Modern Electric Fires Wall Mounted With Flicker Flame

Updated 03/02/2022:
A unique electric wall hung fire creates an attention-grabbing focus in your living room or bedroom. Very easy to set-up and economical, a flame effect electric wall fireplace makes the ideal solution for heat.

Without having the floor areas for a fireplace, wall hanging electric fires are an easy way to enhance your home devoid of squandering valuable floor space. Their streamlined style and all-natural pebble/log beds ensure they are exquisite for any household.

Black Inset Wall Electric Fire
Living Room Inset Wall Electric Fire

: HomeZone White Wall Mounted Electric Fire

An accurate flame perception electric fireplace is absolutely essential in any current contemporary living space. This flame impact fire will look fabulous in just about any room or area using a fashionable streamlined structure and straightforward control buttons.

An efficient and trendy electric fire, it is wall installed with fundamental fixings. It will be attached to virtually any room wall in the household. The HomeZone realistic flame wall fireplace includes easy to navigate configurations with cost-effective electric and helpful hand remote control.

The fireplace incorporates an LED digital flame influence with log impact, plus warming options of 1000W and 2000 Watts in a fresh design with many features. It possesses a 7 day 24 hours timer, and then BS moulded connector. You may control heat and flame impact efficiently.


  • Great In Any Smart Living Space
  • Flame Effect Is Ultra Realistic


  • None here..

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Beautiful Geometric Design
  • Lovely Glass Fronted Fire

Unique Selling Point:

  • Looks Fab Below Any TV
  • Remote Device Included

You will love the grey MDF mantel and plinth using a toughened glass front side of the fire. The merchandise possesses a 'surprisingly realistic' flame impression and log bed look. The flare effect can be tweaked for strength, illumination, and high-temperature options.

You can use the multi-function programmable handheld remote control with a screen. The push-button power will immediately turn the fire off and on between 1 and 2kW as the space heater requires. 2x AAA batteries are supplied in the HomeZone wall mounted fireplace.

Specs: 240V | 2000W | LCD | LED Flame | 132 x 21 x 58 cm

There are low operating costs for the flame impact. This is a quiet heating unit with down looking electric outlet so Televisions can be installed above. Remote device capabilities include off/on, flame impact, temperature control system, and the programme shut off timer function.

White Wall Mounted Electric Fire With Logs

£349   HomeZone White Wall Electric Fire - Get It!  

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: Warmiehomy Wall Mounted Flame Effect Fire

Exceptional and very attractive, this wall installed electric power fireplace comes with an authentic flame consequence. Press the (Dimmer) control key for functioning that application. Every time the dimmer press button is pushed, the light strength of the fire lessens.

You will discover 5 illumination variants you can circuit through, plus the (OFF) environment. This electric power fireplace can be utilised in cold weather for home heating and other months for pure decor. The Warmiehomy mounted fireplace creates a spectacular atmosphere without fumes.

Establishing the authentic flame illusion in every room with an open fireplace intimate light offers you a relaxing setting. Highlights include 2 heat levels plus a black flat reinforced glass front partition. A remote control is supplied with on/off, heat regulation, dimmer and power.


  • Works Well In Any Family Home
  • Creates A Reposeful Atmosphere


  • None at all

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Hardened Glass Front Section
  • Hand Remote - Timer In-Built

Unique Selling Point:

  • Dimmer And Light Settings
  • Decor For The Living Area

The Warmiehomy mounted electric fireplace offers flexible heat adjustments from 62F to 82F plus 900W and 1800 Watts. Convenient to set up, simply mount it on the wall structure surface.

Specs 900W 1800W | 128 x 14 x 55 cm | 240V | 50 Inches

Appropriate for bedroom, living room space and family areas, even your place of work such as seminar space and so on. This electric-powered fireplace works exceptionally well with a charming light fixture for a comfortable, welcoming destination.

Black Flame Effect Electric Fire

£259   Warmiehomy Flame Effect Electric Fire - Get It!  

