3 In 1 Apple Peeler Corer Slicers Using Simple Hand Twist

Our best apple peeler corer slicers are convenient little contraptions for peeling and coring your apples. Position on a clean surface area and convert the suction control, fixing it to your surface. Push the fruit on to the fastening pin and twist the hand-grip - ensuing in easily peeled and cored apples, or even managing potatoes.

01: ProCook Multi Usage Corer Apple Peeler Machine

Established from high calibre steel, this multi use corer apple peeler machine delivers with two standardised cutting blades, single is perfect for fine slicing and the other for helical strings. It creates vegetable spiralling strands as well as finely sliced strings for practically all types of food items.

Proposing a wholesome choice to pasta, in addition it may be appended for salads and appealing dishes. Make sure that you deploy dense and crisp veg which can be sliced up ranging from either side. You will find non-slip suction power cups upon the bottom for protection throughout utilisation.

Corer Apple Peeler Machine In Black

Effortlessly position on an even surface area pressing down upon virtually all 4 edges to fasten downward. Mind the sharp edges using forethought and keep outside of reach of kids. Eliminate the cutting blade and cleanse manually with caution. No dish washing machine deployment, but guarantee that edges are completely dry prior to safe keeping.

This tool is fashioned to core, peel as well as slice up in a matter of seconds, great for speedy preparation of apples, pears as well as potato. Manufactured from industrial steel and surfaced in a black coloured enamel using a non-skid suction power cup upon the bottom to preserve it safely fastened.

Choose what you wish to perform choosing from peel, slice up in addition to core - or perhaps just slicing including core. You can fasten it steadfastly to a level surface effortlessly through twisting the hand grip upon the underside.
[Rating: 9/10] - £19 Get It → ProCook Corer Apple Peeler Machine

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02: A.James Apple Slicer And Corer With Peeler

This apple slicer and corer peeler is contrived to core plus slice your apples with simplicity. Effortlessly bind the apples and turn the hand-grip, then this apple fruit peeler will execute the three jobs in a combined effortless motion. This enables you to execute your undertakings rapidly, minus chopping digits.

Apple Slicer And Corer With Peeler And Black Handle

Enables you to peel exclusively or perhaps to core plus slice up only, contingent on your needs. The apple peeler's steel edges may be modified to enable you to peel virtually all kinds of food items.

Peel pears, big potatoes, radishes plus much more - rendering it even more valuable. The secure lever suction cup firmly fastens the fruit peeler to forestall motion throughout use.
[Rating: 9/10] - £7 - Get It → A.James Apple Slicer And Corer

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03: GreatGadgets Apple Peeling Machine Corer

The lustrous elegant apple peeling machine does not simply appear great inside the cooking area, it additionally allows as an indispensable assistant.

Apples and other fruit can now be skinned, have their core dispatched plus sliced up all in one procedure. This is perfect for cooking, baking in addition devising a snack counter. The peeler delivers with base plus suction cushion.

Apple Peeling Machine In Polished Steel

Offers sturdy placement on just about any flat surface area. The sharp edges of the peeling and also core knives control several fruit and veg with simplicity, constructed from strengthened metal.

The luxurious apple peeler is substantially 'heavier' compared to the regular peeler variant, however there's no divergence when it concerns procedure.
[Rating: 9/10] - £15 - Get It → GreatGadgets Apple Peeling Machine

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04: Lakeland AppleMaster Apple Peeler Corer Slicer

It's amazing how long it assumes to peel, core plus slice up sufficient apples for even an ordinary sized pie, however, by expending the fittingly named Apple Master apple peeler corer and slicer.

You are able to take the 'difficult work' away from cooking fruit for virtually any apple-based recipe. An must-have assistant for anybody who bakes on a frequent basis.

Apple Peeler Corer Slicer In Blue Steel Finish

It could not be more comfortable to use. As soon as clamped safely to your work surface area, you need just fasten every apple upon to the prongs, clamp the self adapting edge in to position and twist the hand-grip.

The apple is going to be transformed, and in addition prepared for cooking. Additionally impressive for pears or perhaps potatoes.
[Rating: 9/10] - £15 - Get It → AppleMaster Apple Peeler Corer Slicer

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05: VonShef Steel Flexible Apple Spiral Peeling Machine

The effortless method to slice up, peel in addition core your apples. Core in addition slice apples minus carrying the peril of clipping your digits.

Whichever apple diversity thrills your penchant, this particular handy apple spiral peeler machine makes peeling, coring plus slicing a snap, fully eradicating the difficult work from cooking apples.

Steel Apple Spiral Peeling Machine In Black

Whenever you correct the steel edges, it's possible to effortlessly peel the apple, or perhaps you'll be able to core and slice. Not simply great for devising crisp apples, this particular adjustable cooking area mechanism may additionally be expended for pears or potatoes.

Making meals is a great deal less problematic with the secure lever type suction base.
[Rating: 8.5/10] - £11 - Get It → VonShef Apple Spiral Peeling Machine

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06: Glantop Apple Peeler Plus Slicer Corer

This particular multi purpose equipment peels, slices up and even cores, it also enables you the choice of just peeling, by effortlessly moving out the coring edge.

The rubber vacuum base easily ties the apple fruit peeler to the counter-top throughout an effortless conversion of the control. No longer 'scraped' tables and makes fast work of virtually any fresh and crisp apple in just seconds.

