Best 10 Slimline Dishwashers - Super Narrow For Any Kitchen

Updated 27/02/2022:
The best slimline dishwashers are often the ideal option for those who have considerably less space. With a size of merely 45 cm small, they need less floor space. Appropriate to small homes or even young families, the perfect narrow dishwashing machine will slot in flawlessly.

Dishwashers are available in 3 sizes of full, slim and the compact, but every specification supplies a range of excellent capabilities to select from. Large integrated dishwashers have space for 12 to 15 places, so they can deal with the most challenging of washes.

: Beko Slimline Dishwasher 10 Place Settings

Clean your dishes quicker using this slimline dishwasher. It features a Mini30 plan that washes a complete load in just 30 minutes. It is excellent if you abruptly get unexpected visitors and do not have sufficiently clean dishes. Consider the Quick and Shine solution for items that require an even more detailed clean.

This model will have your dishes all set to use again in just 58 minutes. Commodious and flexible for 10 place settings, the dishwasher is great for tiny homes.
The Beko white slimline freestanding dishwasher offers foldable cup racks along. There is an easily-removed sliding utensils container so you can conveniently produce space for bigger plates and cookware.

Never allow the plates to accumulate because there is no necessity to await a complete load before switching on the equipment. It possesses a half-load functionality that operates much less water and power. Get your plates clean and reduce electric bills simultaneously.

Regarding modest kitchen areas, this slimline freestanding dishwasher can assist to lighten up the burden, devoid of using up an excessive amount of room. Regardless of its dimension, it can deal with 10 places of crockery and utensils, rendering it perfect to use right after dinner events.

White Slimline Freestanding Dishwasher
Beko Slimline Freestanding Dishwasher

Accommodating and straightforward to implement, this specific space saving dishwasher incorporates four programmes, including the Mini 30 process that washes the full load within just half an hour. Fantastic for days if you have fewer dishes to clean, this revolutionary kitchen appliance incorporates a fifty percent load process, helping you save on hard work.

Furthermore, this version incorporates an easily-removed cutlery holder, leaving you with additional space for more substantial dishes. Simply perfect if you are in a rush, the Mini 30 system can clean a whole load of 'delicately' dirty plates within just half an hour.

For dirtier objects, the Quick/Shine process will acquire under 1 hour to clean a full load - helping you save your time and money. Ideal for days if you have fewer dishes and glasses to clean, use this 'half function' to conserve time and your energy.

Intended for less complicated and more accommodating loads, the cutlery carrier can slip along the side of the dishwasher. It can be eliminated thoroughly to generate additional space for your more substantial pots and pans, cookware and dishes.
With this dishwasher's reduced water and electrical power usage, you save cash on your living expenses and do your little bit for the natural environment.

The Features:

When you use tablet cleaning agents or dishwasher versions that instantly discover your detergent choice. It will undoubtedly lengthen the programme durations by twenty minutes to optimise the functionality of the cleaning and drying.

Helping you save time and money each day, this A+ energy ranked Beko white slimline freestanding dishwasher features 5 programmes to pick from. One of which could clean a full load in barely half an hour. This brand will also operate at an almost zero noise level, making it ideal for open plan living.

Using a variety of 5 programmes, such as the quick mini 30 full load, the slim dimensions dishwasher incorporates a high 10 place configurations ability. The HalfLoad saves you money and time with more compact loads. This freestanding washer provides one-year components and labour warranty.

Slimline Dishwasher In White

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: electriQ Slimline Freestanding Dishwasher

This fully built-in dishwasher is an excellent choice for anyone restricted to space on the floor inside your kitchen. Resting at the rear of the cabinet door, it's approximately 15 cm thinner than a full-sized dishwasher; nonetheless, it will not bargain on room, retaining 10 place settings.

You will discover two roomy containers inside that maintain your items protected throughout every cycle. The underside holder is great for more oversized items. At the same time, the elevation of the topmost container can be tweaked to suit clumsy/big things within.

Settings can be found on the top border of the electriQ fully integrated slimline dishwasher door. They will provide several programmes and features to help obtain the most satisfactory outcomes. The 'fifty percent load' function is fantastic for only a couple of bits to clean, preserving electrical power.

It is possible to delay your own wash to begin at any given time to accommodate you. It is ideal for getting the cooking pots clean and ready whenever you go back home from the office.
Pick from a 3, 6 or nine-hour postpone-plan to fit your time. The 10 place setting capability is a great choice and smaller to fit moderate homes.

