Real Solid-Wood Decorative Travel Chess Sets For Sale

Updated 01/10/2022:
Several chess board sets are light, portable and less space-consuming than any typically-sized set. It is essential to consider where and how you will use your cash; the expense is probably the most critical aspect of picking out a chess set. They are available for as low as £12 or just as much as £150.

Wish To Travel With Your Chess Set?
Are you searching to obtain a set of chess pieces for membership play or perhaps gameplay evaluation? Are there any household pets or kids that may bump the chess board? Where exactly and how are you going to keep your fun chess set? Or perhaps they will be exhibited solely as a feature?

What If Playing Space Is An Issue?
If you prefer a magnetic chess board which is simple to journey with, you might choose a foldable board. Or possibly a tiny hollowed-out wood-made chessboard that allows you to maintain the chess pieces within. A flip-style wood chessboard set could be a lot bigger, and in case of size is crucial to you.

Where Do You Want To Play Chess?
You may wish to consider a magnetic board so you can play when venturing in vehicles or planes without the likelihood of the pieces spreading all over the place. Family chess sets are fantastic for relieving the feeling of boredom on those prolonged excursions.

Folding Style Wooden Magnetic Chess Board
If a nice chess set is necessary, you will require one that folds up to create a chess piece container. You can certainly store them inside your bag. In addition, it has indents to maintain the pieces in position.

: Royal Chess Magnetic Wooden Chess Set

The hand-created wooden folding chess set pieces are magnetically associated with the board. They will not tumble off throughout the game. This one-of-a-kind magnetic variety chess set makes it different from others with weak magnetism.

You can forget about misplaced positions and pieces. This board enables you to play chess games on the road, inside an automobile, plane or outside the house with family and friends. The foldable designer chess set makes the play and set-up simple. It allows you to transport it around and occupies very little room.

Light in weight and flip-style folding, the Royal Chess magnetic wooden chess set board style is transportable to carry about and straightforward to use. Pieces will be kept in every individual position with no rattling and no damaged or lost parts. Forget about clutter following your chess activity.

Magnetic Wooden Chess Set Game
Royal Chess Magnetic Wooden Chess Set

The compact board dimension matches your baggage or carrier when venturing. All chess pieces are big enough to manage travelling in comfort. The decorative chess set transport bag is created from premium materials designed for safeguarding your chessboard whenever venturing out.

This (made by hand) luxurious, beautiful chess set includes premium quality wood materials. An anti-scratch board permits easy motion of pieces around the chessboard. It reduces the transferring sound successfully and ensures no scuff on the chess board. It offers rational contemplating for foreseeable future movements.

Magnetic Wooden Chess Set
Unique Royal Chess Magnetic Chess Set

Without the extra chess board table cost, we include four additional Queen characters for pawn support in the event of an exceptionally intense game. Plus simple training for newbies with regulations of the chess game.

Chess educates rational contemplation, satisfaction, expectations and preparation expertise. It styles the opportunity to focus and analytically presume. It raises the IQ and increases geometric capabilities.

The latter age group delays the dementia course of action and the probability of unexpected memory loss. Most classic chess set games are excellent for spending time with individuals from various age groups.

We adore this chess set; nevertheless, for about any reason you do not, don't worry. Its all-natural quality will please you with an unsurpassed guarantee. Get this chess set and enjoy extended hours of entertainment for your family members.

The Features:

Best Things About This Chess Set
Crafted from premium wood with a soft texture, this supplies a distinctive touch. The magnetic chess pieces are designed for considerably better balance without worrying about dropping or stopping placement. This Royal Chess magnetic wooden chess set provides a large 15-inch board for relaxing play.

The transport bag is made from a soft material designed to protect your chessboard while venturing. The underside of the pieces is highly processed efficiently to ensure no scratches on the chess board.

There are instructions for starters or people that must be reminded of the principles of this gameplay. The folding wooden chess set comes with an attractive gift idea compartment.

Wooden Chess Set With Pieces

£37   Royal Chess Magnetic Wooden Chess Set - Get It!  

