Light Timer Switch Reviews - A Snap To Set-Up And Control

Updated 17/09/2021:
Well worth a look programmable light switch timers expended to turn primary lights on and off every day. They reduce the chance of burglary through making any house look busy. Perfect for aged or perhaps vulnerable occupants and congenial with virtually any security LED lights or appliances.

Wall Controlled White Light Switch Timer
Wall Controlled Light Switch Timer

: NEARPOW Programmable Timer Plug Socket

Conserve energy and cash with this timer switch that features time clock modes, time per day, count number down and switch on/off, plus period flow. By way of super versatile prep, an event may be set to run daily and power schedule your family home kitchen appliances plus.

It's simple to take control for the best electric performance. An anti-theft transition aids you to provide an impression your home is busy in your absence as if you are on business or perhaps on holiday. Turn on and off the NEARPOW digital electrical timer outlet timer for further practicality.

Digital Electrical Timer On Room
NEARPOW Home Digital Electrical Timer

Timing each day can arrange and create 19 groups simultaneously operating only by time or on a day-by-day cycle. The time frame switch runs the Television, WiFi router, home air cleaner, humidifier, water dispenser. Simply no lighting is for the house guard to protect against burglary.

Count downward and turn on/off may be randomly set following any particular duration. Use it for smartphone recharging, or perhaps as the kitchen space food preparation timer.

Due to versatile controls, the timer attaches diverse options that can be arranged in one day. It supports time clock arranging, daily time, countdown position and DST.
A convenient procedure digital timer with a significant LCD screen and a specified guidebook with photos that will assist you in setting the time function as quickly as possible.


  • Several Diverse Light Plans
  • Ideal For All Home Appliances


  • None here

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Control Home Or Office
  • Easy To Use And Set-Up

Unique Selling Point:

  • Intermittent Lighting Patterns
  • Save On Those High Energy Bills

An integrated battery maintains the time setting if there is an electric power cut in your house. Economical, this NEARPOW digital electrical timer is professional for assisting you to control consumer electronics like lighting fixtures - mainly when you are out of the home or workplace.

Specs: 14 x 9 x 7 cm | 250g | 2900W Max | 2.6 Inch LCD Display

Make your lifestyle easier with applicable protection safeguards. The timer will make your house and workplace far more secure with the kids' clock efficiency, power-off security, and arbitrary characteristics. A random element will make the lights switch on and off intermittently.

Timer Plug Socket With 8 Buttons

£20   NEARPOW Programmable Timer Plug - Get It!  

: EtekCity Wireless Digital Switch Timer Plug

This wall plug switch allows you to remotely influence hard to connect with home appliances and gadgets with no integrated power button. A solid RF signal performs to 100 feet or 30 metres. It works through doorways and walls, devoid of interfering with various other gadgets.

This Etekcity Wireless remote control socket enables effortless control over modest home appliances across vast spaces or perhaps on upper floors. It constitutes a fantastic gift for seniors, expecting mothers, or people with limited flexibility. It's the best energy and cash saver device.

Various home electronics and kitchen appliances use electric power even if not used, squandering priceless energy and boosting your electric power expenses. In reality, typically, UK homes dedicate too much money every year running home appliances left in standby function.

Wireless Plugs With Remote Devices
Etekcity Wireless Sockets And Remotes

A learning feature adapts to your requirements. This convenient characteristic lets you plan the learning outlet device to match your specified needs. Match up with virtually any button upon virtually any remote transmission device. Ideal to power each outlet separately or simultaneously.

Due to this much degree of regulation in your hands, you will quickly and easily raise your home's performance. Control tricky to reach products or lights at the press of a button. It saves you the difficulty of connecting or disconnect appliances, a fantastic tool to boost mobility.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Home Appliance Energy Saver
  • Long Range Up To 30 Metres

Unique Selling Point:

  • Works Through Power Cuts
  • Don't Spend On Standby Mode

The Features:


  • Trigger Diverse Sockets
  • Save On Electric Bills


  • None at all

A stable signal functions through doors and wall spaces without interfering with other technology. It can help you shut off the living room location light from your comfy sofa. Utilise the handheld remote control outlet kit to run everyday gadgets. It's not hard to be eco-efficient.

Specs: 23 x 5 x 11 cm | 639g | 240V | 30m RF Range | x2 12V

The Etekcity wireless remote control socket learning action helps you trigger diverse equipment with one switch. Control a single system with innumerable remotes for comprehensive regulation. Just connect and implement. It is so easy.

Save your expenses and remove wasteful standby electric power to lower energy usage. This gadget will save on your energy bills and lengthen the product life. The outlets stay off following an electric power outage to save power.

Light Switch Plug With Small Hand Remote

£29   EtekCity Wireless Light Switch Timer Plug - Get It!  

: Dewenwils Digital Timer For Lights On/Off

This is an interior programmable electronic timer socket that may be designed to use about 20 diverse strategies. Establishing programmes to instantly power devices on/off as required will help remove extra/excess usage of electric power, saving on your power expenses.

