Mandoline Vegetable Slicers With Precision Food Cutting

Updated 02/02/2022:
The best mandoline slicers for your kitchen prepare food effortlessly turning fruits and veggies into consistent pieces, even julienne sticks of any proportions with speed and precision. A mandoline vegetable slicer will cut potatoes, onion or carrots using the V slicer option.

These mandoline veg slicers are tough enough to resist the force of slipping over the plane devoid of moving or bending. The V slicer mandolines cut long unbroken strips without blockage.

Veg Ready To Be Picked
Veg Ready To Be Picked

: Basuwell Mandoline Slicer For Fruit/Veg

This Basuwell flexible vegetable slicer means you can cut veg and make preparing food less difficult. You may cut a selection of shredded vegetables and fruits of 5 to 10 mm wide and about 7.5 mm heavy sliced potatoes. From yummy gratin to carrots, this mandolin is a must-have in any kitchen space.

You will find julienne slicing selections with four cutting thicknesses, which usually differ from 1 mm, 3.5 mm, 5.5 mm and then 7.5 mm. This mandolin incorporates a blade change control for a smooth modification between integrated slicing and cutting blades, removing detached blade solutions.


  • Slice Diverse Veg Sizes
  • Very Safe Anti-Slip Design


  • Veg Not Included

Main Features:

What Sets It Apart?

  • Superb For Summer Salads
  • Slice Up All Types Of Veg

Unique Selling Points:

  • Adjust Thickness Via Knob
  • V Slicer Makes A Great Gift

The extra-large, steel slicing deck permits food items to slip quickly when anchored with the protection hand shield. The bundle has a user guidebook. Since these Basuwell versatile veg slicer cutters are incredibly sharp, be cautious, but begin conserving your time and revel in cutting the vegetables.

Mandoline Slicer In White Finish

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: MILcea German Steel Mandoline Slicer

This particular vegetable slicer equipment may be orientated to distinctive cutting advantages. While using the MILcea vegetable slicer, you can cut slim cucumber pieces for a healthy and balanced salad. Why not cut marginally fuller potato pieces for a delightful dinner dish plus more.

The veg slicer can function on fruit and vegetables, including carrots or perhaps kohlrabi. Additionally, dairy products or delicious chocolate can be applied, then made into excellent julienne pieces for green salads. It works promptly and dependably and also provides diversity to the eating plan.

What Sets It Apart?

  • Make Healthful Salads Promptly
  • Large Round Size Control Knob

Unique Selling Points:

  • Slice And Flawlessly Julienne
  • Super Sharp Steel German Blades

Main Features:


  • Fold Down Storage
  • Easy To Use Knob


  • None.

Particularly for households with kids, this vegetable cutter machine is compelling, which likewise may encourage your kids to healthy food choices.
Together with this MILcea veg slicer integrated and revolving flexible cutting blades. You can get flawlessly flat pieces, exceptional for producing fruit and veg salads for healthful organic dinners.

Steel Mandoline Slicer On 4 Legs

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: What's A Mandoline Slicer?

The mandoline kitchen slicer is an instrument with a razor-sharp cutting tool that allows for consistent, specialist looking slices of veg, fruit and various other food products.

Are They Easy To Use?

If you have never experienced a food slicer similar to this, any stainless-steel mandoline slicer might appear challenging 'or daunting' in the beginning. You'll be passionate after a few attempts to slide the veg over the sharp edge many times watching the pieces slip out.

: Specialist Cutting Tools For Veg

There are many types of professional mandoline slicers featuring a sharp edge set in position and a variable foundation; nevertheless, that's when the parallels finish. If you are trying to find something pain-free on a price range or more specialist version, there is a tool to suit your needs.

: The Right Size For Manual Use

Many mandoline cooking tools are often dishwasher secure with modest grips on either side where you can suspend them around the border of a dish. Their particular small proportions make them uncomplicated to keep, but essential for everybody short on space.

The other kind of mandoline is the V-slicers; however, the 'kitchen food slicer' in this design may hold hooks on a single closure. This tool goes across the top of a dish, similar to the paddle slicers, or it might possess folding legs in its place.

New Hand Vegetable Choppers

The latest type of food mandoline to hit the industry is the paddle structured. This kind of mandoline is commonly small-scale and generally manufactured from the plastic material. Paddle mandoline slicers will be hand-held vegetable chopper equipment that is somewhat inexpensive.

: Master Class LaFinesse Mandoline 7 Blades

Made to function as the ideal accurate cutting device, the mandoline works on fruit and fresh vegetables safely and swiftly. The proficient mandoline is manufactured out of strong stainless-steel, providing remarkably 'constant outcomes' each time.

This steel alloy MasterClass mandoline slicer possesses collapsible legs layered with a cushioned, non-skid material. You are able to slice, chop and cut with full self-assurance. Do keep in your mind the fact that this slicer will not slip throughout your prized kitchen space countertop.

