Projection Alarm Clock Radios With Digital FM Presets

Updated 04/12/2019:
The perfect projection alarm clock features a stylish, colour modifying backlight and impressive projector to show time on any wall in the bedroom or ceiling. The ceiling projection clocks display time, date or temperature, but do use to wake-up to your preferred music or radio.

These projection clock radio types are already well-known as the ideal gift, just like the popular radio controlled alarm clock with time zone features for quite a while now in the UK.

Cadrim Ceiling Projection Clock Wake-Up Alarm

Ceiling Projection Clock Showing Time In Blue

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Peyou Digital Projection Clock With FM Radio


  • Preset Wake-Up Radio
  • Built-In Digital Tuner


  • None..

Digital Projection Clock In All Black

£23   Peyou Digital Projection Clock Radio - Get It!  

OnLyee Projection Clock Radio With USB Charger Port


  • Features Dual Alarms
  • Ultra Big Display


  • None.

Projection Clock Radio With White Digits

£24   OnLyee Projection Clock Radio Charger - Get It!  

What's A Projection Alarm Clock?

A digital projection alarm clock throws a smooth, lustrous image of the 'time in digits' and additional information on the wall or your ceiling. In this way, a soft luminous light up of the time that's quickly read from afar appears with no excessive brightness.

Lasers And LED Projection

The wall projection clocks are inexpensive since the projector concept being used is becoming incredibly low-cost and more natural to generate. Most lasers and LED's which are the leading systems and not incredibly unique any longer such as our wake-up light clock equipment.

Bright Graphic On Wall Surface

Most light projection alarm clocks ultimately operate one or a mix of solutions. The simplest way is actually using a scanning laser which usually just draws the graphic on a wall structure. They are low-energy which never harm the eyes - comparable to code scanning devices and lasers.

Flickering On The Time Graphic

Another technique is utilising a high-luminance modest LED screen which is shaped by using a concentrating lens comparable to a picture projector. The projection clock radio with temperature devices are a bit more complicated and have less flicker on the graphic they cast.

Easy To Read Time With An Alarm

Several clocks that project time on the wall ideally use a blend of both lens as well as lasers, sketching the picture on a collecting area, which can be then concentrated throughout the lens. This is certainly significantly less wide-spread, and for a (Chrono) screen, too much.

You would probably presume an alarm clock was first an alarm system time clock; nevertheless, you need solutions similar to this. Although it is not quite a big modern technology hype, it lets you enjoy a little bit of futuristic fun, including a particular attraction due to this.

Oria Light Projection Alarm Clock With FM Radio


  • Sleep Timer In Built
  • USB Charging Feature


  • None

Projection Alarm Clock Radio With Blue LED

£25   Oria Projection Alarm Clock FM Radio - Get It!  

Sony Clock That Projects Time On Wall Or Ceiling

Clock That Projects Time With Steel Cube Finish

£46   Sony Clock That Projects Time On Wall - Get It!  

Youshiko Projection Clock Radio With Temperature


  • Colour Auto Looping
  • Indoor Temperature Screen


  • None.

Projection Clock Radio With Curved Base

£36   Youshiko Projection Clock Radio - Get It!  

Mpow Wall Projection Clock With Radio Alarm

Projection Clock Radio Alarm With Mobile Connected

£24   Mpow Wall Projection Radio - Get It!  

Set The Ceiling Projection Beam

The style will probably be a prominent element within the room where it is located, and you do not want it to look preposterous or obtrusive if conceivable. Select a ceiling projection clock style with physical dimensions you want and capable of changing the position of the beam etc.

Modify The Light Beam Focus

Considering that distance and ambient illumination in any setting impact how sharpened and good the projection can be, but you need to be in a position to 'modify the lighting' and focus of the output - particularly for the projecting component.

Using The Radio With A Speaker

Acquire reasonable controls for the specific alarm clock characteristics. The greater control you may have over establishing the time, fine-tuning the radio, and so on the better. The speaker will need to be decent and accepted as hearable, which is best delivered using a bigger audio speaker.

More light projection alarm clock features may include thermometer readings, conceivably advanced work schedule info, but several genuinely elaborate ones may even have high-resolution screens and Internet capacities similar to our media fun smart projector devices.

Clocks That Project Time And Alarms

Long-established alarm clocks are gradually disappearing since mobile phones are traditionally used to set alerts pretty much. Most people have heard of these projection alarm clocks but may be a lot more like improved clocks which project time on your ceiling when the alarm activates.

Great To Wake-Up To In A Dark Room

Viewing the time on your wall or ceiling using a wall projection clock can be quite a helpful approach to awaken you rather than 'subconsciously snoozing' the mobile phones alarm system. Most projection alarm clocks can be found with different features and are available in distinct styles.

Renogy Wall Ceiling Projection Clock Alarm


  • Outdoor Wireless Sensor
  • Weather Forecast Icons


  • None..

Wall Ceiling Projection Clock With Black Cable

£29   Renogy Wall Ceiling Projection Clock - Get It!  

AEG Infra-Red Clock Radio Wall Time Projection

The small projection alarm clock radio offers an 11cm large LED display screen lit up in orange with electrical power On/Off options which are rotating and focusable.

