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Blender Smoothie Makers For Delectable Fruit Drinks

Updated 14/06/2021:
Here are the best smoothie blenders you can find in the UK for a healthy vitamin-packed drink. Prepare fantastic fruit refreshments with ingredients for a year-round treat. The smoothie machines and milkshake blenders are a huge influence and perfect for any balanced life.

It's not essential to fork out a lot of cash on a blender smoothie maker as the cost is determined by whether you intend to use the machine for extra food prep, or just want one for smoothies.

Fresh Juice Smoothie Drinks
Fresh Juice Smoothie Drinks

: Nutri Ninja Blender Smoothie Maker

You can generate cool, luxurious and pleasant-tasting beverages and smoothies comprising all the nutrients and vitamins of the preferred fruit and veggies, nuts/seed offerings.

Basically, push a button and enable the Ninja Blender Auto-iQ blender to work for you. Mix delightful refreshments directly into the cup with the travelling cover, using the strong 1000 Watts electric motor for high-speed, tremendous smooth mixing.

An exclusive concept forces this outstanding electric powered motor and engineered trademarked pro extractor rotor blades, quickly establishing pulse, stop and mixing activities. It keeps all of the nutrition perfectly blended - even your ice cubes.


  • Pre-Set Mixing Programmes
  • Very Fast Smoothie Creation


  • Pricey..

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Expensive But Worth Investing
  • Tasty Fruit And Veg Drinks

Unique Selling Point:

  • Keeps All Nutrients Within
  • Fast One Press Button Usage

There is absolutely no squandering, just obtaining 100 percent of the beneficial nourishment that you invest. Leaving you with regularly smooth, refreshing, delightful nutrients and vitamin refreshment smoothies to relish. Washing is easy; simply rinse underneath the tap or in a dishwasher.

Specs: 36 x 16 x 17 cm | 960g | 500 ml | 0.65L | 1000W

In case you are in a rush, it is not an issue with Ninja Blender Auto-iQ. Basically, place on the convenient sip and seal-off cover to appreciate your scrumptious beverages - it's fast, easy and delicious.

Blender Smoothie Maker With Black Base

£169   Nutri Blender Smoothie Maker - Get It!  

: Breville Family Smoothie And Citrus Juicer

Simply perfect for the whole family, this personal blender is actually a speedy approach to include delightful, healthier ingredients into your occupied way of life. This Breville ColourMix smoothie maker produces yummy slushies and healthy protein beverages very quickly.

Contribute freshly compressed juice to your smoothie mix or regular water with the citrus fruit juicer for the best in refreshing flavours. Produce 'consistent milkshakes' when using the whipping disc or perhaps mix cream in mere seconds for a real treat.

Each of the 4 sports containers incorporates a diverse coloured cover, simply perfect for monitoring which beverage is yours. The plastic bottles accommodate just about all vehicle and bicycle cup slots. Get on the path to 5-a-day before getting to your workplace or college.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • A Solid Reliable Machine
  • All Components Are Sturdy

Unique Selling Point:

  • Blender And Fruit Juicer
  • Fast Nutritious Smoothies

Top Features:


  • Includes Sports Juice Bottles
  • Disc And Juicer Attachments


  • None..

The excellent smoothie works in mere seconds. Perfect for busy lives in the office, university, or simply just appreciate it where you live. There is a one-button procedure and small style with dishwasher safe add-on's - plus a potent 300W electric motor base.

This small Breville ColourMix smoothie maker package occupies minimal space to keep on your worktop. Place in your ingredients, connect the rotor blades, hit mix, then exchange the rotor blades for a cover.

Specs: 0.6L | 12.8 x 12 x 37 cm | 300 Watts | 1.37 Kg

Enjoy refreshing, delightful drinks in little time using a rapid, straightforward approach for your daily vitamin intake. It incorporates a BPA-free sports container, lids and quality juicer.

Smoothie Machine In Green And Black

£67   Breville Family Smoothie Machine - Get It!  

: Types Of Smoothie Maker For Drinks

As you are planning to undertake with your smoothie mixer other than implementing just smoothies, the kitchen counter device gives fantastic value to mix a healthy drink with it as well. The predetermined configurations on the mixer take the complexities out mixing and drink creation.

: Smoothies With An Adventurous Outlook

Completing a smoothie is often as straightforward or as elaborate as you need it, and it's your decision if you wish a healthy smoothie 'fruit blended' drink. You will discover many brands of packet smoothie blends available, but you do not need any mix to create a rejuvenating drink.

