Fat-Free Air Popcorn Machines For Healthy Home Snacks

Updated 27/02/2020:
The best popcorn machines you can buy for home using hot-air look outstanding in any kitchen area - even as decor. They compliment any kitchen flawlessly, especially the vintage hot air popcorn makers, so sit down and enjoy while taking in a movie with friends.

Several popcorn cart machines have been subject to upgrades in styles. Present day equipment range between hot air popcorn poppers to kitchen counter old-fashioned models.

Global.G Hot Air Popcorn Maker Retro

Hot Air Popcorn Maker In Retro Red

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Volcano Movie Theater Popcorn Machine


  • Great For Any Party
  • Simple One-Touch Use


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Popcorn Machine In Red And White Stripes

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Geepas Popcorn Maker Machine Oil-Free Popper


  • Hot Delicious Popcorn
  • Simply No Oil Involved


  • None.

Popcorn Maker Machine With White Cartons

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Buy A Popcorn Machine That Suits You

Popular air popcorn makers can be found in lots of styles, but regardless of your home theatre, they offer a 'traditional or present-day' feel, so there may be a popcorn popper that suits your trend beautifully. A distinct section of your space thus reflects on colours and model.

Conventional And Present-Day Style

The conventional technique of producing popcorn before the age of kettles was the utilisation of a stove. A stovetop never produced excellent outcomes compared to the stylish air popcorn makers that look like the nostalgic retro mixer machines of past.

Movie Theatre Popcorn Cart Style

Several good mini popcorn machines have already been created to pop kernels over time, which have made the job less complicated, the benefits are exceptional tasting popcorn snacks.

The models that are widely used in locations like the movie theatre are kettle solutions. In contrast to the other fat-free popcorn cart popping strategies, the kettle devices manage to generate the very convenient and tasty flavour of real popcorn.

Best Fast Snack Option For Home

There will be varieties of movie theatre popcorn machines appropriate for any individual seeking a fast snack appliance in the home. These kinds of kettle popcorn systems function by utilising hot-oil, plus they possess integrated heating system components.

How To Heat Kernels Flawlessly

The machines feature mixing solutions that guarantee the kernels will be consistently heated up to generate the very best results. A classic tabletop design machine is advisable as these types of cheaper popcorn machine employ regular oil kettles to pop any kernel.

Salter Air Popcorn Maker Electric 1200W

Air Popcorn Maker With See-Through Cover

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Savisto Vintage Popcorn Machine Hot-Air


  • Movie Night Or Party
  • Tasty Fresh Popped Corn


  • None

Vintage Popcorn Machine With Red Base

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Aicok Cheap Popcorn Machine Healthy For Kids

Popcorn Machine With Black Exterior

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Giles And Posner Mini Popcorn Machine Hot Air


  • Fast Popcorn In Minutes
  • High Power 1200 Watts


  • None..

Mini Popcorn Machine In Black And Red

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Picking The Right Popcorn Machine Size

Appropriate general sizes of equipment vary from minute to moderate, and the smaller sized types conveniently fit on countertops or dining tables. Moderate to large versions may be the commercial popcorn machines generally free standing in a system that imitates classic cinema style.

Using Oil To Prepare Kernels

The secure microwave dish which has a tight cover is the simplest way of creating popcorn, mainly because the microwave popcorn maker just needs you to serve a modest amount of oil towards the end, put the kernels in, place the cover firmly and switch on the microwave facility.

Fat-Free Or Microwave Popcorn

You can acquire unpopped fat-free popcorn enclosed in an improved upon the paper bag, rip off the transparent plastic packing and put your bundle inside the microwave oven etc. All microwave popcorn is absolutely not just seriously favourite but considered as very unhealthy in comparison.

Health Risks Of Using Oils

A number of the large popcorn machines for sale present disadvantages incorporating high-calorie consumption, fattening additives and several popcorn enthusiasts make the complaint that the popcorn is saturated as a consequence of the oil implemented.

Vintage Machines Using Hot-Air

The separate vintage popcorn machine needs 'zero oil' and takes advantage of hot-air to pop the kernels. It is just a more healthy option for making popcorn because it takes advantage of heated air rather than oil, establishing the popcorn lighter in weight as well as fluffy.

The style of new hot-air kids popcorn maker equipment is definitely not complicated, therefore rendering it uncomplicated to run even for children.

Types Of Kernel Popping Systems

The kernels are put in a surrounded popping system which has a fan that emits hot air in the holding chamber as the kernels are relocated around to avoid burning up. They also making sure all the grains will be warmed concurrently.

As soon as a kernel gets hotter and blows up, it sets out in the system using a chute right into a prepared dish. Several hot air popcorn maker versions have an extra chamber for reducing butter etc.

Gadgy Hot Air Vintage Popcorn Machine

A wholesome choice to eating snacks, this hot air vintage popcorn machine demands simply no oil. As well as consuming healthier, you'll economise cash from excluding utilising purchased store popcorn.

Vintage Popcorn Machine With White Stripes

With a nostalgic visual aspect, this classical cherry-red and white retro popcorn machine rustles up delightful home-baked snacks in your household. An incomparable popping area conception produces a moving flow of air that leaves less unpopped kernels.

It's more speedy compared to a microwave - under a few minutes.
[Rating: 9/10]   £19 Get It → Gadgy Vintage Popcorn Machine

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Wicked Popcorn Machine For Home Use

Creating the softest and most pleasant-tasting bites, this healthy and flexible nostalgic popcorn machine for home use deploys hot air flow to pop the corn, no butter or even vegetable oil demanded.

