One Cup Hot Water Dispensers In Superb Steel Designs

Updated 27/04/2022:
The best instant hot water dispenser machines imply it's possible to choose the exact quantity of water you want to boil. They utilise less power compared to a regular kettle since there's no unneeded boiling. Competent hot water boilers supplying perfectly for tea in your house or business.

What Is An Instant Hot Water Dispenser?
An instant hot water dispenser will supply the heating up of even scaled-down water quantities, so you don't have to use a considerable kettle. There are lots of instant hot water kettle options, rapidly making tea at the preferred temperature, or for food using the precise amount of water necessary.

Hot Water Dispensing In Glass Cup
Instant Hot Water Dispensing In Cup

: Aqua Optima AUR001 Aurora Water Dispenser

This particular machine can make your kettle obsolete. The countertop hot water dispenser is a kettle, fridge and water filtration system container in one product. You are close to your ideal beverage by using 49 diverse heat choices from cooled to boiled and OneCup to at least one litre.

Conserve power and decrease water squander. Jointly we boil an incredible number of litres of water each day that does not get utilised. If you use the Aqua Optima AUR001 Aurora water dispenser for hot or cold refreshments or ready-meals, use less energy simply by boiling the quantity of water you require.

Your own beverages can be 100 degrees for a mug of coffee or a pot of noodles, 70 to 80 degrees for that excellent green tea, or a cool, perfectly chilled glass of drinking water. The dispenser provides fast, hot, boiling and cold water with one press button.

: Save Electricity And Lessen Water Waste

In an exciting style, the cold and hot water filter dispenser comes with an exciting modern-day design with a smooth brushed steel dark finish. There is a contact-sensitive screen which is user-friendly and straightforward to use. The slender styling implies it takes up not much more space than a typical kettle.

It provides a contemporary style assertion to any cooking area and benefits from 'connect and go' with no domestic plumbing necessary. The water boiler machine possesses a simple fill-up removable water container which maintains around 3 Litres. The transparent water reservoir may be filled up from the kitchen faucet and cleaned in the dishwasher machine.

Basic safety is recognised. The hot water dispenser for tea comes with a programmable kids lock to stop unintentional use. The water server boiler also provides filtration system transformation. The fill-up and descale signals will assist you in maintaining your machine - and the superior quality of water to drink.

Water Dispenser
Aqua Optima AUR001 Aurora Water Dispenser

Sample better-tasting refreshments with the 5-step filtering concept that successfully filters the water to lessen impure substances. This instant hot and cold water dispenser diminishes chlorine, limescale, weed killers, insect sprays, lead, heavy metallic items and micro-plastic particles.

The dispenser comes with one month or 100-litre water filtration cartridge. Extra alternative filter cartridges can be obtained independently for instantaneous hot/cold drinking water.
With seven different hot water dispenser filter choices from cold to boiled, select your perfect style and water temperature according to your beverage type or inclination.


  • Plug And Go Chilled Water
  • 5-Step Filtering Efficiency


  • None here..

The Features:

Boil just what you require and help save power. Pick from 200 ml to 1000 ml distribution alternatives, exquisite for making a cup of tea or hot water for a pasta pot. Basically, choose your personal preferences and return to a wonderfully filtered drink inside half a minute.

Incorporate your kettle, refrigerator and filter pitcher as one small impact kitchen appliance. The Aqua Optima AUR001 Aurora water dispenser necessitates no household plumbing. Just connect, fill and proceed.

The consistency of descaling will differ from one water source to another water resource. A few areas possess harder water and may demand to descale more often.

The large hot water dispenser uses the same cartridges as the Aqua Optima water filtration containers. Every filter is strongly recommended for 1 month of use. Using an optimum 100 litres of drinking water can instantly identify scale accumulation. When this occurs, an alert light displays, demonstrating that descaling becomes necessary.

Black Aurora Water Dispenser

£199   Aqua Optima Aurora Drinks Dispenser - Get It!  

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: Quest 35740 Hot Cold Drinks Dispenser

Maintaining refreshments insulated, this specific 5L hot water boiler dispenser offers dual walled insulation. It ensures that your refreshments will stay hot/cold for as long as required. Having the ability to keep five litres of refreshments, it's just the thing for group meetings, functions, outdoor activities and household get-togethers.

Dispensing refreshments is as effortless as it possibly can be. Simply press over the Quest steel hot cold drinks dispenser pump, and the contents within will pour from the container. It is possible to use with one hand, especially with the 360 degrees rotating base enabling you to distribute beverages from virtually any perspective, contributing to the simplicity of use.