: Preparing Your Fruit And Vegetables

Producing your own coming from a couple of ingredients helps you customise the glass jug blender to your taste and for the restrictions of your particular dietary strategy. Should you be losing weight, establishing your own the best for the all-natural flavour without added sugar content.

: The Drinks Recipes Are Endless

Drinks blenders are prepared for planning smoothies from a multitude of fruit and vegetables. There are several different kinds to choose from, consisting of smoothie machines for households to make icy smoothies - and in many cases those operated by hand equipment.

: HomGeek Smoothie Mixer With 350 W Power

This recommended personal blender provides you with a speedy approach to make smoothies, shakes and fruit drinks whenever you wish. There aren't any problematic operation techniques. Instead, using a straightforward one-touch process, you will easily make your preferred beverages in mere seconds.

As opposed to other blenders, this HomGeek smoothie mixer provides you with a 350 Watts motor and 4 sharp steel rotor blades using speeds up to 23000 revolutions per minute. It enables you to combine ingredients more efficiently and make scrumptious choices in no time.

The individualised juice mixer provides 2 x 600 ml BPA-free trip bottles with enclosed caps. It enables you to effortlessly make 2 containers of refreshments simultaneously. Not surprisingly, you may also share it together with your acquaintances with occupied life choices.


  • Great Price And Solid Choice
  • Make Baby Food And Smoothies


  • None here..

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Perfect For Kitchen Counter
  • Juice Blender With Bottles

Unique Selling Point:

  • Ultra Fast 23000 RPM Mixing
  • Blends Ingredients Uniformly

With a steel casing and top quality tested genuine copper electric motor, the small blender is dependably rugged. In addition, the HomGeek blender presents a safety transition system, which helps prevent the electric motor from operating - except if the container is positioned.

Specs: 23000 RPM | 350W | 1.25 Kg | 25 x 22.9 x 16 cm

Concurrently, over-loading or maybe over-heating will induce the safeguarding strategy, which shields the mixer from becoming broken, and you can reopen it soon after half an hour. With hot water, the smoothie mixer can purify promptly; nevertheless, all parts are dishwasher secure.

Smoothie Mixer With Big Chute On Top

£24   HomGeek Smoothie Mixer 350W - Get It!  

: Nutri Pro Rick Stein Smoothie Blender

With an extraordinary 25000 rotations each minute, the blender is created with your occupied way of life at heart. You can enjoy the advantages of a far 'healthier diet plan' using the Salter Nutri Pro blender - devoid of constantly consuming food preparation.

Together with a 1-litre mixing cup and two 800 ml blending cups, they happen to be produced from BPA free shatter resilient plastic material for added protection and strength. Mix your smoothies with the cups, take them out from the foundation and remove the mixing blade.

The straightforward drink covers enable you to take your beverages everywhere. Perhaps you can set your smoothie inside the refrigerator. All established with a safe-keeping cover. All parts are straightforward to clean since you can just place them inside the dishwashing machine.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Great Price From Trusted Firm
  • Very High Power Blending

Unique Selling Point:

  • Ideal For 5 A Day Intake
  • Blend With Best Consistency

Top Features:


  • 50 Healthy Recipes Included
  • Create Sauces And Soup


  • No Cons

Incorporate various fresh ingredients employing this one convenient system to make delicious fruit drinks and smoothies and quickly fill up your daily fruit and veg quantity. The Salter Nutri Pro blender comes with a fantastic choice of 50 well-balanced recipes.

Specs: 1L | 3.1 Kg | 15 x 15 x 21 cm | 1Kw | 25000 RPM

Consuming no less than 400 grammes of vegetables and fruits each day decreases the chance of several considerable health conditions, and this mixer makes it pleasingly uncomplicated.

Big Green Smoothie Blender On Wood Table

£79   Nutri Pro Smoothie Drink Blender - Get It!  

: Smoothie Blender Or Food Mixer?

There are little dissimilarities between smoothie blenders and standard food blender machines. The average mixers perform an excellent job of producing smoothies, there is no question about this.

Healthy smoothie blenders have already been created exclusively to handle the tough task of creating smoothies and thus, making them wonderfully competent.

What precisely this means is that smoothie drink blenders are frequently significantly superior with regards to mashing ice, frozen vegetables and fruit when compared with standard mixers.

: Power To Blitz Hard Ingredients

A lot of smoothie machines actually feature a cooling function that will make it possible to stop your smoothie from splitting when you have applied ice - some, besides, possess a dispenser lip etc.

: PureMate Smoothie Glass Jug Blender Machine

The mixer with steel rotor blades is the perfect determination for everyone who really wants to produce healthy and balanced refreshments out and about or intended for in-house. Simply add the ingredients, connect the PureMate smoothie maker cutter and affix to the mixer bottom part.

