Digital Projection Alarm Clock Radios With USB Ports

Updated 04/10/2022:
A projection clock is a present-day household device that throws the time on any wall. Generally speaking, an alarm clock that projects on ceilings is like the types you already know from your bedroom stand. However, in theory, the extra functionality of projecting the time on an area works like a regular projector.

Do You Struggle To See The Time?
This valuable time display function will simplify your life in the early morning hours. Probably your bedroom table is lower than the bed, so you need to lean down each morning to see the time. Using a time projection clock, the time is cast noticeably in one location without you needing to move about.

Can I Modify The Time Image On The Wall?
Many precision radio-controlled projection digital alarm clocks possess a small focus option that can be modified following your requirements. The built-in mini projector can be adjusted/rotated so the time can be projected on virtually any surface. Whether it is the wall structure or the ceiling.

Will The Clock Come With Big Readable Digits?
Projection alarm clocks for bedrooms with revolving techniques will project precise time on the wall or ceiling. It obtains the best observing impact without turning your head when lying in bed. The LCD projection alarm clock comes with a big screen, and considerable numbers make it possible for anyone to see.

LED Back Light Auto Night Mode
The illumination of the LED backlight is instantly modified by the brightness of the background light. The night function brightness immediately dims during the nighttime, but an automated time may be set. Simply open your eyes and take pleasure in the convenience of this clock to get you up.

: LIORQUE Projection Alarm Clock Radio

This extensive VA screen digital wall clock projector offers a 180 degrees revolving projector. Observe Long press the projection press button to switch projection perspective the other way up. The big VA screen safeguards your eyes from bright light. It ensures a prominent time display with four degrees of illumination.

The Time Display Is Fully Dimmable
Considering the 4-level dimmer, the blue and white digits screen is straightforward to read, specifically for kids and the ageing population. The LIORQUE projection alarm clock radio VA display is dimmable, so you are not disrupted by the brilliant light through the night. The alarm clock makes it possible to activate 15 FM channels.

You may tune in to music, news flash, and chat shows. The sleep timer permits you to drift off with the radio stations within ninety minutes. It will instantly shut off following the specified period. Using 5V 1.2A USB productivity, you can benefit from the ease of the USB slot to charge your smartphone.

Bedroom Projection Alarm Clock Radio
Large VA LIORQUE Projection Clock Radio

Snooze Process And Weekend Function
The ceiling projection alarm clock will only work using the AC adapter (not necessarily battery managed), and it has a backup battery. When the power is shut down inadvertently, you don't need to totally reset it next time. The alarm clock has a snooze functionality for nine minutes, preventing people from entering heavy sleep again.

You can select a buzzer or even a radio station as alarm audio. The alert sound will progressively heighten. During the weekend function, the alarm clock will not ring to bother your sleeping. The buzzer of this clock that shows time on the ceiling is just not flexible. However, the radio facilitates a 15-stage volume level selection.

The Features:


  • Preset Style Wake-Up Radio
  • Built-In Digital Radio Tuner


  • None here..

Our recommendation is that the most effective projection is two to three metres. The projection impact is inadequate if the house is a large construction, a vast property, or an incredibly high roof. It is advisable to cast on the wall structure. If you need to find out more usage information, please inform us.

Long push the snooze/light press button to alter the colour between blue and white. The LIORQUE projection alarm clock radio with wide-perspective viewing and marked contrast are readable for children and seniors. We will describe how to use this alarm clock with a ceiling display.

This clock with projector light is an excellent gift for everyone, regardless of the old or the youthful, women or men, daughter or son. It is ideal for any event like a birthday celebration, Christmas or Father's Day. The electronic clock radio with a sleep timer lets you drift off with the radio and can auto-off following any set period.

Snooze Digital Projection Clock In Black

£33   LIORQUE Projection Alarm Clock Radio - Get It!  

