8Kg Under Counter Integrated Washing Machines

Updated 06/06/2022:
These 8 Kg integrated washing machines accommodate 'pleasantly lurking' behind under counter panels that fully match with the cupboard or built in surrounding compartments of your kitchen space, but providing quick wash and time delay functions - all extending a smooth under counter presence.

: Under-Counter Built-In Appliances

Get super features like anti-vibration design with several programmes, quiet wash and low energy consumption. Enjoy sports cycles with a load balancing system plus allergy UK seal of approval. Auto water level reduction for half and small loads, child lock plus cycles that fit around busy agendas.

: Hoover H-Wash 300 8Kg Washing Machine

This specific washer comes loaded with programmes to make cleaning your apparel straightforward. Simply perfect for medium-sized households, this model features an 8 Kg load potential and a 1400 RPM spin velocity.

You will find sixteen wash cycles available together with a 14-minute rapid clean using this Hoover H-Wash 300 integrated washing machine. Varying spin and temperature configurations permit you to adapt the spin speed on every cycle to accommodate the laundry load.

This appliance likewise incorporates the possibility of postponing the cycle commence time for around twenty-four hours. This specific washer includes a (Hygiene) cycle. This plan cleans at 60C, eradicating any germs or grime from your garments.

The extra usage of water guarantees a complete and comprehensive clean. With this A-rated integrated washing machine in-one concept, you may wash diverse materials and colours collectively on a fast wash or even low temperature clean. All minus the stress of merging colours.

Select the aptest plan for your wash. The 'Kilos detector' will modify the quantity of water and lathering depending on your wash weight - and the kind of textile determined.
You always obtain the most acceptable, most effective wash. With this kitchen's built-in washing machine, a half-load will demand significantly less water, time and power.

White Chrome 8Kg Washing Machine
Hoover H-Wash 300 HBWS48D1ACE 8Kg Washer

Take advantage of the delayed start. Therefore the laundry can be ready when you wish. You may plan the beginning of the cleaning cycle with an optimum postponement of 24 hours. Forget about those concerns of distressing aroma made by damp washing left within the appliance.

This particular integral washing machine appliance possesses a wide variety of fast wash programmes of less than 60 minutes, 14, 30 and 44 short minutes. This guarantees that your clothing is comprehensively washed in the quickest time feasible.

Using the 3 diverse rapid washes accessible, you may swiftly clean gently soiled garments in a small fraction of the time of any regular clean period. Clean cycles that consider less than 1 hour ensure clothing is carefully washed in the speediest time.

The Features:


  • All In One Technology
  • Half Load - Touch Pad


  • None at all..

The Hoover H-Wash 300 integrated washing machine will examine the load through the first four minutes by employing a brilliant clean technique. The equipment will then adapt the duration of the programme and the water usage concerning the laundry weight.

Enjoy additional comfort by stalling the start of any period for up to nine hours. Arrange any programme to begin while you are outside and arrive home in time for the conclusion of the wash cycle. Benefit from cheaper-rate power charges by establishing the washer before or later in the evening.

8 Kg Washing Machine With White Door

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: Bosch WIW28301GB Serie 6 Built-In Washer

The revolutionary AntiVibration type of the side wall space is attractive. This system likewise offers a great deal more balance and decreases vibration. This specifically improved padding furthermore adjusts sound levels, making this washer machine genuinely peaceful.

Perhaps you did not remember to include a shirt during the spin cycle. A (Reload) feature allows you to quickly add or take out garments throughout wash periods. Simply push the Bosch WIW28301GB Serie 6 built-in washer (Reload), press the button, and open the door.

Include your neglected items and carry on the wash. Being an essential safety characteristic, you cannot use (Reload) if the suds are warmer than 50C or the water level is too substantial.

Regarding highly efficient use of water despite modest loads, the ActiveWater Plus systems offer excellent outcomes while exclusively using the water required for every wash. Despite having small to medium-sized loads, the small integrated washing machine's built-in sensors adapt the water usage based on the material type and load dimensions.

