Countertop Fat-Free Air Popcorn Popper Machines

Updated 27/06/2022:
Welcome to the best hot air popcorn makers you can find applying heated air. They look brilliant in any kitchen interior decoration. The popcorn machine carts enhance any cooking area beautifully, particularly the red retro old-fashioned popcorn machines, so take a seat and enjoy soaking up a film with pals.

Various older retro popcorn machine carts are actually 'susceptible to upgrades' in styles. Current-day equipment range from hot air popcorn popper versions to those kitchen countertop old-fashioned versions.

Movie Style Red Popcorn Machines Compared
This is a wholesome snack with no oil required. The countertop popcorn machine does not need to include fat or butter, and the air popcorn maker equipment employs hot air for making scrumptious fresh popcorn with no additional fat. Add salt or sugar to deliver that vintage movie theatre fun to your home.

These impressive popcorn popper machines are user-friendly and great for creating a quick snack or a plate of popcorn to share with buddies looking at a movie. One movie theatre popcorn machine cup of kernels produces a bowl with a measuring pot - so you can create just the correct quantity.

: HOUSNAT Popcorn Machine Using Hot Air

Successful and fast, this cinema popcorn machine with an exclusive air duct ensures that it pops consistently and swiftly. It ensures that constant hot air creates scrumptious popcorn. It is simple to use, with a popping speed of up to 98 percent. Just pour the kernels into the machine.

Fresh popcorn may be produced in two minutes. The air popcorn popper's one-touch settings make popcorn making simple and enjoyable; youngsters will love it. This is the best popcorn popper for creating a low-fat treat that the whole family will cherish.

This HOUSNAT upgraded popcorn machine functions through a hot-air flow, which demands no oil or fats, helping to make your popcorn fat-free and a fantastic source of dietary fibre.

Easily portable and stylish, this home popcorn machine comes in small physical proportions. Thus, it does not take up your entire kitchen room. This adorable popcorn machine is suitable for any kind of atmosphere, whether in the cooking area or living room.

This particular small hot air popcorn popper will be a fantastic option anyplace. Quick cleaning, this flavoured fat-free popcorn appliance makes cleansing very simple. No butter or oil is included, meaning you just wipe clean with a wet cloth.

Hot Air Popcorn Maker Red Exterior

Generate low-fat popcorn in the convenience of your own household using this popcorn popper machine for kids and older people. You can make your own flavours of popcorn. It is detailed with an on/off switch and non-slip feet for stableness. You should never directly add to the holding chamber as it will harm the apparatus.

With decreased nutritional calorie consumption, it's feasible to consume just as much as you want. The popcorn maker explores hot air dispersal to start your corn, removing the determination for plant oils or fat.
Using this movie theatre popcorn machine, it is possible to delight in a movie night and eat your personal preferred nibbles, all without that guilt-ridden conscience.

This specific yummy hot air popcorn machine is the ideal finishing point for converting your living room into a comfy home base cinema. Get inside your covers and take in the charming aroma of popping popcorn while you wait around for that very first bite.

The Features:

Due to its 1200 Watts power, this electric popcorn popper makes popcorn in only two minutes flat. This specific improved version in 2022 comes with an accurate temperature control structure, and the versatile design of the heating system chamber produces a revolving airflow.

The air popper popcorn maker offers wholesome snacks without additives and is risk-free for seniors and kids. If you are dieting to lose weight, popcorn devoid of sugar, oil or butter is extremely low in unhealthy calories. They may be eaten at any time and are an ideal snack option.

This HOUSNAT upgraded popcorn machine can make your own taste. This model is suitable for you if you don't like authentic popcorn. Following your popcorn is created, you may also build your own flavour with your own creativity. Needless to say, you can also make reference to recipes in the guide.

The top cover is 'hollowed out' and translucent, which is hassle-free for liberating high temperature and energy to stop the build-up of vapour or moisture build-up, preserving your popcorn crispy. The hot air popcorn maker's see-through lid makes the production process naturally accessible.

Red Upgraded Popcorn Machine

[Rating: 9/10]   £20 Get It → HOUSNAT Popcorn Machine Hot Air  

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: Sensio Home Gourmet Popcorn Machine

Appreciate popcorn away from home with this family movie popcorn machine. You can get popcorn whenever you desire without departing from the comfort of your household. Generating popcorn is as simple as possible using this popcorn-producing equipment.

