External Key Safe Boxes - A Secure Strategy For Outdoor Home Keys

The best outdoor key safe box will accompany a secure combination code and are contrived to be used outside to keep home keys. They are to safely store Yale, car or mortise type keys on the exterior wall of your house. The wall mounted key safes allow fast entering for cleaners or trades, the perfect coded lock security for all.

01: Masterlock Wall Mount Combination Key Lock Box

Top quality characteristics with this combination key lock box, and it's additionally equipped with an effortless to set-up 4 figure system locking mechanism with multiple encrypt choices.

A sturdy steel framework offers the power to store bigger items. It may be expended equally inside as well as outside the household, work place etc.

Wall Combination Key Lock Box In Black And White

Wall Combination Key Lock Box

It stacks away adequately 5 household, motorcar or padlock keys safely, only allowing access for the designated few and the zinc contrived physique rejects force and cutting. Effortless 4 number combination and corrode resistant, appropriate for open-air deployment. Intelligently mounted on just about any surface.
[Rating: 8.8/10] - £16 - Get It → Masterlock Wall Combination Key Lock

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02: Burton Police Approved Out Doors Digital Key Safe

The KeyGuard digital key safe is the elemental police sanctioned, high security system for out doors. The security abilities establish this particular key safe among the most dependable and in demand key safes you can buy. The device possesses 70 x 50.5 x 20mm of interior potential, big enough for most household keys.

Police Approved Digital Key Safe In Black

Police Approved Digital Key Safe

The hinged cover, 1 to 12 figure controlled code as well as the automatic locking mechanism whenever closed function render this the supreme and easy to utilise key safe.

It's ideal, regardless if it's enabled on your own, by a relation or perhaps a health carer. An 'anti-tamper' back plate is incorporated plus hook to enable safe wall suspension of your keys.
[Rating: 9/10] - £63 - Get It → Burton Police Approved Key Safe

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03: Sentinel Push Code Key Safe Lock Box

This wall mounted key safe lock box is created of metal and aluminium, which enables it to be light weight, all the same it's long-wearing and the shutter threshold is layered with weather proof paint.

The cover is constructed of ABS accommodating adequate to ten Yale style keys. The box is literally un-destroyable using in excess of 10000 safe combinations.

Push Code Key Safe Lock Box On Red Brick Wall

Push Code Key Safe Lock Box

It enables working persons to reach access in to your household so they can get along with any demanded job. Your particular neighbours, acquaintances and household members can acquire secure admittance in to your household. Never ever be locked outside again, since the Sentinel supplies a set of extra home keys.
[Rating: 9/10] - £50 Get It → Sentinel Push Code Key Safe Lock Box

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04: HMF Digit Combination Electronic Key Safe Fix

This electronic key safe for dependable safe keeping of your household, motorcar keys or even different small valuables. The secure unit should be fixed in an appropriate position, wall or maybe doorway.

Cares for your particular valuable goods or even your extra key for the home, motor home, vehicle and so forth. The combination lock chamber is separately flexible and leisurely to utilise.

Combination Electronic Key Safe With Money Inside

Digit Combination Electronic Key Safe

Operating instructions are enclosed and this key safe box is abrasion immune with a powder layer in black. Developed with 4 holes for wall structure fixing, screws as well as dowel pins are incorporated.

Versatile combination locking mechanism, organised for fixing to wall or perhaps flooring. Openings on the back end for wall fix are already supplied.
[Rating: 8/10] - £16 Get It → HMF Combination Electronic Key Safe

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05: CDC Combination Coded Key Box For Out Doors

The wall mountable outside coded key box may be safely fixed discretely by your doorway. It features a durable button code upon the container, enabling accession to your keys by individuals who you have distinguished the code.

There is space internally for multiple keys, so it's possible to accommodate house as well as your vehicle keys.

Combination Coded Key Box In Metal Case

Combination Coded Key Box

This walled fixed key safe using it's weather defiant surface to maintain an extra key for your dwelling or motorcar is just right for situation entrance, domestic health care admittance, holiday dwellings, storing extra keys and so on.

Store keys safely indoors, deploy your personal code to access. Equipped components for fixing to external wall etc.
[Rating: 8.7/10] - £15 Get It → CDC Combination Coded Key Box

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06: M-Lock Transportable Secure Key Box Lock

A small sized electronic combination secure key box lock mechanism that is 'unambiguously' contrived to safeguard the objects most targeted by crooks for contributed safety while you journey.

The metal tethering wire permits to fasten the safe box to a floor physical object for additional security measures. Safety setting following several incorrect combination entry tries is included.

Transportable Secure Key Box With Black Handgrip

Transportable Secure Key Box

2 override keys are incorporated which enables back-up entry whenever your code is lost. The lightweight as well as compact construction incorporating an accessible hand-grip renders it effortless to carry. It is easy to stack away in a travelling bag or back-pack. An internal cover using foam is used to secure the valuables from scrapes.
[Rating: 9/10] - £35 Get It → M-Lock Portable Secure Key Box

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07: Supra Police Authorised Lockable Key Box

The police authorised lockable key box is the handiest means for you as well as accredited visitors to get in your household. Discreetly fastened to the exterior of your place with 'extra keys' stored within.