Clock Radio Wall Projector Angled Upwards

Display toggle in between the current time, the year or date and temperatures. Back-up feature present in the event of mains failing. With the incorporated infra-red sensing unit, you'll be able to choose between your function of sleep timer and snooze, or perhaps a change involving interior temperatures.
[Rating: 9/10]   £35 - Get It → AEG Clock Radio Wall Projector

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Radio-Controlled Alarm Clock Gadgets

Present day projection clock radios are incredibly uncomplicated to arrange, and many of them present required daytime saving modifications.

Accurate Projection Alarm Clock

Choose an exceptionally accurate device for your projection alarm clock, or choose those devices that are radio-controlled in which they acquire exact date and time from the atomic time clock.

USB Charging Port For Smartphones

Numerous digital projection clock suppliers are attempting to step-up creating progressive product features to their merchandise. A variety of the digital clocks incorporates a USB recharging port for mobile phones and tablet PC's, although some enable you to hear your preferred FM radio station.

Buy The Best Projection Alarm Clock

Several clocks offer back-up battery packs to ensure it still functions in case of electric power let down. There are countless items to select from the market with regards to projection alarm clocks.

To help you reduce your selection, examine every ceiling projection clock and make sure they may be worth it. Look at best projection alarm clocks currently available, and we wish you well buying here.

Oregon Radio Controlled Projector Alarm Clock

This specific fashionable projection time clock projects the time and alarm immediately on to the ceiling or wall surface. The time is radio controlled and exact to the second, which changes instantly back and forth from (UK Summer Time) so you won't ever need to establish or set correctly the time again.

Projector Clock With Red Digits


  • Time From Atomic Clock
  • Dual Alarm And Snooze


  • None.

The smart projector device additionally calculates interior and outdoor temperatures incorporating a remote sensing unit, therefore you understand how chilly or hot is it without having to leave your property. Additional features in the Scientific RMR391 clock feature an adjustable emerald LED back-light function and 'crescendo' alarm.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29 - Get It → Oregon RC Projector Alarm Clock

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Braun Radio Control Projection Digital Alarm Clock

This particular Braun radio controlled, great quality projection time clock measures only 130 x 90 x 48 (W,H,D mm). The clock includes a movement triggered projection functionality, from where the user can change the projection picture on/off by simply waving their own hand over the projector sensing unit.

Projection Alarm Clock In White Exterior

The side-arm along to the right aspect of the clock tilts 180 degrees - and the projection display may be turned a complete 360 degrees for end user customisation associated with projection picture on your ceiling or wall. The clock incorporates an excellent reverse LCD display and possesses simple establishing of time and alarm.
[Rating: 9/10]   £60 - Get It → Braun RC Projection Alarm Clock

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Alarm Clocks That Project Time On Wall Or Bedroom Ceiling

Every single day you wake-up and you may never require an alarm system any longer, but you will undoubtedly look at the clock to ensure you finish organising punctually.

It might be convenient to obtain a projection alarm clock radio with temperature using a significant LCD to see the time from afar.

HangRui Projection Clock With Lit Snooze LED

The particular gadget is an ideal wall projection alarm clock that is operated by 3 AAA batteries, and also can be expended to screen time period and date using the coloured LED back light.

Winomo 180 Degrees Revolving Projection Clock In Black Case

User interface time period, date fixed from 2001 up to year 2099 and battery-powered by 3 x AAA batteries, which are not incorporated. Projection construction may screen the LED lights screen on wall structure or maybe ceiling.

Small battery powered 180 degrees oscillating projection alarm system time clock with snooze. LED lights back-light, day of the month plus temperature etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £12 - Get It → HangRui Revolving Projection Clock

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PRYSMA RC Built-In FM Radio Projection Clock

The PRYSMA group of multi-purpose and progressive projection clocks incorporate lively colours and in contrast smoothness, in a modern slim-line contemporary design.

Clock In Black And Bright Red


  • Twin Alarm Function
  • Crescendo Alarm Feature


  • None..

The clock projects the time and alarm straight on to the ceiling or wall surface. The time is radio controlled - and that's specific to the second and modifies instantly back and forth via British Summer season.

This means you will never need to establish the time setting again. It measures indoor and outdoor temperatures and incorporates a remote sensing unit.
[Rating: 9/10]   £46 - Get It → PRYSMA Radio Projection Clock

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Soundmaster LCD Radio Alarm Projector

The Soundmaster UR140 is a trendy looking FM radio twin alarm clock loaded with wonderful features - for example integrated night time lighting, graduating get out of bed light projector clock, as well as snooze and sleeping electronic timers. On top of the alarm clock are typically 2 night lamps with 10 phase flexible illumination.

Radio Clock Alarm Projector In Lime Green


  • Mains power LED Time
  • Dimmable Wake-Up Light


  • None.

You may choose regardless of whether you awaken to radio stations or buzzer - and whether you include the light to come on at wake-up time as well. It features a vintage designed, large LCD display. You may also modify display screen illumination to match your desires.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29 - Get It → Soundmaster Radio Alarm Projector

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A projection alarm clock radio is a beautiful and exciting gadget independently, nevertheless, one which also contains a radio, alarms and temperature range predicting capabilities that will take the typical alarm clock to a cutting edge destination.

Exceptional clocks that project the time on the wall help to make getting out of bed, or sleeping lots of fun.