Push-Button External Key Safe Boxes For Multiple Keys

Updated 25/09/2022:
A wall-mounted key storage box is a protected metallic box which may be installed on the exterior of your property. The door key is safely contained within the box, secured behind a security passcode selected by you. After that, share your code with family members, close friends and trustworthy associates to give them an entry point.

The key storage box is safely mounted on a brick wall with long anchoring screws. These screws are just obtainable inside the safe, rendering them extremely difficult to remove from the wall structure.

Are These Boxes Genuinely Unbreakable?
Key lock boxes are an essential means of maintaining a rented household secure. These kinds of solid key lock boxes for outside ensure no undesired attendees gain access to your residence unless you let them. It is a straightforward technique of preserving your possessions secure whenever journeying out of your house.

What Do I Gain From A Key Lock Box?
An excellent outdoor key lock box must be flexible. It should operate with different components and surface types you may have to use. It must provide an ergonomic style that makes it user-friendly, even for extended periods. It should be long-lasting and endure repeated use devoid of harm.

How Easy Are They To Set-Up?
The push-button lock box for keys must be quick cleaning to eradicate dust particles or grime which could gather on the residence key lock box after some time. A practical house key lock box must also be reasonably priced without diminishing on superior quality. For convenience, the coded lock should be simple to operate and use.

: KeyGuard Store Dual Certified Key Safe

This large combination key lock box supplies the best in key protection. The key safe is licensed to LPS1175 factor 8 A3 and authorised secure by design from the recognised Police security initiative. This specific outdoor key safe functions by a press-button keypad where the user sets their 'unique code' from twelve buttons.

The wall-mounted key box also incorporates a water-resistant protector and anchoring screws for unit installation. It is an outstanding choice for companies searching for a key safe that remains Police recommended for equally external and interior use.

Black Certified XL Key Safe
Police Preferred KeyGuard Store XL Key Safe

The KeyGuard Store dual-certified XL key safe was the first to pass the highest possible and most current impartial test standard, making it the most protected mechanised key safe out there.
It sports a rugged aluminium casing with durable steel inside. It is fully weatherproof for mounting outside by virtually any qualified DIY hobbyist.

Complete instructions and fittings are incorporated with screws, wall structure plugs, plus a key hook for suspending keys within. The high-security resettable coded key lock box lets you maintain your keys protected. You can securely share entry to your keys with neighbours, family members or associates.

The heavy-duty steel fastener comes in a zinc metal cast physique using a sturdy and robust style for key safety. The strong construct stops attacks from hammers or cutting. This high-security key safe is created using a slipcover that protects the combination from the weather and against poor conditions.

Large Dual Certified XL Key Safe
Police Tested KeyGuard Dual Certified XL Key Safe

The resettable four-digit combination offers keyless comfort, is user-friendly and easy to set up. You can reset your formula, allowing many customised combination passcode possibilities.

With a basic installation unit set-up kit integrated, it is perfect for any group of keys. The secure key box package has a substantial inner area that can accommodate a compact bunch of six keys.

A fantastic value key safe for inside and outside use, this specific wall-mount key lock box is excellent for use by cleaners, workers, the ageing population, youngsters and for local household rentals. Situated outside of any house, this key safe permits uncomplicated entry for care employees, cleaners, work-persons or kids.

Perfect for use in vacation homes, for visitors or just as an extra key safe for entry to older people. When using the guide and installation system, these key lock boxes may be fixed to virtually any wall, indoors or outdoors.

The Features:

This specific secure combination key box for walls is created employing a robust weatherproof aluminium metallic alloy and sturdy steel. This ensures that the protection of your keys will never be sacrificed. It is suggested for care staff, tenants, family members, physicians and kids.

The process could hardly be more straightforward whenever you or a family member requires access. With four-digit combinations, there are more than 10000 prospects, making it difficult to speculate the PIN. The slip-aside shutter hides the dials while offering protection against extreme temperatures.

: Space For Around Six House Keys

This lockable key box provides a user-friendly rubber protector that helps fast set up with pre-prepared openings in the cover. It is an excellent guide when marking up your wall structure for the drill.

The hi-vis keypad permits easy observation during little light. At the same time, an increased hook maximises the KeyGuard Store dual-certified XL key safe inner space for approximately six typical household keys.

The anti-modification anti-fingerprint keypad features more than four thousand easy-to-set combos. In contrast to other Police accredited outside key box safes, an anti-tamper rear plate is likewise incorporated.

