Best Digital Cooking Timers For Precise Food Prep

Updated 17/05/2022:
Here, each digital cooking timer is a practical yet present-day and trendy device - the ideal addition for almost any food prep area. The LCD food timers are easy to utilise - some offer a magnet and clip around the back to position on the front side of your fridge door.

A fantastic digital kitchen cooking timer is simple to use with handy features. They are considerably more precise than some of those standard timers you may have at home.

The timer delivers an equally fast count down and counting rendition upward. Achieve complete command of time management using a timer that may be appended to practically any surface in the kitchen.

: ThermoPro TM01 Digital Cooking Timer

Created up to 100 hours, the electronic timer may be used to count up or down. It is developed for approximately 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. This portable kitchen timer is ideal for many different uses, for example, food preparation, barbecuing or the fitness centre.

This timer comes with a prominent screen that showcases significant digits. The impressive screen incorporates backlight functionality. This means you can constantly read the screen or change configurations during 'dim illumination' situations.

This high volume alarm clock with flexible levels offers high, moderate, low, and silent. The volume range can get as loud as you wish - and to assure you, absolutely nothing is overlooked. The ThermoPro TM01 digital cooking timer changes the audio level according to your demands.

: Sticking To The Refrigerator Door

The magnetic fun kitchen timer is furnished with a table stand and magnetic rear with several positioning choices. This permits for perfect positioning, possibly on the countertop or refrigerator. Or any other metallic surface to watch the clock function.

A digital timer is a dependable option. Due to the small size structure, the timer may be convenient to carry and extensively used in everyday life and make your lifestyle easier.

A multi-use digital magnetic kitchen timer benefits from counting up/downtime performance and a time clock in a single system. It will genuinely squeeze an amount of efficiency into your daily activities.

Kitchen Digital Cooking Timer
ThermoPro TM01 Kitchen Digital Cooking Timer

The electronic kitchen timer includes a significant screen designed for food preparation, health club, conference, medicinal drugs, sporting activities, research, games and class timer exercises. This phase timer doubles as a time clock, alarm clock or stopwatch.

You will discover four flexible volume level configurations for numerous functions, such as the cooking area, off, low, moderate, and substantial. On this unique kitchen timer, there is a touch backlit press button. It is also tabletop and magnet mount structured.

Browse the time anyplace you want; the countdown clock may be established equally a counting up and counting down in an array of one second to one hundred hours.

This very loud kitchen timer is definitely a great assistant for controlling your time in everyday life. This specific digital timer clock contains an integrated clock setting to supply you with your required time.

The Features:


  • Compact Timer Unit
  • To 24 Hours Period


  • None at all.

Flexible Alarm Volume Level
The sound level of the kitchen alarm clock is around 94 dB alarm volume. This guarantees you can modify the volume to satisfy your preferences. Forget about over/undercooking. You can select between a 12 or even 24-hour screen as you favour.

According to your home and your inclination on where you can put the ThermoPro TM01 digital cooking timer clock, provided are two installation options. Use the tabletop stand or the magnetic rear to stick to your refrigerator or other kitchen appliances.

Most Suitable Small Dimensions
Tiny enough to fit inside your jeans pocket, the size permits you to effortlessly take this digital loud kitchen timer about with you anyplace. It could be extensively used for preparing food, making cookies, (BBQ) or perhaps school exercises, even student physical fitness time.

Black Cooking Timer With Grey Buttons

£12   ThermoPro TM01 Digital Cooking Timer - Get It!  

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: Secura 60 Minute Visual Countdown Timer

Without the necessary batteries, this mechanised counting down timer is for food preparation, group meetings, educating, carrying out research, and more. Absolutely mechanical, it is a practical and non-harmful gadget to the environment.

Numerous Practical Countdown Functions
Enhance time supervision, boost efficiency with everyday tasks, plus more. You can control play, go to bed activities, establish timeouts, and ensure that your teeth are cleaned sufficiently long.
This Secura 60-minute visual countdown timer is an outstanding tool to assist kids in understanding the passage of their time creatively.

