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Portable Oil Filled Heaters With Timer Control

Updated 30/08/2020:
The oil-filled radiators with timer incorporate a digital control that allows you to set heat to come on and off at your preferred time in any home location. Use the heater timer on these oil-filled electric radiators for warming spaces before entry.

Oil heaters with timer units applying 1.5Kw, 2.5Kw and 3Kw are a fantastic supply of warmth. They are practical and safe, nevertheless economical. They are likewise simple, user-friendly and provide that sort of comfy heat we all demand during wintertime.

: NRG 11 Fin Oil Filled Plug-In Radiator 2.5Kw

New Plug-In Radiator With 4 Wheels

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: Black Decker Oil Filled Radiator With Thermostat

Oil Filled Radiator With White Black Exterior

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: MYLEK Black Oil Filled Radiator 24hr Timer

Black Radiator With Side Heat Dial

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: Precisely What Are Oil Filled Radiators?

Multi-fin oil filled radiators are easily transportable electric small heater units filled up with oil, which can be warmed up by electrically powered components. It's eternally protected and never demands re-filling as the thermostat helps to keep the location at a warmth which you decide on.

: What Qualities Will I Require?

Many of the less complicated timers can just time the radiator on one occasion, at a predetermined time for a fixed period. The majority of plug in radiators provide you with the ideal heat during wintertime with protection cut-off. With the timer, you can use to heat up any area day and night.

: How Much Electrical Power Is Needed?

Electrical power is assessed in Watts and customarily range to 3.5 kW. Slightly more formidable heaters provide overheat safety, are bigger than lower power types, however, are more desirable for heating up bigger areas. A few 3Kw oil filled radiators possess 'cable re-winders' and power range options.

: Is The Heat Totally Manageable?

You can heat a cold space rapidly on full electrical power, after which decrease the output to keep the warmth. Remote controls are typically in a position to modify temperatures and switch the radiator off and on. Many 2.5 Kw oil filled radiators include a tip-over switch and timer via hand remote device.

: Are Oil Filled Radiator Heaters Eco Friendly?

Most oil filled radiator with thermostat create successful heating and are a breeze to put together. A few versions may need feet positioned in before being first implemented, however after this a simple set-up for connection. Fortunately, they are usually easy to maintain so will not require any upkeep.

: Heat-Up Your Rooms Properly

Transportable mini oil filled radiators tend to be efficient as the electric power is transformed into heat. Electric power is likely more pricey than propane, a costly method to heat, nevertheless for heating up just one or two areas, the moveable electric heaters perform with significantly fewer costs.

: Room Dimensions And Heat Demands

The power usage of the portable oil filled radiator is determined by the space dimensions plus heat as opposed to the optimum output from the heating unit. When it just requires 450W of power to keep a space at the preferred temperature, it will merely use of 450W, regardless if it has a higher maximal output etc.

: Heater Mobility And Tilt Safeguard

The oil filled electric radiator may discharge heat over time and still provide remarkably consistent warmth, in contrast to some units which result in the heat to continuously spiral hot. You can quickly alternate from area to area, and when the radiator is bumped over, tip safety will power down.

Netta Oil Filled Electric Radiator 24 Hours

Oil Filled Electric Radiator On 4 Castors

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Pro Breeze Freestanding Oil Filled Radiator

Freestanding Oil Filled Radiator In White

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VonHaus Electric Radiator Thermostat And Timer


  • Power Cable Tidy
  • Large Sized Rooms


  • None.

Black Electric Radiator With Thermostat

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How To Buy The Best Oil Filled Rad

These freestanding oil filled radiator units function in a fashion that uses a unique heat preserving oil that will not have to be exchanged - regardless of how long you use the appliance.

Setting The Timer To Your Preference

Most electric radiators with thermostat and timer offer an electrical heat component inside the bottom of the rad which heats up the oil within the unit. The necessary oil then simply transfers throughout the radiator through convection, triggering the entire heat correctly.