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: I-WILL Digital Projection Alarm Clock

Using projection upon the ceiling, this specific digital LED projection clock provides prominent perspectives of the time on your ceiling/wall, along with an improved flexible 180 degrees rotating projector. The revolving focus band at a suitable range of 0.5 to 3 metres will obtain the best time display on your wall or ceiling.

Adaptable Volume With 7-Inch LED Display
This specially developed I-WILL digital projection alarm clock is designed for heavy sleepers. The versatile 5 volume levels offer a louder and stronger alarm sound, simple to wake you up.
This time upon-the-ceiling clock has flexible dimmer screen levels that allow you to 'browse the time' easier on the seven-inch transparent LED screen than in the past.

New Digital Projection Alarm Clock
LED Mirror I-WILL Projection Alarm Clock

Twin Alarms With Snooze Functionality
The bedroom's ceiling projection digital alarm clock radio possesses two independent alarms to awaken you and your partner in diverse alarm time environments. Or perhaps use the dual waking-up service for you personally. Push the big snooze button at the top to get an extra valuable nine minutes of rest.

USB Recharging Slot And Battery Backup
This alarm clock projection on the ceiling function has one USB charging slot for your additional gadgets, such as mobile phones and tablet PCs. It is not necessary to charge your device through the use of an extra connector. Still, you may install batteries to get back-ups of your individual configurations.

You can allow your alarm functions even throughout an electrical power outage. Therefore everything will be structured as always. The smart alarm clock with a projector offers vivid LED lighting, not a laser. You cannot view the projection time throughout the day or when the lighting is comparatively bright.

Black Digital Projection Alarm Clock
FM Radio I-WILL Digital Projection Clock

This particular electronic LED projector alarm clock offers a unique developed DST button that enables you to select the time structure or trigger DST time. Just push the press button - then obtain the time screen you prefer.
Understand everything about this AM FM projection clock radio simply by reading the precise information in one minute. Then you obtain the easiest way of browsing the time.

The 180-degree rotating LED projector digital alarm clock will clearly display precise and non-obtrusive time on your wall space or ceiling. It is convenient and speedy to see the time whenever resting in bed.
Furthermore, it is made with a focus dial to modify the clearness of projection figures. The very best projection range is between 1.5 and 3.1 metres.

The Features:

You may leave a recharging wire connected to your bedroom clock's USB slot. This produces a practical nightstand USB phone charger for your Mp3 music player. Avoid the constant trouble of recalling your power adapter as you release an outlet in your bedroom with this high-speed battery charger.

Your mobile phone will be charged entirely daily, precisely like you. Creating an excellent fashion decor present, this bedside clock adopts a smooth and trendy curved display.

The I-WILL digital projection alarm clock environment switches are easy to use, even for children or parents. It is possible to grasp the time whilst in your bed without coming into contact with anything.

This clock is the perfect gift for everyone, irrespective of age or the young, woman or man, daughter or son. Likewise, it is suitable for virtually any celebration. The bedroom clock projector is a sensible choice for youngsters and individuals with decreased vision. It is incredibly thoughtful as a gift.

Ceiling Projection Digital Alarm Clock

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: Geevon Indoor Projection Alarm Clock

Using 360 degrees adaptable projection, the projection alarm clock comes with a USB charger. It uses a gentle red picture on the wall surface, ceiling or any type of surface where you intend to convey time during the night. The apparent projection is straightforward to see and will never bother your relaxation.

The ceiling digital clock snooze alarm guarantees you never overlook your set routine. A double alarm clock makes your daily life preparation more sensible and satisfies your needs for various schedules.
When you wish to change among the alarm clocks, simply toggle the shortcut transition on the Geevon indoor projection alarm clock screen - which is incredibly practical.

With Inside Thermometer And Hygrometer
This specific electronic projection clock for household use measures inside moisture and temperature ranges to safeguard you and your entire family. It advises of complications brought on by extreme dryness or wetness. Likewise, it preserves the proper temperature and humidity range in your home.