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: Gibot Foldable Magnetic Chess Board Set

Play mentally stimulating games like chess, checkers, and backgammon away from home. You may flip the board to begin a brand-new activity if you get uninterested in one particular game. Chess is a necessity for lengthy road trips. This premium cheap chess set is beautiful and makes the perfect gift idea.

This magnetic chess board kit with both basic board and game pieces are magnetic. Typically, the magnets are not that strong; nevertheless, they are sufficient to maintain all pieces in position.

: Enjoy Family And Friends Interaction

The ideal game board dimension recommendations for large size are 31.5 x 31.5 cm. The GIBOT foldable magnetic chess board set is well suited for actively playing out and about - or even lying in bed.
Improve the interaction and play with family members or even close friends in your spare time to alleviate tension. Take pleasure in chess games at any time and just about anywhere.

This quality chess set board is straightforward to transport in collapsible dimensions. Ultra-portable, the chess pieces are sufficient enough and direct to grab and position precisely. It folds up and shuts pleasantly, plus all components may remain inside the game board whenever closed and secured.

Travel Foldable Magnetic Chess Board Set
White/Black Gibot Foldable Chess Board Set

This specific royal chess game is a tactical board game where two participants use alternative moving pieces. The chess pieces on the square chess board. At the beginning of the game, there are thirty-two chess pieces, sixteen white and sixteen dark-coloured, on this professional chess set board.

Players Possess The Following Chess Pieces
You will discover eight figures in the more minor perception. The king, queen, two weighty tower figures, two jumpers, and two runners in light designs as eight pawns. The purpose of the premium chess set game is to checkmate the challenger. In other words, to undoubtedly attack his prominent figure, referred to as the king.

The Features:

Chess has a reputation in the European countries and many more parts of this planet, perfect for all amusement occasions. Chess games enhance memory by participating children to promote your kid's capability to think and entirely focus.

Compact and lightweight to carry, the GIBOT foldable magnetic chess set means you will enjoy the game in your house, outside and even venturing. Three traditional games are in a single package and want 3 gaming encounters in one clever merchandise.

: Magnetic Chess Board And Pieces

This chess board may be folded away and is space-saving, together with the chess pieces and checkers featuring a magnet. The chess board set parts are certainly not straightforward to fall. Nonetheless, they are effortless to move. In premium ABS materials, the board is created very durable - it is smooth too.

The chess piece items fit flawlessly, so extra space is decreased. This affordable chess set includes heavy cardboard packaging to prevent product accidents. The beautiful cardboard product packaging is the finest choice for the right gift.

New Chess Board Kit In White And Black

£20   Gibot Foldable Magnetic Chess Board Set - Get It!  

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: OOCOME Wooden Folding Magnetic Chess Set

This magnetic travel chess set is created with a solid wood grain consistency constructed from long-lasting plastic that is smooth to the touch. Using an integrated magnet, it may be absorbed on the chessboard. Every chess piece adheres to the chess board flawlessly by sheer magnetism that keeps steady on the board.

Every chess piece is sophisticated, embracing a 'flocking procedure' that lessens sound while shifting the chess pieces. Additionally, it will not scrape the chess board with the secure hand-feel and simply no burrs. Gain the knowledge to play like an expert with this premium flip-style weighted chess set arrangement.

Convenient To Carry Foldable Chess Board
The OOCOME wooden folding magnetic chess set comes equipped with unique slots for keeping chess pieces to maintain them neat and structured. It is typically folded away as a chess safe-keeping package.

Portable Folding Magnetic Chess Set
Solid Wood OOCOME Wooden Folding Chess Set

This specific luxury wooden chess set is an excellent puzzle model to have fun with family members and acquaintances. It is ideal for holidays and special occasions like the yuletide season.

The set puts together an excellent alternative to today's devices that most children are emotionally involved. The chess board is constructed from top-quality wood and first-class components.

The graceful surface of the whole portable chess set board assures an anti-scratch and comfy touch. Numerous chess fans or newbies will enjoy actively playing games with pals. Chess understanding and playing are now happy and fascinating, particularly for those who generally participate in gadgets continuously.

