10 Electric Wall Panel Heaters With Classy Styles

Updated 10/09/2020:
This range of eye-appealing electric panel heaters offers fast heat where and when you need it. The panel heaters with thermostat and timer present warmth in wall-mounted and free-standing styles with no waiting about for the electric heater to warm-up.

Why Choose A Panel Heater?
Most electric wall panel heaters tend to be high and often slim, making them simpler to transport. Just like some fan heating units, they warm-up very fast and are noise-free. They are in many cases, wall-mountable, meaning they may be set aside or not in full view.

: NETTA Slim Energy Saving Glass Panel Heater

Slim Glass Panel Heater In All Black

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: Princess Smart Glass Flat Panel Electric Heater

Glass Flat Panel Heater With Black Exterior

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: Are Panel Heaters Any Good?

Panel heaters are devised for smaller sized areas demanding continuous lower intensity environment warmth. Positive factors consist of the slim, hassle-free build and low operating expenditure. The inconspicuous proportions render glass wall panel heaters specifically useful in homes.

: Handy Cool Touch Functionality

Should you be trying to find something which may also be left free-standing, ensure you browse the information thoroughly. Just about every flat panel electric radiator heater can be wall attached, however, not all possess legs. A cool touch can be hugely invaluable as you will not burn the fingertips.

: Consider Quality Over The Cost?

Although high-priced designs tend to be more robust and dependable versus the less costly types, it is not usually accurate, but reviews can be beneficial. Consider the level of quality and not the cost. Convector and then 2kw panel heater units may add a smart thermostat to regulate heat and other safeguards.

: Panels Differ From Electric Radiators?

Panel heaters are available in a wide array of models corresponding different home design plans. Concerning the basic structure, many heaters are slender and light. Just about all electric wall panel heaters feature a present-day design, not too distinct from numerous electric radiator units around.

: Heat Control And User Programmes

Modern wall mounted electric heaters for large rooms offer the regulation system providing precise controls as an electric radiator using its digital temperature control and programmes, letting you lower energy as far as possible. The heating units are supplied in several sizes and can 'heat big areas' too.

: Instantaneous And Portable Heat

The plug in wall heaters incorporate extra clip legs to remodel right into a mini, light heating system option, perfect for heat on the go. For many, they are simply not created for permanent every single day implementation, but will undoubtedly be practical for quick home instantaneous heating.

: Ideal Precise Heat Configurations

A transportable panel heater is the most reliable and practical determination. For making it a lot more simple to use, many include a remote device so you will not have to stir from the sofa to modify heat. The energy saving panel heaters are advised and considered as situational emitters for precise usage.

Great for less frequented areas, office buildings and hardly ever utilised guest sleeping rooms, or maybe as a manageable heater to boost the space temperatures now and again. By way of occasional use, the heater will not degrade promptly - and will not present a weighty effect on heat expenses.

: electriQ Wall Mounted Panel Heater WiFi Alexa

Wall Mounted Panel Heater With LCD

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Dimplex Slimline Electric Panel Heater With Timer

Electric Panel Heater With White Exterior

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Berssen Electric Panel Heater With Thermostat


  • Clear Back-Lit LCD
  • Installation Is Easy


  • None..

Electric Panel Heater In Front Tilt Style

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ML Glass Panel Heater On Wall Or Free Standing

Wide Glass Panel Heater On Painted Wall

£72   ML Glass Panel Heater Wall Or Standing - Get It!  

Panel Heater On Floor Or Wall Fixed?

The mounting brackets and details for wall fixing are often supplied; however, you should drill openings in your wall surface. The 'flat panel' electric heaters really are an inexpensive heat option in suitable home situations, one of the best budget heating strategies.

How They Differ From Other Heaters?

It is essential to distinguish panel heaters from the other electric powered heating solutions as they have further intention. When you begin on your own search for a slimline electric panel heater with timer feature - do investigate where at home it is best to implement/position.

Heater Styles For Your Home Decor

A number of panel heaters are preferred when instantaneous warmth is necessary. This is because they promptly create heated air that may be sensed once the heating is activated. The chic glass panel heaters are a great choice for home decor style and the areas you enjoy regularly.

Which Size Of Panel Heater?

Smaller sized areas will manage to benefit most from convection electric panel radiator units because their decreased volume can help exceed the consequence of heated air increasing and reducing. They are simply perfect for spare rooms or modest study spaces.

Do Panel Heaters Create Convection Heat?

The primary point you should consider about panel heaters is they are different from electric radiator units and should not become mistaken for them. In contrast to radiators which warm up with radiation heat, a wall-mounted electric radiator panel exclusively utilises convection heat.

Most electric convector heaters operate by heating the air over a component which displaces the cold air above. This brings about a stream which ultimately redirects heat over your space. Radiation heat in comparison, warms persons and items instantly, instead of warming up the environment.

Warme Electric Wall Panel Heater Ultra Slim


  • Instant Heat Modes
  • Wall Mounting Kit


  • None.

Black Electric Wall Panel Heater With Blue LCD

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Devola Flat Panel Electric Heater Thermostat

Flat Panel Electric Heater In White Finish

£89   Devola Flat Panel Electric Heater Timer - Get It!  

