Best Spice And Nut Grinder Machines With Steel Blades

Updated 14/02/2022:
Our variety of the best electric spice grinder machines crush entire spices, herbs and nuts ahead of use to guarantee optimum flavour and smell. For the majority of whole spices, you can't beat an electric powered grinding machine. The spice blenders designed with a powerful motor and steel blades.

What Is An Electric Spice Grinder?
Most electric spice grinders are generally compact efficient devices that use a container with a rotating cutting tool that pulverises dry spices or herbs - even coffee beans. You simply push the button to start the coffee bean spice grinding electric motor, and the cutting blades finish for you.

Colourful Spices In Dishes
Freshly ground dry exotic spices ready..

: Muzili Coffee Spice Nut Grinder Machine

Using superior quality steel cutting blades, this grinder with 150 Watts strong motor assures consistent milling to keep the herbs and beans' original, abundant aroma. Additionally, you can grind spices or herbs, nuts, pepper, plant seeds, grains, plus more.

The Muzili electric mill grinder facilitates personalised grinding usage and incorporates a translucent cover. You can view the grinding impact immediately throughout the see-through cap whenever the machine is functioning. The distinctive instances are many different coarseness settings in which a long run creates additionally processed powder output.

With wire safe-keeping and capacity level marks, the electric-powered coffee grinder offers a slot in the bottom level. You can wind the cord inside the bottom, so it's not going to dangle or tug anywhere. There is no inhibiting of range with a 4 ft wire size, but it is secure and straightforward to use.

The noticeable capacity markings likewise help you to pick the grinding quantity. The optimum capacity of the electrical power grinder is 60g, which sustains 12 cups of planning. It is simple to use by pressing the cover based on a few seconds to tailor your grind options.

New Spice Grinder Machine
Muzili Spice Grinder Machine


  • You Can Evenly Grind Anything
  • Great Price - Reliable Brand


  • None here

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Compact And Powerful Machine
  • Smart One Touch Functioning

Unique Selling Point:

  • Long Cable With It's Own Store
  • Perfect For Spices Or Peppers

Acquire coarse or fine coffee powder in a couple of seconds for cold brew coffee drinks, French Press, pour-over and in many cases, Espresso. This Muzili electric mill grinder machine was created with a straightforward push-down electric power procedure to provide ergonomic functionality.

Specs: 25 x 12 x 11 cm | 810g | 150 W | 301 Steel | 12 Cups

The cover behaves as a transition with only a single touch. Still, the machine will quickly pulse throughout the contents and quit if you remove your hand from the cover.
Additionally, this will make the grinder easier to use. The cutting tool will only begin revolving when the cover is around the cup and then pushed down.

Spice Nut Grinder Electric Machine In Black

£19   Muzili Spice And Nut Grinder Machine - Get It!  

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: SHARDOR Electric Spice Grinder Nuts/Grain

You can find one grinder dish with two cutting blades for beans and other dry foods. The chopper tank works with four slicing blades for all wet substances. It is possible to mill tough beans, seed products, flax plant seeds, sesame seeds, spices or herbs, onions, etc.

Handy to thoroughly clean, the food-grade steel plate of this electrically powered machine is removable, uncomplicated to pour powder and water to wash. This SHARDOR electric spice grinder is appropriate for grinding different elements every time without influencing the taste.

For hassle-free one-handed procedure and fast grinding, this powerful machine adopts 200 Watts significant power that operates up to 27000 RPM. It promptly and successfully grinds in a couple of seconds for a refreshing brew. It is likewise relatively painless to have a coarse or fine powder.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Coarse Or Fine Powder Choice
  • You Can Remove The Containers

Unique Selling Point:

  • Brush And Spoon Are Included
  • Ideal For Hard Ginger Or Veg

The Features:


  • In-Built Cable Slot Storage
  • Neat Transparent Top Design


  • None..

The grinder possesses streamlined and stylish visibility along with functional characteristics. The clear lid helps you concentrate on the grinding technique anytime. A cover triggered safety switch enables you to influence the density of the powder as indicated by your taste.

