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Outdoor Electric Patio Heaters For Garden Entertainment

Updated 26/04/2021:
With widespread heat, our electric patio heaters are ideal for anyone that relishes the most successful solution to garden warmth. The outdoor electric heaters enable rapid infra-red to keep your guests warm on the deck. See our waterproof wall mounted patio heaters.

The modern and stylish electric garden heaters are excellent easy-to-care-for choices that bring extra heat on your outdoor living area. Numerous outdoor halogen heater styles exist to match just about every space and terrace heating demand.

Quartz Patio Heater Lamp
Quartz Patio Heater Lamp

: OUTH OutdoorHeater Electric 3Kw Infra-Red

Due to the IP44 scores, this patio OutoorHeater is created together equally for indoor and outdoor freestanding usage - simply perfect for household, BBQ spaces, garages, patio area or back gardens.

With simply no stress of any adverse climate, you will be encircled by lovely instantaneous heat right after you turn on the heating unit.


  • Handy Tip-Over Switch Security
  • Halogen Tubes Last 8000 Hours


  • None..

Key Features:

What To Look For:

  • 3 Heat Settings 1200, 1800, 3000 kW
  • Tall Floor Standing Decking Heater

Why We Love It:

  • Instant Warmth When Activated
  • The Heater Is So Simple To Set-Up

The carbon fibre heating system uses electric power. It does not discharge Co2, conserving money on energy compared with a conventional heater. Some incomplete assembling is needed in the flexible elevation set-up pole. Still, the switch transition makes the heater considerably easy to use.

The heater radiates high temperature with no scents, chemical substances or smoke - heating the object or perhaps person before the heater instead of the front side.
The OutoorHeater is climate and dirt resistant plus upkeep free, establishing a tip-over switch for protection. Throughout this item - the halogen tubes are ultra-successful.

Electric Heater In Polished Steel Finish

£299   OUTH Outdoor Electric Heater IR - Get It!  

: Mensa Electric Garden Heater Free Standing

This Mensa heater generates a swift and energetic heat that's exquisite for coping with ever-changing outdoor conditions. Infrared journeys throughout the air to heat persons and subjects immediately. The positioning is as an 'under-table heating' unit that warms your physique and lower limbs.

Suitable for late comforting sessions on the veranda or for any family members tenting adventure, the patio heating unit incorporates a practical carry handle and heavy base for further balance.

What To Look For:

  • Unique Safe Touch Concept
  • Over-Heat Sensor Provided

Why We Love It:

  • Heats People Very Quickly
  • Smart Under Table Heater

Key Features:


  • Great For Entertaining
  • Very Sturdy And Secure


  • None here..

The Mensa heater presents instantaneous heat with its straightforward on/off switch. Given that the unit is attached to an electric power resource, all you have to do is select where you are, take the heater along - and enjoy reassuring warmth.

Tall Electric Garden Heater In Black

£199   Mensa Electric Garden Heater - Get It!  

: HeatLab IR Patio Heater Free Standing 2Kw

The Heatlab patio heater is affordable to use - below 9p for one hour operating expense. It is flexible with an IPX4 acceptance that implies this heater fits both indoor and external use. The durable high efficient bulb provides you with approximately 2500 hours of lighting existence.

Furnished with overheat safeguards, the patio heating unit is family beneficial and very safe. There is a variable level elevation and 45-degrees up-down adjustable heating unit head - well suited for almost all sized areas.

Its stylish, long-lasting and reliable style, the Heatlab patio heater steady base is made to protect against it becoming toppled. An excellent source of equally heat and illumination, suitable for socialising at nighttime.

What To Look For:

  • Economical Energy-Efficient Bulb
  • Stable Base Is Topple Proof

Why We Love It:

  • Fully Waterproof IPX4 Endorsed
  • Two Years Guarantee CE Certified

Key Features:


  • Lovely Warm Light
  • Three Heat Options


  • None..

IR Patio Heater On Black Pole

£225   HeatLab Infra-Red Patio Heater - Get It!  

Why Choose An Electric Patio Heater?

Electric infrared patio heaters will be the most effective and can be set-up in both inside and outdoor spaces. The heaters are dependent on mains electrical power like almost all heating elements connected, but you may need an extension wire.