MYLEK Electric Panel Radiator Remote Control


  • Programmable Heater
  • 3 Heat Settings


  • None

Electric Panel Radiator With Curved Edges

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Radiating And Convector Panel Heating

Equally radiation as well as convection acquire advantages; therefore, it hinges on the sort of heat you need for your location. Since some electric ceramic panel heater employs radiation and then convection, they take much longer to heat, however, its an enduring warmth type.

Are Panel Heaters Cheap To Run?

Estimating an electric 'home heating plan' is usually one of many factors for new house buyers, and in this manner, panel heaters are often an appealing choice. Electric powered 2Kw panel heaters are generally cheaper than electric radiator units as they are simpler to produce.

Fast Boost Heat Using Extra Electric?

Since convection is a significantly less successful technique of home heating in comparison to radiation heating. Many wall mounted electric heaters with a thermostat and timer may need to function harder than any other merchandise to boost heat and thus use extra electric.

Heat-Up A Small Room Or Entire Home?

Panel heaters can be more expensive to operate compared to electric powered radiator units. You should also try to observe just how much you'll be making use of the heater to heat one region or your entire household.

Perhaps you are utilising an oil-filled heater panel for any area you might just use now and again, or for brief periods. The occasional energy consumption will undoubtedly counteract its more significant operating expense.

Best For Reliable Continuous Warmth

Intended for the primary areas at home, electric panel radiators will be the desirable alternative because they are even more cost-effective and the extended heat provides a far more 'continuous warmth' in contrast.

For initial warmth that you might need like a bathroom panel heater occasionally, a panel heater is exceptional for this and regular household heat.

Devola Electric Panel Heater With Timer

This is a nicely designed and feature packed controlled panel heating unit providing several benefits over the somewhat less expensive options.

It is lightweight and the electrical component is specially designed to allow for high temperature productivity using it's slender physique. If space is a premium, the Corona supplies a hassle-free strategy.

Heater With Timer In White Finish

The sophisticated component enables a heat convection which is '4 to 5 times quicker' than conventional panel heater units. Thermostat with temperatures constraining selection, which is beneficial to avoid tampering, and to safeguard older people and kids. Ice safeguard feature is helpful whilst away.
[Rating: 9/10]   £94   Get It → Devola Electric Panel Heater

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Futura Eco 1000 W Electric Panel Heater

The 1000 Watts electric powered slim panel heating unit includes time keeper and energy effective automated thermostat.

The heating unit panels warm upward to a comfy predetermined temperature, which successively offers a reduced degree radiant heating impact for additionally regular heat dispersal in any space.

Luxury Electric Panel Heater With LED Controls


  • Integrated Thermostat
  • Two Years Guarantee


  • None..

With it's smooth appearance plus quiet procedure, the convector heating unit is the ideal resolution to all your heating requirements. Perfect for apartments, cottages, sheds, bungalows, annexes, loft transitions, mobile homes, sun rooms, compact portable work places etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £55   Get It → Futura Slim Electric Panel Heater

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Electric Panel Heater Buyers Tips

Panel heating units are available in a wide range of designs to correspond to different home style strategies and for their particular straightforward structure. The glass panel heater on this page are frequently exceedingly thin and light in weight, but reduce energy usage whenever possible.

Extras That Make Sofa Life Easier..

If you require the heat to be transportable for diverse regions, a portable flat panel electric heater could possibly be the most reliable and practical decision. For making it much more straightforward to use, various heaters include a unique handheld remote control to modify the heat.

Electric 2Kw Panel Heaters With Timers To Fit Most Chic Homes

Many panel heaters with a thermostat might be best considered as situation heating units like fan heaters with new particular uses. They are well suited for less frequented areas like office buildings and rarely utilised visitor sleeping rooms, perhaps as a mini heater to add heat.

Panel Heater Thermostat Control

Due to occasional use, the heaters will not degrade too quickly and will not present a weighty influence on heating expenses. Some electric wall panel heaters with thermostat control are not really created for permanent each day use, but they will be undoubtedly practical for fast heat.

RDN Slimline Wall Panel Heater With Timer

These types of wall structure panel convector heating units are fashionable, trim, plus take up the bare minimum of areas. They are finished in a beautiful white coloured powder covering, which also enhances the Tradesman storage heating device selection.

Wall Panel Heater With Front Control Panel

Frost safeguard environment permits heating unit to come on instantly once the temperature drops to around -3 degrees. It is ideal for use within rest rooms providing warmth choices using 0.75kw and a useful 24 hours electronic timer.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99   Get It → Slimline Wall Panel Heater

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Haverland Slimline Panel Heater Thermostat

Appropriate for spaces adequate to 9 metres squared regular insularity, this particular slimline panel heater with thermostat device consists of an eco stipulation electronic scheduling.

Eco Slimline Panel Heater In All White


  • No Hot Or Cold Zones
  • Thermostat Is Built In


  • None..

A high calibre convection heating system that's eligible for secondary warming inside properties and work places. Desirable for bathrooms and cooking spaces, this variety of heating units are entirely fashioned to be entrusted connected in day in and day out.
[Rating: 9/10]   £199   Get It → Haverland Slimline Panel Heater

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The mixture of electric panel radiator heaters with timer efficiency and quiet process is available in a tasteful thin style. Many slimline electric conservatory panel heaters with timer can be still left floor situated, and even mounted on the wall structure.

Set up a versatile heat system that allows you to create the required warmth for the room if you are controlling financial obligations. The 24/7 timer results in you having full control of heat and electric panel heater home heat costs.