Affordable UK Home Heating

These small oil-filled radiator products possess somewhat higher operating expenses than central heating with comparative productivity. They have excellent characteristics that make them an affordable option for conservatories and other UK home heating scenarios.

Get A Slim Mobile Oil Filled Radiator

Only when particular areas in a home have to be heated, then your slimline oil filled radiator will be an excellent alternative. Fast heating may be accomplished as opposed to an installed strategy, yet they are incredibly mobile to have as additional units at home.

Freestanding Version With Wheels

The radiator units may be used to dry out clothing by immediate contact according to specific maker requirements and easy to use features and add-ons. There is no requirement to create a set placement for the portable oil-filled radiator - so just 'pick a freestanding model' with wheels.

Tilt Safeguard And Side Handles

A transporting handle enables unproblematic management, essential as these radiators can be very weighty. The tilt safeguard restricts the chance of your rad tipping over, and the most popular electric power amounts of 1Kw, 1.5Kw, 2.5Kw and up to 3.5Kw plus are used now.

Safety Options And Programming

Overheat safety in the 1000W to 2500W oil-filled radiators here guarantee you immediate shut down if it overheats. A screen is conducive for monitoring of various settings and functions. There are also kids safety systems and programming choices based on your version.

FamFam Portable Oil Filled Radiator 2.5Kw


  • Easily Moved About
  • Easy Carry Handle


  • None..

Oil Filled Radiator With 11 Fins On Wheels

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Daewoo Oil Filled Radiator With Thermostat

Small White Radiator With Black Cable

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Oil Filled Heater Features To Expect

The thermostat supplies extra accuracy when compared to mechanised electro equipment. Moisture control enables you to modify this degree in the atmosphere as the air may dry somewhat as a result of heat created by the convection process.

Radiator Specific Extras And Settings

A handy cable tidy attribute is invaluable for quietly rotating your electric power wires, but an extension cable can make your life simpler. A timer is particularly helpful for night time use to modify any freestanding oil filled radiator at specific times via the programme settings.

A Style To Match Your Decor

The standard form of oil-filled radiators continues to be roughly unrevised, but a few companies now present a more structured style with various contemporary colours and component choices. You will be less likely to appreciate the rewards in any space that's too big.

Useful For A Chilly Garage?

Most garages are not regularly well protected, and thus, they are most likely not the very best conditions in which to implement an oil-filled heating unit. Warmth will undoubtedly escape from all of the regions in your garage area.

: PIFCO 2.5 kW Oil Filled Radiator 24 Hour Timer

2.5 kW Oil Filled Radiator In White

£59   PIFCO 2.5 kW Oil Filled Radiator - Get It!  

Small Oil-Filled Radiator For Big Areas?

Obtaining an oil-filled unit will need to entail ensuring it is adequate for warming your space. Ensure that you take accurate measurements of every area to determine how much warmth productivity the electric heater can actually create.

Unless you have significant breathing space to set a heating unit, you must pick a small oil-filled radiator. Keep in mind that the smaller the heating unit, the warmer the surface area of the heater because the heat cannot be distributed effectively.

Dimplex Oil Filled Radiator Timer And Thermostat

This oil filled radiator heater was created to provide a satisfying, glowing high temperature, which warms up your body - instead of the surroundings.

This provides a pleasurable, 'cosy effect' since it will not dry the air like a fan heater. It is totally free-standing and can be utilised in just about any living space throughout the house.

Radiator With Timer In White Finish

It functions thermostatic management and an ice function. Additionally, it incorporates a selection of heat options, enhancing versatility and control over your living space heat.

This specific portable oil filled radiator includes a round the clock automated timer. This can provide you with far better control of functioning to warm up the room as required.
[Rating: 9/10]   £79   Get It → Dimplex 2Kw Oil Radiator

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DeLonghi Dragon 4 Oil Filled Heater With Timer

The Dragon 4 is created equally great looking as well as practical. Inside a genuine, brilliant white finish, it's minimalist structure makes it suited to almost any house - delivering an enhanced and enlightening design. 3 high temperature configurations for areas of approximately 60m3.