Big Black Key Safe Box On Brown Brick Wall

£70   KeyGuard Store Dual Certified XL Key Safe - Get It!  

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: Squire Key Box 4-Wheel Combination

This specific top-quality key storage lock box with a 4-digit combination is for important security. Fed up with concealing spare keys in plant pots or even underneath a mat? This key safe is all you require.
Convenient to use and heavily protected, this Squire key safe box with 4 wheel combination lets you keep keys in a spot readily available for your family members.

PIN code flexible, this four-wheel lock supplies 10000 safeguarded combinations. You receive unsurpassed safety with this 4-wheel combination secure box. The key cabinet safe lets you select various codes, guaranteeing the security of the best level. Its press button system gives quick access to set and totally reset your passcode.

Squire Key Safe Box 4 Wheel Combination
4 Wheel Squire Key Safe Box 4 Wheel

This waterproof hard finish secure key lock box is manufactured with high-quality die-cast metal. The key safe compartment can endure even the harshest of climate conditions. Its long-lasting shutter is exceptionally resistant to shock, water entry and rust, providing a durable safeguard.

Appropriate for approximately five house keys, this particular key storage lock box will supply entry to your home. It is used by health aides, service specialists and family 'pet walkers' if you are in the office or on holiday. An ideal solution for keeping keys for rentals using 4-digit dials, it includes various combination scenarios.

Key Safe Box 4 Wheel Lock
Heavy Duty Squire Key Safe Box Combination

The fastened hinged cover enables 1-handed functioning. You can find precise instructions to reset your access code whenever possible. You should be aware that when the password is reset to zero, it is advisable to take a photograph to document it. Or you will have no chance to open it once more.

Appropriate for indoor and outdoor use, the package is weatherproof and corrosion-resistant. The heavy-duty zinc metal and steel provide extra opposition to chopping, hammers and cutting. Easy to set up, the push-button key lock box is equipped with unit installation components, four screws, expansion connectors and a guide.

The Features:


  • Accommodates Several Keys
  • Personal Reset Code Options


  • None at all..

Simply put the screws and plastic extension connectors into the wall structure or additional hard surface area to guarantee the safety of the key safe. The dual-walled Squire key safe box with 4-wheel construction flush-support and resilient access protection is impervious to all brutal entry methods.

The key cabinet with a combination lock provides significant storage space while occupying the smallest amount of room, ideal for maintaining several keys and credit cards of substantial size. Protecting your cards and keys in a single spot, you will never lose them with this specialised locking key safe.

This unique weatherproof lock box is a flexible style, easy instalment for use in your own home, garage or rented housing. The trim type of the key safe makes it practical to attach to any place. Whether inside or outside, cabinet or outdoor patio, the lockbox is quickly set up on any surface with easy DIY actions.

Large Key Safe Box 4 Wheel Combi

£26   Squire Key Safe Box 4-Wheel Combination - Get It!  

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: Defender Wall Mounted Key Safe Box

A part of the extensively reputed Defender brand name, this press-button smart lock box for keys offers a protected and easy solution to keep multiple keys. All with a helpful hook increasing the inner space. The Defender wall-mounted key safe box benefits ten big 7 mm control keys, perfect for individuals with weak dexterity.

The waterproof rubber protection supplies trustworthy prevention of extreme weather with a valid hinged cover that instantly seals whenever shut. Protect your spare keys, and never get locked out again.
Using an inner key hook, this is one of the safest key lock boxes. It is adequate enough to support x5 BS lever locking device keys to gain access to your house or company.

This specific outside or indoor wall-fitted combination lock box will keep your spare keys or cards within this robust waterproof lock container. This push-button key safe may be set up inside or outside the house.

Black Wall Mounted Key Safe Box
Weatherproof Defender Wall Key Safe Box

The easy-to-set-up wall-mounted key safe use the uncomplicated wall installation technique using the pre-drilled openings on the back of the safe box. Arrange your unforgettable digits as your security password. The substantial body sturdiness and covered surface area are all fully safeguarded components.

Long lasting, this specific wall-mounted outdoor key lock box supplies a simple hinged cover with a waterproof layer that will safeguard the safe from harsh weather. Sporting substantial 7 mm 'finger pleasant' push-buttons, they are remarkably noticeable, even in the darkness.

We understand this brand name indicates high-quality and proper protection. These key lock boxes may be attached to any wall structure inside or outdoors. Participate in many intelligent, delighted consumers applying these wall-installed key safes.