Apple Peeler Plus Slicer Corer With Red Exterior

Just right for big apples which demand to be worked on in a brief time period. It produces thick cuts of apples, which are first-class for apple pies, tinning or perhaps drying out in neat corkscrew shapes - which are additionally impressive for snacking.

Expending a leisurely crank process, cores, peels, plus slices for great snack foods or recipes.
[Rating: 9/10] - £8 - Get It → Glantop Apple Peeler Plus Slicer Corer

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07: Arsuk Adaptable Apple Peeler Slicer Coring

This particular slicer, peeler and coring equipment is specifically contrived to core, peel and also slice up apples. The blades are adaptable and can be expended for coring minus skinning, or even peeling exclusively.

It is just right for individuals in the household and eating places since it's effortless to expend and would contract preparation time plus focus on peeling heaps of apples.

Apple Peeler Slicer And Corer In Bright Yellow

It's the perfect device for those with perpetually shaking hands as it's far more comfortable to use compared to a knife or even potato fruit peeler.

Effortless to use - just position the apple upon the three forks and revolve the hand-grip to peel, core plus slice the apple in a single comfortable motion. Versatile edges for peeling, slicing and also coring.
[Rating: 8.5/10] - £14 - Get It → Arsuk Apple Peeler Slicer And Corer

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08: SunRainy Steel 3 In 1 Apple Peeler Corer Slicer

A steel 3 in 1 apple peeler corer slicer that's great for individuals at home or eating place, it is effortless to deploy economising more time. Be sure to position the red connector inside the bar, in addition the black colour cable in the red side.

Just position your apple upon the front end fork, then convert the hand grip to peel, core in addition cut. Just cut the apple in one individual simple activity using the versatile cutting blade for peeling off, chopping and boring. Continue working securely with this enamelled stainless steel untarnished cutting tool.

3 In 1 Peeler Corer Slicer With Red Apple

A substantial suction bottom leveraging holds it steadfastly to just about any smooth surface area in the kitchen space. Preserve the black bottom clear as well as loose-fitting, position it upon any even surface like tile, or perhaps glass and so convert the winding 180 degrees.

The secure levered suction power bottom safely accommodates to virtually any surface. The cutting blades are adaptable and in just seconds, it's possible to core or slice up the apple, or even eliminate the core - Use the cutting blade to give a superbly skinned apple.
[Rating: 9/10] - £11 Get It → SunRainy 3 In 1 Peeler Corer Slicer

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09: Vivo Electric Kitchen Apple Peeler Corer Slicer Tool

Electric kitchen apple peeler corer slicer tool that functions with potatoes, veg and fruit. With an extremely secure construction, 2 additional cutting blades are put away inside the integrated pocket area. There is a useful thumb blade for speedy, effortless peeling and non skid bottom made from robust plastic.

Simply no demand to handle this particular food item when it is peeled, much more healthful compared to hand-operated peeling. Cleanses effortlessly with a moist textile with borderline waste. A robotic style arm corrects to virtually every density, configuration and consistency, mains or battery operated.

Small Electric Apple Peeler Corer In White Finish

In order to peel fruit in addition veg, focus the fruit/veg option upon the underside of the food stand and push softly, now lower the high food carrier so that it clutches the food items and accommodates firmly. Utilising the height alteration control, elevate the cutting tool arm so that it leans against the top of your food items to be skinned.

When pushing gently on the upper food item cradle, push the electrical power button. Your skin flakes off in an individual clean and uninterrupted curve. To eliminate peeled food, bring up the carrier ranging from the food and advance it to the peak of your support pillar. Clench the fruit/vegetables, eliminate the food out of the underside cradle drawing it toward yourself.
[Rating: 9/10] - £15 Get It → Vivo Electric Apple Peeler Corer

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10: Swift Easy To Use Rotary Apple Corer Slicer

This very easy to use rotary apple corer slicer establishes readying fruit as effortlessly as possible. A first-class astounding equipment that peels off, cores as well as slices up apples in an individual speedy and elementary functioning. It's possible to select through affecting the individual blade for core plus slice up your apple minus skinning it.

Displace the additional cutting blade to peel off an apple, or perhaps a white potato with no coring. You are able to additionally correct the density of your skin peeled. This ingenious equipment may be expended for virtually any dimensions of apple, since the skinning cutting blade corrects on it's own to the contour lines of the apple instantly.

Rotary Apple Corer Slicer With Round Black Base

The peeled off, sliced as well as cored apple drops away effortlessly, entrusting merely the core fixed on the spike. Effortlessly drag the core from the spike, position on another and keep going. The suction power base accommodates the equipment firmly on to your working surface area so you have both hands liberated.

Deploy it whenever you demand several apples in order to create pies or perhaps dessert. It may be utilised to divert and captivate the kids, and promote them to consume more healthy fruit. It can additionally be generally used to peel potatoes.
[Rating: 8.5/10] - £11 Get It → Swift Easy Rotary Apple Corer Slicer

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10 Apple Peeler Corer Slicers With Turn Handle Function

Our apple corer and peelers are just perfect for all your peeling, coring and slicing fruit in mere seconds. The all-important assistant when cooking virtually any apple established recipe.

So effortless to expend - simply fasten the apple upon the spikes, clamp in position and twist the command. For impeccably peeled or cored apples. Additionally ideal for potatoes - makes it more commodious and faster for fruit and vegetable cookery.

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