Best Kitchen Mandoline Slicer Top 10 - Ideal For Fruit Or Veg

The best mandoline slicers for the kitchen cook effortlessly transform vegetables and fruit in to consistent slices, or julienne sticks of virtually any width and size with full speed and accuracy. A mandoline cutter will cut veg to your specific requirements. Utilise them for potato or carrots plus.

01: SLC Flexible Steel Mandoline Slicer Kitchen Tool

This particular master mandoline slicer tool is an essential in the cooking area as it's straightforward to deploy and can effortlessly cut your food items readying time period by as much as fifty percent. It's extremely speedy to enable alterations to dimensions and configuration of cutting off - all created via converting 1 of the 3 controls on the border.

The veg slicer will never demand you to exchange cutting blades, as virtually all density alterations are accomplished with the converting of a simple control for smooth interchanging in between the integrated slicing and cutting blades, eradicating loose cutters or components.

Mandoline Slicer Tool In White With Small Stand

It establishes the home base chef several alternatives for chips, sliced healthy fruit and veg, waffle cut healthy chips, or maybe a variable density of French fried potatoes. The hand-operated slicer develops 18 types of slicing for vegetables in addition fruit slicing, julienne as well as waffle chopping choices using 4 slicing thicknesses ranging from 1 mm, 3.5 mm, 5 mm plus 7.5 mm etc.

A cooking area slicer that protects food for balanced slicing up, this mandoline features a collapsible hand-grip and non-skid feet that offers a balanced platform and advances the physique to an elevation of 14 cm, enabling more room underneath to accumulate the extra slicer edges.

The flexible instrument blends fixed pegs on both the centre and external edge of the safeguard with extra retracting design extended metallic pins, which can conciliate significant thicknesses and diverse configurations of fruit or veg.

It is effortless to cleanse underneath a running tap or perhaps dish washing machine, with simply no demand to touch or modify the cutting blades, thus taking a chance on cutting you fingers. The edge can additionally be locked up flat for safe keeping to invalidate inadvertent cuts whenever managing the merchandise.
[Rating: 9/10] - £34 Get It → SLC Steel Mandoline Slicer Tool

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02: Oxo Good Grips Kitchen Mandoline Julienne Blades

The popular slicer is a user-friendly mandoline, the ideal instrument for producing kitchen delights easily and quickly. Direct and curly cutting blades may be established to cut any width, therefore well suited for producing cucumber salads, tasty crisps, sticks and garnishes with the slender and thicker julienne cutting blades.

Kitchen Mandoline In White And Steel

Good Kitchen Mandoline

Simply change the soft switch to pick your slice breadth or julienne environment. All cutting blades are securely protected when not being used. A soft handle established below the body guarantees a snug grasp, as well as maintains your hands aside. Broad, non-slip legs maintain the mandoline steady and protected on the kitchen counter.
[Rating: 9/10] - £44 Get It → Oxo Good Kitchen Mandoline

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03: De Buyer Easy Dual Blade Precise Cut Mandoline

A sturdy and proficient food slicing Mandoline created from stainless-steel as well as tough plastic blends. Sleek, stylish and straightforward to deal with dual blade technique.

Foldable higher foot with regard to safe-keeping. Uncomplicated applying of the cutting blades independently, plus simple breadth modification system.

Dual Blade Precise Mandoline In Black Finish

Dual Blade Precise Mandoline

Productive, straightforward and accurate cuts with ergonomic pusher for optimum basic safety and non-skid legs. Consists of dual horizontal cutting blades, plus julienne cutting blades of differing sizes to provide numerous cut variations. Uncomplicated positioning of cutters on the side for basic breadth realignment.
[Rating: 9/10] - £59 Get It → De Buyer Dual Blade Mandoline

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04: Master Class Safe LaFinesse Mandoline 7 Blades

Made to function as the ideal accurate cutting device, the mandoline works on fruit and fresh vegetables safely and swiftly. The proficient mandoline is manufactured out of strong stainless-steel, providing remarkably 'constant outcomes' each time.

LaFinesse Mandoline Operated By Woman

Safe LaFinesse Mandoline

Regardless of whether producing specialist garnishes, preparing salads or perhaps creating home-made crisps, this mandoline is definitely the ideal cook's instrument.

Including a safeguard, plus seven compatible metal cutting blades. Attached to a stable non-slip stand, cutting blades are encased in a sturdy container.
[Rating: 9/10] - £39 Get It → Master Class Safe Mandoline

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05: Zyliss Smart Guard Kitchen Mandoline Julienne Blades

The tool breadth selector provides flexibility whenever chopping as much as 6mm, plus two compatible Julienne cutting blades produce the ideal slender and thick pieces. The well designed food case and running rail technique ensures secure and simple use, safeguarding the consumer.