Built to make popcorn only using heated air, this USA-styled Sensio home gourmet popcorn machine demands no oil or butter, and it can generate delightful popcorn in minutes. In an excellent style, this machine produces healthy popcorn in the convenience of your own dwelling - a device for children and grown-ups.

You can make your own flavours of fat-free popcorn. Detailed with an on/off switch and non-slip legs for protection and steadiness, this electric popcorn popper equipment maker is driven by 1200 W. Film night is tastier now, eating from this air popcorn machine.

Without having oil, this is just the best popcorn popper for producing a healthy munch that the whole household will cherish. You may opt to employ oil or bypass it altogether. The air popper popcorn maker functions via hot-air circulating, which demands no oil or fats. Producing your popcorn fat-free is a beautiful approach to obtaining nutritional fibre.

Red Home Gourmet Popcorn Machine
Sensio Home Gourmet Popcorn Machine

This specific flavoured popcorn equipment makes washing a breeze considering that no butter or even oil is engaged, which means all you have to do is wipe clean with a soft towel. Easily transportable and fashionable, this movie popcorn machine comes with a modest form factor and will never take up your complete cooking area space.

An attractive popcorn appliance, this is desirable for any kind of atmosphere. Whether or not for the kitchen, family area, dining area or perhaps in your downstairs room, this compact air popcorn popper is a great inclusion anyplace.

Vintage and nostalgic, the retro popcorn machine leads to a prevalent and 'vintage style' which was well-known in the 60s and seventies. This is ornamental and appealing, and it brings about a sentimental sensation. You will absolutely take pride in owning this air popcorn model.

The Features:

This unique red popcorn machine is worthy of any enthusiasts' arrangement. Contributing to the classic appearance, this red popcorn machine is perfect for you. Creating by yourself at home is hassle-free and enjoyable with this hot air popcorn popper equipment.

An air popcorn popper like this Sensio home gourmet popcorn machine operates by heating up popcorn kernels in a tiny encapsulated area. As the air surrounding the kernels warms, the starch within the grains increases in size. Sooner or later, they 'burst through' the tough husk popping the popcorn.

Whenever you make popcorn with this process, it comes out well-ventilated and enjoyable. This electric popcorn machine strategy has the additional benefit of selecting just how much butter and salt to put on your own popcorn.

Home Popcorn Machine In Retro Red

£27   Sensio Home Gourmet Popcorn Machine - Get It!  

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: Klarstein Volcano Popcorn Machine Retro

With the ultimate overall performance, this countertop popcorn machine has a steel container using an integrated heating process and stirrer. The device gets hot swiftly with 300 Watts of electrical power, ensuring the quickest method to crispy, tasty popcorn.

Aesthetically, this popcorn machine pays appropriate respect to the fantastic age of rock and roll with a traditional 1950s style. The outstanding Klarstein Volcano popcorn machine in retro design light enhances the entire aesthetic impact. In many cases, it acts to keep your popcorn hot too.

The popcorn machine can deliver around 60 litres of popcorn each hour using adequate power. If possible, the chrome steel pot may be slanted and unloaded in a specified process. The stirrer guarantees that no grain stays on the underside of the container.

For effortless admission to and seeing the popcorn, the air popcorn machine equipment provides a door using a magnetic locking mechanism and a beautiful window to help clean after creating popcorn. This device incorporates an accredited EU to UK conversion connector associated.

New Popcorn Machine 50s Retro
Klarstein Volcano Popcorn Machine Retro

This tabletop popcorn machine equipment comes in an old-style 50's structure with built-in heating, stirrer and steel dish. Enjoy magnificent nibbling, which delivers the movie theatre fun to your house.

When someone plans a film evening, the problem of snack foods constantly occurs. This particular movie time popcorn machine quickly identifies the solution for fresh self-made popcorn. The aroma of fresh new popcorn is alluring, giving out a sensation of fairgrounds and concert halls.

The Features:


  • Superb For Any Party
  • Simple One-Touch Usage


  • None..

There are plenty of methods to create popcorn in the contemporary kitchen through the microwave or heated air. Alternatively, when produced in this cinema popcorn machine equipment, it features a far better flavour, plus the lovely fragrance of popcorn and all the related sensations.