White Serie 6 Built-In Washer
Bosch WIW28301GB Serie 6 Built-In Washer

The EcoSilence drive is peaceful and 'cost-effective' with a 10-year extended warranty. AllergyPlus is created for allergy symptom affected individuals and those with susceptible skin. The VarioDrum presents delicate washing due to a unique drum construction. ActiveWater Plus is for highly efficient water usage - even with smaller wash loads.

You will discover a user friendly LED screen with touch control and several extra capabilities like commencing delay and outstanding time. Following 20 cycles, your own washing equipment will instantly help remind you to clean your drum using the DrumClean plan. It guarantees your garments are appropriately washed to flawlessness.

AquaStop presents a safeguard against water deterioration for the home appliances' life span. This automatic washer with the AquaStop System includes an exclusive dual-walled hose, a safety device and a floor container with float transition. It stops water damage of virtually any type.

Postpone the start of the cleaning cycle to get your laundry washed and prepared at any given time. Basically, use this characteristic to time the cycle's conclusion for whenever you decide to unload.

The Features:

Hard on germs, nevertheless mild on susceptible skin, the AllergyPlus programme provides a suitably hygienic clean. It maintains the heat throughout the wash procedure very consistent.

Cleaned fabrics from the Bosch WIW28301GB Serie 6 built-in washer are extraordinarily hygienic and thoroughly clean. Bacteria and widespread allergy triggers such as dust particle mites are successfully focused on.

Your washing laundry is also comprehensively washed to reduce detergent elements. You can fulfil clinically suggested circumstances for 99 percent of bacteria reduction. Influence your wash cycle time, heat and detergent solutions on the hygiene performance wash.

Integrated Serie 6 Built-In Washer Machine

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: Candy CBW 48D1XCE/1-80 Integrated Washer

The washing machine arrives loaded with tactics to make cleaning your apparel straightforward. This model is ideal for a moderate home and possesses an 8 Kilos load and a 1400 spin rate. You will find 16 wash processes to pick from together with a 14-minute quick wash.

Varying spin and temperature configurations enable you to modify the spin acceleration and temperatures on just about all cycles to accommodate the load. This specific Candy CBW 48D1XCE/1-80 8 Kg washing machine comes with the choice to delay the period start time for hours.

Using the In-One concept, you may collectively clean various fabrics and colours on a fast wash or even reduce the temperature, minus the concern. An electrical power saving KG setting employs an intelligent sensor to consider the laundry through the first four minutes of the phase.

White Integrated Washing Machine White
Candy CBW 48D1XCE/1-80 8 Kg Washing Machine

Modify the cycle period, water and electric power usage to match the size of the laundry load. This new automatic washer includes a cleanliness cycle plan that washes at 60C. It eradicates any germs or dirt from the clothes.

The extra use of water guarantees a comprehensive clean. Opt for the most suitable programme for the wash, and the KG detecting system will adapt the quantity of water based on your current rinse. You always get the most incredible, most effective wash.

The Features:


  • Spin Integrated Washing
  • 23 Hours Starting Delay


  • None here..

Made to be fully integrated, this machine will match effortlessly into virtually any kitchen area environment. Stain degree possibilities will let you change the concentration of the cycle based on how filthy the load actually may be.

Clean cycles consider less than 1 hour, ensuring clothes are 'carefully cleaned' in the swiftest time achievable. The Candy CBW 48D1XCE/1-80 8 Kg washing machine appliance will weigh the load of the cycle. After that, it adjusts the plan and the water implemented.

Appreciate added comfort by stalling the start of almost any cycle for up to nine hours. Arrange a programme to begin while you're outside the house and arrive home at some point for the plan's conclusion. Benefit from cheap electricity charges by washing earlier or even later on.

Washer Machine With Big Settings Dial

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: Under-Counter Kitchen Space Evaluation

We are going to consider the pluses/minuses of integrated washer models, and the further aspects you will want to assess. The way in which the home appliance looks inside the space is frequently the principal explanation that a customer will decide upon any built-in equipment.

