Accurate Kitchen Weighing Scales With Digital LCD

Updated 30/01/2022:
We help you locate the best digital kitchen scales for weighing ingredients with essential features like metric or imperial output. Easy to use accurate electronic weighing scales that will help in perfect food portion supervision if on a diet - or view our grammes kitchen scales page.

If purchasing the best digital food scale merchandise, take a look here and get informed about them. These kitchen weighing scales are cost-efficient and an ideal cooking strategy.

Steel Scale For Ingredients
Precision weighing of dry or fluid ingredients..

: Salter AquaTronic Kitchen Weighing Scale

By way of this kitchen space scale, simply pour directly on the toughened glass podium, which can quickly be cleaned. If you want to evaluate more considerable amounts of combined ingredients simultaneously, you may use your own personal blending dish. The (Add Weigh) features guarantees an accurate understanding.

There exists an Aquatronic function for when you really need to weigh fluids. A metallic finish matches the glass stand flawlessly for making this Salter Aquatronic digital cooking scale probably the most fashionable kitchen equipment.

The toughened glass structure is hygienic and straightforward to wash. The (Add Weigh) 'zero' action is for measuring different ingredients in the corresponding dish. The Aquatronic computes liquids in ml or fl. oz. Weigh entirely on the platform or perhaps with your own blending bowl.


  • Hardened Glass Surface
  • Dry And Liquid Calculation


  • None...

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Quickly Weigh Diverse Ingredients
  • Easy To Clean Weight Scales

Unique Selling Point:

  • Smart Aquatronic Function
  • Hygienic Non-Transfer Glass

Making use of the readable LCD screen, you may switch between metric and imperial. Intended to reduce squinting desperately to see the weight measurements of the substances, this Salter Aquatronic cooking scale likewise incorporates a giant reader-friendly screen.

Specs: 22.8 x 6 x 23 cm | 880g | ml fl.oz | Max 5 Kg 11 lb

Add and weigh diverse ingredients within a bowl for excellent speedy food preparation. This characteristic will help you conserve time on the clean up by cutting down those extra weighing containers.

Kitchen Weighing Scale In Curved Steel

£30   Salter AquaTronic Weighing Scale - Get It!  

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: Homever Weighing Scale For Baking Back-Lit

The kitchen scale supplies 5 calculating models with the LCD screen bundled, so there is a minimal possibility to befuddle anybody. With a 15 Kg max capacity and 1g precision, the scale measures coming from 2g up to 15 Kg. The four sensors at the lower part can reach 1g reliability. You can nonetheless acquire reliability if the food is positioned past the scale.

With the Homever food weighing scale Tare efficiency, you can situate a dish, cup, or various other carriers on the kitchen scale. Depressing the Tare switch will zero out the carrier weight, obtaining an actual dimension of foodstuff.

It incorporates 2 AAA batteries, so please set them up carefully just before use. Whenever the display screen will become dark or become somewhat challenging to observe, be sure to substitute brand-new battery packs.


  • Highly Accurate With TARE
  • Smart Stylish Steel Finish


  • None here

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Easy To Read LED Colour Screen
  • Auto Shut-Off To Save Power

Unique Selling Point:

  • Advanced Plate Sensing Surface
  • Perfect For The Whole Family

The dimensions can acquire a considerable-sized container like a plate or big container. The aluminium brushed partition is simple to clean with a damp fabric. Likewise, with the intelligent efficiency of the auto-off within just two minutes, you can switch to a low battery signal and overload signal.

An exceptional quality scale, it comprises a 3-layer composition, reinforced glass, ABS plastic and steel. The Homever food scale will respond promptly to virtually any weight modifications. 3 innovative capabilities incorporate auto-off within minutes.

Specs: 22 x 16 x 2 cm | 603g | Max 15 Kg | 1g/0.1oz Precision

As soon as the screen shows (LOW), you must substitute new batteries. In the event the screen shows (ERR), you must lighten up the foodstuff you measure. It will eventually instantly shut down with 2 minutes if non-connectivity.

Steel Weighing Scale On White Utensil Rack

£20   Homever Weight Scale For Baking - Get It!  

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: Digital Scales - What To Look Out For

The digital scale is an excellent addition to your household kitchen space. The functional and stylish electronic weighing scales here incorporate new gauge receptors to deliver high precision preparation. They weigh ingredients with a split of 1g 0.1oz plus tare for addition and subtracting ingredient weights.