The complete 300 Watts power comes to life after a short time at a high temperature. The Klarstein Volcano popcorn machine steel pot can be filled with corn and some drops of oil, and you should immediately add sugars or even salt to accomplish this taste encounter.

The built-in agitator guarantees that the corn kernels are exposed to the hot plate consistently, stopping corn from adhering to the underside. This professional popcorn machine incorporates a vista window, aspect vents, a door with a magnetic locking mechanism and a light transition for inside illumination.

Popcorn Machine In Red And White Stripes

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: Buy A Popcorn Machine That Suits You

Popular air popcorn makers can be found in lots of styles, but regardless of your home theatre, they offer a 'traditional or present-day' feel, so there may be a popcorn popper that suits your trend beautifully. A distinct section of your space thus reflects on colours and model.

: Conventional And Present-Day Style

The conventional technique of producing popcorn before the age of kettles was the utilisation of a stove. A stovetop never produced excellent outcomes compared to the stylish air popcorn makers that look like the nostalgic retro mixer machines of past.

: Movie Theatre Popcorn Cart Style

Several good mini popcorn machines have already been created to pop kernels over time, which have made the job less complicated, the benefits are exceptional tasting popcorn snacks.

: Fat-Free Tasty Popcorn Cart

The models that are widely used in locations like the movie theatre are kettle solutions. In contrast to the other fat-free popcorn cart popping strategies, the kettle devices manage to generate the very convenient and tasty flavour of real popcorn.

: Best Fast Snack Option For Home

There will be varieties of movie theatre popcorn machines appropriate for any individual seeking a fast snack appliance in the home. These kinds of kettle popcorn systems function by utilising hot-oil, plus they possess integrated heating system components.

: How To Heat Kernels Flawlessly

The machines feature mixing solutions that guarantee the kernels will be consistently heated up to generate the very best results. A classic tabletop design machine is advisable as these types of cheaper popcorn machine employ regular oil kettles to pop any kernel.

: Geepas Popcorn Maker Machine Popper

User-friendly and uncomplicated, this specific home theatre popcorn machine provides an elementary apparatus and can be employed to create delightful fresh and wholesome, self-made popcorn. Exquisite for film evenings in your own home.

This portable popcorn machine is exceptionally convenient as well. Simply add some kernels to the internal holding chamber, switch it on and await the popping. Soon after, you will find a much healthier, low-calorie fat-free treat.

An excellent 1200 Watts heating system component, permits hot air to distribute promptly through the equipment, guaranteeing the popcorn is prepared even more quickly. This Geepas popcorn maker machine popper employs hot air power for preparing. It will not use oil or even fat, making the food far healthier and risk-free.

: Old-Fashioned Popcorn Eating Film Evening Fun

This cheap popcorn machine contains a fashionable and compact style. The top of this machine incorporates a spout, so your snacks get accumulated in a dish without creating chaos. It is super easy to get the popcorn out, and the device has non-slip feet for safe operation.

You can acquire a whole bowl of popcorn for every use, and it decreases the amount of work to be accomplished and provides you ample corn to share with your entire household. This particular old-fashioned popcorn machine is fantastic for film evening enjoyment with an influential group of pals.

Self-made popcorn in a few minutes, this specific flavoured popcorn equipment makes washing very simple considering that no butter or perhaps oil is engaged. Now you can wipe it clean using a damp cloth. With this classic popcorn maker, a two years company guarantee is provided.

Red Popcorn Maker Machine Popper
Geepas Popcorn Maker Machine Popper

A night out at the movie theatre is entertaining. Nonetheless, it is not precisely like cuddling up on your personal couch at home with your treats. This typical popcorn machine generates buckets of warm tasty popcorn, and you can test out your favourite flavour blends.

Create conventional sweet and salty popcorn, perfect for an evening with this movie theatre popcorn maker family unit. Perhaps attempt more exciting mixtures. Try out corn in shut-fast bags, looking forward to that same flavoursome treat the next day.

This kind of tasty popcorn maker provides an uncomplicated process and is used with simplicity. All the recommendations and guides are provided with only one button. You can now relax, enjoy fresh self-made popcorn, and have fun with big-screen home entertainment.