You may readily support the DEWENWILS digital lamp timer socket plug in your hand to arrange the timer while not connecting it in - mainly because of the backup battery. With the manual override press button, it is simple to switch the timer as desired if the plan shifts.

Digital Lamp Timer Socket Plug
DEWENWILS Plug In Wall Socket

It's uncomplicated to process the timer and not hard to work out. Daytime saving time setting can be triggered by pressing the time switch for a few seconds. A chargeable integrated battery backup keeps the programming in a power cut - safeguarding you from the difficulty of setting it every year.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Big Readable LCD Screen
  • Save Money On Your Bills

Unique Selling Point:

  • Simple To Set-Up Timer
  • Deploy Up To 20 Plans

The Features:


  • 5 Mode Daily Plans
  • One Year Warranty


  • No Cons

Economically, this connector instantly transforms on/off virtually any light fixture, machine, equipment, vaporiser and other home appliances. The DEWENWILS digital timer socket plug plans will save cash from excessive energy use in the home and improve your day-by-day activities.

Specs: 10 x 5 x 5 cm | 310g | 3120W | 240V | 13A | x20 On/Off

Versatile scheduling configurations means you may plan several times of the week, in addition to 5 settings, to fulfil your regular routines. Peaceful and dependable with no ticking or perhaps odd sounds, this device is excellent for interior situations. Its CE detailed with 12 months guarantee supplied.

Timer Switch For Lights With LCD Screen

£16   Dewenwils Digital Light Timer Switch - Get It!  

: Etersky Smart WiFi Dimmer Timer Switch

The dimmer light switch is agreeable with Alexa and Google product services. You can arrange light variants through straightforward voice instructions to totally free your hands. Produce a group for your smart gadgets, plugs, sophisticated light bulbs and switches.

You can control them with a single voice order. The Etersky Smart WiFi dimmer switch will streamline your daily life. You will find a remote control switch to change on and off or change illumination levels from everywhere through the Smart Life APP. Perhaps 2nd floor or on the ground floor; most importantly, it's ideal for any substantial household without range restriction.

White Smart WiFi Dimmer Switch On Wall
Etersky Smart Home Dimmer Switch

Switch on your light ahead of time before you get back home, making your daily routine far more convenient and better. Whenever integrating it to an APP initially, make sure you validate the app's network linked to 2.4 GHz. Timing features exist on the APP, so you can set the smart dimmer switch to turn on and off on auto-pilot.

As indicated by your day-by-day plans and choices, you can auto adapt light variants depending on sunset and sunrise occasions. Rather than with memory action, the switch will probably be on your earlier environment whenever turning it to capture your light inclination. There is no requirement to reset to zero each and every time.


  • Free APP And Voice Controlled
  • Use Your Smartphone To Modify


  • None at all..

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Switch Fits All Home Decor
  • Create Your Own Light Styles

Unique Selling Point:

  • Set The Timer On Your APP
  • Schedule Diverse Variants

This ALEXA dimmer switch highlights a fashionable contemporary style, made from high-grade components, its dependable and ideal for areas with assorted design variations.
The Etersky Smart WiFi dimmer switch thermal sensor lets you merely slip your hands down and up to modify the illumination level.

Specs: 8 x 8 x 4 cm | 170g | Dimmer | Smart Life APP | 430W Max

Adapt the specified illumination through the mobile phone APP, voice control or perhaps personally using the LED touch screen. Produce a distinct illumination atmosphere for Television, gaming and studying time to alleviate eye stress. The WiFi illumination buttons support different varieties of light bulbs.

Electric Timer Switch With Power Light

£29   Etersky Smart WiFi Dimmer Switch - Get It!  

: Defender Dusk Till Dawn Plug Timer Switch

The user-friendly turn dusk/dawn timer is a premium quality device that is often utilised to transition lighting and electric equipment up to 3200 Watts on or off instantly.
The integrated photocell registers night and triggers instantly, deactivating at night or perhaps towards the end of the arranged time frame.

An ergonomic dial is accompanied by a contemporary, streamlined style that helps prevent overlap on various electrical sockets.
Connect the Defender dusk till dawn, plug the timer into your preferred outlet and connect your chosen equipment to the front side of the timer. Whenever functioning, the red LED signal is going to light up.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Fend Off High Bills
  • Save Energy At Home

Unique Selling Point:

  • The Crime Prevention Expert
  • Detects Nightfall And Starts

Switch For Lights With White Buttons

The Features:


  • Control All Independently
  • Random Timer For Lights


  • None..

All hour-based configurations usually are meant to disconnect the timer following their designated period. The timer will, in addition, disconnect if constant light is diagnosed for more than 8 mere seconds. When the timer registers darkness for greater than 8 seconds once again, it will reactivate and then reboot the selected process.

Safeguard your property from crooks with convenient house automation - go on a getaway with the satisfaction of understanding that your house will appear populated.
Applying these programmable timer connectors will appear that you're are inside your home - merely by putting the plugin timer socket to your Television and aspect lighting.

