Rolling Suit Carrier Hand Luggage With Shoe Compartments

Updated 09/09/2022:
Maybe your journey for business is frequent. If so, you understand how essential it is to possess a good garment bag with wheels that will safeguard your official wear from creases and wrinkles. This luggage comes with a roomy primary area for changing garments and shoe zones for an overnight business excursion.

We love how several rolling garment bags with spinner wheels are built to store and transfer garments. Plus, they can be found in numerous dimensions and styles.
This bag type is created from distinct components, for example, unique canvas, nylon or natural leather. It's probably the most essential item of baggage to own as a visitor since it makes packing suits or dresses simple.

- The Best Way To Travel With A Suit Carry On

Garment bag luggage supplies a terrific solution to frequently awkward and troublesome trolley suitcases by allowing the user to match any quantity of clothes inside with the minimum of creasing. A flexible detachable shoulder band and carry grips provide flexibility while transporting - and pouches allow methodised packing.

Should you be searching for a suit-carrying case to make venturing considerably more controllable. We have accumulated the most effective travel outfit luggage for men and women. Select the perfect travel suit cases for your requirements.

: Aerolite EasyJet Approved Rolling Case

Fashioned with sufficient storage and many pockets, this garment bag luggage on wheels with a notebook case is ideal for your own brief business excursions. The cushioned laptop department can accommodate virtually any screen up to 15.6 inches and an independent area for garments or shoes.

With an abundance of pouches, there is 'plenty of room' accessible in the Aerolite EasyJet BA-approved rolling case to set up your items within the zippered pocket. You will find a specialist notebook space cushioned to protect it when venturing out.

The zipped front side pocket is for important travel files and equipment. The durable wheels are of a lightweight substance for a pleasurable journey. This light and portable new suit carrier luggage laptop bag is a perfect mobile baggage carrier. It is cabin permitted for RyanAir (Priority-Boarding) plus British Airways flights.

EasyJet BA Approved Rolling Case
Aerolite EasyJet Approved Rolling Case

Journey without any difficulty. The bag is perfect for any business getaway, short or long. This specific business travel suit carrier can be transported like a typical new laptop bag with top transport grips.
On those extended excursions, the two corner wheels are lightweight and long-lasting. The telescopic dual trolley handlebar enables you to move the luggage without difficulty.

While not being used, the retracting handle may be perfectly zipped aside. Providing optimum efficiency, this particular business rolling garment bag includes a large central area for a change of garments, shoes or boots for an overnight journey. All with packaging straps to keep garments in position.

The simple-to-access inner compartment for your notebook and tablet PC suggests keeping and safeguarding your equipment in several areas of the bag. For aircraft and inside the international airport, numerous front pouches suggest it is possible to transfer A4 paperwork safely and securely. And keep all your stationary (on the go) at the same time.

The Features:

This resilient suit carrier holdall bag is created to survive. Nevertheless, for reassurance, the Aerolite provides a two years warranty for alternative services addressing all production imperfections.

Transfer your equipment, possibly by rolling all or transporting them from a single spot to a different one. The Aerolite EasyJet BA-approved rolling case uses a telescopic dual trolley grip that zips away perfectly when not used.

The luxury garment bag on rolling wheels happens to be furnished with the concept of handling the vicissitudes of venturing and being straightforward to glide on virtually any surface.

User service and assistance are equally as exceptional, having a specialist group primarily based here in Great Britain. Right away from your purchase trip to the very conclusion, we will always be there to guide you. This specialist garment travel bag is commodious with an easily locked primary inner compartment.

BA Approved Rolling Garment Bag In Black

£55   Aerolite EasyJet Priority Boarding Case - Get It!  

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: Travelpro Maxlite 5 Softside Spinner

The modern Maxlite 5-series garment weekender bag is constructed of densely woven polyester textiles. This luggage impresses with minimal weight and is incredibly resilient and solid. With the resilient Dura-Guard layer, a honeycomb frame structure provides an easy-to-carry bag with actual sturdiness.