: Tare Add And Subtract Features

Many of the electronic weighing scales for baking include a tare function which usually subtracts the weight of a carrier, so you are just calculating the actual content. To apply this, basically put the empty bowl on the scale, use the tare option to totally reset the scale to nil, after that put ingredients in to be assessed.

: Saving You Time And Effort

The introduction of the add/weigh process requires you can tare or perhaps zero your food measuring scales with the weight currently in the bowl, which can be exquisite for baking compounds. It helps prevent the innumerable visits towards the mixing bowl - or perhaps the clean-up container.

: Lifestyle Kitchen Weighing Scales

Some countless features and benefits are included in the designing of the cooking weighing scale. In particular, several choose an automated turn-off element. You have to assess what characteristic befits you and your personal lifestyle. Pick the one that supplies the recommended features.

: What Do You Need To Weigh Often?

Consider carefully what food products you will almost certainly weigh to figure out how much total capacity you need in the kitchen scale. Several specifically sensitive electronic kitchen scales are perfect for evaluating up to 18 ounces more or less, including lighter things like spices etc.

: Need A Mobile Light Machine?

When cooking food or making cookies, you may want to bring and set-up your piece of equipment from a single spot to another, determined by your comfort and ease. As a result, it is suggested to search for a light in weight professional digital kitchen scale before paying out.

: Weigh Wet And Dried Ingredients

In case you weigh a variety of wet and dry ingredients, or perhaps save storage space by eliminating the requirement of an independent container, the perfect set of digital cooking scales that will perform both. Find one that features millilitres or the jug system with an integral handgrip for optimum productivity.

: Importance Of Screen Clarity

In the event screen legibility is a dilemma, the ideal kitchen scale is one equipped with a curved screen and 'more prominent figures' for better clarity. The weight capability is yet another challenge as many scales feature a lower weight ability, so check this to deal with the majority of your baking requirements.

: Morphy Richards Kitchen Digital Jug Scale

You can quickly evaluate diverse ingredients to 5 Kg/11 lb in weight for food preparation and baking with finely detailed precision. The speedy click locking mechanism and discharge dish provide unproblematic operation. A simple press button user interface includes a digital display that shows a range of solid and liquefied alternatives.

With increased precision, the Morphy Richards digital scales jug tare characteristic incorporates water, milk and then oil quantity indication for effortlessly evaluating all of your ingredients inside the comparable bowl.
The dish design highlights imprinted measurement dimensions for easier measuring, including fastening features to distinguish the dishwasher-safe bowl for separate implementation.


  • Fashionable And Functional
  • Ideal For Baking Ingredients


  • No Cons Here

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Convenient Tare Function
  • Great For All Ingredients

Unique Selling Point:

  • Scale On Inner Surface Wall
  • Easy To Use Tare Zero Feature

The quantity signal and transformable volume feature facilitate you to become the ideal baker. The Morphy Richards digital jug enables you to conveniently and correctly measure various fluids to ensure your ingredients are cooked to your precise demands.

Specs: 21 x 29 x 11.9 cm | 840g | Weight Max 5 Kg | x2 AAA

Regardless of whether you are carrying out a recipe or establishing your personal homemade mixture, you may appreciate many dishes with this excellent appliance. All ensuring each ingredient is assessed to precision, demonstrating an exceptional taste with minimal exertion.

Steel Digital Jug Scale In Red

£24   Morphy Richards Digital Jug Scale - Get It!  

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: KitchenTour Accurate Electronic Food Scale

With specific measurements, this top-notch kitchen scale incorporates a weight potential from 0.1g up to 3000g. This helps you evaluate rings, medication, and cooking ingredients with sophisticated accuracy and reliability.

The ideal kitchen weighing scales for your home can alter the units conveniently. And press reset to zero back to 0 with a Tare press button; after that, just weigh your liquids.
The KitchenTour digital kitchen scale provides for measuring diverse ingredients in the comparable bowl. It will be an excellent tool if on a weight loss plan.

Uncomplicated to operate and examine with the LCD screen, it is easy to range between grammes or ounces by hitting the solitary press button. You can conserve more time cooking since you can weigh elements properly and exclusively employing this kitchen weighing machine.


  • Grammes And Ounces Alternating
  • Perfect If You Are On A Diet


  • None..

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Stylish Steel Smooth Platform
  • High Precision Weighing Device

Unique Selling Point:

  • Adequate Legible LCD
  • AAA Batteries Included

The smooth aesthetics match virtually any kitchen space interior decor with a light, portable and compact style. It washes promptly and stores quickly. The touch triggered keys likewise allow for a classy design. The KitchenTour digital scale offers an excellent slim structure and painless safe-keeping.