A protection gripper was created to maintain your fingertips perfectly away from razor-sharp cutting edges, plus it helps to ensure profound results cutting promptly and effortlessly. Its ergonomic style results in you are able to take pleasure from a secure grip whenever you cut.

What Sets It Apart?

  • Precision Vegetable Cutting
  • Seven Diverse Cutting Blades

Unique Selling Points:

  • Non-Slip And Simple To Use
  • User Safety Is Always Paramount

LaFinesse Mandoline Operated By Woman

Main Features:


  • Versatile To Make Salads
  • Premium Hygienic Steel


  • None..

The straight border master cutting tool is fantastic for fruit and vegetables - and fresh fruit. It makes easy work of quality recipes like green salads, stews and billions of others. The crinkle-cut edged expert sharp edge, subsequently, is ideal for producing self-made crisps.

Additionally, you acquire two grating cutting blades, which are suitable for hard cheese. Incorporated with the MasterClass steel mandoline slicer, you will find 3 julienne cutting blades in several options that are well suited for slicing carrots, home-fried potato chips and additional goodies.

Regardless of whether producing specialist garnishes, preparing salads or perhaps creating home-made crisps, this mandoline is definitely the ideal cook's instrument.

Including a safeguard, plus seven compatible metal cutting blades. Attached to a stable non-slip stand, cutting blades are encased in a sturdy container.
[Rating: 9/10]   £89 Get It → Master Class Safe Mandoline  

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: Hongteya Mandoline Slicer Pro Tool

The Hongteya mandolin slicer consists of ABS and chrome steel. The plastic material is non-toxic and BPA free, the product quality of the steel cutting edge steers clear of corrosion. The adaptable mandoline slicer will catch the fascination of your family usage and overall health.

There are six settings to decide on, so you don't have to acquire many tools to fulfil your entire cutting and grating demands. The mandoline slicer cutter, chopper and grater will make the task rather fast. Simply modify the knob from 1 to 6, then pick the julienne with the razor-sharp cutting blades.


  • Expert Dual Sided Cutting Blade
  • Alter The Slicer Blade Sizes


  • None at all

Main Features:

What Sets It Apart?

  • Multi-Function All Foods Cutter
  • Effortlessly Modify Slice Thickness

Unique Selling Points:

  • Finger Guard And User Manual
  • Julienne For Special Food Shapes

The versatile mandoline slicer can be quite a superb kitchen assistant for you personally as the food rack can stop foodstuff from slipping and maintain your fingertips secure. The protection guard provides steel and plastic set pins accustomed to set your lengthy or irregularly formed sliced food.

The sharp edge includes the blade safeguard. The non-skid base fixes the slicer veg cutter to the kitchen table. You simply need to implement the safety driver to set the food - and modify the settings of the cutting blades.

You can take full advantage of the food appearance you are looking for. This excellent Hongteya mandolin slicer provides a multi-function veg cutter machine for potato and even more.

Mandoline Tool With Gloved Hand

£24   Hongteya Mandoline Slicer Tool - Get It!  

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: Oxo Good Grips Julienne V-Blade Slicer

The OXO Good Grips V-Blade slicer is a user-friendly mandoline, the ideal instrument for producing kitchen delights easily and quickly. Direct and curly cutting blades may be established to cut any width, therefore well suited for producing cucumber salads, tasty crisps, sticks and garnishes.

Hard veg, just like potatoes and delicate fruits, including vegetables, maybe conveniently cut evenly, regardless of straight pieces or waved slices. For little or huge julienne batons, shredded veg or potato chips, the slicing thickness is quickly altered from 1 up to 6 mm; just depress the shift wheel.

With protection for fingertips and hands, the hands' safeguard obtains the slice component and helps to ensure that you will discover simply no incidents. The distinctive guide rail helps prevent anything from adhering when slicing, and the non-skid legs give the slicer a protected stand.

What Sets It Apart?

  • 1.5 Up To 6 mm Thickness
  • Stable Legs Can Collapse

Unique Selling Points:

  • V-Blade In Sharp 18/8 Steel
  • Can Easily Slice Very Soft Veg

Kitchen Mandoline In White And Steel

Main Features:


  • V Blade Mandoline Slicer
  • Manage Firm Vegetables


  • None here..

This excellent slicer may be stowed aside just to save space. All cutting blades may be kept on the side, the feet may be collapsed, and the mandolin cutter machine closes into place so that you can keep it securely. The functional slicer slices produce direct, curly or perhaps julienne cuts.

The sharpened, V-shaped cutting tool of hardened steel conveniently slices the two firm vegetables and fruits and very soft fruits. The straight, radial, and julienne cutting blades quickly store aboard and then take away for washing.