The Features:


  • Hot Delicious Popcorn
  • Simply No Oil Involved


  • None..

This popcorn machine incorporates a trendy and trim design in a sophisticated style. It includes a black ON/OFF switch. This specific machine incorporates a spout, so your popcorn is accumulated in a pan devoid of creating chaos. The spot makes it simpler to get the popcorn out in the open.

Using a substantial total capacity, the Geepas popcorn maker machine popper will make popcorn instantly, and you will get a full big bowl of popcorn for every use.

It decreases the number of actions to be completed and presents you with good corn to share with your loved ones. This fast machine is fantastic for movie evenings to relish with any substantial audience.

This unique movie-style popcorn maker employs hot air currents for food preparation and does not use oil or fat. If you are a snack food enthusiast and think film and popcorn constantly go with each other, this is the equipment to suit your needs. Obtaining healthy, pleasant popcorn is never simpler.

Popcorn Maker Machine With White Cartons

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: Salter Healthy Snack Popcorn Maker

Ideal for employing right before you take a seat for the film, this specific automatic popcorn machine makes an alternative solution for yummy wholesome treats. Using fewer calories for each cup, this kind of popcorn equipment will make delectable popcorn that will not need any oil.

Perfect for everyone to relish, the Salter EK2902 electric popcorn maker is incredibly convenient and handles using the on/off switch. The popcorn machine features non-slip feet for protected functioning and a spout, so the popcorn is undeniably discharged in a bowl below.

Extremely speedy and with oodles of electric power, your healthy and balanced self-made popcorn shall be ready for you to appreciate in only 3 minutes. Oil-free, fat-free and effortless to use, this particular top-rated popcorn maker utilises hot air to prepare. A single cup of kernels is made up of only 30 calories.

The Healthy Snack Popcorn Maker
Salter Air Healthy Snack Popcorn Maker

Effortlessly add popcorn kernels making use of the incorporated measuring cup. One particular cup equates to one help, which accounts for thirty calories. Using a straightforward function, the tabletop popcorn maker is user-friendly, so the entire household can get engaged.

Convenient to use and featuring a self-serving spout, the popcorn will drop into a dish positioned under the machine as it cooks. Prepare to share in a few minutes. Get pleasure from this popcorn-making machine by sharing healthy, fat-free popcorn within a few minutes.

Get imaginative with yummy seasonings or perhaps those sweet toppings. The 1200 Watts electric power simultaneously cooks as much as 10 cups of popcorn. Using an uncomplicated on/off switch function, the easily-removed cover functions for easy washing-up.

The Features:

This Salter EK2902 electric popcorn maker incorporates a built-in calculating spoon. Simply no oil is necessary for food preparation. You can remain motivated with a collection of scrumptious quality recipes included.

Display your 'imaginative side' with this popcorn machine for sale and rustle up scrumptious snacks from an individual perspective. Using an array of sweet and savoury snacks to try out, there is something for everybody to take pleasure from. With this countertop popcorn machine, just cook your kernels, adding flavouring.

Popcorn Maker With See-Through Cover

£25   Salter Air Popcorn Maker Electric Power - Get It!  

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: Global Gizmos Carnival Popcorn Maker

This excellent popcorn maker machine for home use is similar to a classic fairground cart and enables you to create healthy homemade popcorn from your own cooking area.

A nutritious strategy, this cinema popcorn machine model employs hot air to pop the kernels, which means no oils are needed in the food prep procedure for healthy munching.

Rapid cleaning, this specific popcorn equipment is easy to wash, which means you will spend a fraction of the time cleaning up and more time experiencing lovely treats. The Global Gizmos Carnival popcorn maker incorporates a measuring spoon and features non-slip legs to maintain the machine secure when used.

: Why Heated Air Gourmet Popcorn Making?

Enjoy delicious popcorn within three minutes without needing oil for health-conscious nibbling. This vintage fairground cart style is perfect for film evenings indoors, celebrations and gatherings. Convenient to use, this classic popcorn machine offers uncomplicated flexibility and a short flick switch. Distribute popcorn directly into the bowl for optimum proficiency.

