10 Best English Pool Tables - 7 And 6 Foot For Novice Or Pros

Updated 18/03/2022:
We present you the best 6 foot pool tables with loads of add-on's, quality cloths and accommodated with table adjusters to maintain the table perfectly level. Several foldable pool tables are complete with multi-game such as chess sets, but provide snooker balls, pool cues and chalk for your fun.

There are numerous sorts of home pool tables some (7 ft) in existence to meet the various needs of all players. Your initial section is available among English and American type pool. In Britain, English foldable pool tables are widespread, while in the US - you will discover only American table versions.

: Viavito Home Pool Table With Auto Return

This premium, well-built, and dapper 6.6 ft pool table is created to supply terrific home entertainment for family members and buddies. This distinctive, reliable and sturdy table presents exceptional ball bounce back. It has an automated ball return strategy with an EVA liner that substantially decreases sound.

It has been created to enable you to advance your playing competencies and endure some absolutely serious gameplay with pals. The table includes a hard-wearing green surface made of luxury wool fabric - and ensures a level performing surface due to the adjustable feet.

The VIAVITO PT200 6ft pool table has several extras together and a plastic-type brush. You will find a set-up triangle, some chalk, two cues, and a group of solid playing balls.

A well-balanced pool table for sale is built to last and stand up to some significant performance. The traditional styling and automated ball back strategy will lower noise. Appreciate the extraordinary hard-wearing textile. The legs provide a level play surface area, and you get a warranty of six months.

This conventional pool table brings hours of thrilling serious playtime to each household. The table possesses a sophisticated and polished look. It has been made to resist a high degree of usage whether or not you need to play with family, practice what you want or play even more earnestly.

Wooden PT200 6ft Pool Table EVA Liner
VIAVITO PT200 6 Feet Pool Table

Essentially, the stable and refined table is an outstanding selection. It benefits an automated ball returning method that is layered to eliminate distractions.
The table performs fantastically with persistently good ball back return. The feet are adjustable to keep the actively playing surface level - plus, it is provided with various extras.

Secure and robust pool table with a traditional but exquisite and refined style. Created to last and outlast many playing hours, practice what you want and challenge your friends.

A hard-wearing green woollen cloth and MDF panel are designed for easy and quick playing. The 6ft slate bed pool table leg levellers offer a variable array of 120 mm or 4.7 inches. The flexible feet guarantee a level playing area, and you will observe this 6 feet pool table executes effectively.

It is practical with a good standard of leisure for end-users, and it is just-the-thing for home use. For this objective, we think you will be pleased. It is not really an expert level table, and we will not anticipate that it will play as well as you might in a pro snooker arena.

The Features:


  • One Brush Supplied
  • Cues Plus Triangle


  • Not at all..

It creates a highly satisfying sound when you pocket a ball. Nevertheless, the ball 'come back is very silent to eliminate disturbance. This timeless cheap pool table will bring several hours of excitement to each household. The table possesses a classy polished appearance - and has been made to resist enhanced use.

Whether you want to play with friends and relations, try out your game or even play considerably more honestly. This robust VIAVITO PT200 6ft pool table is an attractive choice. It benefits from a 'robotic' ball returning model and plays an impressive rebound.

Furthermore, the feet may be tweaked to keep the play surface level in addition to being supplied with many extras. Set up is speedy, so now you can connect the legs to the table.
Connect the leg levellers and end sections to the legs. It may need 2 different people to turn it straight. The set-up info is plainly described within the user guide.

Home Pool Table With Black Exterior

£469   Viavito Home Pool Table With Ball Return - Get It!  

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: Alpika 6 Foot Pool Table With Balls/Cues

This particular green specialist 6 foot folding English pool table is rock solid and steady, but it plays flawlessly. It can then be collapsed away and kept far easier. A great choice if space is restricted. However, don't bargain on the quality of the table in your playtime.

We know you will appreciate the pool tables' gorgeous and timeless styling, which signifies that it will more than look visually stunning in all households or spaces. The Alpika 6 FT folding snooker pool table is designed to last and will experience considerable playtime while being ideal for fun with buddies or loved ones.

