Comfy Ergonomic Office Chairs For Sitting Long Hours

Updated 06/11/2022:
What Is An Ergonomic Desk Chair?
An ergonomic office chair for back pain is a place-of-work reclining chair designed to prevent injury/illness when sitting down for extended periods. They frequently provide numerous flexible and customisable components which can be re-positioned according to specific requirements.

Which Chair For Your Place Of Work?
There are several varieties of ergonomic chairs designed for use within your place of work. No style of comfortable desk chair is essentially the best. Nevertheless, a few vital features are incredibly crucial to search for in a good ergonomic office chair.

Can The Chair Prevent Poor Posture?
Functioning in an office generally involves investing significant time sitting in your office chair. Still, poor posture provides stress to the supports in the vertebrae.
Consequently, to prevent establishing or increasing back issues, you need to have an ergonomic chair for back pain that's ergonomic. It, therefore, facilitates the lower back and stimulates excellent posture.

Worried About Sitting For Long Hours?
Modern-day assortments of ergonomic office chairs for bad backs are integrated into this selection. Many are commercial-grade and incredibly tough wearing.
Ergonomic desk chairs make the perfect way to maintain your healthy posture, neck and shoulder or spine. You may be a little more computer successful in the office too.

Ergonomics enable the user to make the chair work effectively for his or her particular requirements. Adaptable functions endeavour to present appropriate full support of your healthy posture and lumbar when sitting.

: ELFORDSON Padded Office Chair For Home

This ergonomic massage office chair for lower back pain will alleviate those pains. Using two therapeutic massage zones and 3 strength modules, this expert office massaging chair will relieve muscular pressure or even lower back pain. The S-curved backrest style specifically links five elements of the spinal column.

It is a unique, comfy chair for work and comes with broader and thickened polyurethane foam. Using double padding in the backrest and a 6.8 cm thick cushion in the seat. The ELFORDSON office chair for the home office with complete piece-moulded space-age foam provides total convenience.

This lumbar support chair for office use adopts a superior PU leather exterior in delightful materials that do not compromise on components. It withstands oil and water, constantly generating your computer chair for massage polished and thoroughly clean. With pocket spring assistance in the seat, you will feel very comfortable.

PC Office Chair For Home Office
Black ELFORDSON Chair For Home Office

The entire piece of moulding foam supplies formidable strength regularly. This adjustable chair for long sitting hours is flexible between 90 to 150 degrees. It satisfies your work and relieves stress and sleep requirements. Modify the seat upward or down by 10 cm to create your best chair elevation.

The retracting footrest is intended for your leisure requirements, and the 360 degrees rotating for multi-tasking arena benefits. The desk PC chair includes a pleasant two-year guarantee. Constructed from a fashionable chromium base with TUV-licensed casters, it offers endorsed PU leather and an SGS-accredited gas lift.

Using the tilt functionality, this budget ergonomic chair can take on weights as much as 150 Kilos, providing complete five-star extravagance. All dimensions are created personally with a possible deviation of just one to 3 centimetres. Because of the screen and light set-up, the colours might be darker.

PU Office Chair For Home Office
ELFORDSON Massage Office Chair For Home

The massage workplace back-pain chair for office use is ergonomically developed and specifically created to supply comfort throughout extended intervals of sitting down. You can feel comfortable and supported through the 8-hour day using the massage functionality.

For a recommended angle to operate, relax or even quick sleep, there is a particular tilt tension for rocking functionality. This computer chair with adjustable arms offers 2-zone Shiatsu massaging for the lower/upper spine.

This broader and more substantial office executive chair provides you with incredible comfort. With two massage settings and 3 diverse concentration ranges, the ergonomic S-curved backrest style will safeguard five areas of your spinal column. This is a 77 cm considerably tall in height business office desk chair.

The Features:

With an enhanced additional padded backrest and chair, it assists in the whole-day performance of your job. Integrated lumbar support will safeguard your vertebrae. This professional office chair with high-quality function is a specialist home usage massaging chair.

Although most massage chairs are created just for simple and easy approximate massaging, this desk chair goes way beyond and functions with natural soothing features. The one-press 'button tap' on the ELFORDSON office chair for the home office remote control lets you select your preferred therapeutic massage level.

This ergonomic home office chair provides 3 massage modalities that incorporate constant vibration. This is mixed with intensive and sluggish oscillation - additionally, continual strong vibration. Therapeutic massage regions are on the cervical, thoracic, back, sacrum and coccyx. The massage therapy is driven by USB connectivity.

