Easy To Use Digital Slow Cookers With Programmable Timer

Updated 20/01/2022:
Our best slow cookers with timers evaluated here produce easy and delicious foods serving as a broth cooker as well as rice warmer plus. These 3.5L, 4.5L, 5L, 6L, 7L digital slow cookers are intended for programming stews, porridge, puddings and even healthful steamed meals easily.

A slow cooker pot blends a base heating system vessel as well as glass cover. The container is where ingredients are positioned for preparation and ordinarily made of weighty components that help keep high temperatures continuous - similar to a stove styled oven etc.

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: Tower Big 6.5 Litres Slow Cooker Pot

Appealing for family food preparation and satisfying casseroles or traditional hot pot. This slow cooker incorporates an ample 6.5 Litre potential for 8 servings, rendering it great for preparing any family event. A substantial inner capacity cooks many sufficient meals suited to home cookery.

This Tower steel slow cooker pot presents three heat configurations with a keep warm capability, proficient at preparing various meals. There exists a glass cover with a cool touch handgrip for a more reliable moving. Non-skid feet provide added balance on the kitchen counter.

Do you cherish the aroma of slow cooking in the kitchen? The temperature options are predetermined adequately, and the food cooks beautifully devoid of adhering to the sides. The ceramic interior bowl elevates quickly and looks fantastic around the dining table.


  • UK Sunday Meal At It's Best
  • Family Sized Food Perfection


  • None at all

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Heat Options To Suit Any Meal
  • Hardened Glass See-Through Lid

Unique Selling Point:

  • Handy Keep Warm For 'Afters'
  • Looks Fab On Any Countertop

This kind of removable pot will incorporate easy washing and efficiency. It has a 1-year warranty but get a longer two years guarantee after sign up. With 3 heat options, you have a range of functions and warm-up ability to help you competently make various dinners.

A translucent glass cover provides for more reliable cooking. The pot surface means this slow cooker is quick cleaning - and functional to keep and work with. The Tower steel slow cooker incorporates a reinforced glass lid that allows you to review the progression of your food.

: 50 x 38.2 x 38.7 cm | 270 Watts | Weight 5.88 Kg

It is intended to allow for up to five helpings of food; it's exquisite for family dishes and organising more attendees. This is perfect for straightforward tabletop serving and clear-cut cleaning afterwards. You can find that helpful warming capability to help you return for seconds later.

Slow Cooker Pot In Black With Round Base

£36   Tower Big 6.5 Litres Slow Cooker Pot - Get It!  

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: Prestige 3.5L Compact Slow Cooker LCD

This pot is most desirable for healthful food, slow cooking of delicious, balanced meals with the easy prep cooker. Maintain all the goodness locked in due to the transparent glass cover. Credit to the Prestige slow cooker with a timer, as it is possible to make scrumptious family meals ideally.

Decide on your cooking setting and time frame, and then you're ready to go. Get pleasure from relaxed, family foods with this excellent slow cooker. Enjoy the big 3.5L capacity with a user-friendly programmable electronic timer - and an LCD screen for unproblematic and comfortable usage.

The straightforward to clean digital slow pot with timer contains a detachable ceramic container, so washing it is fast and precise. The ceramic pot is likewise dishwasher stable. The digital slow pot features a 2 years warranty for your comprehensive reassurance.


  • Viewer To See Your Food Cooking
  • Easy To Use And Set Food Timer


  • None..

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Simple To Read Digital Screen
  • Diverse Heat Settings In-Built

Unique Selling Point:

  • Reassuring Warranty Offered
  • Healthier Dinners Without Fat

Just about every home demands an ideal slow cooker for making those delectable and warming family group dinners in no time. From soups to joints, just allow the aroma of slow-cooking food to fill your household and tame your hunger. It is the small things that can make massive differences.

The pot features an LCD screen and a programmable timer for half an hour to 20 hours periods of application. The detailed variants are high, low, and additionally keep warm. The Prestige digital slow cookers can be found in both 3.5 or 5.5L family size dinner potential versions.

About the control partition, it's not hard to use the settings for up to 20 hours so that you can settle back and chill out, letting the pot cook your dinner. Once accomplished, it will likewise instantly go into (keep warm) final setting - so simply no heating again is required.