Dual Indoor USB Projection Alarm Clock
Dual-Alarm Geevon USB Projection Clock

Rotatable With Very Clear Projection
The projection alarm clock with a weather station is cast into a gentle red reading on the wall structure or ceiling. The crystal clear projection is straightforward for you to notice and will 'never interrupt' your relaxation. You can switch the projected impression approximately 360 degrees and flip the arm to modify the focus.

Double Alarms And Snooze Features
Not just a calendar and thermometer; nevertheless, this clock that shines the time on your ceiling doubles as a high in volume alarm clock. Once the alarm activates, this twin alarm electronic clock sends a beeping noise to awaken you. Before the alarm ceases, touch the snooze button to obtain an additional 5-minute quick sleep.

New Indoor USB Projection Alarm Clock
USB Geevon Projection Alarm Clock

Flawlessly created for heavy sleeper grown-ups, the smart projection alarm clock alerts for just two minutes if there is no activity during this period. It will stop the alarm. You may switch the projected picture via the arm to modify the projection time display route.

With the backlight adjusting when it powers through the supply device, the contact button of LIGHT and SNZ projection will alter the illumination stage. This alarm clock that projects time on your ceiling backlight function is only achievable when connected to mains electrical power.

A Well-Designed Projection Alarm Clock
The output thermometer alarm clock displays interior temperature, moisture, time and date. Observing temperatures and humidity can assist you in fully grasping your family's living circumstances and transform your life's convenience.

The Features:


  • Features Dual Time Alarms
  • Ultra Big Digital Display


  • None at all..

Using the integrated DC to USB wire, this specific adaptable alarm clock with time projection works with several USB electrical power resources. Connect it to any wall structure outlet with your mobile phone charger, your own notebook or a powerbank. Always ensure that the clock is connected for the best connectivity.

The Geevon indoor projection alarm clock has a 5V/ 1.0A USB output user interface to charge your iPhone, Google Android mobile phone and various other electronic devices.

Exquisite for recharging any mobile gadget and reducing the number of connectors required in any space, simply put in 2 AAA batteries to assist your clock. It conserves all configurations in the event of an urgent power outage. The alarm clock projector night light will charge gadgets exclusively when the wire is attached.

Projection Alarm Clock With Big Digits

£20   Geevon Indoor USB Projection Alarm Clock - Get It!  

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: What's A Projection Alarm Clock?

A digital projection alarm clock throws a smooth, lustrous image of the 'time in digits' and additional information on the wall or your ceiling. In this way, a soft luminous light up of the time that's quickly read from afar appears with no excessive brightness.

: Lasers And LED Projection

The wall projection clocks are inexpensive since the projector concept being used is becoming incredibly low-cost and more natural to generate. Most lasers and LED's which are the leading systems and not incredibly unique any longer such as our wake-up light clock equipment.

: Bright Graphic On Wall Surface

Most light projection alarm clocks ultimately operate one or a mix of solutions. The simplest way is actually using a scanning laser which usually just draws the graphic on a wall structure. They are low-energy which never harm the eyes - comparable to code scanning devices and lasers.

: Flickering On The Time Graphic

Another technique is utilising a high-luminance modest LED screen which is shaped by using a concentrating lens comparable to a picture projector. The projection clock radio with temperature devices are a bit more complicated and have less flicker on the graphic they cast.

: Easy To Read Time With An Alarm

Several clocks that project time on the wall ideally use a blend of both lens as well as lasers, sketching the picture on a collecting area, which can be then concentrated throughout the lens. This is certainly significantly less wide-spread, and for a (Chrono) screen, too much.

You would probably presume an alarm clock was first an alarm system time clock; nevertheless, you need solutions similar to this. Although it is not quite a big modern technology hype, it lets you enjoy a little bit of futuristic fun, including a particular attraction due to this.