The counting down clock can assist those with specific demands. As time elapses, the brilliant red disc vanishes. A visual style aspect of this particular timer assists in easing changes and stimulates self-reliance - and elevated efficiency for those of all capabilities.

: For Cooking, Parents And School

This timer for cooking features two substantial magnetic support sections, rendering it perfect to put on fridges, ovens, cupboards, plus more. Both collapsible legs at the bottom can position on flat surface types, such as tables and counters. It is quickly wall fitted too.

Basically, switch the control knob clockwise to broaden the vivid red disk, making it easy to understand the time counting down successfully. To trigger the magnetic kitchen timer before use, convert the knob clockwise for the 55-minute placement. After that, turn it counterclockwise for the sought after time.

This 60-minute aesthetic digital countdown timer is totally mechanised. Simply no batteries necessary. It will also help you quickly shift from one activity to a different one, conquer issues and create a fantastic perception of time. It is advised for parents and particular schooling.

60 Minute Visual Countdown Timer
Secura 60 Minute Visual Countdown Timer

The most significant benefit of the visible countdown timer is it assists your children in fully grasping time. Be familiar over time, quickly control daily duties, and crack significant difficulties into small jobs. You can resolve the issue of completing homework past the desired period.

Ending the game might be like the end of the planet for your children. Let them know the time ahead of time - and set your own visual timer device. Kids will benefit from this intelligent compact electronic timer gadget throughout their activity.

This timer is used for educational settings, supervision, self-discipline, timed projects, self-study, and even teamwork. This schoolroom timer is magnetic and can be positioned on the class whiteboard.

The Features:

Reduce stressful changes by demonstrating how much longer there is and precisely what five more minutes imply. It motivates self-confidence, self-reliance, and all-natural abilities such as visual pondering for kids.

The Secura 60-minute visual countdown timer possesses an impressive magnetic backboard. This makes it well suited for fixing onto freezers, ovens and cupboards. This kitchen timer can confirm precisely how well the food is prepared, plus the precise time for preparing scrumptious meals.

It is crucial to manipulate the time effectively when you are performing exercises. You want a timer to help remind you how long you exercise each day. You may keep an eye on the time quickly and anyplace. If the bell rings, the physical exercise time is finished.

Cooking Timer With Blue Case

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: XREXS Food Timer Count Up/Down Display

Acquiring a twin channel electronic timer is the same as possessing two timers - T1 plus T2. 2 timings of T1 and T2 can be executed concurrently. It isn't just a countdown timer, minute timer and second timer. And it may also behave as a stopwatch timer for 99 hours.

This specific XREXS digital dual kitchen timer will switch off automatically. You should slide the kitchen timer aspect switch to activate the timer as soon as the battery is correctly set up.
Once the counting down is in progress, the green illumination will flash once every 3 seconds whenever you discover FIFTY seconds outstanding.

Whenever you find TEN seconds leftover, the green light will flash once every second. Once the set counting down time activates, the light turns red and blinks. The kitchen timer will instantly count up whenever the alert sound is buzzing.

Simply push the M press button to create the memory period. Slip the side key of the electronic kitchen timer to regulate the alarm volume level to LOW/HIGH volume. You may also switch on/off the electronic programmable timer under your requirements.

Food Timer With Count Display
XREXS Food Timer Count Up/Down Display

The device comes with a magnetic rear, collapsible stand and suspending openings, including a lanyard string. It's the ideal digital timer for assignments, physical exercise, health club exercise, food preparation timer and school room timing pursuits.

You should be aware that because of the features of the magnets, the kitchen countdown alarm timer cannot be mounted on metallic surfaces. For example, precious metals, sterling silver or aluminium etc. You should examine the areas of your fridge and stove hood too.