These smart washer styles are created constructed into the home under counter, or perhaps whatever space they may be in - and then help the machine to intelligently fit in considerably better within its setting.

Having a pleasant cover that fits other kitchen cabinets within the space, you will rarely realise the kitchen appliance is there; likewise, it would make for an area with a considerably more consistent overall look.

: Built-In Washing Machine Home Environment

In the past, home appliances had a whole lot more of a functional appearance to them, and maintaining one on display was instead not best suited. Suppliers now make great initiatives to guarantee the concealed washing machine equipment they develop present visibly well.

: Integrated Kitchen Appliance Preferences

Presently, there can be problems with deterioration as time passes, but for a kitchen appliance that in all probability is used very much, a washing machine will be inclined to get grubby, and the surface finish might diminish somewhat.

In the event you decide on an integrated unit and the specific product is out of perspective, this is less of a dilemma. Should you be looking to purchase an installed automatic washer, you are going to discover there are considerably less personal preferences on hand - this may be precisely the same with washer/dryer appliances.

: Freestanding And Built-In Washers

Among the drawbacks of integrated home appliances is they may be more expensive than freestanding equivalents. The explanation for this difference in value is they must be made to operate in restricted settings for aspects like air flow by way of example which is often a concern - and tend to be more compact models.

: Concealed Or (Seen By Guests) Washing Machine

Should you be dealing with a restricted spending budget, you might get more for your cash, and even more programmes if you purchase an excellent free-standing appliance. Various potential buyers will select the versions that are 'aside' or perhaps more unlikely to be seen by guests.

: NEFF W543BX2GB Built-In Washing Machine

This built-in washing machine applies 1400 RPM and is exceedingly peaceful. It is a sturdy built-in washer with an 8 Kg load total capacity and valuable short cycles - plus ideal water dispensing. SpeedPerfect offers you optimal cleaning outcomes in a fraction of the time.

Intelligent NEFF W543BX2GB built-in washing machine sensors decrease the usage of water. Extremely quick, it washes, rinses, and rotates in only one quarter-hour. Take pleasure in the effective SilentDrive with a 10-years guarantee, a silent motor and reassurance. There is a big screen for more straightforward navigation and clean programme postponing.

Your washing machine will choose 'how much water' it requires. The educated stepless water technique performs that and considerably more. Detectors identify 256 filling levels plus the amount of soiling. Then it determines the exact level of water for each wash.

LED Built-In Washing Machine 8Kg
NEFF W543BX2GB Built-In Washing Machine 8Kg

Assign the laundry judgements of your automatic washer to help you relax and concentrate on the most important things. The WaveDrum is moulded within a specific approach, and the paddles are considerately formed for far better water circulation.

The drum virtually caresses your laundry washing for incredibly gentle cleansing outcomes. The benefits are thoroughly clean laundry washing, mindful handling, an extended lifetime and significantly less water consumption.

An AquaStop ensures that all is in conjunction with the appliance guarantee in the event of water damage, so long as the machine is correctly set up and associated with AquaStop based on the guide recommendations.

The Features:


  • 10-Yr Warranty – Quiet Motor
  • Anti Vibration Of Side Walls


  • Not at all

A secure system prevents leaks by closing the protection valve alongside the tap. Just the approach you would anticipate for your equipment to respond punctually.

According to the NEFF W543BX2GB built-in washing machine plan, SpeedPerfect will save time throughout the wash routine. When triggered, it can clean quicker, accelerate your wash, and help you decelerate for the better.

SpeedPerfect is ideal for washing outcomes in less time. Intelligent stepless water systems and smart sensors decrease the use of water. You gain a competent SilentDrive with a 10-years guarantee, a noiseless electric motor and user satisfaction. The impressive screen for easier routing and wash plan postponing will reach twenty-four hours.