Simply change the soft switch to pick your slice breadth or julienne environment. All OXO Good Grips V-blade slicer cutting blades are securely protected when not being used. A soft handle established below the body guarantees a snug grasp, as well as maintains your hands aside.
[Rating: 9/10]   £59 Get It → Oxo Good Mandoline V-Blade  

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: About Mandoline Veg Slicing Tools

A French variety of mandoline veggie slicer may be the most suitable sort of veg slicer. The tools ordinarily cost considerably more than their particular younger alternatives; nevertheless, you additionally obtain much more diversity from the instrument.

: Create Fries Or Julienne Strips

The vast majority of EU style mandoline cutters have collapsing out legs, are constructed with metallic structure, and are considerably more significant. The cutting tool can transform to slice food into various concepts. If you need to make fries or julienne strips, this can be done using a French mandoline.

: Keeping Your Fingers Intact

A comfy, secure slicing safeguard is essential for protection on any mandoline. The hand safeguard holds the food with sharp steel or spikes to press up against the slicer. This guard continues to keep your fingers away from mandoline julienne slicer razor-sharp edge.

: Cleaning A Mandoline V Slicer

Free from harm washing choices are safe to implement as a result of the cutting blades arranged in the casing, but great attention should be used washing them. A few specialists suggest a soft brush to scrub the cutting edges, so you need not have your fingers close-by.

: Beware Razor Sharp Blades

Put on a great pair of plastic hand protection or pick a V slicer with secure dishwasher parts to prevent immediate contact with the sharpened blades. Be it ceramic or perhaps steel, the edge will need to cleanly cut veg produce ready for the salad spinner without needing to press hard.

: Fruit And Veg Precision Cutting

The 'perfect mandoline cutters' achieve specific slices on a comprehensive portfolio of fruits and vegetables. Several experts believe that versions with V formed or diagonally inclined cutting blades execute better for smoother more sensitive food items.

: De Buyer Dual Precise Cut Mandoline

A sturdy and proficient food slicing Mandoline created from stainless-steel as well as tough plastic blends. Sleek, stylish and straightforward to deal with dual blade technique.

Foldable higher foot with regard to safe-keeping. Uncomplicated applying of the cutting blades independently, plus simple breadth modification system.


  • Slice Very Slender Strips
  • Non Slip Grip And Base


  • No

Dual Blade Precise Mandoline In Black Finish

Main Features:

What Sets It Apart?

  • Top Quality Axis Mandoline
  • Big Rounded Easy Pusher

Unique Selling Points:

  • Ultra Sharp Slicer V-Blade
  • Slice From 0.2 To 5 mm Thick

Productive, straightforward and accurate cuts with ergonomic pusher for optimum basic safety and non-skid legs. Consists of dual horizontal cutting blades, plus julienne cutting blades of differing sizes to provide numerous cut variations.
[Rating: 9/10]   £67 Get It → DeBuyer Dual Blade Mandoline  

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: Zyliss Smart Kitchen Mandoline Julienne

The Zyliss mandolin slicer tool breadth selector provides flexibility whenever chopping as much as 6mm, plus two compatible Julienne cutting blades produce the ideal slender and thick pieces.

The compatible cutting blades permit you to opt for the smooth or perhaps imprinted surface finish; the untouched blade shall be kept in the blade guard supplied. While using the side switch, change the cutting blades to make julienne or maybe veg fries. Its simple to operate and impressive since it is not essential to deal with sharp blades.


  • Interchangeable Cutter Blades
  • Adjust Veg Slice Thickness


  • None at all..

Kitchen Mandoline In White Plastic

Main Features:

What Sets It Apart?

  • Steel Collection Holder
  • Vegetables Held Securely

Unique Selling Points:

  • Easy Collapsing To Store
  • Unique Razor Sharp Cutting

A slider enables you to modify the slicing density, 1.5 mm about 6 mm. Its press on track is incredibly functional and guarantees a secure cut. Due to many huge tips, it keeps the vegetable strongly within for the whole term of the cut. Conveniently close the stand for smaller safe-keeping in your cabinet.

The leg retracts down for small in size safe-keeping and straightforward fit in the dishwashing machine. A julienne sharp edge safe-keeping carrier emerges to guarantee safe storage space. The Zyliss mandolin slicer sharp edge is securely protected until the hand trigger is induced.
[Rating: 9/10]   £82 Get It → Zyliss Smart Kitchen Mandoline  

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Kitchen Vegetable Mandoline Slicers For Food Prep

The safeguards on stainless steel mandoline slicer limit cutting the whole vegetable because of the style. It's far better to get a bit remaining rather than eliminate the hand safeguard and run the risk of removing a finger etc.

Make use of a V slicer mandoline to create consistent cuts of fruit or perhaps vegetables. Select 'slice thickness' and then slide the food over the sharp metallic edge.