Fashionable and super light in weight, the XL trolley provides optimum storage space for your possessions. It can additionally boost its capacity very quickly due to a circular zip. Four rugged wheels with a 'distinctive base holder' align and stabilise the coasters.

This suit protector garment bag offers five years guarantee, and the exceptionally light design is ideal for brief to medium-length journeys. It is great for packaging onboard necessities. Four-wheel spinners turn 360 degrees for a simple flow in virtually any path.

Maxlite 5 Softside Spinner Suitcase
Travelpro Maxlite 5 Softside Spinner Suitcase

Polyester-made and stain-proof, the Travelpro Maxlite 5 SoftSide spinner suitcase is fully water-resilient, and the focused zipper supplies long-lasting toughness. Transporting options incorporate the reserved top, aspect, and underside transport hand grips.

The exclusive contour grasp is shaped to the curves of your hands with specific plastic touch points for straightforward controlling. The whole underside heightens sturdiness and stabilises the small wheels for hassle-free positioning and steerage.

This lightweight garment bag increases as much as 5 cm to increase packing capability with a pointed shape to avoid falling over. It features a low profile top part and bottom level carry grips and 2 outside compartments. There is a full-size internal cover pocket, aspect accessory pocket and a flexible hold-down band for packing comfort and adaptability.

Black Maxlite 5 Softside Spinner Case
On It's Side - The Maxlite Spinner Suitcase

The ideal carry-on soft-side baggage that matches flight companies' carry-on suggestions. Spinner wheels are one good reason this luggage stays ahead of other selections. However, they are the most crucial factors as wheels usually do not come near them.

A spinner wheel is actually a wheel that can switch in a complete circle. With this rolling garment bag luggage, you receive four of those coasters, which provide you with exceptional manoeuvrability of your trolley suitcase.

These bags roll wonderfully in just about any direction. They also ensure that you will not have painful hands for a second time since you will not be pulling your baggage around throughout the day.

The coasters with this baggage come with 'corner protections' that will guard your luggage substantially more. Spinner wheels are generally delicate. Nevertheless, if you do not wish to break them, stay away from moving your baggage upward or down any stairway.

The Features:

Extensible through the circular zipper is robust padded top/side transporting handles and an underside grab grip. You will find an adjustable PowerScope double-tube aluminium handle with a button and contour grasp. And a retracting address label on the rear side.

The heavy-duty suitcase with a garment bag inside is filled with unique features. Four wheels supply a trouble-free 360-degrees spin. The Travelpro Maxlite 5 SoftSide spinner suitcase's robust PowerScope Lite wheel handle made from aluminium closes in two placements. This ensures a snug wheel roll for folks of different levels/heights.

A full-length inside lid pocket offers an area for shirts and other sensitive garments. The versatile packing band keeps anything in its place within the primary inner compartment.

You will find a clearly established gusset primary area for garments with a fine mesh zip pocket underneath the cover. With this garment luggage with wheels, there is a big front area and a smooth front-zip compartment. The exterior substance is made from densely stitched rugged polyester with a water/dirt resilient Dura-Guard layer.

Suitcase On Wheels In Charcoal

£135   TravelPro MaxLite 5 Softside Suitcase - Get It!  

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: Tassia Large Wheeled Case Roller Bag

This wheeled ladies' suit packing bag is extremely smart looking because it mixes nylon material and leatherette highlights. It's the ideal roller bag for 'away from home as a business trolley suitcase. The bag features a cushioned laptop area and twin grips for transporting the trolley bag when you cannot wheel the cabin-sized baggage.

The primary garment luggage carry-on compartment incorporates a cushioned '15.6-inch notebook' computer inner compartment on one divider and easily locked zips. The Tassia large wheeled case roller bag offers an extra cushioned inner compartment and two half-width sections. A substantial second zipped area is appropriate for stowing using the loop/hook seals.

: Easy To Pack With An Organiser Section

You will discover side restraints enabling you to access throughout the go and open up entirely to 180 degrees whenever essential to pack. A zipped compartment resides on the back of the case.
The business travel garment bag for suits highlights a complete-width zipped compartment on the front side of the wheeled carrier. Extra zipped pockets on the front side of the case include an organiser section.