Compact Slow Cooker With Big Screen

£34   Prestige 3.5L Compact Slow Cooker - Get It!  

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: How The Typical Slow Cooker Functions

In a slow cooker, the high temperature starts at the bottom and succeeds its way up the edges, after that inside the meals. The hot steam made from the warmth induces a vacuum seal together with the cover. Low and then consistent heat keep the moisture content, especially during food preparation.

: Low, High And Moderate Heat Settings

The fluid will not escape or end-up being accumulated, yet many electric slow cookers enjoy a low, high and then warm environment. Intended for significant roasts, you may use the low or high configuration, but low-fat proteins like poultry will work well when braised on a more moderate heat.

: The Right Temperature To Cook

Tasty broth can implement possibly the low or a robust heat environment. The warm mode is designed for continuing to keep dishes warm for celebrations, nevertheless, search for aspects such as those compact slow cookers with tightly fitted covers for making journeying less complicated.

Browse those seal covers to counteract unpleasant splatters, deploy programmable functionality to let you prepare for a specific number of working hours and even heat probes to help you to understand whenever your food is completed.

: Useful Smarter Slow Cooker Features

Wireless capacity can help you influence the digital slow cooker with timer coming from an App on your smartphone. The digital screen will assist you in monitoring heat and food preparation periods. Use the sear or perhaps saute configurations, so you do not have to use additional cookware etc.

: An Eco Friendly Cooking Strategy

Even the largest slow cooker is cheerful on the bank balance as 'reduced power' consumption benefits hardly any electric in comparison with using your oven or range top all day. It is a secure approach to prepare in a small slow cooker with a programmable timer that does not heat-up your household.

: DuraCeramic Crock Pot Large Slow Cooker

Get imaginative with this Crock-Pot 5L DuraCeramic slow cooker, nicely created for formulating family dinners, quickly offering five persons. It includes a digital timer to set the cooking instances, two heat controls and an 'Auto Warm' feature that keeps food perfect once food prep is finished.

The digital timer features an incorporated 20 hours electronic timer with an LED display. Switch on 'High' to produce yummy appetisers, dishes or also deserts quickly. Arranged to 'low' to generate food filled with taste, leaving the ingredients simmering so your dinner cooks while you are outdoors.

Nevertheless, it is unnecessary to be concerned if your appointment runs over, or perhaps you wish to promptly go to an acquaintance. The digital slow cooker will immediately transition to 'Keep Warm' once the cooking has finished. This sustains food until you will be ready to eat great tasting meals.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Timer Makes Food Prep Easy
  • Non-Stick Scratch Proof Layer

Unique Selling Point:

  • Very Tough And Easy Cleaning
  • Always The Perfect Temperature

Top Features:


  • Auto Keeping Your Food Warm
  • Fully Scratch Resistant Layer


  • None.

An integrated 20 hours control with LED counting down screen makes mealtime planning convenient. The multi-use dish with ceramic covering suits all hobs and range designs. This consists of induction, free from PFOA and PTFE non-stick agents with many times the reliability of typical non-stick.

Saute the ingredients over the hob in the detachable die-cast Crock-Pot 5L DuraCeramic slow cooker container before slow cooking the food. Make brown meat and make softer the veg to increase the taste. A substantial 5 Litres capability nourishes up to five persons, proficient for big households.

Crock Pot Slow Cooker With 2 Side Grips

£99   DuraCeramic Crock Pot Large Cooker - Get It!  

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: A.James Ceramic Huge 8L Slow Cooker

This huge 8 Litre red coloured slow cooker is a straightforward approach to create delightful homemade soups, meals, broths, as well as side dishes with bare minimum hassle.

You can cook an abundance of fabulous household cooked dinners for the entire family unit consisting of soups, curries, casseroles, perhaps for lunch breaks or delicacy. The Andrew James slow cooker ceramic dish is detachable, so it is simple to switch to the dining table surface.

The see-through reinforced glass cover will allow you to review the improvement of your foodstuff at the time of cooking. The slow cooker comes with three heat configurations of high, low and automated.
Whenever the slow cooker is scheduled to Auto, it will prepare food on high for a brief while. After that, transition to low persistent cooking food temperature ranges.