The whole pot is constructed from exclusive double wall protected steel. It is intended to keep your refreshments protected while likewise becoming solid and sturdy. This is robust, but the countertop hot water boiler is also easier to thoroughly clean.

Just the thing for preserving your refreshments very hot or perhaps cold for sustained periods due to the dual-wall protected steel. Using a comprehensive 5 litres total capacity and a water pump and quickly dispenses refreshments.

The sturdy but long-lasting steel frame makes this hot and cold water dispenser for home simple to wash. It incorporates an integrated protection locking mechanism to stop spillage when moving.

Steel Hot Cold Water Dispenser
Quest 35740 Hot Cold Drinks Dispenser

The dispenser is equipped with a safeguarded handle on top, rendering it trouble-free to transport in conjunction with the light design for your convenience. Great for outdoor camping on Saturdays and Sundays or general outside pursuits.

This is just the thing for hot and cool refreshments due to this office hot water boiler dual-wall protected steel structure. The steel build can make servicing relatively easy. A protection lock element guarantees no spilling and user convenience. Quick cleaning and low probability of breakage using the interior and external wall surfaces.

The spinning swivel base means this feature is user friendly for your acquaintances. Splendid for conferences, activities, functions and family members or events.
With an effortless one-handed water pump, the 5 Litre container comes with a pump-activity button to dispense beverages. Therefore it may be easily used in combination with one hand.


  • Perfect For Family Gatherings
  • Double Wall Insulation Built-In


  • None here

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • All Required Safety Features
  • Fully Insulated Components

Unique Selling Point:

  • Heavy Duty Steel Construct
  • Very Easy To Carry Anyplace

In a rugged steel design, it is quick to clean and offers a reduced risk of breakage using the metallic interior and exterior wall surfaces. Very portable, there is a safeguarded carry handgrip to the top of the pot. Light and stylish, the Quest steel hot cold drinks dispenser guarantees convenience and simplicity of use in transportation.

Well suited for a journey if you want to take your refreshments moving around. If you would instead take it in a car, the protection lock characteristic helps ensure that none of the contents will leak.

You will arrive at events with a full refreshments dispenser and a thoroughly clean automobile. Your refreshments will remain hot/cold using the water server exclusive dual wall insulated steel structure. Your refreshments will remain hot/cold. A handy safety lock aspect guarantees no spills, and the 'twist base' makes this simple to operate.

Instant Water Boiler With One Glass Cup

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: Giles And Posner Thermo Water Boiler Urn

This electric-powered water urn features and benefits 1500 W power, establishing flavourful beverages for everybody to relish. Just eliminate the securing cover, add tea or caffeinated drinks, and even more for just about any comprehensive summer season experience with your family.

Well suited for use indoors and outside, the Giles and Posner electric water dispenser urn may also be used to get ready delightful vodka. Basically, put ice and fresh fruit in to enjoy your summertime celebrations. Best for seasonal beverages plus more - this water urn is the perfect equipment.

Electric Thermo Water Boiler
Giles And Posner Thermo Water Urn

Using a varying temperature regulation characteristic, you may heat up refreshments to approximately 100 degrees and even provide them chilled. Having a comprehensive 7L total capacity, this great dispenser possesses cool contact grips detailed with a simple pour faucet to help you fill up.

Exceptionally user friendly, the dispenser comes with an on/off transition, keep warm features and constructed excess heat safety for further protection. Detailed with a removable fastening cover for easy refills and anti-drip holder, simply clean up and serve beverages devoid of the stress.


  • Diverse Water Heating Features
  • Great For Garden Refreshments


  • No

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Effortlessly Keep Drinks Warm
  • Simple To Deploy Pouring Tap

Unique Selling Point:

  • Make The Finest Hot Tea
  • Guests Will Love The Urn

Take the tastes and fragrances of summertime to your back garden celebrations with this perfect water urn. It is most suitable for providing tasty refreshments to attendees planning to take it easy throughout the summer sunshine. Simply perfect for functions and caterers too.

Implement as a 'domestic hot water urn' when the evening wraps up. This urn may be used to fulfil great tasting hot coffee and tea. The Giles and Posner electric water dispenser includes an adjustable thermostat to heat drinks up for a flawlessly hot indulgence.

Specs: 1500W | 7L | 30 x 23 x 42 cm | 2.9 Kg | 23 L | 30 - 100C

Using an ample total capacity, this urn maintains a great deal for all your family and friends to take pleasure from. The urn comes with an easy to pour tap, which means that your family can help themselves. At the same time, you take pleasure in the special event - without consistently serving.

