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Electric Vegetable Steamers With 2 And 3 Tier Containers

Updated 25/03/2020:
A selection of healthy option electric food steamers that preserve more of the vitamins in vegetables or any foods in comparison to different cooking approaches. The 2 and 3 tier electric steamers offer a super method for slow cooking to maximise taste.

Powered vegetable steamer pots are available with stackable racks so bigger batches of food may be steamed concurrently. Standard tap water is put into a holding chamber, and a heating element warms the water until it finally evolves into hot vapour.

Salter 3 Tier Electric Food Steamer 7.5L

3 Tier Food Steamer With Black Dial

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Elgento 2 Tier Small Food Steamer With Timer


  • Veg, Fish, Meat Or Rice
  • Timer And Automatic Off


  • None

Small Food Steamer With White Base

£18   Elgento 2 Tier Food Steamer Timer - Get It!  

Multi Tier Electric Steamer Types

Several appliances like rice cookers or multi cookers possess a steamer action. Electric pressure cookers or stove cookers frequently incorporate a steamer rack and will be applied as a steamer. Steaming veg, meat and fish in tiers is an excellent way to maintain nutrition locked inside.

Handy Features You May Need

Once you learn what kind of vegetable steamer pot you prefer, search for a handful of practical functions like a digital timer, independent sections and deferred start possibilities.

Nutrients And Vitamins Benefits

Cooking food more wholesomely is an essential rationality why persons may turn to purchase a food steamer; nevertheless, there are 'numerous positive factors' to the machines.

Get More Out Of Your Food Steamer

Steaming retains a lot of nutrients and vitamins in foodstuff than any other food preparation solutions, including boiling, where vitamins and nutrients find their way out in the water. If you generally boil your entire meal or vegetables, transitioning to a veggie steamer will help you get more out of them.

Types Of Food You Can Steam

You may use any kitchen steamer to prepare considerably more than just green vegetables. Various other food products you can cook in a steamer comprise of poultry, trout, rice, pasta, eggs and in many cases sea food recipes.

4 Tier Steamers For Large Portions

All 4 tier steamers can easily fit approximately ten litres of foodstuff, which will instantly be adequate for the main mealtime for a large group. Additionally, it takes the pressure off planning sizeable dinners since you can release space simply by steaming veg and side dishes on an individual basis.

Similar To A Microwave?

Just about all instructions inform you never to make use of seasoning or any type of fluid apart from water in the food preparation course of action. This should never prevent you from being adventurous with a cooking steamer for some spices or fresh herbs in food dishes.

Aigostar 3 Tier Electric Kitchen Steamer


  • Fast Steam In 15 Seconds
  • Removable See-Through Tiers


  • None.

3 Tier Kitchen Steamer With Chrome Base

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Tower Health 3 Tier Food Cooking Steamer

3 Tier Food Steamer With Round Heat Knob

£29   Tower 3 Tier Cooking Steamer - Get It!  

Geepas Rice And Vegetable Steamer 12L

Rice And Vegetable Steamer In Steel

£33   Geepas Rice And Vegetable Steamer - Get It!  

Weight Watchers Vegetable Steamer Pot 500W


  • Excellent Recipes Included
  • Automated Off And Timer


  • None..

Vegetable Steamer Pot On Kitchen Table

£25   Weight Watchers Veg Steamer Pot - Get It!  

Kitchen Food Steamer Multi-Tasking

It is also worth pursuing that microwave steaming essentially keeps more nutrition when compared to utilising a separate small food steamer; besides, it's a lot quicker. Which means you might want to get yourself a piece of multi-tasking equipment and go for a microwave oven.

Comparing Steaming To Boiling

Steamers create much less steam when compared to a typical pot of standard water, and allow them to be somewhat sluggish. Food prep like thinly chopped up fresh carrots as an illustration often takes up to a quarter-hour in an electric boiler - in contrast to about 6 minutes in a steamer.