Mix with your preferred regularity, place on the cap to relish your beverage from the removable beaker - or serve into one of the four cups. The equipment includes two-speed options and a pulse feature to quickly chop through ice, fruit and vegetables.


  • Grinds And Blends Ingredients
  • Alter Consistency Preferences


  • None whatsoever

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Four Mugs Are Included
  • Healthy Nutritious Drinks

Unique Selling Point:

  • Crush Ice Cubes For Drinks
  • 3 Speed Tough Steel Blades

The mixer is straightforward to implement, ideal for any degree of kitchen assurance. It can also create balanced beverages in just minutes. For example, the metal ice crushing rotor blades can mix frozen fruits and ice for healthful smoothies and milkshake drinks.

Specs: 240V | 2.8 Kg | 3 Speed | 29 x 29 x 24 cm | 380W

With the PureMate smoothie maker, you will discover two speed and pulse rates, ensuring smoothies may be mixed to inclination. The mixer incorporates 2 rotor blades, one for mixing, the other for milling. Make your own kinds of butter, delicacy toppings and delicious chocolate treats.

Smoothie Blender In Chrome Finish And 3 Buttons

£34   PureMate Smoothie Jug Blender Machine - Get It!  

: Aigostar Jug Smoothie Juicer And Blender

A professional juice smoothie blender furnished with 750 Watts electric power and a top speed of 20000 RPM, plus 4 steel blades, offers you a powerful blend to grind veg, fruit, carrot, and iced fruits quickly nourishing fruit drinks and smoothies in under half a minute.

The considerable 1.5 Litres glass container is phenomenal for making significant amounts of milkshake, smoothies, rich, creamy and iced refreshments. The glass jar is constructed of lasting, impact resilient and BPA-free Tritan components. In addition, the Aigostar smoothie maker offers simple to control processes.

All hand-operated pulse regulation blending enables you to mill out the consequence that suits you. In addition, 1 and 2 are automated control with reduced and top speeds to fundamentally crush ice, nut products, veg, and frozen ingredients - all to get a uniform smooth regularity.


  • Great Price - Easy To Use
  • Handy Ice Crushing Features


  • No Cons Here

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Automated Low To Top Speeds
  • 750 Watts Power Electric Motor

Unique Selling Point:

  • Four Durable Steel Blades
  • Very Durable Filling Container

The smoothie mixer can only be started off after the jar and container are fastening and prevent harmful circumstances. In addition, the Aigostar blender smoothie maker electric motor immediately shuts whenever it overheats, increasing the longevity of the quality juicer.

Specs: 1.5L | 3.56 Kg | 750W | 220V | 19 x 19 x 38.9 cm

This kind of uncomplicated to operate and clean exclusive smoothie mixer is simple to set up and put your ingredients inside the container. Set up the bottle to the motor, pick the setting, and you will discover the beverage in a few seconds. It really is entirely dishwasher secure, and the (P) pulse assists you to clean the glass container effortlessly.

Smoothie Juicer And Blender With Big Black Dial

£39   Aigostar Smoothie Juicer Blender - Get It!  

: Aicok Performance Smoothie Blender Machine

The 800 Watts ultra-powerful electric motor is more successful as a quality juicer extractor to achieve even more juice and a lot more nutritional supplements. It is much better to possess fresh and healthful beverages in a few seconds, so worry about blockages and foam issues.

This centrifugal top-notch AICOK juicer blender contains a 3-inch feed chute so you can fit the vegetables and fruits within it, devoid of chopping into smaller sized pieces. This juicer machine has a unique non-drip spout that will keep your counter-top surface area pleasant and sparkling.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Easily Manages Whole Fruit
  • Fast Tasty Nutritious Juice

Unique Selling Point:

  • Secure Safe Lock System Arm
  • Helps You Choose The Right Speed

Top Features:


  • Powerful 18000 RPM Machine
  • Comes With Big Feed Chute


  • Not at all...

Two velocity settings are much more practical than various fruits in contrast to various other high-speed juicer equipment. You can easily use and extensively clean; in addition, it is furnished with a 1.1 L juice container and 2L pulp collector. It enables you to juice various veg and fruit at any given time.

Specs: 44.9 x 35 x 23 cm | 4 Kilos | 1.1 Litres | 800 W

All detachable elements of the AICOK juicer are dishwasher secure, and it likewise provides a cleaning brush. It's simple to clean the filtration system and various crevices. The fastening arm is to safeguard you making sure the covers are fully tightened while functioning.