Different Kinds Of Heat Output

The outdoor heat lamps function by radiant warmth signifying the nearer you are to the heat source, the hotter you may become. This kind of heat is offered by an infrared concept that is more affordable than gas terrace heaters, and considerably better suited to inside execution.

Are Electric Heaters Safer Than Gas?

Due to their energy source, electric-powered garden patio heaters are much less harmful. Smaller sized and less bulky than gas types, electric patio heaters are simpler to manage and never need air-flow to use both inside and outdoors.

Which Heater Is More Eco-Friendly?

The small patio heaters are incredibly successful and yield no carbon exhausts or greenhouse gas, rendering them just about the most eco mindful decision. These heaters are available in contemporary freestanding and wall-mounted versions, but our fire pit bowls are for the more daring.

Freestanding Or Tabletop Style?

Outdoor waterproof electric patio heaters have evolved over time and are available in various varieties, typically the most preferred are freestanding designs, then tabletop heating units. You may also acquire some more impressive IR pyramid versions and wall attached styles.

Useful wall mounted patio heaters are excellent if you need an outside heater that may be enduringly fixed and secure, but you might choose a wall installed style. The deck heaters are ordinarily electric powered and use IR methods to keep people warm in winter.

: Harrier Heat Lamp Electric IR 1800W

The elevation of the Harrier 1800 Watts standing upright patio heater varies between 157 cm and 190 cm to help you modify the heating unit's peak to your preferred height.
The backyard heater highlights an LED signal that plainly displays when the heater has become started up and off to your benefit and satisfaction.

The power-efficient electric powered heater benefits carbon fibre heat components. Every element possesses a life span of over 50000 operating hours.
For extra safety precautions, there is a tip-over device on the tower system heater. Therefore if it falls over, it is instantly powered down for your confidence.

The patio area electric heating unit is IP65 accepted, signifying it is appropriate for outdoor usage. The Harrier standing veranda heater is designed for your personal garden/decking or perhaps as a present.

What To Look For:

  • Enhanced Topple Safety Features
  • Perfect For Your Own Decking

Why We Love It:

  • Highly Efficient Carbon Components
  • LED Indications For User Comfort

Key Features:


  • Heater Is Easy To Relocate
  • Flexible User Height Options


  • None

Outdoor Heat Lamp On Round Steel Base

£189   Harrier Outdoor Heat Lamp IR - Get It!  

: WAN Parasol Patio Heater Electric Light

This excellent umbrella heater supplies direct and silent heat with 3 adaptable power configurations of 650, 1300, 2000 Watts. Warming up to 12 sq ft, the unit is versatile to virtually any standard parasol pole with a straightforward set-up - plus no tools demanded.

The arms collapse carefully to the umbrella pole for unproblematic safe-keeping. It's an uncomplicated and safe to implement heater with cool contact protection and 'anti-tip' transition - just in case the heater tips over. The deck parasol heating unit is IP34 qualified and climate/dust tolerant for external use.

What To Look For:

  • Eco-Friendly Quiet Heater
  • Versatile Power Selections

Why We Love It:

  • Efficient With Low Running Costs
  • IR Rays Warm You Up Instantly

Key Features:


  • Warm Bright Lighting
  • Heater May Be Folded


  • None..

Patio Electric Heater With Black Exterior

£259   WAN 2Kw Parasol Patio Heater - Get It!  

: FMX Patio Heater Ceiling Hanging Style

Having a very intense peaceful heating element of 1500 Watts electric power resource, the FMX heater warms in a gentle and immediate approach. It will satisfy you, making you feel relaxed.

The heated airflow will be elevated, developing convection warmed air throughout the entire space. The complete procedure is peaceful and continuous. You will not get into the difficulty of feeling dry simply by the movement of air.

What To Look For:

  • Trendy Steel Housing Exterior
  • Ceiling Fixed Hanging Options

Why We Love It:

  • Environment Friendly Heater
  • Stay Warm In Chilly Winter

Key Features:

More secure and eco-friendly, creating simply no harmful odours or gases, the heater is well suited for gardens. It is ideal for shelters, patios, balconies or interior/outdoor living rooms.

If the FMX patio heating unit is overheating or tipping over, it will eventually instantly disconnect. Equally, the tip-over and over-heating protections permit you to benefit from the warmth. However, there is no requirement to bother about any safety challenges.