: EEEKit Projection Alarm Clock Mirror

This projection clock for bedrooms can potentially arrange two independent wake-up instances. You may set it together with your preferred radio station or even alarm tone. The double alarm clock includes a snooze press button, which allows you to briefly postpone the alarm clock and rest for some time.

Since we engage ourselves in adequate sleep following an exhausting day, we never worry about the delay. Exceptionally suited to office workers and college students, the EEEKit projection alarm clock with LED mirror offers a light setting at night. The clock instantly changes the display based on the background light.

Using FM radio with a sleep timer, the bedroom alarm clock may obtain frequencies from 76 to 108 MHz, often used in most nations. The volume level can be adjusted from zero to fifteen. Using the sleep timer, the radio will immediately switch off once the arranged time is accomplished.

Projection Alarm Clock LED Mirror
Rotating EEEKit Projection Alarm Clock LED

A Marvelous Projector With Light Modalities
This digital clock that shines on the ceiling features a 180 C revolving projector with an efficient output range of five metres. 3 display light settings are accessible for the electronic alarm clock. The manually operated function with four illumination ranges may be modified from off, low, moderate and high.

A temperature and moisture screen incorporates a 7.3-inch HD LED mirror display screen. The digital alarm clock can simultaneously show time, temperature from 0C up to 50C and humidity. Additionally, the bedside clock with ceiling display can instantly identify and bring up-to-date nearby temperatures and moisture.

The Features:


  • Sleep Timer Is In-Built
  • USB Phone Charging Feature


  • None..

Using a recharging slot, the projection alarm clock with a phone charger contains a USB port. We furthermore provide a USB electrical power line for connecting your smartphone or tablet PC. Due to its polymer surface area, the clock radio works exceptionally well as a hand mirror, the ideal choice for travelling.

The EEEKit projection alarm clock includes an English guide. Four degrees of screen illumination are adjustable in bright, semi-bright, dark and off. In nighttime mode, the digits on the screen are comparatively opaque and will never dazzle the sight. Additionally, there is a button to modify C and F if required in this LED alarm clock.

When using the temperature and humidity signal, the temperature may be transferred. Using the radio function, you can search and store several stations consistently. The sleep button can arrange the time to instantly switch off radio stations.

Projection Alarm Radio With LED

£24   EEEKit Projection Alarm Clock LED Mirror - Get It!  

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: Dr.Prepare Digital Projection Alarm Clock

Using adaptable focus, the projection clock with indoor and outdoor temperatures for bedrooms matches your nightstand to display time and temperature on the ceiling or wall. You may switch the output to easily show time and temperature.

The radio alarm clock with a ceiling display focus button on the rear lets you modify focus to acquire more clear projected measurements. The clock offers an optimum vision that best suits optimum convenience in various surroundings.

Regarding The Wireless Remote Sensor
Effective at linking with Wireless remote sensors, this projection clock detects outside temperature and moisture readings about your living space. This enhanced Dr Prepare digital projection alarm clock offers enhanced barometric pressure recognition, making the readings more precise.

Digital Projection Alarm Clock
MSF Dr.Prepare Digital Projection Clock

Big LCD Screen And 4-Level Illumination
The clock radio with projection display includes a large, vibrant backlit LCD screen. Nevertheless, this projection alarm clock shows time, heat, humidity, mildew index, etc. You will discover four precise brightness configurations substantial, moderate, low and off.

MSF Time Calibration And Snooze Function
Push and hold the C/F press button to obtain the bedside clock that projects time on ceiling MSF transmission for automated time adjustment. It manages 'two alarms' for various strategies using independent switches on the backside.

MSF Digital Projection Alarm Clock
Indoor/Outdoor Dr.Prepare Projection Alarm Clock

AC Adapter And Backup Battery
The extra snooze functionality lets you rest for five minutes after the alarm sounds on a primary push of the SNZ and LIGHT control key on top. Connect the alarm clock with the projection light into an electric wall outlet with the incorporated power adapter to maintain the clock screen lit up. The backup battery will keep all configurations.