Steel Water Boiler Machine

£87   Giles And Posner Water Boiler Urn - Get It!  

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: Better That A Convention Kettle?

The hot water container is additionally ideal for work and any individual household. The instantaneous domestic hot water dispenser functions like a typical whistle kettle, nevertheless faster. The hot water machine warms up the quantity of water you need in seconds, conserving power and precious time.

: Filtered Hot Water Dispensers

An easy task to thoroughly clean, these hot water machines are employed for food preparation in addition to beverages when you 'really need' hot water. These instant filtered water dispenser hot water dispensers really are as simple to use as a kettle, nevertheless much more time and energy successful.

: Dispense The Right Amount Of Water

The machine doesn't only instantaneously heat water to boiling point; additionally, the hot cup water dispenser dispenses the right quantity without boiling extra like our new multi-temperature kettles.

: Sufficient Hot Water For The Best Cuppa

The ample capacity container maintains sufficient water to produce several mugs; however, you can quickly pour as little or just as much fluid as is required by switching the hot water dispenser kettle dial off and on etc.

: Addis Thermo Pot Hot Water Boiler Dispenser

With a hassle-free push-button procedure for instantaneous hot water at the contact of a press button, this dispenser immediately emits about 600 ml of hot water. It helps you to save money, time and attention in comparison to utilising a regular kettle. The 3.5 litres or 6-pint capacity presents 24 cups.

With the Addis Thermo Pot water dispenser, you may have a range of 5 temperatures from 30 to 100C, a shut-off and boil dry safeguard. Appropriate for producing hot refreshments, the urn is fantastic for food prep and other home responsibilities. A glowing LCD screen enhances soft-touch control keys.

Hot Water Dispenser With Handle
Addis Thermo Pot Hot Water Boiler

The electronic screen plainly displays your determining configurations and the exact temperature of the water. Uncomplicated to function with soft keys, you can find an excellent steel external physique with a convenient transport grip. A present-day finish that's trendy, hygienic and simple to wash.


  • Huge 24 Cups Total Capacity
  • Lovely Looking Water Boiler


  • Not at all

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Auto Cut-Off - Boil Dry Safe
  • Smart Self Washing Feature

Unique Selling Point:

  • Choose 3.5 Litre Or 5 Litres
  • Energy Saving Electric Boiler

With an integrated water level display, the stable 304 steel interior container supplies an ultra-successful heating system and stay warm. You have a choice of 2 available sizes with 3.5 litres or perhaps 5L obtainable. This Addis Thermo Pot hot water dispenser offers fast, hot water for home duties.

Specs: 40 x 34 x 28 cm | 3.8 Kg | 3.5 + 5 L | 680W | 3 Way Dispenser

A rapid, powerful and power-efficient solution to regular household assignments. The instant domestic hot water machine delights in 3 methods of dispensing - auto, cup and hands-on. Low maintenance and portable, no domestic plumbing is needed, and it instantly dispenses 600 ml every time.

Hot Water Machine With Black Cover

£79   Addis Thermo Pot Hot Water Dispenser - Get It!  

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: Klarstein KonfiStar 50 Auto Water Dispenser

Get pleasure from hot beverages by hitting one specific press button. Yes, this first-class hot water dispenser renders it feasible. The hot water dispenser fits the specific home use. It uses a steel drinking water container with a considerable total capacity for your workplace.

The touch regulation procedure of the dispenser with dry plus overheat safety is simple. On top is the touch regulation panel with a press button for the heating system and for water allotting.
The straightforward, self-explanatory procedure of the Klarstein Hot Spring hot water dispenser is through the easy to operate touch-screen.

One Touch Hot Water Dispenser In Use
Klarstein Hot Spring Water Dispenser

Using the keep hot action when the water boils, it is immediately kept warm at a temperature of approximately 90C. It can be boiled up once again whenever you want.
With convenient handling of the push control key, water may also be distributed by pleasantly 'hitting' the cup's rim with a mechanised switch lurking behind the water dispenser machine.

Be informed that this gadget includes an accredited EU to the UK conversion application connector that's included. Consequently, we open up the package and re-install it to save you time ahead of delivery. The 4.2-litre hot water dispenser is terrific for quick heating of drinking water.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Stunning Steel Water Container
  • Keep Warm Between 75 And 90C

Unique Selling Point:

  • Effortless To Use Touch Pad
  • Over Heating Water Protection

The Features:


  • Stainless Steel Case
  • UK Plug Is Attached


  • None here..