The Features:


  • Extremely Visible Buttons
  • You Get Reliable Protection


  • None here..

This heavy-duty key-safe keypad benefits from 10 significant 7 mm simple press push control keys. It is perfect for older occupants or those with below-average physical power. Four thunderbolt fixing anchoring screws provide easy installation on your exterior wall structure.

The waterproof rubber protector prolongs the lifespan of your Defender wall-mounted key safe box merchandise. The weather-resistant plastic cover delivers solid prevention from the weather with a practical hinged lid that instantly locks whenever it shuts down. Open up and manage your company or residence easily using this combination press-button lockbox for house keys.

: Dont Forget Your Unique Digit Sequence!

Present the PIN to your work acquaintances, family, and friends for secure, comfortable access to your residence. The key box for outside your house is effortlessly set up using all components provided with the key safe.

There is a significant capacity to maintain your keys, credit cards, charge cards or standard keys. Straightforward to set-up, you decide on and establish the unique number sequence code.

Wall Mounted Key Lock Box With Black Key Pad

£30   Defender Mounted Combination Key Lock Box - Get It!  

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: Wall Key Safe Features To Consider

These outside key safes are firmly mounted on a wall structure with sturdy anchoring screws which are utilised only from the safe interior alone, rendering it extremely hard to remove. Take care to reflect on just how many units of keys you plan on holding each time, and so make a decision as a result.

: Give The PIN To Those You Trust

The main benefit of possessing a police approved key safe is the fact you never have to make many replications of the keys. As a result, the PIN code can be distributed between friends and family. If your front door security or entry purposes change, then basically swap out your PIN code for another.

: Look For Insurance Approved Boxes

A digital key safe is a practical system for companies to permit agents to exhibit potential customers to their property when absent. The lock box will keep the keys to the house safeguarded by a lock mechanism. Customers can open up these insurance approved key safes to get the keys and help potential customers look about the residence.

: For Out Of Hours Businesses

Various wall key safes supply the concept so you can establish times the keys can be made readily available. There is certainly hardly ever grounds to reach a business beyond standard organisation hours. You may get a digital key and open up the box by this PIN strategy.

: Best Location For The Key Safe Box

Many estate agents feel much more comfortable with the key safe lock box in view on the front entrance door. The primary reason to suspend a lockbox in an alternative specific location is if the lockbox disrupts opening up and shutting that door.

: Put Box In Full View Or Obscure?

Some people suggest locating a locking package on the side of the home, one example is perhaps around the entrance door handle, the carport or a gateway that is available around the house. The key box holder will be well hidden, and its position kept between just 2 parties etc.

: MasterLock Access-Control Key Lock Box

This particular key lock box with Access-Control is for interior and outside use. The wall structure mount key safe is most beneficial for keys and access card safe-keeping. It comes with a substantial inner cavity which allows the safe-keeping of several keys. For convenience, the resettable four-digit combination offers keyless ease of use.

Set and reset your own combination, enabling many personalised combination passcode selections. The combination lock box for house keys is easily set up with mounting brackets.

With a long-lasting style, the easily locked MasterLock wall-mounted key lock box is suitable for installation on any wall structure or additional fixed subject. The metallic design is for durability, and the shutter door safeguards the combination knobs from wet/cold weather conditions.

Combination Key Lock Box In Black
Alloy Steel MasterLock Wall Key Lock Box

The Select Access key cabinet for bunches of keys incorporates a 106 mm extensive metallic body for toughness. It welcomes numerous automobile keys and access cards. Quit concealing your keys beneath the mat or under a plant pot. Select-Access is the ideal means to fix sharing entry to your keys.

Being wall-mounted, the style presents a long-lasting unit installation. Arrange your own 4-digit combination for keyless comfort and elevated protection. The key storage box with a combination lock shutter release door safeguards the knobs from severe weather conditions, dust and dirt.

: Use It Anyplace Secure Access Becomes Necessary

Use this box for a business office, building site or any place where limited or secure access is necessary. The restricted lifetime guarantee offers reassurance from a brand name you can have confidence in.

This specific wall key safe box functions with a large and impressive key safe-keeping compartment. It maintains several 'homes or automobile keys 'and access to credit cards. Set your own combination for maximum protection. The wall structure mounted the style, and the shutter door provides better opposition to lousy weather.

