Best Foldable Football Tables With 4 Foot Soccer Play Area

Updated 24/11/2019:
The acquisition of a folding football table is without hesitation an excellent game choice. It is a good option for kids, adults, and the whole family for recreational soccer time in any UK home surroundings.

In some locations, tabletop football is customarily regarded as 'foosball', an exciting and entertaining game which is similar to field football. Great if you have decided to establish a foldable tabletop within your residence, or if you are an amateur who just wishes a feel of this exciting game.

C.Bentley 4ft Folding Football Table With Counter

Fold Football Table In Black Finish

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Football on a 4ft folding table is created to be played by two to four individuals for thorough enjoyment and full engagement, mainly when you play against family or buddies. The size of the table is equal to that of air hockey and normally four feet in length and 2 feet in breadth.

Scoring Into The Opposite Goals

The table is composed of eight rows of figures which are placed over each metal pole standing horizontally. A team is assumed to manage four rows of players by pushing poles forward and back to get a touch on the ball. The other two will also handle the remaining four rows, so the idea is to score into the opposite goals hitting the ball.

Basically, it is pertinent to get conversant with some excellent knowledge before you purchase a football table to secure the best available, and most importantly one which will befit your taste. If your choice is to buy a new table, there are a plethora of options obtainable on the market.

Timber Collapsing Leg Foldable Football Table


  • High Quality Construct
  • Easy To Move About


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Collapsing Football Table With Red Players

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For the sake of convenience and quick purchase, it is best advised to understand substantial knowledge about the type of foldable football table you like to buy. Most of the variants have their feet attached, while others require placing them on another.

Folding Multi Games Table Sizes

The tables are made in different sizes with well-defined patterns but based on your skill level, budget limitations, and space available to install the table, you will have multiple options that will best fit your ideal football game. Standalone folding multi game tables are the sized regulation table for this type of gaming.

Arguably, they are the most well-known and luxurious tables among others. While users perform some minor set-up after purchase, it is more or less a one-piece type table. The reason is the tabletop needs to be combined with strong feet created from solid wood, made to stay in place and is consequently rather heavy.

Jump Star Sports 4 Foot Folding Tabletop Football Game


  • Ergo Non-Slip Handles
  • Slide Goal Counters


  • None.

Tabletop Football Game With Curve Corners

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There are some relatively cheap models which are made from the aggregate of MDF and very sturdy wood. They are less dense compared to the standard table, but they still weigh averagely 99.7 lbs etc.

The majority of the stand-alone models are created from high-end and robust elements to ensure they retain their level of quality for years.

Buying For The Size Of Your Home

Some of the solid tables are mostly put outside, however, in the case where the finances can be a problem, strive to take note of the size. Also, remember that some of the 'relatively cheap' variants are not full-sized. The size may be insignificant to many, but a crucial factor to consider during the assessment of football tables.

Standalone models do come in several sizes; however, the most common size of this model is 5 feet long and two feet wide. A disadvantage of this model is that it requires a substantial amount of space, and will need a leveller to remain stable on imbalanced flooring.

Viavito Premium Collapsible Table Top Football Game


  • Thick Playing Surface
  • Fast Intense Game


  • None

Table Top Football Game In Dark Wood

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While standalone can be very expensive to purchase, it is more advisable against the cheap models which can split quickly. While the countertop variants can be placed on the ground, it is objectionable for the sake of comfort and delight during football play.

Tabletop games are also regarded as the mini football tables because of their small size. Such tables are more suitable for young ones and individuals who have only a little space to install the football table in their flat, but still, love to play with glee during their leisure time.

Playing Table Soccer Games In Small Areas

The tabletop is the best option for those who have only a little space in their house or need sufficient space to move around to other areas. You will need a stable platform such as a countertop, dining room table or a coffee table to ascertain a better surface.

Timberlion 4ft Foldable Kids Football Table For Fun

Kids Football Table On It's Side Against Wall

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Several small tabletop table soccer games are preferred by the parents because of affordability and an inspiring way for children to learn and relish playing the game before moving to a bigger table. Still, tabletop's are not only meant for children as they are also used in many college dorms for fun.

Keep in mind that these models are generally made of plastic, a significant reason for the small price. They are less durable and of low quality, but the most important 'plus' of a tabletop model is they can be moved and stored with ease, have lightweight designs and are relatively cheap.

Set about to check if the legs of a tabletop football table are combined with some anti-slip pads to safeguard the furniture balance. Talking of the disadvantages, tabletop models are usually of lesser quality as they are great game gifts made for youngsters rather than adults.