Painless to wash. Just wipe down the following use. This gourmet popcorn maker equipment uses heated air circulating to prepare the popcorn in the most healthy way possible. Settle back, put your most popular movie on and consume scrumptious wholesome snack food.

Utilise the provided measuring spoon to calculate the appropriate quantity of kernels. Pour all of them in and switch the popcorn machine on. Mouth-watering and balanced popcorn are completely ready within just five minutes. No detrimental oils are implemented along the way, making this healthy popcorn maker simpler to wash.

Cart Popcorn Machine With Wheels
Global Gizmos Carnival Popcorn Maker

Using A Tasty Sauce Layer To Your Popcorn
Prepare the popcorn popper on moderate heat until the combination comes to a boil, mixing through. After that, cook for around four more whenever the mixture is thoroughly stirred.
Cook for just one extra minute before the sauce is consistent. Just drizzle the combination over the fat-free popcorn, mixing it with a spoon until all kernels are consistently coated.

Generating tasty, fluffy bits of popcorn, this particular electric popcorn popper cart is the best addition to virtually any gathering or film night with buddies or loved ones. Just spill the popcorn kernels on the top and then let the hot air efficiency perform for you in only three minutes.

Take the wonder of the movie theatre to your dwelling with this vintage, old-fashioned cart style. Featuring its counter popcorn machine's sentimental style and vivid retro colours, you will be carried to those motion picture nights from the convenience of your household.

The Features:

The transparent physique permits you to view as the corns pop directly into 'fluffy tiny bits' of goodness while satisfying the environment. All with the unforgettable fragrance of the films that everybody loves.

Using a basic switch functioning and straightforward cleaning option outside, this specific popcorn cart could hardly be more reliable in its results. Just switch on the Global Gizmos Carnival popcorn maker, and then let the cart perform the rest to meet your needs.

A region beside the cart launches the popcorn directly into a bowl so that you can snack with trouble-free convenience. The straightforward, clean physique supplies the most extraordinary cleanliness with an uncomplicated wipe.

This frees the party-time popcorn maker of virtually any deposits, ideal for you to take pleasure in this beautiful movie theatre snack machine repeatedly with minimum upkeep.

Red Carnival Popcorn Maker
Global Gizmos Carnival Popcorn Maker

[Rating: 9/10]   £30 Get It → Global Gizmos Carnival Popcorn Machine  

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: Picking The Right Popcorn Machine Size

Appropriate general sizes of equipment vary from minute to moderate, and the smaller sized types conveniently fit on countertops or dining tables. Moderate to large versions may be the commercial popcorn machines generally free standing in a system that imitates classic cinema style.

: Using Oil To Prepare Kernels

The secure microwave dish which has a tight cover is the simplest way of creating popcorn, mainly because the microwave popcorn maker just needs you to serve a modest amount of oil towards the end, put the kernels in, place the cover firmly and switch on the microwave facility.

: Fat-Free Or Microwave Popcorn

You can acquire unpopped fat-free popcorn enclosed in an improved upon the paper bag, rip off the transparent plastic packing and put your bundle inside the microwave oven etc. All microwave popcorn is absolutely not just seriously favourite but considered as very unhealthy in comparison.

: Health Risks Of Using Oils

A number of the large popcorn machines for sale present disadvantages incorporating high-calorie consumption, fattening additives and several popcorn enthusiasts make the complaint that the popcorn is saturated as a consequence of the oil implemented.

: Vintage Machines Using Hot-Air

The separate vintage popcorn machine needs 'zero oil' and takes advantage of hot-air to pop the kernels. It is just a more healthy option for making popcorn because it takes advantage of heated air rather than oil, establishing the popcorn lighter in weight as well as fluffy.

The style of new hot-air kids popcorn maker equipment is definitely not complicated, therefore rendering it uncomplicated to run even for children.

: Types Of Kernel Popping Systems

The kernels are put in a surrounded popping system which has a fan that emits hot air in the holding chamber as the kernels are relocated around to avoid burning up. They also making sure all the grains will be warmed concurrently.

: Tabletop Hot Air Popcorn Makers For That Classic Taste

As soon as a kernel gets hotter and blows up, it sets out in the system using a chute right into a prepared dish. Several hot air popcorn maker versions have an extra chamber for reducing butter etc.

