Fridge Door Water Filter Jugs With Purifier Cartridges

Updated 04/02/2022:
Our best water filter jugs for fridge door enable you to obtain excellent tasting water. Eliminate that infuriating limescale in the kettle with this variety of top quality water purifier jugs for zero pollutants entering your drinks. Delight in a cleaner, very clear and fantastic tasting home tap water.

There are countless explanations why you need to use a water filter jug in your house. The most important reason is the purer and much healthier drinks that water filter pitchers create.

See Through Water Filter Jug
Glass Water Filter Jug In Kitchen

: ZeroWater Water Filter Jug Fridge Door Size

This specific jug is created exclusively to suit regular United Kingdom refrigerator doors. It is the very first in its category to possess an enclosed cover and reservoir. You can pour recently filtered drinking water devoid of spilling water - that is nevertheless filtering.

The ZeroWater jug with an innovative 5 stage filter includes an ergonomic space-conserving style. It is exquisite for small refrigerators or consumers who prefer a light pitcher. The particular seven cup ready pour utilises the superior filtering method.

Jug With Advanced 5 Stage Filter
ZeroWater Jug With Advanced 5 Stage Filter

Five advanced solutions basically function together to eliminate practically all blended solids from your standard water. In this manner, you acquire excellent tasting drinking water directly from the tap. A pour through filtration system qualified by the NSF will lessen lead and even chromium (cr).

As opposed to numerous water filters and filtration containers, these water filters employs phases of purification to create more refined, far better-tasting water. Rather than carbon filtering exclusively, the filters use an ion exchange concept to eliminate impurities.


  • Multi Stage Filtration
  • Drink The Purest Water


  • None..

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Remove All Contaminants
  • Electronic Meter Included

Unique Selling Point:

  • Big Dependable Hand Grip
  • Filter Removes All Lead

It is not a typical water filter because drinking water in five stages happens to be NSF accredited to scale back lead and various heavy metals. The ZeroWater jug with advanced stage filter decreases metals, debris and chemicals to deliver genuine nice tasting water.

Specs: Lab Grade | 24 x 26 x 12 cm | 5 Stage Filter | 1Kg | NSF | 1.7 L

Eliminate considerably more impurities from your drinking water with this exclusive filtration strategy. The little water filter jug was designed to integrate into any kitchen. It incorporates a reputable meter and water filtration system. The science lab-grade digital drinking water meter will highlight the precise completely dissolved readings of the drinking water.

Blue Water Filter Jug With White Lid

£24   ZeroWater Filter Jug Fridge Door - Get It!  

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: Biocera Water Purifier Jug 2 Cartridges

Get pleasure from filtered alkaline and antioxidants together with hydrogen abundant drinking water. The alkaline water form of the filtration container generates alkaline mineral water. This is equally antioxidant and hydrogen dense, and it restructures the water for more direct absorption in the physique.

The Biocera alkaline water filter jug is exceptionally affordable and an uncomplicated solution to generate alkaline water. Typically, the all-natural minerals in the filter are NSF approved. The water filtration system pitcher is made of BPA-free plastic materials - the cover and grip are greyish.

Alkaline Water Filter Jug Grey Lid
Biocera Alkaline Water Filter Jug

The alkaline container continues to be extremely popular, considering that we launched in the United Kingdom years ago. Biocera is among the top-rated organisations utilising well-designed bio-ceramics intended for health and well-being.

More advanced than water in bottles, the water pitcher is somewhat more eco-friendly and generates healthier and better water when compared with bottled alternatives. It possesses a cover and carries up to 1.5 Litres of filtered drinking water, which will easily fit into most refrigerator doors.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Worth Paying A Little Extra!
  • Comprehensively BPA-FREE

Unique Selling Point:

  • Drink Healthy Water Today
  • Elevates The Ph Of Water

The Features:


  • Water Rich In Hydrogen
  • NSF Certificate Bio-Ceramic


  • Not here..

The Biocera alkaline water filter jug is even more non-harmful to the environment than water bottled in plastic containers. When examining the purified water's pH, you should be aware that you implement a digital tester or even PH level drops.

Specs: Hydrogen-Rich | 1.1 Kg | BPA-Free | NSF Certified | 1.5L | Grey Lid

PH papers or perhaps pH sticks employed to examine saliva or perhaps urine are certainly not appropriate. They present incredibly erroneous outcomes of drinking water pH.

