pull out sink mixer tap nozzle comes with a long hose pipe putting together a long reach hot and cold kitchen tap with all the best in the pressured spray. In addition, you can discover a 5 years guarantee with life support. The faucet is made of sturdy brass to assure strength and longer life.


  • Long Pull-Out For Easy Washing
  • 360-Degrees Spaying Features


  • None Here

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Select Sprayer, Stream Or Halt
  • Higher Arching For More Room

Unique Selling Point:

  • Handle With Zinc Alloy Finish
  • Easy Deck Mount Installation

Using an outstanding corrosion tolerant finish, the spout swivel offers higher access to even more regions of the kitchen sink. The individual lever structure for impartial and correct temperature circulation. This style supplies maximum space beneath the tap for just about any size kitchen sink.

Specs: 2.76 Kg | Height 41cm | Swivel 360 | Reach 23cm

Under no circumstances completely take apart the Avola pull out sink mixer tap to avoid needless difficulties. Be sure to flush the water supply tubes for a short time just before unit installation. Preserve all the components in the bundle after set up in the instance of additional requirements.

Sink Mixer Tap With Pull Out

£69   Avola 360 Degrees Sink Mixer Tap - Get It!  

: Enki Designer Brushed Steel Kitchen Tap

This kitchen sink mixer tap offers a substantial brass design, indestructible chrome finish and pivot spout, which is ideal for dual bowl sinks. With a negligible water pressure level, a 0.1 bar is suggested for most beneficial performance.

Simple and dependable, the 40 mm ceramic cartridge control device comes in a wide range of fantastic surface finishes. The kitchen singular lever ENKI square kitchen sink mixer tap is the perfect option for making an impressive modern kitchen with a highly motivated present-day perspective.


  • Uniquely Styled Lever Mixer Tap
  • Longer Spout Projection Ability


  • None We Can Find..

Steel Kitchen Tap Squared Style

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Advanced Megaflow Strategy
  • In Lovely Brass And Chrome

Unique Selling Point:

  • Inexpensive But Worth It
  • Solitary Lever Style Tap

Accessible in a selection of different finishes displaying an inside crank structure for hot and cold temperature ranges, this professional design mixer tap is best for tap openings with a size of 35 mm. The faucet comes with all the required accessories to get set up straight away.

Just for this ENKI square kitchen sink mixer tap to work successfully, the water model will likely need to create a minimum of 0.5 bar of pressure; nevertheless we suggest a 1.0 bar for optimum efficiency. This is often accomplished if you have a combi boiler solution or products exclusively with a pump etc.

Specs: Solid Brass/Chrome | Weight 1.6 Kg | 4 cm Valve

Easy and dependable to function with trickle free quarter flex 'ceramic valves'. Complete bundle with regular GB fittings established directly out of the container. For this tap to function with efficiency, your water supply will require to develop at the least 0.2 bar of pressure level etc.
[Rating: 8/10]   £34   Get It → Enki Chrome Steel Kitchen Tap  

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: Pull-Out Hot And Cold Mixer Styles

Tap models are usually provided with discretionary contributed components like a pull-out hot and cold mixer - and expandable tube, which makes for much for less complicated rinsing. Additionally, you might prefer water in bottles rather than taps; however it's pricey and never eco-friendly.

: Better Than Bottled Water?

An excellent solid regular filtered tap offers the basics with tap water preference. You can buy a tap using an integrated drinking water filter. They help keep the water clean and clear of pollutants. If you buy water in bottles regularly, a standard water filter tap could be the most suitable choice in your home.

: No More Dependence On The Kettle

Domestic hot water taps are a relatively recent advancement that achieves hot water on the requirement. They eradicate the dependence on a kettle and provide hot water when you require tea. It can save you significant amounts of time if you have no useful dishwasher when planning hot beverages or cooking homegrown vegetables.

: Sprayer Taps With Easy Pull Nozzle

Kitchen pull out sprayer taps can undoubtedly make cleaning very simple. They will permit you to operate the water with just one hand and provide a whole lot more convenience. It really is much easier to fill a container or water the lawn with a pull-out spray nozzle compared to a regular fixed kitchen tap.

: Heable Pull Out Spray Kitchen Steel Tap

Popular designer style kitchen mixer tap with pull out sprayer feature. This particularly fashionable mixer tap using it's appended pull out spray function bestows a modernistic affect to your cooking area. It is also crafted from substantial brass to forestall rusting and corroding.

Using a sleek style, this contemporary kitchen tap structure makes your kitchen space straightforward and refreshing, so it is simple to enhance just about all sinks. It is far from ideal for low-pressure water solutions. However, the single handle structure combines to regulate heat and flow quantity.

The Heable kitchen sink mixer tap high arc 360 degrees rotating spout supplies full range cleaning admission. A modified mechanical retraction structure makes the pull-down sprayer head constantly remain in its initial destination following use.