Consequently, the surface area plays wonderfully, and the ball recovery is the most suitable on this six-foot table. You can just collapse this snooker pool table for space-successful safe-keeping.

Everything you require is here; the table arrives packed with add-ons, including two pool cues, snooker ball collection, billiard balls, triangle, scoreboard, and just one table brush.

6 Foot Pool Table
Alpika 6 Foot Pool Table

An all-comprehensive pool table is arranged with an outstanding ball rebound in the regulation stage. It folds up effortlessly for practicality - simply perfect for modest game spaces.

Sturdy and stable, the collapsing pool table delivers several hours of enjoyment for households and close friends. The dark brown specialist pool table includes a green fabric and chrome finished edges.
It is recommended for pleasurable early evenings with associates. This table is an excellent choice for family members. It is the perfect dimension for children, but grown-ups will cherish its originality.

After numerous years of study, design and advancement, this superior regulation grade pool table is fine-tuned with details to surpass competition criteria. It enables you to play on the near professional pool table inside your game spot, workplace, or lounge room.

The Features:

This specific middle-sized game table for youngsters, teenagers and older people presents a useful collapse feature. The table folds up efficiently then easily tucks right into a nearby cabinet or utility area.

Fortunately, the Alpika 6 FT folding snooker pool table enables you to sustain optimum play space, devoid of 'hefting a whopping' plus-sized table backwards and forwards.

An excellent fold-away luxury pool table for easy safe-keeping and fast transportation. It offers the essential components like the scoreboard or brush to maintain the surface thoroughly clean. Minor assembly is necessary, and the product weight is merely 43 Kg.

6 Foot Pool Table With Green Fabric Surface

£245   Alpika 6 Foot Sized Collapsing Pool Table - Get It!  

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: DRM 6Ft Folding Pool Table Cloth Surface

This solid flip-style billiard table is dependable, a gorgeous 6-foot collapsing style supplying several hours of enjoyment for households and pals. A specialist home pool table with green material along with chrome finished aspects. Well suited for relaxing nights in with buddies.

Light, portable and robust, the DRM 6FT folding snooker/pool table offers excellent equilibrium among balance, durability, manoeuvrability, and exceptional size. The is a suitable pool table for games areas, living room spaces, business offices and in many cases, your own garage area.

It folds easily for practical safe-keeping and space-saving without the classic, sophisticated design and exceptional ball rebound. It is stunning for a small game zone modern pool table.

Most importantly, the 6-foot pool table specifications are 72 x 36 x 31 inches, its easily transportable, a solid folding pool table. It is advisable to unscrew the anchors of the legs for folding. Super stable and sturdy, this pool table will supply pleasure for loved ones and pals.

Green Cloth 6 ft Snooker Pool Table
DRM 6 ft Folding Snooker Pool Table

This is a brownish impressive pool table with green textile and chrome sides. Just the thing for satisfying days spent with close friends. Lightweight and heavy-duty, the perfect balance between stability, sturdiness, manoeuvrability and the optimal size. The ideal pool table for games or a family room.

Take advantage of the classic fashionable styling and exceptional ball rebound, collapsible quickly for practical safe-keeping and space-saving, an excellent choice for small game areas.
This DRM snooker table comes in a foldable style. It includes 2 cues, a snooker ball set, chalks, two triangles, a scoreboard, a socket head wrench tool, and a table brush.

Furthermore, this high-quality regulation grade 6ft foldable pool table is fine-tuned beyond competition specifications. It enables you to play in your activity room, business or TV room. The DRM flip-style folding billiard table pool table itself offers that timeless billiard feel.

The Features:


  • Pro Regulation Size
  • Pocket Diameter 10 cm


  • None.

The DRM 6FT folding snooker/pool table quickly and effortlessly stacks under the bed for youngsters, young adults, and grownups, presenting its 'fold-ability' characteristic.
It then faultlessly tucks right into a nearby cabinet or a utility area, allowing you to keep optimum playroom. All this without hefting a significantly large table about.