Black Office Chair For Home With Base

£160   ELFORDSON Work From Home Office Chair - Get It!  

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: Hbada Swivel Chair With Back Support

With an ergonomic structure, the office chair for good posture provides a dual spring version of lumbar support that supplies personalised ergonomic assistance. The broadened mesh back facilitates all directions of the waistline, alleviating your exhaustion from sitting down for an extended time.

Beyond this office chair with lower-back support 'tilt adjusting' plus height flexible armrests, the headrest may be multiple-way changeable. The degree of the cushion can be tweaked so you may lean back to 105, 120 and 135 degrees. You can draw out the retracting footrest to uncover your best placement for sleeping.

3D Ergonomic Chair With Lumbar Support
Adjustable Hbada Ergonomic Chair

All Hbada ergonomic office chairs with lumbar support components are cautiously chosen. The bottom is lightweight aluminium metal with both light and substantial load-bearing.

With the secure seat device and gas lift canister, you may use this desk chair for back pain with total confidence. The front and rear can be fine-tuned to 1.5 inches with detailed adjustment from the cushion. Solid cushioning produces pressure through your bottom, so it seems like sitting on a couch.

A retracting footrest will discover your best placement for a break or resting. Modify the most suitable back support based on numerous sitting-down positions.

High Back Chair With Lumbar Support
Swivel Hbada Chair With Lumbar Support

The 3 gear lying lock functionality and slope enable you to better take pleasure in your leisure time with the degree realignment of the cushioning. The front and backside of the stylish ergonomic desk chair cushion can be controlled to 1.5-inches, and the headrest can be changed from top to bottom by 3.5-inches.

This comfortable work chair is appropriate for most individuals of stature. Ensure the ergonomic fine mesh chair is firm enough just before utilisation. If the mesh desk chair is unstable or slanted, you should screw it up further, especially leg anchoring screws.

Ensure you sit much deeper to experience an even more supportive backrest, seat cushioning and headrest. Remember to choose an accessible area for assembling your equipment. You might put the carton on the ground to prevent scratching between the floor and this mesh ergonomic office chair for back pain.

The Features:

Prevent long-time direct sunshine on this ergonomic chair with a headrest. Store it far from fire and wet locations. You should never use chemical cleaning agents to clean this high-back business office chair. To open the slanting function, ensure you pull the handle and lean back somewhat until a 'clicking' noise.

In comparison with other ergonomic desk chairs with 1D armrests, the metal electroplating material in this three-dimensional armrest system is much larger. The Hbada ergonomic office chair with lumbar support offers thicker and smoother PU padding. It is longer lasting to satisfy your preferred placement.

The mesh ergonomic office chair with a headrest provides much more comfortable neck and head assistance. The breathable mesh with formidable tensile strength gives you relaxed and comfy back support, permitting extended hours of sitting peacefully without perspiration.

Metal Chair With Lumbar Support

£130   Hbada Mesh Chair With Lumbar Support - Get It!  

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Slouching And The Lower Spinal Column
The lumbar spinal column possesses an inward contour. Sitting down for extended periods without assistance for this shape tends to cause slouching and pressure on the structure in the lower spinal column.
An ergonomic comfortable chair for long sitting hours must have back adjustments with equal height and depth for the correct fit to complement the inward contour of the spine.

Backrest Supporting The Natural Spine Contour
The backrest of an ergonomic lumbar support chair must be 12 to 19 inches wide. When the backrest is distinguished from the chair, it must be flexible in perspective. It must be capable of supporting the all-natural contour of the back. Particular attention should be paid to proper neck support and the lumbar.

Excellent Spine Supporting Is Critical
The backrest must be flexible in ahead and rear perspectives when the office chair has the seat and backrest as one piece. Use a fastener to protect it from deviating backwards when the user has identified the proper perspective. Spine support in an ergonomic chair is critical.

Lumbar Support May Not Be Comfy At First
The best comfortable computer chair lumbar support presents top-to-bottom and depth realignment. This is particularly significant if the user has spine concerns or if several people use the chair. As you increase and lower the desk chair back, the essential lumbar supports are altered from top to bottom.

: BASETBL Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

With comfy support, the backrest of this business desk chair for posture includes a soft, flexible sponge. You may enjoy a sofa-similar spine encounter whenever you sit on this chair. The professional chair provides solid padding to provide you with superb comfort.

