The Finest Non-Stick Pressure Cookers You Can Buy

Updated 23/01/2022:
We uncover the best UK electric pressure cookers that supply success far faster than conventional solutions. Stainless steel pressure cookers with push button variations and easy read digital screen. Use the LCD programme efficient cooker multi options for precise cooking.

A pressure cooker appears like a big pan/pot, apart from its cover lock on the top part to generate an inflexible seal joint. The food preparation in the multi-pressure cooker pot boils and produces vapour captured within so the pressure level rises, which heightens the water heat.

Smart Polished Pressure Cooker
Polished Steel Pressure Cooker

: Bertelin DIGI Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

User friendly, this pressure cooker can make your daily food preparation easy. You will find 14 approaches to cook with the pre-set programme capabilities. Hot steam, make cake, 'slow cook' food, fat-free yoghurt, meat, cook poultry, stew, fish, make beans, soups, create rice, boil and saute.

This Bertelin electric pressure cooker can carry out even more, such as sous vide or boil operations. Swift and flexible, the dual pressure and heat mode is for fast, versatile cooking. Preparing with high pressure and temperature decreases cooking time and fits sensitive foodstuff.


  • Cook A Huge Variety Of Food
  • Simple To Use And Reliable


  • None here

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Timer And Keep Warm Options
  • Smart Pre-Set Functionality

Unique Selling Point:

  • Set The Machine And Just Relax
  • Saves Money On Other Appliances

You may also affect the pressure keeping period as indicated by your personal recipes. Low risk and effortless, you can find a locking cover that only opens soon after pressure is discharged. There is a Bertelin pressure cooker kids safety lock feature. You can deactivate the interface if kids are about.

Specs: 6 Litres | 5.16 Kilos | 1000 Watts | 240 Volts

A 24-hours delayed timer and intelligent automated keep warm features offer maximum efficiency, perfect for households and occupied routines. Quick cleaning, the non-stick layered inner container means a fraction of the time invested in clean-up after preparing food.

Instant Pressure Cooker With Steel Finish

£72   Bertelin DIGI Electric Pressure Cooker - Get It!  

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: Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker Air Fryer

Cook food to secure in juices quicker as opposed to typical cooking tactics. After that, select the crisping approach to your choice, offering your food a fantastic crispy finish. Under all those instances, just exchange between the pressure cover and crisp lid for remarkable outcomes each time.

It's simple to flaunt scrumptious self-made meals, sides, appetizers and sweets that the entire family unit will cherish. Conserve time simply by preparing food mains and then sides concurrently.

Put the veg in the Ninja Foodi pressure cook container, add more to the invertible rack and layer your meats. Use seafood or healthy proteins on top to relish convenient, comprehensive 1-pot dinners.

The dinner is all set just before you are, as the KeepWarm function will keep your food prepared to eat for an estimated 12 hours after cooking. The streamlined cooker with 4.7L total capacity and the pressure cooker crisps applying the unique TenderCrisp concept.


  • Reliable Cooker That Does It All
  • TenderCrisp AirCrisp, KeepWarm


  • None at all

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Cooks Faster Than Most Cookers
  • Get That Golden Crispy Finish

Unique Selling Point:

  • Simple To Use Heat Settings
  • Prepare Any Cuisine You Want

There are many methods to prepare like pressure cook, air crisp, even slow cook, hot steam, sear and saute, bake, and roast. The pressure cooks quicker than regular cooking solutions. This Ninja Foodi pressure cook air crisper features a big cook container, steel stand, plus recipe tips.

Specs: 38 x 35 x 32 cm | 1.5 Kilos | 4.7L | 12 hrs Keep Warm

Utilise the AirFry to relish tasty deep-fried food with the exact same superb taste with about 75 percent less oil than classic frying options. A better way to appreciate those fried favourites. The frozen food is comprehensively prepared and finished with that crispy layer you will adore.

Pressure Cooker Air Fryer In All Black

£149   Ninja Pressure Cooker Air Fryer - Get It!  

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: What Is An Electric Pressure Cooker?

The electric pressure cooker is a multi food kitchen equipment that prepares dishes promptly at high-pressure levels. Pressure accumulates in the pot, which will make a high heat setting that cooks meals quicker. In contrast to old instant pot cookers, they provide many user safety functions.

: Which Type Of Cooking Is Involved?

A one pot pressure cooker can quickly saute, slow cook, steam and warm up within. Pressure food preparation is the means of preparing food using normal water within a unique pot known as a pressure cooker. Virtually any ingredient with fluid may be fully cooked in a pressure cooker pot.

: Do The Cookers Heat Food Faster?

