Electric Rice Cooker Steamers With Warmer Function

Updated 27/01/2022:
Excellent electric rice cookers with warmer and steamer for delicious, fluffy rice meals. The perfect electric multi cookers for the kitchen make rice with the ideal uniform moisture. Following food cooking, you may keep your rice warm before your usual meal serving period.

Rice cookers are made to make it painless for outstanding rice anytime. You just place a deliberated proportion of rice and regular water in the pan, click the rice maker button to prepare the rice.

Cooked Rice On Spoon With Steam
Cooked Rice On Spoon With Steam

: Reishunger Rice Maker With Keep Warm

Here is the preferred rice cooker for starters and at-home cooks making whole grain rice flawlessly. Additionally, it may steam veg, fish or meat as the rice is preparing. It is actually well suited for any individual searching for a straightforward, nevertheless fantastic rice cooker.

The Reishunger rice cooker is most beneficial used in combination with white and whole grain rice. Cook sushi and fragrant rice, jasmine and even tasty basmati rice dishes. The rice oven turns instantly into a keeping warm function when the rice has cooked properly, guaranteeing you heavenly results.

: 500W 220V | Size 9.6 x 9.6 x 9.8 Inches | Weight 5 lb | 1.2 L

Employing high-end features, the equipment cooks rice consistently and promptly for approximately 6 persons. It embraces 1.2 litres and comes with an internal container, rice spatula, calculating cup and vapour features. Veg may also be prepared in no time, sufficient for boiling 6 cups of rice.

Rice isn't going to burn due to the dual non-stick covered interior container with a honeycomb structure. Substitute or extra containers may also be purchased conveniently.

Black Rice Maker
7 Phase Reishunger Rice Maker


  • Steamer And Keep-Warm Function
  • Rice For 1 In Under 15 Minutes


  • None here

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Cook For Family Of 6 People
  • Steam Cook Your Vegetables

Unique Selling Point:

  • Cook Sticky And Sushi Rice
  • Multiple Non-Stick Layers

Easy to use, the rice cooker features an elegant design and is the ideal beginner rice cooker. It is quick cleaning; however, the lid is not detachable, but it makes the perfect present for rice enthusiasts.

The positive aspects of this impressive Reishunger rice cooker provide a keep-warm feature for flawlessly cooked rice. With one particular press button, you will acquire excellent conclusions from this intelligent unit. This top-quality dual non-stick pot is brilliant for steaming tasty seafood dishes.

With a brief cooking period, you get consistent food prep without any burning, in addition to the keep warm features. It runs for approximately 8 hours and provides a rice pot spoon, steam tool insert, and one computing cup.

Rice Maker With Black Exterior

£89   Reishunger Rice Maker Keep Warm - Get It!  

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: Geepas 2.8L Steam Rice Machine Cooker

The cooker with a sophisticated style and a somewhat heavy-duty physique. It includes non-slip legs in its platform that help keep the pot securely in position.
It possesses a concise and sweet style. It addresses less breathing space and won't mess the kitchen countertop with its 2.8 L significant capability, plus it incorporates extras.

: 33 x 32.5 x 32 cm | 2.8 Litres | 1000W | Weight 6.2 lbs

This container features and benefits 3 diverse functions specifically to cook, steaming and keep warm. The Geepas rice cooker machine helps you select the way to ready your rice. Following cooking, you may also keep your meals warm via a KeepWarm feature - cooking while conserving all nutrition.


  • For Small Or Medium Kitchens
  • Non-Stick Removable Container


  • None at all

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Cook And Preserve All Nutrients
  • Easy To Use Keep Warm Function

Unique Selling Point:

  • 2 Years Warranty - Easy Cleaning
  • Steam Seafood Plus Vegetables

The rice cooker contains a durable cover created from reinforced glass. It features a steel rim that sets it right into place. It will not get darkened and enables you to view your rice as becoming prepared.
Its small style likewise renders it simple to store aside or fit in virtually any countertop, making it well suited for more compact kitchen areas.

Using a significant total capacity, you can produce substantial portions for the entire family unit or handle unexpected friends. It really is speedy and productive.
The bundle features a measuring cup and then a spoon. The Geepas rice cooker cup provides precision to your food preparation. With the rice scoop, you may take the rice out effortlessly.

Pleasingly, the rice cooker contains cool-touch carrying handles manufactured from superior quality components. Unquestionably comfortable to implement, you can touch the grips even though the equipment is getting ready for mealtimes.