Water Purifier Jug With Curved Handle

£59   Biocera BPA Free Water Purifier Jug - Get It!  

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: BWT Water Filter Pitcher All Refrigerators

This BWT water filter container comes with an exclusive and innovative five-phase filtration that assists to lessen limescale, heavy metals, undesirable contaminants and scents from the tap water. The progressive electronic LCD screen instantly establishes when to replace the filter.

The BWT WF table filter jug accommodates all of the latest refrigerator door designs. This approach will save you time and finances on acquiring plastic-type water containers. It likewise helps environmental surroundings by lowering squander. BPA free implies everyone can appreciate.

Blue Black Table Water Filter Jug
BWT WF Table Water Filter

An utterly unique BWT filter solution transforms your regular faucet water into individualised water to drink. Simply select the water that is certain to meet your needs employing any one of five individual cartridge variations.

Regardless of whether your personal preference is for a whole new taste or perhaps one increased with healthy and balanced minerals. Like magnesium (mg) or zinc, the unique cartridges provide a natural, cost-efficient alternative.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Very Reasonable Price Tag
  • Easy Control And Fill-Up

Unique Selling Point:

  • Inserts Magnesium Into Water
  • Digital Information Screen

The Features:


  • Especially Tasty Water
  • Perfect For Daily Drinks


  • No

Get pleasure from the considerable advancement of taste and decrease of limescale content. This is a bright design with a digital screen and specific water cartridges accessible to buy. This excellent BWT WF table water filter jug accommodates many traditional family fridge doors.

Specs: 27 x 12 x 29 cm | 2.7 L | Easy-Fill | BPA Free | 665g | LCD-Screen

All filtered plain tap water costs significantly less than water in bottles. This suggests you can easily cut your finances and safeguard the environmental surroundings. Every refill is essentially one less plastic container entering harmful waste landfills.

Water Filter Pitcher With White Base

£22   BWT Water Filter Pitcher 2.7 Litres - Get It!  

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: Why You Need To Buy A Water Filter Jug

Plain tap water travels for Kilometres using a rather commonly old approach to plumbing before it reaches your tap. Although the water may be immaculate as it departs the local water treatment facility, journeying through the pipes may well ruin its quality.

: Alkaline Water Filter Jug For Pollutants

Every sort of impurity is available in old water lines, and they consist of organisms, heavy metals, fungus, microbes and unhealthy chemical compounds. An alkaline water filter jug is a cheap fix for your problem as the water you put in the pitcher is processed, so pollutants are taken out.

: Drinking Purified Water Benefits

There are countless 'health improvements' for the consumption of purified water. Chlorine may be damaging to individuals, and lots of research have connected this ingestion with assorted ailments. All of the lead within impure drinking water may be purified too.

: What About Replacing The Water Filters?

All companies offer clear guidelines about how often to replace the water filtration system. This time may vary following the toxin degree of the water supply. If the water is severely polluted, you will need to replace the filters with greater regularity.

: Exchanging The Filtering System

Swapping the water filter system in your tap water purifier jug will need up to ten full minutes just about every two to three calendar months, although will be different as outlined by the pitcher version.

: Chances Of Becoming Ill From Poor Water

A good fridge water filter jug will decrease the chance of contracting an illness through lead consumption. Several plastic materials in the containers employed for keeping drinking water could be unhealthy for your wellbeing too.

: Klar Fluoride Alkaline Water Filter Jug

Being BPA absolutely free, this unique pitcher is created with no PHthalates. It can filter micro-plastics through tap and water in bottles and alter the PH of drinking water to Alkaline. An extended enduring filter provides 350 litres for every process for extremely fast purification.

Most home drinking water pitchers do not filter fluoride using their standard activated carbon filter system. The KlarWater fluoride water filter pitcher is an entirely new filtration system.

Fluoride Water Filter Pitcher
KlarWater Fluoride Water Filter Pitcher

The jug does not just filter approximately 95 percent of fluoride together with other harmful particles. Additionally, it does so instantly with a remarkably swift filtering speed.

Enjoy reliable quality, which is BPA and phthalate-free. There exists a 'significant reduction' in fluoride purification utilising the most recent hybrid water filtration laboratory examined in Britain. Its flavour is optimised and screened for excellent tasting water, just perform a taste evaluation..

Why Should I Buy It?