The stainless steel pressure cooker might be best for personal tastes and superb dinners, also, they conserve electric, and they function faster than standard stovetop cooking food solutions. You can accomplish similar results as any slow-cooked food, however in a small percentage of that period.

: Do The Cookers Have A Timer Feature?

Occupied mums and dads who require to plan meals ready whenever they stroll inside the front door will prefer the non-stick pressure cooker delay timer in a few versions, which begins meal before any individual gets home. Preparing food times are reduced, which in turn helps you save on electric.

: High Pressure And High Heat Ranges

Preparing food with the cover on decreases heat reduction significantly and thus helps you to save electric power. As the all in one cooking pot extends to high pressure and heat range, you can change the heat right down to the bare minimum, but it will contentedly continue to keep cooking food.

: For Those With Restricted Cooking Space

Small pressure cookers are exceptional for students with a short amount of kitchen space, and it can be described as a comprehensive cooking piece of equipment. An electric cooking pot sautes, pressure cooks, maintains the steams food items, keeps warm and accomplishes much more besides.

: Drew & Cole Cheap Pressure Cooker With Timer

The cooker is ideal for partners employing an efficient 3L capability, perfect for the more compact family group. It prepares a meal quicker than 'established' kitchenware and produces dishes in a few minutes instead of hours, conserving electricity. Much more nutrition and natural vitamins are kept in now.

Furthermore, it is so flexible it can perform the job of a slow cooker. A recipe ingredients book is built-in with 30 yummy meals consisting of delicious stews, excellent pasta, healthful soups and bread.

You will find the Drew and Cole pressure cooker with easy pre-set options and 24-hour postponement timer, maintain warm functions and super fast re-heat features.


  • Perfect For Smaller Families
  • Simple To Use Pre-Set Modes


  • None..

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Very Secure Alarmed Cover
  • Set The Timer For Dinner

Unique Selling Point:

  • Reheat Mode For Your Snacks
  • Great For The Busy Household

This is a secure patented and confirmed protection system with a fastening cover that only starts up once pressure is discharged. There is a clear alert when the cover is not closed. You can easily clean as the non-stick interior container basically wipes clean, plus its dishwasher confirmed as well.

Valuable integrated programmes quickly accomplish your regular food preparation duties. The Drew and Cole pressure cooker is designed for individuals with a fast-paced way of life who need scrumptious delicious food rapidly.

Specs: 71 x 71 x 76 cm | 4 Kg | 3 Litres | 700 Watts

The pot is suitable for all those that wish to take the trouble out of homemade cooking. Additionally, it seals in more nutrients and vitamins as opposed to typical cooking strategies.

Pressure Cooker With Black Chrome Exterior

£49   Drew & Cole Pressure Cooker - Get It!  

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: Tower OneTouch Steel Pressure Cooker

Intended for unproblematic accessibility, the cooker highlights phenolic keep cool hand grips for quintessential convenience. This pressure cooker also incorporates a detachable 60 minutes timer to help you move about your home to monitor the food preparation.

The steam discharge valve is likewise a fantastic safety attribute since it de-pressurises the cooker. Therefore, it will be secure to open up the cover, offering further reassurance.
The Tower pressure cooker steel supplies further sturdiness and is easy to wash. The bottom is appropriate for all those hobs incorporating induction heat circulation.


  • Ideal For Sunday Family Meals
  • Steam All Sorts Of Ingredients


  • None of any description

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Seals In Taste And Vitamins
  • Safety Grip Cool Handles

Unique Selling Point:

  • Works With Induction Concept
  • The Perfect 1-Pot Cook Machine

This first-rate 6 Litres pressure cooker comes with an exclusive (twist and turn) cover plus an open and close structure. Created from superior steel, it is entirely appropriate for all hobs. The Tower pressure cooker securely seals in all the flavours, vitamins and nutrients devoid of meeting halfway.

Specs: 33 x 29 x 26 cm | 4.12 Kg | 6L | 80kPa 11.6 lb

A pressure environment valve enables you to tailor the variants, especially during food preparing to keep many nutrients and vitamins within your food for more favourable cooking outcomes.
The supplied steamer container means it is simple to steam veg, meat or seafood to faultlessness for a much healthier means to savour your preferred foods.

Steel Pressure Cooker With Black Grips

£79   Tower Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker - Get It!  

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: Morphy Richards Non-Stick Pressure Cooker

Three cooking arrangements in this pressure cooker machine will comfortably match your kitchen routine. With low, moderate and high food preparation opportunities, you will find a function to flawlessly tie in with your cooking dispositions.

