Best Potato Chipper Machines To Cut Various Sized Chips

Updated 15/03/2022:
The best potato chipper offers a quick and easy approach to get ready delicious chips for your friends and family. The time saving potato chip cutter will pressure the potato with the steel edge, creating chips in a single motion - plus they can cut veg as well using the flexible blades.

So What Is A Potato Chipper?
A potato chipper is a plastic or steel equipment familiar with swiftly and securely converting potatoes into chips. Place your peeled potato straight into the chip slicer steel blades and draw the lever to create chips all set to cook. They take seconds to use, and suction retains the unit base steady.

: Geedel Thick-Cut Chips And Potato Chipper

My family members adore self-made French fries created from a potato slicer french fries cutter machine. We favour them even more than UK supermarket purchased types. We make our own chips more than every month and then deep freeze for eventual usage.

Slicing is an effortless procedure when you finally possess a decent French fry potato cutter machine. We undoubtedly have owned or operated several different brand names, with most units simply being really challenging or awkward to implement.

This Geedel potato chipper chip cutter comes with a 420 steel cutting tool, which means it acquires mere seconds to get cut or diced food items simply by one single push.

The primary grid created sharp edge is appropriate for slicing or dicing, while the cutting blade is made for wedges. Potatoes may be ready with this vegetable cutter for making chips.

Decreasing the washing responsibility, the easily-removed structure of the slicer can make cleansing complete in just a few seconds. Having a cleansing brush makes it possible to effortlessly eliminate the leftovers around the blade. Additionally, the potato fry maker is dishwasher secure.

This potato cutter is created from food-grade components and has a steel slicing blade. The heavy-duty plastic material of the bottom and grip are BPA free. One important thing we really like is the handle. Several users possess small hands; however, you can use them without difficulty.

Slim Potato Chipper With Diced Veg

A real benefit regarding the cooking area for food preparation, the straightforward successful ratchet strategy forces food ahead 'bit by bit to the razor-sharp edge. Therefore, the fast working potato chipper is plain to utilise with minimal exertion.

You can utilise it to cut chips from white potatoes or perhaps tougher potatoes. Sweet potatoes may be a lot harder - which means you should put them in the microwave to soften just before cutting.
It will eventually go through the manually operated cutter effortlessly when you accomplish that. You don't have to undertake that work together with your white potatoes.

: Chip Cutter And Potato Dimensions

Regarding substantial potatoes of virtually any range, you might have to cut it in half to get it from your chute. We suggest operating the Geedel potato chipper chip cutter with mid-sized potatoes whenever possible. Nonetheless, we have undoubtedly used it with large and small types.

It possesses a stable base, and the French fries emerge onto a tidy surface area. After that, you can put them quickly onto a sheet or into freezer pouches for safe-keeping.
We find that it glides about significantly less when positioned on the slicing board than the kitchen counter surface - simply our personal preference.

Unwind the wire-nut bolt to eliminate the steel cutter when you're finished using it. We rinse ours beneath the hot water, and we will use a small water dish with soap and a scrubbing up brush to eliminate debris and grime. Then place it on a thoroughly clean cloth to dry.

The Features:


  • Make Thick Chips
  • Make French Fries


  • None..

This French fry chopper includes a little education guide in the package that provides you more information regarding the unit - and a few slight hints to direct you when slicing the potatoes.
It's an effective, uncomplicated procedure, and clean-up is easy. Despite having debilitating fingers and sore wrists, I can create home chips employing this equipment.

With two changeable slicing cutting blades, it is easy to determine thicker or slender chips or attach the cutter guide to let you cut regular bits. Not merely for potatoes, the chipper is just successful while implementing veg for soup etc.

Powerful Potato Chip Cutter Machine
Geedel Potato Chipper Chip Cutter

An invaluable associate when planning fresh fruit for desserts or cooking. The BPA-Free materials make the veg slicer satisfy food-grade criteria using a protected style. Devoid of coming in contact with the blade when slicing, this Geedel chip cutter decreases the possibility of injury.

This French fry cutter incorporates a brush to help effortlessly clean your merchandise. The potato crinkle cutter tool is constructed of an excellent BPA-Free material that is highly durable. This makes the item long-lasting, dependable and easy to implement.
[Rating: 9/10]   £28   Get It → Geedel Chips Potato Chipper Machine  

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: Sopito Potato Chipper Machine Roll Shaft

This specialist French-fry cutter equipment in steel is created using an extended grip. It has a greater capacity, better base sucker, plus strong restaurant-class cutting blades. Pleasingly, the potato cutter is designed for many years of use and consists of a long handle and an anti-slip bottom sucker.