Smoothie Blender With Red LED Screen

£57   Aicok Blender Juicing Machine - Get It!  

: Smoothie Maker Buying Decisions

Many people realise that even those cheap smoothie makers are merely more advanced than standard food mixers with regards to making sure no piles and pieces are remaining when the juice smoothie has been created, even if blitzing hard ingredients.

: Machine Spec And Performance

It's worthwhile mentioning the various kinds of smoothie blenders that virtually only make reference to variations in specification or performance, yes, there are particular versions for many different blending projects.

Hands-on smoothie blender machines do not need electric power to operate. Instead, they make use of a handle or plunger impact to mix into a tasty juice smoothie. Perfect for individuals who are on the move, or perhaps for use while outdoors with no power etc.

: Electric Smoothie Maker Or Manual?

The manual tool enables you to keep relishing the advantages of smoothie use, regardless of where you may be. Electric driven smoothie blenders are available in a wide range of sizes, from little ones which can be ideal for most, to significant ones which can be well suited for occupied households - or folks who prefer to produce considerable batches in one fell swoop.

: ElectriQ Fruit/Veg Smoothie Maker Juicer

A machine that makes great smoothies and juices virtually all fruits, nuts plus vegetables in a more 'subdued style' compared to your ordinary fruit juicer, however keeps all the wholesome vitamins.

The smoothie machine is exceptionally flexible, breezing through a vast selection of household responsibilities, and it can lower the number of appliances you need. Powerful electriQ smoothie mixers of this level of quality with such features have typically been restricted to specialist kitchen areas.

This is a mixer that exposes specialist blending to your kitchen space with all other equipment, appropriate for home and industrial use. With powerful pulsing and pre-set configurations, the mixer will decrease the time contributed within the food prep area - and help to make complex jobs painless.


  • Make Broth And Smoothies
  • Excellent Pulse Function


  • None here

Smoothie Maker In Chrome Effect Exterior

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Sturdy Machine With LED Modes
  • Commercial Grade Steel Cutters

Unique Selling Point:

  • Easy To Use Pre-Set Functions
  • Make Tasty Fast Frozen Treats

You can mix up a smoothie, create steaming hot broth, make delectable frozen sweets plus help to make dough in minutes - all using a solitary kitchen appliance. The electriQ smoothie maker possesses a BPA free container and lasting style to handle all kitchen duties.

Specs: 1800 Watts | 2 Litres | 29 x 54 x 26 cm

The mixer is coupled with super durable Japanese steel cutting blades that can easily mash the densest substances. The machine comes with a tamper helping you drive ingredients downward, approach whole ingredients, and make sure everything is mixed consistently.

The integral rearward functionality eradicates clogging up - perfect for long continual juicing. Includes big 1 litre fruit juice and pulp jars with formulae and nourishment guidelines.

Low gear velocity - just 55 RPM for high juice generation and little waste. It continues the super flavours of your fruit and vegetables using an efficient 150 Watts DC electric motor.
[Rating: 8/10]   £76 Get It → ElectriQ Fruit/Veg Smoothie Maker  

Buy Button Yellow

: Kenwood Pulse Blend-XTRACT Smoothie Mixer

The machine offers a large sized cup that will guarantee there's sufficient, delightful smoothies for all. There is a reduced speed environment intended for softer fruits and pump dispensing, even though the high-speed deals with hard fruits and heavier shakes etc.

Perfect for on the move life choices, assisting you to ensure you get your five-a-day of vegetables and fruits, regardless of where you go. For energy, just mix the fresh ingredients directly into the Kenwood Blend-XTRACT blender cup, turn the cup from the bottom and transition the cutting tool add-on to get started.

You can be in charge of uniformity with a piece of no-hassle equipment with specific characteristics and two speeds along with pulse features. Produce your smoothies and soups perfectly to suit your needs. The cutting blades grasp every ingredient to make sure there are simply no significant bits remaining.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Blender With Simple Functions
  • Two Speeds And Pulse Feature

Unique Selling Point:

  • Make Drinks To Detox Yourself
  • Blend Tasty Protein Shakes

Pulse Smoothie Creator In Black And Silver Effect

Top Features:


  • Gets You Your 5-A-Day
  • Pulse Speed Selections


  • Limited Features

Many of us would like to get far healthier, and there is simply no better occasion than at this time. Smoothies can assist you in cleansing your physique, offering essential nourishment to enhance the defence mechanism and aid in workout techniques.