Outdoor Wall Mounted Key Lock Box
Outdoor MasterLock Wall Mounted Key Lock Box

Considering additional protection, consider setting up the Select Access in an individually different place. Quit hiding your keys beneath the doormat or even under a herb container. It is the ideal treatment for shared keys. All MasterLock items with a fastener possess a lifetime guarantee against mechanised malfunctions.

The wall-mount press-button smart key storage lock box includes a 79 mm extensive metallic body for longevity. The wall structure mount structure provides a long-term set-up. Using its press buttons, the (Select Access) is extremely simple to operate with hand protection from seniors or youngsters.

The Features:


  • Large Interior Key Cavity
  • Lifetime Warranty Assured


  • None here..

Black And Silver Mounted Key Lock Box
4 Digit MasterLock Key Lock Box

A protecting weather cover helps prevent abnormally cold and system blocking. The lock box benefits from a moulded physique and vinyl-coated shackle to stop damage. While using the big internal area, it stops jamming, even with several keys. With giant buttons, this external key safe is easy to use during little light circumstances.

The MasterLock wall-mounted key lock box allows the secure storage of house keys or money. Front door keys may be securely left for children to get in following a school day; for an older family member, you must check on them consistently. Or even for just keeping keys safe and secure.

Filled with quality characteristics, the lock is installed with an easy-to-set four-digit combination mechanism with numerous code selections. A long-lasting metal system offers the ability to keep more oversized products - and not simply keys. This outdoor key safe box may be used both within and outside the property.
[Rating: 9/10]   £30 - Get It → Masterlock Access-Control Wall Combi Key Lock  

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: Burton Police Spec Outdoor Key Safe

This specific heavy-duty wall lock box for keys package is available in a black powder-layered surface finish. It is the first key safe to be qualified (LPS1175 Issue-Eight), developed to police expected standards.

This police-approved key safe has been designed to prevent and reduce criminal activity by concentrating on safety measures at structured phases. It is perfect for non-commercial and industrial use.

The Burton Police Spec XL outdoor key safe box is created as a key safe-keeping solution which allows emergency access and healthcare professionals.
It is ideal for seniors and home visitors. It is perfect for apartments or houses for access if an urgent situation arises - and several more applications.

Police Approved Digital Key Safe In Black
Powder Coated Burton Police Spec Key Safe

Suitable for emergency access, the wall-installed safe is used for the safe-keeping of a few keys to be reached by sanctioned employees. The outdoor lock box for house keys is frequently used in areas where carers, home assistants and others may gain access to your property.

Within a household scenario, the high-security key lock box provides a hassle-free and relatively secure way of leaving behind a spare key to be used by close relatives.

Therefore, staying away from the importance of several keys in circulation and the risk of losing them. This key lock box for apartment doors is absolutely waterproof and is provided with a hinged waterproof protector.

: Smart Code Automated Locking System

The key lock box for the elderly is the essential police-endorsed home security alarm for the outside. The protection capabilities set up this specific key safe as the most reliable and in-demand boxes you can purchase. The unit offers 70 x 50.5 x 20.1 mm internal possibilities, just suitable for most home keys.

The hinged protector with 1 to 12 figures managed code and the automated locking device render this box a substantial and straightforward key safe.
It's perfect, whether or not by way of a relative or possibly a health carer. An anti-tamper rear plate is integrated into the large-capacity key lock box. A hook makes it possible for safe wall suspension system for your keys.

The Features:


  • Highly Secure Key Safe Box
  • Secure Bronze With LPS


  • None at all..

Police Spec Outdoor Key Safe
Anti-Tamper Burton Police Key Safe

Made of die-cast metal, the wall-attached KSC2K outdoor key safe is made to endure attacks and comes with a weatherproof cover. Using a 12-digit push changeable combination gives the keypad 4000 diverse varieties with an automatic reset function for additional protection.

Well suited for use by carers, home cleaners, and work persons, the Burton outdoor key safe can be employed for single automobile keys within the household.

Where Can I Set Up The Outdoor Key Safe?
This durable mechanical locked key holder for wall fixing is ideal to set up outside on concrete or brick walls. It is readily available to obtain the stored keys using the combination recognised by authorised users.