Integrated Slimline Dishwasher
electriQ Integrated Slim Dishwasher

There is a height flexible top container and retractable supports, and 4 wash programmes in a thoroughly built-in style. There is no need to procrastinate until you have packed this model to the top, either. It provides a valuable half-load feature, saving you water and power.

Whenever cleaning fewer plates using a timer, you are likewise in a position to select once the dishwasher begins so that you can clean when it is suitable for you. Return home to recently cleaned pots/pans or arrange it to start overnight, looking forward to the early morning.

The freestanding dishwasher is probably the most effective and reasonably priced version that you can buy. You may also postpone your wash to implement at the appropriate time for you personally. Choose between a three up to perhaps nine-hour postponement.

The Features:


  • Good Energy Rating
  • 59.8 x 45 x 84.5 cm


  • None..

This dishwasher is located right behind a cabinet door, thoroughly establishing the kitchen. It's close to 15 cm leaner than many significant dishwashers; therefore, you don't have to surrender a lot of storage area. This electriQ fully integrated dishwasher will keep 110 pieces and 10 place settings in a load.

You can find two roomy containers on the inside, with the bottom level being well suited for even more significant objects. If you require considerably more space, you can modify the height of the higher holder to accommodate all those cumbersome pans and pots within.

The settings are inside quick reach, placed on the top edge of the door. Never fret when you've not got an entire load to clean. Simply pick the half load task, and it will use just enough water and power to do an excellent job. You will discover 4 programmes in Intensive, ECO, 90-Minutes and Fast.

Slimline Freestanding Dishwasher

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: Cookology Integrated Dishwasher With Timer

This slender dishwasher is wholly integrated. When set up with a coordinating cupboard door around the front side, it will eventually stay ideally below your kitchen area worktop. It will look just like one more cupboard, supplying your cooking area with that integrated visual aspect.

A ten place setting ability is perfect for a small slimline dishwasher, providing you with the highest possible cleansing capability without using an excessive amount of space in the kitchen. If battling to fill up the Cookology small integrated dishwasher, this style likewise includes a (HalfLoad) switch.

You can find 6 dishwashing programmes, including an (EcoMode) and a convenient 30-minute fast plan. It is more than sufficient for bachelors, young couples and smaller households. Simply examine the photos to check out the place configurations plan.

Numerous models consist of proper flexible containers and shelves that allow you to load your dishwasher in the preferred method. Quite a few top holders may be situated higher to match much bigger items beneath or even lower down to squash in all those tall wine glasses on top.

Small White Integrated Dishwasher
Cookology Small Integrated Dishwasher

Watch out for versions with a 3rd utensil stand. They will enable you to quickly group all those kitchen knives and forks - and provide you far more space for cookware beneath.

The appealing contemporary style suits your cooking area kitchen counter. However, you can likewise set it up in an appropriately measured cabinet, for example, beneath the kitchen sink.

A fantastic safety characteristic, the integrated flood safeguard feature will instantly shut down the water source if there is a problem with the dishwasher. In this way, you will not have to be concerned about water damage. This dishwasher possesses a 24-hour delay timer feature.

The Features:

Intended for the weightiest dirty crockery and typically messy containers, cookware, plates and many others. With dried-on foodstuff. Normal is for customarily soiled loads, for example cooking pots, dishes, glasses, and casually soiled pots and pans.

This is undoubtedly the everyday programme. It is appropriate to clean typically dirty tableware, plus it's probably the most successful system. Undoubtedly its merged energy and water usage for the kind of tableware is ideal. Rapid: A quicker clean for gently soiled heaps that do not require drying out.

90 Min:
For commonly soiled loads that require a rapid clean. Glass: For gently soiled crockery and glass. Self-cleaning: This specific plan offers a successful cleaning of the Cookology small integrated dishwasher machine alone.

The Rinse Aid:
If the Rinse Aid signal is lit up, it indicates the dishwasher is low on dishwasher rinse aid and demands a replenish. Salt: When the Salt sign is lit, it suggests the dishwasher is low on salt and desires to be filled. Water Softener: You may set the salt usage according to the hardness of the water in your region.

Slimline Dishwasher With Open Door

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: Best Slimline Dishwasher Features

If space is a preference, then the slimline freestanding dishwasher could be your best option. Although the units are small when compared to a full-size version, you can nonetheless fit approximately 8 to 10 place configurations within.

: Which Dishwasher Size Do You Need?