The down/up 10 centimetres adjustable seat elevation and 'tension management' can pleasantly swing into action for placement. You can focus on a personal height and a tailor-made position. The affordable ergonomic office chair will alleviate hip pressure, enabling the blood to flow considerably better in the lower limbs.

With meticulously selected components, the high-density sponge is protected with superior-quality PU leather. This makes the top of the desk chair dirt-resistant and straightforward to clean. The soft armrests are covered with PU leather-based layers to adjust your arms and supply you with comfy support.

This BASETBL ergonomic executive office chair accomplishes a perfect combination of convenience and superior quality. The executive chair has a powerful, robust foundation and gas lift; all the parts are TUV and SGS-licensed.

Swivel Ergonomic Executive Office Chair
Breathable BASETBL Executive Office Chair

The utmost user weight of this business office chair is 150 Kilos load total capacity. Durable synthetic wheels offer a simple 360 degrees swivel functionality. It is simple to shift this ergonomic chair with adjustable lumbar support within your space or business office.

Effortless to set up, we offer you all the equipment and comprehensive instruction video clips. Basically, no extra equipment is required for set-up. You can quickly put together this value ergonomic office chair. The armrests and components of this recliner chair can also be kept in the chair's backrest, which you may easily store and transport.

Selecting the most appropriate office chair for long hours concentrates on your health and everyday convenience. The chair must be proven to be exceptionally durable, even under heavy use.

High-strength armrest assistance supplies you with the best operating position. The solid and robust composition ensures an easy functional encounter. Protecting the spine throughout its whole length, this chair guarantees a pleasant healthy posture.

PC Ergonomic Executive Office Chair
Comfy BASETBL Ergonomic Executive Desk Chair

This specialist chair may be rotated and balanced 360 degrees, secure for multi-tasking. Consistent, silent and floor-pleasant synthetic wheels can safeguard your flooring.
The comfortable computer chair for long hours is constructed of premium PU leather surface types and a thick sponge. This ergonomic business office chair possesses a 10 cm stable cushioning.

The top of the backrest is stuffed with very dense thick foam to better encapsulate the neck. The curve in the backrest of this office chair for back and neck pain adapts flawlessly to your physique. The seat is broader and heavier, so you have lots of seating independence, despite having a substantial body.

Crafted from soft PU leather with excellent stitching and matchless air permeability, this ensures a snug sitting-down encounter. The deformation-tolerant foam will also help this big and tall ergonomic office chair retain its form throughout extended use. It efficiently redirects the load and decreases lumbar pain.

The Features:

The chair adapts flawlessly to your physique, so you will no longer have to bother about the distress brought on by extended sitting down. The efficient back of the workplace office chair for your back is matched to the shape of a person's spinal column.

Consisting of a durable metallic base, this BASETBL ergonomic executive office chair guarantees outstanding balance and overall flexibility. It is professional chair support for an optimum load of 140 Kilos. With 5 arms, the superbly balanced bottom permits customers to unwind at 120 degrees conveniently.

The small wheels of this office chair determine only 5 cm in size. The 5 quiet running wheels with synthetic core and polyurethane material PU coating run efficiently and quickly through tough and soft flooring. They feature an ergonomic swivel chair with complete flexibility, and their rubber cover stops scratches.

Brown Executive Office Chair With Headrest

£147   BASETBL Ergonomic Executive Office Chair - Get It!  

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: SIHOO Desk Office Chair With Footrest

The ergonomic chair with lumbar support and five modification options can help you discover the preferred sitting placement when seated for extended periods. The adaptable back support, headrest, chair height, put into recline, and adjustable elevation armrests provide you with a bespoke encounter.

This superior-quality mesh desk chair backrest is versatile and promotes air movement to eliminate perspiration and humidity. It maintains you cool and comfy to help you unwind as you concentrate. The SIHOO desk chair with footrest includes a W-shaped style to ensure you sit down in a focused placement.

Mesh Desk Office Chair With 5 Star Base
Breathable Mesh SIHOO Desk Office Chair

The front side edge of the chair has a waterfall style to ensure minimal stress on your hips and legs when you sit for long periods. The thick sponge cushion is delicate and retains its form. This particular high-back ergonomic office chair has exceeded the BIFMA and 136 Kilos stationary pressure assessments.

This computer chair with back support can support as much as 150 kilos. While using straightforward guidelines, anybody can quickly put together this chair in only eight basic steps.

Client satisfaction is the initial main concern. Totally free returns and reimbursement within 1 month are available if the office chair is defective - or if there are quality-associated matters.