: Inspirations (V) Mandoline Slicer Julienne

Acquire the best cut every time and cut down your food provision time periods by as much as fifty percent using this expert mandoline food slicer.

Designed to last, the Chefs Inspirations V-blade mandoline slicer is resilient and successful. It is dishwasher safe and incorporates a free of charge washing brush.
Produced from superior stainless steel, which provides it with a stable framework, rendering it a perfect personal preference for any home or office or specialist kitchen.

This is certainly basically the most effective tool to slice your fruits, carrots and vegetables easily and expediently into consistent pieces or julienne together with the V-blade slicer. The 6 diverse compatible inserts permit you to produce specialist looking pieces or julienne within a few minutes.

What Sets It Apart?

  • Ideal For Potatoes And Veg
  • Best Blade Safeguarding

Unique Selling Points:

  • Free Hand Protection Included
  • Create Expertly Cut Slices

V-Blades mandoline Food Slicer In Black And Steel

Main Features:


  • Includes Blade Caddy
  • For Fruit And Potatoes


  • None.

Simple and fast to implement, productive and practical. Disregard regular cutting up and slicing. With this unique V-blade mandoline, you may cut the preparation period by fifty percent.
It's quick and simple to implement, plus the high-quality strong steel frame and cutting blades are created to last for many years.

The 5 diverse blade inserts enable you to produce expert slices or perhaps julienne for a different events. It consists of 1.5 mm slice, 2.5 mm slicer, 3.5 mm slice, 3.5 mm Julienne, in addition to 7 mm Julienne. The Chefs Inspirations V-blade is risk-free to utilise and effortless to cleanse.
[Rating: 9/10]   £24 Get It → Inspirations Mandoline Slicer  

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: Chef'n Pull'n Slice Mandoline Slicer

This mandoline is exceedingly user-friendly and uncomplicated to use. Once you test it, you will see exactly why the hesitant of us happen to be transformed in to mandoline admirers.

You may get imaginative and in good shape taking pleasure in prompt, stress-free meal preparation with this Chef'n Pull'n slice mandoline, the multi-use food slicer. The mandoline transfers the cutting tool, not the foodstuff, rendering it easier and more specific than previously.

Using a julienne slicer, waffle cutter machine and a few vegetable slicer cutting blades, you can anticipate super fast, unvarying outcomes with all varieties of foodstuff. It is more comfortable and secure. The cover, food opening and pusher maintain your hands perfectly away from sharp blades.


  • Easy To Use And Very Safe
  • Diverse Range Of Cutting


  • No..

Mandoline In White And Orange

Main Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Mandoline Size 40 x 12 x 11 cm
  • Perfect Balance And Stability

Unique Selling Point:

  • Can Easily Slice Hard Veg
  • Fingertips Never Near The Blade

The ultra-sharp stainless steel cutting blades work with many methods from hard veg to very soft tomato vegetables. It can handle several fruit or vegetables and is less complicated and even more exact than various other mandolines that you can buy.

The advancement, rather than hauling the ingredient along, drag the cutting tool across the component. It is a specific instinctive behaviour which means the fingertips under no circumstances end up getting close to the cutting blade or tool.

This Chef'n Pull'n Slice mandoline is different, rather than shifting the security safeguard to and fro over an uncovered sharp edge, you pull and press the base panel in it's place. So straightforward, and thus secure. Specific, consistently sliced up food falls to the area underneath.
[Rating: 8/10]   £29 Get It → Chef'n Pull'n Safe Mandoline  

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: Changing Mandoline Blade Height

The positional configurations are convenient helping you to slice slender slices of cucumbers or maybe heavy tomato pieces. The cutting tool height must be uncomplicated to modify and secure firmly in position. Food mandolines with pre-set increases are quicker to put together, yet restricting.

Dial Measuring Your Slice Width

Many pros choose dials that allow you to select any slicing height and generate considerable alterations to get better results. Some require a simple mandoline vegetable slicer for cutting julienne slices, yet a few mandolines include blades you can upgrade.

: Mandoline Julienne Features

Keeping cutting blades and other add-on's independent from a mandoline julienne slicer renders it more challenging to keep all collectively, thus seek out versions with ample storage area. If cutting blades and other goods are kept in that area, it is likely to get grubby throughout use.

Purchase an additional strategy regardless if you're employing a professional mandoline slicer or a cutting knife. You might want to check into purchasing a pair of slice resistant hand protection gloves. They have always been readily available for people that often use cutting equipment.

Cutting blades are made of possibly ceramic or steel. The two are similarly sharp; nevertheless, the mandoline cooking tool needs to stay razor-sharp for quite some time.

The mandolin veggie slicer helps you to save time and strength when creating salads. When utilising a protected non-slip grasp handle, it will be easy to position it above any basket etc.