Following the ergonomic style, the expanded handle makes almost everything much easier to create self-made chips. Additionally, the Sopito steel potato chipper pro cutter has a more steady base. You can usually cut potatoes just like a soft cake slice with a solitary lever motion.

This specific cutter package can usually take 5.6 x 3.5 inches of potatoes. Still, the capability of this cutter will be a sufficient amount for many potatoes, sweet potatoes and veg.
Slice the whole potato in one fell swoop and make fries in 1/2 inch pieces directly into flawlessly formed sticks in mere seconds. It generates gorgeous self-made chips and many others.

The 3/8 inch sharp edge for slimmer chips is not incorporated. Nevertheless, it can be bought by yourself, and it is space-conserving and straightforward to immaculate.
With food-grade and reliable components created from steel, this simple french fry cutter is longer lasting and more secure with the roll column structure.

Stainless Steel Potato Chipper For Home
Sopito Stainless Steel Potato Chipper

Pushing the plate will be simple using the long handle and razor-sharp blade. It is easily removed and can be substituted quickly. It is effortless to maintain this portable potato cutter in the cabinet or anyplace in the kitchen.

Quicker cleaning using water; never concern yourself with rinsing out or corrosion. Use it as you wish. We have been more comfortable with this potato cutter machine and would love you pleased with it. Otherwise, we are going to totally refund or swap without any query. It's a specialist style 'steel fry cutter machine' to suit your needs.

Prevent the detrimental blends that pass for food items. Look for ways to nourish your household and the French fries they will have confidence in. This potato chopper cutter will be the cooking area essential you have been searching for.

Decrease the level of resistance and save yourself time. Simply cut potatoes quickly and expediently. A top quality sharper eating place grade cutting blade is designed for many years of usage. It certainly can't bend or break when slicing high fibre food items like potatoes.

The Features:

Simple to operate, merely put the potato chip cutter on a smooth work area. Keep the sucker extremely clean to guarantee that ample space is more secure. Yank the grip arm until the site is completely opened up. Place the potato inside it. After that, press over the handle. Now you are finished.

We understand slicing the front and ends of the potato can give an even more consistent force over the potato. An extensive handle measures 11.5 inches or 29 cm long, created for uncomplicated leveraging. This means you never get pains while using this Sopito steel potato chipper cutter.

Heavy duty and produced to survive is created from specialised steel that will last for many years. It is now straightforward to cut a multitude of potatoes without deterioration. Excellent suction toughness and an increase of firm force on the operating area indicate no motion through slicing.

Potato Chipper Machine In Steel Style

£54   Sopito Steel Potato Chipper Machine - Get It!  

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: Can Chip Cutters Create Different Sizes?

The chip-making machines with variable size cutters provide that specialist looking, flawlessly consistent excellence, however, it indicates they cook more consistently ready for the air fryer machine. All components tend to be detachable, so cleaning following dinner or snack is fast and straightforward.

: Can The Machines Make Veg Strips?

A chipper cuts potatoes directly into chips within seconds - the simplest way to create do-it-yourself treats. This kind of useful potato chipper machine is additionally suitable for creating carrots along with veggie pieces. They usually comprise diverse sizes of cutting blades to make 'big and small' types.

: Removable Parts And Clean-Up

User-friendly and uncomplicated, simply pick the cutting tool, peel your potato or veg, place in the chipper and move the lever arm to generate the chips. The potato slicer machine base provides a firm hold during use and many offer parts that are easily-removed for straightforward clean-up.

: Chip Cutting Machine Dimensions

Present-day chipper tools all disassemble nowadays concerning dropping them directly into the dishwashing machine, although often a fast rinse off beneath a tap is all they require. They are compact, and it is simple to locate a chip cutting machine that needs just a tiny space on a ledge.

: Bigger Chips Or Thin French Fries?

Start using a homemade chip cutter to help with making your own personal taste in chips, French fries or veg at your own home with simplicity. Choose from a bigger chip cutter or even the thinner fries cutter machine accessory - and use it to produce consistent vegetable slicer sized sticks too.

: Leifheit Chips Cutting Machine x2 Blades

Conveniently cut potato and veg sticks together with two cutting device inserts. A single press on the handle creates several sticks. Achieve effortless preparation of chips and wholesome veg sticks.

The non-slip soft-touch area on the handle can make slicing less complicated. A durable anti-slip layer helps prevent sliding while slicing. You will find a 3-years warranty with this chips cutting machine.

