Freestanding Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove Fireplaces

Updated 02/09/2020:
These wood burning stove fireplaces will certainly accentuate any indoor space and reduce home power bills. Get a multi-fuel eco-friendly ultra-clean burning log burner fireplace stove with high-heat Schott glass in a freestanding style. See our wood burner effect fires for some alternatives.

Our stylish wood-burning stoves radiate heat and ambience, resulting in a really comfy feel. Ensure that your stove harmonises with the inner decor of your home. With traditional cast iron homely appealing finish, these log burner fireplaces come in several styles.

: Clarke Round Log Burner II Barrel Cast Iron

Black Round Log Burner In Cast Iron

£268   Clarke Round Log Burner - Get It!  

: Aduro Indoor Log Burner DEFRA Approved

Indoor Log Burner On Black Pedestal

£1804   Aduro Pedestal Indoor Log Burner - Get It!  

: PRITY Corner Living Room Log Burner Stove

Corner Log Burner Stove With Glass Front

£399   PRITY Corner Log Burner Stove - Get It!  

: Wood Burner Stove Pros And Cons

You will find numerous advantages to using a wood-burning stove at home, although the burners heat an area faster and more successfully compared to home radiators or central heating. It is much more eco-friendly in comparison to non-renewable fuel options and does not discharge Co2 in the climate.

: Flue Ventilation Efficiency And Safety

Any living room wood burning stove will not present a critical risk for your wellness. It's correct that fumes from the stove is a pollutant and inhaling toxins may cause breathing problems or breathlessness. Nevertheless, if they are combined with a well- kept flue, this certainly will never be a concern.

: Smoke-Free Fossil Fuel And Peat Moss

Woodstove models can be eco-amiable, burning many materials compared to many. Fuels like coal, smoke-free fossil fuel as well as peat moss may be burned up in a wood burning heater stove. The grate for the fire burning plus detachable ash pan presence is often regarded as multi-fuel stoves.

: Hearth And Real Flame Advantages

Additionally, cast iron stoves appear extraordinarily classy and can be launched as a remarkable hearth characteristic at home. So long as its flue extends beyond your home, a wood-burning with a real flame can be put practically anyplace, leading them to be ideal for families of any size and structure.

: Free Standing Wood Stove Placement

A free-standing wood stove does not have to be set-up right into an open fireplace. Simply because the name implies, it may remain like an 'independent model' positioned anyplace. Bear in mind present-day modern log burners like the double-sided with cooktop are safer than earlier versions.

: Are Log Burners Low Maintenance?

The living room log burner stove is by and large safe and secure, supplying you with a manual to recognise how it functions. With regards to stove care and attention plus basic safety, be sure that your wood stove is correctly aired - rather than leaving it burning up with the door open unwatched.

: Stoves Subject To A UK Ban?

Wood stoves are certainly not really being prohibited. The refreshed clean air strategy plainly claimed that they don't have any intentions to ban wood stoves completely. Contaminants are focused by investigating fuel resources, thus restricting supply to only the most eco-friendly wood stoves.

: What's The UK Law On Clean Air?

The actual clear air approach guarantees that just the greenest woodburner fireplace stoves are for sale to purchase by 2022/2023. It will not impact the types of wood burners you can operate but might imply that you can exclusively purchase specific stoves for a few more years before limitation.

Warm and comfortable open fires, as well as wood-burning stoves, are at the core of numerous residences. An escalating variety of locations in Britain are specified as smoke controlled zones. You may use wood-burning equipment throughout these locations; however, it's far more legislative.

: Villager Modern Log Burner Multi Fuel Stove

Modern Log Burner Stove On Grey Hearth

£578   Villager Modern Log Burner Stove - Get It!  

Metheringham Wood Burner Fireplace 13Kw

Free Standing Wood Burner In All Black

£469   Metheringham Wood Burner - Get It!  

Flavel Wood Burning Fireplace Multi-Fuel Stove


  • Extra Large Window
  • External Riddle System


  • None.

Wood Burning Fireplace With Steel Handle

£499   Flavel Wood Burning Fireplace Multi-Fuel - Get It!  

Reepham 12Kw Wood Burning Stove Fireplace


  • Clean Burn Technology
  • Wood Plus Charcoal


  • None..

Wood Burning Stove Fireplace On Glass Plinth

£394   Reepham Wood Burning Stove Fireplace - Get It!  

Why Buy A Wood-Burning Stove Fireplace?

The genuine sense of stove identity renders them an ideal choice for a variety of home aesthetics. In case you are considering becoming an excited owner of a freestanding log burner fireplace, then you are most likely keen on learning a few essential suggestions.

Basic Set-Up Guidelines For Homes

A functional wood-burning fireplace needs a means to 'vent out' heat, fumes and gas, which means that a chimney is essential. You will find no hard set guidelines for some houses; however, it may be valuable checking with your local council first.

Can I Use Any Wood In The Stove?

Whether to buy a simple dual wood-burning or perhaps multi-fuel stove isn't going to be simple as it's dependent on your own criteria and situation. The freestanding wood burner is excellent if you have a ready supply of wood or apt fuel suppliers.