Integrated Washer Machine With LED Panel

£782   Neff 8Kg W543BX2GB Under Counter Machine - Get It!  

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: Siemens iQ500 8 Kg Integrated Washer

Specifically constructed with busy homes at heart, this smooth and practical built-in washing machine is an excellent all-in-one laundry washing option. It preserves the sleek, integrated appearance in your cooking area while cleaning all your preferred dirty clothing.

The 'big drum' is perfect for medium-sized households with non-stop clean and dry programmes. This Siemens iQ500 8 Kg 1400 RPM integrated washing machine is hassle-free if you have a great deal at home.

Your washing will be appropriately cared for, from grubby sports activities clothing to sensitive silks and woollens. You will find a helpful plan for all your combined loads.
The (Rapid-15) will comprehensively clean a small load in only one quarter-hour. Typically, the NightWash mode is silent but enables you to clean without distressing anybody seeking sleep.

AutoDry functions detectors to determine moisture content. It allows you to lightly accomplish the drying level you desire without harming your garments.

8 Kg 1400 RPM Integrated Washer
Siemens iQ500 8 Kg 1400 RPM Washer

Choosing possibilities is simple by itself. You simply use the adequately laid out control keys and knobs to select your individual configurations. You will find a visible LED screen that lets you know just how long your cycle needs to operate.

You may take advantage of more affordable evening electricity using the daytime delay functionality. Arrange this small integrated washing machine to completely clean precisely when it best accommodates your own schedule.

Various other valuable characteristics range from the kids' lock, which provides you reassurance securing the door and avoiding settings from becoming transformed mid-cycle. The HydroSafe stops water damage too. From pristine sheets, summery gowns or t-shirts - this washer has everything.

The big drum is fantastic for three or four individuals, therefore just place it in everybody's clothes, if there is room. The AutoStain cycle functions the water temperature, drum motion and saturation time.

The Features:


  • Built-In Front Load
  • Inner Drum Lighting


  • None..

If the grime is caked in, activate the HygienicSteam environment to discharge vapour at the end to wash. It will furthermore eliminate 99 percent of germs. Scents are certainly not an issue with the SensoFresh plan - include your preferred top, and it will discharge an (o2) moisture clean.

This specific drum capability is excellent for medium-sized families. The Siemens iQ500 8 Kg 1400 RPM integrated washing machine will focus on and remove difficult unsightly stains. The SensoFresh system eliminates scents from textiles, and an exclusive steam function offers clothes a hygienic wash.

Keeping on top of home tasks just got that tiny bit simpler. This automatic washer keeps your garments feeling and looking at their most beautiful. Due to its range of characteristics will take care of even the most fragile/sensitive washing heaps.

White Integrated 8 Kg  Washing Machine

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: Indesit Built-In 8Kg BI WMI UK Washer

This specific built-in washing machine has your household laundry covered. It will assist in getting the laborious task of laundry washing accomplished that tiny bit quicker with no hassle.

Using the Indesit built-in 8Kg BI WMIL 81284 UK washing built-in machine system, press and contain the dedicated press button for two seconds. The equipment will instantly begin a forty-five-minute cycle. This is simply perfect for cotton and your synthetic garments.

The RapidWash choice provides fast, comprehensive cleansing within twenty minutes on modest loads. Or perhaps 1 hour on a complete load, ideal for those last-second laundry issues. The washing machine will help you reduce your power bills by establishing the quantity of water applied.

This model ensures that just the actual amount of water can be used, preserving power, water and time. This new washing machine provides eight rapid cycles to select from focused on your laundry weight for all those in a rush to get the large batch of laundry finished.

Built-In 8Kg BI WMIL 81284 UK Washer
Indesit Built-In 8Kg BI WMIL 81284 Washer

There are three complete load quick cycles and five extra rapid programmes for smaller loads, all accomplished in less than 60 minutes. Get the job of laundry washing accomplished that bit faster with minimum hassle.