The key safe is entirely accessed utilising an effortless automatic push option combination and delivers complete with fastenings, as well as a weather proof covering.

Police Authorised Lockable Key Box With Black Buttons

Police Authorised Lockable Key Box

As soon as set-up, utilising it is effortless as you insert the exact code, open it and as a consequence eliminate the keys within. The safe box is the only law sanctioned device for deployment on exterior wall structures.

It's been contrived after extended consultation with end users and possesses a big enough safe keeping total capacity for as much as 6 keys.
[Rating: 9/10] - £77 Get It → Supra Police Authorised Lockable Key Box

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08: Frostfire Mooncode Store Outdoor Key Safe Box

This excellent lightweight and wall attached outdoor key safe box is the proper approach to maintain your belongings safeguarded anywhere you are - and no matter what you might be undertaking.

A unique and stable, weighty safe that is guaranteed by a combination locking mechanism, and comes with a good sized internal environment, calibrating 10 by 7 by 2.8 cm, which in turn you may keep keys, credit cards, even additional precious merchandise.

It really is well matched to any circumstance where different people require access to property keys. All that you require to do is present the sanctioned person with the combination to open-up the locking mechanism.

Outdoor Key Safe Box In Black Steel

Good examples wherever the key safe is excellent are whenever people come back to the car on distinct situations, or maybe if you want to conceal your residence keys for home sitters, holiday break tenants, cleaners and companies etc.

It is likewise ideal for all outdoors actions, such as strolling and tenting, however the physique of the safe is produced from zinc metal and the shackle is manufactured from toughened steel alloy.

This type of key safe may be fixed to a wall structure, implementing the provided anchoring screws or perhaps considered transported. The shackle permits the safe to be fixed to a pre-determined object on your motor vehicle or outdoors object.
[Rating: 9/10] - £16 Get It → Frostfire Moon Outdoor Key Safe Box

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09: Rhino Combination Outdoor Locking Key Cabinet

Home protection combination code wall structure installed outdoor locking key cabinet that is constructed applying a solid, heavy duty and weather resilient metallic alloy to make sure the protection of your keys as well as cards will never be jeopardised, whilst permitting selective schedule and an urgent situation entry for family members, property owners as well as seniors to the office or house.

Significant storage space utilising a considerable inner area for storing of around 165 cm3. The secure key enables different home or work place keys to be safely and securely stacked away, however the box may also be used to secure diverse bank cards, or perhaps money, but it's all under your control.

Outdoor Locking Key Cabinet With Code Dial

The 4 number combo locking mechanism protected key box works on the 4 number multiple matrix to make certain of solid safety for your possessions, whilst a compact push option permits rapid and straightforward entry to the safe whenever demanded. The two are safeguarded from the weather employing a black slip protector.

The installation package and protected key-box incorporates a wall fixing kit comprising everything you need to very easily and effortlessly fit the key pack to a discrete outdoors area. Comprehensive guides are supplied plus fulfillment promise 12 months producer substitute guarantee.
[Rating: 9/10] - £25 Get It → Rhino Outdoor Locking Key Cabinet

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10: Itian 4 Pin Wall Mounted Box External Key Safe

Climatic condition tolerant and impassable, this 4 pin wall mounted external key safe helps to make your house reachable to trustworthy family and friends.

It provides the most effective key boxes for home use as well as work environment. Using this key locking mechanism box, you do not have to consider forgetting the door key on the household counter-top, or determining how an acquaintance could possibly get in.

This excellent long lasting wall attached key-box may be mounted to virtually any sturdy surface area, inside your home or perhaps out to create as many as 5 keys accessible to individuals who you have confidence with your access code. This locked cabinet for use on your residence is weather resilient and impassable.

Water Proof 4 Pin External Key Safe In Black And Grey

The steel structure model for the box is non rust and weather condition invulnerable. It will not freeze and simply split or corrode as the weather resilient cover guides across the 4 combination knobs to safeguard them from rain water, snow conditions and frost.

The entire hinged entry point cover remains hooked up to the container, so generally there is simply no fuss and it's smooth mount provides impact counteraction. Simply no quantity of cutting or chopping will earn access from the protection lock mechanism key unit.

When ever you or someone needs direct access, the procedure could not be less complicated. Any individual, youngster or aged person can convert the combination knobs. Select your individual pass code, or perhaps one that you can keep in mind - truth be told, there are much more than '10000' options, rendering it possibly more challenging to speculate the combination number sequence.
[Rating: 9/10] - £21 Get It → Itian 4 Pin External Key Safe

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Weather Proof Combination Key Safe Boxes With Fixing Bolts

These lockable outside key safe units possesses a multitude of benefits as a 'central point' for family members and health carer's to access a threshold to a building, as well as rooms.

The box renders a dependable space for the keys to be stored inside one space. They are weather proof and leisurely to set-up, although the unambiguous style is easy to function by the aged or frail.