The electronic kitchen timer display is protected with a slim TPU overlaying to safeguard the double timer. This specific digital cooking timer comes with easily transportable dimensions. A wise decision for travel and leisure, this magnetic kitchen timer is readable and straightforward to set up.

The Features:

Once you obtain the kitchen big button timer, you may feel that you got a (used) kitchen timer since there are a few scrapes on display, but don't be concerned. In reality, it is a scratch on the film, so you should utilise it after ripping off the TPU layer.

This particular XREXS digital dual kitchen timer is a highly accurate device to prevent all kinds of catastrophes from occurring. With the noisy alarm, once the end of a counting down plan is achieved, the food preparation timer beeps to alert you to quit food preparation.

The electronic kitchen timer can show usage simultaneously. Whenever T1 is executing a count down or even count up functioning, you may switch to establish T2 and T1 displays. This smart cookery timer will instantly count up by beeping whenever the period is finished.

Food Timer With Big Start-Stop Button

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: How To Buy The Best Cooking Timer

There is no justification in purchasing a kitchen timer except if it can perform everything the ones in your oven, microwave, or mobile phone cannot. Identify which of them might be worthwhile the additional expense as there are functional aspects in several basic timers.

: Mobile And Loud Food Timer

The oven timer is useful considering remaining near to the kitchen space. Stroll to another area of the home, and there's a high chance you will not hear the sound. It is far more useful to possess a loud food timer you can retain on-hand on the move.

: Clip On Clothes Or Round The Neck

You can bring the unit with you to another space; nevertheless, it preferably clips to your clothing or strings about your neck as there is the possibility of losing it someplace. If you are in the kitchen, the programmable timer will have a magnet to stick on the fridge or reside vertically.

: No Substitution For A Good Timer

Any mobile phone is manageable; however, your smartphone is typically not the best device for your kitchen. A phone is prone to get dirty or dropped on the floor as you rush to pull food from your oven, which is where a decent compact timer performs well.

: Basic Timer With Minutes And Hours

An excellent timer will need to endure being dropped and really should permit you to clean off oil and substances quickly. It will end up being inexpensive enough that if it snaps, it won't end up being a tragedy. Less complicated timers just assess minutes as well as hours, which is all you require.

A handful of LED timers have a 'clock setting', which is satisfying to help keep track of just how close it is to dinnertime - likewise understanding how close the meat is to take out. Several timers may be challenging to set when they possess lots of control keys.

: NOKLEAD Digital Magnetic LED Timer

The electronic timer provides a substantial four-inch LED display using the 'crystal clear LED' screen. The black/white LED screen is significantly more straightforward than typical grey/black LCD screens. The observing perspective means it is easy to watch the remaining time from afar.

Surprisingly easy to implement, the kitchen timer possesses four independent large control keys that are significantly less complicated to regulate. You can quickly establish the exact NOKLEAD digital magnetic countdown timer counting downtime you require.

Once the countdown finishes, you can push virtually any button on top to 'recollect' the previous time location, conserving your time to create it once more. Two-alarm volume levels are usually 80 to 90 dB high in volume and gentle 65 to 75 dB. A silent stage will satisfy your requirements.

: A Successful Time Supervision Device

Keep track from 99 minutes 59 seconds to actual zero, or stopwatch to count from 0 to 99:59. This helps it become an ideal timer for regular folk, children, instructors, college students, food preparation or natural skincare. Use it for yoga exercises, health, fitness and the schoolroom.

Put the countdown clock timer anywhere you need. The magnetic timer possesses two robust magnets on the rear. It can be attached to virtually any metallic surface area safely and securely.
For example, fix it on the refrigerator, oven, or stove. Perhaps you could suspend it anyplace using the hook. Additionally, it includes a stand for positioning upon a table.

You will discover two illumination settings that conserve electrical power. The 1.3 inch high prominent white figures incorporate two lighting levels to fulfil your diverse demands both in the daytime and at night. It is very reader-friendly, even in dark areas.