Wooden Folding Magnetic Chess Set
Fine Texture OOCOME Wooden Magnetic Chess Set

Light and portable, the contemporary chess set board weighs only 500g. The chess accessories are generally created with negligible magnetism to stay firm on the board. This makes it convenient to carry and participate with whenever venturing.

This specific compact board dimension suits your suitcase or carrier when exploring. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned that the chess board will require excessive space that produces annoyance.

Enlightened Thinking Ability And Logic Skills
The chess set for sale is an enjoyable resource for men and women throughout get-togethers or just for fun. It is a beneficial learning instrument for children too. It sheds light on the overall performance of youngsters in cleverness, reasoning, inferring and many others.

The Features:

Setting up a great gift idea, the chess pieces are remarkably built with numerous processes by knowledgeable and specialist artists to assure a sophisticated physical appearance. It is an excellent gift for households and close friends for events or getaways, like that special birthday, the beginning of the year, Christmas time, etc.

Collapsed To A Safe-Keeping Package
The OOCOME wooden folding magnetic chess set board could possibly be collapsed to be a safe-keeping container to maintain all the pieces. Every little thing will stay structured because of the felt inside of the package, with individual storage compartments for each piece. It is exceptionally hassle-free for storage and transport.

All chess pieces with chamfer edges are wearable and will not scrape the fingers. Once the user participates in chess with family members and friends, their fingers feel relaxed.

This elegant chess set is a crucial tool for creating excellent parent-kid connections. Actively playing chess generates more enlightening and close contacts, evolving the children's thinking ability and inference capacities.

Wooden Folding Chess Set In Wood

£29   OOCOME Wooden Folding Magnetic Chess Set - Get It!  

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: HOWADE Wooden Board Game Chess Set

The unique magnetic foldable luxury travel chess set and pieces are created flawlessly. A magnetic design will keep all chess individuals firmly adhered to the chessboard without difficulty. We guarantee the chess pieces will not wind up dropped whenever playing.

Genuinely handmade, this HOWADE wooden board game chess set is manufactured from constructed rosewood. The scratch-resistant smooth surface procedure was used on the outside of the board.
The layer safeguards the board from being scraped while chess pieces shift constantly. The chessboard and chess pieces are created from top-notch wood for an excellent sensation.

Crafted Wooden Travel Chess Set
Crafted Rosewood HOWADE Board Game Chess Set

Storage Container For Chess Pieces
The specific slots for every chess piece are retained within the board. This folding chess set with storage will keep your pieces neat and organised. Safeguard all components from becoming misplaced or broken by collision. It is straightforward for anyone to transport and may be experienced inside or outdoors.

Take advantage of the superior quality exquisite craftsmanship with the crystal-clear high-quality chess set board. The chess board's simple surface area can never harm fingertips and is long-lasting.

Wooden Board Game Chess Set
Foldable Style HOWADE Board Game Chess Set

This specifically produced magnetic travel chess set is ideal for transporting with you on holiday or for the local chess game community. There is furthermore a slotted section for piece safe keeping. This specific chess board's sizes are 20 x 20 cm with a king elevation of 3.8 cm.

The screen board is constructed from robust core MDF and finished in an ebony and maple structure. The chess piece parts are thoroughly boxwood constructed.

With an exceptional weighty magnetic allure, the components' non-shifting range is exclusive unless you motivate them. The comprehensive collection is the most appropriate gift since it is organised in an effective canvass pocket-designed transporter.

The Features:

The top-rated chess set comes with appropriate dimensions that may be taken alongside and effortlessly, providing you with the excitement from chess just about anywhere. This chess set is an educational strategy for grown-ups and kids when raining outdoors or with close friends. Furthermore, it is simply perfect for family pursuits.

A Perfect Gift For Kids Or Associates
Plain, simple and chic, this HOWADE wooden board game chess set with extra checker pieces is the appropriate gift for all situations, for example, Birthday parties or wedding anniversaries.

