Best 10 Electric Kitchen Steamers For Tasty, Healthy Food

Enjoy our range of 10 healthy choices electric food steamers and retain more of the nutrients and vitamins in meals compared to various other cooking techniques. Food steamers provide a wholesome strategy for slow cooking meals that maximise the flavour of several foods.

01: PureMate Digital 7 Pre Programmes Food Veg Steamer Bowl

Food steaming with this PureMate is a fast, effortless and intelligent means to cook a broad diversity of meals. Vitamins plus nutrients of food items are preserved and simply no oil is demanded, implying meals maintain their all-natural taste, colour, in addition consistency.

This 12 Litres food and vegetable steamer is just right for meat, seafood plus rice and is simple to expend via 7 pre-set procedures.

PureMate Digital Food Vegetable Steamer With Blue LED

For all your favoured daily meals, incorporated is a rice steamer container plus glass cover to guarantee the best soft rice. This particular electric powered food steamer functions 800 Watts in a hard-wearing stainless steel framework.

LCD display screen plus electronic timer with 2 stackable see-through layers. Prepare multiple and diverse kinds of food concurrently with no flavour contaminants.
[Rating: 9/10] £49 Get It → PureMate Food Vegetable Steamer

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02: Russell Hobbs Turbo Steam 3 Level Food Steamer

Attempt the healthier approach to prepare food with the RH 3 tier electric food steamer. The majority of meal favourites gain benefit from this steam treatment. It is a health boosting strategy to prepare food without incorporating oils or unhealthy fats. Meats and seafood retains it's flavour and succulence since the hot procedure infuses food, sealing in juices.

RH 3 Level Steamer In White Finish

The turbo steam ring style results in a 'plume of heavy steam' in under 45 seconds. Furthermore, as steaming is quicker and utilises less power than a standard oven, it is possible to create meals quicker without accumulating your energy resource costs. It offers stacked containers and capability of 9 litres to help you steam diverse foods concurrently.
[Rating: 8/10] £27 - Get It → R.Hobbs Turbo 3 Level Steamer

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03: Steama 3 Tier 1.2L Food Steamer And Storage Units

A steamer which has a significant difference. This particular smart design enables you to prepare a meal ahead of time and store it in the air-tight storage containers in the refrigerator or deep freeze - as well as reheat in the microwave oven. As you prepare to cook, simply take away the storage containers from the fridge, put on to the steamer and you are ready.

Steama Food Steamer In Black, White And Yellow

The steam function indicates you do not even have to wait around to start food preparation, so fresh, 'healthy food choices' turns in to a simple and quick alternative. Using a large, 9 litre total capacity, well suited for any medium household.

Steama comes with a group of three containers in addition to the rice bowl. You may steam food utilising as many storage units at one time as you desire.
[Rating: 9/10] £29 Get It → Steama 3 Tier 1.2L Food Steamer

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04: Russell Hobbs CookHome 3 Containers Food Steamer

In this current health-conscious life, 'steaming is a preferred solution' to prepare a myriad of food items, since you don't really need to include oil or additional fat. Meals are merely surrounded in hot steam letting it cook in it's very own juices. Because of this, it maintains all nutritional qualities.

CookHome Food Steamer With Black Steel Base

Your steamer will be able to cook a complete dinner for the household, frequently in under 30 minutes utilising a 'solitary' heat source, so conserving energy in addition to precious time. Steaming food permits the consumer to profit from a choice of fresh, healthy food choices that maintains colouring, taste and much more of it's healthy advantages.

60 Minutes Cooking Timer With Auto Shut-Off

The RH steamer has three piled containers which are perforated to help you steam various foods concurrently, which means you don't need to handle cookware on your oven hob. To make sure your masterpieces are not vulnerable to over cooking, it includes a 60 minute countdown cooking timer.
[Rating: 9/10] £27 Buy NowCookHome Electric Food Steamer

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05: NaturoPure Auto Timer Control Electric Food Steamer

The NaturoPure electric powered food steamer provides an electronic command and LCD display screen, plus 6 pre-determined programme buttons, ideal for several food kinds and big 11.5 Litres total capacity.

Easily removed separators provide versatility in dimensions, and a water level signal to ascertain amount at a glimpse. 99 minutes timer for impeccably clocked meals.

Electric Food Steamer With 3 Levels

Dish washing machine secure parts for comfortable and dependable cleansing plus large water total capacity for as much as 60 minutes vegetable steaming.