The tabletop is also referred to as a small or compact dishwasher, but are excellent if space is tight. The washers may be slightly bigger than a substantially sized appliance and possess a minimal capability of 4 and 8 place settings. It means you will not clean too many dirty plates simultaneously.

Fully Built-In Or Semi-Integrated?

You will find two versions of the slimline integrated dishwasher in the entirely built-in and semi-integrated. Adaptable shelves provide the alternative to alter the rack elevation to support distinctive accessories even in the cheapest dishwashers available today.

: Where Is Best For The Cutlery?

You can have big pans in the lower stand and possess a shallow upper tray as well as put tall items in the upper rack with less space beneath. Several narrow dishwasher machines accompany flat utensil trays rather than containers where you set the cutlery top to bottom.

: Do You Have Room For The Appliance?

When you understand what space you have for a new dishwasher, you will have to determine whether you like a freestanding or built-in version. The freestanding style cheap slimline dishwasher will be the most popular and squeeze into any household kitchen.

The timer-delay aspect is valuable if you would like to time the appliance to come on during the night time. Excellent if you are on a contract price which costs less for electric power utilised at night. Make sure you have a smoke alarm system if you do operate the equipment when napping.

: Montpellier Narrow Dishwasher 5 Programmes

This is a 60 cm freestanding dark-coloured dishwasher with an array of functions. It includes room for 12 place settings, five programmes and four temperature ranges.

In addition, there is a half load and delay-start choice, a self-clean feature and a finish of cycle signal. Fast 30 mins 40C, Eco, Super 50 minutes 65C, Intensive 65C and Hygiene 70C.

It offers smooth slipping light and portable adjustable shelves for modernising stacking choices. The Montpellier space saver dishwasher is the ideal companion when you're in a rush. All you need to do is pick the fast wash solution so your gently soiled plates will be immaculate in only half an hour.

You will need a more substantial place setting for those with a more prominent family, and you adore food preparation. For those who have a small household or tend not to cook as much, the more compact place setting is often more appropriate.

Black Space Saver Dishwasher
Montpellier Space Saver Dishwasher

Take into account the accessible space within your kitchen because the more extensive the place setting, the more room you will require. Place setting appertains to the number of items you may fit into your own dishwasher.

The greater the place setting, the more objects you may integrate. If restricted for room, a slimline design can provide the perfect choice. Currently taking around 9 place options, the same height as large dishwashers 45 cm broad.

A compact built-in dishwasher can be absolutely hidden at the rear of a covering that fits your cabinet fronts for a consistent appearance in your kitchen area. Freestanding dishwashers are self-contained without the necessity to set up a casing screen - just put it underneath a worktop.

Each dishwasher obtains an energy proficiency grading starting from A right through to G, with A probably the most successful and cost-effective. 12 Place settings, 5 programmes, 4 wash temperature ranges, 54 dB sound level and flexible racking.

The Features:


  • Four Temperatures
  • Prewash And Eco 50


  • None.

Traditional assessments supervised by trading standards are accomplished throughout. The business and manufacturers are accountable for grading their particular machines. This considers water usage, cleaning and drying out overall performance.

Accessible in black, the E ranking for energy performance of this Montpellier space saver dishwasher assists in reducing operating costs and moreover uses just 12 litres of water. Programmes incorporate Quick 30 min, Eco 50 degree, Super 50min 65 degrees, Intensive 65 degree and Hygiene 70C.

Small dishwashers are perfect for tiny homes or kitchen areas, or even if you want a piece of extra overflow equipment. A small design is the most suitable for those with a very restricted area, and the capability of 4 place settings will sufficiently provide what you need.

Black Narrow Dishwasher With Steel Racks

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: Hotpoint Slim Freestanding Dishwasher

Appreciate easy clean up after dinners with this slimline dishwasher from Hotpoint. It will maintain 10 place settings together, which means it's ideal for those who have a small kitchen. Plus, the 30 minutes fast wash gets all you need to set the dinner table ready for your meal.

Your household will never have to wait long to eat. Plus, you will like the Economy plan, mainly because the Hotpoint small under sink dishwasher assists you to conserve water, power and cash. It is gentler to the environment by using reduced temperatures over an extended cycle.

Stationary drying is also convenient, leaving utensils and glasses cupboard-ready through the use of heat from the wash, perfect for small kitchen areas. The 30-minute rapid wash is ideal if you are in a big hurry, and the Eco programme enables you to save power, water and funds.