Mesh Desk Office Chair With 5 Star Base
SGS And BIFMA Certified SIHOO Office Chair

We guarantee to provide cost-free replacement components throughout the 3-year guarantee period. This computer chair for back pain consists of several ergonomic modifications. It allows the user to be similarly comfy and experience a highly influential position to fight back-bone pains and suffering.

The moulded backrest supplies a comfortable headrest and shoulder support. The chair's back height may be fixed to prompt assistance for your rear plus shoulder muscles. The angle from the back is likewise flexible, and therefore it is feasible to enjoy the back support you need.

The Features:

This stylish ergonomic high mesh office chair seat tilt and height plus backrest position are individually instructed through 3 holders. The rear elevation is revised using a trouble-free clench tool. The product furthermore allows the seat plus back to lean jointly. The stress of the perspective is modified from beneath the chair.

Mentally focusing on the field of ergonomics, the office chair is created with a fashionable contemporary style that scientifically measures health and comfort. The SIHOO desk chair with footrest supplies you with a comfortable, affordable and technologically healthy sitting-down posture encounter.

The ergonomic chair for lower back pain offers armrests that can be modified down and up. The ergonomic style provides a comfortable, relaxing experience with the breathable mesh backrest and comfortable sponge seat cushion. A 125 degrees optimum tilt position lets you lie down or have an outstanding sleep.

Mesh Desk Office Chair With 5 Star Base

[Rating: 9/10]   £299   Get It → SIHOO Office Chair With Footrest  

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: ACMELIFE Flip Executive Office Chair

Extremely comfy, this comfortable chair for work from home uses the advanced tilt rigidity instrument. The 90 to 135 degrees rock backwards and forward motion will unwind your back muscle groups while you function.

Flexible and ergonomic, this 360 swivel desk chair includes an elevation adjuster that makes it simple to transform its elevation. The heavily cushioned headrest is definitely at the 'perfect height' for the best neck help. This particular ACMELIFE flip-up executive office chair is a fantastic present for your partner or college students.

Alleviating back pain, this workplace desk chair is built to enhance the sitting placement of any individual. Using an ergonomic S-shape waterfall style, this high-back, heavy-duty, ergonomic office chair offers optimal neck and back support. It enables you to decrease neck and back tightness, discomfort and distress.

Executive Leather Office Chair In Black
Upholstered Leather ACMELIFE Flip Office Chair

In a superior construction in contrast to inexpensively produced office mesh chairs, this high-back PU leather PC chair uses a durable nylon base and castors. This will make it easy-rolling for longer, and the load is 300 pounds to the most significant weight extent.

The uncomplicated style of this modern ergonomic office chair in mesh adapts essentially to any business furniture, especially in living spaces, bedrooms, cooking areas, a study and a place of work. It is used for several workplace strategies.

Using a breathable mesh rear, the curved backrest is built to fit your anatomy and supply ergonomic support to maintain you concentrated and comfortable.
The superior mesh helps you enhance air movement and remove perspiration and humidity. This cute ergonomic desk chair will decrease exhaustion and keep you successful throughout the day.

Flip-Up Exec Leather Office Chair In Black
Premium ACMELIFE Executive Office Chair

The Features:

With less pressure, the seat is filled with a solid and good-elasticity sponge that helps provide comfort support for longer working hours. An engineered waterfall front seat curve guarantees minimal pressure on your hip and legs during those long-term sitting hours on the office chair.

This chair is created with the complete ease of the ergo assignment. The physical appearance, form and efficiency of this ergonomic ACMELIFE flip-up executive office chair use a synchro tilt approach and an unhindered fastening system.

Using a 'slipping' chair characteristic, pneumatically powered elevation and headrest option, almost everything is in this extraordinary office recliner chair with outstanding lower-back support. This office chair for leg circulation comes with a black organic leather-based seat with synchro efficiency.

Flip-Up Exec Leather Office Chair In Black

(Rating: 8/10)   £229   Get It - ACMELIFE Flip Executive Office Chair  

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: EROMMY High-Back Adjustable Swivel Chair

Multi-featured and adjustable, you can operate in style at your workplace or household with this ergonomically created high-back office chair for upper back pain. This desk chair is prominent and reliable. Simply pressing the handle underneath, you can lower the seat to appreciate studying and resting.

In superior quality components, this EROMMY high-back adjustable swivel chair is padded in high-quality PU natural leather. Its durable man-made leather withstands oil and water. It can make the typical workplace chair consistent, superior looking and straightforward to wash.