Specs: 27000 rpm | 29 x 12 x 12 cm | 1.1 Kg | 200W | Bowl 70g

With the SHARDOR electric spice grinder appliance, you can view the grinding consequence straight through the translucent cap when the machine is operating, plus diverse terms for unique coarseness.

You can create a fine-coarse powder from beans that you have a preference for. The stable and essential safety locking mechanism and the excellent closing band successfully stop powder spilling.

Electric Spice Mill Grinder With Round Base

£30   SHARDOR Electric Spice Mill Grinder - Get It!  

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: HOMh Quiet And Professional Spice Grinder

A 100g detachable steel bowl is presented with this small machine, which allows you to conveniently eliminate the ground coffee through the machine to anywhere you require. An additional advantage of the extractable cup is the fact you can actually clean it following every use.

Employing a 200 Watts motor for powerful grinding, this impressive HOMh electric grinder mill motor effortlessly grinds through your preferred beans - and turns all of them into powder. It requires mere seconds to accomplish this, and it is simple to produce a tasty mug of coffee.

A cover triggered one-click procedure helps you influence the density of the powder as outlined by your requirements. The cover stimulated style means no more spilling powder.
Using a clear lid, you may plainly observe the condition inside and control the standard anytime. The more compact proportions and non-slip feet will make simpler your daily routine.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Effortless Press Cover Start
  • Smart Looking And Powerful

Unique Selling Point:

  • Makes Dry Grinding Easy
  • Really Sharp Steel Blades

The Features:


  • Stainless Steel Grinder
  • For Beans And Hard Seeds


  • None Whatsoever

Because of multi-use grinding, this unique bean milling equipment is designed for just about all grinding requirements. You can mill espresso beans, spice, natural herb, pepper or perhaps various other food substances. Suggestion: it is simply for dry milling.

Specs: 100g Bowl | 25 x 12 x 11 cm | 1.14 Kg | 200W | 10-15 Cups

Letting you produce the perfect coffee, this HOMh electric mill allows you to manage coffee beans to excellence. All to help you brew the best coffee, latte, mocha and so on. With a simple one-touch procedure, just drive the press button to start the electric motor, which forces the razor-sharp steel cutting blades.

Employ this grinder to smash, mill herbs and spices, nut products, seeds, rolled oats, possibly curry substances. It crushes a sufficient amount for 15 cups of coffee with the 100g capability.

Black Spice Grinder With White Start Button

£23   HOMh Quiet Pro Spice Grinder - Get It!  

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: Why Electric Over Manual Tools?

Electric powered spice mill grinders in many cases are promoted as coffee grinders; nevertheless, most are great for milling spices. If you need spices prepared fast, then an electric grinder is the best option. These nut grinders are the quickest and most straightforward way to grind whole spices perfectly into powder.

: Spice Grinding Positives And Drawbacks

Both varieties of electric professional spice grinder are fixed as well as removable bowl types. Every type offers its positive factors and drawbacks for spice milling. Choose electric since it takes your effort from the milling procedure. Only a press of a button and mere seconds gets the task finished.

: Faster Milling Is Not Always Better

Automatic spice grinding machines are driven by electric power, as the name implies, that makes them more effective in terms of grinding spices or herbs, let alone just how much speedier they may be. Hand managed versions or pestle and mortars can be utilised nearly any place by just about anyone.

: Milling System Components

The good grinding velocity of a spice grinder should be the main selling factor, which can be precisely what you have to reflect on before making a selection. An excellent grinder can mill a complete load in minutes under typical circumstances, but its milling system is usually the deciding factor.

: The Most Successful Electric Grinders

Due to manual grinders, you can anticipate the grinding method to keep going for a lot longer compared to automatic mills - and not surprisingly. Wet and dry grinders furnished with speedy motors are faster than the most successful hands-on machine the industry has to offer at present.

: Importance Of Good Cutting Blades

The grinder cutting blades determine the productivity of its total grinding as much as they identify the milling velocity. These types of spice mill blades are particularly sharp and intensely resilient. The mini choppers grind compounds without any sizeable portions in the tub after the task is complete.

: Stainless Steel And Other Metals

When it comes to structuring, stainless steel could very well be your best option, although some people might prefer seed grinder machines that accomplish well utilising lighter weight metals.

