Real-Looking In-Wall Electric Log Burner Effect Fires

Updated 22/09/2022:
The flames in electric-powered fireplaces look authentic. Rather than employing a genuine fire, flame effect electric fires consist of revolving mirrors that mirror LED illuminations to produce the impression of 3-dimensional flickering fire flames. The flames behave as the decorative centrepiece of your fireplace.

Recreate That Classic Fireplace Presence
Precisely how genuine these flames appear will vary among versions and suppliers. Costlier models of wall-mounted electric fireplaces typically have considerably more realistic and great-looking fire flames. The flames will probably be your new electric-powered fireplace's most essential visual components.

Enhanced Realism And Mood Of A Fireplace
Various flames are created by LED equipment and lighting. Nonetheless, it looks amazingly credible. The flame within electric log burner fireplaces is established by lighting and a reflection element which moves and echoes the light. Resilient LED lights use little power and need not be substituted so frequently.

Realistic Logs And Coal Flame Screens!
Pretty much all electric wood burner impact fireplaces derive from the physical appearance of a standard fireplace. But the freestanding electric stove alternative is likewise successful, with fake log burning. In contrast to a natural wood burner, the heat from the built-in electric fireplaces may be rapidly tweaked.

Proficiently Disperse Heat Through The Space
Quick heating electric powered log burner effect fires deliver high-temperature the moment you switch them on. There exists basically no waiting around to warm up. In many cases, the most streamlined burner/heater can heat up a regular-sized household lounge room in a few minutes - and it looks beautiful.

: Endeavour Fires Danby Electric Fireplace

The Endeavour electric fire and surround fireplace feature an electronic LCD screen push-button control. This permits you to establish a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere from the safety of your couch.

This specific heater instantly switches between 1 and 2 kW according to the temperature and established heat necessary. It works exceptionally well without or with LED illumination. The mains wire size is 1.7 metres on the right side. Therefore, simply connect the Endeavour Fires Danby electric fireplace and switch it on.

Off White Danby Electric Fireplace
Digital Endeavour Danby Electric Fireplace

You may fine-tune the flame impact and the ambient lighting to accommodate the time of day or the situation. Due to the LED concept, the fireplace is inexpensive to operate when you use these two necessary functions. You spend considerably less than five pounds annually for five hours daily.

This is a modern and contemporary energy-efficient electric fireplace with incredible life-like flame influences, mood lighting and a simple to use multi-function LCD screen remote control with an incorporated thermostat. The flame charm can be tweaked for concentration illumination by itself - or with the mood lights.

Danby Electric Fireplace
Adaptive Start Endeavour Fires Danby Fireplace

The mantle benefits from a coloured LED mood illumination which can be cycled throughout the thirteen available colours. Or perhaps it could be set to one particular colour. Typically the off-white finished MDF mantel is incredibly easy to set-up, and the electric fire is not hard to slip into the mantel.

This specific modern electric fire and surround is transported to you by courier to the shipping address you supply on order. When signing for the item, you validate that it has arrived well-protected. You should examine the product and review any problems within just seven days.

Using an adaptive start control, you can find five level illuminations for the flame impact and five level lighting on the thirteen colour mood selections. This realistic electric log burner fireplace matches standard and modern residences with separately run mood lights and special flame effects.

The Features:

Arrange your sensible heat with the peaceful fan-managed fireplace's flexible 1kW and 2kW heat productivity. Modern and stylish, the natural looking LED flame produces a comfortable ambience. The LED lights and flame influence possess a surprisingly realistic fire impact.

You will find a thermostatic multi-functional 'seven-day programmable' remote device with an LCD screen. The remote control will instantly switch the Endeavour Fires Danby electric fireplace off and on - and among 1 and 2kW as the space heat demands.

This ambient light functionality can be cycled throughout all colours. Two x AAA batteries are incorporated, and the measurements are W 122 cm x H 87.5 cm x D 28.8 cm.
The MDF package comes as a flat pack that is effortless to set up. You will discover this large electric fireplace with mantel and a noiseless heater with a front side outlet. Televisions may be installed above it too.

Off-White Danby Electric Fireplace

£436   Endeavour Fires Danby Electric Fireplace - Get It!  