Easy Folding Multi-Game Tables For Kids

Some versions can break apart unexpectedly if placed improperly, can create marks on the surface on which it stands. The folding multi games table is the most advised for those who want the best bargain, or if you want a multi-purpose table for the kids.

Riley Modern Foldable Football Table For Sale Kicker


  • Offers Telescopic Rods
  • Table Folds Very Easily


  • None.

Football Table For Sale In Black And White

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As the name implies, this kind of gaming tables can be used for several games. Once you withdraw the horizontal rods from the table, it can be used for various sports.

The best multi-game tables you can buy in the UK can be quite expensive in comparison to the single-game football table. However, inevitably, they are worthy to invest on as they offer multiple gaming choices and suitable for every member of the family.

While this kind of table is made into various models and different proportions, the majority are generally full-size and show highly diversified performance.

A standard full-size football table is usually around 55.2 inches in length, 31 inches in width and nearly 38.5 inches tall. This is apart from the rods, which stand out from the two sides of the table - which are not measured as the table's width.

Space To Move Freely Around The Table

For those with a small area for installation within their flat etc, pursue and choose a table with a fixed width and fully protracted rods. Make sure there is some space for the players to move around while playing for flexibility.

Mightymast Leisure Gemini 4Ft Table Soccer Match Game


  • Red And Blue Play Teams
  • Comes With 2 Footballs


  • None..

Table Soccer Game With 4 Legs

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It is best advised to choose a full-size football table if you are ready to raise your football skills. Such a table can sanction good play with four players. Besides, the height of the table is a crucial factor to consider before purchase.

Extremely tall tables will be hard for kids to reach the rods, so attempt to find whether the selected table possesses an end-ball or side-ball return. It is advisable to choose the side return because as a single individual, you will be able to push the table against the wall.

Bar Football Table Weighted Players

If you want professional bar football table play, you need to set-up the table with counterweighted figures. It is relevant because the characters will remain in their horizontal position when they are freed, and consequently, they will not block the players during shot taking.

The weight on the head of these counterbalanced figures is equal to the toe weight. This implies that the players are perfectly weighted to stay in a 'horizontal position' until a player pivots the rod, and not prevent any player's shot at goal.

Leomark Easy Set-Up 4 Feet Foldable Tabletop Football


  • 2 Or 4 Players
  • Soccer Fun Sport


  • None

Tabletop Football With Colourd Blue Sides

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A recommendation is always given to choose player figures with fine cross-hatching above their toes and round and glistening ones. This choice will enable the soccer player to make backward and forward passes using the same rod without stress.

Better Shot Taking Components

Plastic-made figures are usually lightweight while the metal-made figures are typically substantial and produce better power during shot taking. Do not compromise with the structure of playing rods, strive to purchase football tables with steel made rods.

It is mostly recommended to secure hollow steel rods which assist in speeding up the gameplay due to their lightweight structure. Most super functional tabletop football tables also use these steel rods. The sturdy steel types are usually used with mid-level tables.

Homcom Kids Folding Multi Games Table Indoors Fun


  • Complete Game Solution
  • Foosball And Billiards


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Multi Games Table With Red White Players

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Regarding the materials used for the fabrication of different components, football tables differ distinctly. A few of the regularly used equipment for their development are solid wood, composite and particleboard etc.

The field markings on the surface of the football table are essential to the game. Apart from making the table look stylish, it assists in lining up the ball before taking shots. Some firms use low-quality stickers to create markings, and as a result, they fade with time - which makes the table appear old and worn.

Buying A Foldable Football Table - Features To Look For

Taking note of the table surface speed is pertinent as most are sturdy and smooth, which enables the ball to move faster during gameplay. Nevertheless, foldable football tables with a solid wood finish usually end in slow ball movement, are commonly found in various shops.

If you want smooth play and something as exciting as the professionals, venture to choose a table where balls can travel smoothly and quickly. The significance of table speed is based on the way you plan to use your table; nevertheless, such importance must be considered.

Garlando Foldy Evolution Folding Bar Football Table


  • PRO Tour Competition
  • Official ITSF Table


  • None..

Bar Football Table With 4 White Legs

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If the table is meant for children, then, make sure it carries no harm from them. A critical measure to take note is the rods, particularly on the sides with no handles since fingers can be caught with ease when there is no sufficient protection.

Make sure you settle for a soccer football table with a reliable and excellent 'ball recovery system' to avoid the stress of entering the football table before you can retrieve the ball.

Look into the safety aspects carefully if the table is to be used in a work setting because any wounded staff can lead to a significant loss for the company, most markedly regarding legal expenses and compensation.

Be sure to select an appealing table which you will like to see around your house. Choose a table befitting of your home or recreational room standard, take your time to check for a folding football table for home activity that will befit your taste as an individual.