: Aigostar Electric Bean Indian Spice Grinder

Without needing to take the grinder equipment along, pouring the powder and then washing the machine tends to be less complicated. The clear top cover makes it easy to see the fineness of powder and influence the milling level. This grinder comes with a removable food-grade metallic dish.

Due to a quick grinding phase, the Aigostar electric grinder equipment adopts 200 Watts significant electric power and quality motor that operates up to 24000 RPM for substantial milling performance.

This machine allows you to obtain coarse or fine powder conveniently within just 10 up to 20 seconds. The sharp steel edge crushes deliberately and consistently.
The regularity of coffee powder can make the drinks taste more prosperous and more powerful following removal. The taste will be better and even more dependable.

In addition to milling beans, the electric-powered grinder with BS UK regular 3 pin connector may be used to grind various other foods like dried spice, natural herb, pepper, plant seeds and more.


  • Observe The Grinding Status
  • Ideal For Nuts Or Hard Seeds


  • None at all here..

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Effortless One-Handed Milling
  • Consistently Created Powder

Unique Selling Point:

  • Great For Very Tasty Coffee
  • Anti-Wearing Steel Blade

Equipped with a simple one-handed process, simply press the button to influence diverse milling terms - and you can create a fine or rough powder as you appreciate.

The Aigostar electric nut grinder is made with a stable, safe locking mechanism and a particular sealing ring that successfully inhibits powders from spattering.

Specs: 240V | 200W | 27 x 12 x 12 cm | 1.04 Kg | Capacity 75g

The spice mill electric power can simply function when the grinding tank is locked in position and effectively put the cover on the bowl. The grinder is constructed of food-grade and utterly BPA free components.
The big total capacity of 75 grammes is advisable to grind powder intended for 4 to 12 cups, sufficient for a considerable-sized family group.

Indian Spice Grinder With See-Through Lid

£18   Aigostar Indian Herb Spice Grinder - Get It!  

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: Cuisinart Electric Spice Grinding Machine

The stainless-steel electric powered spice and nut grinding machine crushes entire spices, herbs and nuts right before use to make certain of exceptional flavour and fragrance. Mill spices to produce authentic and tantalising spicy combinations using the highly effective motor and sharp stainless-steel cutting blades.

Utilise this electric powered spice grinder to provide an excellent consistency of dried or perhaps wet spice blends. Smash nuts or maybe seeds in a paste or your preferred beans. Specifically engineered steel cutting blades crush and mill even the toughest of your spices or herbs.

The Cuisinart electric spice grinder steel milling containers will not mark or scrape and are very quickly kept using the lids to secure the freshness. Two bowls are available to help you individually mill spices or perhaps coffee with virtually no flavour transmission.

To generate an excellent curry paste, initially toast - after that, grind the dried ingredients just before putting in wet ingredients like chilli, garlic clove, turmeric and olive oil. The containers, cutting blades, and covers are dishwasher secure, and it comes with a 3 years warranty.


  • For Dry Or Wet Ingredients
  • Use Two Separate Containers


  • No Cons Here

Spice Nut Grinder With Black And Steel Casing

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Dishwasher Safe Components
  • Great Price And Long Warranty

Unique Selling Point:

  • Useful Pulse Feature In-Built
  • Grinds Consistent Outcomes

Quality seasonings are one of the least complicated methods to change the taste of your formula. The spice mill will mix even the hardest spices right down to a fine powder in mere seconds. It is small and will look wonderful inside your kitchen on a ledge.

You can create even the most challenging spices or herbs to a fine powder in moments for that supreme taste. Exquisite for marinades and spice combinations, the grinder is ideal for mixing dips. It is likewise perfect for making your broth and stew meals.

Specs: Dry/Wet | 9 x 9 x 20 cm | 1.54 Kg | 200 Watts | 230V

This unique Cuisinart spice nut grinder may also be used for cutting up nuts and milling coffee beans for the most incredible flavour. This innovative style means the cutting blades sit near the bottom of the dish for excellent, uniform outcomes every time.