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: Klarstein Kaprun Flame Effect Fireplace

This selected traditional electric fireplace with warm fire lights is perfect for an intimate ambience without the log burning ash. A switchable heating system functionality with 1800 Watts supplies heat and sustainably supports the flame impact. The premium quality Polystone physique with stone style comes with a comfy push-button control.

The sophisticated Klarstein Kaprun flame effect electric fireplace gives you practical flame illusions in your own space. The delicate light deceptively creates genuine-looking fire flames and smouldering logs.

: Can I Set The Heat In Advance?

It instantaneously distributes a comfortable and somewhat passionate environment. The power-conserving LED flames will flicker absolutely separately from the home heating.

For moderate summertime evenings, the two-phase heating system feature comes with a potential of up to 1800 Watts which guarantees enjoyable heat. It may be set effortlessly and up to one week beforehand through a versatile timer. The electric wood burner effect fire integrated thermostat also calculates the current space temperature range.

Black Flame Effect Electric Fireplace
Klarstein Kaprun Flame Effect Fireplace

The hole-in-the-wall electric fireplace with lights and switchable heat functionality contains a handy remote control. The sophisticated electric fireplace offers authentic flame illusions in every single space. The soft illumination copies deceptively realistic flames and smouldering fire logs. It instantaneously propagates a comfy enchanting ambience.

Using the OpenWindow Detection characteristic, it registers an instant drop in heat. It shuts down this real-looking electric log burner instantly. This is a cosy fireplace with a realistic flare impression and two heat ranges up to 1800 Watts. It is a secure fireplace devoid of fire or fumes with a surround and electric power.

The Features:

For each period, you get a deceptively genuine flame impression without heat. It is illumination flexible with dimmable lights and electric powered fire impact. This rustic electric fireplace is uncomplicated to use with a timer.

The integrated thermostat calculates the current area temperature. Using the (OpenWindow Detection), it finds even a quick decline in heat and shuts down the fireplace individually. The sophisticated Klarstein Kaprun flame effect electric fireplace provides realistic flame illusions in each space.

A gentle light deceptively imitates actual fire flames and logs, instantaneously distributing a comfortable affectionate ambience. Remember to be well-advised that this realistic electric fireplace equipment includes a certified EU to UK converter connector. Consequently, we will open up the bundle and pre-install it to save you time.

Wall Flame Fireplace With Brick Surround

£280   Klarstein Kaprun Flame Effect Fireplace - Get It!  

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: Unionline Recessed Glass Electric Fireplace

This specific ultra-slim wall-mounted electric fireplace produces an authentic-looking flame. It imitates a traditional fire to further improve your household decor's comfortable ambience and modern-day style.

Log and crystal flame alternatives can function without or with high temperatures 365 days a year. Touch-screen or perhaps remote control modalities ensure it is effortless to use.

We recommend that this Unionline recessed glass electric fireplace be situated at least 30 centimetres under the ceiling. Stay away from installing it immediately underneath a flat-screen Television system, as it might restrict the functioning of the heating unit. This contemporary home decor is created for sinking into the wall structure, wall installed or even freestanding.

Log Crystal Recessed Glass Electric Fireplace
Log/Crystal Unionline Recessed Fireplace

Causing the cosy environment of a standard fireplace, this particular digital long electric fireplace has genuine-looking flames using an authentic fire appearance. The real-looking flame impact of nine LEDs includes five colour strengths. The fireside benefits an unparalleled flame, providing faux fire logs and crystals for a traditional experience.

Operate the successful wall-mounted electric fire with surround heat configurations using the timer. The warmed air vent out is situated on the higher front side location.
A pair of heat options are high/low 1500 Watts and 750 Watts, plus the timer from 0 to 12 hours. UKCA accredited, the safety cut-off system is for overheating safeguards plus more power preserving.

The Features:

Inside a high-quality easy structure, the reinforced glass screen with a touch user interface gives an even more captivating physical appearance. Remote control makes it far more convenient to manage every function of this Unionline recessed glass electric fireplace.

Once the heater is on, the sound is lower and more enjoyable, given that the fan's movement is incredibly consistent. The reduced sound and the 0 to 12 hours timer environment stop you from being disrupted and allow you to sleep properly.