: VonShef Hot Air Popcorn Maker Machine

This compact hot air popcorn maker is great for treats with a movie, or perhaps as a salubrious pick mouth-watering delicacy.

Creating the softest and most pleasant-tasting bites, this healthy and flexible nostalgic popcorn machine for home use deploys hot air flow to pop the corn, no butter or even vegetable oil demanded.

This VonShef vintage popcorn machine for sale brings out a more wholesome alternative for the popcorn devotee. The machine is constructed through the circulation of hot air, instead of the regular approach of cookery expending vegetable oil.

It operates on electrical energy minus any motivation for vegetable oil or even gas, creating popcorn that's savoury and wholesome. This first-class amazing retro popcorn generator is impressive for all your events and festivities due to it's creative vintage conception as well as convenience.

Hot Air Popcorn Maker Machine In Black

The Features:


  • Full 2 Years Warranty
  • Hot-Air Circulation


  • None

This highly recommended VonShef popcorn machine can develop adequate to 1 gallon of tasty popcorn for every batch - merely contribute sugar or perhaps salt depending upon your predilections. Enjoy 12 months guarantee plus an electrical power lead sized 1 metre.

You get quick, simple and mouth-watering outcomes using this tasty popcorn machine, popping your 'corn kernels' could not be more elementary. Just an individual scoop of kernels inside the incorporated measuring mug is sufficient to create a heap of delightful popcorn that you are able to flavour how you prefer.
[Rating: 9/10]   £20 Get It → VonShef One Touch Hot Air Popcorn Maker

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: Gadgy Hot Air Vintage Popcorn Machine

This is a wholesome choice to eating snacks, this hot air vintage popcorn machine demands simply no oil. As well as consuming healthier, you'll economise cash from excluding utilising purchased store popcorn.

The Gadgy hot air machine makes adequate to 1 gallon of scrumptious, healthy tasty popcorn in a few minutes. Incorporated with your machine are 4 buckets, oil assessing spoon as well as dishing up scoop for your ease of use.

An integral stirring strategy guarantees virtually all the popcorn is prepared through the powerful electric motor.

Popcorn Machine With White Stripes

The Features:

This is a superb old fashioned popcorn machine that possesses a clear housing environment and enables you to follow the procedure of the freshly created popcorn in a only a few minutes.

With a nostalgic visual aspect, this classical cherry-red and white retro popcorn machine rustles up delightful home-baked snacks in your household. An incomparable popping area conception produces a moving flow of air that leaves less unpopped kernels.

The Gadgy popcorn machine is more speedy compared to a microwave - under a few minutes.
[Rating: 9/10]   £16 Get It → Gadgy Vintage Oil Free Popcorn Machine  

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: Popcorn Makers To Match Kitchen Decor

Keep in mind every single style is unique, typically the process is extraordinarily comparable, so whenever investing, make sure you get the information for utilising the specified technique you have bought.

: Big Or Mini Size Popcorn Machine?

When shopping, reflect on which large or mini popcorn machine design compliments your house considerably better - and if you will put it on a countertop or family table, next to your chocolate fountain or may be arranged on the ground somewhere.

: Family Size Kitchen Counter Machine

In contrast, machines can differ in cost, but many popcorn maker machines designed for use in the home are incredibly inexpensive. If you are searching to provide family popcorn, a kitchen counter machine as discussed here could be more than sufficient.

: Useful Positioning Strategies At Home

Think about a popcorn cart for your household if the available space is significant. With regards to the open area, a few types of equipment spring to mind, the countertops or separate. The counter models are often more compact, don't need much space and positioned anyplace.

: Enough Space For A Big Popcorn Maker?

The separate movie theatre popcorn machine models are kitchen countertop styles possibly mounted on a base or just arranged on top of the podium. This platform is available as a cart which usually rests on the ground and increases the equipment to the regular elevation, which will demand extra space.

Take pleasure in the much healthier alternative vintage popcorn machines by using dispersal of heated air rather than the standard approach of cooking using oil. The retro style popcorn machine is the most suitable whenever watching a show, or maybe if you want an easy delicious snack.

The hot air popcorn machine appliance must be washed regularly, and naturally after every use. Each of the machine parts has to be cleaned of residue. The easily-removed units such as the dispenser may be cleaned, and a few elements may also be dishwasher secure.