Suppose the clock is merely powered by batteries (it takes x2 AAA batteries that are not supplied). In that case, the display will never stay lighted, and the projection will shut down. It is time for you to upgrade your bedroom clock to a little something that is more practical. Perhaps you should have the time projected on your wall or the ceiling?

The Features:

Simply open your eyes while laying on the mattress, and you may immediately see the significant and clear time readout forecasted on your ceiling or wall. Fitting in virtually any dresser, this Dr.Prepare digital projection alarm clock presents remarkable simplicity of use regardless of its small dimensions.

Revolving the focus button on the rear, ceiling, wall or even other diverse ranges, you may get a clearer projected picture. When your alarm clock awakens you in the morning, you need a bit more sleep. You can push the button to obtain an additional 5 to 60 minutes of snooze.

The backlight from the screen and projection will turn off when using battery packs (not supplied) as an electrical power resource. For comprehensive capabilities, remember to connect the bedside projection clock with the integrated wall adapter.

Digital Projection Clock Radio Alarm

£38   Dr.Prepare Digital Projection Alarm Clock - Get It!  

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: Kalawen Wall Projection Alarm Clock

The projection perspective of this particular mains-powered projection alarm clock can be tweaked by just 180 degrees. Having an optionally available 12/24 hour function, the projector components may be shifted to project the time on the specified wall structure or the ceiling.

Using the multi-functional LCD screen illumination, you will see the time, date, weekday, interior and outside temperatures. The Kalawen wall projection alarm clock offers moisture, weather forecasts and other information to help your way of life.

: Changing The Time Brightness Level

The smart projection clock with interior and outside temperature forecast weather movements according to outside temperature and moisture, rendering it uncomplicated for everyday life. It enables you to select the better outfit and determine if you should bring an umbrella. The illumination of the display is also adjustable.

Projected Time With Twin Alarm Clock
The projected time's lighting can be fine-tuned per your requirements. Don't worry about the light becoming excessively bright when sleeping. You may set two independent alarm instances, and the available battery-operated projection clock radio or buzzer will awaken you.

Kalawen Wall Projection Alarm Clock
Dimmable Kalawen Wall Projector Clock

The snooze control key permits you to include five to sixty minutes of additional naps. Regarding battery backup, the DC electrical power source is employed for alert, time, weather conditions, and other screen capabilities.

The button battery incorporated into this clock that reflects on the ceiling ensures all configurations are appreciated throughout a power outage. This means you don't have to set it up once more.

This indoor projection clock possesses an integrated sensor, and the outside sensor provides one already built in. Therefore, our projection clock can show each interior/outdoor temperature and moisture. Using the outdoor barometric sensor, the projection clock will predict the weather throughout the day.

The Features:


  • Outdoor LCD And Wireless Sensor
  • Weather Forecast Colour Icons


  • None here.

The projection clock may be attached to 3 outside sensors. The stations of the wireless projection clock and the external remote sensor must be considered precisely the same.

One example is if you arrange the Kalawen wall projection alarm clock to channel (2). You must set the remote sensor to channel two simply by switching the press button underneath the battery protector.

You should proceed with the few steps below to ensure the equipment can acquire signals immediately. Initially, power on the weather station - after that, power on the sensor.
Ensure that the ceiling display clock and the sensor are in the same channel. Following setting up a connection, the sensor transfers data every 1 minute to upgrade the temperature and humidity information.

Wall Ceiling Projection Clock

£33   Kalawen Wall Projection Alarm Clock - Get It!  

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: Set The Ceiling Projection Beam

The clock style will probably be a prominent element within the room where it is located, and you do not want it to look preposterous or obtrusive if conceivable. Select a ceiling projection clock style with physical dimensions you want and capable of changing the position of the beam etc.