With a 12 months guarantee, the cheap wall-mounted electric fire appliance is 'sunken set' equipment. Decide on a suitable place which is not prone to dampness - and is far from curtains, household furniture and high traffic locations.

Recessed Fireplace In Black Finish

£199   Unionline Recessed Style Electric Fireplace - Get It!  

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: Why Buy An Electric Wood Stove?

Choosing an electric wood burner fireplace needs a little thought like your size of the room, and the warmth productivity it will demand. The recommended suggestion is that larger rooms will probably be considerably better worthy of an infra-red fireplace.

What Size Of Room Do You Need To Heat?

Many log effect electric fires are a super match for smaller sized areas, and wall installed fires will not take up beneficial space on the floor. A handheld remote control may not be essential, yet it's useful if you despise getting up and in the cold air each day.

: Do You Need A Remote Device?

Remote devices can be handy to switch the heater on from the bed, couch or anywhere you like, but if one isn't provided, it's worthwhile noting just how natural the settings are. If you are older, it's not suitable to be struggling with any small electric stove fireplace switching on/off all the time.

Beautiful Dancing Flames On Logs

Lighting impact is probably a vital highlight to select, regardless if you want a wood or dancing flame effect before buying. As opposed to real wood burning stoves, several fake wood burners present each those occurrences so that you can alter them when you want and enjoy the best of both sides.

: Advantages Of Plug-In Heaters

Big imitation log burner fireplaces do not have to be attached with the gas mains or may be built with a chimney, so it is possible to position them anyplace. If you love the appearance of a stove chimney, you can buy replica outlets that appear to be the genuine article.

: Eco-Friendly Electric Stove Fireplaces

Most solid fuel fireplaces are the attractive, trendy options, and can be environmentally friendly if they adhere to smoke control rules - although you will need to 'keep stocking up' on fuel.

Some electric powered electric stove fireplaces employ genuine logs and black coals for impact, nevertheless, you will never have to substitute any of them.

: Benefits Of The Electric Wood Stove

Having a genuine fire and even radiator unit may overheat, but due to an electric fireplace, simply switch it off and the area cools promptly. The majority of burners also have thermostats for auto heat control and cost regulation.

: Warmlite Curved Bath Log Effect Fire

This freestanding flame effect electric fire stove provides a flexible, breathtaking 180-degree flame impact and an LED log impression. This results in an aesthetically impressive centrepiece for virtually any space.

Offering an 1800 Watts high-temperature environment makes it possible for you to effortlessly decide on and arrange your preferred heat throughout the versatile temperature control system.

: Enjoy The Peaceful And Calm LED Output

The Warmlite curved bath log effect fire includes a small freestanding style, rendering it straightforward to set up for any part of your residence or business office. Delivering a cutting-edge fireplace with a browsing window will end up the 'centre of attention' in many modern-day style households.

Created in a streamlined and utterly innovative design, this specific living-room electric fireplace packs a real punch. Using an 1800 Watts electrical power productivity, it swiftly warms houses.

With the strong LED flame impact, you may feel peaceful and calm following an occupied day simply by appreciating the authentic essence of the LED fire. Its relaxing atmosphere can even be employed individually.

Warmlite Curved Bath Log Effect Fire
Warmlite Curved Bath Log Effect Fire

While using the transparent manual knob, you can alter the illumination of the LED flame. Whether a delicate glow or a brilliant and robust environment, arrange the ideal disposition focused on your requirements.

Putting together optimum temperatures, you discover the most comfortable heat range for the environment. Modify the electric effect log burner temperature using straightforward manual knobs.

The impressive panoramic window will give you a large screen to appreciate the flickering fire flames from both sides of the fireplace. Detailed with the coal impact, the luxurious electric fire to fit in an existing fireplace structure with the observing window contributes sophistication to virtually any styled household.

The Features:

Secure and safe with integrated overheat safeguards, this particular unit will instantly switch off once it becomes scorching. Appropriate for residences with kids and household pets, the integrated overheat security system provides reassurance. This makes the electric flame effect stove a safe addition to your family.

