Electric Hot Plates With 2 Ring Portable Heat Control

Updated 07/05/2022:
The two ring electric hob is a useful cooking tool for virtually any household, lawn, business or motor home. Their small size imply perfection for preparing in restricted areas with non-skid feet for protection. The plug in electric hob is simple to clean like our induction hobs.

We love how these portable modern style two ring electric hotplates heat-up rapidly. The durable steel physique of the hotplate will withstand almost anything you can cook. The portable electric stoves are user-friendly cookers with a basic design and independent heat control buttons.

Portable electric hobs are ideally suited when a cooking area is not accessible, whenever tenting, in motorhomes or even in mobile homes or studio room lodging. You may use a portable 2 ring electric hob at home or in the workplace for a lunch break without troubling other people.

Energy-efficient electric hobs have many uses and are typically inexpensive, successful, and straightforward. They make an outstanding component of virtually any kitchen strategy. Simply connect the electric double hob to the mains to produce an easy and productive heat supply.

The double ring electric hob provides you with total supplemental capacity, permitting you to prepare food considerably more diverse and for bigger dinners. For the most part, a flexible timer is involved, and an LED user interface makes it painless and instinctive to utilise.

: Cusimax Dual Dials Infra-Red Cooktop

This 2 hob electric cooktop kitchen appliance occupies very little space, perfect for the compact area, dormitory spaces, resort rooms, work environments or caravans. A two-plate heating component is adequately significant to function for pans and pots - permitting a speedy and 'consistent heating' system.

Individual thermostatically manipulated heat configurations offer the perfect heat for your food preparation from steam to simmer. It may be used as a food heater or perhaps a slow cooker.

Overheat safeguard, and non-skid feet guarantee protection. Installed with the Cusimax steel dual dials infrared ceramic hot plate is a one-metre long electric wire. This is for fuss-free use and maintaining your cooking area organised.

Since the hot plate will warm up throughout use, remember to position it over a dry, level and heat resistant surface area. A slight smell or gentle fumes will emanate from the inside of the hot plate.

: Electric Hob For All Kitchenware

Smoke is a consequence of the protecting layer around the heating components. The scent and fumes will instantly pass following one to two uses, generally within half an hour. This is undoubtedly normal using the 2 burner electric hob and is not something to be worried about.

The electric hob will exchange high temperature to the kitchenware via its own heating system, so do not indirectly touch the hob surface area throughout use. Be aware that heat may also be transmitted to the button, causing it to become scorching. Remember to shut off the double electric hob following use - it might take twenty minutes to cool.

A little bit of recurring heat will stay on the hotplate to maintain the food hot. Keep in mind never to use abrasives or severe cleaning solvents to clean the machine.
To accomplish much better food preparation overall performance. The 2 ring electric camping hob cookware size is no bigger than 15 cm or 18 cm. Utilise a cover whenever preparing food.

Dual Dials Infra-Red Cooktop
Cusimax Dual Dials Infra-Red Cooktop

Appreciate every scrumptious moment with the dual plate. This specific hot plate provides considerably more advantages to your everyday life. Due to the electric 2 ring hob 'smaller than average' dimensions, you may take it anyplace you desire.

It is acceptable for all situations. Regardless of whether you're preparing food for family eating or having a celebration with associates, this specific 2 zone electric hob can assist you in cooking a wonderful dinner.

The Features:


  • Glass Heating Element
  • 18 Months Warranty


  • None at all

Suitable for a myriad of cooking equipment, this is an infrared heating system without radiation. This hot plate provides you with 1200 W and 900 Watts IR heat components, making high-temperature food better. It enables you to appreciate food quickly.

Handy and inexpensive, this particular Cusimax steel dual dials infrared ceramic hot plate features two specific knobs. It will accomplish your diverse food preparation requirements concurrently. You may maintain food hot, boil drinking water, deep-fried meat, simmer, plus more.

The hob is effortlessly washed by wiping with a moist textile. This portable electric cooker hob is tough enough to resist repeated use. The underside consists of non-slip feet to stop the hot plate from wandering throughout functioning - and guaranteeing balance.