Drying out successfully with high temperature produced throughout the wash, this exceptional built-in dishwasher from Hotpoint provides space for TEN place settings. Seven wash programmes, including Rapid, are ideal if you are in a rush - and it contains a low 49 decibel sound level.

This specific machine is manufactured completely concealed right behind a furniture doorway. It will demand a cold water feed and waste outlet designed for more compact kitchen areas.

Hotpoint Small Under Sink Dishwasher
Hotpoint Small Under Sink Dishwasher

Created to merge with your current kitchen area employing a 45 cm large niche, the built-in dishwasher functions seven wash programs. This includes an Intensive circuit that will eliminate the most challenging of unsightly stains from your dirty plates and cookware.

Making added time for the things you adore, the dishwasher enables you to run through the cleanup. Providing the same dishwashing strength in a small space but connecting up to 10 place settings. Flexible containers provide optimum flexibility whenever reloading your dishwasher machine. Therefore, there is room for almost everything.

Precisely the same dishwashing electrical power in a small space. Slimline dishwashers are merely 45 cm broad and suit up to 10 place settings. While you don't have the room for a full-sized dishwasher, there is nevertheless no requirement to clean up manually.

An (F) power rating provides you with a top-quality dishwasher performance and reduced energy usage. Conserve time using the Express cycle to have your pots and pans thoroughly clean in only half an hour.
The HalfLoad choice is fantastic when the equipment is not complete. It lets you only utilise the necessary power and water quantity without diminishing performance.

The Features:

A Flexi-Load versatility makes room for every little thing. The delay timer is the feature to postpone by as much as twenty-four hours before beginning the cleaning plan.
The focused programme is for greatly dirty crockery. An enduring steel tough inner surface fully safeguards and washes. Tablet enhances the performance of the detergent multi-use tab.

You may bid farewell to clean up manually and 'hello there' to the things you really take pleasure in using the integrated dishwasher. Whether you are considering an extensive 240-minute ECO clean or speedy 30-minute express wash cycle.

The slender integrated dishwasher can promise you beautiful outcomes with every single load. This sleek built-in Hotpoint small under sink dishwasher supplies you with high performance and lowered power usage that is gentler to your budget and the earth too.

It actually features an excellent decreased water usage too. This trim unit is ideal for more compact homes and provides you with precisely the same electrical power. It benefits up to 10 place settings, nevertheless occupies less room.

Maintain your preferred glassware free of water markings clean after cleaning. The built-in dishwasher incorporates a specific glassware cycle and exclusively engineered glass holders.
This guarantees your glassware is appropriately cleaned and dried out to precision. Furthermore, this holder may be collapsed away when not used to free up more space.

White Slim Freestanding Dishwasher

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: Bosch Diverse Config Slim Dishwasher

This is a slender style dishwasher that functions just like a regular sized dishwashing machine. It is equipped to handle a load of 9 diverse settings, able of washing your entire crockery in addition to pans and pots in the identical action.

The slimline machine features A rated overall efficiency for washing and drying, plus an A+ energy efficiency score, in addition to a nearly noiseless 47.5dB sound level.

A hydraulic water technique assures each and every drop of water is utilised to it's maximum potential to offer you optimum efficiency and minimal power usage.

Slimline Dish Washer In White With Controls

The Features:

This smart washer machine utilises a heat exchanger for sanitary, as well as successful drying. Accurate manufacturing has generated a lock door with this system. It enables the door to seal practically on it's own and with minimal effort or work on your behalf. Changing spray arms ensure that your dishes are extremely clean.

This capacity is generally plenty for just about any household and excellent for a 'frugal living' home as a result of the A+ efficiency score. The machine offers programmed wash cycles which includes Intensive 70, Economy 50, Rapid Wash 45 degrees and Pre Rinse.
[Rating: 9/10]   £399 - Get It! Bosch SP Slimline Dish Washer  

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: Dishwasher Set-Up And Cost Issues

Every single slimline integrated dishwasher here possesses an energy efficiency ranking. A++ is an excellent energy score to acquire, satisfactory for much less electric power and water. It will be less expensive to operate plus less severe on expenditures.

: Timers And Flood Safety Alert

Many dishwashers will even have a 'delay set-up' to reduce the cold water fill, but you will save cash on electric power since you can set it to operate overnight when electricity is least expensive. Virtually all present-day cheap slimline dishwashers have a flood safety alert which is very important.

: How Many Programmes Do You Need?