: Modify The Light Beam Focus

Considering that distance and ambient illumination in any setting impact how sharpened and good the projection can be, but you need to be in a position to 'modify the lighting' and focus of the output - particularly for the projecting component.

: Using The Radio With A Speaker

Acquire reasonable controls for the specific alarm clock characteristics. The greater control you may have over establishing the time, fine-tuning the radio, and so on the better. The speaker will need to be decent and accepted as hearable, which is best delivered using a bigger audio speaker.

More light projection alarm clock features may include thermometer readings, conceivably advanced work schedule info, but several genuinely elaborate ones may even have high-resolution screens and Internet capacities similar to our media fun smart projector devices.

: Clocks That Project Time And Alarms

Long-established alarm clocks are gradually disappearing since mobile phones are traditionally used to set alerts pretty much. Most people have heard of these projection alarm clocks but may be a lot more like improved clocks which project time on your ceiling when the alarm activates.

: Great To Wake-Up To In A Dark Room

Viewing the time on your wall or ceiling using a wall projection clock can be quite a helpful approach to awaken you rather than 'subconsciously snoozing' the mobile phones alarm system. Most projection alarm clocks can be found with different features and are available in distinct styles.

: Braun Multi-Region RC Projection Clock

This particular Braun radio controlled projection time clock measures only 130 x 90 x 48 (W,H,D mm). The clock includes a movement triggered projection functionality, from where the user can change the projection picture on/off by simply waving their own hand over the projector sensing unit.

The Braun multi-region projection alarm clock radio offers an 11 cm large LED display screen lit-up in orange with electrical power On/Off options - which are rotating and focusable.

Projection Alarm Clock In White Exterior
Radio Controlled Braun Projection Clock

You can toggle between the current time, the year or date and temperatures. Back-up feature present in the event of mains failing. With the incorporated infra-red sensing unit, you'll be able to choose between your function of sleep timer and snooze, or perhaps a change involving interior temperatures.

This specific fashionable projection time clock projects the time and alarm immediately on to the ceiling or wall surface. The time is radio controlled and exact to the second, which changes instantly back and forth from (UK Summer Time) so you won't ever need to establish or set correctly the time again.

The Features:

White Multi-Region Projection Clock Radio
Multi-Region Braun Projection Clock Radio

The smart projector device additionally calculates interior and outdoor temperatures incorporating a remote sensing unit, therefore you understand how chilly or hot is it without having to leave your property. Additional features in the Braun multi-region alarm clock feature an adjustable LED back-light and alarm.

The side-arm along to the right aspect of the clock tilts 180 degrees and the projection display may be turned a complete 360 degrees. For end user customisation, it projects the picture on your ceiling or wall. The clock incorporates a reverse LCD display and possesses simple establishing of time and alarm.
[Rating: 8/10]   £70 - Get It → Braun Multi-Region RC Projection Alarm Clock  

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: Radio-Controlled Alarm Clock Gadgets

Present day projection clock radios are incredibly uncomplicated to arrange, and many of them present required daytime saving modifications.

Choose an exceptionally accurate device for your projection alarm clock, or choose those devices that are radio-controlled in which they acquire exact date and time from the atomic time clock.

: USB Charging Port For Smartphones

Numerous digital projection clock suppliers are attempting to step-up creating progressive product features to their merchandise. A variety of the digital clocks incorporates a USB recharging port for mobile phones and tablet PC's, although some enable you to hear your preferred FM radio station.

: Buy The Best Projection Alarm Clock

Several clocks offer back-up battery packs to ensure it still functions in case of electric power let down. There are countless items to select from the market with regards to projection alarm clocks.

To help you reduce your selection, examine every ceiling projection clock and make sure they may be worth it. Look at best projection alarm clocks currently available, and we wish you well buying here.

Every single day you wake-up and you may never require an alarm system any longer, but you will undoubtedly look at the clock to ensure you finish organising punctually. It might be convenient to obtain a projection alarm clock radio with temperature using an LCD to see the time from afar.