Letting you cook for just about any time passed between 4 and 10 hours. You may either leave the cooker simmering or transform it on in the evening for a couple of hours.

Whichever Morphy Richards sear stew cooker function you decide on, you can be sure of a wonderfully cooked and great-tasting meal, precisely when you want.

The hob resistant container focuses on gas or electric-powered hob to help you sear the meat just before slow cooking food, all in the corresponding container. Thus, you produce delightful meals with a minimum amount of cleaning.


  • Set Automated Stir Instances
  • Clear Glass Lid To View Within


  • No Cons Here

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Heat Options To Match Any Meal
  • Serve Up Directly On The Table

Unique Selling Point:

  • Gas Or Electric Slow Cooking
  • Smart Pulse Button Included

The sear, stew and slow mix cooker instantly stirs the food to accentuate flavours preventing burning. Stir instantaneously at specified periods or after a command is given, making use of the pulse features.

Using a removable aluminium container, the moment the meal has completed cooking, just lift the pot from the slow cooker. After that, you can bring your Morphy Richards sear stew cooker meal directly to the dinner table for serving, helping you save precious time and significant stress.

Specs: 28 x 23 x 21 cm | 3.5 L | 163 Watts | 2.4 Kg | 240V

You can quickly evaluate your meal while it's cooking food. With the sear and stew, you can prepare devoid of raising the cover and distressing the food preparation operations due to the transparent lid. Besides, the cover is toughened for longevity - in fact it is dishwasher secure.

Non-Stick Pressure Cooker With Steel Cover

£57   Morphy Richards Pressure Cooker - Get It!  

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: Cooking With Meat Juices

You should 'never' fill the digital pressure cooker much more than 66 per cent full, and there should be space for the vapour to formulate and produce pressure, and also room for the foodstuff to increase. Make use of a sufficient amount of fluid so the force can increase appropriately.

: Taking The Lid Off Safely

Why not cook all your meat in small to medium-sized servings. Overcrowding the pressure cooker may result in the beef simmering in its own liquid, which makes it tougher and somewhat tasteless. Make sure you discharge the amount of pressure in advance of eliminating the cover. See our sous vide machines here.

: Servicing And Cleaning The Cooker

Examine the guidebook for all maintenance instructions, such as some covers must not be submerged in water, but simply cleaned with a moist fabric. Keep the pressure cooker pot with the lid inverted on the container as it can harm the rubber closure, and if damp, it can make it challenging to open up.

Professional cooks frequently have one or more equipment operating - and an electric pressure cooker is an excellent combination with any collection.

: How The Pressure Cooker Works

The much higher cooking heat translates to food cooking more speedily than regular food prep solutions. While cooking, the vapour steadily goes out via limiter around the cover, but extreme care is necessary before opening that lid - so ensure you discharge all pressure beforehand.

: Uniform Fast Heat Circulation

Try to find a one-pot pressure cooker with features like an encapsulated base for fast heat circulation. Necessary safety valve signals, pressure regulator and then cover lock grips packaged together. Get one for use in all hobs like induction, stainless steel physique and perhaps lengthy warranties.

: Cooking Strategy Safety Issues

If you stick to the instruction manual with your non-stick pressure cooker, issues are less likely to occur. Investing in a pressure cooker is an expense in terms of both time and cash. This cooking strategy reduces cooking time, so meals that would take a few hours are prepared in 35 minutes.

: Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot is a popular electric powered pressure cooker created for busy households. It boosts food preparation by plenty, using much less electrical power than traditional cooking methods, and, most importantly, creates healthy, sensible food in a hassle-free style.

For heart-healthy food preparation with reliable outcomes, this classic cooker modifies pressure, heat range and time. As a result, it prepares food more speedily than any other solution and achieves consistent, delightful results constantly. In addition, it is straightforward to customise, plus it considers how you prefer to cook.

It is simple to recall which innovative applications you use frequently. The Instant Pot Duo pressure cooker (set and forget) releases you to accomplish other activities while the meal cooks appropriately. Benefit from the 13 one-touch intelligent solutions that will enhance how you cook using one-touch approaches.


  • Cook Meat, Stew, Chili And Rice
  • Easily Make Dinner For 5 Persons


  • None at all..

Electric Pressure Cooker With Red Dial Digits

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Heat And Pressure Are Scrutinised
  • The Pre-Sets Mean Set It And Relax

Unique Selling Point:

  • Rice Cooking And Food Warming
  • A Wholesome And Tasty Strategy

The roomy 5.7L capability is perfect for preparing 5 meals simultaneously without upgrading diverse appliances for the kitchen. Much easier to implement, the new Instant Pot Duo pressure cooker offers an uncomplicated to seal cover. The pot instantly seals for pressure cooking and lets out steam using a straightforward, secure push of the rapid release switch.