: Tough Roller Wheels With Kerb Protectors

This is undoubtedly long-lasting cabin baggage with showcasing cards, pens and multimedia pouches. Double carry grips offer simple manoeuvrability of the business travelling bag on wheels. With a pair of solid spot wheels and kerb protection, the basket stretches 61 cm and will be hidden in the zipped bag.

This is a flexible and lightweight cabin case where the sizes of the wheeled notebook case are 42 x 38.5 x 20 cm with a volume of 28 Litres. This will make the wheeled notebook computer bag a piece of ideal lightweight baggage for your forthcoming journey.

Black Large Wheeled Case Roller Bag
Tassia Large Wheeled Case Roller Bag

With considerably more efficient space inside, you gain an elevated packing capability and considerately incorporated elements. This latest compact cabin case provides an elementary trip. The executive wheeled trolley is manufactured from rigid materials and benefits from leatherette decorations.

The compact garment bag offers a broader pull handle that merges to supply a remarkably comfy grasp. An incorporated multi-stage aluminium pull handle is for additional lightness. The retracting top and side carry handles stay safeguarded whenever examining the luggage.

A whole-width zipped compartment exists upon the front side of the suit weekender bag. There is an extra zipped inner compartment which stores an organiser section, and it showcases cards, pencils and media storage. A primary area incorporates a cushioned 15.6-inch mobile computer pocket.

The Features:

Using the extra cushioned area and two half breadth storage compartments, there is also a significant sized secondary zipped drawer with Velcro aspect restraints. This enables you to access it equally while out and about. It opens up entirely to 180 degrees and is essential for packing.

Zipped pockets around the back of the carry-on garment bag with wheels offer 'double carry grips' for easy manoeuvrability. The are a couple of solid corner coasters and a kerb defender.

A telescopic cart stretches 61 cm and is obscured in a zip bag. Individuals worldwide are seen walking through the airport terminal with modest, effortlessly wheeled Tassia large wheeled case roller bags reasonably often.

Comparatively, modest pilot cases are perfect for carry-on usage and might seem small. Nevertheless, the durable chances are generally adequate to maintain whatever you could want on a business flight journey.

Several entrepreneurs employ them regularly. The massive inner area of this garment bag with a shoe compartment will maintain all paperwork and possessions protected and methodised.

Big Wheeled Case Roller In Black

£80   Tassia Large Wheeled Case Roller Bag - Get It!  

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: Antler Stirling Garment Case On Wheels

This luggage with suit compartment gives spectacular soft shell luggage and business bags for repeated flyers, high flyers and professional innovators. The soft shell outside is incredibly tough, and the cabin size variation measures 55 x 40 x 20 centimetres to keep 35 Litres. It is ideal as hand baggage too.

Leading features of the Antler Stirling garment suitcase on wheels include versatile carry grips on 2 edges and a multi- elevation locking clasp with a grip for substantial manoeuvrability. There is an inner compartment, notebook sleeve, water-resistant inner compartment, D-zip pocket, compression band and 360 degrees spinner coasters.

Sturdy yet light and portable, created from reliable nylon material with a waterproof layer, this specific suit carry-on garment bag for travel is exceptionally lightweight and easy to journey with.

Small Garment Suitcase On Wheels
Antler Stirling Garment Suitcase On Wheels

We have incorporated an integrated TSA-authorised combination locking mechanism regarding extra safety measures. No matter if Nepal or even Norwich, make an impact with this high-quality garment bag. This array of business luggage, soft-sided suitcases and travel components look visually stunning.

This soft-sided garment bag suitcase with wheels is designed for the recurrent flyer. Incredibly light and portable, every dimension contains a smooth silhouette and elegant dull surface finish.
We have loaded our business bags with considerate particulars, such as the purpose-created base inner compartment for a wet outdoor umbrella on this lay-flat bag.

The Features:


  • 4 Steel Bearing Wheels
  • Smooth And Easy Ride


  • Not at all..