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: Marco Paul Wall Mounted Electric Fire Suite

Thoroughly wall-mounted, this designer fireplace incorporates wall mounting brackets for easy set-up. You may select the suitable lighting option with 3 fire light configurations and a lower LED light fixture. You will also find two temperature variants to help you make your space comfy and warm.

A convenient remote control suggests that you can modify the Marco Paul wall mounted fireplace suite flames and heat variants from the safety of your couch.
A timer denotes you can determine when the fire activates if you are at home or out. Exchangeable pebble and log fuel beds permit you to generate your own sought after outcome.

Wall structure installed, contemporary and exceptional in its design and style, this is an attractive fireplace. A thicker solid wood surround in white and grey finish will undoubtedly accommodate virtually any decor trend, setting up a beautiful centrepiece.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Tweak The Flames And The Heat
  • Set To Come On Before You Return

Unique Selling Point:

  • Simply No Set-Up Demanded
  • Pebbles And Logs Look Great

The Features:


  • Plug In And Use
  • Pebble And Logs


  • None..

With a flame impact and three configurations, your friends and relatives could be pardoned to contemplate that your electric-powered fire is genuine.
Upon either end of the mantelpiece, an LED downlight gives an impressive impact, creating a unique, outstanding overall look. The fuel bed comprises modest pebbles and authentic logs.

As the Marco Paul wall fireplace suite is electric-powered, there isn't any demand for a chimney or flue. Just select your suitable area and set it up in wired mode. It features two temperature variants so that you can make your room or space as warm and comfortable as you prefer.

Specs: 58 x 132 x 21 cm | LED Lit | Weight 32 Kg | 1kW + 2kW

It is simple to switch the fire on quickly without leaving the chair with a functional remote control. With a seven-day timer feature, you can set the fireplace to start up in time for your arrival. You may also set up this fireplace beneath a wall-installed Television for a striking impression.

Wall Mounted Electric Fire With Logs

£379   Marco Paul Wall Mounted Electric Fire Suite - Get It!  

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: Why Choose A Wall Hung Fireplace?

Be sure to remember several fires will vary in heat configurations, which range from 1kW and 2kW to flame exclusively for impact. A handful of wall mounted flame effect electric fires even have a remote control, so you do not have to move from the couch.

: Perfect For Any Recessed Fireplace Area

You will find fireplaces which reside on a bracket attached to your wall structure. They might be marginally dissimilar to inset or opening in the wall fires because many inset wall mounted electric fires don't stay clean up against the wall within a recessed area.

: Save Valuable Space On The Floor

A new slimline wall mounted electric fire might be an excellent strategy to your home if you do not possess a chimney and need to save space in a more compact area. A wall fixed electric wood burner effect fire is ideal if you are not in a position to undertake loads of construction jobs too.

: Set The Fire Between Wall TV And Floor

Accommodate your fire any place on your wall as long as it satisfies specific criteria. Some prefer the recessed electric fire at eye level coming from a sitting down placement. Other folks prefer to put them between the wall TV and the flooring, but do check the warmth won't harm the TV.

: Are Mounted Fires Easy To Set-Up?

Lots of hole in the wall style electric fires are comparatively easy to set-up and never need precisely the same degree of service as any gas fireplace. Many gas fires need to have a 12 monthly inspection to make sure you are not in danger of deadly carbon monoxide situations. See our panel heaters.

There are numerous advantages, and disadvantages of wall mounted electric fires with surround as well as a gas fireplace. The benefit of electric wall positioned fires is they are 'easy to set-up' and take down. In case you move house, you can take it off and bring it with you somewhat conveniently.

: TruFlame Wall Hung Electric Fire Log Crystal

Available in a larger style, this fireplace will undoubtedly squeeze in plenty of character to a significant space, making a gorgeous centrepiece. The extensive black glass contains 3 LED flame impact colours with 4 illumination options. The warmth comes out of the front into the space.

The wall structure fire provides LED lighting from the fire, but these are low power consuming and keep going for 50000 hours, which suggests you should really never have to transform them.

Having a selection of three configurations like flame exclusively or the two temperature options. The TruFlame wall installed fire is a focal point for any space - or in the form of a functional heating unit.