Dusk Timer Plugged In Wall
Defender Dusk Till Dawn Plug Timer

Plan them to switch on and off at specific times throughout the day. This will make it seem like you are at home. User friendly, just arrange your Defender dusk till dawn plug timer - after that, place it into the outlet and connect your equipment.

Specs: Dusk/Dawn | 11 x 6 x 6 cm | 3 Pin Plug | 140g | 240V | 3200W

Establish the timer employing some of the pre-designed configurations. The timer plug will activate and go off as indicated by whatever settings you select.
Easily automate whatever machine or device you usually connect. These controls can be altered when you like by simply unplugging and then updating the configurations.

Manage and programme your household set-up with this time controlled switch for command of your illuminations, motion sensor lights and electronics.
[Rating: 8/10]   £10 Get It → Defender Dusk Till Dawn Timer Switch  

Button Yellow

: Maxcio Digital Timer Plug Programmable

This is a programmable light switch timer plug that's 12 24 hours adjustable with 8 keys time keeper functionality. Random procedure, summertime time change-over as well as several combination environments.

Handy to deploy 24 hours 7 days schedule adjusting, the Maxcio digital timer plug socket enables you to cycle throughout the days in addition apply an alternative for virtually every working day etc.


  • Control All Electric Appliances
  • Big And Readable Display Screen


  • Not here

Programmable Light Switch Timer With Big Screen

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Simple To Use Device
  • Automate Your House

Unique Selling Point:

  • Switch On/Off As Required
  • Ideal Office And Home Use

Digital Plug Socket In White
Maxcio Digital Timer Plug Socket

Specs: 2900W | 24 Hr | 7-Day | LCD | 14 x 8 x 6 cm | 200g | 230V

Power and cash economising, the Maxcio digital timer saves electricity by instantly turning lights, cooling fans and additional electric machines on and off when you want. It possesses a random environment to have your particular lights go off and on arbitrarily throughout the day when you are not home.
[Rating: 9/10]   £10 Get It → Maxcio Programmable Light Switch Timer  

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Timer Switches For Lights - Perfect For Your Trips Away

: ORIDGET 24 Hour Digital Electric Timer Plug

The programmable light, smart Television and home appliance timer switch can be engaged in 4 individual electrical power supplies and strays from 240vac to 12vdc, where the production platform may be created to be volt-free or perhaps voltaic output.

With a boosted pre-setting 1 calendar week ahead, the ORIDGET 24 hours digital electric timer plug includes every day and every week programmes and is precise to 60 seconds.


  • Timer For Most Appliances
  • Great Price For x2 Pack


  • None at all

Programmable Light Timer Switch With Big Digits

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • A Genuine Cash Saver Device
  • Intelligent Countdown Modes

Unique Selling Point:

  • Arrange By Week Days
  • Save Energy At Home

Digital Electric Timer Plug
ORIDGET 24 Hour Digital Timer Plug

This ORIDGET 24 hours electric timer supplies 15 'combos' of each day programmes that can contribute great ease of use to the user on selecting the demanded days in the calendar week for that functioning time period.

Specs: 9.9 x 5 x 5 cm | 380g | 240 V | 13A | 3120 W | Plug-In

Duplicate platforms with 17 on/off adjusting and hand-operated override power reserve whenever electric resource is cut out. Electric power controlled time counter with instructions and 12 months warranty.
[Rating: 9/10]   £19 Get It → ORIDGET 24 Hour Digital Timer Plug  

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: HBN 24hrs Home Plug-In Lamp Timer Device

This 24 hours time-keeper home plug-in lamp timer device renders it effortless to automate home appliances within your household. You will be able to deploy this to command virtually any gadget you fancy started up and off at diverse times of every day of the week.

The HBN 24 hour programmable mechanical timer plug switch is genuinely handy whenever you go away, it may be linked up to any light that is going to display inside the household, this can abridge household theft.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Save Your Time And Cash
  • Easy To Use With Lights

Unique Selling Point:

  • Great Value Plus Warranty
  • Arrange 48 On And Off Plans

24 Hours Home Plug Lamp Timer Round Dial

The Features:


  • Ideal For Christmas Lights
  • Very Easy to Use Devices


  • None..

Smart Mechanical Timer Plug

Specs: 240V | 7 x 8 x 13 cm | 167g | 3120W | x2 Pack | 13A | 24 hr

The HBN programmable mechanical timer plug features a hand-operated override electrical switch, so it's possible to get around the time keeper and feature your gadget perpetually accessible. The 24 hours time counter is effortless and secure to deploy. It comes with manual clock environment strategy and maximum load 3 Kilowatt capacity.
[Rating: 9/10]   £10 Get It → HBN Home Plug Lamp Timer Switch  

Button Yellow

The time controlled switch is great for making your household appear busied whenever you are out, gone on holiday - or if you do not prefer to come home to a dark household. The twenty-four hours time keeper allows you to plan your lighting or heating appliances to turn on/off at designated times, over single days, or throughout several days.

The merchandise is effortlessly installed in a few minutes and expects no wiring to set-up, and may be detached whenever simply not necessary.