10 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs With Superior Lumbar Support

Modern collection of ergonomic and mesh back home office chairs for bad backs included in this collection. Several are 'commercial grade' and very tough wearing. Ergonomic office chairs are a fantastic way to keep your posture and spine in tip-top condition. You may even become more productive in the office...

01: Koplus Tonique 4 Tilt Lock Ergonomic Chair With Tension Alignment

The unique, progressive style of the Tonique fashionable ergonomic office chair collection utilises the vast majority of advanced materials and modern design. Simplicity with a unified and stylish profile provides the highest quality of mesh and furnishings, making it function as the cutting edge of straightforward, tasteful seating.

Koplus Tonique 4 Tilt Lock System Ergonomic Office Chair In White And Black

Koplus Tonique Ergonomic Office Chair

The self-regulating system, fact that it's fully covered, complete with auto balance entails that there is not really any need to modify it manually. Backrest tension modification and reclining control can be altered to a variety of physiques and user weights.

Ergonomic Chair Accommodates Users Of Various Weight

The mesh is constructed of (TPEE) which ensures every user has very comfy encounter while sitting. The 'flexible lumbar support' provides you with additional convenience. The self-adjusting system was created specifically for Tonique office chairs. The main shape itself consists of an aluminium outer shell.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £408 - Details - Koplus Tonique 4 Tilt Ergonomic Office Chair

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02: E Tinsley Breathable Mesh Back Lumbar Support Chair With Variable Headrest..

Ideal for heavy duty implementation, this ergo style chair with waterfall style front provides additional relaxation, finished with the fashionable, breathable mesh back - it provides a terrific seating encounter. A high back professional chair with flexible head rest feature.

E Tinsley Breathable Mesh Back Lumbar Support Chair In Black
E Tinsley Mesh Lumbar Support Chair

An amply proportioned posture curved, padded chair with an elegantly curved black nylon, comprehensive mesh backrest with incorporated back support. Synchronised system for multiple modifications of the seat and back rest positioning.

Synchronised System For Modification Of Seat And Back-Rest

Completely reclining knee tilt mechanism with rigidity management, flexible enough for all personal body weights. Shaped black nylon detailed mesh and comprehensive rear back shell for additional style. Detailed with elegant, variable (T) designed arms.
(Rating: 4.94/5) £174 Details - E Tinsley Mesh Back Lumbar Support Chair

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03: Ergohuman Leather Chair With Arm Height Correction And Synchro Tilt

Developed and constructed with the complete convenience of the Humankind project. Appearance, form and overall performance of this ergonomic executive office chair permit this particular selection of seating to utilise a synchro tilt process, together with unrestricted locking mechanism.

Ergohuman Ergonomic Leather Office Chair In Black With Synchro Tilt

Ergohuman Chair With Synchro Tilt

With a useful sliding seat feature, pneumatically driven elevation modification, as well as a head-rest alternative - everything in one extremely special office chair with excellent lower back support. All black natural leather seat with synchro functionality.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £584 Details - Ergohuman Ergonomic Leather Chair Tilting

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04: Victor II AirMesh, Bonded Leather Ergonomic Chair With Lumbar Support

The Victor II executive office chair offers great characteristics and features such as modern day configurations and leather style, together with diverse fine detail mesh back with bonded leather surrounds. An attractive air-mesh and bonded leather ergonomic seat.

Victor II AirMesh Leather Ergonomic Home Office Chair In Black Exterior

Victor II AirMesh Ergonomic Office Chair

Elevation variable arms with height flexible gas lift features and incorporated lower back assistance, plus effortless glide castors for virtually all floor surfaces. Very comfy cushioned seat with gas lift analysed as much as 152Kg utilisation.
(Rating: 4.94/5) £124 Details - Victor II AirMesh Leather Ergonomic Chair

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05: Topstar Open Art Ergonomic Office Chair In Black 3D Mesh

Swivelling ergonomic office chair in a classy mesh textile. High back-rest with an incorporated Body-Balance-Tec joint and elevation flexible lumbar assistance, which enables increased independence of motion whilst seated, although supplying optimum back support.

Topstar Open Art (Body Balance Tec) Ergonomic Office Chair In All Black Finish
Topstar Open Art Ergonomic Office Chair

Backrest tension feature can be modified separately to user bodyweight utilising the handle on the right-hand aspect, underneath the chair. Hassle-free, comfort moulded seat with curved leading edge. Ergonomically designed headrest which can be altered in height and depth to the particular individual.

Office Chair With Excellent Back Support - Helps Posture...

The Synchro relax mechanism changes the seat and back-rest perspectives, with an increased wide opening perspective for reclining back. Stageless height variable by way of Toplift.

Attractive and stable dark polyamide base, designed with braked double-wheel security wheels, ideal for carpeted flooring surfaces.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £396 Details - Topstar Open Art (Body Balance Tec) Ergonomic Chair

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06: Koplus Bodyflex ABT (Active Back Technology) Ergo Office Chair With Tilt Options

The progressive style of the Koplus Bodyflex contemporary ergonomic chair helps make the most of sophisticated components and solid structure, supplying you with an office chair that is as versatile as anything, and an expert in comfy office seating relaxation.