This scale incorporates a few trays that can be utilised as protectors - or perhaps scale racks- a fantastic associate for everyone who weighs ingredients when cooking.

Specs: 10 x 12 x 1.8 cm | 201g | x2 1.5V AAA | 0.1g To 3000g

The scale will satisfy your requirements for computing different measurements. The ideal gift idea for cook aficionados who appreciate this variety of accuracy and attractiveness.

Electronic Food Scale With Steel Weighing Area

£15   KitchenTour Steel Electronic Scale - Get It!  

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: Brifit Criacr Digital Scale Smart Screen

This really is a high-precision pocket-sized food weight scale with the flexibility and efficiency you require if your emphasis is diet supervision or cooking superiority. It will fulfil all your expectations and enjoy low electric power use, overload signs and batteries supplied.

Using a more compact size, this Brifit precision smart scale will quickly and effectively evaluate ingredients, prescription medication, plus more with a weight spectrum close to 500 grammes.
You may calculate in g, oz, tl, ct, and gn - and replace between units immediately with one press of a button without needing to measure twice.

Very portable, this tabletop machine incorporates piece checking efficiency, which can be amazingly beneficial for sporting accessories and food preparation. It uses straightforward technology for an intelligent diet and lifestyle. It is possible to modify nonproductive times for shut-off etc.


  • Convert Using Preferred Units
  • Small And Very Convenient


  • None here at all

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Smart Piece Counting Feature
  • High-Precision Weight Device

Unique Selling Point:

  • Trays And Batteries Bundled
  • Effortless To Transport Scale

Constructed with a finely detailed sensor structure and 100g adjusted weight, the pocket/purse scale supplies legitimate outcomes instantaneously from 0.05g up to 500g. Uncomplicated to readjust, the Brifit precision scale is perfect for assessing cooking ingredients and even jewellery.

Specs: 7 x 3.6 x 1.9 cm | Range 500g/0.01g | g, oz, ozt, dwt, gn, ct

A multi-function PCS features assists you in keeping track of the pieces, including pins or anchoring screws. The (T) is for TARE features - The (M) for range unit and auto-off features.
The switch timer may be established in 60, 120 and then 180 degrees. The racks work exceptionally well as protectors or scale ledges to satisfy your requirement for calculating various items.

Digital Food Scale With Blue LCD

£13   Brifit Digital Food Scale Back-Lit - Get It!  

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: Why Buy Digital Kitchen Scales?

With regards to features and benefits, the electronic food scale machines here present all the highlights that any customer may consider. Some significant advantages are they are small and fashionably structured, conveniently transitioning between various measurements using TARE metrics.

: Feature Check Before Investing

The electronic kitchen scale is the most preferred alternative designed for your kitchen space. The characteristics instantly demonstrate why they may be renowned and liked by most potential buyers. Here are a few regular, but crucial aspects that we need you to understand before investing.

: Type Of Cooking And Kitchen

We recommend shoppers always to choose the kitchen scale that syncs perfectly with the style of their kitchen space. LCD screens, extensive and durable platforms are a few of the ideal factors not in our old fashioned weighing scales.

: Shape And Size Of Scales

Small digital scales are light in weight in comparison with various other versions, therefore its uncomplicated to manoeuvre around every part of your home. The ease of mobility element is rather substantial with the ideal food scales.

: Food Weighing Screen Settings

If you wish to keep your food weighing scales safely and securely while not being used, then choose models which are built mostly for modest settings. One example is, there are scale designs out there with a collapsible screen, sometimes, the display glides out entirely from the scales.

: Kitchen Scales And Storage Space

A handful of versions possess easily-removed racks and containers, therefore check out the described information and select the machine that consumes less environment if storage space and safe-keeping make a difference for you personally.

: A Large Legible Display Area

Referred to as digital weighing machines, they come with a liquid crystal display. Versions based on these screen designs can be purchased anyplace, but some have incredibly large and comfortable to see screens, although others boast a compact, yet understandable display.

: Uten Weighing Scale With Precision Sensors

An excellent acquisition of any kitchen space, these functional and 'remarkably accurate' weighing scales can ideally help you create quality recipes. The scale manages to swap between evaluation settings and volume functionality, rendering it seriously simple to weigh dried and liquid substances.

With a superior quality brushed steel bowl, this Uten kitchen digital scale highlights the precise measuring method, the 5 Kg capability and 1g section with a high-quality strain measure sensor.
It is produced from steel components and a streamlined style. Measure in any cup, dish or diverse sized bowl with trustworthy and effortless precision.