Your sportswear will be done in only forty-five minutes, rendering it an ideal programme for any sporty or fashionable home. The inverter electric motor is designed to ensure long-lasting overall performance. Plus a silent noise level, so your discussion is not cut off.

The Features:


  • Noise Spin 67 dB Volume
  • High Energy Efficiency


  • None.

Water balance detectors optimise water usage throughout the cleaning phases. This guarantees that only the necessary volume of water is utilised to preserve power, water and time.

Using sixteen programmes and an 8 Kilos total capacity, this Indesit built-in BI WMIL 81284 UK washing machine is made for your laundry washing day requirements.

Due to the clever PushGo concept, all you need to do is simply push and hold the blue button for 2 seconds to run a forty-five-minute cycle at 30C. It is pretty simple - the whole family can share tasks.

Built In Washing Machine

£375   Indesit Built-In 8Kg BI WMIL 81284 Washer - Get It!  

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: Check The Kitchen Space Sizes - Twice!

An additional disadvantage with all installed appliances is unit installation is generally more challenging and more costly. Also, the necessity to fit the equipment into a very particular location will even limit the number of choices. It renders the set-up more pricey, but likewise would make precision in your metrics even more critical.

Different versions have to be placed on platforms to sit at the appropriate elevation to complement various other products. The primary reason is the pump filtration system opening, which can be routinely positioned in the bottom of the front side of the equipment - and may be reached with no need to eliminate the raised area.

: Washing Machine On A Platform?

This platform requires increased work, and for that reason price may also help to make permanent routine service an inconvenience - making an effort lifting a huge washing machine back again onto a podium in a restricted space is a challenging job, for even 2 individuals.

: Under Counter Washing Machine Disadvantage

Freestanding equipment is often somewhat more accommodating than the fitted option. So long as there is a link with the various resources of water and electric power they require, you may permanently position them just about anywhere. If an under counter washer has to be transferred, it may be relocated less conveniently.

: Built-In To Your Under Counter Cabinet

Whenever picking a built-in washing machine, you have to be sure to understand the scale the area that it needs to populate. You need to jot down the breadth so your new built-in appliance will sit nicely beside the built-in dishwasher and hidden inside your modern kitchen cabinets.

Several washing machines are somewhere around 60 centimetres broader, yet there are levels of differentiation; therefore it compensates to make sure. The range is apparently crucial as you do not need a built-in washer to 'stick out' beyond the remainder of your cabinet entrances.

: Integrated Washer Dimensions Variations

The integrated automatic washers vary up to 57 cm in depth; thus there are variations from which to choose. Of similar importance as depth is elevation, the selection of built-in washing machines are somewhere between 80 cm and 82.2 cm - and then the conventional kitchen top is approximately 92 cm max high.

Virtually all versions will need to fit, nevertheless, you will have to evaluate how large the products are before you purchase. Take note of the range concerning door pivots fluctuates in between suppliers, and there is no recognised requirement with this. You might need to 'modify the kitchen fixtures' on the door to alter your latest washer.

: Washing Machine Drum Load Capacity

Any washer machine inner load capability is assessed by just how much weight the drum often requires. The drum proportions provide a decent evaluation in regards to what specifications you want - according to how many persons are in the family group and if you need an 8 or 7Kg washing machine etc.

: Haden HWI1480 8 Kg Built In Washing Machine

The Features:


  • Pre-Wash Cottons Only
  • Spin Perform Class B


  • None at all..
White Integrated Washer With Big Drum

£414   Haden HWI1480 8 Kg Integrated Washer - Get It!  

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: Is The Fully Integrated Washer Machine The Right Choice?

A drum that is exceedingly big will surely cost even more to acquire and operate - of course, if the drum is under- full, then weight will not be consistently allocated, leading to the clothes that are possibly beaten against the side of the drum while it rotates, or perhaps leading to the machine failing spin function permanently.

In case you stuff an excessive amount of fabrics into your equipment, there is some risk that the force of water may build towards the extent the door fractures opening up, placing the whole appliance out of action and perhaps showering glass pieces throughout.