  • For Indoors And Outdoor
  • Anodised Alloy Frame


  • None at all

Black Round Patio Heater In Ceiling Style

£169   FMX Patio Heater Hanging Style - Get It!  

Types Of Outdoors Patio Heater

Small tabletop patio heater versions are simply maintained on top of a desk/stand. When you have a back garden table that friends and family will be relaxing around, this is preferred as you will appreciate full circle warmth available in gas and electric power types.

Affordable To Run Garden Heaters

For anyone searching for a more eco-friendly solution, stylish all-electric flame patio heaters could be superb versions compared to gas types. They are the most affordable to run; however, they do not produce as much warmth - unless you are very near to the heating unit.

Heat You Up But Not The Air Around

Most of the standing heaters are made to heat you - and indeed not the air surrounding you. Being electrically powered explains that you won't need to bother about obtaining new gas containers, plus they will heat-up instantaneously - visit the lovely patio awnings page.

Enjoy Full Circle Rotating IR Heat

Infrared patio heaters are easy to implement, simply connect and revel in some warmth. There is no unique planning needed to use your new infra-red pyramid patio heater unit. There are zero pipes to install and no equipment to transport as it just involves heat components and cables.

: Quartz Infrared Garden Patio Heater

Although there are essential safety criteria, they may be much more easygoing here when compared to when we feature a gas patio heating unit. Plenty of people declare that electric infrared garden patio heaters are the prevailing fit as they work exceptionally well inside and outside.

You will discover an excellent selection of patio heaters in existence in various styles, forms and magnitudes. The dimensions of the patio heater frequently impact the cost and those who have a bigger spending budget for a large outdoor heat lamp on the terrace.

: Deryang Table-Top Portable Patio Heater

What To Look For:

  • Creates 10000 BTU Power
  • Piezo Electric Ignition Start

Why We Love It:

  • First-Rate Weighted Base Heater
  • Offers Tipping Safety Protection

Key Features:


  • Secure Safety Mesh
  • Double Heat Lamps


  • None..

Table Top Patio Heater With Black Base

£369   Deryang Table Patio Heater - Get It!  

: Urban Haus 2000 W IR Patio Heater

Umbrella fixed infrared patio heater including a 2000 Watts head unit with a pressed metal and steel design, rendering it appropriate for inside as well as open-air surroundings.

An absolutely essential for your veranda, this excellent Urban Haus 2000 Watts IR decking heating unit has arrived to support a warm, comfortable and welcoming ambience. It's ideal when you socialise within your backyard garden or terrace right now; limitations have become available.

What To Look For:

  • Works Via Treble Quartz Elements
  • Quick Smooth And Easy Heat-Up

Why We Love It:

  • Can Be Angled To 45 Degrees
  • Freestanding Or Wall Options

Infrared Patio Heater Units In Black On Pole

Key Features:


  • 2000 Watts Power
  • Economical Heat


  • None Here..

Look ahead to sharing time together with your good friends and family members inside your garden, experiencing the comfy heat from your infrared heating unit. The Urban Haus heater advantages from 3 heating system alternatives, so that you can arrange the heat to your spectrum of conveniences.

It is immune by currents of air and 92 percent of the power expended is converted directly in to infra-red heat energy that affords an efficient, effective heating system.

Accommodates most domesticated parasols using mast sizes as much as 55 cm. Specs fits rod dimensions of 25 up to 55 mm. Heating system yields 4 x 500 Watts light production units allowing a friendly red coloured illumination.
[Rating: 9/10]   £199   Get It → Urban Haus Infra-Red Patio Heater  

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Heat Required For Your Size Of Patio

The most typical scale of patio heater may be the freestanding heating unit. The units often provide roughly 42000 BTU of warmth productivity. This is undoubtedly essential for freestanding heating units, as even more heat is required for a bigger space as opposed to tabletop patio heater units.

Tabletop Patio Heater Productivity

The modest-sized tabletop infrared patio heater need not be that much potent. You will notice that many tabletop versions provide heat productivity of in and around 13500 BTU. The reason is they just need to heat up a close-by region and is satisfactory due to this.

: Electric Patio Heaters For Terrace And Gardens

Ensure that you keep any kind of extra fuel for the heating unit properly. Deck heater gas may become combustible under specific circumstances, which suggests you should really store it out of your home in a cool space along with the garden chiminea in the garage area perhaps.