Several parents want their children to love the chess game in these modern times. There is absolutely no optimum age group for kids to understand chess playing.
This unique handcrafted wooden deluxe chess set that's magnetic and travel-prepared - is an uncommon discovery. This particular chess board provides all that plus more, guaranteeing sturdiness and endless enchanting play with relatives and buddies.

Handmade Wooden Board Game Chess
[Rating: 8/10]   £22   Get It → Howade Handmade Travel Chess Set  

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: ASNEY Folding Wooden Magnetic Chess Set

This specific wooden magnetic chess board is constructed of solid wood and enhanced magnets. Each chess piece's exclusive magnetic style is distinctive from others' weak magnetism.

Magnetism guarantees no missing pieces when actively playing in turbulent weather, outside the house, or visiting. It enables your game to be more desirable and exciting.

The collapsible chess board incorporates a clear design and folded-up style. It is straightforward to carry and keep the pieces in position. This ASNEY folding wooden magnetic chess set offers an excellent option for enjoyment compared to the gadgets most youngsters are smitten with these days.

Safe-Keeping Slots And More Kings/Queens
Every chess piece is handmade by experienced artisans from chosen Dutch natural wood. The chess pieces are kept in a specific slot with zero rattling and no dropped pieces. Maintain your compact chess set neat and organised. It consists of extra kings and queens just in case any are absent from inappropriate usage.

Wooden Folding Chess Board In Box
Magnetically Crafted ASNEY Wooden Chess Set

The consistent processing for each chess piece reduces the sound when relocating and ensures the surface of the chess board will not be scrapped. This chess set for adults offers an area for your rational contemplation. The quality wooden chess set with delightful craftsmanship is a fantastic pastime for adults or kids.

This solid-wood chess set is an efficient extra collection for virtually any chess lover, a leisure memento to pass down for decades. Begin to play chess like a professional. The entire refund assurance will assure you to obtain this with no issues. Just contact us if you have any problems.

Acquire this creative chess set and have extended hours of healthy, balanced and instructional enjoyment for all family members. The chess set is specially created with formidable magnetism. Hence, there are never problems when you want to take it visiting or have fun while travelling.

The Features:

Magnetic Chess Pieces With Velvet Mat
An anti-scratch 'velvet cushion' on the underside of every chess piece guarantees a perfect state of the wooden travel chess set when positively playing. Create this pastime with your special someone. Look for interaction with her/him using this chess set. All openings for the chess pieces ensure no lost pieces.

Turn your children's attention far from gadgets and teach the logical contemplating ability of your children while enjoying chess. The ASNEY folding wooden magnetic chess set design is helpful to bring outdoors and allows your youngsters have fun just about anywhere.

Whenever raining outdoors or if you would like to start an event gathering associates, what else than play in your own home. A chess set is an excellent option for grownups and youngsters; furthermore, it is ideal for family pursuits.

This inexpensive chess set will make an extraordinary bonding amusement for the entire household and develop your family recollections to treasure every unforgettable moment together.

Folding Wooden Magnetic Chess Set
[Rating: 8/10]   £38   Get It → ASNEY Wooden Magnetic Chess Set  

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: PrimeChess Hand-Crafted Chess Draughts Set

This particular small chess board game in wood is constructed from the finest components of hornbeam wood and is impeccably finished by hand. The dark coloured squares are cautiously devised to an attractive scant brown colour. All clear squares are resulted in white and the playing pieces are designed to last.

The wood magnetised folding luxury wooden chess set offers an effortless activity to take with you any-place appropriate to pass your time - and maintain your children absorbed. Constructed with journey in mind and appraising only 5 inches by 2.55 inches, it's light in weight and will fit in any bag.

Hand-Crafted Chess Set With Pieces
Cherry Wood PrimeChess Crafted Chess Draughts Set

This board includes secure brass flexible joint and an individual brass fixing. The PrimeChess hand-crafted chess draughts set under-surface is traced with green velvet and is cut down so that you can position the components and fix the board. The chess board and pieces are magnetic, enabling them to persist in position until you constitute a move.