Dual Dial Hot Plate With Steel Exterior

£69   Cusimax Dual Dials Electric Hot Plate - Get It!  

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: Duronic Portable Hot Plate HP2BK Hob

An excellent food preparation choice and ideal essential cooking area addition. This specific electric double hob - or perhaps table-top hob- is perfect for those restricted in the kitchen room - or with no regular cooker because of upgrading etc.

Instead of living from microwave dinners, utilise this hot plate to carry on and prepare a few self-made meals. It is additionally an excellent short-term remedy if your range stops working as it's small and straightforward to store aside once you have finished using it.

This particular Duronic HP2BK table-top cooking hot plate doubles for specialised implementation for the kitchen. As an illustration, in a schoolroom or even whenever performing food preparation, or perhaps a technology display. Due to its transportable style, it's simple to set up in various areas.

Using heat adjustments for every hob, an electric power switch on the front side handles the power and heat. Just turn the dial to modify it and pick the high-temperature stage you require. Once this electric hob for sale has accomplished high temperature, you need the electric power light that should go out to inform you it is entirely ready.

: Thermo-Insulated Grip Safety Features

Each ring is constructed with cast iron where the bigger ring will heat to 1500 Watts and the smaller ring around 1000W. Quick cleaning and easy to keep, this hob is made of thermo-insulated steel, uncompromising, corrosion-proof and straightforward to wash.

Unlike some other convenient hobs available, this specific two ring portable electric hob has thermo-insulated grips that remain cool to the touch always. They are practical for shifting the hob to a different location to cool off after completing food preparation. Furthermore, the grips serve as a buffer to prevent pots and pans from sliding.

Due to the small measurements, additionally, it is easy to keep. Fashioned with the user at heart, we have produced the hot plates with the best components and ensured they have approved those demanding safety assessments. This particular design features two cast-iron rings as well.

Portable Electric x2 Hob With Handles
Duronic Hot Plate HP2BK Table-Top Cooking

You receive two handles, four plastic feet for balance and two electric power illumination signals. The portable twin electric hob primary body is crafted from steel with the highest possible mixed power, 2500 Watts. It is installed with a BS standard 3-pin connector with integrated over-heat safety.

The hob provides a light which means you can determine if either hob is actually on or off. They have a thermostatic knob to change and manage the hob heat. Once the hob extends to the set heat, it will quit raising the heat and keep a consistent temperature range.

Under the body of the portable plug-in electric hob will be four durable rubber feet to ensure it holds steady and solid while being used. These feet support a dual function because they permit high temperatures from the system to escape beneath to stop it from reaching extreme temperatures.

The Features:


  • Variable Heat Settings
  • 3-Pin Plug Included


  • None..

For those who have an energy supply on a tenting site, the Duronic HP2BK table-top cooking hot plate can be employed as an option for a gas stove as it's easier to use. Mainly because it does not have any naked flames.

The rings can support containers and saucepans of the majority of measurements. To guarantee your meal cooks uniformly, we suggest not using a container with the bottom broader than the actual hob platter.

The electric double hob is created with cool-touch grips to raise the hot plate effortlessly minus burning yourself. The grips are thermo-protected, and this particular design features double hobs. It is simply perfect for food preparation of more substantial meals or appealing to several individuals.

Black Hot Plate HP2BK Table-Top Cooking

[Rating: 9/10]   £49 Get It → Duronic Hot Plate HP2BK Portable Hob

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: Uten Double Steel Premium Hotplate

With a trendy appearance and convenience to carry, the hot plate stove is constructed of premium quality steel and appears luxurious. The design makes the lightweight induction stove not merely ideal for preparing food in the kitchen but additionally excellent for special events.

It is an excellent preference for family members, outdoor camping or organisations. The Uten double steel premium hotplate contains a cook sector and a positioned area managed by two impartial models. Two cookers may be used exclusively or even simultaneously with no issues.

