Wall Fixed Style Garden Patio Heaters With Light Settings

Updated 28/02/2022:
Our best wall mounted patio heater electric units let you appreciate those open-air evenings for extended periods, and these particularly efficient, attached to the outdoor wall heaters are excellent for patios. An efficient and dependable supply of heat for outdoors, IR heaters warm-up quickly.

Wall-mounted outdoor heaters for the patio may not be easily transportable but are created for long term set-up on a deck or outdoor wall. All are electric power attached to the wall heat lamps that are perfect for small terrace areas where there isn't sufficient space for a free-standing design.

: VonHaus Wall Mounted Outdoor Patio Heater

Using two heat options, delight in your outdoor area with this infra-red heating unit regardless of the weather. It gets hot up to the sought after mode of 1000 W or 2000 Watts within 45 seconds. Every warming setting is designated with coloured light.

Along with warmth, this also functions as an atmospheric light source for nights. It is installed on a straightforward wall structure mounting bracket with all required fittings.

There is a comprehensive VonHaus wall mounted electric patio heater with remote set-up and servicing guidebook, a handy remote control included as well x2 AAA batteries which are necessary but not supplied.

For outdoor usage, this specific heater is water resistant IP65. It works exceptionally well with an IP65 rated socket, so this terrace heater will be securely implemented outside the house.

Mounted Electric Patio Heater With Remote
VonHaus Wall Mounted Electric Patio Heater

A remarkable heat resource can heat up objects over the broader region compared to gas heating units. The extended tube style and 1.8 metres long cable size permit optimum placement. A company 2 years guarantee is incorporated.

Move out in the back garden, even on those chilly nights with the patio heating unit. Highly effective infra-red rays generate an ideal atmosphere and a more comfortable environment. The patio heater is waterproof for harmless external use when combined with an IP-65 ranked outlet. Regarding additional comfort, it is remote device managed.

This outdoor patio heater incorporates a 'quartz tube heat component' and 2 heat controls, each with a coloured light component. It will achieve its most effective heat range following only 45 seconds so that you can begin having fun in some pleasant heat right away.

The Features:

Resolve the wall mounting bracket utilising the fixtures, accessories and tips bundled. The wire is lengthy enough to safely place the heating unit in your desired spot. The pipe appearance is designed to discharge heat proficiently, warming up the nearby region rapidly.

Whether or not throwing a celebration, organising a barbecue or perhaps extravagant relaxing outside the house with a refreshment, this VonHaus wall mounted electric terrace heater should make it pleasurable.

The balcony heater features a tube heating system component and personal choice of heat situations. A lead is sufficiently long to safely and securely place the heating unit inside your ideal position. The tube visual appeal was created to discharge heat competently, warming the nearby area efficiently.

Wall Mounted Outdoor Heater On Brown Brick Wall

£69   VonHaus Wall Mounted Outdoor Heater - Get It!  

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: LiteCraft Patio Wall Heater With Remote

Heat up your open-air space using this remote-controlled heating unit from Litecraft. This heating equipment consists of lights with built-in LED bulbs, which are cost-effective and may not be switched. They are non-replaceable, helping you save cash on the bulbs plus your energy expenses.

The remote control feature is fantastic for functionality because you do not even need to manage your heating unit. A warmth circulation of 12 square metres presents heat throughout a substantial area, perfect for equally more significant and more compact outside regions.

One additional useful feature with this LiteCraft wall mounted electric patio heater is the IP44 ranking, which means the heater is safeguarded from spilling water. Perfect for overcoming wet weather, the floor-stand appropriate for this item is likewise available, letting you place the heater anyplace.

Bright Electric Patio Heater Unit
LiteCraft Electric Patio Heater

The outside glowing heater will certainly produce hotter situations as you use your exterior locations. It lets you utilise space more efficiently even if the heat dips.
This black heater incorporates a remarkably successful 3000 Watts carbon fibre heating system component. It will include a 'pull' transition for proper integrated functionality.

This lighting fixture may be wall attached and possesses an extended wire that lets you place the piece to face the path it is most successful. The water-resistant evaluation guarantees essential safety outside the house, and the black finish supplies a primary but trendy impression. Characteristics include carbon fibre heat, handheld remote control, LED lights, heater, and lit signals.

The Features:


  • Looks Fantastic..
  • Handy Remote Device


  • None..

There exists a 360 degrees digital tip over the essential safety switch. It is IP44 graded incorporates a 1.8-metre electric power cord plus UK standard connector. It offers you 12 square metres of high-temperature light/heat circulation.

This specific rectangular outdoor patio heater includes several functional capabilities to produce the ideal item for you personally. It can be attached to the ceiling or perhaps a wall structure to generate more everlasting control. You can modify the configurations without even needing to get up.

