Garden Accessories And Outdoor Furniture Lifestyle

People have different opinions as to which garden tools one should have, and which ones are the best. Many factors determine this, and which garden tools you decide to get will depend on your own unique requirements.

Electric Tools And Essential Garden Accessories

If your garden is small and you do not plan on doing any landscaping soon, several electric tools will come in very handy. Using the right gardening tools and having them available in your garage or shed will make the work so much easier. Here are some of the necessary tools you will need for a variety of chores.

Hover Mowers For Sale With Expert Manoeuvre Cutting

Simple and easy handling hover mowers for sale designed for compact storage. Small for convenient powerful grass cutting with light frame on lawns of any size for a tidy finish.

Chic Large Metal Chimineas - Perfect For Garden Entertaining

Keep warm outdoors with our terrific large metal chimineas. Flawlessly proportioned and appealing cast iron extra tall chimineas, created for small and moderate sized gardens or patios - and for cooking food.

Garden Sprinkler Timers - The Professional Irrigation Choice

Garden sprinkler timers are the ideal watering strategy with easy set-up that fit regular garden taps. Programming the hosepipe irrigation timer is easy enabling you to select the time of day/night watering plans.

10ft Garden Trampolines With Enclosure Net Kids/Parents

Reasonably priced kids and adults 10ft garden trampolines with enclosure that deliver families with hours of outdoor fun. With ergonomic style, resilient galvanised frame and net - the safest trampolines you can get.

Robot Lawn Mower Buyers Guidance Plus The Best Choices

The best automatic lawn mowers that entail more leisure time for you. They auto-pilot cut the grass providing you a more rewarding finish each week. Energy resource conserving Lithium-ion battery pack used and well suited for substantial grass lawns, light and portable, little or no sound while mowing and trimming for super results.

BBQ Cooking Tool Set Reviews With Superior Steel Utensils

View our BBQ cooking tool set reviews of professional grade grill tools incorporating spatula, pair of tongs and fork constructed of high calibre steel. They are effortless to cleanse and exceedingly hard-wearing. Preserve the utensils secure and respectable whenever simply not used in their robust metal case.

Best Electric Garden Shredders For Home Waste Removal

These 10 electric garden waste shredders are simple to use and come in a variety of shapes and proportions. They will save you money in the long run and multiple trips to the local reprocessing zone, nevertheless the garden branch shredder is in any case great for cutting everyday waste instantly in to small scraps.

Retractable Terrace Awnings - Open-Air Shading Crank

These retractable patio awnings are uncomplicated to control with automatic or manual hand held crank systems tailor-made to your house set-up. The patio sunshade will protect your family and also pieces of furniture from the heat and harmful UV rays of sunlight. They also serve to secure your inside rugs from sunshine bleaching and so on.

Best Small Size Electric Chainsaws With High Speed

These high powered compact electric powered chainsaws project an unforced and convenient system of chopping timber and grappling with trees in garden areas neighbouring an electric power source. They are simply perfect if you are sawing logs, or perhaps clipping tough branches around the home.

Petrol Garden Strimmers Reviewed For Ease Of Use

Our petrol garden strimmers are a great choice for certain gardening projects, and are the most advantageous for larger back gardens that can't be smoothly attempted in one chore expending different kinds of strimmer. They're effective at hacking long grass, rugged weeds and rough vegetation, ideal for dealing with over-grown garden expanses.

Charcoal BBQ's With Lids For Authentic Smoky Flavour

Our top-quality charcoal BBQ's with covers provide a definitive BBQ experience. Fans swear by the encounter of lighting the coals and stoking the fire, not to mention the unequalled taste sensation and atmosphere acquired by alight embers. Much more inexpensive to function compared to gas barbecues with effortless portability.

: Different Types Of Lawn Mowers Sold Today

: Cordless And Battery Grass Mowers

Homeowners with a smaller lawn will often find that a cordless lawn mower is quite adequate for the task. The latest models of these lawnmowers have a much quicker recharge time and run for longer on a single charge if compared to older models. This is due to power lawnmower lithium-ion battery technology that has improved dramatically in the last few years.

: Powerful Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric lawnmowers are very easy to move around due to them being so lightweight. This is great when your lawn is relatively big. Electric lawnmowers also need a lot less maintenance than what petrol lawnmowers do.

Cordless Lawn Mower With Big Handle

: Plug-In Or Rechargeable Machine?

Before you buy an electric lawn mower though, you need to think about where your available electrical outlets are, and how long a lead you will need to reach to the farthest point of your lawn. Electric grass mowers do give a good quality cut.

: Prefer A Petrol Lawn Mower?

If you have a medium-sized or extensive lawn, you may decide to instead buy a petrol mower. Petrol lawnmowers have more power than what electric ones do, and this will mow longer grass without any fuss, but keep in mind the mower and strimmer sets for sale.