Attention To The Instruction Book

You should also try to be cautious and estimate the steaming period for the weight of groceries you are preparing food, or it may be incredibly overcooked. Criteria cooking instances for standard portion weight loads in many cases are within the guide instruction books provided.

Kitchen Steamers For Veg And Rice

Some rice and vegetable steamers may be exasperating to wash as perforations or openings in the container bottoms are traps; also, food drippings can drop into the bottom of moisture trays. A few containers can be removed slot-in installations, which make washing less difficult.

Length Of Steam Cooking Period

Just by eliminating the base, you are able to produce a higher steaming area for larger sized items, but several machines do incorporate a rice cooker dish. This is a small tray that resides in the steamer and enables you to prepare up to 45 minutes in the machine, but the outcome is remarkable.

Stackable Tier Sequence Efficiency

The very best kitchen steamers will certainly prepare food correctly, reasonably quickly and be quick cleaning. Whenever you're enthusiastic about getting steaming, ensure you steer clear of a time-consuming or troublesome steaming machine.

Russell Hobbs Turbo Steam 3 Level Food Steamer

Attempt the healthier approach to prepare food with the RH 3 tier electric food steamer. The majority of meal favourites gain benefit from this steam treatment. It is a health boosting strategy to prepare food without incorporating oils or unhealthy fats.

RH 3 Level Steamer In White Finish

The turbo steam ring style results in a 'plume of heavy steam' in under 45 seconds. Furthermore, as steaming is quicker and utilises less power than a standard oven, it is possible to create meals quicker without accumulating your energy resource costs. It offers stacked containers and capability of 9 litres to help you steam diverse foods concurrently.
[Rating: 9/10]   £25   Get It → R.Hobbs 3 Level Steamer

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Steama 3 Tier 1.2L Food Steamer And Storage Units

A steamer which has a significant difference. This particular smart design enables you to prepare a meal ahead of time and store it in the air-tight storage containers in the refrigerator or deep freeze - as well as reheat in the microwave oven.

Steama Food Steamer In Black, White And Yellow

The steam function indicates you do not even have to wait around to start food preparation, so fresh, 'healthy food choices' turns in to a simple and quick alternative. Using a large, 9 litre total capacity, well suited for any medium household.


  • Includes Free Rice Bowl
  • Large 9 Litres Family Size


  • None.

Steama comes with a group of three containers in addition to the rice bowl. You may steam food utilising as many storage units at one time as you desire.
[Rating: 9/10] £34   Get It → Steama 3 Tier Food Steamer

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AICOK Timer Control Electric Food Steamer

The NaturoPure electric powered food steamer provides an electronic command and LCD display screen, plus 6 pre-determined programme buttons, ideal for several food kinds and big 11.5 Litres total capacity.

Electric Food Steamer With 3 Levels

Dish washing machine secure parts for comfortable and dependable cleansing plus large water total capacity for as much as 60 minutes vegetable steaming.

Long-lasting steel casing and collapsible pots for more compact storage - automatic shut off protection function. Concurrent preparing of a multitude of assorted foods plus high temperature resistive grip and cover.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29   Get It → AICOK Electric Food Steamer

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Altering Food Steamer Functions

Several steamers feature some stackable containers that have slots in the foundation to allow the vapour to flow. You will discover a few electric food steamer versions of equal and varying proportions.

The same specification containers are stackable in just about any sequence, and thus can be established up or downward, especially during preparing of food to alter the heat efficiency.

Prepare And Organise Food Earlier

The different containers need you to prepare and organise the food routine beforehand; nevertheless, they pile inside one another, thus, making them smaller to maintain. Some mini electric steamer containers possess easily-removed bases that press in position.

Steamers With Water Markings

The exterior water devices will reveal just how much water remains in the steamer system. It will help you prevent allowing the steamer unit to boil completely dry for safety. Just about all steamers likewise, have minimal and optimum filling up markings in their structure to avoid drying out etc.