It's not hard to function, as you simply push the cover to commence grinding. The removable stainless-steel milling containers include air-tight covers for keeping ingredients and stopping carryover in between. Easily process spice and nut products to recommended consistency.
[Rating: 9/10]   £49 Get It → Cuisinart Electric Spice Nut Grinder  

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: UUOUU 200W Power Electric Spice Grinder

A high power electric spice grinder for when you are anticipating to establish that ideal coffee drink, combining your own spice mixes, or even establishing your own crunched seeds or nuts, then this excellent digital grinding machine from one of the favourite cooking area home appliances is just perfect.

Impressive and noiseless, this 200 Watts 'almost zero noise' UUOUU spice grinder with DC motor mills up to two ounces of beans in 20 seconds. Multi-functional and sturdy, the steel cutting tool permits you to grind coffee beans, spices or herbs, even nuts from rough to very fine.

The lid-activated transition guarantees the rotor blades do not rotate unless the cover is safely positioned. With a small-size cleanable dish, the non-slip ideal grip surface area will make your daily kitchen life easy after all your milling exploits.

An integrated protection characteristic with level best ease of use and an individual push button is all that's demanded to trigger the bean, nut as well as spice grinding feature, however the top is push button accommodated downward to turn on the cutting blade actions.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Easy Lid Triggered Start
  • Beautiful Style And Colour

Unique Selling Point:

  • Includes A Cleaning Brush
  • Quiet Function Grinding

Electric Spice Grinder With Clear Lid

The Features:


  • Chic And Textured Surface
  • Big Capacity 2 Oz Powder


  • None at all..

A great idea for use in the home base or perhaps inside any industrial space, this excellent dual edge bean, spice and nut mill is competent of crunching a diversity of ingredients to an earthy state or maybe exquisitely powder, just right for virtually any aspiring chef or expert. This impressive home appliance delivers with a 2 years manufacturer's warranty to guarantee your reassurance.

All food-grade 304 steel cutting blades and containers are widely used to ensure food protection with virtually no smell. So everyone can utilise it with complete confidence. The cleanable bowl makes it less complicated to wash after the milling task.

Following shutting the cover appropriately, you can actually mill spices, hard beans, herbs and the like with only a mild press of the push button. The bottom situated heat diffusion slot assists the merchandise to function more securely and enduringly.

Specs: DC Motor | 304 Steel | 19 x 11 x 11 cm | 800g | 200W

After using the UUOUU bowl spice grinder machine for safe-keeping and high-temperature management, the cable may be properly concealed from the base by rotating.

To ascertain end users protection from the high speed, the dual cutting blade of the grinding machine demands the top to be unwaveringly in position and the push button maintained downward when in utilisation. Additionally, the equipment possesses 4 firm rubber legs for appended equilibrium, as well as a raised consistency about the border for additional gripping.
[Rating: 9/10]   £24 Get It → UUOUU Electric Spice Grinder Machine  

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: VonShef Electric Coffee Bean Spice Grinder

This nut products and spice grinding machine is extremely user-friendly and uncomplicated with one button basic management. Within a few moments, the herb grinding machine provides you with the most crucial element in attaining genuinely effective milling results.

Promising a 150W power functionality and an optimum total capacity of 60g, you may make approximately 4 cups of coffee. This is exquisite for engaging relatives and buddies and flaunting your brand-new Barista expertise.

Because of one particular press procedure, you can grind coffee beans, nut products, spices, or herbs because of one specific press procedure. The longer you press/hold the VonShef electric bean spice grinder electric power press button, the finer the combination.

With a tasteful contemporary style, this streamlined matte coffee grinder will enhance any kitchen space. Its translucent cover suggests that you will notice the fineness of the mill and the ingenious length for storage results. You can keep the electric wire on the bottom of the machine.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Stunning Tall Design
  • Hardened Steel Blades

Unique Selling Point:

  • Mill Even The Toughest Nuts
  • Powerful Grinding Capability

Electric Spice Grinder With Coffee Beans

The Features:


  • Large 80g Capacity
  • Two Years Warranty


  • None here..

Basic safety, first of all. It is dependable and straightforward. The lid-activated protection locking mechanism guarantees the grinder machine will not work unless, of course, the cover is locked safely and secured into position.