This is a superior quality steel water container with various safeguards. Delight in hot beverages at the touch of a button - the hot drinking water dispenser makes it workable. The dispenser is perfect for home use and work places due to the giant steel water container.

The Klarstein Hot Spring hot water dispenser urn highlights a straightforward functionality. The touch control surface area is on the top with a switch for the heating system and another significant sized switch for the water outlet area.

Specs: 240V | 4.2L | 83 x 56 x 44cm | 2.5Kg | 75 - 90C | 750 - 900W

When the water boils, it is immediately kept warm and can be boiled up again and again without notice. Whether for tea or fast broth, the Hot Spring directs hot water anywhere it's required. It highlights unproblematic handling and offers an intelligent contact user interface.

Boiling Water Dispenser With Chrome Finish

£119   Klarstein KonfiStar 50 Auto Dispenser - Get It!  

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: Lillyvale Electric Catering Hot Water Urn

Water dispenser urns ordinarily have a water height measure that ensures you are depleted of water under no circumstances. Additionally, a 2-way non-drip tap allows water to be stopped when the tap is discharged. These highlights assist in cleanliness, lowering bacteria variants on liquids.

This Lillyvale electric catering hot water boiler tea urn provides features that decrease any clutter with some other catering urns following the tap shutting down.

Steel Electric Powered Hot Water Urn
Lillyvale Electric Hot Water Tea Urn

An integrated safety characteristic exists with its cover twist locking mechanism on top of the bottom system, so turn the cover and secure it in position via the transportable hand grips.

This straightforward, nevertheless successful safety attribute shields the user or individual from scolding or any other destruction in the improbable occurrence that it may get toppled.
The high-quality catering urns offer a tremendous heating element, which allows the pot to discover the water temperature level.

Boil dry aversion prevents the probability of burning your component. Many beautiful features ensure that the urn with the continuous boil permits optimum energy levels and electric power conserving to happen.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Handy Water Level Meter
  • Twist And Lock Security

Unique Selling Point:

  • Safe Carry Handle Grips
  • Several Safety Features

The Features:


  • Anti-Splash Spout
  • One Year Warranty


  • Not at all

An excellent characteristic and function are the constructed in Lillyvale electric hot water boiler tea urn boil dry avoidance. This will likely instantly cut out when water levels inside the urn are deficient.

Specs: 20 Litres | 52 x 36 x 36 cm | 200g | 30 - 110C | Twist And Lock

The appliance and signal light will switch off, combined with the fuse of the heat component, to avoid any long-lasting deterioration being triggered within the kitchen appliance. In contrast to some caterers urns, this obscured component improves the life span of the element and the life of the equipment alone.

Instant Hot Water Urn With Tray

£88   Lillyvale Electric Catering Tea Urn - Get It!  

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: Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser For Tea

Appreciate your preferred hot refreshments at the press of a switch with this smart hot water dispenser. Boiling water in under 60 seconds provides tea, fast coffee, hot chocolate, and more with no waiting or squandering. Due to the 1.5 litres container, it is perfect for both individual or large brews.

Strongly present day, this dispenser contains a modern black physique with steel trim and a lit-up water container. A detachable drip holder and limescale filtration system enable it simple to keep. Experiencing hot drinks with the Breville HotCup hot water dispenser is never easier.

Press the button, and within one minute, you benefit from hot water for ultra-fast tea, delicious cold drinks and even more. It's practical and never simpler to acquire a quick drink. The easily removed drip plate, everlasting limescale filter, and steel finish streamline the washing procedure.

The large, convenient open water container makes it extremely fast to fill. At the same time, the big capacity provides as many as 7 hot beverages - exquisite for only a cup - or for more substantial sized groups such as family members and group meetings.


  • Easy Push Button Procedure
  • Great Price - Very Powerful


  • No

Water Boiler For Tea In Black And Blue

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Blue Lit Glow In Boil Setting
  • Create Hot Drinks In 1 Minute

Unique Selling Point:

  • Big Capacity For 7 Drinks
  • Much Better Than A Kettle

It's as simple as a kettle, nevertheless quicker and with much less waste. Anyone can enjoy scrumptious hot beverages in 1 minute or even less.

Sporting a gloss dark surface finish with prominent steel trim and a water container that glows light blue whenever boiling. It's a nice-looking acquisition of every kitchen space. An easily removed drip holder and fixed limescale filter enable it to be quick cleaning and keep.