The plates may be utilised to heat meals rapidly and maintain food hot. It is appropriate for 12 to 26 cm enamelled surface containers and steel pans. Power conserving and remarkably successful, using a 5-stage heat control, you may pick the best heat for various food items.

The electric hot plate hob cooks food items by applying electromagnetic induction heat. This ensures no high temperature involving the food surface, and the pan is misplaced. This will make it exceptionally energy-efficient, besides making food preparation less complicated.

Double Steel Premium Hotplate
Uten Double Steel Premium Hotplate

This hob specific heats food swiftly and helps you to save precious time. Secure and straightforward to wash, the bottom of the induction stove is non-skid to assure a safe stand. When the cooker has halted heating, the control light will disappear.

Steel is somewhat more long-lasting and straightforward to completely clean. The electric cooking hob cooker has exceeded CE and GS accreditation, and the level of quality is confirmed.

Due to the advanced overheating safeguard and a unique temperature control system, the easily transportable electric cooker is incredibly resilient and very safe to work with. Your own safety is an absolute top priority.

By implementing this small movable hot plate, which is top of the line cast iron, you can easily use and thoroughly clean it. Dependable and straightforward to scrub, this specific hot plate is built with a cool contact base and non-skid feet for safe cooking food.

The 2-hob electric cooktop size is appropriate for different capacities of cookware. The big dial around the front makes it simple to regulate the temperature range of every dish to just one of five accessible configurations.

The Features:

Using basic functionality and flexible temperatures, every ring of 13 and 16.5 cm in size incorporates an independent temperature control system. It offers five environments for every single one, so pick the one you require in every circumstance.

The streamlined Uten double steel premium hotplate is appropriate for university dorms, storage sheds, workplaces and modest kitchen areas. Its heat-proof casing lets you securely take the heating system plate outside using the flexible temperature control system.

The dual electric powered plate is 13 and 16.5 cm in size, using high heat for ideal outcomes. The primary physique is steel with non-skid feet, and it is risk-free in any cooking area.

Black Electric Hob Ceramic Hot Plate

£34   Uten Double Steel Premium Hot Plate 2.25Kw - Get It!  

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: The Best Two Ring Hob Features

Due to two cooking rings, these hot plate hobs likewise offer you a tremendous amount of flexibility. It will become hot fast, and you will have more than sufficient power to cook with. You acquire so much electric power in a smooth small design that will certainly not take up all of your workspaces.

: Hobs With Individual Power Settings

If you wish to store the tabletop hob while it is not being used, it will not take up your entire cabinet space either. The straightforward, streamlined design also causes this tabletop style simple to implement. The mini hobs include individual settings and power signals for each of the heat rings.

: Lack Of Kitchen Space?

Regardless of whether you like to host meal get-togethers and need considerably more food preparation space, or remodelling your kitchen and desire a short-term cooking option. The electric powered indoor hot plates have rubber material legs, so the unit stays firmly in position during cooking.

: Excellent Hot Plate Hob Heat Efficiency

The electric cooking plate efficient style makes it possible for it to be conveniently kept aside, even though fashionable enough to leave out for day-to-day usage. The equipment gets hot reasonably quickly for successful energy utilisation and maintaining heat efficiently due to the smart structured heat component.

: Easy Plug-In Hob For High Portability

For anybody who is genuinely pressed for space, a plug-in electric hob is incredibly portable, so this means you may use it anywhere you choose - holiday break, camping cooker and so forth. Intended for further comfort, the 2 ring electric hob plates are available in diverse sizes and are separately regulated.

: Use As A Secondary Cooking Option

Perhaps you adore to cook as you are travelling or camping, or maybe you want a back-up cooker if the primary stove break downs, then these types of powerful two ring hobs are excellent. A wonderful companion to virtually any cook's kitchen space.

: Progress Electric Twin Hot Plate EK4399P

Whether entertaining in your own home or even throwing a hectic birthday celebration, this specific Progress double hot plate is designed for any special occasion. The small and light 2 ring plug-in electric hob style provides you with the liberty to move it away on tenting journeys. Or if you require a short-lived hob when stepping into a new home.