Specs: 6 Qt | 5.7 Litres | 31 x 34 x 31 cm | 5 Kg | 700W

Make meals with little chaos and straightforward clean-up. The intelligent programme timed 'cooking pre-sets' enable you to set it and forget, liberating you to accomplish other activities.
As a result, the cooker prepares meals safely and promptly with little muddle and tasty outcomes. Employing built-in applications, your preferred meals are within reach of simply pushing a control button.
[Rating: 8/10]   £83   Get It → Instant Pot Pressure Cooker  

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: Prestige Hi-Dome Pressure Cooker Induction

Concerning faster recipes, it's unproblematic as you place all ingredients within your high-pressure cooker to produce delectable dinners faster than typical cooking. This helps you save time and effort. Make better meals with this 6L cooker that will even assist you in retaining all the great vitamins.

Seal in the taste throughout the cooking course of action, meaning you will end up having a flavoursome, healthy and balanced dinner. Great for family dishes, the big Prestige HiDome pressure cooker is befitting of all family members.

It will help you prepare up to 10 sensible meal portions in a single container, and it will be uncomplicated to keep inside your kitchen space.

You will receive functional add-on's with this pressure cooker and components made up of a separator, divider panel, wire trivet and recipe ingredients publication. You can expect to release your resourcefulness and prepare whatever you imagine.


  • Useful Accessories Are Provided
  • Helps Save Time In The Kitchen


  • No..

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Preserves Vitamins In Your Dinner
  • Brilliant For Curry Or Any Broth

Unique Selling Point:

  • Fast Family Favourite Meals
  • Recipe Booklet And Safe Lock

Due to a highly safe locking mechanism, this pressure cooker incorporates a multi-use locking protection grip and heat-proof handles to maintain you free from harm. The Prestige HiDome pressure cooker likewise exhibits an accessible pressure indication.

Specs: 6 Litres | 3.18 Kg | 28.6 x 41 x 25 cm | Grey

Get pleasure from great meals and home-style cuisine to bring everybody alongside one another. Regardless of whether it's a family lunch break or just a household special, you most likely do not require a formula, simply a helping hand and several delicious ingredients. Functional and sturdy, this may be an essential component for preparing real food in genuine households.

All In One Pressure Cooker With 2 Steel Grips

£53   Prestige Hi Dome Pressure Cooker - Get It!  

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: Benefits Of The Pressure Cooker

Electric digital pressure cookers are a home system you need to understand just how to use. Various aspects can be a little perplexing and risky should you not be cautious. When finished with food preparation, discharge the pressure by using a rapid discharge or a standard release.

A fast pressure pot release implies that you lower the pressure level soon after cooking by merely changing the pressure discharge device. The natural 'release' involves you permit the pressure to discharge by itself - which rewards food that may make use of more preparation.

: Releasing Pressure Inside The Pot

You should never open the pressure cooker when it's preparing food. Many powered stainless steel pressure cookers will not allow you to accomplish this until it is completed. Even so, never make an effort to push it open and if you have to get in, disconnect and let the pressure discharge initially.

: Less Requirement To Clean-Up

You will discover and delight in no more splashes and spillages. Preparing food in a covered one pot pressure cooker container necessitates 'no requirement' to tidy spills from the stove or your oven. Just about all pressure cooker bases happen to be dishwasher secure.

Safe and secure with diverse safety elements, modern-day cookers possess excellent keep warm and safety options. Even though electrically powered pressure cookers are usually more practical, they may be less potent and sturdy, although stovetop cookers will be stronger and quicker.

: AmazonBasics Electronic Pressure Cooker

Appreciate unmistakable food preparation efficiency and pace with this multi-functional kitchen counter cooker. As a pressure cooker, it essentially combines hot steam, heat and pressure. Perfect for delightful, flavourful outcomes in even less time in comparison to typical stove strategies.

Just add ingredients, protect the cover and press a button; the pressure cooker manages the remainder. Using a 5.5 litres capability, the AmazonBasics pressure cooker can prepare a whole chicken and steamed veg. It makes a piece of fantastic equipment to have available for entertaining.

The pressure cooker includes a user-friendly digital interface with an LED screen. Utilise the delay start timer to postpone the cooking for twenty-four hours. Impressive when preparing dinners in advance cooking chicken, veg, steam, slow cook, beans and even broth.


  • High Quality - Super Price
  • 23 Cooking Features In One


  • None at all here..