Dispense water at the contact of a press button as the urn boils drinking water in 60 seconds - it is fashionable and straightforward to wash too. Well designed, simply lift it off the foundation like a kettle.
The power-efficient easy-fill water container style boils just the water it utilises. The impressive Breville HotCup hot water dispenser opening will make filling with water unproblematic.

Modern HotCup Hot Water Dispenser
Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser

Specs: 3Kw | Fast Boil | 1.5L | 16 x 28 x 27 cm | 1.9Kg | 5-7 Cups

A push-button cover release makes filling up fast at the faucet, like a kettle or utilising a pitcher. It boils an individual cup at any given time for cost-effective, inexpensive usage.
The substantial sized water window with blue light comes on in the boil setting. A sleek black pattern has a polished steel trim that matches any contemporary kitchen area.

Quicker and much more power efficient compared to an average electric kettle, it acquires only 5 seconds to administer boiling water, rendering it a genuine delight when you simply can't wait for a satisfying cup of tea.
[Rating: 9/10]   £47   Get It → Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser  

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: Best Economical Instant Hot Water Boilers For Afternoon Tea

: Morphy Richards Hot Water Dispenser

Just boil the water you necessitate with this hot water dispenser for tea so it is ready quicker as it utilises 'less' power plus will not waste water. Decide on the perfect water heat, regardless if it's 100 degrees Centigrade.

The Morphy Richards hot water dispenser system contracts obnoxious as well as uninvited substances, such as limescale, metallic elements to constitute your beverages appear and taste more estimable.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • BRITA Technologies In Built
  • Temperature Configurations

Unique Selling Point:

  • 12-Cups Hot Water Capacity
  • Tea, Coffee And Much More

MR Hot Water Dispenser In Dark Blue

The Features:


  • Water Is Ready Faster
  • No Plumbing Required


  • Not Cheap..

Smart Black Hot Water Dispenser
Morphy Richards Hot Water Dispenser

It's possible to pick and automatically distribute measures of water of as much as 600 ml, anything in excess of this measure and you will be able to administer at the press of a push button.

Specs: 12-Cups | 240V | 24 x 17 x 39 cm | 3.5 Kg | 3000 W | 3L

The Morphy Richards hot water dispenser container accommodates as much as 3 Litres so you replenish less frequently, then decide from 150 ml as much as 1.5 Litres at a time - therefore you are able to make an individual cup of tea or even boil tap water etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £169   Get It → M.Richards BRITA Technology Hot Water Dispenser  

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: Igenix Electric Hot Water Catering Urn

A big 18 Litres supplying electric hot water urn that's the perfect resolution for attending to a large amount of hot beverages at once, ideal to use in the household whenever you are throwing a lawn party or BBQ.

Perfect for the work place teatime breaks or perhaps on industrial occasions, for example social events. The Igenix electric hot water urn is extremely durable with sturdy steel design and crystal clear water meter.


  • Cool To Touch Hand Grips
  • Smart Eco Thermostat Device


  • None

Keep Warm Electric Hot Water Urn With Black Dial

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • 70 Mugs Total Capacity
  • Includes A Non-Drip Tap

Unique Selling Point:

  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Energy Economising Thermostat

Electric Hot Water Catering Urn In Steel
Igenix Electric Hot Water Catering Urn

This Igenix electric hot water urn possesses an out of sight heating appliance for simple cleansing and features an electricity economising thermo-regulator from 30 to 100 degrees Celsius plus keep warm feature.

Specs: 18L | 56 x 34 x 34 cm | 4.1 Kg | 1650 W | 240V | S/Steel

It likewise includes a non-drip tap as well as water level indicant so it's possible to observe how much water is leftover inside the container. Safeguarding characteristics incorporate a locking system cover with cool to touch grips.
[Rating: 8/10]   £99   Get It → Igenix Electric Hot Water Catering Urn  

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: Choose The Ideal Water Temperature

The variable heat mean you can choose the temperature of water based on your choice. The hands-on stop enables you to handle the flow of water without difficulty. Re-filling the boiling water dispenser is simple, and you can top-up by merely turning the cover, or by taking out the tank to fill through the tap.

: Coffee Or Tea, Office Or Home..

There exists even an easily-removed drip holder that will capture any splatters - it elevates off effortlessly to be emptied out. You can pick the precise heat you need to finish a mug of coffee or tea, or anything else. The space-saving one cup hot water dispenser is ideal for office at home or kitchen area.

The hot water dispenser for tea means eliminating your dated kettle, filter system container, as well as the requirement to purchase bottled water. Instantaneous boiling water supplies impressive tasting, extremely pure hot water at the contact of a push button. Fast hot water for teatime and coffee drink refreshments.