Long-lasting steel casing and collapsible pots for more compact storage - automatic shut off protection function. Concurrent preparing of a multitude of assorted foods plus high temperature resistive grip and cover.
[Rating: 9/10] £36 Get It → NaturoPure Electric Food Steamer

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06: Morphy Richards Intellisteam Small Electric Food Steamer

The streamlined Morphy Richards Intellisteam utilises it's smart cooking timer to help ensure that all of your steamed ingredients are prepared to your needs and able to serve simultaneously. Intellisteam benefits two individual food preparation storage compartments that may be separately designed to cook the particular ingredients positioned inside them.

Intellisteam Small Food Steamer

It was created simple with 'pre-programmed food preparation' periods for several food item kinds, detaching the uncertainty of forecasting food preparation times. There exists a pre-set time guide for various foods, which includes poultry, sea food, fresh vegetables, rice and gravies so that you can be reassured ingredients are prepared appropriately.
[Rating: 9/10] £54 Get It → Morphy Richards Small Food Steamer

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07: Heaven Fresh 1 Touch NaturoPure Electronic Food Steamer

The NaturoPure includes electronic management and LCD display plus 6 pre-programmed process control keys for a number of food items with a significant 11.5 Litres capability. You can completely remove the separators to make available efficient versatility in size.

NaturoPure Food Steamer With 3 Container Tiers

Included is a 99 minute cooking timer for perfectly timed quality recipes and dishwasher safe components for straightforward and secure cleansing. 1 Litre water convenience for as much as an hour or so of powerful steaming. Long lasting stainless-steel collapsible containers for smaller sized safe-keeping areas and automatic shut-off security function.
[Rating: 9/10] £36 Get It → Heaven Fresh Naturo Food Steamer

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08: Tefal Mini Electric Food Steamer 1 Year Guarantee

The MiniCompact steamer in black and metal surface is really an ingenious kitchen area device which helps you 'prepare nutritious foods' effortlessly. It is possible to prepare several courses at the same time, making food preparation times considerably quicker. The steamer provides three sections and a seven litre food capacity.

Mini Steamer In Black And Polished Metal

It benefits from the 'Aquatimer', which regulates the amount of water necessary for each and every ingredient, and prevents cooking once the water has depleted. The steamer has the option of ultra compact safe-keeping.

It's stacking containers are kept the other way up on the electrical foundation. This results in a really small piece that will take hardly any space in your cabinets etc.
[Rating: 9/10] £29 Get It → Tefal Mini Electric Food Steamer

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09: Sabichi 3 Tier Electric Food Steamer 3 Stacking Pots

The neat Sabichi 3 level steamer is a much healthier option for dinner and lunch. It incorporates a 7.2 litres total capacity and three easily removed, stacking storage containers and will cook several unique recommended food groups simultaneously. A 1 hour manual cooking timer helps ensure that your meal is never overcooked.

400 Watts Electric Food Steamer In White Exterior

There is an automatic shut off and boil dry security cut-off settings plus retractable model for straightforward safe-keeping. Storage containers are dishwasher safe with non-slip legs. Utilise with electric power voltage 230V, 400 Watts and regular guarantee incorporated.
[Rating: 7.5/10] £16 Get It → Sabichi 3 Tier Electric Food Steamer

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10: Morphy Richards 3 Tier Electric Food Steamer Water Gauge

Steam fresh vegetables, carrots, poultry, brown rice and seafood with the Morphy Richards 3 level food steamer. Steaming may be one of the most healthy strategies to preparing food, mainly because it preserves a lot of the all-natural minerals and vitamins within foodstuff and takes away the necessity for extra fat.

9L 3 Tier Food Steamer With Controls On Base Area

The 48755 3 tier steamer possesses a 9 litre total capacity and includes a 1.1 litre rice holder. Characteristics incorporate a '1 hour cooking timer' with alert bell, a water gauge and handle so that you can securely reload the water while steaming.

The containers as well as cover are dishwasher safe and the easily removed drip holder helps make the machine an easy task to thoroughly clean.
[Rating: 9/10] £30 Get It → Morphy Richards 3 Tier Food Steamer

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Compare 10 Food Steamers And Preserve Vitamins

Our selection of digital food steamers are suitable for households, entertaining and occupied families. A number of sizes and capabilities based on your steam cooking requirements.

One advantage which comes from selecting a good kitchen steamer is the wide variety of healthful foods you may create, sealing in all-natural tastes.

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