With reassured high-quality, you obtain a regular 12 months manufacturer's warranty with an optionally available 365-day expansion when signing up on the Web.

Supplying one high-temperature setting with a flexible temperature-control system, the variable flame effects offer an attractive curve appearance characteristic. This specific freestanding Warmlite curved bath log-effect fire is a creatively attractive solution to warm up any living room.

The LED flame impression can be controlled independently as a 'warm screen' to create a relaxed environment within the room. Devoid of using the temperature setting. This freestanding electric wood-burning stove is small in dimensions for easy positioning in equally modest and enormous spaces.

Wood Burn Fireplace With Curved Door

£129   Curved Warmlite Bath Log Effect Fire - Get It!  

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: NETTA Electric Fireplace Stove Heater

Right here, we provide you with a warm welcome to our stove heater. It is created to give you a warm and comfortable encounter. This specific electric fire that looks like a log burner offers the most highly-effective heating without diminishing on transportability. It uses a flame impact so real looking - you can scarcely tell it is not a genuine fireplace.

: Can The Heater Lower My Electric Bills

Using a selection of two diverse heat configurations, you may heat up the room just as you prefer. You never have to concern yourself with leaving this NETTA electric fireplace stove heater on for too much time as a consequence of the integrated high-temperature cut-off protection characteristic.

This 2000 Watts electric-powered stove heater is great for maintaining you comfortable whilst lowering your electric bills. Coming in a traditional dark-coloured style, this specific log burner effect electric fire will provide you with more than sufficient home heating capacity to heat the room you determine to place it in.

2 Kw Electric Fireplace Stove Heater
Wood Burner Effect NETTA Electric Fireplace

Highly Effective And Environmentally Friendly
Promising 2 kW of electric power and showcasing two distinct heat configurations, this particular energy-efficient electric fire heater will certainly more than satisfy your heating system requirements on those chillier freezing evenings.

Select from the 1000 Watts choice to keep your electric bills minimal. Or choose the high environment to give the space an excellent boost of warmth. The solitary door supplies a classic appearance, which provides a certain amount of extravagance to this merchandise.

Within a high-quality style with plenty of safety measures, this specific high-quality electric fireplace stove heater contains a genuine flame impact which supplies a comfortably warm glow.

The Features:

The electric fireplace stove heating unit is a traditional looking free-standing stove heating unit. Created from light plastic to assist transportability, this cast iron-effect stove heating unit gives your house the finishing impression you are expecting.

This specific NETTA electric fireplace stove heater provides you with a sophisticated flame influence where you can scarcely spot the difference from a genuine flame. This special heater likewise includes an integrated thermal cut-off system to feel secure when this product is started up.

Highly effective and eco-friendly using two unique high temperature options to pick from, you will find a level which keeps your power bills affordable. Or perhaps whether you need a strong boost of heat.
Using the choices among 1000W and 1950W, you're certain to discover the ideal setting for your requirements. This electric wood burner effect fire merchandise features a built in thermal cut-off equipment too.

Black Stove Fire With Door

£70   NETTA Electric Fireplace Stove Heater - Get It!  

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: Klarstein Vienna Electric Corner Fireplace

This sophisticated hassle-free corner-style glass-fronted electric fire in dull black possesses an atmospheric fire effect. A switchable heating system power of 950 or 1900 Watts is ideal for your comfortable environment. It consists of a handheld remote control for uncomplicated off and on usage - and a programmable timer.

The electric-powered Klarstein Vienna electric corner fireplace offers flame illusions in every space. The soft illumination deceptively copies real fire flames and smouldering wood logs. It instantaneously propagates a comfy, affectionate environment.

Vienna Electric Corner Fireplace Black
Programmable Klarstein Vienna Corner Fireplace

According to the requirements, the heating may be started up, which disseminates high temperature immediately and functions at possibly 950 or 1900 Watts. The bundled thermostat calculates the current area temperature. With the OpenWindow Detection system, this decorative electric fireplace will discover any speedy decline.

Reaching extreme temperatures will turn off the flame effect electric heater individually. A variable timer allows you to arrange the heating system periods for each day of any week.
Functioning is straightforward beyond the switches around the device by itself. Still, this fireplace may be effortlessly controlled using the incorporated handy remote control.