Pleasingly, this fire may be introduced into a wall structure; thus, it is entirely flush to the surface. The small stones, log fuel impact, and clear crystals are all supplied for the fire inspiration.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Stunning Long Black Glass Panel
  • Pebbles, Clear Crystals And Log

Unique Selling Point:

  • Smart Heat Timer Settings
  • Adjust The Flame Brightness

The Features:


  • Flame Only Via LEDs
  • Black Tempered Glass


  • None whatsoever

You will see remote contact panel regulations, two warmth configurations of 750 or 1500W. Modes are flexible on the touch screen partition on the fire and upon the remote control.

A convenient warmth timer allows configurations concerning half an hour and 7.5 hours in 30 minute periods. You will find 4 levels of TruFlame LED fire illumination and flame exclusively establishing through LEDs - and never have to modify a light bulb.

Specs: 750W 1500W | 127 cm Wide | LED Flame | 4 Bright Levels

Pretty much all warmth moves from the front side of the wall-mounted electric fire and directly into your home space. It's a CE agreeable wall attached electric fire with log influence, pebble impact, and various crystals within the package.

Wall Electric Fire Showing Crystal Effect

£699   TruFlame Wall Hanging Electric Fire - Get It!  

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: DKIEI Recessed Electric Fire With Remote

You can quickly adapt the electric fire thermostat to a 900 and 1800 Watts heat environment. This fireplace is wall installed with an LED flame impact that provides 9 colour flames and 6 illumination types. You can find 2 ember bed configurations in the log environment and crystal arrangements.

An adjustable heat setting offers you a warm space, making the fireplace ambience without an open fire or odour. The protection 'cut out' characteristic guarantees safe procedure during usage. Ideal for living room or dining space, the DKIEI insert electric fire is excellent for a bedroom or conservatory area.

Using the LED digital screen with a remote device, you may modify the power, fire, temperature or timer from afar. With a realistic fire influence, it produces an authentic fireplace look with a natural-looking LED. It may even be managed separately as an aesthetic element.


  • Log And Beautiful Crystals
  • Great Price - Very Powerful


  • No Cons

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Hand Remote Control Bundled
  • Flexible Flame Settings

Unique Selling Point:

  • Brightness Can Be Adjusted
  • Looks Great At Nighttime

This heating unit offers a silent procedure with a front side outlet with a variable rate flame illumination standard. Televisions can be installed above the DKIEI wall mounted inset electric fire that offers genuine flame illusions in each space with a lovely light output.

Specs: 900W 1800W | 152 x 54 x 14 cm | LED Flame | Timer | 240V

The authentic LED fire effect and adaptable flame illumination will make a visible characteristic with atmospheric light. The flame impact works extremely well individually of the heat resource, using the intelligent tempered glass screen with a touch screen interface.

Black Recessed Electric Fire With Settings On Right Side

£379   DKIEI Wall Recessed Electric Fire - Get It!  

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: Tools Required For Hung Fireplace DIY

You need to execute minimal drilling to 'install the mounting bracket' or suspending screws on your wall structure. For those who have a chimney breast, you may want to conceal the cable by drilling some shallow openings into the wall near the wall hung electric fire outlet.

: Hang It Up Like A Painting Work Of Art

Some wall mount electric fireplaces can be put up on any wall structure like a painting or a flat LCD screen Television. Brackets and the equipment come with the fire and all you need is a spirit level.

: Choose From Coal, Log Or Crystal Effect

Integrated electric fireplaces have an even more 'complete' appearance when they avoid 'jumping out' of the wall structure. There are numerous frameless choices which are a hugely popular visual appeal. Frame free coal effect electric fires are a fantastic option to most others like log or crystal.

: Heat Is Instantaneous And Far Safer

By far the most significant benefits of electric fireplaces is the heat is supplied instantaneously with only a basic press. As opposed to a solid fuel wood burning stove fireplace that will need cleaning and finding fuel, you will have lovely warmth in mere seconds with absolutely no trouble.

Are Electric Wall Fireplaces Economical?