Black Digital Clock Projector On Wall
Powerful Digital Clock Projector On Wall

Are These Clocks Good For Heavy Sleepers?
These digital projection alarm clocks may be set for those with different behaviour. They can even be used as a backup alarm clock for getting heavy sleepers out of bed. The alert will ring from slow to quick for a couple of minutes. If you do not want to get up, press the (Z) key to key in the snooze option.

Many Allow Charging Of Your Smartphone
You can select a wall socket or perhaps mobile accessory power. Projection clocks with temperature output come with a USB slot that can charge your smartphone and other gadgets at work, in the bedroom or lounge. Once the power is off, the digital clock process still keeps timing, and you won't need to totally reset it later.

Show The Time, Date And Temperature
An ideal alarm clock that displays time on the ceiling incorporates a stylish colour-changing backlight and impressive projector to show the time on virtually any wall in the bedroom or ceiling. The ceiling output clock screens the time, date or perhaps temperature. Nevertheless, use it to wake up to your desired tunes or radio.

: Mains Clocks That Project LED Time On Bedroom Ceiling

Can I Arrange More Wake-Up Instances?
The alarm clock that shines on your ceiling permits you to set a couple of distinct wake-up instances. The snooze operation enables five additional minutes of sleep before notifying you again.

You may put the alarm clock on your work desk or on the nightstand - apart from your bed. It is possible to use and synchronise, rendering it an excellent accessory for your household.

Where Do I Place My Digital Projection Clock?
The LCD digital clock projector looks visually attractive because of its fashionable design. It is an excellent present for acquaintances, family members and couples. You may place it on your desk, bedroom, or lounge room to embellish your space.

Very Clear Red Light Projection Of The Time
An alarm clock with USB ports is specially designed to adjust ultra-clear red-light projection time position on a wall or ceiling in two to three-metre ranges. When you awaken at night, it is simple to see the time on the wall/ceiling - just open your eyes. There is no requirement to locate and open your mobile phone.

: GlobaLink Ceiling Projection Alarm Clock

This particular gadget is an ideal wall projection alarm clock that is operated by 3 AAA batteries, and also can be expended to screen time period and date using the coloured LED back light. The multi-purpose projection clocks incorporate lively colours and in contrast smoothness, in a slimline contemporary design.

The clock projects the time and alarm straight on to the ceiling or wall surface. The time is radio controlled - and that's specific to the second and modifies instantly back and forth via British Summer season.
This means you will never need to establish the time setting again. The GlobaLink ceiling projection alarm clock measures indoor and outdoor temperatures with a remote sensing unit.

Very trendy looking, this FM radio twin alarm clock loaded with wonderful features - for example integrated night time lighting, graduating get out of bed light projector clock, as well as snooze and sleeping electronic timers. On top of the alarm clock are typically 2 night lamps with 10 phase flexible illumination.

Projection Alarm Clock 180 Degrees
GlobaLink Ceiling Projection Alarm Clock

The Features:

You may choose regardless of whether you awaken to radio stations or buzzer - and whether you include the light to come on at wake-up time as well. The GlobaLink ceiling projection alarm clock features a vintage designed, large LCD display. You may also modify display screen illumination to match your desires.

With an interface time screen, the date is fixed from 2001 up to year 2099 and battery-powered by 3 x AAA batteries. Projection construction may screen the LED lights screen on wall structure or maybe ceiling. A small projection alarm system time clock with snooze. It provides LED lights, back-lights, day of the month plus temperature etc.

Black Ceiling Projection Alarm Clock
[Rating: 9/10]   £32 - Get It → GlobaLink Ceiling Projection Clock  

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A projection alarm clock radio is a beautiful and exciting gadget independently, nevertheless, one which also contains a radio, alarms and temperature range predicting capabilities that will take the typical alarm clock to a cutting edge destination. Project the time on the wall - it helps to make getting out of bed lots of fun.