The Features:


  • Programmable Hand Timer
  • Corner Shape Chic Style


  • None here..

This corner electric stove fireplace provides deceptively real-looking flame impressions in every area using a solid flame impact. The soothing lighting replicates real fire flames to instantly distribute a cosy, charming ambience everywhere.

Employing a timer function as required, the Klarstein Vienna, electric corner fireplace heat functionality can be started up, swiftly dissipating the heat.

Functioning is straightforward with the switches on the equipment by itself. Still, the fireplace can be quickly manipulated with the provided RC. Due to the corner appearance, the fireplace may also be allowed in compact spaces.

Black Log Burner Effect Fire With Remote

£180   Klarstein Vienna Electric Corner Fire - Get It!  

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: Instantly Modify Thermostat Heat Configurations

Almost all reasonably priced electric wood burner effect fires have a selection of flexible heat and LED pre-lit options, plus lights that allow you to delight in a warm glow devoid of the actual heat similar to some garden patio heater equipment, perfect when areas get excessively hot.

: Save Money By Altering Heat Output

A controlled thermostat is to establish your preferred space heat and can instantly modify configurations or transition the electric stove burner on/off to keep that heat. This may not be only for enjoyment comfort, but additionally, it will save cash by averting higher heat output.

: Safe Thermal Protection For Overheating

Almost all electric log burner effect fires feature thermal protection that shuts down on overheating, or if you inadvertently let it stay on all night. Some burners possess timers to help you arrange them to heat the area before you get up or get back home from your workplace etc.

: Flame Light Only Without Heat Output

The fake wood burner fireplace and stove consist of the possibility to work with the flame impact separately from the warmth productivity. This translates to regardless of the temperature outdoors, you can take pleasure in this enchanting concept within.

: Imitation Log Burner All Year Round

In case you like the appearance of a small electric stove fire and would like to take pleasure in the gleam of a fireplace throughout the year, an electrical fire is the best option. A few can switch on the warmth for heat in the wintertime and enables you to shut off heat exclusively.

: Dimplex Stockbridge Optiflame Effect Fire

The Stockbridge traditional style is a veritable designer electric powered stove, perfect as an option to conventional wood burning solid fuel type stoves. This is a conventional style electric powered heater that is just right as an option to time-honoured wood burning solid fuel style stoves.

The nice thing about the Dimplex Stockbridge Optiflame is it features an opening doorway contributing to the stoves natural style. Since it's electrically powered, there are no instalment costs and simply no yearly service demands. It accompanies a remote device and 12 months guarantee. Plus BEAB Intertek approval for safety confidence.

Log Effect Fire With Polished Front Side
2 Kilowatt Dimplex Stockbridge Optiflame Fire

The fire is great for supplying that traditional fashion stove fire with a neat finish to your household. The fireplace boasts a detached black cast impact design. This conventional design log light effect stove distributes instantaneous heat using it's bigger dimensions. Rendering it perfect for more comprehensive spaces.

This Optiflame effect electric stove can be positioned anyplace you have home electrical power for a central point in your living space. Electrical power 1.8kW and CE authorised. Bundled inside is a coloured container. This provides high calibre illumination and powerful heating capabilities with an electrical and security system in place.

The Features:

Stockbridge Optiflame Effect Fire
Dimplex Stockbridge Optiflame Effect Fire

It's possible to additionally correct the 'flame luminance' to accommodate your climate. This production devotes you the reassurance you demand whenever making a purchase on the net. This item is from a producer with long term history and credibility. In addition to the extensive guarantee, the firm will be present to assist you if any problems arise.

Contributing to it's 'naturalism', the Dimplex Stockbridge heater includes the extending swirling flame impressions of Optiflame. This may be controlled with - or maybe minus the heating system, rendering it ideal for use virtually all year.
[Rating: 9/10]   £416   Get It → Dimplex Optiflame Electric Log Effect Fire  

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: Instant Heat And Freestanding Mobility

Electric fires present instant warmth at the touch of a press button. Just demanding a regular plug socket for connecting to mains, an electric log burner is super fast to set-up. Freestanding log effect electrical fires may be relocated easily by just inserting into the mains outlet.