Three adjustments enable you to regulate the LiteCraft wall mounted electric patio heater's high-temperature strength depending on your personal necessities. It is just the thing for just about every single season and run by a powerful 3000W system.

IP65 standing safeguards this product from leaking water slanted around 15 degrees. A heat supply of 20 meters and long electric wire likewise make this highlight an excellent option for small and large places, effortlessly fitting directly into your outdoor area.

Patio Wall Heater With Black

£275   LiteCraft Patio Wall Heater 3000 Watts - Get It!  

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: ATR ARTTOREAL Outdoor Wall Heater IR

The wall positioned infrared electric power patio heater offers exceptional instant heat with twenty-four hours operating functions. There is a timer and remote control mechanism, plus 2000 Watts power within this light/heater equipment.

Warming up the area rapidly takes the evening chill away from you in any open space outdoors. Secure and well-balanced, this ATR ARTTOREAL Instant Warm wall mounted infrared heater generates simply no odours, harsh chemicals or gases.

This wall installed electric deck heater generates 5100 BTUs of superior quality heat. The (Golden Tube) supplies an ECO successful heating system with a life expectancy of 5000 hours. It is scarcely impacted by blowing wind.

A heavy-duty framework and flexible bracket are crafted from aluminium and sophisticated steel. With IPX4 waterproof protection, it is graded to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Several adjustable brackets will fulfil your necessitate, and it's simple to set up.

New Wall Mounted Infrared Heater
ATR ARTTOREAL Wall Mounted InfraRed Heater

With regards to protection and power preservation, the infrared heating system guarantees simply no toxic gas release to the clean air. Enjoy instantaneous heat within just three to five seconds.

At the same time, you will find an LED signal light and overheat the safety aspect. Conserving more power than a regular ethanol or gas heating unit, this heater offers you a very long service life.

Together with a noiseless function with several purposes, simply no blowing wind, sound functioning, it provides you with a highly cosy heat. It is suited for virtually any location - household or business.

Furthermore, including all regions, it is excellent for outdoor eating, patios, pergolas, garage area, outdoor patio, and storage shed. In addition to shops, bookstores and dining establishments, the heater has become ideal for production facilities, showrooms, halls, stockrooms and many others.

The Features:


  • Silver Bar Radiance
  • Carbon Heating Element


  • None.

Even though the ATR ARTTOREAL Instant Warm wall fixed infrared heater is water-resistant. Never use it whenever it is pouring down rain or in damp circumstances. Kids must be monitored to ensure they do not use the product. Never place immediately over or beneath the socket.

Enjoy immediate warmth up inside and outside consistently and very quickly with this particular electric powered deck heater. Crafted from a combination of sophisticated grade steel, it is IP55 waterproof. And it is made to withstand the most difficult of UK climates.

Outdoor Wall Heater With Blue LED Settings

£69   ATR ARTTOREAL Wall Heater Infra-Red - Get It!  

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: Heat-Up Objects Or Just People?

Outside wall mounted infrared heaters make use of IR rays to produce high temperature. A technology as organic as noticeable light, infra-red rays are a safe type of power which soaks up into the skin producing heat. Instead of heating up the environment, infra-red heat up objects and individuals precisely.

: Patio Wall Heaters For Winter Fun

The outdoor heat lamps are an excellent option for areas where atmosphere currents might interrupt standard interior heating strategies. Obtainable in just about all styles and sizes, these outdoor patio heaters provide indistinctly different solutions to heat the deck or outdoor area.

: Fix The Heater To Ceiling Or Wall?

A few electric powered patio wall heaters demand fitting or installation to a wall while others are free-standing. You will find undoubted advantages to both. Still, a ceiling attached electric power deck heater is usually higher so may cast and disperse heat from up high, although free-standing patio deck heaters are simpler to manoeuvre than many wall mounted electric heaters for home usage.

: Perhaps Attach To A Stand Or Pole

For complete versatility, think about an outdoor wall heater that provides equally a chance to be attached along with the choice to remain or perhaps be combined with a stand. This means that regardless of the occasion, there is no doubt understanding that you possess an outside heating strategy to suit.

: About Infra-Red Patio Heater Waves

Yet another impact to take into account is the kind of wave that the infra-red patio heater utilises. Short waves create high temperature in our bodies along with physical objects, then extend to those nearby. Which means that a gust or drop in heat is not going to impact your heating system. Moderate and longwave lights, nonetheless heat the environment themselves.

: Even Dispersal Of IR Heater Warmth

Although flexible waterproof electric patio heaters which can be relocated about in addition to being installed are an added bonus, knowing how you will attach the heater is essential to comprehend the right placement. Doing so using a heater with timer functionality will assure you get the most effective dispersal of infra-red wall heater warmth.