Radiator Heater With Settings On Side

It convects air flow by means of it's chimney and cool air is directed throughout the hottest area of the radiator, speeding up the hot air by way of air vents for successful home heating and supplying a 'quick circulation of heat' that speedily warms up the entire space. Brand new bigger structure with bright surface area.
[Rating: 9/10]   £128   Get It → Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator

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Heat Control And Timer Usage

The timer enables the radiator to be planned within particular periods, plus the temperature control system allows the oil filled radiator heater to be powered down immediately when the preferred heat is accomplished.

Radiators With A Low Humming Sound

Some new oil-filled radiators generate some irritating sounds. You will likely utilise the home heating equipment throughout sleep, and it might be far better to select a noiseless version. Virtually all new portable oil-filled radiators available offer low sound functioning.

Heater Thermostat And 24 Hours Timer

The best electric radiator with thermostat and timer may have a structure that will match with other spaces where it is established. Many versions resemble a 'traditional' heater, nevertheless you will discover types with a more contemporary or perhaps advanced appearance.

Portable Oil Filled Radiators With Timer On Wheels

Consider any sort of freestanding oil filled radiator model built with a user interface. A few apply lit screens for selections, functioning lights and different styles of modification buttons. The entire appeal of the radiator should be in touch with individualised taste and inclinations.

Igenix Oil Filled Heater Timer 2500 Watts

The IG home radiator is a powerful oil filled heater nicely suited to the inside of your house, sun-room, garage area, out-building, large camper or caravan.

Heater With Timer With Side Plug

It gains advantage from 3 temperature configurations, reduced 800 Watts, medium 1200 Watts, and high of 2500 Watts, along with a thermostatically governed switch for versatile heat options.

The 24 hour timer provides you with the freedom to create the radiator to come on anytime you like in the future.
[Rating: 9/10]   £69   Get It → Igenix Oil Filled Heater Timer

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Prem I Air Portable Oil Radiator With Timer

A recommended, transportable home heating alternative for any chilly house, working area or business office. Extremely portable as well as simple to function, this specific oil filled heating unit is manipulated through an integrated thermostat.

Radiator In White And Grey

The system may also be handled using the 24 hour timer, where it is possible to set it up in the future, on before you decide to awaken, as well as prior to deciding to arrive back from your job etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £65   Get It → Prem I Portable Oil Filled Radiator

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Motion Performance Essentials Oil Radiator

This cost effective oil filled radiator heater includes a 24 hour timer, 3 temperature configurations as well as variable thermostat.

Other functions incorporate castors for comfort of transportability, carry handle, along with wire safe-keeping, additionally, security overheat cut-out.

Cheap Oil Filled Radiator With 10 Fins

When the thermostat is utilised to manage the heat range, functioning expenses will probably be lower, dependant upon the room temperature. These aren't assured and may even differ.

Smooth motion wheels, great overall performance and the company provide a 2 years guarantee on this merchandise.
[Rating: 9/10]   £79   Get It → MotionP Oil Filled Radiator

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Jack Stonehouse Oil Filled Radiator With Timer

Keep warm and snug using this LED oil filled radiator with timer in black with with 3 heating system configurations, in addition an adaptable thermostat displayed on the LED monitor for the ideal heat.

Oil Radiator With Timer In Black Metal Finish

Adopting an oil filled radiator can certainly occasionally become more affordable compared to turning up the thermo regulator on any central heating system since oil is sluggish to drop off heat energy, intending the merchandise exclusively demands to turn on from time to time.
[Rating: 9/10]   £73   Get It → J.Stonehouse Oil Radiator

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These types of oil-filled electric radiator with a handy timer can be quickly transportable to assist you to use anywhere in your home. The overheat guard provides you with peace of mind if you are away from that particular area.

A diverse thermostat permits you to create high temperature to match yourself - and these oil-filled radiators with timer allow you to warm-up any location before getting out of bed at dawn.