This 380 Watts slow cooker applies less energy than a standard oven, meaning that you can prepare delectable meals for a portion of the price. Dimensions L x W x H | 41 x 30 x 28.6 centimetres.
Additionally, it helps to switch less expensive cuts of meat right into delicious bites. This is a first-rate big 8 Litre slow cooker protected by a 2-year company guarantee.


  • Sufficient For Larger Families
  • Big 8 Litre Sized Home Dinners


  • None at all

8 Litre Large Slow Cooker In Bright Red With 'See Through' Cover

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Uses Less Power So You Save
  • Easy To Use Temperature Modes

Unique Selling Point:

  • Incorporates Hardened Glass Lid
  • Simple To Clean Components

Along with demanding less electricity, it can save you cash by volume procuring, mass cooking and even by purchasing less costly, more significant cuts. The Andrew James slow cooker is outstanding for changing tough cuts directly onto something considerably more delicious due to the retained moisture content.

With the bigger ovens, you can cook a good amount of servings, then seal off and freeze them later. For dishes with a substantial moisture content, deep freeze, then vacuum seal for making them last essentially for a longer time.

Note: You must just wash the interior ceramic food preparation pot and the glass cover in warm water and soap with a gentle towel. The weight is only 6.1 Kilogrammes.

The slow cook process additionally helps prevent water from leaking out and keeps all of the vitamins and minerals secured in to your dish, indicating meals such as fresh vegetables soak up stocks as well as spices or herbs, which makes them wholesome and giving them a full taste.
(Rating: 9/10)   £32 Get It - A.James Big 8L Ceramic Slow Cooker  

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: Spend A Fortune On A Slow Cooker?

Several tender and in many cases tougher more substantial cuts benefit from low and slow food preparation, which means you do not have to spend a small fortune on exceptional dining level of quality dinners that would generally take throughout the day to create.

: Plan Cooking Time For Other Tasks

Slow cooking is known as a secure means to organise set dinners which save us a lot of time to get various other significant activities completed, or perhaps hang out with family members. It is incredibly easy to prepare the formula before combining these to your slow cooker machine.

You can create low-fat dishes in a smaller or large slow cooker simply by creating meals, then putting in spices or herbs together with other savoury goodies to slowly prepare.

: The Now Essential Programmable Timer

There are several versions and brands out there and since slow cooker styles have advanced over time, so have the number of product features. Do not get weighed down by the abundance of preferences and appreciate what you need to when shopping for the ideal slow cooker with timer deal.

: One Person Up To 6.5 Or 7.5L

The types of features and size are almost certainly the most essential criteria when reflecting on which version to pick. Slow cookers vary in proportions from 1.5 Litres, ideal for one or two persons to around 6.5 or 7.5L, fantastic for more substantial households and preparing food for dinner get-togethers.

: From Kitchen Counter To Dishwasher

Make sure you look into the scale of your kitchen space just before purchasing one of the larger sized slow cookers with a timer delay - perhaps continuing to keep it up on the kitchen counter-top.

: Wahl 4.7L James Martin Slow Cooker

Make all household cookery more comfortable utilising this particular this 4.7 Litres ceramic slow cooker with timer delay to prepare pleasant-tasting recipes with extremely little fuss, merely place inside all of your ingredients, arrange the time period and heat-up.

Easily make home cuisine less complicated with this digital slow cooker - make healthy food for the entire family or colleagues with almost no trouble.
Merely place in your ingredients, arrange the time and heat up. Then let the flavours accentuate while you connect with your daily lifestyle. Still, please make use of the time delaying capability.

Basically, determine when you wish the cooking to commence, regardless of whether daytime or nighttime. If you choose to observe your food progressing along. Incorporated with the Wahl James Martin cooker is a glass cover, so it is possible to keep the goodness sealed inside.

User-friendly and easy to completely clean, pick out your own sought after situation with the programmable screen and go back afterwards to a thoroughly cooked mealtime. With no screening needed, just put the ceramic container with the glass cover in the dishwasher machine.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Handy Keep Warm Environment
  • Make Hot Pot And Tasty Broth

Unique Selling Point:

  • Set The Timer And Go Out
  • Glass Lid To View Progress

LCD Ceramic Slow Cooker With Round Glass Lid

Top Features:


  • Programmable LCD Screen
  • Clear Easy View Glass Cover


  • Not of any description

We appreciate the 4.7L ceramic container for preparing significantly heated dinners like casseroles and hot pot. The LCD timer with delayed action provides comprehensive control over your food prep, assuring the food is flawlessly cooked and available when hungry.