: Garden Mower Maintenance

Although several modern lightweight petrol mowers need more maintenance than an electric one, it is a lot less than what it used to be with older models. Nowadays, they also use petrol that comes straight from the pump, so there is no need to mix petrol and oil. See our leaf blowers here.

: All Year Round Garden Hoses

Any garden needs lots of water to flourish. Make sure you get a 50-metre garden hose that can reach even the remote corners of your garden. Hoses come in three necessary diameters, but the spray radius and water pressure are easy to control with an adjustable nozzle.

Wall Mounted Reel In All Green

: Extended Flexible Garden Hose

The length of the hose will affect water pressure, and the longer the hose, the lower the pressure will be. Although vinyl hoses are less expensive and weigh less than rubber ones, the long garden hoses do not last as long and 'kink' easier.

: Large Size Electric And Mini Chainsaws

You should ideally choose a top handle chainsaw that has low vibrations, as this will decrease the risk of your hands being damaged. Even if you do not use a chainsaw often, one with low vibrations is more comfortable to use.

: Petrol Or Battery Chainsaw Choices?

If you work long hours out in the woods, a petrol chainsaw is the best choice as you won't need to carry extra batteries with you. For everyday garden work, however, a battery-powered chainsaw is an excellent choice. If you buy two batteries, you will be able to charge one while the other is being used.

: For Ultimate Reach

Using an electric power telescopic chainsaw is also comfortable and practical, as it is less noisy and the vibrations are less. You will also not get any emissions and fumes.

Extra Large Steel Chimenea In Black

: Beautiful Garden Chiminea Ideas

When you decide to install a pyramid chiminea, you need to consider its location. It has to be on a firm and level base and be positioned away from anything flammable, like overhanging branches or a wooden fence. Cast iron chimineas fire pit equipment tend to rust and are heavy.

: Variety Of Grill Cooking Options

They are, however, very efficient and are very good at radiating heat. This means the BBQ will stay hot, even after the fire has died down. They are also built solidly and offer a great variety of cooking options. You will probably need help lifting it into place, and if you buy a rainproof cover, it will last you for many years.

: Outdoor Chiminea As A Wood Burner

Steel chimineas have a conscious look and a modern design. Like cast iron chimineas they are hard wearing and often have cooking attachments included. The steel 'chiminea outdoor wood burner' is lighter and radiates heat effectively, even though they do not quite match the full heating power of a cast-iron unit.

: Outdoor Trampoline With Enclosure

Trampolines provide great fun and exercise for the whole family. Before you decide to invest in a trampoline, make sure that you have enough space for it. It needs a minimum overhead clearance of 7.3 metres. Even if an enclosure is installed, you will still need horizontal clearance of at least 2m.

Outdoor Trampoline With High Enclosure

: Setting Up And Safety First

A trampoline should be located on level ground, preferably grass. Putting it on hard surfaces like concrete will cause damage over time as this adds stress to the frame. Objects should never be placed under a small trampoline for kids.

: Garden Gloves For Hand Safety

Although gardening is a very relaxing hobby, without the right pair of gloves, it can quickly result in damaged, blistered and bloody hands. Gloves should not be too bulky but still be durable, especially if you are transplanting seedlings or working with seeds.

Indispensable Electrical Tools For Every Garden Owner

The gloves must be the right size, as gloves that are too big can cause an accident when they slip off, or cause blisters. Breathable fabrics, but also water-resistant will help keep your hands comfortable and cool.

: Garden BBQ Area Fun Ideas

To get the most out of outdoor cooking, there are some essential features your BBQ should have. Wheels will help you easily manoeuvre the garden fire pit BBQ to the shade or the sun, depending on the weather conditions, while a warming rack will keep cooked food warm whilst the rest is still being prepared.

Black Garden Outdoor Gas BBQ On Patio

: Racks, Trays And BBQ Utensils

To save you cleaning time later, an ash collection tray is convenient, while an adjustable grill gives you more control over the cooking as it allows you to move food from and to the heat. Shelves are handy to hold trays, dishes, meat thermometer, beverages and condiments for the chef.

A loading door will allow you to reload your charcoal BBQ quickly and safely. A portable gas BBQ hood will help to keep food warm, while a chimney will disperse excess smoke.

: Manual And Electric Garden Awnings

An awning will protect you and your home from light showers and the suns rays, while at the same time enhancing the visual appeal of your garden and home.

: Awnings Have Several Advantages:

: Garden Shredders

Shredders come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and not all of them are equally good. Given what they are designed to do, it is challenging to keep the noise down. The types that slice, chop and chip tend to be quieter than those that tear things apart.

Before selecting a shredder, think about what you want to shred, and also what the end product should be at minimum shreds, chunks or even chips.