Digital Magnetic Countdown Timer
NOKLEAD Digital Magnetic Countdown Timer

Throughout the pause/stop setting, the mini kitchen timer screen will instantly switch off when there is simply no functioning within five seconds. This stops your concerns that you might fail to change it to off. Merely push any press button on top to trigger it once more as you require.

Contrary to those funky kitchen timers created from low-cost plastic material, we adhere to premium ABS components to make this specific timer stronger.
A typical black and white colour is classy, and the sleek minimal structure looks even more stunning and contemporary. It's an excellent gift idea for your precious father or pals.

The Features:


  • Retro Wooden Timer
  • 18 Months Warranty


  • Not here..

It is battery driven and incorporates a low battery prompt. The device includes 3x AAA batteries. Helping to save the difficulty of actually finding the battery, utilise it whenever you get this timer. If the battery power is reduced, a sign will show on display to inform you to substitute batteries.

With a beautiful design and high-quality finish, you receive 3 AAA batteries, one NOKLEAD digital magnetic countdown timer and a user guide. With fantastic affordability, we undertake superior quality components to make this timer instead of those timers created from discounted plastic.

Using 3 amounts of volume modification is perfect as a cooking area timer. Therefore bid farewell to underdone cheeseburgers and overcooked beef. It incorporates 3 parts of AAA batteries. You should not bother about the battery power usage as it will instantly switch off.

Black Magnetic Countdown Timer

£19   NOKLEAD LED Magnetic Countdown Timer - Get It!  

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: Salter Big Button Timer With Stopwatch

With precision and reliability timing of 99 minutes and 59 seconds, this gadget turns out to be somewhat small compared to other cooking area timers.
Nevertheless, it is suited to regular timer applications, and a loud beeper informs you when your meal is prepared. The big Salter Big Button electronic kitchen timer screen size has been assured for two years.

The intelligent style is magnetic and self-standing. The very clear LCD assists you in browsing the time without difficulty. The large button timer style makes it straightforward to use.
A rounded aspect features a big start/stop press button. To maintain in view, set it within the worktop or perhaps stick it to your refrigerator using its convenient magnetic rear.

Using a magnetic stand or self-standing with a 4.8 x 3.0 cm screen scale, it incorporates a single LR44 battery. Being a compact transportable food timer, you may retain it on your person or some other area with you.

Big Button Timer With Stopwatch
Salter Big Button Timer With Stopwatch

If left inside the kitchen area, the volume will be challenging to hear from some other space. It is suggested for its additionally high volume beeper. Squinting desperately at little digital screens and 'fumbling above switches' is a factor of history using this new large button digital kitchen timer.

Built to guide even the greatest ambitious culinary chefs, this specific compact modern-day novelty kitchen timer performs all the effort. You can give your complete focus on the task in front of you.

The Features:

Position this Salter Big Button electronic kitchen timer along the worktop or stick it to your freezer. The magnetic back will keep it in perspective continually.

If the inner battery compartment will not shut firmly, quit using the merchandise and keep it far from kids. If you believe the batteries happen to be ingested or positioned within any body area, look for instant medical assistance.

Big Button Timer With Grey Finish

£10   Salter Big Button Timer Stopwatch - Get It!  

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: DreamSky Cook Timer High Volume Alarm

Using an extensive LED display and enormous red numbers, this specifically neat dark-coloured kitchen timer comes in an adorable vintage shape. The brilliant significant red-coloured digits are for minutes and seconds. You can view the Dreamsky digital kitchen timer with a loud alarm quickly across an ample space.

There are a couple of shortcut keys for versatile controlling. The LED timer will calculate up to 99 minutes 59 seconds with the regular stopwatch timer and counting down features.

2 shortcut keys are associated with 10S 5M for time augmentations - plus, the timer installation is easy. You will find 3 ways to position the digital kitchen cooking timer with the robust magnet and retracting built-in kickstand - also including a robust suspending opening.