This lockable key storage box must be set up well hidden and not immediately alongside your front door to reduce the risk of raising unhealthy interest. Several typical installations of key safes are close to drains or plumbing, with a primary box or plant life - mainly because they will be effortlessly noticeable when interfered with.
[Rating: 9/10]   £60 - Get It → Burton Police Approved XL Key Safe  

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: Sentinel Push Code Key Safe Lock Box

This wall-mounted key safe lock box is created of metal and tough aluminium, which enables it to be lightweight. All the same, it's long-wearing and the shutter threshold is layered with weatherproof paint.

The cover is constructed of ABS accommodating adequate to ten Yale style keys. The box is literally un-destroyable - using in excess of 10000 safe combinations.

Smart Push Code Key Safe Lock Box On Wall
Wall-Mountable Sentinel Key Safe Lock Box

The Features:

Black Push Code Key Safe Lock Box
Rectangular Sentinel Push Code Key Box

This lock box enables working persons to reach access in to your household so they can get along with any demanded job. Your neighbours can acquire secure admittance in to your household. Never be locked outside again since the Sentinel supplies a set of extra home keys.
[Rating: 8/10]   £53 Get It → Sentinel Push Code Key Safe Lock Box  

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: Rhino Combination Lock Key Cabinet

This home protection combination code wall structure installed outdoor locking key cabinet is constructed applying a solid, heavy duty and weather resilient metallic alloy.
It ensures the protection of your keys, whilst permitting selective schedules and an urgent situation entry for family members, property owners or seniors to the office or house.

The significant storage space offers a considerable inner area for storing of around 165 cm3. The Rhino combination lock key cabinet enables different home or work place keys to be safely and securely stacked away. The box may also be used to secure diverse bank cards, or perhaps money, but it's all under your control.

Outdoor Locking Key Cabinet With Code Dial
Push Button Rhino Lock Key Cabinet

The wall-mountable outside coded key box may be safely fixed discretely by your doorway. It features a durable button code upon the container, enabling accession to your keys by individuals who you have distinguished the code.

There is space internally for multiple keys, so it's possible to accommodate house or your vehicle keys. Store keys safely indoors, then deploy your personal code to access.
This walled-fixed key safe with weather defiant surface maintains an extra key for your dwelling or car. It is just right for situation entrance, domestic healthcare storing extra keys and so on.

Combination Lock Key Cabinet
4-Digit Rhino Combination Locking Key Cabinet

The Features:


  • Wall-Mounted Box Kit
  • 4-Digit Combi PIN Code


  • None here..

Combination Lock Key Cabinet
Personal Code Rhino Lock Key Cabinet

The 4 number combo locking mechanism protected key box works on the 4 number multiple matrix to make certain of solid safety for your possessions. The compact push option permits rapid and straightforward entry to the safe whenever demanded. The two are safeguarded from the weather employing a black slip protector.

The installation package and protected key-box incorporates a wall fixing kit comprising everything you need. This Rhino combination lock key cabinet will easily and effortlessly fit the key pack to a discrete outdoors area. Comprehensive guides are supplied - plus a fulfillment promise 12 months producer substitute guarantee.
[Rating: 9/10]   £23 Get It → Rhino Outdoor Locking Key Cabinet  

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: HMF Combination Safe Storage Key Safe

This key safe is for dependable safe keeping of your household, motorcar keys or even small valuables. The secure unit should be fixed in an appropriate position, wall or maybe doorway.

The box cares for your particular valuable goods or even your extra key for the home, motor home, vehicle and so forth. The combination lock chamber is separately flexible and leisurely to utilise.
This HMF safe storage key safe is a combination secure box lock mechanism unambiguously contrived to safeguard the objects most targeted by crooks for contributed safety while you journey.

The metal tethering wire permits you to fasten the safe box to a floor physical object for additional security measures. Safety setting following several incorrect combination entry tries is included.

Electronic Key Safe
PIN Code HMF Combination Key Safe

Override keys are incorporated which enables back-up entry whenever your code is lost. The lightweight as well as compact construction incorporating an accessible hand-grip renders it effortless to carry.
It is easy to stack away in a travelling bag or back-pack. An internal cover using foam is used to secure the valuables from scrapes.

The Features:

Black Combination Key Safe Box
3-Digit HMF Combination Key Safe

The operating instructions are enclosed and this key safe box is abrasion immune with a powder layer in black. Developed with 4 holes for wall structure fixing, screws and dowel pins are incorporated.
This versatile combination locking mechanism is organised for fixing to wall or perhaps flooring. The HMF safe storage key safe openings on the back end for wall fixing are already supplied.
[Rating: 8/10]   £18 Get It → HMF Combi Electronic Key Safe  

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: Less Keys To Lose For The Whole Family

An external key safe is essential for any family whose participants venture out to the workplace, college, university, promotion and various routines. They can keep coming back on several occasions and open the lock box to obtain the keys for the house - another option is buying a door intercom system.