  • Superior Steel Surface Finish
  • Weigh Fluids And Solids


  • None whatsoever

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Zero With Your Containers
  • Weigh And Volume Transition

Unique Selling Point:

  • Fast Auto Shut-Off Features
  • Accuracy Using 1g Division

This scale comes with an integrated temperature sensor to check the surrounding environment transformation. An alert timer and tare feature are excellent kitchen features with an automated shutdown.
The Uten kitchen digital scale provides superior measurement and functional tare action, plus simple suitability with various other storage units.

Specs: 22 x 22 x 10 cm | 721g | Max 5 Kg | Units g, lb, oz

Driven by 2 AAA batteries, the device includes a bowl to weigh equally solid and liquid food products. Weigh smaller sized ingredients and fluids within the included dish without evaluating the bowl by itself. The 2 Litre steel bowl makes it possible for easy dosage of the ingredients to be utilised.

Kitchen Weighing Scales With 4 Buttons

£17   Uten Precision Kitchen Weighing Scales - Get It!  

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: Mosuo Weighing Scale With Tare Function

This weighing machine comes with 2 AAA batteries built-in and is USB standard rechargeable. They are really well-crafted, and they evaluate ingredients effectively.
A pleasing slim style enables you to quickly slip this aside in any remote location when not used. Using an energy-saving auto shut-off action, you will also find a low battery and overload signal.

It's small and lightweight, the MOSUO digital kitchen scale occupies very little space. When the blue protecting film has been taken off, the scales look brilliant.
It is quick cleaning and inconspicuous in the kitchen space. Additionally, it is incredibly slim at around 1 cm, but excellent with food prep tasks and modest enough to keep in any cabinet.

The screen is digital and very clear with a hassle-free tare function and auto shut off characteristic to conserve the battery. The tare features help you zero the scales for the carrier you are employing. It may end up being used to consider diverse ingredients in the same dish, conserving time.


  • Battery And USB Rechargeable
  • Zero The Scales Via TARE


  • None at all..

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Blue Back-Lit Screen LCD
  • Surface Is Water Proofed

Unique Selling Point:

  • Can Weigh Extremely Small Items
  • Weigh Any Container On The Scale

This MOSUO digital kitchen scale is elegant and precise as you can select which units you would like to evaluate. It will weigh tiny quantities like 1 or 2 grammes and have a substantial load capacity of up to 10 Kilos. It is reasonably priced with a tremendous overall performance.

Specs: 7 x 5 x 0.7 cm | 250g | Accuracy 1g | Max 10Kg | AAA+USB

Simple to operate, you simply pop the bowl or container on the weighing scale, then force the (on) press button. This will set the scales to zero; therefore, the weight of the carrier is not considered whenever calculating your food. It is uncomplicated to function and wash, which is essential in any kitchen.

Electronic Weighing Scale With Blue Screen

£14   Mosuo Electronic Weighing Scale With Tare - Get It!  

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: Adoric Electronic Kitchen Scale LCD Tare

Pleasingly, this scale allows you to weigh most nut products, grain, fruit flesh, plus much more with unbelievable precision for precise portion regulation and much healthier food preparation.

Four finely detailed strain measure sensors will achieve reliable outcomes each and every time. You will find single-click and auto-zero tare characteristics for suitability with various other storage containers.

It is easy to gauge the weight of normal water, milk, powder, flour within a bowl, glass, dish or additional carrier. After which, reset the vacant container on the scale to actually zero with a single click.
Due to a highly slender style, the Adoric cooking scale steel podium provides a contemporary beauty to your kitchen space.


  • Smart Back-Lit Blue Screen
  • Opening To Suspend On Wall


  • None at all

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Anti Fingerprint Surface Area
  • Very Easy To Read Big Digits

Unique Selling Point:

  • Rapid Scale To Zero Tare
  • Stunning On Any Countertop

A suspending style helps you save your kitchen space, plus the ultra-thin and light in weight structure helps you quickly access and bring it with you anyplace.
The Adoric cook's scale with smooth steel countertop can be quickly wiped with a moist fabric, leaving simply no traces of food elements or water discolouration.

Specs: 19 x 18 x 2.4 cm | 320g | Weight Max 5 Kg | x2 AAA

The easy to use fast device converts from g to oz, ml, lb/oz and will allow you to discover the results on the easily readable LCD screen with a fantastic backlit display. There is a low battery and overload signal. The scale is driven by 2 x AAA batteries - supplied for an acceptable choice.