Different benefits of the electric wall fireplace mean they are incredibly economical as heat energy levels are not going to misplace over the burning up of fuel or perhaps in the chimney. With merely no maintenance bills, electric fires are really simple to keep and very safe.

: MC Dimplex Electric Mounted Fireplace

A modern day flame impact fireplace created for wall installation. The frame-work may also be inset to ensure that just the frame projects. This fire place features a range of two heat controls as well as including a handheld remote control.

The wall-mounted electric fire will 'convey a modern touch' to your area with a luxurious style and a profound black surface finish. It is created to be wall structure installed and can be inset to ensure that the framework juts out. Using a range of heat functions, it offers a remote control gadget.

The MC wall mounted fire grants a relaxing and comfortable appearance with its sparkling glass front side. It provides an excellent real-life flame impact without having to clean dust particles or ashes. The wall fireplace contains a range of two heat options and is easy to handle.

For further credibility, the flame impact may also be used separately from the warmth. The electronic remote device features a 7-day programmer, temperature control system, screen, and room heat range sensor. You will find an open window recognition and adaptable launch regulation.


  • Use Flame And Heat Separately
  • Super Red Colour Flame Effect


  • Pricey..

Wall Mounted Fireplace On Wall In Living Room

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Hand Remote Device Included
  • Easy To Mount On Any Wall

Unique Selling Point:

  • Very Real Looking Fire Flame
  • Smart Black Frame Design

For the exclusive flame concept, this wall installed electric fire mixes the favourable styles of a genuine fire with the ease of electricity. This MC Dimplex 2 Kw fire likewise includes OptiFlame and OptiGlo solutions.

Specs: 2 kW OptiFlame | OptiGlo | 18 x 120 x 52 cm | 35.6 Kg

Remaining safe and sound to the touch, it is well suited for families with kids and domestic pets. With flexible lighting and flame shades, in addition to brightness configurations, you may use this electric-powered fireplace to fit your decoration or even your disposition.

Using a smooth style and a strong black finish, the SP16 'wall attached electric fire' include a sophisticated feel for your space. It is made to be attached to the wall, and the chassis may also be inset, making sure that only the frame-work protrudes.
[Rating: 8/10]   £279   Get It → MC Dimplex Wall Mounted Fireplace  

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: TRU LED On The Wall Electric Fireplace

This impressive wall mountable electric powered fire will look wonderful in almost any area. Along with two heat controls and flame influenced display.

This wall installed electric fire incorporates colour aspect LEDs in the curved dark-coloured glass front side with a tremendously smart look. The pebble and log impact works together with the remote device, and all fixings are included. This is actually the brand-new, more prominent colour flame fire style with a 12-month warranty.

As LEDs are lighting the flame, they are low power consumption and go on for 50000 hours, which suggests you should really never have to alter them. Using a selection of settings and being flame exclusive, the TruFlame wall mounted arched glass electric fire can be utilised for decor/focus or a sensible heater.

Pebbled and log special effects are incorporated with this wall fitted electric fire. They are natural white pebbles that remain at the rear of the glass set up as you see fit just before installing. When the flame effect works, the flames soar and logs certainly seem like natural fuel for the fireplace.


  • Curved Toughened Glass Style
  • Very Reasonably Priced Fire


  • None here

On The Wall Electric Fire Place In 4 Views

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Ambient Colour LED Effects
  • Screen Displays Date And Time

Unique Selling Point:

  • Contemporary Edged Glass Style
  • Makes A Super Centre Piece

The wall installed fires are of the finest quality and radiate elegance. They are an easy task to fit in, and only fundamental DIY abilities will be required. They come with all the current wall installing fixings you will need, including anchoring screws and raw plugs.

This excellent wall fixed fireplace is silent, which means you need not modify the Television volume level of the TruFlame arched glass electric fire fan. They are noiseless in exclusive flame function.

Specs: 900W 1800W | TruFlame | 1.5m Wire | 7 LED's | 10 Timers

With a flame impact, the borders are illuminated with LEDs. Then through the remote device, or perhaps the top of the fire, you can transform between 7 various colour appearances.