Some Hot Steam Safety Advice

Outer water inlets enable you to put more in the container devoid of eliminating the holders, which usually decreases scald issues. Virtually all exterior pouring lip areas can not project away exceptionally far away from the rice-vegetable steamer equipment so you will need to be attentive.

Steam Time Delay Functionality

Several vegetable steamer pots also boast a delay feature so that you can set the machine up and let it stay to turn on later in time. You should never make use of steamer with a plug-in style timekeeper or remotely activated manipulation strategy.

Food Steamer Keep Warm Feature

The widely used veggie steamer keep warm action can continue meals warm for a couple of hours following food preparation. You have to arrange this at the time of cooking food and ensure you top up water. It's not going to operate if there is no water in the equipment towards the end of cooking.

M.Richards IntelliSteam Small Electric Food Steamer

The streamlined Morphy Richards Intellisteam utilises it's smart cooking timer to help ensure that all of your steamed ingredients are prepared to your needs and able to serve simultaneously.

Intellisteam Small Food Steamer

It was created simple with 'pre-programmed food preparation' periods for several food item kinds, detaching the uncertainty of forecasting food preparation times.
There exists a pre-set time guide for various foods, which includes poultry, sea food, fresh vegetables, rice and gravies so that you can be reassured ingredients are prepared appropriately.
[Rating: 9/10]   £69   Get It → M.Richards Small Food Steamer

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Quest Fresh Electronic Food Steamer

The NaturoPure includes electronic management and LCD display plus 6 pre-programmed process control keys for a number of food items with a significant 11.5 Litres capability.

NaturoPure Food Steamer With 3 Container Tiers


  • One Touch Functioning
  • Water Level Indicator


  • None..

Included is a 99 minute cooking timer for perfectly timed quality recipes and dishwasher safe components for straightforward and secure cleansing. 1 Litre water convenience for as much as an hour or so of powerful steaming.

Long lasting stainless-steel collapsible containers for smaller sized safe-keeping areas and automatic shut-off security function.
[Rating: 9/10]   £19   Get It → Quest Food Steamer

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Small Electric Food Steamers That Preserve All Vitamins

It's actually rather improbable that you will want to keep the machine on the kitchen work-top constantly because they can take up lots of room; consequently it is smart to pick one that's simple to store aside in a cabinet.

Choose a small food steamer where you can pile the containers in one another that may substantially decrease the elevation of the machine. The choice of digital food cooking steamers for homes are ideal for entertaining and busy family members.

Tefal Mini Electric Food Steamer

The MiniCompact steamer in black and metal surface is really an ingenious kitchen area device which helps you 'prepare nutritious foods' effortlessly. It is possible to prepare several courses at the same time, making food preparation times considerably quicker.

Mini Steamer In Black And Polished Metal

It benefits from the 'Aquatimer', which regulates the amount of water necessary for each and every ingredient, and prevents cooking once the water has depleted. The steamer has the option of ultra compact safe-keeping.

It's stacking containers are kept the other way up on the electrical foundation. This results in a really small piece that will take hardly any space in your cabinets etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £96   Get It → Tefal Mini Electric Food Steamer

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Sabichi 3 Tier Electric Food Steamer 3 Pots

The neat 3 level steamer is a much healthier option for dinner and lunch. It incorporates a 7.2 litres total capacity and three easily removed, stacking storage containers and will cook several unique recommended food groups simultaneously.

400 Watts Electric Food Steamer In White Exterior


  • Dishwasher Safe Components
  • Stackable For Storage


  • None

There is an automatic shut off and boil dry security cut-off settings plus retractable model for straightforward safe-keeping. Storage containers are dishwasher safe with non-slip legs. Utilise with electric power voltage 230V, 400 Watts and regular guarantee incorporated.
[Rating: 9/10]   £19   Get It → Sabichi Electric Food Steamer

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Numerous versions and features are depending on your steam preparation criteria. A single benefit which originates from choosing a good household electric food steamer is the vast array of healthful foods you might generate, 'sealing in' natural flavour.