Cooking Timer With High Volume Alarm
DreamSky Timer With High Volume Alarm

The LED timer can function excellently on the fridge, and it stands steady on the desk and suspends it up balanced on the wall structure. Wherever you happen to be, you will lose tabs on time under no circumstances.

Employing a count up or count down timer, an ON/OFF Press button was created for electric power preserving, so you never require to save on battery life. You do not need to be concerned about the kitchen timer gadget battery depleting. The timer environment will not be kept whenever toggled to the OFF placement.

The Features:


  • Sturdy Hanging Hole
  • AAA Batteries Included


  • No..

You may set some time to count down or even use it as counting up a stopwatch. Whenever counting up, push and hold the M S press button simultaneously to clear the environment. Then push the Dreamsky digital timer alarm START/STOP press button.

Using two adaptable shortcut keys, all concepts are for user efficiency. Two modifiable shortcut keys of 5M and 10S make setting up the timer straightforward. It will save your own time environment, therefore increasing performance significantly.

Cooking Timer With Red LED Digits

£14   DreamSky Cooking Timer With High Volume - Get It!  

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: Digital Timer For The Typical Home Cook

Accuracy is essential and virtually any device that allows increased power is an instrument worthy owning. It is beneficial to have an LED timer in a position computing lengthy periods. It's not necessarily an element you may frequently employ; however, it is useful for the typical cook.

: Perfect When Cooking For Long Hours

A few timers measure to '12 hours', while some are as long as 95 working hours. It can be valuable if you wish to cook for hours, but you can rely on the clock for these circumstances. It's lovely not to bother about losing a record of your cooking time frame.

: Multi-Functional Food Timers

Regardless if you're cooking or preparing for mealtime, you'll undoubtedly be pleased you own a timer. The standard small-timers can frequently only keep an eye on one job at any given time. Nevertheless organising a multi-course supper may need monitoring several times simultaneously.

: Super Kitchen Responsibility Assistant

A food timer which includes two up to six timers in a single unit will make balancing kitchen responsibilities much more comfortable. A timer is ideal for determining how long is remaining on the meat following the potatoes emerging from the cooker.

: Use As A Stopwatch For Events

The very best timers present various other highlights and configurations as well. A proper stopwatch function keeping track of upcoming events from zero rather than counting downward can be handy, as are timers that immediately begin after the alarm activates.

The very best digital kitchen timers may be designed right down to the second, but you do not make use of this characteristic all the time. Half a minute is the main difference between a great breakfast and a bin destined one plus there are digital meat thermometers with timer in-built.

: Mudder Function Loud Kitchen Timer

Intelligently enabled and stylish magnetised loud kitchen timer for all cooking areas. This 100 minutes culinary timer is appropriate for every day restricted time period scenarios since it's capable to count down, or perhaps counting upward.

This digital kitchen timer is generally implemented for your cooking area jobs, work, activities or perhaps fun. Big and clear-cut LCD display screen reveals minutes as well as seconds intelligibly and independently.

The Mudder kitchen timer alarm conveys simplicity for time period supervising for a broad range of applications.

The time-keeper provides equally fast count down and counting upward performance. Acquire complete command of time control using this elementary timer that may be appended to virtually any area.

Timer With Yellow Face

The Features:

The memory function saves the past timer environment for fast repeat deployment. Use the magnet as well as clamp to affix to your fridge door from the back or take out the clamp/stand for desk function. Clamp it on your garments as you relocate or wherever you require.

This Mudder kitchen timer additionally features a hook for suspension in case magnetic surface areas as well as desks are not acquirable for utilise, and may be interpreted from a short range with it's big display screen. It accommodates practically all kinds of situations and supplies the most competitive pricing.