The equipment is created to complement other ranges, such as the 'dress carrier' and traditional umbrella. Set the Antler Stirling garment suitcase on wheels as a transporter, or select the backpack to enhance your daily travel. Shop the complete collection, and you are sure to walk in style.

With outstanding quality and critically intelligent packing, the soft-sided luggage is most appropriate for repeated-flyers and business individuals. An exceptionally light in weight case that will tolerate the issues of standard travelling. It provides a streamlined figure and an elegant matte surface finish.

Garment Carrier On Black Wheels

£159   Antler Stirling Garment Suitcase On Wheels - Get It!  

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: ComfyDegree Travel Garment Storage Bag

This specific carry-on cheap garment bag weighs only 2.6 pounds. The suit bag satisfies the luggage coordinator's dependence on leading air carriers. A hassle-free suitcase band is exquisite for all of your weekend break escapes and business outings. It is best for business travel or even family members' getaway trips.

An adjustable, detachable shoulder band bag delivers flexibility, convenience, and versatility to any shoulder. It will fit in basket bags or be employed as a zip pocket. It is secure for passport protection with a 'compact disc case' and a buckle that prevents the zipper from sliding off routinely.

This specific flat carry-on luggage with a garment bag is a 45 L bag for different persons. It might be your backpack, Saturday and Sunday bag or transporter case. For additional space, it comes with an outside pocket providing easy access to consumer electronics and travel or business files.

ComfyDegree Travel Garment Storage Bag
ComfyDegree Travel Garment Storage Bag

Within this ComfyDegree travel garment storage bag, you may place it inside your suits, gowns, shoes or boots, and ties. Preserving them thoroughly clean, neat, and crease-free. Several internal zip pockets increase the internal safe-keeping for your trainers, suits, garments, mobile phones, travel toiletries or other necessities.

The exterior zip design permits the carry-on luggage for business travel suits to be positioned on the basket case without difficulty. With easy-grasp handles, breathable cushioning and airline-certified attributes, it offers an ergonomic and lightweight style. A suitable option for outside, journey, seaside or sporting activities.

: Can The Bag Keep My Shirts Crease-Free?

This particular outfit bag can function as a 45 L duffel bag flawlessly. Several inside pockets maximise your specific storage space, positioning many suits, ties, outfits or sneakers.
It maintains them tidy and clean, and crease-free. It comes with an outside pocket for technology gadgets and journey papers. This means you can take them out without difficulty.

Black Travel Garment Storage Bag
ComfyDegree Travel Garment Storage Bag

On the left-hand side of this garment bag for air travel, there exists a personal shoe pouch with external zips. Using this integrated shoe pouch, you may take several substitute footwear with no trouble. Additionally, it functions perfectly as a journey weekender transporter.

This specific garment bag constitutes a terrific personal preference for anyone planning a weekend break or even a wedding celebration. Outfitted with a zipper belt buckle to stop zip sliding off, it supplies protection for the possessions in your case. The contemporary style makes your journey more secure and less complicated.

Although open, this comfortable degree outfit bag is also a (suspending type) garment bag that fits in a carry-on. Using this holding bag, you will get a crease-free suit or outfit anytime throughout your business journey or venture.
The significant capacity is roomy with many different pockets, but this bag is designed for suits or outfits. You will find one men's tie inner compartment, one aspect pocket with a flexible opening, and four interior pockets.

The Features:


  • The Ideal Travelling Option
  • Large Built-In Shoes Pouch


  • None here..

There is a single exterior footwear pouch, one front inner compartment, and one rear pocket that can likewise be used to connect to the trolley bag. The premium quality polyester fibre is scratch-proof, anti-rip and anti-water spraying. This ComfyDegree travel garment storage bag will better safeguard your suit or outfit.

This outfit bag may be used as a gym, journey, or aircraft carry-on case. Distinct pockets will continue all your possessions structured - and every little thing in position.

With flexible use right after putting together, this outfit bag can function as a 45L bag. It performs exceptionally like a journey weekender carrier too. This garment bag is a superb option for anyone on a weekend break journey or a memorable wedding event. It is a suitable choice for holidays, family trips and sports entertainment.