Electronic Kitchen Scale With Glass Bowl On Top

£9   Adoric Electronic Kitchen Scale With LCD - Get It!  

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: Bugatti Digital Kitchen Scales Weight Reset

This Bugatti kitchen scales merchandise features good quality components with an ideal awareness of fine detail. This exceptional workmanship is mirrored in superb design and build, offering a good level of quality.


  • Unique And Very Stylish Scale
  • Weighing Strategy With Timer


  • Not Cheap..

Kitchen Scales With Polished Steel Effect

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Ultra Fashionable Brand Name
  • Timer Settings To 91 Minutes

Unique Selling Point:

  • Used As Dish Blend Food
  • Weight Zero Tare System

Specs: 22 x 22 x 24 cm | 1.15 Kg | gr/kg Or lb/oz | 240V

It features a 3Kg weighing capability using a weight resetting technique, which helps a number of ingredients to be put in to exactly the same dish and weighed independently. The container is completely removable and can be employed as a blending container.
[Rating: 8/10]   £135   Get It → Bugatti Digital Kitchen Scales  

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: Soehnle Optica Electronic Kitchen Scales

Sleek and stylish electronic kitchen area scales with substantial evaluating podium made from brushed stainless-steel. The display screen may be changed between weight and volume level.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Beautiful Large Glass Surface
  • Very Accurate Grammes System

Unique Selling Point:

  • Advanced Sensor Technologies
  • Stunning Anthracite Surface

Kitchen Scales In Brushed Steel Finish

Top Features:


  • Large Illuminated Display
  • Great LCD Readability


  • None here

Specs: 26 x 20 x 1.8 cm | 810g | Max 15Kg | Accuracy 1g | AAA

With good quality, complete accuracy and stylish design, this is perhaps what makes Soehnle weighing machines popular. They provides high technical proficiency and knowledge about an extensive manufacturer product line. Individual and kitchen area scales, in addition to trend setting, good quality merchandise.
[Rating: 9/10]   £26   Get It → Soehnle Electronic Kitchen Scales  

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: Digital Kitchen Scales With Legible Electronic LCD

Kitchen weighing machines are an essential element of any kitchen. Making use of electronic weighing scales every day will help in cautious portion regulation, which is practical no matter just sticking to your diet - or not.

: Digital Scales Compared To Mechanical

The best kitchen scales are notable for their more compact proportions. They may be smaller in size as compared to all those mechanised and 'balanced weight types' machine versions. When you have a reserved kitchen space, you must reflect on the scale as a critical point.

: Choose The Perfect Scale For Baking

Most cooking weighing scale solutions seem streamlined and more fashionable than their mechanical scales alternatives. In terms of style, the industry includes a lot of colour and finishing choices. Several of the best kitchen weighing machines enable you to decide upon bright colours in steel.

: TARE Allowance For Weight Of Bowl

The TARE operation is among the most vital features you have to reflect on purchasing the perfect kitchen scales with a bowl in your household. This function can assist you in resetting weight to ZERO as you increase your ingredients for the displayed weight, allowing for the importance of the jug etc.

The times had now vanished when weighing machines had somewhat qualified weight capability. Most up-to-date versions enable you to weigh much more. We propose potential electronic kitchen scale buyers to evaluate ingredients with the scale - and then choose the one that can work effectively.

: Digital Food Scale Battery Features

Should you leave the electronic food scales on the countertop all day, this characteristic is perfect for you. It can help you save battery life and automated close down the weighing machine after some minutes of inaction. Not really required, yet it's a new beneficial feature you must assess.

: Grammes, Lbs, Ounces Or Kilos?

It is easy to translate distinct types of measurements by hand, nevertheless purchasing the cooking weighing scales which can accomplish this immediately can be quite beneficial. Regardless of whether your formula is in grammes, lbs, ounces or Kilos, it is simpler to evaluate them all by way of only one tap on a control key.

: Precision And Amount Of Graduation

It's unproductive to acquire any digital food weighing scales for your kitchen space that cannot evaluate effectively - the precision is generally reproduced by the amount of graduation established.

No matter what version of the digital food scale you decide on must have graduation of 1g or perhaps 0.4 oz. If it is more significant - in that case, precision will undoubtedly be affected. Just choose the one which fits with the graduation variable mentioned previously.

The perfect digital kitchen scales with LCD screens can easily calculate the dietary recommendations for your meals or snacks, and that means you are familiar with particular 'nutritional information' for the meals you consume.