The nicely cushioned backrest and seat cushion alleviate lower back pain and leg discomfort while enhancing healthy posture. Plus, the underneath of the ergonomic PC chair is made with quiet casters, which produce zero sound.

High Back Adjustable Office Chair In Black
Padded EROMMY Adjustable Swivel Chair

This 360-degree revolving seat cushioning and rolling global casters make the ergonomic high swivel executive chair more versatile and hassle-free. In a comfortable style, the high-back design can give complete support to your back and lumbar zone.

The impressive thickened non-skid comfort protector de-stresses your hip and holds the pressure of sitting down for an extended time. The ergonomic executive office chair uses a unique physical appearance and is heavily cushioned for the highest comfort.

This professional budget chair for long hours working provides qualities and nifty features, for example, the present-day configuration settings and leather design. It is combined with a diverse fine detail mesh rear with bonded natural leather encompasses. It is an attractive air-mesh fused leather ergonomic lounge chair.

The height-variable arms, elevation flexible gas lift, integrated lower back support, and easy glide castors are ideal for almost all floor surfaces. This ergonomic chair for short persons has a highly comfy padded seat with gas raising lift analysed for up to 152 Kilos.

High Back Adjustable Office Chair In Black
Reclining EROMMY High Back Swivel Chair

The Features:

Simply pressing the handle underneath the seat, you may change the seat backrest from 90 to 175 degrees. The high-back style offers full support for your back, and the curve relaxes your neck. The non-slip comfort cushioning calms the hips and endures the stresses of sitting down for an extended time.

The flexible EROMMY high-back adjustable swivel chair seat elevation can be 'raised and reduced' to fit most people's elevation and leg measurements. This style relieves lower back pain and leg soreness by modifying and enhancing your sitting position.

With thickened soft cushioning, the surface is constructed of high-quality PU leather. The smooth leather coating is a durable synthetic leather which is oil and waterproof. This makes the office chair steady, appealing, and straightforward to wash. This desk chair with neck support offers you the highest possible comfort level.

High-Back Adjustable Office Chair In Black

(Rating: 9/10)   £169   Get It - EROMMY High Back Adjustable Chair  

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How Flexible Back Elevation Helps
A restricted depth lumbar is satisfactory if it matches you well but will not modify vertically. A computer chair for long hours without a flexible back elevation or an individually height-adaptable lumbar support might not fit many individuals. The perfect ergonomic chair is basically one that suits your requirements.

High-Back Chairs For Lumbar Assistance
Consider your pains, discomfort and circumstances carefully, and your time in your business office chair. Keep an eye out for a chair that will facilitate you best.

If you sit in a desk chair for lower back pain for an extended time. Consider a high-backed professional chair with many different lumbar assistance features and a headrest, but be ready to pay more.

Bespoke Chair Configurations To Suit You
Should you devote under four hours to an office chair, or perhaps you move around a great deal in the chair. A lightweight, lower-backed job chair that quickly shifts from one spot to another will suit your preferences best. An excellent desk chair with lumbar support must be variable, making better management and bespoke configurations possible.

: High-Back Mesh Ergonomic Desk Chairs With Headrest

Home Business Office Desk Chairs
Flexibility is particularly essential if you are purchasing a desk chair for good posture, which will be employed by diverse end users. If you are investing in a chair for your home business office or for one person exclusively, contemplate using their body sizes for a better fit.

Office Chairs For Short And Tall Persons
Tall individuals will have distinct requirements when compared to shorter individuals. As an illustration, this specific adjusting knob lets you adjust the force necessary to recline your body weight. Many lumbar support office chairs are counterbalanced to the body weight of the end user and don't need tension modification.

: NOBLEWELL Ergonomic Office Chair

This mesh computer chair is an amply proportioned posture curved, padded chair with an elegantly curved black nylon, comprehensive mesh backrest with incorporated back support. The synchronised system is for modifications of the seat and back position.

You will enjoy the completely reclining knee tilt mechanism with rigidity management. It is flexible enough for all personal body weights. The shaped black nylon detailed mesh and comprehensive rear back shell offers additional style. It is also detailed with elegant, variable (T) designed arms.

The trendy workplace swivelling office chair comes in a professional sporty design. This seat height is variable in a variety of placements through the advanced system. An ergonomic curve formed back-rest elevation is flexible by way of a raster system, together with the incorporated lower back assistance.