It comes with the add-ons needed for a terrific snooker and pool activity - cues, chalks, balls, triangle and clean brush. The folding process ensures it is naturally kept, demanding very little space. Therefore taking the probability to remodel in a remarkable games space - in only a few minutes.

Brown Pool Table With Blue Surface

£249   DRM Brown 6 Ft Folding Pool Table - Get It!  

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: US And UK Snooker Table Differences

With the help of a hardtop, equally English and the US 6ft snooker tables for sale work exceptionally well as a dining room table plus a games stand, creating this an acceptable option for many people. Also, you can have possibly a pub styled foldable pool table or football table according to your wishes.

: Looking For An English Pool Table?

It is even feasible to set-up an English pool table in an outdoor position. These tables are much less prevalent as opposed to indoor types, however, if you are looking to include some amusement to a back garden, totally waterproof tables can be found to meet your requirements.

: Diverse Pool Table Dimensions

British pool tables are possibly 6ft or 7ft in dimensions, which is the norm in bars and clubs throughout GB. The pool balls are 2 inches in proportions, red as well as yellow balls will be the most frequently used, although many like the appearance of striped snooker pool table US colours.

: Cue Balls And Jaw Size Proportions

Since the balls are smaller sized in British pool as compared to the US, the table pouches are more compact. The perception of the game likewise means that the jaws of the tabletop pool table pockets are less wide. The centre pockets will be more open, enabling you to pot from a more restrictive position.

: Fabric Colour And Pool Table Surface

Obtaining a pool table supplies an excellent source of fun, especially for amusing friends. Before making a selection, you must know what to anticipate in a pool table. A magnificent black pool table surface is crucial for correct play, and a few home pool tables possess leg modifications for a level surface.

: How To Get The Table Level

In case the table is not going to be flexible, regular cards can often increase each leg as required. Table surface types which are not level or perhaps smooth are certainly not simple to perfect. Bear in mind, the more any 6-foot pool table is relocated, the more often it can present an uneven surface.

: Pinpoint English Pool Table With Levelers

About bar equipment and game space extras, this superior UK full-size pool table showcases thicker MDF legs with a wood finish for an elegant appearance. It will easily fit in your own home, in a club or within your games space. It is a durable pool table day long fun.

In reality, this superior Pinpoint pool table has been created specifically to withstand high-impact accidents, with increased toughness and strength due to the secure MDF legs. The 6x3 pool table fabric is constructed from a smooth green velvet surface for the best degrees of play.

Pool Table With Balls And Cues
Pinpoint Pool Table With Balls

Six fine-mesh netted pockets are mounted on the elegant pool table to quickly obtain the balls. Suitable for everyone and their diverse capabilities, the pool game table is fantastic for the whole family.

It is perfect for older kids, young adults and players of all skills. Appreciate friendly or even ferocious competitors with this regulation dimensions pool table.
You get the entire pool table add-on's set. A pool triangle and cleaning brush, pool balls, and pool cues are incorporated.

The Features:


  • All Accessories Bundled
  • Hard Wearing Textile


  • Not here..

Using the Pinpoint pool table, a superior quality green velvet table liner exists. It comes with sturdy and solid MDF legs, plus a high-grade laminated wood surface finish.

This pool table uses heavy-duty and longer-lasting use for grown-ups or even children. The eight ball pool table is durable, solid and secure due to the sturdy MDF legs.

Moreover, the luxury pool table is an excellent strategy for any household, games, and bars. A connector is installed on the table to securely keep the triangle. It is appropriate as an inside or outside pool table in dry weather conditions.

English Pool Table With Blue Textile

£599   Pinpoint English Pool Table - Get It!  

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: HLC 6FT Home Pool Table Ball Recoil

This specific home pool table is a substantial calibre, stable and trendy item that offers fantastic home entertainment for households and friends. An excellent and sturdy table expands first-class ball recoil - and it has an automatic ball returning approach.

Regardless of whether you acquire several snooker extras, we have concluded due to this wholly outfitted 6 ft green fold away pool table. The top-to-bottom collapsible wood pool table in brilliant surface finish comes with a red fabric.