Specs: Max 60g | 150 Watts | 4 Cups | 24 x 12 x 12 cm | 460g

Using stainless-steel, long-lasting cutting blades, you may grind expediently and successfully. Regardless of how you utilise it, you are assured of a superior quality mixture. This VonShef electric nuts and spices grinder provides a company led 2 years guarantee.

Created to last, the grinder is incredibly powerful, having a highly effective 150 Watts electric motor and robust stainless-steel cutting blades that make light work of milling challenging coffee beans. Non-slip rubberised legs help it become additionally secure with a durable worktop.
[Rating: 8/10]   £20 Get It → VonShef Electric Spice Grinder  

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Electric Spice Blender Machines For Tough Milling Tasks

: Revel Chrome Electric Wet Dry Grind Machine

The Wet and Dry grinding machine is a functional merchandise, because it enables you to mill wet herbs, spices or herbs, vegetables and fruit, all inside the very same container. By utilising the same cutting tool, it can grind dried out espresso beans, nut products and tough peppercorns.

The 280W mains run Revel wet and dry grinder is an adaptable equipment that allows you to grind fresh spices or herbs. You can mill coffee beans, even ice and nuts in a comparable cup.

The rugged casing surrounding the base and throughout the internal cutting tool housing renders this machine incredibly long-lasting.

A detachable cup is straightforward to deal with and keep spotless. All separable components of the machine are dishwasher secure. The grinder likewise incorporates a spatula to eliminate the contents of the device safely and securely.

This equipment is well suited for producing yoghurts, dips, salsa, chutneys and in many cases, puree foods for infants into a fine paste. It additionally grinds coffee beans, peppercorns and the majority of dry spices or herbs. The dual function means you can utilise the machine for making yoghurt and sauces.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Looks Fab With Great Price
  • Grind Wet And Dried Herbs

Unique Selling Point:

  • Odour Is Never Transmitted
  • Mill Is Very Easy To Clean

Chrome Electric Wet Dry Grinder In Shiny Steel Effect

The Features:


  • Strong Metal Housing
  • Comes With Spatula


  • None

The Revel Wet and dry grinder is created in a stylish mirror chromium finish to complement virtually any kitchen work surface area. The dish and cover are equally dishwasher stable to make sure that simply no aromas are overlooked.

Offered with the grinder is a spatula to help you scrape your entire herbs and spices from inside the cup carefully and with the bare minimum squander.

It is designed with an effective and powerful electric motor that permits you to mill to a paste and blend, even to powdered ingredients correspondingly.

Specs: Wet/Dry | 11 x 11 x 21 cm | 1.1 Kg | 280 Watts | Cup 45g

This kind of twin functionality indicates you can use it just like any additional grinding machine, however the wet grinding provides the additional capability to do more - and enables you to create infant meals too.
[Rating: 9/10]   £42 Get It → Revel Electric Wet n Dry Grinder  

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: Krups Dual Blade Herbs Spice Mill Grinder

The dual cutting and spice grinding machine offers two stainless-steel blades that cut the Espresso beans perfectly. This extremely versatile device may also be used to mill a variety of dry seasoning and spices. This 180 Watts grinding machine offers a significantly high milling performance.


  • Smooth Black Exterior
  • Create Up To 15 Cups


  • None here

Herbs Spices Coffee Grinder In Black Exterior

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Big 75g Mill Total Capacity
  • Lid Locking Safety Element

Unique Selling Point:

  • Tough Steel Cutter Blades
  • Great Milling Hard Beans

Specs: x2 Blades | 10 x 10 x 23 cm | 700g | 200W | 240V | 15 Cups

In addition, it includes a lid-activated safety transition, meaning the grinding machine will not work before the cover is secured in position. Coffee may be ground with either a cutting tool, or perhaps a burr etc. Cutting tool mills and re-chops every coffee bean, switching all of them in to a large number of tiny coffee pieces.
[Rating: 9/10]   £22 Get It → Krups Herbs Spices Grinder  

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Electric powered Indian spice grinder machines come in handy when cooking food with hot spices or herbs. Fresh is significantly preferable over pre-ground, and the steel blades in the equipment cope with entire spices or herbs within seconds. They may look like small electric veg choppers but cut nuts to the ideal regularity and cook with one-touch commands - fast and simple to utilise.