All programmes will change somewhat from equipment type; nevertheless, there are often no less than 4 configurations on every appliance generally, plus a rinse segregated cycle. This is useful if you need to release the most severe of plate grime just before it dries completely.

Do make sure you bunch dishes properly for care and upkeep, and be cautious about placing in non-dishwasher safe merchandise. Make certain you stack the dishwasher effectively and be sure smaller sized items are piled in the top holder as the spray might not be as robust.

: What Is Economy-Wash Programme?

Additional programmes consisting of main wash is the hottest plan generally between 50 and 70 degrees, good at eliminating persistent dirt and trapped foodstuff. All the best slimline dishwashers offer 'Economy-Wash' like our slim washing machines which is inexpensive and better for plates.

: Stacking Plates In The Dishwasher

A milder programme to ensure the best washing, nevertheless without harming or breaking your extra delicate glasses and china. The narrow dishwasher half load utilises less water to clean a smaller fill. An auto setting can 'evaluate and modify' the water required and time correctly.

: Will My Plates Come Out Clean And Dry?

All slimline freestanding dishwashers incorporate a drying timer inside their cycle. They are going to use possibly leftover temperature from the first wash or perhaps via the heated airflow distributed by a power fan. Heated air is faster and a stronger preference in any drying machine appliance.

: Hoover HDPH Eco-Friendly Dishwasher

This freestanding slimline dishwashing machine offers efficiency and 9 place environment, which is ranked a remarkable A+ for energy-efficiency, along with an a for cleaning efficiency, which makes it a great money saver in addition to a steady dish cleaner.

Slim Eco-Friendly Dishwasher In All Black

The Features:

The various programs range for a fast wash to an intensive clean. This provides you the option to select the right one for each individual load. For that reason, it enables you to utilise this models outstanding performance as a result of utilising the fast wash when the dishwashing machine isn't totally full.
[Rating: 9/10]   £269 Get It - Hoover HDPH Slim Dishwasher  

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: Best Slimline Dishwashers Ideal For Super Sleek Kitchens

Should you be intending to set-up your new compact dishwasher yourself. In that case, ensure you make use of the full instructions and ensure that you keep the plumbing related guide and tasks appropriately, so it's readily available in the event of an urgent situation.

: Candy CDPH2L1049B Freestanding Dishwasher

There is always room for a slimline dishwasher if you allow the machine with power spray arms to deal with your dirty dishes, without using up an excessive amount of your kitchen area. This Candy CDPH2L1049B dishwasher offers 10 place and an A+ energy ranking.

Slimline Dishwasher In Grey Finish

The Features:

Candy CDPH2L1049B comes with an A class washing and drying efficiency and serves 10 programmes plus 5 exclusive possibilities. The SR offers a timer delay that operates up to 24 hours to help you wash whenever you please.

The top container contains a 3 stage height adjustable technique, and you will find collapsible plate supports for comprehensive convenience.
[Rating: 9/10]   £300 - Get It - Candy CDPH2L1049B Slim Dishwasher  

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: Indesit DSIE 2B10 Slimline Dishwasher

Created for kitchen areas with small spaces, it is a fully functional, slimline dishwashing machine for nine place settings. It can also be completely incorporated at the rear of a home furniture door, where the adjustments are situated towards the top for straightforward accessibility.

This excellent, although popular slimline dishwasher will certainly squeeze in to any household with constrained kitchen area space. With 9 place settings and programmes together with a fast wash and extensive cycle, they all interact with each other to create the ideal treatment for never being forced to hand clean dishes again.

Delay Start Slim Dishwasher With Door Opened

The Features:


  • Stainless Steel Inner
  • 4 Stage Filteration


  • None.

Using it's A graded wash, dry as well as energy efficiency, you can be certain that this dishwasher is going to be a good advantage to your home.

The 'easily-removed utensils container' makes packing simple, easy and adaptable, although making best utilisation of the room. The height adjustable higher container is ideal for squeezing in those bigger cooking pots and plates.

The triple A ranking provides the machine the most effective energy, cleaning and drying outcomes accessible. You will find five wash programmes, which includes 'automatic', which senses the dimensions as well as soiling of the wash load - and establishes the time, water and temperature ranges appropriately.
[Rating: 9/10]   £289 - Get It - Indesit DSIE 2B10 Delay Multi Dishwasher  

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Our best slimline dishwashers are set-up to be used in freestanding plus integrated kitchen environments - and show up in a few categories. An entirely built-in home appliance is in where the entire front portion of the dishwasher is obscured at the rear of a kitchen cabinet door.