  • The Family Size Table Jug
  • Filter Tiny Micro-Plastics

Unique Selling Point:

  • Easily Alter The PH Of Water
  • Inhibitor Will Stop Bacteria

The Features:


  • It's Lab Tested In The UK
  • Micro Plastics Filtration


  • None whatsoever

With purification, the fundamental elements such as zinc, selenium, magnesium (mg) and potassium will be mineralised immediately after filtration. Take pleasure in the benefits associated with mineral water. Using the KlarWater fluoride water filter pitcher, you receive two times the life expectancy of standard filter systems that you can purchase.

Specs: 60 Day Life | 27 x 13 x 26 cm | BPA Phthalate Free | 3.5 L | 1.1 Kg

Along with a microbial and virus-like inhibitor, this can prevent bacteria from developing within the filtration system. Therefore, you don't have to let it stay inside the refrigerator.

Take pleasure in every one of the positive aspects that you typically acquire from the regular water jug. This excellent jug will undoubtedly transfer the PH of the drinking water by (2.2) in the direction of Alkaline.

Alkaline Water Filter Jug In All White

£49   Klar 3.5L Fluoride Water Filter Jug - Get It!  

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: BU-KO Fridge Water Jug Ionizer And Softener

The pH quantities from the drinking water in the jug ascertain from 8.5 to 10 within conditions for risk-free alkalinity. We likewise incorporate a PH check strip to help you confirm this in your own home. Every filter in this system is helpful for around 5 months or 300 litres.

Feel free to use the BU-KO alkaline water jug purifier for more than a years value of unpolluted alkaline water. Applying thorough refinement, this container sieves drinking water via several components.

Ionizer Alkaline Water Jug Purifier
BU-KO Alkaline Water Jug Purifier

For serious cleaning, the elements consist of coconut shell initialized carbon, ion exchange resin, all-natural minerals, plus negative ceramic styled balls.


  • Multi Phase Purification
  • Deep Clean Your Water


  • Not at all..

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Removes All Harmful Toxins
  • pH Test Strip Incorporated

Unique Selling Point:

  • Softens Your Drinking Water
  • Extremely Safe Alkalinity

Ergonomically created, this water dispenser is modelled about uncomplicated usage. The reservoir is deceptively streamlined. Nevertheless, it can accommodate 3.8 litres. The BU-KO alkaline water jug purifier handgrip is perfect for a far more comfortable hold - and decreased slipping.

Specs: pH Tester | 25 x 12 x 26.5 cm | Ionizer | 3 Filters | 3.5 L | BPA-Free

Secure for water balance and in contrast to various other plastic materials employed for the same storage containers, this particular pitcher is constructed of food-grade ABS. It can safely and securely 'touch' standard water without emitting toxic compounds.

Water Filter Jug With White Spout

£29   BU-KO Fridge Water Dispenser Filter Jug - Get It!  

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: Alkadrops Filter Plastic Water Jug BPA Free

Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
Alkadrops Alkaline Water Filter Jug

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Active Carbon Purification
  • Best Value Water Pitcher

Unique Selling Point:

  • Ideal Refrigerator Door Size
  • Reduce Poor Water Taste

The Features:


  • Reduced Chlorine Taste
  • Low Negative ORP Feature


  • No..

Specs: 7 Stage Ionizer | 23 x 9 x 25.8 cm | 10 Cups | 1Kg | pHAlkalizer

Filter Water Jug In Blue In Fridge Door

£32   Alkadrops Filter Water Jug With ORP - Get It!  

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: How Polluted Is Your Tap Water?

The filter system will separate pollutants for more, or perhaps a fraction of the time concerning the progression of your drinking water resource. If the water is extremely polluted - so replace the filters once every month or two.

: Unfiltered Water Flavour Deterioration

The best way to appreciate when the filter needs swapping is to tag the date and set-up in a diary, or someplace you can observe. This reminder will likely be a prompt, but you may also replace the water filter jug layer if you see the liquid is depleting quicker than usual or if flavour deteriorates.

: Home Purification And Osmosis Systems

Home water purification and osmosis solutions may appear as too costly of an alternative. Likewise, they cannot be transported around or utilised in office buildings etc. A plastic water jug works exceptionally well instead of another water filter system as a more practical option.

: Purifier Jugs Perfect For The Fridge

Tap water may be specifically damaging for our youngsters, that is why purchasing a water purifier jug is essential. The great thing regarding these purifier jugs are they are available in a selection of sizes and styles, retained easily in the fridge or perhaps transported.