Steam Rice Machine With 2 Side Grips

£34   Geepas Steam Rice Machine Cooker - Get It!  

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: Rice Cooker Features To Look Out For

After the cooking, if the rice is prepared and all the fluid soaked up, the cooker changes into a keep warm function. This removes any timing concerns by maintaining the rice at serving heat range for hours; therefore it is prepared for anytime meals.

Total capacity is generally presented as the maximum volume of cups of fresh rice you are able to cook simultaneously. Bigger rice cooker steamer versions can prepare about 10 cups of rice, nevertheless small types just about 4, but remember they hold less than a typical cup.

: Measuring Cup Preparations

Details about the bare minimum range of cups which can be cooked previously are hardly ever presented, nonetheless, commonly it is approximately two cups, even though it could possibly be even more for a few of the bigger electric 8-in-1 multi-cooker for tasty rice preparation models.

: Basic Or Advanced Multi Rice Cooker?

There is in most cases a detachable interior cover which may be cleaned in your kitchen sink, though the exterior lid likewise demands cleaning, particularly the steam vent. Several covers enjoy an easily-removed vent to a greater extent.

The straightforward on and off steam rice machine can take care of preparing all your rice, maybe it is the rice cooker option to suit your needs. They can be excellent for frequent rice lovers, and they are generally a cost-effective preference.

Cookers work directly by positioning rice and drinking water inside and switching on. The rice heater is going to take good care of anything else on your behalf. Several larger rice cookers feature a keep warm aspect that is self-explanatory - and virtually prepared to go from the package.

: Quest Large Cook And Warm Rice Cooker

This kind of splendid Quest rice cooker is known for its 1.8 litres ability. It is well suited for couples, individuals, or perhaps small households seeking to efficiently take advantage of flavoursome rice. The non-stick dish is detachable, allowing you to conveniently switch with your dining area stand.

This organisation is a supplier of good quality products for your household and back garden. From Quest, arrives an ideal equipment to cook with rice. It's non-stick container indicates the rice is easy to remove as soon as prepared. The dish itself is straightforward to thoroughly clean afterwards.

: Size 28 x 28 x 24 cm | 2.5 Kilos | 1.8 L | 700 Watts

A translucent cover enables you to check up on the improvement of the rice, especially during food preparation. The rice cooker additionally incorporates a computing cup, which means you constantly get the servings correct, and a spatula to serve size perfection.


  • Ever Popular Keep Warm Function
  • Two LED lights Showing Progress


  • No Auto-Shut Off

Quest Cook And Warm Rice Cooker In White With Steel Finish

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • View Rice Cooking Via Lid
  • Fully Non-Stick Container

Unique Selling Point:

  • Free Mug And Spatula Bundled
  • Beautiful Circular Glass Lid

This excellent timeless rice cooker highlights an automated keep warm efficiency. The 2 LED illumination signals on the Quest rice cooker front side of the equipment will suggest if the rice will either be cooked or maintained warm or hot.

Not merely rice, the nice thing about this arrangement is that it is multi-implementing. This excellent rice cooker will allow you to prepare chilli, soups and casseroles as well, providing you with the supreme overall flexibility for your evening meal.

Quest comes with a measuring container so that you can make sure you prepare the correct quantity of rice each time. An 'auto keep warm' functionality indicates the rice cooker maintains your rice warm after it has concluded cooking. The stainless-steel cover signifies the rice cooker will look excellent in almost any cooking area.
[Rating: 9/10]   £32 Get It → Quest Cook Warm Rice Cooker  

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: Aroma Housewares ARC Brown/White Rice Cooker

This generous family size Aroma Housewares rice cooker has been created to produce many different tasty meals without difficulty. Whether you would like to steam, saute, stew, cook your rice or perhaps desserts, the cooking features and useful timer are lovely.

: 4L Capacity | 30 x 30 x 30 cm | Weight: 2.69 Kilos

You can actually cook anytime you like and be made very welcome by the smell of fresh rice produce prepared to serve. Its stylish stainless steel casing contains a blue backlit light and LED screen with twenty-four hours of proper timer delay functionality.