A 3-way spray establishing stream, spray, pause and stream for filling up water, spray for rinsing, stop for preventing spattering in multi-activity function.


  • In Nickel, Black And Chrome
  • Great Price 5 Star Product


  • None at all

Pull Out Spray Kitchen Tap Fixed In Sink

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Easy To Assemble From Pack
  • Rapid Cold/Hot Alternating

Unique Selling Point:

  • Full Sink Water Cleaning Access
  • High Pressure Water Output Mode

Easy to set up with a wrench tool, you do not need the services of a plumber. You just cut costs with a DIY set-up in under half an hour. It is easy to initiate with all components contained in the bundle. The outstanding rust tolerant finish stops dirt from adhering to any tap surface area.

This pull out tap enables you to manage all aspects of washing responsibilities. The sprayer head and stream spout can easily spin around 360 degrees for complete sink reach.
The pre-wash tap guarantees high pressure, although still conserving water. It may be relocated to diverse locations inside the sink but supplies extra space for different actions.

The temperature of the water can be adjusted as outlined by your requirements. You can transition among distinct water modalities. The Heable kitchen sink mixer tap stream setting fills up water to several pans and pots plus.

Specs: 50 cm Hose | HighArc 360 | 2 Kg | Spout Height 20 cm

The totally free stretch flexible 50 cm hose pipe reaches conveniently to every area of your kitchen sink. The (spray mode) is designed for resilient cleaning rinse. A (pause mode) prevents water whenever you want to save water assets.

The tap is finished in brushed metal for a sumptuous appearance. Additionally provided is a 10 years guarantee on virtually all the stylish kitchen faucets.

Strong brass using brushed metal refinement technique and excellent function 'pull out sprayer' for all those difficult to reach home kitchen sink expanses.
[Rating: 9/10]   £55   Get It → Heable Pull Out Kitchen Tap  

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: Rangemaster Aquadisc Kitchen Mixer Tap

The attractive looking brushed metal kitchen sink mixer faucet taps are the consequence of accuracy, applied science and graceful design. Every tap is configured to operate perfectly and organise nicely with Rangemaster's sink unique assemblage.

This series monobloc mixer tap for your kitchen area is a built-in choice for your regular hot and cold water requisites. The Rangemaster mixer tap was created as a dual regulation faucet to provide you with the convenience of managing hot/cold water movement.

It is accomplished in chrome to complement the interior decoration of your kitchen area. This excellent deck mounted system is likewise appropriate for low and high water pressure levels. A 5 years guarantee through the maker originates in addition to this merchandise.

Well suited for moderate pressure water solutions, the tap highlights a non-splashing spout with a honeycomb style aerator. This will blend air with regular water to produce water movement without a splash.


  • Trusted Brand With Italian Style
  • Stunning Chrome Surface Finish


  • Not here

Brushed Kitchen Mixer Tap With Blue Logo

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Smart Style AquaDisc Mixer Tap
  • Left And Right Handle Placement

Unique Selling Point:

  • High And Low Pressure Compatible
  • Twin Controls Faucet Convenience

This tap withstands fingerprints and watermarks but works exceptionally well for corrosion. Regularly washing necessitates just a straightforward wipe.

Set up must be accomplished according to valid regional construction and domestic plumbing constraints. Should you be uncertain about setting up the Rangemaster mixer tap yourself, we recommend contacting a professional plumber.

Specs: Italian Style | Weight 1.7 Kg | 37 x 22 x 4 cm | AquaDisc

The tap is recognised for top quality steel possibilities with a brushed surface finish. Look at this tap about a sophisticated mixture as it is WRAS authorised - and derives from a superior quality Italian structure.

Bestow a touch of pleasure and 'eye appeal' to your cooking area by selecting from an all-encompassing selection of traditional and contemporary trends, and a selection of finishes. The taps are designed in a modern-day finish brushed steel, created from a strong brass physical structure.
[Rating: 9/10]   £77   Get It → Rangemaster Steel Mixer Tap  

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Brushed Steel Kitchen Taps With Flexible Mixers

: Sfeomi Pull Out Steel Sink Mixer Tap

Brushed metal kitchen area sink mixer faucet including pull out spraying feature. The pull out sprayer make cleansing pots and cooking pans very easy.

The ceramic disc system forestalls 'infuriating trickles' and includes a brushed metal strong brass framework, plus a company 10 years guarantee.

The pull-down spray specifications for this spout reach is 20 cm, and the peak to the end of the spout is 265 mm.

The 360-degree style features a versatile pull-up design with 'substantial curvature' and 360 degrees rotating. This accomplishes the entry to the kitchen sink and retreats back perfectly.

With hot and cold water influence, the solitary handle of this Sfeomi mixer sink tap offers convenient power over hot and cold water. It truly is long-lasting, and the ceramic disc valves surpass sector longevity specifications by twofold, guaranteeing rugged efficiency for a lifetime.