The two heat configuration settings (low plus high), including a keep warm environment, provide you with a range of alternatives for the outcomes you intend to accomplish.

A glass cover for unproblematic monitoring and the functional ceramic cooking food pot can be taken off and employed for serving. This, in turn, likewise renders the Wahl James Martin slow cooker straightforward cleaning.

: Ready When You Get Home

Get back home to the delightful smell of home-prepared meals using its substantial ceramic container. It is ideal for family members or for when you find yourself entertaining.

The entire pot has been made explicitly for cooking just about the most rewarding meals to your preferences. In simple terms, choose the sought after setting depending upon your requested cooking time frame.

The 3 diverse configurations establishes you complete control over clocking, and when you have insufficient time, it's possible to utilise the hot environment, however if you happen to be pleased to allow it simmer practically all working day - then it's possible to use the reduced cook mode.
[Rating: 9/10]   £42 Get It → Wahl James Martin 4.7L Slow Cooker  

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: M.Richards 3.5L Sear Stew Slow Cooker

The Sear and Stew slow cooker permits you to produce a comprehensive choice of dishes with the added benefit of having the ability to sear the meat within the very same pot.

Slow cook right from the beginning to the end in a single food preparation pot producing the cooking course of action much more successful. Certainly not appropriate for induction hobs, nevertheless it supplies you healthful, 'nourishing meals' which can be prepared precisely when you wish.

Simply by applying a couple of heat configurations, soon after the container with the slow cooker foundation, quite simply decide on possibly the substantial, moderate or low food preparation environment. You will have a delightful casserole, soup, curry or any other family meals.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Check Progress See-Through Lid
  • Three Cooking Configurations

Unique Selling Point:

  • Useful Cool To Touch Grips
  • Create More Diverse Flavours

3.5 Litres 'Sear And Stew' In Red And Black Finish

Top Features:


  • Sear And Slow In Same Pot
  • Easily Monitoring All Cooking


  • None here

Once you have accomplished your food, clean up is straightforward as well. The Morphy Richards Sear and Stew cooking pot incorporates a non-stick covering and can likewise proceed directly into your dishwasher appliance.

Unlike ceramic food preparation containers, the hob resilient cooking container is exceedingly lightweight and sturdy. This renders it uncomplicated to consider to the dining room table and serve straight from the slow cooker.

The light weight, non-stick covered aluminium container is long lasting as well as dishwasher safe, so tidying up later on is straightforward. The guide book consists of more than twenty five quality recipes, from soups and also conventional older favourites, to meals and sweets.

The vibrant red provides a a bit of colour to your cooking area and can be coordinated to other products in the Accents assortment.
(Rating: 9/10)   £49 Get It - Morphy Richards Accents Sear And Stew

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: Slow Cook When Away From Home

Just about all good slow cookers include a low, moderate or substantial environment that permits you to choose how long you wish to prepare your meal for. Several models now use a counter assisting you in arranging the cooker shut-off at the most prosperous time in case you are away to begin preparing food.

: Larger Slow Cooker Pros And Cons

Possessing an easily removed cooking pot makes food preparation in your slow cooker considerably more practical and flexible like our electric soup machine selections. It is simple to serve the food directly from even the larger the 6L slow cookers to the kitchen table.

5.5L, 4.5L, 3.5L, 6L Slow Cookers With Timer

They are simpler to clean and frequently oven immune, which implies you are able to cook the top of virtually any food you wish. Make sure the small slow cooker is straightforward to wash - the majority nowadays are dishwasher machine good, nevertheless reflect on just how much space they use there.

: Non-Stick Small Slow Cooker Crock Pots

Almost all slow cooker pots will need to include a heat plus on/off transition as a bare minimum. Newer versions today generally have a medium button as well. One particular characteristic to take into consideration will be the searing aspect that permits you to brown foods inside the slow cooker container.

: Buy For One Person Or More

The mini slow cooker crock pot types stated earlier possess an automated blending characteristic - perfect for avoiding any kind of ingredients from adhering to the edges. The new slow cookers for one person are a fast and straightforward means to produce home prepared dinners.

