Bread Maker Machines Compared On Features, Performance, Price

We asist you to find the best bread making machines with a choice of programmes for regular white and whole wheat bread loaves. Features like variable crust, browning settings, but add wholesome ingredients to these compact bread makers like fruit and nut, or use the delay time-keeper. See our dough machines.

01: Andrew James Bread Maker With 2 Auto Ingredients

This electronic bread machine is more than a typical bread producing equipment. Having several important capabilities, this stylish bread maker not only allows you to create fresh bread, it will likewise permit you to make delicious pancakes, pizza dough, as well as do-it-yourself loaves. It comes with 24 months guarantee.

Bread Maker In Steel With Sliced Brown Loaf
Andrew James Bread Maker

The bread maker's important capabilities range from the choice to create either 750g or 900g loaves, with the selection of a lightweight, moderate or darker crusting.

The 12 hour programmable delay setting and 60 minute maintain bread warm functionality will assist in filling your household with the aroma of healthy, do-it-yourself bread, all set to be appreciated by the entire family.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £54 Get It - Andrew James Bread Maker.

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02: Morphy Richards Daily Loaf Maker Breadmaker

The smell of homely, good old fashioned handmade bread throughout the household is one of those wonderful food preparation activities. Fresh bread blanketed with melting cheese is a remarkable flavour experience too. This electric bread maker can produce that experience each and every day.

Daily Loaf Maker In Silver And White
Morphy Richards Daily Loaf Maker

There is hardly any hard work required, since the bread maker does everything for you personally. In addition to having the ability to make all sorts of special loaves of bread, including whole wheat, you may also get ready dough's for bread rolls, garlic bread and marmalades etc.

Quality Recipes Contained In The Instruction Pamphlet

Almost everything is easy and tastes home made - mainly because it is. Five programmes are on offer, which includes configurations for bread, pizza dough and bakery style rolls. A great fast-bake alternative when you require fresh bread right away. A handy watching window and LED system signals enable the entire preparing procedure.
(Rating: 4.90/5) - £79 Get It - Morphy Richards Bread Maker.

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03: Panasonic SD2502 Cool Touch Steel Bread Maker

Featuring it's brand-new contemporary appearance, finished in stainless steel with cool touch housing, the top rated bread maker is a perfect inclusion to your dwelling. An angled, simple to use interface presents the convenience of design - guaranteeing simplicity of baking functionality.

Edge Layered With Tiny Diamond Chips

Distinctive to Panasonic, the non stick surface area of the bread baking pan and kneading edge are layered with diamond chips, which can be doubly hard and scuff resistant compared to standard surfaces. Special to Panasonic, the yeast dispenser of the SD2502 drops the yeast instantly at the best possible time.

Cool Touch Steel Bread Maker in Black And Stainless Steel

Panasonic Cool Touch Bread Maker

In-Built Raisin And Nut Dispenser

This technique reduces the unwelcome possibility of cooking malfunction, but also includes a raisin, nut dispenser, that quickly brings extra ingredients to your formula. The new 100 percent 'gluten free' bread system lets you bake gluten free loaves utilising a broad selection of gluten free bread combinations and flour types.

Stainless Steel With Cool Touch Features

By using the newest jam and compote function, it is possible to swiftly put together fruit jam or compote in your own home. You will find several formulas accessible in the bread maker working instruction manuals. The unit offers you the ease of obtaining fresh bread at any time from fresh ingredients.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £139 Get It - Panasonic Steel Bread Maker

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04: Cuisinart Bread Maker 12 Programmed Baking Choices

The home bread machine offers you complete control, so you decide on the ingredients, the dimensions and the browning intensity of your loaf. The automated nut and seed dispenser contributes the necessary added ingredients at just the right moment.

Bread Maker With 12 Pre Programmed Baking In Chrome Finish

Cuisinart Bread Maker With 12 Pre Programmes

It flows air, while the bread is preparing, instantly changing the rate and timing of baking to guarantee the excellent outcomes anytime. With 12 handy menu possibilities, detachable paddle alternative, three crust colours and two loaf sizes, providing in total more than 100 formula mixtures, you are pampered for options here.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £129 Get It - Cuisinart Bread Maker 12 Programmes

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05: Homegear Steel Bread Making Machine With Timer

Using this 5 star bread making machine with timer facility, tasteful home-baked bread can instantly be devised with negligible exertion and proficiency. Ranging from regular dough or perhaps whole wheat - even multi grain, this bread machine will extend a richness of appetising ideas.

The charm of this excellent superior merchandise is that it effectively contracts provision time periods, demands minimum care throughout cooking, is bundled with labour-saving characteristics, and it presents brilliant outcomes in comparison to creating bread manually. Implausibly, it affords you the alternative of 19 central strategies, perfect for a large range of non standard breads.

Bread Making Machine In Black And Chrome Effect

You do not have to be a professional to organise dough for different breads, or perhaps to create different food as restrictions are unknown for this highly popular bread generator.