  • Non-Stick And Easy Washing
  • Dishwasher Secure Components


  • Overpriced

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Free Recipe Guide Brochure
  • Create Large Range Of Foods

Unique Selling Point:

  • Keep Warm Plus Cook Timer
  • Steel Case And Blue LED

The keep-warm feature of the multi-cooker is definitely the best acquisition of your kitchen space. The multi-pot delivers six distinct cooking characteristics with steaming your white or brown rice. It incorporates a convenient timer and a keep warm zone.

This Aroma Housewares cooker is fast and straightforward to completely clean with the non-stick food preparation container, which may be taken out - and it is dishwasher secure. Incorporated with this system is the Wahl brown/white rice cooker recipe guide, which includes suggested healthful recipes to get started on.

Electric Rice Cooker With Top Steam Cover

£286   Aroma Housewares ARC Ceramic Rice Cooker - Get It!  

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Cook Rice, Broth, Pasta And Whole Grain

The microwave rice cookers could be the lowest priced of all. They are really ideal for people that don't have to make an excessive amount of rice at any given time, and for people with a microwave oven. A few likewise make much more than rice, like broth, pasta and whole grain options.

Multi cookers are definitely the epitome of rice cookers and superior appliances for the kitchen. For those who have a better spending budget, then the best multi-cooker in stainless steel is undoubtedly the very best system you can purchase for use in your kitchen space.

: Squeezing Diverse Kitchen Machines In One

Just about all multi cookers may be slow cookers, rice or pressure cookers, porridge machines, yoghurt creators, broth machines plus much more. When you can discover yourself often using these types of cooking strategies, it is worth purchasing one for squeezing many devices in a single impact.

The components of your own pot will decide how perfectly and quickly your rice prepares. Make sure to select non-stick and dense pans. It is mandatory to clean the rice cooker efficiently. Several will likely be dishwasher amiable like the pressure cookers, so be sure to eliminate the internal dish and wash.

: Tefal Rice Cooker Steamer And Keep Warm

The time saving and helpful Tefal slow cooker is really a steamer, rice cooker and 8 in 1 cooking food capabilities machine. The cooker features consist of quick rice and brown rice function, cereals porridge steam and effortless slow cooking meals etc.

A recommended rice cooker with much more to acknowledge. This trend informed smart and straightforward eight in a single multi cooker blends automated preparing food with a time delay efficiency. There is an instant keep warm for increased ease, convenience and reassurance.

29 x 26.5 x 30 cm | 5 Litres | 600 Watts | Weight 3.5 Kg

Featuring its recipe guide to get started off, you may cook various yummy meals, from your morning breakfast to your nighttime slow prepared supper. The Tefal automatic rice cooker handles all at the contact of a display button - you will 'boost your cookery skills' when this cooker is yours.

Multi-cookers supply an easy answer for practical and healthful food preparation because they keep all those beautiful nutrients. They help keep your food delicious and fragrant, plus keep little room for mistakes. A large number of features mean you may change all those same old food options.


  • 8 In 1 Cooker Single Machine
  • Automatic Keep Warm Feature


  • None at all

Multi-Cooker And Rice Steamer In Brushed Steel

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Free Accessories Included
  • Set Up To 15 Hours Beforehand

Unique Selling Point:

  • Washing Up Is Made Very Simple
  • Ideal For Early Morning Breakfast

The postponed start system will allow you to arrange this eight in one machine to prepare approximately 15 hours beforehand. This translates to that your mealtime is constantly ready if you are intended to organise the morning hours Weetabix.

Its automated keep warm aspect makes sure your food is retained at a 'suitable temperature' for about twenty-four hours. Its complete collection of options incorporate quick rice, white rice, brown rice, grain, porridge, slow food preparation, broiling and those delicacy features.

A readily available and involved digital screen user interface is set on the steel finish. Featuring a detachable and dishwasher secure PTFE non-stick layered dish. The Tefal automatic rice cooker and variable cooking professional guarantees clean up is a piece of cake.

: Useful Free Extras Included

The eight in one rice cooker likewise includes a recipe report and a variety of add-on's. Use the hot steam container, rice scoop, computing cup to prepare many different dishes without delay and very successfully.

With an electronic digital user interface with delayed start and automated maintain warm capabilities, the Tefal cooker enables you to prepare a multitude of meals flawlessly utilising nominal exertion.