With a 1000 Watts and a 1500 Watts hob, the hot plate benefits from 'dual heat control' buttons to prepare food at the ideal temperature. Detailed with heat lights, the Progress electric twin hot plate involves built-in transport handles, letting you prepare any place in the household.

Quick cleaning and fashioned with non-slip legs confirm protection whenever cooking food. This hot plate will appear fantastic in just about any cooking area environment. Environment friendly, the guide and delightful recipes are available by visiting our Progress Internet site.

Suppose you boil the kettle or even prepare food for your loved ones. In that case, the double ring electric hob is a great solution to include something fascinating in your cooking area.

Steel Black Electric Twin Hot Plate
Progress Electric Twin Hot Plate

A positive solution to surprise friends, a fast alternative for a journey or getaway, this specific double-ring hot plate is just the thing to prepare up a delicacy for close friends.

Anti-slip plastic feet guarantee it remains securely on your work surface area, even though the overheat safeguard offers extra reassurance. The adjustable thermostat possesses an array of temperatures to prepare many different food items, including broth, chilli and casseroles.

A helpful signal light allows you to observe quickly whenever your system is on. Small and transportable for usability, the 2 rings electric tabletop hob surface makes it straightforward to wash following use.

Using variable double temperature control buttons, this unique user-friendly hot plate is an excellent approach to encouraging imaginative food preparation. The hot plate is ideal for hospitality, a celebration, or perhaps organising any social gathering.

The Features:


  • 1500 Watts Power
  • Contemporary Style Hob


  • None..

Presenting built-in handles for uncomplicated manoeuvrability and anti-slip legs increase safe practices. This hob will help make each night a special event using this Progress electric twin hot plate.

Simply perfect for preparing numerous various scrumptious food, this plug-in electric hob possesses 'twin temperature settings' and a heat sign illumination for your convenience.

Effortlessly transportable, you may cook without difficulty whenever entertaining in your own home or even at a family evening meal. It allows you to unwind and luxuriate in the situation.

Black Electric Stove With Twin Hob

£35   Progress Electric Twin Hot Plate 1000/1500W - Get It!  

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: Emperial Double Portable Electric Hob

With this particular 2 plate electric hob, the forged iron electric hotplates are produced from rugged cast iron that delivers rapid heat. It works with lightweight alloy pans, copper mineral pans, cast iron baking pans, non-magnetic steel cookware, etc.

With thermostatic flexible heat controls, every hob possesses a variable heat control of five configurations to realise a selection of cooking methods. For example, simmering and delicate warming and the Emperial double portable electric hob keeps heat properly for serving.

Small and convenient, this thin light style incorporates a significant 1500 Watts plate and a small 1000 Watts plate, which is exquisite for smaller cooking areas. It is well suited for university student lodging, caravans and tenting journeys. It gives you rubber feet and heat up safeguards.

Integrated rubber feet will guarantee the unit is firmly in position whenever preparing food. Typically, the tabletop hob overheating safety system will eradicate the unit from warming up an excessive amount.

Black Double Electric Hob 2500W
Emperial Double Portable Electric Hob

Using two heavy-duty plates, separate heat control and non-slip legs, this 2 ring electric hob hot plate is fantastic for tiny areas. It is ideal for caravans, getaway properties and as a possible additional hob for significant household meals.

Incorporating two rigid plates created from cast iron is perfect for speedy, successful heating. The 2 hob electric cooktop plates are agreeable with several pieces of equipment. Each ring provides independent shifting heat control knobs with five heat options and safety for your satisfaction.

Small in size and convenient with well-designed control knobs, there is a unique variable heat control with dials. With five heat settings, this lets you prepare in numerous ways, for instance, simmering or perhaps just maintaining your food warm.

The Features:


  • Thermostat Moderated
  • Over Heat Protection


  • Not at all..

With premium quality, the Emperial double portable electric hob offers sturdy cast iron plates and permits speedy productive heating up. The straightforward to wash corrosion-proof cast iron plates and steel physique tends to make cleansing uncomplicated just by wiping with a damp fabric.