Deploy the LCD display and touch screen to change the 15 hours controlled delay time-keeper, therefore it's possible to awaken to the tremendous smell of fresh crusty bread. 60 minutes keep warm feature signifies the bread will be prepared when you are be set-up to eat.
[Rating: 9/10] - £49 Get It → Homegear Steel Bread Making Machine

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06: Russell Hobbs 650W LCD Bread Maker In Steel

This RH brushed steel bread machine affords you flexibility and in addition high performance, enabling you to create your own home-baked fresh bread when you wish.

The chrome steel bread-maker assumes the exertion plus the guessing from your day by day baking. The incorporated paddle instantly kneads ingredients to the correct measure grounded on the set mode.

650 Watts LCD Bread Maker With Chrome Style

Russell Hobbs 22710 650 Watts LCD Bread Maker

Including an all-encompassing range of 10 baking procedures, you just contribute your ingredients, decide on a setting and you acquire an expert outcome each time, minus the danger of submerged centres or maybe collapsing crusts.

Additionally, the 15 hours bake time-keeper leaves you to organise the bread machine in the evening - so it's possible to awaken to a fresh bread loaf.
[Rating: 9/10] - £79 Get It → R.Hobbs 650 Watts LCD Bread Maker

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07: M.Richards Fast-Bake Environment Plus Breadmaker

This bread maker supplies a luxurious, contemporary design with several functions and programmes, letting you produce a number of breads, plus more. The choice of 19 various programmes provides you the chance to be imaginative with your bread machine, permitting you to generate a selection of different breads, tasty jams, cakes and puddings.

Fast-Bake Breadmaker In White And Chrome Finish
Stylish Morphy Richards 48324 Breadmaker

A selection of doughs can also be designed for every event, such as bagels, whole grain, croissants, hot cross buns and tea pancakes, in addition to special breads - for example malt loaf, tasty corn bread and even gluten free dishes. This compact bread machine offers you a choice of three diverse loaf sizes and five brown crust area controls.

The Perfect Loaf In Just 85 Minutes

There are two 'do-it-yourself' options, which let you programme your individual baking selections, guaranteeing results that are suitable for your own personal preferences each and every time.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £79 Get It - Morphy Richards Fast-Bake Breadmaker

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08: Bielmeier 395000 Programmable Bread Maker 12 Settings

Straightforward to function Bielmeier is a result of an uncomplicated command panel. It mixes, kneads, rises and bakes entirely on auto-pilot. Enjoy baked breads each morning as a consequence of the handy programmable timer. Baking without any 'leavenings', flavour enhancer's or dubious preservatives.

Bread Machine in Black And Stainless Steel
Bielmeier Programmable Timer Bread Maker

Control panel lock and add-ingredients notifications. Programmable timer with watching window and interior lighting. Non-stick layered bread pans and kneading blades for effortless cleanup, this product is dishwasher secure.
(Rating: 4.90/5) - £77 Get It - Bielmeier Programmable Bread Maker

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09: Breville AWT '13 Hour Delay Timer' Bread Maker

The aroma of freshly made baked loaves of bread is definitely a good sign, putting together a pleasing fragrance any moment of day. Home made bread is frequently considered too labour intensive to try frequently, but may be less expensive in the long run compared to supermarket purchased loaves.

Non-Stick, Timer Bread Maker In Brushed Steel
Breville AWT Delay Timer Bread Maker

There are health benefits associated with manipulating the quantity of salt, fat and artificial additives incorporated in to your bread loaves. Taking all the effort out of this is the VB bread machine. This 940 Watts breadmaker provides a host of capabilities to create a selection of delightful, tasty breads.

Functionality For Programmes And Recipe Tests

Keep close track of the bread's advancement with the observing window, where all the baking steps are super easy to adhere to thanks to the clear electronic screen. Special twin paddles makes sure that dough is completely and consistently kneaded, which assists the rising procedure and results in a much better loaf size and structure.
(Rating: 4.93/5) - £80 Get It - Breville AWT Home Bread Maker

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10: Kenwood Convection Assisted Bread Maker 15 Settings

Baking healthy and balanced, do-it-yourself bread could not be simpler with the bread machine. It provides 15 programmes for bread, doughs, desserts and a speedy bake establishment for a tasty fresh loaf of bread inside 58 minutes.

Fan Assisted Bread Maker Finished In Chrome Steel And Black

Kenwood BM450 Fan Assisted Bread Maker

The ingredients dispenser includes a 125 grammes capacity and instantly opens and dispenses ingredients at the correct time through the bread-making plan. For additional comfort, the interior oven light and watching window are able to examine your bread making advancements.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £129   Get It - Kenwood Fan Assisted Bread Maker

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Best Bread Maker UK Comparisons With Delay Timer In-Built

We just love how the home bread maker machines are fitted with a timer so you can set the delay to operate throughout the night as you sleep. Get up the next morning to the beautiful aroma of fresh bread drifting aroung your household.

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