Crispy veg and potato sticks are not only seen as a showcase for just about any meal. Fortunately, they are also healthy, balanced and delicious whenever prepared within the oven. Thus, making them is really easy with this Leifheit chip potato and veg cutter - plus its selections of two dimensions.

Several potato or vegetable sticks could be sliced quickly using the two compatible cutter inserts. An especially remarkable characteristic of this potato chip cutter will be its very intuitive functioning.

White Chips Cutter Machine
Leifheit Chips Cutter Machine

The cutting tool inserts with plastic material frames that may be quickly and securely interchanged. The ergonomic handgrip with a non-slip soft-contact region rests pleasantly in hand. Plus, the non-slip covered base assures balance and stops the fry cutter from sliding when slicing.

Furnished with two cutter machine inserts, the French fries slicer is the ideal assistant for producing chips or veg sticks of a size of 10 or 12 mm. An easily created long handle style enables you to easier contain the potato chipper. This assists you to cut potatoes with significantly less energy.

With sharper cutting blades crafted from 420 medical steel, the sharp edge of the potato cutter will neither pick up rust nor end up deformed. The dual-edged blade style can make it stronger and supplies a lengthier lifespan. Food safe and easy clean, the chip cutter is designed of food-grade BPA-free components.

The extractable structure likewise makes it fast and straightforward to clean. The French fry cutter equipment is dishwasher secure too. Generating diverse cutting is super easy. This cutter is appropriate for several veg varieties - for example, potatoes and many others.

The Features:


  • Ensures Stability
  • Interchangeable Blade


  • Not here..

User-friendly and uncomplicated, just put the potatoes or even different vegetables straight into the potato chips cutter slicer and push gently from the slicing inserts.
The twist cap may support the cutting tool and make the cutter unit even more steady. This really makes it straightforward to drive the potato throughout the cutting application.

Each of the edges of the sharpened blade may be used, supplying very efficient usage and stability. The Leifheit chip cutter provides 4 non-slip plastic blocks that help you function quickly. An anti-slip layer at the bottom stops sliding when slicing - therefore guarantees protection when operating.

The cutter inserts you're not applying may be kept securely towards the bottom of the French fries slicer. To wash, basically, rinse your blade beneath tap water flow. The product can be put inside a dishwasher for extensive washing following use.

Chips Cutting Machine In White Finish

£21   Leifheit Powerful Chips Cutting Machine - Get It!  

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: ICO Potato Slicer Machine Removable Parts

Create your own special gourmet chips using the ICO French fries cutter machine for your air fryer, deep fryer, or oven. It is an ideal potato cutter and veg slicer for cucumbers, pepper, veg or perhaps zucchini chips. An excellent red onion chopper. However, it is not advised for tough sweet potatoes.

The French fry cutter unit is long-lasting, sleek and stylish. The French fry cutter unit is created from specialist level steel with no plastic-type components to split and compatible chrome steel cutting blades.
The small size of this ICO French Fry cutter in steel occupies minimum room inside your cooking area. It is very lightweight and workable, weighing just 1lb.

User-friendly, you can actually faultlessly prep chips and veg with this chip slicer. The bottom comes with a strong suction secure concept, strong legs with non-slip grasp legs, and a 'rocker-styled' bumper zone. This permits you to implement force to the industrial standard resilient handgrip.

Securely push the potato all the way through, devoid of shifting the cutter and possess the ideal leveraging while slicing. The base securing system can likewise guarantee the cutting blades cannot move when cutting for a constantly safe chop. All the parts are dishwasher secure.

Steel French Fry Cutter Potato Chipper
ICO French Fry Cutter Potato Slicer

Superior to the less expensive plastic material varieties, which are not sufficiently strong to create high-quality chips, this will. It is a heavy-duty steel structure with a sturdy lever system.

This is an application that is specially constructed to last. Take advantage of this potato chipper to make amazing chips repeatedly. The two blades are sharp for finely-detailed overall performance. They help you cut celery or cucumber sticks, just the thing for dipping snack food or even a salad.

With two razor-sharp steel grids, you have 36 openings for the standard pub fashioned potato chips. The other one provides 64 slots for USA style chips. With this potato slicer machine, you are not restricted to basically producing fries or potato chips.

This particular potato chipper incorporates a silicone suction pad upon the base. This guarantees it holds firmly to your work surface area, stopping virtually any movement for a more secure, less complicated chipping. The standard of this chopper veg cutter is supported by a two-year guarantee.

The Features:


  • Very Light Tool
  • Life Time Warranty


  • Never..

