Modern Electric Fires Wall Mounted With Flicker Flame Style

Selected best electric wall hung fires that generate an eye-catching centre of attention in your lounge, or perhaps bedroom. Uncomplicated, speedy to set-up and cost-effective to operate, a wall mounted flame effect electric fire makes the perfect approach to your heating as well as decor. Visit the panel heaters page.

01: TruFlame Chic White Wall Mounted Electric Fire

This excellent stunning white wall mounted electric fire is going to append a large measure of elegance to a big space, producing a stunning, contemporary focus. Dual heating system configurations of 750 or 1500 Watts, versatile toggling of the touch panel screen upon the fire, as well as on the remote device.

The heating time keeper is to enable configurations in between half-hour and 7.5 hours in 30 minute separations. The big breadth wall structure fire dimensions 128 cm breadth and 55 cm elevation. White moderated glass and simple touch button option panel commands.

LED Lit Flame Wall Mounted Electric Fire With Red Glow

10 diverse LED light flaming colours to choose from, along with 4 grades of LED flame exclusively correcting through. You will never have to alter a bulb as there is simply no heat energy. 6 colour aspect illuminations are perfect for background glow impact.

CE amenable wall structure fixed electric powered fire using log essence, pebble impression as well as crystals all incorporated in the bundle. Chamfer boundary white glass front end screen plus security thermal cut out mechanism to forestall excess heating.
[Rating: 9/10] - £599 Get It → Tru White Wall Mounted Electric Fire

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02: Dimplex Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Optiglo Glow

A modern day flame impact fireplace created for wall installation. The frame-work may also be inset to ensure that just the frame projects. This fire place features a range of two heat controls as well as including a handheld remote control.

Using Optim flame impact and Optiglo radiant log bed, the flame influence may also be used individually of warmth.

Wall Mounted Fireplace On Wall In Living Room

Using a smooth style and a strong black finish, the SP16 'wall attached electric fire' include a sophisticated feel for your space. It is made to be attached to the wall, and the chassis may also be inset, making sure that only the frame-work protrudes.
[Rating: 8.5/10] - £516 Get It → Dimplex Wall Mounted Fireplace

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03: Homcom Large 18 LED On The Wall Electric Fire Place

This impressive wall mountable electric powered fire will look wonderful in almost any area. Along with two heat controls and flame influenced display.

You won't just end up being warm on those winter season nights, but you'll also be the envy of your associates. With all the current security features you anticipate from a quality merchandise.

On The Wall Electric Fire Place In 4 Views

These types of new style electric powered fires have LED centred impressive flame effect and 7 colour selections for ambient aspect illumination. They are brighter, however with reduced electrical power usage. A remote device including on and off, plus temperature function and dimmer included.
[Rating: 9/10] - £102 Get It → Homcom On The Wall Fire Place

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04: TRU Mirror Wall Hanging Electric Fire Heater 1800W

This specific wall mounted glass mirror fireplace is designed with a forward protrusion on the fireplace to hold on to your wall, just like a wide screen Television etc.

Lighting up the mirror finish adds to the concept of the fireplace and enables it to combine flawlessly with virtually any colour selection. Nice all-natural 'small stones' and fire flames.

Wall Hanging Electric Fire In Silver Impact

The 'all seasons fire effect' can be employed singularly from the included heating unit, developing an impressive visible focus whenever you want . This particular wall structure heating unit is easily set-up, and plugging it to a 13 amp outlet, making is available to use right away.
[Rating: 8.5/10] - £94 Get It → TRU IT Wall Hanging Electric Fire

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05: Kingavon BB Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Pebbles, Remote

Kingavon electric powered wall mounted fire place possesses an eye-catching pebbles fuel impact. It's created with a black, rounded tempered glass front section with 2 heat facilities and a handy remote control with on/off heating environment - as well as dimmer. Control panel on the fire unit plus an adaptable flame illumination.

Wall Mount Fireplace With White Pebbles

The flame impact may also be used separately. It is CE accredited using an electrical power system of 1800 Watts and 2 warmth configurations of both 900 Watts and 1800 Watts. Obtainable in black, the Kingavon delivers high quality lights, home electric powered devices and safety merchandise.
[Rating: 9/10] - £75 Get It → Kingavon Wall Electric Fireplace

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06: FoxHunter Wall Mounted Electric Fire LED Back-Lit

This electric fireplace comes in black curving hardened glass front panel with a slender construction and 1800 Watts power.

Wall structure mounted with 'pebble impact fire' and 2 heating system levels of 900 and 1800W. Patented LED fire effect styling with flame impact minus high temperature and versatile flame effect luminosity.