: Sizes And Shape To Fit In The Fridge Door

These kinds of purifiers are available in different sizes and shapes; nevertheless, any regular unit can have a cover, a filtration system and a carrier. Just how much total capacity they hold and what magnitude they clean water differs, but the cost is dependant on the product features they provide.

: Activated Carbon And Cartridge Filter

Filtration in these water purifier solutions is available in two different types. Activated carbon filter systems that clean water is applying particles of charcoal. The cartridge filter systems utilise a method that moves the water through layers cleansing the water from all impurities.

Activated carbon filtration systems utilise an all natural procedure known as adsorption, which usually sticks particles and mixed debris to the filtration. Activated charcoal inside the tap water jug filters includes a soft area. They are known for eliminating inorganic and inorganic pollutants from water.

: Brita Elemaris Chlorine Water Filter Jug

Plain tap water in Britain is appropriately risk-free, nevertheless, it does not constantly taste, appear or smell as enjoyable as we would like. The negative effects can result in not just normal water, however in hot food and drinks prepared in this sub-standard water.

Jug With Blue Package

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Assess Home Water Hardness
  • Try Out Great Tasting Tea

Unique Selling Point:

  • Large Stylish Curved Grip
  • Beautiful Aqua Blue Colour

The Features:


  • MicroFlow Concept
  • Slim Fridge Design


  • None..

Elemaris Cool Water Filter Jug MAXTRA+
BRITA Elemaris Cool Water Filter Jug

Specs: MAXTRA+ | 26 x 25 x 10 cm | Micro Carbon Pearls | 870g | 2.4 L

It 'removes chlorine' deposits, chemical toxins, for example lead and copper mineral, and additional natural pollutants to boost the flavour, scent and appearance of cold and warm beverages. The Elemaris filtration system container utilises the Maxtra cartridge for superior lime-scale decrease.
[Rating: 9/10]   £36   Get It → Brita Elemaris Chlorine Removal Filter Jug  

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: Fridge Water Filter Purifier Jugs For Zero Contaminants

The price naturally will not mean that the more costly fridge water filter jugs are the better quality. You need to know that all these types of purifier jugs eradicate impurities from plain tap water to supply you more refined pure water.

: Cleaner Drinking Water Jug Solutions

Once water is in the filtration system, the ions of the pollutants will probably be assimilated by the carbon, offering you entry to cleaner drinking water instantaneously. The situation with these water filter systems is they need regular adjustments as the carbon draws in extreme fibres.

: Cartridges That Enhance Water Flavour

Cartridge water filter pitchers are more successful as they separate impurities in the drinking water without influencing the calibre. It moves the water throughout phases that not just enhances the flavour, but boosts the original content for clean water to drink.

: Alkaline Water Filtering Methods

Most alkaline water filters make use of diverse layers of integrated components in a position to catch a lot of pollutants. They will successfully remove bacteria and small air particulates that the triggered carbon cannot cope - ideal for any hot water dispenser equipment used to make tea.

You may be searching for a water purifier jug that makes the water taste so much better, or to clear away impurities. Many purifiers will provide you with both equally, but we recommend not to consider the price - alternatively go for one which matches 'all' your requirements.

: AcalaQuell One Water Filter Jug Filtration

The AcalaQuell system jug multi coated filters as much as 99 percent of virtually all toxins. This particular system results in an extremely high water calibre with a system using micro sponge.

Water Filter Jug In White Plastic

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Extra Refined Filtration
  • Only The Clearest Of Water

Unique Selling Point:

  • High Performance Purification
  • Remove Chlorine And Metals

The Features:


  • Water Tastes Delicious
  • Removes Heavy Metals


  • Pricey..

New Pure Water Filtering Jug
AcalaQuell One Water Filter Jug

Specs: Hygienic Micro Sponge | 11 x 17 x 29 cm | 800g | ION Exchanger

This PI-Technology formulated returns your water the outstanding qualities of an all natural spring. It employs a magnet and assorted rocks to convey tap water to the vibrational degree of individual cells etc.
[Rating: 8/10]   £77   Get It → AcalaQuell One PI-Tech Water Filter Jug  

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All of our compact water filter jugs are widely used, and without question can improve issues with drinking water quality. The growth of organisms can lead to an inability to taste and smell coming from water. Discover the best water filter jugs for your price range right here.