Space conserving and hassle-free to keep, this lightweight potato cutter can be kept in the cabinet or in the drawer. Quick cleaning with water, in no way concern yourself with rust; make use of it very quickly.

The ICO French Fry cutter in steel is not really 'extremely sharpened' to minimise prospective safety risks. This means you require some effort when slicing bigger potatoes.

Employing two fry dimensions, slice potatoes and veg with the two steel blades incorporated with the potato cutter for chips. The impressive chips cutter blade produces 36 meat fries, and the tiny blade makes 64 thin chips that are 3/8 inch or 10 mm thick. The maximum length of every fry is 3 inches long.

Potato Slicer Machine With Long Handle

£24   ICO Steel Potato Slicer Machine - Get It!  

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: Zyliss Chip Machine For Bigger Potatoes

An enhanced chamber will cater to a more extensive selection of potato dimensions. The soft contact non-skid grip offers you protection and convenience, plus the hand resting lip with a non-slip hold surface.
The significant potato chipper base and long handle enable comfy and effortless slicing. Silicone feet will supply additional support and durability whenever in use.

This is a plastic-type potato chopper and veg cutter for homemade potato chips, sticks and fries in just a few seconds. Two cutting blades are incorporated with this Zyliss potato and vegetable chipper. Nevertheless, the giant chip cutting tool can be used for the best pub-type snacks.

Crispy on the exterior and very soft inside, the potato cutting machine is flawlessly measured for optimum 'crunch-ability'. This specific blade comprises the power to cut 25 chips in one fell swoop, based on the scale of the spud you choose.

White Potato And Vegetable Chipper
Zyliss Potato And Vegetable Chipper

The thin chip blade will reconstruct that 'junk food taste' in your own home. Change to the slim blade that slices as much as 49 French-fry style potato chips with a single mild press.
Simply perfect for when the children are demanding processed foods. Nevertheless, you may want to offer a little something self-made - and better for your family.

An easy-push handle when cutting potato chips using the blade is less complicated and frustrating. There is constantly less chance of cuts. This particular potato chipper machine comes with an easy-push handle that keeps both hands securely away from the cutter, besides making slicing stress free.

Maybe you do not like large, cumbersome products which may have to be connected to the wall structure. This unique French fry system demands simply no electrical power; therefore, it is pretty simple to use.

The Features:

The potato cutter is created to suit conveniently inside cabinets without requiring heaps of room whenever you complete your chipping.
Uncomplicated cleaning and dishwasher secure, and in terms of clean-up, it's as simple as producing potato chips. The french fry cutter blade and pusher pop away from the primary unit, cleaning them quickly.

The potato veg chipper is all-functional merchandise that lets you slice potatoes or other heavy vegetables directly into chips or perhaps cubes. Using a successful push handle along with a selection of two slicing/cutting blades, this Zyliss potato and veg chipper is so easy to cut with.

We know you will appreciate the impressive base and expanded handle, making possible comfortable and easy cutting. Subsequently, the soft contact non-slip grip for protection and comfort. Together with 2 adjustable blades, the rubber feet will supply added support whenever being used.

Chips Making Machine With White Exterior

£29   Zyliss Big Chips And Veg Cutter Machine - Get It!  

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: Vinsani Potato Chip Slicer Fries Or Veg

Simple and easy, you can now appreciate self-made eating place quality chips without difficulty inside your kitchen area. Simply one particular push, it takes merely a few seconds to obtain sliced or perhaps diced food items. Enjoy the simplicity of this potato slicer french fries cutter machine.

This specific multi-functional Vinsani kitchen potato chipper slicer will come with the grid-style cutting instrument - perfect for slicing into sticks or perhaps dicing. The cutting blade is designed for cutting directly into wedges.

Furthermore, an important point is this specific potato chipper is fantastic for producing chips and vegetable sticks. It's ideal for green salads or even pies, using potatoes, red onions or tomatoes.

Red Kitchen Potato Chipper Machine
Vinsani Kitchen Potato Chipper

Cut pears, cucumbers, zucchini and so forth with a couple of cutting possibilities. Generate consistent potato pieces in just a few seconds - all set to fry instantly. The chipper incorporates a couple of slice sized selections: typical French-fry density and slimmer connoisseur size.

The healthy option is to slice carrots or even cucumber batons/sticks for a healthy and balanced replacement for dipping directly into hummus or any type of other dips.

The Features:


  • Extended Handle
  • Sharp Steel Blades


  • Not at all..