: Safe From Prospective Burglars

The secure key boxes are certainly safeguarded from burglars because of their durable structure and keyless combination PIN number. As a result, you should have no frustration of having different keys for everyone to carry each time they go outside their home.

: Are External Key Safes Weatherproof?

You will discover various kinds of outside key safes in existence. Many are wall structure installing, although some are easily transportable. Each of them is weather safeguarded because they are prone to become subjected to sun rays, rainfall, and in many cases, ice.

Letting In House Cleaners Or Tradespersons
The best outside key safe box will come with a protected combination code implemented to keep household keys. They will securely store Yale, automobile or mortise keys on the outside of the wall of your dwelling. The wall-attached 4-digit combination key lock boxes allow quick entering for home cleaners or tradespersons.

Give The PIN To Trusted Individuals Only
A key cabinet lock box may be attached to the exterior of your house. The door key is safely positioned in the combination key lock box utilising a security PIN passcode determined by yourself. After this, you provide admittance entry to selected friends, family, or associates.

What Features Should I Consider?
When buying a house key lock box, it is essential to consider sturdiness. If a product is not sturdy enough, it will not last longer than others. And must be substituted earlier than anticipated. Longevity may also suggest how well the product was constructed.

: Weatherproof Combination Key Safe Boxes With Secure Bolts

Suppose the lock box for multiple keys is constructed from substandard quality components. In that case, they do not care about making their customers delighted over the long haul. If you are after a rigid house key lock box, search for one created from better components.

Several boxes can be more costly; nevertheless, they will last longer. They will keep you from needing to substitute them as frequently as you might if they were created from poor materials.

Should I Get One If I'm A Landlord?
In certain circumstances, homeowners may need remote access via the heavy-duty key lock box. Those who own a rental or buy a home generally fall under this group. It possesses a means of operating the device whenever you are not constantly around, which is often advantageous.

: Supra NRS Police Lockable Key Box

The police authorised lockable key box is the handiest means for you as well as accredited visitors to get in your household. Discreetly fastened to the exterior of your place with 'extra keys' stored within.
The key safe is entirely accessed utilising an effortless automatic push option combination and delivers complete with fastenings, as well as a weather proof covering.

Police Lockable Key Box Black Buttons
Supra NRS Police Lockable Key Box

This excellent lightweight and wall attached outdoor key safe box is the proper approach to maintain your belongings safeguarded anywhere you are - and no matter what you might be undertaking.

Unique and stable, this weighty safe is guaranteed by a combination locking mechanism. It comes with a good sized internal environment, calibrating 10 by 7 by 2.8 cm. You may keep keys, credit cards, even additional precious merchandise.

The Supra NRS police lockable key box is well matched to any circumstance where different people require access to property keys. All that you require to do is present the sanctioned person with the combination to open-up the locking mechanism.

The Features:


  • Attack Resistant Box
  • Discreet Key Safe


  • None..

Good examples wherever the key safe is excellent are whenever people come back to the car on distinct situations, or maybe if you want to conceal your residence keys for home sitters, holiday break tenants, cleaners and companies etc.

It is likewise ideal for all outdoors actions, such as strolling and tenting, however the physique of the safe is produced from zinc metal and the shackle is manufactured from toughened steel alloy.

Cream NRS Police Lockable Key Box
Supra NRS Police Lockable Key Box

This type of key safe may be fixed to a wall structure, implementing the provided anchoring screws or perhaps considered transported. It's been contrived after extended consultation with end users and possesses a big enough safe keeping total capacity for as much as 6 keys.

As soon as set-up, utilising it is effortless as you insert the exact code, open it and as a consequence eliminate the keys within. The safe box is the only law sanctioned device for deployment on exterior wall structures.
[Rating: 9/10]   £63 Get It → Supra Police Authorised Lockable Key Box  

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These lockable outside key safe units possesses a multitude of benefits as a 'central point' for family members and health carer's to access a threshold to a building, a shed as well as rooms.

The outdoor key safe box renders a dependable space for the keys to be stored inside one space. They are weather proof and leisurely to set-up, although the unambiguous style is easy to function by the aged or frail.