300W Popcorn Machine Home Use With Side Handle


  • Apply Adventurous Flavours
  • Features Steel Pop Kettle


  • None..

This vintage machine makes adequate to 1 gallon of scrumptious, healthy tasty popcorn in a few minutes. Incorporated with your machine are 4 buckets, oil assessing spoon as well as dishing up scoop for your ease of use.

An integral stirring strategy guarantees virtually all the popcorn is prepared through the 300 Watts electric motor.
[Rating: 9/10]   £26 Get It → WICKED Popcorn Machine

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Popcorn Makers To Match Kitchen Decor

Keep in mind every single style is unique, typically the process is extraordinarily comparable, so whenever investing, make sure you get the information for utilising the specified technique you have bought.

Big Or Mini Size Popcorn Machine?

When shopping, reflect on which large or mini popcorn machine design compliments your house considerably better - and if you will put it on a countertop or family table, next to your chocolate fountain or may be arranged on the ground somewhere.

Family Size Kitchen Counter Machine

In contrast, machines can differ in cost, but many popcorn maker machines designed for use in the home are incredibly inexpensive. If you are searching to provide family popcorn, a straightforward kitchen counter machine as discussed here could be more than sufficient.

Useful Positioning Strategies At Home

Think about a popcorn cart for your household if the available space is significant. With regards to the open area, a few types of equipment spring to mind, the countertops or separate. The counter models are often more compact, don't need much space and positioned anyplace.

Enough Space For A Big Popcorn Maker?

The separate movie theatre popcorn machine models are kitchen countertop styles possibly mounted on a base or just arranged on top of the podium. This platform is available as a cart which usually rests on the ground and increases the equipment to the regular elevation, which will demand extra space.

Elgento Cart Red Popcorn Making Machine

Import the enjoyment directly in to your own home base using this popcorn making machine pushcart - an impressive little convenience which is impressive for parties, sporting a classical fairground cart conception.

Cart Popcorn Machine With Wheels

Unproblematic to utilise and comfortable to cleanse, the cart includes oil-free catering and is great for motion-picture show evenings in any household. Elementary to utilise, with space to space mobility, accompanies instructions and includes a 2 years warranty.
[Rating: 9/10]   £15 Get It → Elgento Cart Popcorn Machine

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Vitinni Old Fashioned Popcorn Machine

A superb old fashioned popcorn machine that possesses a clear housing environment and enables you to follow the procedure of the freshly created popcorn in a only a few minutes.

Old Fashioned Popcorn Machine With Steel Pot


  • Easy Handle On Side
  • Theatre Style Bucket Box


  • None.

This highly recommended popcorn machine can develop adequate to 1 gallon of tasty popcorn for every batch - merely contribute sugar or perhaps salt depending upon your predilections. 12 months guarantee plus an electrical power lead sized 1 metre.
[Rating: 9/10]   £49 Get It → Vitinni Popcorn Machine

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Our Best Popcorn Machines For Tasty Home Snacks

Take pleasure in the much healthier alternative vintage popcorn machines by using dispersal of heated air rather than the standard approach of cooking using oil. The retro style popcorn machine is the most suitable whenever watching a show, or maybe if you want an easy delicious snack.

Royal C Popcorn Machine For Sale Vintage

Marvellous 30's vintage popcorn machine for sale that brings out a more wholesome alternative for the popcorn devotee. The machine is constructed through the circulation of hot air, instead of the regular approach of cookery expending vegetable oil.

Popcorn Machine Vintage Style With Gold Trim

It operates on electrical energy minus any motivation for vegetable oil or even gas, creating popcorn that's savoury and wholesome. This first-class amazing retro popcorn generator is impressive for all your events and festivities due to it's creative vintage conception as well as convenience.
[Rating: 9/10]   £45 Get It → Royal C Popcorn Machine

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VonShef Hot Air Popcorn Maker Machine

Modern cooking area compact hot air popcorn maker is great for treats with a movie, or perhaps as a salubrious pick mouth-watering delicacy.

Hot Air Popcorn Maker Machine In Black


  • Full 2 Years Warranty
  • Hot-Air Circulation


  • None

Quick, simple and mouth-watering outcomes using this tasty popcorn machine, popping your 'corn kernels' could not be more elementary. Just an individual scoop of kernels inside the incorporated measuring mug is sufficient to create a heap of delightful popcorn that you are able to flavour how you prefer.
[Rating: 9/10]   £19 Get It → VonShef Hot Air Popcorn

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Russell Hobbs Hot Air Popcorn Maker

This tasty hot air popcorn maker is the ideal finishing concern to convert your living-room directly in to a comfortable home base movie theatre. Cuddle up inside your covers and absorb the delightful smell of popping popcorn as you thirstily wait that savoury first cinematic bite.

Hot Air Popcorn Maker In Black And White Exterior

Reduced nutritional calories, so it's possible to consume as much as you wish. The popcorn machine adopts hot air dispersal to pop out your corn, eliminating the motivation for vegetable oil or fat, so it's possible to completely delight in film evening and eat your own favoured bite, all minus the guilty conscience.
[Rating: 9/10]   £22 Get It → R.Hobbs Popcorn Maker

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The hot air popcorn machine appliance must be washed regularly, and naturally after every use. Each of the machine parts has to be cleaned of residue. The easily-removed units such as the dispenser may be cleaned, and a few elements may also be dishwasher secure.