Using a non-slip foundation and straightforward to clean process, this specific Vinsani potato slicer cutter delivers extra support and balance whenever used on the kitchen counter.

Quick cleaning, the cutting blades can be quickly removed, and the potato fry cutter can be washed below standard tap water. You should be aware that sweet potatoes are very dense and are not really appropriate for use.

Potato Chip Slicer With Black Frame

£12   Vinsani Potato Chip Slicer For Fries Or Veg - Get It!  

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: Fry Or Prepare Chips In The Oven?

Non-skid rubber legs maintain your potato chopper consistently in place when you are functioning the control. Crunchy veg, as well as potato sticks, are not only seen as a showcase for just about any dish, they will also be wholesome and tasty prepared in the oven.

: Can The Chip Size Cutters Be Changed?

A small number of potato or veg sticks may be cut in virtually no time using a pair of interchangeable cutter attachments. An especially remarkable function of the chip slicer is its user-friendly functioning. This is where the cutting tool inserts with a structure that can be securely switched.

: Best Advice For Cutting Safety

The ergonomic potato chipper hand grip together with non-slip soft-touch sector is used in a relaxed manner. The non-slip layered foundation guarantees a sense of balance, and besides helps prevent sliding while cutting the portions you need after they come out of the potato peeler machine.

: Impeccable ICO Potato Chipper 2 Sizes

Creating your own personal food heaven French fried potatoes doesn't need to be an inconvenience any longer due to the French fries cutter machine. French fries may be delicious and wholesome, especially when we make the completely from scratch in the kitchen with the Impeccable chip cutter.

Potato Chipper In White Finish

The Features:

Basically select the grid based on the preferred chips dimensions, position the potato in front of the reducing grid, push on the handle and it's done. This Impeccable fry cutter machine helps you save some time and enables an excellent encounter.
[Rating: 9/10]   £15 - Get It → Impeccable Potato Chipper  

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: EUNEWR Sturdy Potato Chipper 2 Blades

This steel potato chipper with exchangeable blades is the best kitchen gadget for virtually any chip fan. You may make newly cut chips or skinny French fries in the convenience of your own house. The EUNEWR cutting blades are typically sharp and the chipper provides rubberised legs on the foundation to hold it properly in position.

New Potato Chipper With 2 Grids

The Features:


  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Chunky Chip Blades


  • Not here

The EUNEWR chipper is manufactured out of a superior quality stainless-steel and is dishwasher safe. Apart from reducing potatoes, the potato chipper may also be used for cutting ideal 'vegetable sticks' - for example celery, carrots, green beans or cucumbers for instance.
[Rating: 9/10]   £28 Get It → EUNEWR Steel Potato Chipper  

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Potato Chip Cutters For Machine Cut Chips In Seconds

: Westmark Potato Chipper Adjustable Blades

Symbolic of quality, Westmark constantly produce progressive items of the highest standard. Their particular several resources and devices appeal to almost all achievable cooking food requirements in the kitchen area. Items consist of spatulas, 'veg slicing' and peeling products.

Chipper Adjustable Blades In White And Steel

The Features:

Aluminium continues to be the standard material used within the manufacture of Westmark goods, nonetheless, stainless steel and quality plastic material products right now enhance the mix.

The current introduction of a prime quality gold steel covering signifies that the majority of goods are right now dishwasher safe.
[Rating: 9/10]   £43 Get It → Westmark Potato Chipper Adjustable  

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: Kitchen Craft 2 Sizes Potato Chipper

Slices potatoes in to the ideal potato chips within seconds. This particular useful spud chipper is additionally suited to creating carrot slices and also other veg pieces. This Kitchen Craft potato chipper incorporates a couple of dimension blades for big and small chip measurements, with alternative, prime quality steel cutting blades.

Potato Chipper With Pushing Hand

The Features:


  • Easy Push Lever
  • Very Easy To Clean


  • No..

User friendly, as you simply opt for the sharp edge, peel off the 'potato or veg', put in place the chipper and draw the handle arm to generate the French fries. The Kitchen Craft potato chipper suction power foundation results in a firm grip during cutting, and the merchandise is detachable for straightforward cleaning up.
[Rating: 9/10]   £17 Get It → Kitchen Craft Potato Chipper  

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The ideal potato chip cutter will save you time and obtain great outcomes. These small kitchen appliances are ideal for cooking wholesome, home-made potato chips effortlessly without the requirement for a blade.

Many include two slicing accessories so that you can select how big potato chips or French fries you'd prefer. Straightforward to wash chippers will chop the evenings French fries efficiently.