: CASART Mounted Infra-Red Heater For Decks

Along with speedy heating up and 3 user options, the wall attached heater provides heat in a short time frame without extended waiting in the winter season. You will discover three heating system modalities which range from 500 Watts to 1500 Watts - so pick according to your necessity.

Utilising a relaxed angle style when compared to conventional units, this heater can be modified top to bottom to fulfil your requirements. The CASART 1500W electric infrared garden patio heater is functional and will offer you much more warmth and convenience.

A 24-hour timer could help you save electric power when you find yourself not in your own home or falling asleep. Consequently, you don't have to switch it off in the chilly nighttime. It will continue to work silently and not necessarily trouble your sleeping pattern or functioning.

IR Garden Patio Heater Unit
CASART IR Garden Patio Heater

This specific wall positioned infrared heating unit will be offered with a handy remote control. You can arrange it in your hand instead of strolling in the direction of it to alter the settings. This is genuinely labour-saving and very intuitive for the chilly winter seasons.

For longevity and protection, the housing is constructed of lightweight aluminium alloy with excellent functionality and sturdiness to work for many years. It has overheating safety and IP34 water-resistant performance to assure user protection.

Compared to other designs of electrical heating systems, such as transportable radiant area heating units, these IT heaters tend to be more streamlined. Consequently, they will 'lower your electric power usage' and expenditures.

Infrared heating units tend not to heat up the air. Nevertheless, they heat individuals and items instantly. For that reason, they use approximately 40 percent less power to generate precisely the same comfort as standard space heating units.

The Features:

This extremely silent heater presents to consumers excellent heat in most chilly winter seasons. The infrared heater is comfortable and pretty quiet - even for your infant. Accompanied by remote control, managing the ON/OFF and timer features is advantageous. You don't actually have to depart from your own couch or mattress.

One press to activate and shut off, and another press to immediately acquire the preferred timer option. Using the CASART 1500W Electric Infrared garden patio heater, it is uncomplicated to discover whether or not you have to fine-tune the system's electrical power.

The 24 hours timer function enables you to select the time you desire beforehand. The infrared heating unit will instantly shut down whenever there is an excessively high heat range.

Wall Mounted Heater With 4 Button Remote

£87   CASART Wall Mounted Infra-Red Heater - Get It!  

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: Heatlab 2kW Outdoor Heat Lamp Quartz Tube

This heater's infrared heating system component is resilient and incredibly inexpensive to operate, charging 10p per hour if you use the 700W model. Several heat options of 700W, 1400W and 2000 Watts permit you to manage the heat to match your environment.

An incorporated handheld remote control lets you control high-temperature configurations plus electric power from a pleasant extended distance. An automated overheat safeguard provides security and safety for your household and provides you reassurance.

This Heatlab 2kW wall mounted outdoor heater may be slanted to meet your requirements. The light and portable body can be installed anyplace you ultimately choose.

Unwind in your own back garden regardless of the weather conditions with this adaptable infrared heating equipment. Detailed with handy remote control, this specific heat strategy will allow you to arrange the optimal temperature for you personally and attendees.

Wall Mounted Outdoor Heater
Heatlab Wall Mounted Outdoor Heater

This particular heater assists in keeping your outside spaces clear because of its wall structure installed style. This means you don't have to compromise the table or even the patio area for the heater.

The beneficial wall-mountable structure permits warm environmental warmth to gleam down on visitors. Allow your dinners and celebrations to carry on outdoors longer into the nighttime in ambience - and a high level of comfort.

This heating unit will come provided with a wall installing mounting bracket, enabling you to connect this heating unit to virtually any appropriate fence. It is a straightforward and successful solution to supply heat to your outdoor patio or terrace.

All wall mounting brackets are utterly flexible, permitting you to guide the heat where it's necessary most. It will not hamper effortless control of the heating unit due to the practical remote device.

The Features:


  • Quartz Tube Heater
  • Lovely LED Illumination


  • None

As a consequence of this heater, after the sunlight decreases, there is no explanation to move inside. You can remain warm and cosy in the gorgeous natural environment of your own back garden.

This is a durable yet light and portable heating unit created from aluminium. This heater's substantial-quality components and structure make sure that it keeps sturdy and servicing free.
This Heatlab 2kW wall mounted heater helps you de-stress in your lawn, regardless of the time of year.

Adopt high temperature without departing your chair while using the functional handy remote control to improve and reduce the heat, or even use the timer.
To conserve power, you may adapt the strength of the heating unit in between 700W, 1400W, and 2000 Watts, economising on those living expenses and supporting the environmental surroundings.

Outdoor Heat Lamp With Black Surround

£87   Heatlab 2kW Outdoor Heat Lamp Quartz Tube - Get It!  

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: Kiam Wall Hung Infrared Wall Heater

A wall hung electric heater for patio with 3 heating configurations to ascertain your ideal temperature, now including options of 750 Watts, 1000 Watts, as well as 2000 Watts.