: Crock-Pot Non-Stick Slow Cooker 4.7L

A large 4.7 Litres slow cooker for you to demonstrate your cooking skills from the new designer range from Crock Pot. Update your standard slow cooker to this fresh model to suit your cooking area, or perhaps preferred colour.

Establish a strictly speaking wonderful cooking time for your dish together with the easy to implement digital control buttons. The Crock-Pot Lift and Serve digital slow cooker screen counts down the leftover cooking time frame - which means that you are forever in charge.

An automated keep-warm translates to your dish is prepared if you are and if you're a household that cannot generally eat collectively. You can nonetheless cook single dinners and leave almost everyone to help by themselves, perhaps.


  • Easily Serve At Dinner Table
  • Digital Timer Is A Godsend


  • None here..

Slow Cooker With Black Handles And Clear Lid

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Great For All Value Cheaper Cuts
  • Create A Huge Batch Effortlessly

Unique Selling Point:

  • Durable Hinged Lid Inclusive
  • Big 4.7 Litres Family Sized Pot

Prepare food classics like chilli, soups and roasts, simply because the associated recipe suggestions can get you going. However, the choices are limitless. Slow cooking is cheap for less costly for significant cuts. Since you do not need to heat your entire oven to prepare your dish, it can save electricity.

Slow cooking is an excellent choice if you're trying to find tasty foods using healthful ingredients. A satisfying broth with a large number of big vegetables constitutes a wonderful midweek lunch. It is a simple way on the way to your 5 per day routine.

Conjure up a large portion on Saturday or Sundays, 'portion up', place it inside the deep freeze and open as you require. Not surprisingly, it's just the thing for the casual supper.

The new custom slow cooker from Crock-Pot is available in a high gloss mid greyish finish to match your kitchen area, as well as preferences. Just about all 'contact points' on the slow cooker such as the holders, cover and command button are finished in black with chrome highlights, indicating you have got a fashionable focal point for the kitchen counter.
(Rating: 9/10)   £45 Get It - Crock-Pot Non-Stick Slow Cooker  

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: VonShef Slow Cooker 6.5 Litres With Timer

Cook up yummy one-pot meals, improve the flavour of your own food and considerably better maintain nutrition with the sizeable VonShef 6.5 Litres steel slow cooker. Just increase ingredients plus water or perhaps stock if the recipe demands, and pick from amongst 3 heat modes.

The vital power function provides you with a typical cooking time of 3 to 5 hours. The reduced power function presents standard cooking of 6 to 8 hours. A keep warm option maintains cooked meals in a heated condition - extraordinarily safe and straightforward to utilise.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Hot Pot And Hot Curries
  • Keep Warm Functionality

Unique Selling Point:

  • Glass Lid To Watch Progress
  • Perfect For All Appetite Sizes

Top Features:


  • Very Stable And Sturdy
  • Easy Automatic Settings


  • None..

Come back home to newly cooked dinners, quickly cater to influential organisations or make batch food preparation clear. The slow cooker is exceedingly safe, and you can leave it to prepare as you go about your daytime or nighttime. This VonShef steel slow cooker is most suitable for the present day occupied way of living.

: 290W | Size: L39 x W37 x H23 cm | 2 Years Warranty

Managing food included within the ceramic food preparation dish and then protected with the toughened glass cover stops water from getting away and keeps nutrients locked.

This is particularly advantageous for dinners formulated with vegetables. Additionally, preparing food meat dishes on low and slow will ensure meats continues to be heavenly tender and tasty.

Electric Slow Cooker With See Through Lid

£34   VonShef 6.5L Slow Cooker With Timer - Get It!  

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Arrange ingredients at a set heat for an extended period, put all the goodness in, then prepare your temperature and allow as advised. Generally possessing up to 7 Litres, you will find the ideal complement for any size household or kitchen cooking space.

The finest digital slow cookers with timer derive from companies like A.James, Morphy Richards, Crock Pot and Prestige are examined here, rated quality and located features. The compact 3.5 Litres up to large 6.5 or 7L slow cooker pots with timer offer non-stick surfaces along with sturdy ceramic essentials.

Crockpot slow cookers are sometimes less expensive than any other bigger models. The user-friendly electric slow cookers with timer configurations keep flavours and nutrition. They are safe to keep on for sustained periods and come in distinct sizes for all slow cooker food preparation demands.