Specs: 15 x 16 x 31.5 cm | 300 Watts | 1.75 Kilos | 0.5 Litres

Make use of the Kenwood Blend-XTRACT blender machine to obtain an easy breakfast boost just before going to work. Perfect for a brief, scrumptious and satisfying lunchtime. A protein shake before you arrive at the fitness centre or an after effect remedy booster etc.

The pulse function and robust 300 Watts motor make fast work of mashing ice-cubes. The SB266 offers non-slip legs to avoid culinary mishaps and injuries.

It includes a recipe guide filled with dietary, fast and enjoyable quality recipes. The 360 degrees stick helps make blending and scraping the goblet straightforward.
[Rating: 8/10]   £34 - Get It → Kenwood Blend-XTRACT Smoothie Creator  

Buy Button Yellow

: Nutrients And Vitamins From Healthy Ingredients

The drinking of self-made fruit blender smoothies created using top quality healthy ingredients will help keep you hydrated due to more water content, and also letting you take in an enormous amount of minerals and vitamins from fruit and veggies with hardly any exertion.

: Shop Prepared Smoothie Mix Or DIY

Fortunately, the mixers are exceptional for individuals that want, take various liquids or bland health supplements, nevertheless probably do not appreciate the flavour.

: What Size Of Blender Do You Need?

You need to consider nutritional deterioration brought on by the poor procedure that happens when smoothies are actually created on an industrial quantity for several popular outlets and grocery stores.

The scale that you decide upon is determined by how big a smoothie you will enjoy. Having a small capability smoothie machine mixer, you may not have the ability to mix all at once. Nevertheless, more substantial blenders need even more cupboard space.

: Potent Motor To Pulverise Ingredients

In general, the higher the power of the electric motor, the simpler it can be to blend the active smoothie ingredients. A powerful motor can pulverise hard ingredients a lot quicker than a humble 250 Watts electric motor.

: Smoothie Maker Ease Of Use

It is essential to take into consideration how easy you choose your smoothie mix producing encounter since an upsetting, difficult or labour intensive situation will probably distress you - so making use of the blender smoothie maker more frequently, that is undoubtedly cash squandered.

: BioCHEF Nova High Speed Smoothie Blender

The Bio Chef mixer may be the most recent and sophisticated super charged mixer, which constantly surpasses blender specifications internationally. This professional blender provides the most effective mixed quality recipes at virtually any speed. It will produce hot broth, cold soft ice cream, delicious smoothies and salsas.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Simple To Utilise Settings
  • Massive 10 Years Guarantee

Unique Selling Point:

  • Pre-Sets And Pulse Options
  • Mixer Comes With A UK Plug

Smoothie Blender With Fruit And Vegetables

Top Features:


  • Blend Whole Fruits And Tough Veg
  • Create Cocktails And Milk Shakes


  • Pricey

The actual Bio Chef blender incorporates a 3 Horse power electric motor, which makes it a remarkably highly effective and heavy duty cooking area device.

It possesses a pulse option, 'flexible velocity' adjustments and contains precision designed cutting blades. The 1.5 Litres container is constructed from polycarbonate with a heat stage more than 115 degrees Celsius.
[Rating: 9/10]   £249 - Get It → BioCHEF NOVA Smoothie Blender  

Buy Button Yellow

The Best Cheap Smoothie Blenders For Scrumptious Drinks

A cheap smoothie maker presents countless positive aspects to creating your own refreshments. Essentially all may have the capacity to deal with the ingredients, which in turn go in on your drinks.

Fruit smoothies require a couple of minutes to produce, and less time to clean anytime you complete. The smoothie mixers produce a 'healthy and balanced' beverage with an abundance of nutrition for the whole family.

: Useful Supplemental Mixing Features

Many smoothie blender machines will change in the supplemental features they include, consisting of taps and simple pour out and icing characteristics. A few permit you to mix directly into a jar which can be capped and maintained at a later time. See our hand blenders.

: Smoothie Machine Health Advantages

Individuals delight in juicing for the well-being rewards the smoothie mixer provides, nonetheless there are positive factors to freshly produced smoothies, such as the fact that they will consist of the two types of dietary fibre that are important for fantastic intestinal well being.

: Nutrients And Vitamin Benefits

As with juicing, smoothies have previously completed most of the effort for you by merely blending the vegetables or fruit before use, which often helps to ensure outstanding results for your physique to 'soak up' those nutrients and vitamins.

If you wish to mix your soft vegetables and fruit exclusively, a significantly less potent jug blender motor is going to do the task. Nevertheless, for nuts and hard seeds, you will need additional power consumption.

Start by making your personal drink flavours inside your home utilising the smoothie mixer so you will be self-confident in the level of quality of the ingredients.