Whenever the display screen obscures or maybe the alarm system isn't readable enough, simply switch the battery. You can eliminate the power lid using the mount. Push the option across 2 seconds, it is going to correct the time straightaway and functions with 2 AAA batteries.
[Rating: 9/10]   £15   Get It → Mudder Big Screen Loud Kitchen Timer  

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: XREXS 3 Kitchen Timer With 3 Channels

Competent multi operational kitchen timer using 3 countdown alarm systems to time as much as 3 scenarios at the same time. Great for cookery, exercising at the health club, school-room. Ideal for activities, agenda and appointment monitors, as well as a great deal more, plus useful as a stop watch.

Easy to operate and multi-functional, this XREXS 3 kitchen digital timer using transmission channels and LED alarm establish this a mix of 'time clock and time keeper' within an individual conception.

3 Channels Kitchen Timer In Black And White

The Features:

The alarm system volume level can be corrected, and the LED alert system is going to flash incessantly whenever the alert is subdued. The time keeper delivers with stand as well as suspension holes that allow you to relocate around the cooking area as necessitated.

This XREXS 3 kitchen timer additionally serves as an extremely precise electronic time clock including 12/24 hour display screen. With flexible placement, just deploy the high powered magnet on the rear to mount to a refrigerator door. Pull away the retractable stand for dependable placement on flat surface area or clamp to clothes.
[Rating: 9/10]   £11   Get It → XREXS 3 Channels Display Kitchen Timer  

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: Easy To Read Big Kitchen Timer

If you wish to safeguard your meal from overcooking or perhaps burning up, you must buy a useful food timer. You will not fail with these products, and the ideal big digit kitchen timers are the ones that provide you with the protection and fulfilment for food preparation.

: Kitchen Cooking Timers For The Countertop Or Magnetic

The significance of kitchen timers may not be glossed over; however, lots of people feel that many of these devices are unimportant. You can select digital or maybe a manual timer device for you to use on a desk - or put it on the refrigerator.

Some types of cooking timer might be used for keeping track of upward or present downward timing with the earlier deployment of memory features.

Enjoy simple to operate LED noticeable alerts through the count-down technique, along with a secure magnet on the back of the digital kitchen timer. This makes it simply perfect for putting over virtually any family fridge entry door.

: WRENwane Kitchen Timer With Magnet

This kitchen cooking timer time counter is irresistible looking and simple to utilise. The advanced timer offers numbers which are significant enough to easily interpret. The alarm system is audible and it's possible to displace the timer to any region.

Time your particular cooking area projects with flair and precision. The WRENwane kitchen timer is going to clock time on anything as much as 60 minutes. Effortlessly turn the front of the timer the whole way circular to 60 minutes - and so backward to the desirable time environment.

Digital Cooking Timer In White

The Features:

A particular flexing activity twists the time keeper in a clockwork mode to establish a more long sighted ringing. Whenever your time is finished, the timer is going to ring to advise you. Keeping on just about any metal surface area is effortless using the secure constructed magnet.

The WRENwane kitchen timer alert is easy to pick up in different spaces, just not too noisy to be over loud. You feature two options for location, either employ the magnet on the rear to accompany an electric refrigerator door, or maybe pull backward the retractable mount. It can be expended as a stop watch too.
[Rating: 9/10]   £14   Get It → WRENwane Magnetic Kitchen Cooking Timer  

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: Timing Features You Really Need

Plenty of timers are hard to work with when they possess not enough control keys. Therefore instead of adding up switches, there are some key highlights to consider to tell apart the needlessly complicated timers from the types you could run flawlessly.

Many of those direct enter cooking timers where you can input in time on the keypad are quicker and more reliable compared to the versions that demand you moving through all the settings together. You can find them used in our slow cookers with timer products.

: Screening For Several Settings

Multi-timers which usually screen all the times simultaneously may also be considerably more complicated because it requires work to get around concerning that timer device as well as the others.

Do consider getting a multi or single digital kitchen cooking timer, but this will depend on your own requirement and spending budget. We hope we have helped you in making the ideal resolution on the best kitchen timers that you can choose.