Koplus Bodyflex ABT (Active Back Technology) Ergo Office Chair In Black Covering
Koplus Bodyflex ABT Ergo Office Chair

The BodyFlex collection of executive chairs smartly reacts to every motion and modifies to any position, offering constant ergonomic assistance for each and every user. A pleasingly high accomplishing BodyFlex chair makes it possible for the work day go quicker.

BodyFlex helps prevent work tiredness and maintains the body as well as brain working at full capacity for greater levels of energy and better efficiency.

Self Recline System Works With Your Physique..

An adaptable back is manufactured out of a variety of two materials, supplying durability, support and versatile comfort. The ABT (Active Back Technology) is a progressive, versatile substance which is very comfy. It follows every single move, continuously assisting and inspiring an 'improved ergonomic seating' placement.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £568 Details - Koplus Bodyflex ABT Ergonomic Chair

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07: CFO Sturdy Ergonomic Versatile Seat Elevation PC Office Chair

This desk chair includes numerous ergonomic adaptations that enable the user to be equally comfortable and experience an effective posture to fend off back-bone aching and anguish.

The moulded back-rest offers a comfy head rest plus shoulder assistance. The elevation of the seat back may be corrected to prompt support for your back plus shoulders.

CFO Ergonomic Seat Tilt PC Office Chair With Black 5 Star Base

CFO Ergonomic Seat Tilt PC Office Chair

The angle of the back is additionally adaptable, so it's possible to possess the back assistance you require. Seating tilt, elevation and also back-rest angle are separately commanded via 3 handles.

Back height is modified using an effortless to clench control. The device additionally enables the seat plus back to tilt collectively. The tension of the angle is adapted from underneath the seat.
[Rating: 9/10] £188 Get It Here → CFO Ergonomic Seat Tilt PC Office Chair

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08: Elegant Savoy High-Back Style Leather Pro Ergonomic Workplace Chair

The popular Savoy high-back dark-coloured management office chair offers and features soft bonded leather furnishings, solid stainless-steel framework along with co-ordinating 5 star foundation base.

Savoy High-Back Style Pro Ergonomic Workplace Chair In Black With Chrome Aspects

Savoy High-Back Style Pro Ergonomic Office Chair

A modern day style with generously padded seat and backside. Includes a fashionable one item seat and back gas lift device which is screened as much as 152Kg. Overall width is 55.5cm, Depth 69.2cm and height of 104.5cm.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £225 Details - Savoy High-Back Ergonomic Workplace Chair

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09: Topstar's Ergonomic HeadPoint Sporty Style Sturdy Adaptable Office Chair

Trendy workplace swivelling office chair in a professional, sporty design. Seat height variable in a variety of placements through Toplift systems. Ergonomic curve formed back-rest elevation is flexible by way of raster system, together with incorporated lower back assistance.

Topstar's Ergonomic HeadPoint Sporty Office Chair In Black And Light Green Finish

Topstar Ergonomic HeadPoint Sporty Chair

Bi-colour furnishings, high quality quilted and comfy extra large moulded seat in bucket design, plus practical bolster intended to assist knee joints. Point synchro device for realignment of the seat and back-rest perspective is bodyweight specific, flexible, as well as locking in a number of placements.

Synchro System For Alignment Of Seat And Back-Rest

Incorporating elevation adaptable armrest in black with soft pads. Incorporating multi-purpose headrest, flexible in height and perspective based on the specific consumer. Designed with braked dual wheel safety castors for carpeted surfaces.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £344 Details - Topstar's Ergonomic HeadPoint Sporty Office Chair

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10: Shiatsu Ergonomic Exec Therapeutic Massage Chair With Lumbar Support

This is a high-end therapeutic massage management office chair, padded in imitation leather-based fabrics. It offers effective 'rolling massage' therapy functionality to revitalise your body. It is completely mains powered.

Shiatsu Ergonomic Style Exec Therapeutic Massage Chair In All Black Finish
Shiatsu Ergonomic Therapeutic Massage Chair

Functional glow performance along with a stylish gun metal pigmented arms and complementing capped bottom area. It presents 'excellent ergonomic lumbar assistance', as well as comfortable, cushioned arm rests, Gas lift seat elevation correction. Recline functionality along with tilt tension. Demands effortless 'do it yourself' set-up.
(Rating: 4.94/5) £321 Details - Shiatsu Ergonomic Therapeutic Massage Chair

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Fashionable, Adjustable Home Office Chairs With Lumbar Support

Were sure to have the right chair here for your budget and personal preferences. Select from the Kaza high-back office task chair, low back ergonomic office desk chair, Trini mesh office chair with padded upholstery, or the high back computer chair in orange for the best in home furnishings.

Most chairs are fully adjustable in numerous settings. Seat height, tilt mechanics and back adjustments are only a few of the great characteristics of these expertly crafted seating furniture items.

Multi functional padded armrests and armrest side back and forth features. A heavy star shaped aluminum base will provide safe balancing all round, with easy glide nylon wheel castors.

Consider the terrific Trini PC office chair, the Berg high back conference chair finished in brown, or the Carl low back home office chair finished in black. Expect full lumbar support and height adjustable headrests too.

All The Features You Expect In A Quality Office Chair

Look out for a cool contemporary design, fully supportive contoured seat back and gas lift height adjustable features. A smooth tilting mechanism and an adjustable tension bar for your safety. A strong aluminum star base with solid castors. Lumbar support is usually in the shape of the 'S' curvature present in all ergonomic and lumbar support office chairs.

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