: High Spin Rate And High Volume?

On the plus side, the breakage probability is low and commonly just results whenever weighty clothing is crammed in incredibly firmly. One more concern is how fast the washing machine can rotate. Spin velocities are outlined as the upper limit and differ up to 2200 RPM.

: Hotpoint BIWMHG81484 Integrated Washing Machine

The Features:

White Integrated Washing Machine

£389   Hotpoint BIWMHG81484 8Kg Washing Machine - Get It!  

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: Some Built-In Appliance Challenges

In case your piece of apparatus demands some type of restoration or routine service, a service specialist may gain access to them with far fewer challenges. If you wish to move home, there exists a considerably better chance you will be in a position to take your washing machine along.

The situation shows-up as you make an effort to purchase an alternative partition of the door just to find out the product line has been terminated. You're going to be in that case confronted with the choice of utilising a similar item that will almost certainly under no circumstances look best suited.

: Kitchen Washing Machine Door Appearance

An excellent way to prevent this woe and if you possess the funds is to acquire an extra door partition when you initially compliment your kitchen and keep it in safe-keeping - if you happen to require it in the foreseeable future.

It is going to most likely cost, nevertheless, this really is much better than merely finding the appearance of your home is jeopardised by the big opening still left by the damaged door section.

: Invisible From View Integral Washer Front

Integrated washers offer personality without diminishing efficiency since they may be obscured at the rear of your kitchen space units. Integral washers possess a designated front side, and also an open area to connect a door joint

The dimensions of the washer must be directly balanced to the magnitude of the clothing you have to clean. The aspects of a washing machine's drum are obtained in Kilos, together with the littlest being somewhere around 6Kg, as well as the most significant coming in about 14 Kg.

: Most Families Love The Quick Wash Cycle

Just like many kitchen appliances, contemporary washers built with unique functionality that assist in improving functionality, and help performance. An entire washing cycle may take many hours, which can be pure excess.

If you would very much like to get your clothing functional without needing to procrastinate, then the quick wash fully integrated washing machine is going to accomplish in about thirty minutes.

: Fast Spin Washer Drum Disturbance

It is beneficial to have the ability to limit the velocity of the washer drum. If you can dry the washing outdoors, quicker rotation may not be required. Should you be limited to an apartment with restricted air movement, you will use a dryer etc.

The quality of a washing machine is determined by an array of circumstances. Quicker spins suggest additional sound, which means that the washing machine will get even louder throughout the spin routine. Should you be wary of disturbance, in that case, reflect on positioning your equipment someplace more convenient.

Blue Efficient Washer Pic
Efficient Washing Machine Graphic

: Some Educated Routine Laundry Determinations

Most built-in washing machines are undoubtedly more silent as opposed to those free-standing units since there is an additional covering of padding outside - however, if you are shifting your washer someplace nearer to where you dedicate time, this really is probably a reduction when it comes to environmental noise.

Before you evaluate the washers in your price structure, you are going to look into the weight of the regular routine laundry once it's dried out, in addition to the drying out conveniences available.

Soon after you have a concept of what you require, you have the opportunity to shop appropriately - and accomplishing this you will probably develop a considerably more educated determination.

: Built-In Washer Underneath Your Worktop

Any built-in style washer is an excellent 'organised and neat' alternative. Just front load equipment may be integrated - plus are ordinarily obscured by a partition that complements all the other kitchen space work-tops etc. Whenever this section is shut down, the washing appliance will be entirely disguised from sight.

Integrated is remarkable if you are scarce on storage space, as a built-in washer fits beneath the work-top and at the rear of a cabinet. Several products are a good size for any 60 cm product.

Virtually all designs demand a solid door including a plinth to protect the underneath region. Should you be purchasing a substitute, you will currently have those set in; therefore you might just need to shift the hinges to match your new appliance. We sincerely hope you find your dream 8Kg integrated washer machine here.