Integral overheat safety stops imminent danger by instantly transitioning heat off when the environment becomes excessive. Heat will continue immediately when the temperature has returned (on track).

Employing rigid cast iron plates, you can use the double electric hob with numerous cooking equipment. Examples are frying pans, meat dishes, natural stone pots, aluminium lightweight, copper and even non-magnetic steel food preparation utensils.

Hob Double Burner With Heat Dial

£39   Emperial Double Portable Electric Hot Plate - Get It!  

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: VonShef Portable Compact Electric Hob

Modest, light and portable, utilise the electric double hob to prepare food in caravans, college student lodging, or perhaps as a supplemental hob. Choose between five diverse thermostat-controlled configurations. It is appropriate for aluminium, copper, cast iron and steel cookware.

Compact but powerful, do not be misled by the dimensions of this VonShef portable compact electric hob as it certainly makes an impact. It is perfect for university student housing, caravans, getaway homes, or even a unique hob for the holiday season.

The (Ready) lighting will tell you whenever it is ready to implement. Simple to operate, using, washing and keeping your individual hot plate safe is straightforward. Featuring its non-slip plastic feet and 19 cm hob band size, simply clean it and put it aside.

This specific portable 2 ring electric hob is a flexible option for non-permanent use. And for those who have restricted space or are even in a position to replace your typical cooker. The essential characteristics include a small hot plate for constrained space kitchen areas. It is transportable if you wish to prepare food in a distinct location.

Portable Cooker For Travel In Black
VonShef Portable Compact Electric Hob

High temperature-controlled signal lights explain to you when the preferred heat is accomplished. The steel casing is easy to wipe and maintain pleasant and clean right after use. The slimline electric cooking hob style means this hot plate may be kept efficiently anyplace in your home.

You can effortlessly regulate and change the hot plate's cooking heat using the control switch once the hot plate defines the specified heat. The signal light will let you know when to utilise it.

The Features:


  • Double 2500 Watts
  • Thermostatic Control


  • None..

The straightforward to clean steel energy-efficient electric hob enclosure after preparing food is fast and precise, rendering it the ideal worktop food preparation option.

Heat control knobs determine temperature and non-slip feet make a secure and stable hot plate to work with. This unique VonShef portable compact electric hob may be used with any pan inside your household, such as aluminium, copper, or tough steel.

Using a double hob, you can concurrently prepare your preferred meals quicker. Efficient and versatile with non-slip rubber legs, use the portable electric cooker hob with virtually any kitchenware. Decide from five thermostat-manipulated heat options from 280 to 480F.

Portable Compact Electric Hob
Frying Pan On Energy-Efficient Electric Hob

This stainless steel dual hot-plate portable electric cooker for travelling is modest in size, however big on functionality, an excellent flexible home appliance that may be utilised in 2 strategies.

Deploy as a kitchen hob cooker or perhaps like a hotplate to maintain food items hot before dishing out. 5 heating system configurations enable you to cook at the ideal heat. It possesses hobs with separate adaptable temperature commands.

The 5 heat modes contribute you consummate control for impeccably cooked and scrumptiously warm food virtually every time. Small mobile concept that makes the 'twin hotplate' perfect for utilisation as an additional cooking appliance in the engaged kitchen area.
[Rating: 9/10]   £35 Get It → VonShef Portable Compact Electric Hob 2500W  

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: Russell Hobbs Mini Hot Plate Hob 1500W

This portable electric stove top 2 burner hob enables you to cook any place you want using a 220 240V power resource, for example mobile homes, camping sites etc.

Regardless if you happen to be holidaying or just demand an additional cookery environment in your household for a celebration or Dec 25 dinner, just connect the hob directly in to the mains power to establish an accessible and competent heat resource.

This impressive twin portable electric hob plate features an easy to clean style and it's perfect for cooking in a restricted environment. It is transportable so it's possible to decide to cook any where you like with a connector outlet close by.

A modern looking dual hotplate that grants your cooking area the contributed versatility of two additional burners to keep food warm for dishing out.