Top rated for sure, the tap highlights a high-efficiency water successful aerator and a perfected ceramic cartridge for dependable drip-free implementation. In addition, this tap helps reduce water and decrease the requirement for repeated repairs and substitutes so that you can lower your expenses as well.


  • Uniquely Styled Brass Steel Tap
  • Makes All Sink Tasks Very Easy


  • No Cons..

Pull Out Steel Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Ceramic Disc Concept Utilised
  • Rotate Sprayer In A Full Circle

Unique Selling Point:

  • Ultra Flexible Hose Pipe
  • Aerated Flow And Power Spray

With efficient spray rotating tap pull out and retracting, the automatic features/style will considerably more customise the kitchen space. Equally, the spout and the joint can be spun 360 degrees to attend to water demands coming from numerous perspectives.

Specs: 1.5 m Tube | Swivel 360 | Reach 20 cm | Height 37 cm

Together with the Sfeomi mixer sink tap handheld sprayer, it makes filling up containers, washing fruit and cleaning vegetables much simpler. In addition, the 1.5 metres long work tube and sprayer increases the opportunity of much easier water options.

These taps function on water supply that create a borderline of 0.5 bar water pressure level. However, to attain the finest effects, we suggest expending a water arrangement that develops 1.0 bar pressure. This may be accomplished by utilising combination boiler organisation and 'gravity fed' schemes exclusively with pump.
[Rating: 9/10]   £42   Get It → Sfeomi Pull Out Steel Mixer Tap  

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: Grohe Kitchen Tap With High Set Spout

Perhaps you are searching for a household steel kitchen tap that is long-lasting and effortless to clean. The popular kitchen tap is the correct option, as it's high set spout passes worthy for filling up high containers in the sink.

Due to it's accurate cartridge system, this single lever mixer tap provides a fluent and unstrained handling, even following long term function.

With an extremely high spout, the GROHE kitchen tap sink mixer provides a lovely chrome finish. It is produced to last for surface types starting with a gleaming, dazzling finish. The 35 mm ceramic cartridge guarantees a smooth handle motion for easy accuracy and convenience.

The other highlights are the monobloc set-up, adjustable flow rate limiter, rotating tube spout, 0, 150 and then 360 degrees selectable spinning region.

In addition, it includes adaptable attachment hoses, a quick set-up structure and a 1.0 bar with nominal advised pressure. This product incorporates a 5 years guarantee.


  • Very Easy To Set-Up
  • Long 5 Years Warranty


  • None here..

Grohe Kitchen Tap With Water Running

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Very Easy To Maintain Clean
  • Handle Is Effortless To Use

Unique Selling Point:

  • Functional Swivel Spout
  • Deck Mount Chrome Finish

Pleasingly, the high spout renders it appropriate for filling up substantial pans. Because of its specific cartridge concept, this solitary lever mixer provides consistent and trouble-free management even after many years of use. You are going to have the capacity to keep it clean easily.

Specs: Weight 454g | 36 x 20 x 13 cm | 0, 150, 360 Degrees

Just wipe the GROHE kitchen tap with a micro-fibre fabric to help make the chrome surface finish of the solo lever mixer sparkle. Practical and smartly designed, reports from many happy clients admire the standard of this modern kitchen mixer tap.

Just wipe down the faucet with a microfibre fabric to make the chromium plate finish of the single-lever mixer really beam. Operational and nicely contrived ample, fluid manipulation of the single-lever mixer conveys the calibre and superiority of the brand name.

The cartridge presents accurate command of the water system flow rate and heat.
[Rating: 9/10]   £129   Get It → Grohe Cosmo Steel Kitchen Tap  

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: CREA 3 Way Steel Kitchen Mixer Tap

This individual handle kitchen tap is among the most recent advances for the 'modernistic' cooking area and is testifying to accommodate the style.

Pull out faucets are ideal from a sanitary viewpoint as you will be able to spray the water about your sink and hose down the drainboards - additionally they are perfect for pots and cooking pans.


  • German DVGW Precision Examined
  • Braided Style Connection Hoses


  • None..

Professional Brushed Steel Kitchen Mixer Tap With Spring Feature

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Easy Open Close Levers
  • Full Swivel Ease Of Use

Unique Selling Point:

  • Excellent Price - High Quality
  • Comprehensive Non-Drip Mixer Tap

The additional advantages include whenever managing your fresh veg preparation, it's much more leisurely and faster to get your food items exhaustively clean. The pull out sprayer tap has been considered as a symbolic representation of discernment and success, in addition to as an enjoyment of lavishness.
[Rating: 9/10]   £79   Get It → CREA 3 Way Steel Kitchen Mixer Tap  

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Our brushed stainless steel kitchen taps look arresting with a sumptuous groomed finish that does not show grime, such as some polished chrome taps do.

In addition, a stainless steel kitchen faucet does not necessarily have to cost a lot - since there is a good chance that it will reside beautifully inside your kitchen without cleaning out your wallet/purse.