The cooker is fashionable, featuring it's black and stainless-steel finish. In addition, it features a non-stick easily-removed dish for straightforward cleansing.
[Rating: 9/10]   £54 Get It → Tefal Multi-Cooker Rice Steamer  

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: Instant Pot Multi Pressure Rice Cooker

This is a recommended electric powered pressure cooker created in Canada, but accessible to United Kingdom shoppers. It boosts food preparation x6 times, using up to 70 percent significantly less electrical power. It creates healthy food in a hassle-free style.

Get ultra healthful cooking with persistent outcomes with the timeless Instant Pot Duo cooker that sets pressure, environment and time to cook faster than any other solutions. Enjoy scrumptious results each and every time via the sophisticated processor that screens pressure, heat and sets power.

Practical and customisable, the equipment recalls the method you prefer to prepare your food and which intelligent applications you frequently use. It incorporates a 'set it and forget' element, clearing you to perform other tasks. At the same time, the meal cooks promptly and adequately.

All 13 one-touch innovative applications will change how you prepare the broth, meats, hot steam, yoghurt, and chicken to keep warm when preparing your meals. The roomy 5.7L total capacity is designed for preparing up to 5 meals simultaneously, replacing various tools.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • An Abundance Of Cook Options
  • Create Meals For Big Families

Unique Selling Point:

  • Keep Warm And Smart Modes
  • Saute, Steam, Slow Cooking

Multi-Performance Rice Cooker In Brushed Steel

Top Features:


  • Pressure And Non-Pressure Cooker
  • Steam And Food Warmer Settings


  • None at all

This is undoubtedly an even more 'reliable to seal' cover that instantly seals your container for pressure food preparation. It produces steam with a straightforward, secure push of the speedy release switch, all with little chaos and easy cleaning.

Your particular variety of foods is taken into account, making sure meals end up flawlessly cooked each and every time. The Instant Pot Duo cooker performs whatever you can with several other kitchen appliances: thus clearing out the muddle from your countertop.

31 x 34 x 31 cm | 5 Kilos | Capacity 5.7L | 1000 Watts | 220V

Regardless of how huge your household is or how complex your requirements, this kitchen equipment comes in the proper proportions for yourself. While preparing side meals or preparing food for a couple of persons, the capacity is perfect for bigger groups or even party events.

All unique functions consist of 3 temperature ranges and saute for lightly browning or even thickening, and 3 conditions in slow cooking food. A 24 hours cooking timer enables delayed cooking. The automated keep-warm supports temperatures from the food until you are prepared to eat.
[Rating: 9/10]   £74 Get It → Instant Pot Multi Rice Cooker  

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How To Get The Best Out Of Rice Cookers

Each of the rice cookers we have examined feature an aspect to instantly shut down food preparation and maintain the rice warm, although the period they will retain the rice warm for are vastly different.

1 Pot Cookers For Diverse Food Prep

Many of the one pot cookers we have assessed include a cup for calculating out the rice and water. This is just not a standard calculating cup, and there might be distinctions concerning rice cookers.

Several rice cooker steamers possess fuzzy logic within their development. This enables them to employ much less stringent timing to take into account diverse food preparation circumstances.

: Brown Rice, White And Multi-Grain Cooking

Selected rice cookers also enjoy a multi-grain solution; nevertheless, makers usually do not always have a similar meaning whenever they state (multi-grain); therefore it is smart to examine the guidebook.

It might merely mean that the rice cooker slow cooker can prepare grains besides rice, or maybe that it may cook a combination of rice etc.

Dishwasher secure apparatus makes for simple cleaning and the 1 cup electric rice cookers with keeping warm/delay highlights for versatility will keep you happy. Light signals, non-scratch serving spoons as well as ladles plus non-stick inner containers.

Bowls Filled With Jasmine Rice
Bowls Filled With Jasmine Rice

Small Electric Rice Cookers With Keep-Warm Features

Look for rapid cook efficiency to cut periods, reheat cycles to rewarm grain in large rice cookers with a simmer feature or perhaps using slow cooker characteristics. Steel pots for longevity and consistency configurations for firmer or smoother rice.

These inexpensive rice makers are great in just about any dwelling that loves foods from around the globe. Accommodating and uncomplicated to use, nevertheless the cookers accomplish more than just help to make rice currently. Try electric rice cookers with a timer to steam concurrently or make whole grain solutions.