Electric Stove Top 2 Burners

The Features:

The twin ring electric hob is a regular dimension and necessitates a standardised cut-out of 27 cm by 49 cm. A highly recommended size that signifies in the majority of examples, the electrician will not need to resize your present interior.

In conclusion, this first-class kitchen hob possesses a Red-Dot and the effective 'Hob Zone' is going to warm-up extremely rapidly, perfect for whenever you're in a rush.

This stainless steel electric hob is ideal if you are counting to exchange your aged, solid plate kitchen hob with a modern, better-looking one - then this impressive 2 hob hotplate might be for you.

It is perfect for small sized cooking spaces, student lodging, retirement homes in addition to caravans, boats as well as mobile homes.

Steel Mini Hot Plate Hob 1500W
Russell Hobbs Mini Hot Plate Hob

This hotplate comes prepared with full-range twin temperature commands, the ideal addition to just about any cook's armoury. It's small sized construction enables it to be stacked away in a storage locker, but fashionable enough to leave out for day-to-day deployment.

The double hob possesses formed iron hot plates and is fashioned with protection in mind, an impressive dual hob outfitted with non skid rubber legs, an auto close-off plus over high temperature protection strategy.

It additionally follows with the most recent safety essentials to downplay surface heat-up and safeguards the end user. The steel casing intends the hob is hygienic, guaranteeing safe food item readying.
[Rating: 9/10]   £52 Get It → Russell Hobbs Electric Stove Top 2 Plate Burner  

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: Energy Efficient Double Ring Electric Cooking Plates

: Aobosi Plug In Electric Induction Hob

Flexible double plug in electric hob that's more accelerated and more competent accompanying 2 individual cookery areas with 1000 Watts and 2800 Watts. The electric powered induction cooker enables you to ready diverse dishes at the same time, quicker and more effectively.

The dual ring induction kitchen hob is set-up to be utilised any where you like with a close by power resource. Impressive for motor homes, gatherings, pupil/rented lodgings or perhaps just like an cookery assistant. It comes with a fashionable electronic sensor device touch display screen.

Double Plug In Electric Hob In Black

The Features:


  • Glass Ceramic Plates
  • Touch Screen LED


  • None..

This double induction kitchen hob will certainly impeccably correspond with your cooking area. Using a digital LED lit screen, crystal clear interpretation PC commanded control panel as well as sensor device touch strategy, the hob is a simple button electric food warmer option sensitive to engage, but effortless to clean with a gentle and moist textile.

The containers or pots being expended utilising this particular electric powered 2 ring induction hob have to be fully prepared, for example iron, cast metal, enamel metal and stainless steel including a magnetic base.
[Rating: 9/10]   £129 Get It → Aobosi Double Plug In Electric Hob  

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: Geepas 2000W Two Burner Hot Plate

This impressive two burner electric hot plate is great for a selection of surroundings. An impressive compliment to your present cooker, the Geepas 2000W additional kitchen hob may be employed just like your primary cooker or perhaps can be positioned straightaway upon the meal table for a spontaneous meal festival.

Two Burners Electric Hot Plate On 4 Legs

The Features:

This Geepas hotplate is likewise great for compact flats like a the primary cooker, maybe for pupils in dorms etc. Just right for the work place cooking space wherever a life-size oven can't be obliged. Dual hotplates enable concurrent heating up of otherwise proportioned pots. It comes with an enamel top for effortless cleansing.
[Rating: 9/10]   £26 Get It → Geepas 2000W x2 Electric Hot Plate  

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This hob type can be an intelligent and fully-functional transportable electric powered hob. Some plug-in portable electric hobs provide induction technological innovation. But all are well-integrated, which will effortlessly focus on considerable food preparation responsibilities.

These mini electric hobs are superior for cooking, sauteing, steam and so on. They may be utilised equally in the cooking area or perhaps on tenting trips as a transportable cooking stove. A modern concept, even inside a conventional kitchen, and ideal for virtually any flat-bottomed container or saucepan.