New Ergonomic Office Chair
High Back NOBLEWELL Office Chair

This swivelling NOBLEWELL ergonomic office chair comes with a classy mesh textile. The high back-rest with an incorporated Body-Balance-Tec joint and elevation flexible lumbar assistance enables increased independence of motion. Although supplying optimum back support.

A high quality quilted and comfy extra large moulded seat in bucket design includes a practical bolster intended to assist the knee joints. The synchro device for realignment of the seat and back-rest perspective is bodyweight specific. It is flexible and locking in a number of placements.

Incorporating elevation adaptable armrests in black with soft pads, it incorporates a multi-purpose headrest. The flexible height and perspective is based on the specific consumer. Designed with braked dual wheel safety castors, it is ideal for carpeted surfaces.

The Features:

Ideal for heavy duty implementation, this ergo style chair with waterfall style front provides additional relaxation. Finished with the fashionable breathable mesh back, it provides a terrific seating encounter. This is a high-back professional chair with flexible head rest feature.

High Back Ergonomic Office Chair In Black
Adjustable NOBLEWELL Ergonomic Office Chair

The backrest tension feature can be modified separately to user bodyweight utilising the handle on the right-hand aspect, underneath the chair. With a comfort moulded seat, the NOBLEWELL ergonomic office chair offers you a curved lead-edge. Ergonomically designed, the headrest can be altered in height and depth to the particular individual.

The Synchro mechanism changes the seat and back-rest perspectives with an increased wide opening perspective for reclining. With an attractive polyamide base, it is designed with braked double-wheel security wheels, ideal for carpeted floors.
(Rating: 8/10)   £215   Get It - NOBLEWELL High-Back Ergonomic Office Chair  

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: IntimaTe WM Heart Office Chair

The popular high-back dark-coloured management office chair features soft bonded leather furnishings, solid steel framework, along with co-ordinating 5-star foundation base.

This chair comes with a modern day style, generously padded seat and backside. The IntimaTe WM Heart office chair includes a fashionable seat and back gas lift device, which is screened as much as 152 Kg. The overall width is 55.5cm, Depth 69 cm and height of 104.5 cm.

The unique progressive style of this fashionable ergonomic office chair utilises the vast majority of advanced materials and modern design. With a unified and stylish profile, the chair provides the highest quality of mesh and furnishings, making it function as the cutting edge of tasteful seating.

Swivel Heart Office Chair In Black
Swivel IntimaTe WM Heart Office Chair

The self-regulating system, the fact that it's fully covered complete with auto balance entails there is no need to modify it manually. The backrest tension modification and reclining control can be altered to a variety of physiques and user weights.

Mesh is constructed of (TPEE) which ensures every user has very comfy encounter while sitting. The 'flexible lumbar support' provides you with additional convenience. The self-adjusting system was created specifically for Tonique office chairs.

The Features:

This is a high-end management office chair in padded fabrics. It offers effective therapy functionality to revitalise your body. It is completely beautiful and demands effortless 'do it yourself' set-up.

The IntimaTe WM Heart desk chair comes with stylish gun metal pigmented arms and complementing capped bottom area. It presents 'excellent ergonomic lumbar assistance' and comfortable cushioned arm rests - plus the gas lift seat elevation correction. There is a recline functionality along with tilt tension.
(Rating: 9/10)   £174   Get It - IntimaTe Swivel Mesh Heart Office Chair  

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: Desk Chairs With Padded Upholstery

We are sure to have the right chair here for your budget and personal preferences. Select from the Kaza high-back office task chair, low back ergonomic office desk chair, mesh office chair with padded upholstery, or the high back computer chair in orange for the best in home furnishings.

Most chairs are fully adjustable in numerous settings. Seat height, tilt mechanics and back adjustments are only a few of the great characteristics of these expertly crafted seating furniture items.

: Heavy 5-Star Shaped Steel Base

Acquire multi functional padded armrests and armrest side 'back and forth' features. A heavy star shaped aluminum base will provide safe balancing all round, with easy glide nylon wheel castors.

Consider the terrific Trini PC office chair, the Berg high back conference chair finished in brown, or the Carl low back home office chair finished in black. Expect full lumbar support and height adjustable headrests too.

: The Features You Expect In A Quality Chair

Look out for a cool contemporary design, fully supportive contoured seat back and gas lift height adjustable features. A smooth tilting mechanism and an adjustable tension bar for your safety. A strong aluminum star base with solid castors. Lumbar support is usually in the shape of the 'S' curvature present in all ergonomic and lumbar support office chairs.