6L High-Tech Pressure Cooker With Red LCD

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Easy To Use Countdown Timer
  • Convenient Keep Warm Feature

Unique Selling Point:

  • Pressure Level Display
  • Powerful 1000 Watts Motor

Pleasingly, the cooker also provides a manual environment for improved control, a pressure level indicator and an automatic keep-warm function. Moreover, it keeps meals at a suitable serving heat; therefore, it is all set whenever you are ready.

Specs: 5.5L | 1000W | 15 Presets | 30 x 30 x 32 cm | 2.3 Kg

Make use of the AmazonBasics pressure cooker for a comprehensive portfolio of mains, side food, and even more. For exceptional outcomes without the complexities, this cooker presents 15 pre-set food possibilities.

This pressure cooker sporting 2 levels of pressure enables you to prepare a number of food items with simplicity. The container non-slip layer makes it fast and effortless to cleanse too. An electronic timer counter operates instantly following a set pressure level, and instantly maintains your dish warm.
[Rating: 9/10]   £79   Get It → AmazonBasics Tech Pressure Cooker  

Button Yellow

Family Size Electric Power One Pot Pressure Cookers

The ideal digital pressure cookers are reliable, user-friendly and uncomplicated. They cook any place up to 80 percent faster than ordinary techniques - and they cook far healthier as well. Steam surviving in the pressure cooker pot builds up and induces substantially hotter temperature ranges.

The non-stick pressure cooker pot is so firmly encased that nourishment and flavour are not able to steam off. Foods continue to be moist, and taste prospers. The electric cooking pots are less complicated than standard cooking suggestions maintaining all the nutrients and vitamins.

: Tefal Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

The efficient Cook4me smart multi pressure cooker prepares food to suit your needs. It is an enjoyable, clever pressure cooker that makes simpler daily cooking food.
It works by directing you in stages through every single recipe in it's pre-programmed catalogue of quality recipes. Cooking scrumptious dishes every single day is now straightforward.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • One-Pot With Several Recipes
  • Smart Set And Forget Feature

Unique Selling Point:

  • Big Legible Display Screen
  • Steam And Simmer Flawlessly

Pressure Cooker Front View Dial

Top Features:


  • Auto Keep Warm Feature
  • Use Of The My Cook4Me APP


  • Pricey..

Specs: 6L | 38 x 36 x 35 cm | 7.34 Kilos | Cook4Me+ App

Save your time in the kitchen area due to Cook4me's pressure cooking functionality among the two ranges is chosen instantly with respect to the recipe or ingredients of preference.
[Rating: 9/10]   £199   Get It → Tefal Electric Pressure Cooker  

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: Just Set The Pressure Cooker And Go Out!

Up to date pressure cookers are fantastic for individuals who are concerned about playing with high-temperature configurations, but the digital pressure cooker is going to accomplish it instantly, so set it and use. Just substitute other kitchen appliances, such as a rice cooker or even yoghurt machine etc.

: The Comprehensive Hot Meal Strategy

Unquestionably, the one pot pressure cooker is a comprehensive cooking system to maintain the food warm or hot. A few accomplish much more, for seniors or disabled persons who require to consider if the electric power is on, besides, the cooker can be placed at virtually any elevation.

: Cook For A Large Family Quicker

Multi function cookers genuinely enter into their own whenever volume food preparation. Making use of the cooker minimises time considered substantially, conserving time, cash and kitchen vapour inside. We have a tendency to mass cook and keep prepared dishes inside a freezer cooler.

Modernist Pressure-Cooker How-To
Modernist pressure cooker how-to

: Use With Other Kitchen Appliances

Well suited for professional cooks who have pretty much relocated all their preparing food appliances to pressure and frequently have more than just one cooker operating - an electric multi pressure cooker is an excellent companion to the cook's collection.

: Retain More Vitamins Inside The Pot

Experiments show that pressure cooking keeps a whole lot more nutrients than steaming devoid of high pressure. They use significantly less gas, electric power and regular water, but the electric cooking pots are more successful with energy efficiency related to rather steep utility bill reductions.

: Getting Acquainted With Pressure Modes

Just add water and keep an eye on things, but pressure cooking food is like standard cooking, apart from usually requiring a little water. Once you understand the functions of your new large pressure cooker, it requires minimal monitoring without the guidance necessary for other electric goods.

: Cost Effective And Eco Friendly

For a healthy and balanced way of life, create healthful meals in a fraction of typical time invested in integrated programmes to fulfil any food preparation necessity. Our programmable steel all in one style pressure cookers save several working hours and kitchen work.