Fully magnetised, the travel chess set is ideal for the journey with a folding game board in Rose Wood. It duplicates as a safe-keeping box and a great journey associate for all chess fans. This magnetic chess game will keep all the chess pieces settled on the surface until you move them.

Crafted Chess Set With Pieces
Honey Colour PrimeChess Hand-Crafted Chess Set

The Features:

The chess pieces hide magnets in their structure and the board holds an integral metal sheet. It produces a secure magnetised pull in between the chess components and board, so it's possible to play minus concerns. The PrimeChess hand-crafted chess and draughts set is constructed from Rosewood, a 'heavy wood' with attractive all-natural grains.

Hand-Crafted Chess Draughts Set
PrimeChess Hand-Crafted Chess Draughts Set

All numbers with alphabetic characters are entrusted in white colour. It features a lacquered coating and is a perfect chess game arrangement for tenting, playing inside a coach, vehicle and so on.

Compact and light, this set is going to accommodate in virtually every small bag. Inside, there's a 'shaped insert' with points to accommodate every individual chess piece.
[Rating: 9/10]   £38   Get It → PrimeChess Hand-Crafted Chess Draughts Set  

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: StonKraft Handmade Wooden Chess Set

This is an endearing hand made magnetic chess set for your front room with pawns that are entirely constructed of brown plus clear style wood, and in addition sculpted separately by hand. This fine bundle comes with exterior sizes of approximately 18 x 18 inches squared, and the king is just about 2.55-inch high.

Created from sturdy box wood, this particular beautiful mini chess set feels strong and is going to offer years of happy chess playing. The board is created from separate squares of timber and each one is 2mm deep. The StonKraft wooden chess set has been adorned impeccably to make an impressive game.

Wooden Magnetic Chess Set In Brown
Foldable StonKraft Handmade Wooden Chess Set

Encased in the cabinet are the strong wood components sculpted from Sheesham and in addition Boxwood. Designed in the Staunton style, there is an impressive attention to very fine detail and a precise firmly bordered feel to it. An attractive set that's delivered in a stylish enclosed box.

The components are impeccably sized so their beautiful particulars are comprehended, however the set is modest enough for effortless safe keeping. You will find a storage carry container made out of superior grained wood. The top side is decorated using white, black, and red all-natural hardwood.

The Features:

New 18 cm Handmade Wooden Chess Set
18 x 18 cm StonKraft Handmade Wooden Chess Set

The hand-crafted hardwood portable chess set is a genuine collector's chess game bundle which marks a comeback to conventional craft, and as a consequence, constitutes an impressive gift. It is handmade in the methods that have endured since the coming of chess - with every one hand sculpted.

This StonKraft handmade wooden chess set board is adorned using hard wood inlays and the magnetised pawns are entirely in brown-coloured all-natural wood.
All components are entirely hand-created and the chess game delivers safe-keeping for thirty-two pawns. The independent box is of wood, plus the inlays on top.
[Rating: 8/10]   £28   Get It → StonKraft Foldable Wooden Chess Set  

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Vinyl, Wood, MDF Or Plastic Board Surface?
Yet another kind of unique chess set is the one where the board folds over completely. It is created from vinyl and has a pointed cover to support the board. Several players use pieces with a compact lead weight that provides considerably better equilibrium.

Should The Chess Set Accentuate Your Decor?
These beautiful handmade chess sets are substantial in luxurious design. Many unpretentious-sized games utilise a foldable style and are specifically magnetic to continue the pieces safely fixed. The solid wood chess boards we evaluate do provide fashionable pieces in pleasant contemporary wood styles.

In any situation that you wish to purchase a fancy chess set for all adults, it's preferable to choose something of upper quality. Your best option is to select a wooden board and pieces within the Staunton style employed in established competitions.

: Modern And Classic Magnetic Luxury Chess Sets Rated

Weighted Or Unweighted Chess Pieces?
You will discover chess pieces in many different selections. Nevertheless, the primary difference between them is weighted or unweighted. Chess participants choose weighted pieces because they never topple over and disrupt other positions. These modern chess set pieces possess steel inserts that retain place constantly.