Created from non-weaved cotton similar to polypropylene, it is moist-proof, breathable, light and portable. It is acid-free and eco-friendly. With top-quality polyester fibre, this suit and dress garment bag is scratch-resistant, anti-tear and waterproof. In case you have concerns, contact us at any time. We deliver you the best tech support.

Overnight Travel Garment Storage Bag

£41   ComfyDegree Travel Garment Storage Bag - Get It!  

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: Briggs Riley Carry-On Suit Carrier Spinner

This extensive spinner men's garment bag for travel provides sizes of 53 cm x 40.5 cm x 22.3 cm and complies with most household and inter-continental carry-on policies. The incorporated underside textile grip is equipped with a distinct approach to maintaining your own baggage.

The Briggs Riley suit carrier spinner compartment has a large extensive centre tie down to protect your clothing with the addition of compression and decreases transferring during transportation.

Two-part pockets are logically positioned to optimise the utilisation of space. The suit bag with wheels may be unattached to keep your equipment or small objects. The easily-removed SmartLink band lets you easily transfer two loads together.

Black Suit Carrier Spinner
Briggs Riley Suit Carrier Spinner

Basically, attach the add-a-bag strap's (T-bar) to the docking platform. After that, loop it throughout the grip for a secondary carrier for simplicity of use. The exclusive impact absorbing suit case with wheels provides 360 manoeuvrability and consistent silent gliding for easy routing.

Fashioned with self-repairing, YKK control zips call for simple zipper motion with easily locked zipper drags. This carry-on luggage for men's suits may be cleaned using a soft, moist cloth or a lint cleaning roller. If the bag is damaged or impaired, we will repair it cost-free. Simply no proof of purchase is required.

The Features:


  • A High Quality Bag
  • Huge Inner Capacity


  • Pricey..

This elegant wheeled travel garment bag with cabin dimensions accommodates inside 55 x 40.5 x 20 cm carry-on limitations. The big front end pocket includes effortless access and an easily removed bolstered notebook sleeve. It fits laptops using a zip front pouch.

The lined inside includes a secure locking system hook conciliating 4 hangers. The Briggs Riley carry-on suit carrier spinner packing bands internally hold clothes firmly in position and two easily removed zipped recess compartments are inclusive.

Two zippered lining pockets maintain all garments coordinated. It uses an easy zip-aside metal for collapsible trolley mechanics. A reliable travel suit carrier assemblage for the forward-looking traveller. This particular collection comprises three diverse modes, each created for an extremely distinctive demand.

Suit Carrier With Big Side Compartment

£619   B.Riley Carry-On Garment Spinner Bag - Get It!  

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: LEVEL8 Hardshell Carry-On Luggage Bag

The suit carrier luggage offers useful trolley mechanics for effortless enjoyment on your journey. This particular wardrobe trolley is big enough to contain four suits. It includes a self-possessed shoe pouch in addition to zip around style, nicely fashioned to see you throughout at any rate 7 days.

This wheeled LEVEL8 suit carrier luggage item is a modernistic expert baggage for whenever business concerns take you on tour. Using superior administration and creation, this effective carrier has been orchestrated for practicality as well as procedure. This carrier allows you to carry documents plus garments.

Black Hardshell Carry-On Luggage Bag
LEVEL8 Hardshell Carry-On Luggage Bag

In a roll style, the suit bag includes a telescopic hand grip and shoe bag, plus a couple of external pockets for additional clothes. Four hangers are incorporated for the suits. The zippered hand luggage suitcase comprehensive area for suits is entirely shielded by a liner. There is a strap and top hand-grip for transporting.

With effortless access, the bag is made with a durable high concentration polyester. Specified life-time guarantee and the sizes of 58w x 48h x 20.5d cm closed around. The item weighs 5Kg in colour black.

You will find push option flush-fit, pull out trolley strategy plus in-line skate wheels. The large total capacity zipped up independent compartment is effortless to utilise for travelling with suspension hook mechanics.