These types of new style electric powered fires have LED centred impressive flame effect and 7 colour selections for ambient aspect illumination. They are brighter, however with reduced electrical power usage. A remote device including on and off, plus temperature function and dimmer included.
[Rating: 9/10]   £139   Get It → TRU LED On The Wall Fire Place  

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: Endeavour LED Electric Wall Hung Fire

A contemporary concept electric wall hung fire in cream with bright MDF mantel and pedestal including a tempered glass faced expanse. The merchandise delivers an astonishingly naturalistic flame impression plus log bed window.

The fireplace flame effect is fully flexible for power illumination. It can be utilised by itself or perhaps with the ambient lighting plus the heat configurations. The mood light may be cycled over the 13 available colours. It incorporates a dimming feature set to an immobile colour.

There is a thermostatic multi-use 7-day programmable remote device with an LCD screen. The Endeavour wall-mounted electric fire hand remote will instantly turn the fire off/on between 1 and 2kW as the room heat requires. It includes 5 level illumination flame impact, and x2 AAA batteries are supplied.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • LED Behind The Hardened Glass
  • Smart Room Temperature Sensor

Unique Selling Point:

  • 13 Beautiful Colours Available
  • Very Low Operating Expenses

LED Electric Wall Hung Fire Showing Coal Heat

The Features:


  • Mood Lighting Cycle
  • Open Window Detection


  • No cons here..

You will find this heating unit is a low cost operating for flame impact and mood lighting style, lower than 90W each day below 5p each year if utilised 5 hours each day.

Specs: Colour Mood LCD | 1/2 kW | 127 x 14 x 55 cm | 25 Kg

The electronic remote control provides a seven-day programmer, temperature settings with screen and room heat sensor on the handheld control.
You will recognise the open home window discovery and adaptive start manipulation. Startup the Endeavour wall mounted electric heater to warm the area ready for the due start period.

Mains powered cable length 1.7 metres and effortless to install with noiseless heating function plus downward looking plug so any Television set may be fixed higher up so a minimum 20 cm clearance is demanded.
[Rating: 9/10]   £375   Get It → Endeavour LED Electric Wall Hung Fire  

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: Digital Flames Inset Mounted Electric Fire

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Insert Or Wall Fixed Options
  • Stunning Colour Flame Lights

Unique Selling Point:

  • Long Width Wall Affixed Fire
  • Touch Screen On Remote Unit

The Features:


  • Flame Only Setting
  • 10 Flame Colours


  • None

Specs: x10 LEDs | 1500W | 127 x 52 x 11 cm | CE/BS | UK Plug

Mounted Electric Fire With Black Border

£349   D.Flames Inset Or Mounted Electric Fire - Get It!  

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: Electric Wall Hung Fireplaces With Chic Log Bed Lighting

Even though electric fireplaces provide a vast selection of styles, you will locate some that appear to be genuine flame fires. The most significant disadvantages for inset type wall mounted electric fires is they don't have a natural flame, but a few models present incredibly 'real looking' visuals.

: Enjoy Stunning Illusory Light Visuals

You will find diverse electric flame systems presented, plus your choice is determined by both the impact you want to accomplish and your spending budget. Go for a designer wall-mounted electric fire with (OptiFlame) and coloured lights that produce stunning illusory visuals.

The present-day and innovatively smart wall hanging electric fire equipped with an ambient gleam may have stones so that you can build your own fireplace bed. The result is nevertheless successful through the glow of a bulb under the fuel bed, which will spread the LED light enjoyably.

: Warm Ambient Glow For Living Areas

A superb option to the wall-mounted flame effect electric fire group and naturally one of the most advanced. This kind of light impact uses LED bulbs and a revolving mirror to accomplish an amazingly realistic flame impact, which is something you will not get with a fan heater in your home.

For a contemporary design of beautification in your house, a wall mount electric wall fireplaces may possibly complete your home style flawlessly. The smooth style of these heater versions is sure to 'win over' your pals.

The handheld remote control supplies you the freedom to operate and determine the perfect light and heat position for the electric wall hung fire. They are stylish no matter if mid-way up a living room wall structure or situated in any tight nook.