It's flexible and impressive for bars, eating houses, patios, back gardens, balconies, decking or summer houses. All-powerful infra-red heating system component supplies a comfy hot bright high temperature.

Wall Hung Electric Heater Patio With Remote Device

The Features:

Great for keeping warm underneath the summer-time night sky with it's wall structure attaching fix, an appealing and chic add-on to just about any back garden.

This first-class garden heating unit fastens to virtually any exterior wall, affording you impressive heat and includes a 1 year warranty for bestowed reassurance.
[Rating: 9/10]   £149   Get It → Kiam Wall Hung Infrared Wall Heater  

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: Prem I Air Electric Outdoor Heat Light

Appreciate the garden all year round with this particularly powerful 2.3 kW wall mountable patio area heater. Presenting 2 heat configurations as well as a flexible head, this space-saving, attached to the wall patio heater is fantastic for use within household garden or business areas.

Electric Fire In White Finish

The Features:


  • Contemporary Style Unit
  • ECO Option Sensor


  • None..

The broader, 2 bar style and white finish provide a fashionable as well as modest appearance that will suit conventional and much more modern day surroundings.

The patio heating unit possesses a built-in illumination, as well as simple to use press switch adjustments, plus an (ECO choice) with sensing unit to save cash on electricity.
[Rating: 9/10]   £128   Get It → Prem Wall Mounted Outdoor Heat Light  

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: Veito Blade Electric Outdoor Wall Heater

The Veito Blade inside and outside patio area heating unit is an aesthetically designed wall structure and ceiling installed heater, appropriate for indoors and outside.

Use in bath rooms, as well as narrow locations. Heating capability may be established to four diverse ranges of 1000, 1500, 2000 and '2500 Watts' power.

Electric Wall Mounted Heater For Outdoors With Black Remote

The Features:

Any time the heating unit is 'bumped' over, it will instantly de-activate. It's a fashionable unit using a contemporary appearance, and it will not take up much living space.

Using the handheld remote control, you are able to set-up just about all capabilities and configurations. Easily manage the heating degrees, trigger and set the timer function.
[Rating: 9/10]   £320   Get It → Veito Electric Outdoor Wall Heater  

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: Outsunny Garden Patio Heater With Remote

The patio area heating unit consists of wall mountable bracket, 'up-down' variable mount with anchoring screws incorporated for straightforward set-up.

Alter the temperature to a secure degree and lower the functional expenses of this heater easily. You will not even need to leave your seat due to the remote device.

Electric Wall Mounted Fire For Patio

The Features:


  • Indoor Or Outdoor
  • Silent Safe Heating


  • None..

The small display screen plainly demonstrates the present temperature and the heater's electrical power productivity. Quartz infra-red heating devices are exceedingly effective, which will help reduce your power usage.

Each of the components are enveloped in an aluminium case and definitely will look at home in almost any environment.
[Rating: 9/10]   £89   Get It → Outsunny Electric Garden Patio Heater  

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: 10 Electric Wall Heaters Compared - Efficient And Low Cost

To accomplish set-up, appraise the position for heating dimensions, after that direct the electric garden heater unit downward for the region which you would prefer to heat-up. The more potent the heater, the higher up it really should be installed to ensure a broader circulation of warmth.

How High For The Outdoor Heat Lamp?

Most wall mounted outdoor heaters are used often by people who wish to conserve space on the floor or on their own deck, and can be used to heat up conservatories. The heating unit emits sufficient heat to maintain you warm, although remaining out of the way when you utilise this location for relaxing.

: La Hacienda Wall Fixed Outdoor Electric Heater

Keep yourself warm when outside using this effective high powered 2Kw wall electric garden heater unit. Whether you delight in unwinding inside the garden, then this first-class mounted heater will certainly assist you to make the best of outdoors areas, perhaps on the nights when the temperature dips.

The high power heater features 3 heat configurations, enabling you to select the degree of heat required minus squandering any power. Select from 650W, 1300W or the upper limit of 2 Kw maximum heat power.

Electric Garden Heater In Black On Brick Wall

The Features:

Best for keeping yourself nice and warm when the temperature deteriorates, this modern conception delivers with a remote, from where it's possible to manage the high temperature environment - and a time counter mode which can additionally be arranged from 1 up to 24 hours.

Made from robust steel, this excellent heating unit is solid and secure, and may be attached to the wall utilising 4 angle brackets. It additionally comprises an integral over-heating system safety for concluded user reassurance.
[Rating: 9/10]   £57   Get It → La Hacienda Outdoor Electric Heater  

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These wall hung outdoor heat lamps are suitable for keeping warm and conserving space. If you're a bit of short on room and discover that open-air events are increasingly being 'cut short' from the winter season chill, then it may be time for you to invest in an eco-friendly patio heater.