: Russell Hobbs 1.8L Dish Rice Steamer

The Russell Hobbs rice cooker and steamer is a straightforward method to prepare rice meals. Using a 1.8 Litres capability dish, there is adequate room to prepare as much as 10 servings of rice, perhaps important for bigger households that like to invite friends round for dinner.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Automatic Keep Warm Feature
  • Chic Brushed Steel Finish

Unique Selling Point:

  • Rice Scoop And Cup Inclusive
  • Ample Capacity For Big Homes

Large litre rice steamer with stainless-steel finish

Top Features:


  • Automated Shut-Off Function
  • Special Type Non-Stick Layer


  • None that we can see

This cooker is well suited for all those occupied households that enjoy dinner parties and so forth. The 'rice cooker and efficient steamer' features a spatula and calculating mug, along with a supplemental holder for steaming seafood or fresh vegetables.

: Capacity 1.8L | 700W | 28.4 x 28.4 x 23 cm | 2.7 Kilos | 230V

The glass cover means that you can look at your meal whilst cooking. It's non-stick easily-removed dish permits uncomplicated cleansing and straightforward ease of use.
[Rating: 8/10]   £38 Get It → R.Hobbs Large 1.8L Rice Steamer  

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: Lloytron Kitchen Perfected Rice Machine


  • Capacity 0.8 Litres 4 Cups
  • Welcome Keep Warm Feature


  • None here

Non Stick Compact Rice Cooker With Clear Cover

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Free Cup And Scoop Spatula
  • Removable Rice Container

Unique Selling Point:

  • Guide Plus 1 Year Guarantee
  • Hardened Stainless Steel

The keep hot characteristic intends your rice will never go chilly if left.
[Rating: 9/10]   £24 Get It → Lloytron Kitchen Perfected Rice Cooker

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: Drew & Cole New Rice Cooker Steamer

This cooker can be your single stop option for beautifully cooked, straightforward healthful meals anytime. Due to 14 pre-set food preparation characteristics, it makes preparing food and heating anything fast and direct. Because of its KeepWarm element, the food is ready if you are.

Beyond the Drew And Cole CleverChef cooker heating highlights, it features a 24-hour delay timer that enables you to begin later in the daytime. Intelligent efficiency removes the messy kitchen scenario. There is simply no need for independent cookers or cookware; this pot performs everything.

Its significant 5-litres capacity container is sufficient to make food to feed all the family, or perhaps batch preparing food for your preferred dishes. It supersedes many special appliances' requirement and is the one-stop kitchen alternative for nourishing home-prepared dinners.


  • The Flavour Sealing Technology
  • Keep Warm And Cooking Timer


  • None at all here

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • You Can Steam, Stew, Soup, Roast
  • Several Easy Pre-Set Settings

Unique Selling Point:

  • For Fish, Brown Rice Or Pasta
  • Dinner For 2 To 6 Individuals

Choose between painless programmes through the intuitive digital menu with speedy touch adjustments. It is so user friendly, any individual can prepare delightful meals without difficulty. It really is built to make food preparation yummy, nourishing food easy and uncomplicated.

Size: 31 x 24 x 23 cm | Weight 3.9 Kilos | 5L | 860 Watts

The machine is smartly designed for delightful outcomes at the contact of a button. Simply arrange this Drew And Cole CleverChef cooker and happily forget about the meal.
The flavour lock concept seals in all-natural flavours. It regulates moisture discharge to keep meals delicious - and it generates a delectable, considerably more intense overall taste.

Rice Cooker Steamer In All Black

£69   Drew & Cole 5L Rice Cooker Steamer - Get It!  

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: Keep Your Rice Warm - For How Long?

Huge handles enable the cooker to be much easier to lift-up, particularly if full up. A good detachable wire helps to ensure profound results to transport to the table or store. Settings which can be correctly labelled and straightforward to comprehend plus automatic shut-off and keep warm feature bonus.

: How Many Are You Cooking For?

Needless to say, purchase as outlined by just how many you are preparing food for. Should you often have persons over for supper, you may want to choose a bigger electric multi cooker version to accommodate this group.

Possessing a keep warm action removes the tension of needing to time almost anything to complete simultaneously. A couple of points which make a rice cooker more reliable in its results are a non-stick bowl which suggests less complicated washing.

Various other add-on's can sometimes include a spatula and spoon for pouring the rice, steamer container or holder so that you can use the rice cooker to steam others.

Some useful features of the ideal electric rice cooker offer the capability to cook several 'other grains' plus the preparation total capacity that matches the household requirements. Tailor-made computing cups, digital adjustments and then fuzzy logic functionality.