Small Wall Fixed Patio Heater Set-Up

Wall heating units are classified as the least potent varieties of patio heater and are likewise generally the most compact sort as well. It is recommended to set-up the electric garden heater on a flat and level surface area with ample surrounding clearance.

: UNK Electric Free Standing Patio Heater

The 2 kW outside heater comes with remote controlled features and economic system which automatically switches off the heat once no more apparent motion is observed. Waterproofed and configured for function in gardens, on balconies, terraces, and so on.

This UNK parasol mounted electric powered patio heater provides you with high temperature and light, plus a powerful infrared light that instantly heats. There is a topple safety system, protecting safety net and a warming area of up to 20 square metres.

What To Look For:

  • A Powerful Terrace Heater
  • Heater Collapses Separately

Why We Love It:

  • 650 To 2000w Heat Modes
  • Fully Height Adjustable

Electric Heater For Patio

Key Features:


  • Transport Wire Storage
  • Remote Control Included


  • None..

With a collapsible style, the parasol installed electric power patio heater may be folded away on an individual basis. Therefore it is simpler to store underneath the umbrella. There exists a 3m extended electric wire, and the foundation is enlarged. The framework is somewhat stable and never simple to topple.

This exterior warmer is every bit accommodated to specialised events, occasions or day-to-day utilisation. This fashionable patio or garden heater features an 'in-built illumination' in the top which may be angled to 4 dissimilar locations. It comes with carbon fibre engineering in the infra-red light heating component.
[Rating: 9/10]   £239   Get It → UNK Electric Heater For Patio  

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: CILY Pyramid Gas Flame Patio Heater

Constructed using superior, high-grade steel and powder layered aluminium, this excellent CILY pyramid patio heating unit is water-repellent. It is fully resistant to different adverse weather conditions as well.

It could possibly manage exposure to the cruel sunlight, corrosion endorsing harsh salt air - and water plus severe freezing temperature ranges and even more.

This unique pyramid fashioned outdoor heater is driven simply by liquefied gas. It exhibits a nice-looking open flame securely found in a quartz glass pipe.
Its column structure and pagoda processed reflector on top of the system assist maximal high temperature and heat radiating and disseminating, all spanning a 10 to 16-foot range.

What To Look For:

  • High Power Can Attain 13 Kw
  • The Flame Is Easily Adjusted

Why We Love It:

  • Water Proof And Wind Resistant
  • Liquefied Gas Pyramid Heater

Implement with the liquefied gas barrel - place it immediately towards the bottom of the heating unit, fire up and burn up, providing you with the liquefied gas within the glass conduit in the centre.
It works through the immediate exhaust gas resource technique, so you can adapt the flow rate of the liquefied gas throughout.

This type of beautiful yet practical garden heater contains an integrated safety control device that immediately turns off the heater's gas source if slanted/leaned. Additionally, there is a protection net to safeguard you from fire flame issues.

Upright Flame Patio Heater In Triangular Design

Key Features:


  • High Powered 13.5 Kw
  • Floor Pyramid Design


  • Pricey..

The high-temperature diffusion range may achieve 10 to 20 square metres/diameter - 3 to 10 metres. This unique CILY pyramid terrace heater is a modern-day freestanding design, well suited for equally professional and domestic settings.

A tall steel pyramid styled gas flame patio heater that's a magnificent strategy to contribute heat as well as illumination to your back garden with a little additional style.

This impressive mix of components affords a present-day conclusion that's additionally high temperature and rust proof, perfect for any time of year full deployment.

It's just right for adaptable heat production on the terrace. The bottom segment of the heating unit possesses a place in which the gas container can be stacked away out of view securely.
[Rating: 9/10]   £699   Get It → CILY Pyramid Gas Patio Heater

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Although the small patio heater is outdoors, there is a fire chance with the heating units. Pick a heater with a protection tilt control. This is necessary for those who have the floor or table positioned patio heater. Under no circumstances use of an outdoor electric heater that is meant for external use inside.

Outdoor patio heaters discharge sufficient heat to keep you warm at sociable get-togethers or a dinner party etc. Standing up steel electric patio heaters deviate in elevation and style, and all the heating units are just perfect for festivities and genuine heat comfort outside.