Double Or Triple-Weighted Chess Pieces?
The weighted classification is further broken into double or even triple-weighted. It will not impact the game by any means, and there are no recognised or traditional weights. It truly is your own personal choice to go for weighted or perhaps unweighted chess pieces.

Low Or High Quality Chess Components?
Cool chess sets make the player feel more comfortable shifting the pieces and feel at ease when participating. What a quality chess set appears like will differ from participant to participant. This suggests carefully considering your specific objectives when picking a chess set.

: Dosenstek Folding Hand Crafted Chess Set

You will discover the proportions of this specific folding style wooden travel chess set best suited for implementing on journeys, regardless if on a lengthy holiday or perhaps simply to college. Lightweight and manageable, it can certainly be stacked away in luggage or a back-pack, however it's big enough for a decent game of chess just about anywhere.

The unique chess items are ideally detailed and possess resilient magnets below that are sunken. They really do not contact the chess panel and protect against damage over time. The Dosenstek folding hand crafted chess set will stay organised and you can actually turn the board the other way up and it will not topple.

Folding Travel Chess Set In Brown Finish
Attractive Dosenstek Hand-Crafted Chess Set

This unique folding modern chess set is magnetic, which in turn can make certain the chess components hold on the chess material securely, certainly not straight forward to misplace. Virtually all chess products in the industry usually do not possess this progressive product characteristic.

Adults can play with children, as participating in a chess match is an exceptional approach to improve, refine and benefit bonding parent/children associations. The collapsing box is engineered so the components can be amassed within.

Currently, kids conveniently incline to digital home gadgets which are damaging to their eyesight and wellbeing, but regular chess assists kids to stay away from video game, iPad tablet PC etc. Easily carried and convenient transporting style, impressive for kids in a motorcar or airplane trip.

30cm Folding Hand Crafted Chess Set
Indoors/Outdoors Dosenstek Folding Chess Set

This excellent set is manufactured of non poisonous plastic materials and conforms with EU comparative rules. High quality, environmentally friendly and completely harmless for your youngsters. Great for dedicating monotonous time on the coach or train.

The pieces stay in place and adhere to the board by magnet, so they are less in all probability to get bumped out of position, an essential for participating in congested areas. A good-looking set crafted of 'all-natural' wood, however little or nothing provides the perception of superiority like the appearance and experiencing legitimate wood.

You will enjoy playing chess considerably more with this impressive looking set-up. An excellent gift, this unique set is a remarkable present for any individual who plays chess, or virtually anyone who you want to motivate to give this historic and intellectually demanding game a go.

The Features:

This folding luxury chess set for sale is just right from complete newbies to exceptionally high graded enthusiastic gamers. But all chess players are going to appreciate this excellent chess collection. It is an impressive set both for trips and household play since it closes to compact specifications with the components amassed in the board.

The board opens up to an attractive and maximum sized set created of exquisite wood in a few colours. A wonderful chess set for travels or family, it shuts conveniently for transporting or safe-keeping with the components within the board. It appears good enough to keep set-up eternally in any household.

Wood Folding Hand Crafted Chess Set
Dosenstek Hand Crafted Chess Set

Folding up in one half, the Dosenstek folding hand crafted chess set accommodates the pieces within and tightly snaps shut - it refuses to open up right up until you need it. This chess board comes with algebraic explications on virtually all edges, a nice characteristic that just about all other travel sets might not include.

The panel is screen imprinted steel so it has considerably better magnetic features opposed to a wood surface area with a metallic sheet beneath. On the whole, this is an unsurpassed travelling chess set with an innovative price tag that you will genuinely have fun with.
[Rating: 9/10]   £19   Get It → Dosenstek Folding Wooden Chess Set  

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These magnetic travel chess sets will defy the severity of travelling, while persisting those little pieces in position as expected. The boards may be converted upside down, shaken, and the chess components still remain in their positions.

The chess game boards accommodate the chess-men sturdily in position, even while you're in the vehicle or outside. All the pieces correspond in the board when it's folded. This renders them transportable and effortless to store after play.