Lightweight Hardshell Wheeled Suit Carrier
Blue And Black Styles

The Features:

The LEVEL8 carry-on garment bag with wheels and press option, flush correspond pull out style trolley mechanics, plus 'in line skate' castors and big potential zippered primary compartment.
This case is completely lined, with branded internal garment holding straps, comfortable fit carry hand-grip, inter-lock zip-fastener pullers, plus several interior pockets.

You can easily wheel this highly recommended suit travel bag 'down the gangway' of the aircraft or perhaps train. Twinned with it's incomparable zip-fastener notebook bag, it grants you the versatility to leave the primary carrier inside the hotel or work place and take exclusively your technology notebooks of 17 inches.

Black Hardshell Carry-On Luggage Bag

[Rating: 9/10]   £229   Get It → LEVEL8 Carry-On Luggage Bag

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: Smooth Travel Suit Transporters On Wheels

Carry-on garment bags are excellent for accommodating suits and much more when travelling. For the safe-keeping of modest-sized merchandise, you will discover exterior pockets and zipped outer regions. A travel suit transporter with wheels renders it simple and easy to move the case along just about any flooring.

Smooth wheeling is essential for virtually every soft suitcase. Therefore seek out spinners where coasters participate in an entire circle for optimum activity. And a tough coating for durability and an incredibly reliable framework. A dependable wheeled travel suit case can make or ruin virtually any vacation or business excursion.

When deciding on a carry-on suit case, take note of the zips. A high-quality zipper will probably be resilient and robust; therefore, it won't split or come unfastened without difficulty. You must also search for a bag with a handgrip or band that is pleasant to transport.

: Carry On Luggage For Business Travel Suits On Wheels

Consider style whenever picking out a suit garment bag because you will be transporting it along with you. There are wide varieties of garment bags, from smooth and contemporary to classy. Take some time to search your choices and discover a carrier that fits you.

Whenever selecting the right outfit bag, you have to consider when you will be deploying it - and precisely what types of garments you may be filling. Because of so many different styles, measurements and resources, you will have no difficulty seeking the ideal bag to suit your needs.

: Samsonite S.Cure Spinner M Suitcase

This brand new interpretation suit carrier luggage with wheels is an incomparable front-runner configured to extend an all-encompassing standard of excellent characteristics and operation.

It is a travelling bag offering a large volume with fashionable outsides and realistic insides jammed with additional functions, however practically all at current reasonable prices. Established on the core concept of strength and security, this excellent Samsonite S.Cure Spinner M suitcase suit carrier will not disappoint.

There are a couple of large pouches and specialised hook to hang in the closet, plus additional hand-grips to maintain your suit internally. It features a combination locking mechanism in the zip component and exceptionally easy removed shoulder band to accommodate the suit. A trendy cushy leather wheeled suit bag on castors.

Suit Carrier Luggage With Long Handle

The Features:


  • Huge Interior Volume
  • Bespoke X-Shape Accents


  • None..

New S.Cure Spinner M Suitcase

The soft leather men's suit carrier includes a trolley hand-grip in a very stylish cognac colour fashionable matte finish. Constructed from top grained cow-skin leather and extremely high quality craftsmanship. Just right for the international business organisation traveller.

You will find top plus aspect hand grips, dual tube versatile grips and 2 environment extender rollers for much more bulk. The Samsonite S.Cure Spinner suitcase consists of coordinated every day expert particulars for business organisation, or even fun utilisation.

Fashioned to defy the most demanding luggage necessitates of the regular business sector traveller, this modern generation of the most fashionable business bag is lighter offering more characteristics than before.
[Rating: 8/10]   £225   Get It → Samsonite S.Cure Spinner M Suitcase  

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These wheeled suit carrier luggage bags for journeying are effortless to manage, even through a constricted plane gangway. Besides carrying a suit or perhaps additional 'hanging clothes', they include plenty of internal pockets for your important accessories. The suit travel bag with wheels offer outside pouches ans are perfect for folded garments, shoes etc.