The HLC 6FT folding snooker pool table delivers several hours of pleasure for individuals and close friends and simple storage when not being used. It ships with an arrangement of extras, including an ABS brush and a set-up triangle instrument.

The 6-foot modern pool table combines sturdiness and extended life structure with a collapse away system. This makes it a fantastic choice for just about any household base where there is not really an immense amount of space.

Benefits associated with this particular standard size pool table integrate its collapsible design for unhurried safekeeping. With a solid structure, it produced flawlessly for modest restricted areas.

Fashionable Pool Table With Balls In Triangle

The table behaves as an excellent pool fun time surface, and a snooker table is available. It comes with comprehensive extras like x2 48 inch cue sticks, triangle, table brush and socket wrench. It has a group of hefty pool balls.

Being an additional advantage, you receive a significant snooker ball set. Collapsible legs make it straightforward to set up and keep it steady.
Shifting it around will be no issue because of its dimensions. The 6 ft green fold away pool table is constructed specifically for consumer's entertainment and simplicity of use.

Provided with some careful consideration, the maker ensures that you receive your money's worth plus more with this particular product. The playing surface area is unique, better than any other smaller pool table, however, excellently. The straight folding style tends to make it appropriate for modest spaces.

A collapsible design helps it become transportable. And it is straightforward to maintain. The British pool table comes with all the fundamental extras, especially the scoreboard.
There is a brush to keep the top location thoroughly clean. Enjoy the rigid framework, green lint, and MDF platter top of the range. It includes a plastic-type seal, and a modest initial installation is necessary.

The Features:


  • Ball Rebounding System
  • Adjustable Level Feet


  • Not here..

Equally important, the up-right folding up style for trouble-free storage is ideal when not being utilised. The 'pool and snooker' table is available as one, and it comes with comprehensive components necessary to participate. Pool and snooker balls are integrated, and it is very reasonably priced.

Straightforward to put in place, which means you could play practically instantly once the product is unpacked. Safekeeping is a no-brainer because of the HLC pool table's collapsible structure. If you want it for a celebration or event, this particular table makes it simple.

It has been created to allow you to better your own capabilities and hold your ground for sincerely actual game-play. The fold-up pool table incorporates a long-wearing green woollen fabric. It guarantees a level play surface area due to the flexible legs.

Green 6FT Folding Snooker Pool Table

[Rating: 9/10]   £274   Get It → HLC Folding 6FT Home Pool Table  

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: IFOYO Pool Table Snooker Plus Balls

This specific high-quality pool table proportions happen to be 55 x 29 x 31.5 inches L x W x H, and the weight is barely 42.8 pounds. Using this portable, stable and collapsible billiard table, you have to unscrew the anchors of the legs concerning folding up.

You will discover four panels on the backside of the IFOYO folding pool table to stop transportation destruction of the corner. You need to take them out just before putting it together.
The panels are set with nails, and you will see their openings on the rear side after being taken out; nonetheless, it will not impact the use and look.

If you worry about these nail openings, please do not place requests. The timeless pub pool table for sale is in an intelligent design with outstanding ball recurring. It folds effortlessly for practical safe-keeping and space-saving, perfect for smaller game spaces.

Foldable Modern 6ft Pool Table In Brown

The simple truth is the foldable elevation is 2.75 inches, perfect for storing within the bed or perhaps in a cabinet. An excellent Christmas present, it's put together effortlessly, and every one of the essential components is incorporated.

You will end up enjoying this right after opening the box. You should remove the sections on the rear sides just before putting it together. These sections are accustomed to avoiding transportation impairment of the sides, and the panels are resolved with nails too.

Make sure you arrange the holes when putting it together. You should never press the screws excessively and be quick to stop the panel from splitting. Additionally, this cheap pool table is created with a collapsed style, offering effortless storage space and space-saving.

The Features:

Featuring its sweet flip design, it is simply perfect for keeping underneath a bed or perhaps standing in a cupboard. It is advisable to unscrew the legs for collapsing perfection. Your kids can set up this IFOYO 55 inch folding pool table effortlessly if they plan to play.