Kitchen Mandoline In White Plastic

Smart Guard Kitchen Mandoline

The leg retracts down for small in size safe-keeping and straightforward fit in the dishwashing machine. A julienne sharp edge safe-keeping carrier emerges to guarantee safe storage space. The sharp edge is securely protected until the hand trigger is induced. The V blade assures the best possible slicing efficiency.
[Rating: 8.5/10] - £30 Get It → Zyliss Smart Kitchen Mandoline

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06: Bron Coucke Pro Sharp 2 Sided Cook's Mandoline

Produce scrumptious food employing this specialist mandoline. This tool is created from long lasting stainless-steel, rendering it effortless to clean and making certain it's going to endure for many years. Built-in, two sided 38 blade arrangement is protected within this mandoline.

Mandoline In Steel Exterior

Steel Pro Cook's Mandoline

One side lines up to supply a 3 millimetre slice, and yet another aspect adjusts to give a 10 millimetre slice so that you can have the capacity for whatever recipe you will be making. Created from exclusive, hard stainless-steel cutting blades that present razor-sharp, highly 'accurate' cutting.
[Rating: 8.5/10] - £73 Get It → Bron Pro Cook's Mandoline

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07: Spirotex Cut, Grate Shred Mandoline Slicer 5 Blades

The mandoline offers five exchangeable cutting blades and provides a selection of slicing possibilities. Cut pieces from the 'side to side' sharp edge straight slicer or horizontal sharp edge for slivers and crisps with two graters. Use three various width blades for juliennes fresh vegetable sticks.

Cut, Grate Shred Mandoline In White

Cut, Grate And Shred Mandoline

The holder basically glides off and all components can be securely cleaned up and prepared with regard to the next occasion. The mandoline is among the most widely used kitchen area devices. It has been designed to function with extremely accurate 'slicing and grating' kitchen duties.
[Rating: 9/10] - £17 Get It → Spirotex Cut Shred Mandoline

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08: Inspirations (V) Mandoline Food Slicer And Julienne

Acquire the best cut every time and cut down your food provision time periods by as much as fifty percent using this expert mandoline food slicer.

Expend less time devising food items and more time and energy delighting in them. In addition to the outcomes you will acquire, they are fast and effortless to deploy for fruit or vegetables.

V-Blades mandoline Food Slicer In Black And Steel

Durable Mandolin Food Slicer

The 5 diverse blade inserts enable you to produce expert slices or perhaps julienne for a different events. It consists of 1.5 mm slice, 2.5 mm slicer, 3.5 mm slice, 3.5 mm Julienne, in addition to 7 mm Julienne. Risk-free to utilise and effortless to cleanse. Hand held protection guard incorporated along with a non-skid construction.
[Rating: 9/10] - £23 Get It → Inspirations Mandolin Food Slicer

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09: Panda Chef Julienne Mandoline Slicer And Grater

A steel mandoline slicer and grater that's the perfect utensil and a great idea for slicing up, chopping julienne, grating cheese as well as additional types of cutting.

More than merely a slicer tool, it enables you to cut-up, julienne and shred your favoured freshly bought shop produce. Just cut down equally the ends of any healthy fruit or veg to pertinent dimensions and accommodate in the food stand, then push on the spikes to start.

Position the food items mounted on the cutter equipment and starting at the top of the mandoline using a little pressure, slip the food items holder down guaranteeing to clear the cutting blade.

Better looking and unvarying sliced up food items will come out upon the under-surface of the instrument. Exquisitely competent, it will guarantee that you are not losing any cherished time slicing up those veg and fruits.

Veg Mandoline Slicer Grater In Chrome And Black Finish

This slicer is impeccably fashioned to effectively cut back the time it acquires for preparation of your food items, and will assist you observe your wholesome dieting - in addition to making it more comfortable to fix food for possibly a dinner party evening with family members and acquaintances. Ideal if you happen to be an engaged cook in a luxurious eating place.

It's fabricated in a sense that renders it very easy to deploy, and may be effortlessly managed. It can additionally be intelligently stacked away to contract jumble in your cooking area, or perhaps eating house.

The add on's can additionally be smoothly assembled and broken down for effortless washing, it assists you to preserve your cutter fresh and sanitary. The mandolin cutter handle additionally stays secure while you devise your food items.
[Rating: 9/10] - £24 Get It → Panda Mandoline Slicer And Grater

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10: Chef'n Pull Mandolin With Slicer And Shred

This mandoline is exceedingly user-friendly and uncomplicated to use. Once you test it, you will see exactly why the hesitant of us happen to be transformed in to mandoline admirers. Whilst one hand is actually on your security guard, another is holding the handle of the foundation panel, nowhere close to the sharp edge.

User-Friendly Safe Mandolin In White And Orange

User Friendly Safe Mandoline

This mandoline is different, rather than shifting the security safeguard to and fro over an uncovered sharp edge, you pull and press the base panel in it's place. So straightforward, and thus secure. Specific, consistently sliced up food falls to the area underneath.
[Rating: 8/10] £32 Get It → Chef'n Pull'n Safe Mandoline

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Best Kitchen Mandolin Slicers - Helping All Food Tasks

Use a mandoline food cutter to produce uniform cuts of fruit or veg. Choose slice thicknesses and slip the food across the sharp steel edge. The mandolin vegetable slicer will save a lot of time and energy when making salads or dauphinoise. Using a secure non-slip grip handle, it is possible to position it over a container.

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