Wall Mounted Electric Fire With Back Blue LED

The entire flame consequence may be employed separately and you will find a protection thermal cut-off mechanism, wall structure fixing angle bracket plus fixing screws incorporated.

Remote device including on/off heating environment, back-lit light and in addition dimmer. Alternative hand-operated control board on the fireplace.
[Rating: 9/10] - £93 Get It → FoxHunter Wall Mount Electric Fire

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07: Lara Wall Mounted Electric Heater Fire Black Glass

This one is the WH2-B wall suspended electric fire place with smooth fronted black glass structure. Reduced electrical power LED illumination within the flame influence and ambient back lighting indicates improved life-span and low operating expenses.

Mounted Electric Heater Fire With Wide Black Panel

It additionally features bottom level venting 800 and 1600 Watts fan heating unit. Ambient coloured back-light in nice orange or 'glowing blue' and may be installed 60cm above ground. Includes a pebble influence fuel bed, using a combination of white coloured marble stones and crystal clear ice styled small stones.
[Rating: 9/10] - £159 Get It → Lara Wall Mounted Electric Heater Fire

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08: Endeavour LED Electric Wall Hung Fire In Cream

A contemporary concept electric wall hung fire in cream with bright MDF mantel and pedestal including a tempered glass faced expanse. The merchandise delivers an astonishingly naturalistic flame impression plus log bed window.

The flaming consequence delivers 3 diverse illumination environments and log bed featuring 12 diverse colour light configurations, all commanded by the multi feature LCD screen remote device. The flaming essence can additionally be conformed for strength or luminosity.

LED Electric Wall Hung Fire Showing Coal Heat

It's possible to likewise choose which log bed illumination step by step alters throughout every one of the 12 super colours for approximately ten seconds. Extremely low functioning cost for flaming effectuate and LED lights.

Mains powered cable length 1.7 metres and effortless to install with a noiseless heating function plus downward looking plug so any Television set may be fixed higher up so a minimum 20 cm clearance is demanded.
[Rating: 9/10] - £349 Get It → Endeavour LED Electric Wall Hung Fire

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09: Celsi Electric Flat Panel Wall Mount Fireplace Heater

The arched front end of this first-class beautiful electric flat panel wall mount fireplace heater contributes the style a fashionable impact. Matched with the adventurous, black colour window as well as highly naturalistic flaming depiction, the fire is going to produce a genuinely attention getting focus in virtually any contemporary living expanse.

It additionally includes a selection of 3 flaming pictures, 5 flame rates along with 4 modality illumination alternatives, which enables the fire to impeccably accommodate the atmosphere or climate of any space or event.

Flat Panel Wall Fireplace In All Black Finish

Ideal for expanses where floor area is at a premium, this highly recommended fireplace effortlessly fixes on your wall structure like the brand-new propagation of a wall Television.

You are going to find it difficult to tear your eyeballs away from the naturalistic and automatically warm dancing flameless that establish an impressive atmosphere inside your living environment.
[Rating: 9/10] - £705 Get It → Celsi Electric Flat Panel Wall Fireplace

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10: Beldray Colour Altering Electric Wall Hung Fireplace

Make your household bright, snug and toasty using this first-class LED lit colour altering electric wall hung fireplace boasting three stunning running light configurations, as well as 3 fuel bed selections to decide on.

Including a thermal cut off mechanism to secure against excess heating, just deploy the remote device to simply alter the heat options - or perhaps arrange the time keeper. The fire possesses a genuine flame essence using adaptable brightness levels, so it's possible to establish a warm ambiance inside your home base minus the fuss of being forced to keep a genuine fire.

Black Electric Wall Hung Fireplace Wide Design

Rustle up an adorable atmosphere to accommodate your modality just by deciding on the LED fuel bed modes. Choose for a conventional warm yellow-brown gleam, stylish dark-blue or perhaps charming purple impression.

There's likewise a cycle environment which instantly interchanges in between the diverse aspects. Individualise the fire adopting to the dissimilar fuel bed add-on's where you are able to comfortably eliminate and exchange with the incorporated pebbles, or perhaps acrylic stones as wanted.
[Rating: 9/10] - £150 Get It → Beldray Electric Wall Hung Fireplace

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10 Electric Wall Hung Fireplaces With Chic Log Bed Lighting

Our electric wall mounted fires are really fashionable fireplaces that do not need a flue. This means you can select to set-up almost anywhere in your house.

The remote control electric fire provides householders the liberty to function and decide on the ideal location for their particular fire-place, regardless of whether that's mid-way up a wall, or nestled in some corner. See our fan heaters.

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