For youngsters, the table assists the development of their own brain and functioning capability. The foldaway table presents simple storage and straightforward collapsing. You will find a brush to keep the area thoroughly clean with the essential components. It's put together quickly and stands very firm.

55 Inch Folding Pool Table Blue

[Rating: 9/10]   £118   Get It → IFOYO Pool Table With Snooker  

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: GRAFICA Blue Sea Deluxe Pool Table

This table including it's useful folding up feet for safe keeping is fashioned for the expert player in household as it equally feels and plays just like the authentic experience. The GRAFICA Blue Sea table features an 18 mm dense composition playing surface area enshrouded with a long-wearing green woollen blend textile.

6 Foot 6 Foot Pool Table In Wood

The Features:

This GRAFICA pool table has solid netted imitation leather covered pouches using steel bracing. Incorporates a life-size bundle of 2 inch snooker plus pool balls, 2 decent 48 inch pool cues, a score-board, 1 set-up triangle and in addition chalk. You will find 4 versatile feet levels that guarantee a 'flat game playing' surface green.
[Rating: 9/10]   £1099   Get It → GRAFICA Blue Sea Pool Table  

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: Simba Blue Pool Table With Accessories

The Simba is an elegant pool table in cherry wood style with blue billiard cloth for pool or billiard parties at home. High game comfort thanks to internal ball return system and easy balancing of the playing surface with vertically adjustable feet. It incorporates the complete playing add-on's comprising of 2 cue sticks, a 16 piece resin ball arrangement, a three-sided rack, 1 brush plus 2 chalk dices.

Big Pool Table With Balls And Blue Cloth

The Features:


  • Cherry Wood Veneer
  • Separate Feet For Height


  • No..

To guarantee ideal playing circumstances, the table legs are independently flexible for elevation, which enables you to comfortably counterweight the table and as a consequence render it perfectly level. The game play can simply commence once conceivable due to the sweeping add-on's bundle presented.

This billiard table offers x2 145 cm long pool sticks as well as a bundle of 16 balls - 7 solids, plus 7 stripes, 1 white in addition one black colour ball, the add-on's additionally incorporate 2 chalk dice.
[Rating: 9/10]   £1099   Get It → Simba Regulation Size Pool Table With Balls  

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: 6ft Pool Tables Compared With Levelling - Pub Style With Cues

: Gamesson Harvard Pool Table 6 Feet Frame

This stylish Gamesson Harvard pool table leaps out using it's identifying burgundy textile and beautiful wood framework with round corners. This particular 7 foot life-sized American design pool table will surely look great in your games room. With feet levels, the table may be arranged to supply an even playing surface area.

Wood Frame Stylish American Pool Table

The Features:

The big pool table renders a genuinely competitive game play encounter as well. A full size table that becomes the focal centre of your play-room even if you fancy it as an air-hockey table.

It includes extremely secure Teflon material that will not tear or even wear down so effortlessly. The solid design will downplay virtually any apparent movement throughout game play.
[Rating: 9/10]   £399   Get It → Gamesson Harvard 6 Foot Pool Table  

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: RADLEY Competition Grade Pool Table

A pool table table that merges a fashionable conception with the enjoyable game aspect, as well as the pragmatic look of a dining table.

Boasting a 2 part dining top, which is lightweight enough to be effortlessly dispatched, it can nicely sit in between 6 to 8 individuals. Sturdy feet structure affords the table special assistance and equilibrium.

Pool Table Dining Table In Black Ash

The Features:


  • 2 Piece Dining Top
  • All Free Accessories


  • None..

It incorporates quality rubber pads which develop special ball bounce as well as response. Merged using the long-lasting although impressive blue accelerated material, it renders a top quality playing surface.

A fashionable table which even possesses level up legs to assure the play arena continues impeccably level.
[Rating: 9/10]   £435   Get It → RADLEY Competition Grade Pool Table  

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Dependable 6 foot pool tables make a super gift fashioned to make the best out of the area they assume. Space economising domestic multi-game folding pool tables with integrated levelling legs preserve the table perfectly level, and they accompany a fashionable blue or green surface fabric.