: On The Wall Or On The Floor?

Those lovely 'hang on the wall' versions can be set in various areas if needed. Electric powered fires which have been indented into the wall structure might need more set-up to function, yet all need precisely the same connection to power it and plug-in like our electric conservatory heater options.

: Using Flame Effect Without The Heating

Possessing flames minus the heat makes recessed electric fireplaces an excellent substitute for standard fireplaces throughout warmer months or in hot climates. You can take advantage of the atmosphere of a fireplace 365 days a year without feeling hot.

Freestanding Flush To A Wall Or In A Corner
The vast majority of wall-hung electric fireplaces possess several heat configurations, for example high, moderate, or low. Specific fireplaces currently have integrated thermostats to preserve an established heat range within the room.

Numerous electric fireplaces terribly lack heating elements in any respect. Should you exclusively want atmosphere and no longer genuinely care about warmth. You can save money by selecting an electric-powered fireplace 'without using the heating' unit.

Standard Style Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplaces
In-wall fireplaces produce high-temperature. Nevertheless, you will find variants. Most fireplaces have base on-demand heat, meaning the fire flames can be controlled without or with temperature.

: Realistic Log Effect Fires For Energy-Efficient Heating

These heaters may be suspended entirely on a wall structure like a picture or perhaps like a flat-screen Television. Installation brackets and all the apparatus go along with the fireplace. All you require is a spirit level, an electric screwdriver and a second set of hands if the fireplace is large.

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces with a mantel are fantastic for flats simply because they do not require a long-term set-up. You can take it with you whenever you move home.

The set-up may be accomplished on your own with simply no specific expertise necessary. Follow the instructions in the guide, hang your fireplace, connect it to a regular wall socket and you are finished.

This electric fire is suitable for zonal warming, nevertheless more significant areas might not experience the full impact if the sole home heat supply. A benefit of the mounted electric fireplace is it's ease of mobility. Especially if there is a specific area of the household you want to focus.

: Egton Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Highly popular, this black curved glass wall-fixed electric heater offers the heat of a big fireplace. It includes a beautiful log essence, which produces an attractively snug gleam. It's terrifically elementary to utilise and delivers with both hand-operated and remote device manipulations.

The 7 day programmable electric-powered fireplace includes a refined construction and uncomplicated lines to compliment virtually any household. This particular eco-friendly Egton wall mounted electric fire is comfortable to set-up. It will supply heat and atmosphere to your living area, minus the requirement for a chimney/flue.

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace
Curved Glass Egton Wall Mounted Fireplace

With a beautiful surround, the rear panel incorporates a present-day black electric-powered fire area with high polished plate trim. Merging standard design including modernistic minimalism, this unaltered piece incorporates a diversity of characteristics. For example, a beaming log bed facility residing in a black fire container.

Expended on it's own or perhaps collectively, it includes mood lighting plus heat configurations. The mood illumination may be cycled throughout the accessible colours and the required lighting shade picked out. It's possible to additionally choose the mood lamp step by step, converting throughout every one of the colours.

The Features:

Black Electric Heater With Bright Glow
Egton Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

This stylish polished fire place furnished is in a flat pack build, however it is extremely easy to set-up in 5 minutes. The electric powered fire provides is a good-looking unit with impressive natural flame impact, 12 colour mood illuminations. It is simple to expend the multi-purpose LCD screen remote device.

Arrange the climate and have fun with this operable and fashionable wall-fixed electric-powered fire. This Egton wall mounted electric fireplace offers the high-temperature and luminosity to encounter the looks of a real fire. While producing a hot, comfy ambiance.
[Rating: 9/10]   £195   Get It → Endeavour Fires Egton Wall Electric Heater  

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The electric wood burner fireplace is most beneficial to keep rooms heated and look appealing in the chilly winter months. Establishing an electric powered stove is often as unproblematic as connecting a regular socket in virtually any wall location.

The electric heater is a useful technique of keeping your home warm in the cold months. Electric stoves generate nearly 2.5 kW of heat production, making the electric wood burner effect fires exquisite for warming up diverse areas, such as halls, studies, sleeping rooms or conservatories etc.