Stove Fuel Resource Considerations

If you find yourself considerably more restricted in means of fuel resources, it might be a much better choice to buy a small multi-fuel 5Kw wood burning stove. They can be way more versatile, enabling you to burn additional options for fuel like coal etc.

Are Wood Burning Fireplaces Eco Friendly?

Several log burning fireplaces nevertheless produce an undesirable impact upon our planet. You might steer clear of solid fuel stoves and choose a wall mounted electric fireplace or gas-based stove. All these may be made to resemble a classic stove, yet with the simplicity of toggling on/off.

It is not necessary for planning approval to set-up a solid fuel heating system equipment, as well as any wood burning stove, so long as your home is not a UK listed development. Also if you aren't needing a brand new exterior chimney or similar for your wood-burning stove.

Italia Contemporary Free Standing Log Burner 9Kw


  • Low Fuel Usage
  • Dark Grey Colour


  • None..

Free Standing Log Burner In Grey Steel

£349   Italia Free Standing Log Burner - Get It!  

Arundel Multi-Fuel Contemporary Wood Burning Stove

Black Wood Burning Stove On 4 Legs

£499   Arundel Multi-Fuel Wood Burning Stove - Get It!  

Greetwell 4.5Kw Log Burner Fireplace Stove

Log Burner Fireplace With Square Glass Front

£269   Greetwell Log Burner Fireplace Stove - Get It!  

Wood Burning Fireplace Buying Tips

You must have a chimney for an established wood burning stove, nevertheless an agreement is not expected if the peak of the chimney is not much more than 100 cm over the maximum point on the roof structure - a few constraints apply for a conservation zone.

Buying The Ideal Seasoned Wood

Wood which has been seasoned is an ideal resource since it has been cut and then permitted to dry out for 12 months. In case you cannot obtain seasoned wood, any wood you cut with a log splitter may be burnt in a dual fuel log burner so long as it has not been 'processed' in any respect.

Stoves Utilising A Back Boiler

An excellent free standing log burner utilising a back boiler is a unique approach to heat up an entire home. Even though you are not employing a boiler and determined by the dimensions of your home, you may heat just about every room successfully.

UK Home Heating Stove Safety

Should you consider the proper UK home heating safety measures, then you should be more than secure in regards to any modern wood burning stove. If you utilise an established specialist, vent out properly, use the right fuel, then you should have merely no concerns.

Are Log Burner Stoves Heat Expensive?

A stove basically propagates heat even more at home than an open fire possibly can. Most modern multi-fuel stoves will be the most economical supply of extra warmth. There is very high-temperature productivity which is really apparent over the cold months.

Any heat stove is a trend declaration, offering a spectacular and old classic appearance; nevertheless, it also provides various rewards that make it an ideal fireplace strategy. The wood-burning stove fireplace can be economical, affordable and are available in a wide range of designs.

Saltfire Chic Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove

This multi fuel wood burning stove is the adaptation of the favourite ST edition, it is an impressive looking contemporary construction for extremely clean burning of wood in addition to multi fuel facility.

Several times cleaner compared to the demanded criteria for DEFRA immunity, it can effortlessly lawfully become generally used any where you like in GB, which includes the most exacting of smoke command areas.

Wood Burning Stove With Black Flue


  • Triple Layer Convection
  • 7.5kW Output Power


  • None..

It is also examination passed at KIWA (Gastec) in Cheltenham GB to become completely obliging with the applicable EU and UK measures. You will find an air wash arrangement that assists to continue the glass crystal clear.
[Rating: 9/10]   £699   Get It → Saltfire Wood Burning Stove

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Sudbrooke Multi Fuel Cast Iron Log Fireplace

Modern construction, large sized iron log fire stove with an impressive physique.

The stove possesses a steel CE plate accommodated on the back and is appropriate for burning up wood as well as coal. 2 hatch way doors affording 49 cm broad and 33 cm high entry included.

Cast Iron Log Fire Stove 2 Doors In Grey


  • Cast Iron Construct
  • Free 5 Inch Flue Pipe


  • None..

This particular stove delivers with internal cast liner and estimable sized cast log style grate Air-wash technology plate. Factory equipped German Robax Schott high heat toughened glass, wood and steel coated hand-grip, ash-pan plus air vent manager.
[Rating: 9/10]   £499   Get It → Sudbrooke Iron Log Fire Stove

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CastMaster Iron Build Wood Burning Stove

Beautiful in every style, this wood burning stove exudes charm from it's conventional design, although presenting special functioning.

This highly popular edition features a sturdy, nicely proportioned visual aspect and one that can heighten equally conventional as well as present-day configurations in it's adorable silk black colour.

Wood Burning Stove With Steel Handle

Made by hand cast utilising Australian Virgin metal ore, guaranteeing that high-grade quality casts are created. Desirable for burning dried wood, logs, 'smoke-free fuel' and so forth. Accommodated with German developed Schott high heat pyro-ceramic toughened glass.
[Rating: 9/10]   £499   Get It → Castmaster Wood Burning Stove

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Top-10 Stylish Living Room Log Burner Stove Fireplaces

The catalytic stoves distribute fumes by using a ceramic system which burns up emissions and contaminants, giving out far fewer impurities consequently. The cat stoves are generally more productive with much longer burn instances and less heat reduction.

Best Wood Burner Exhaust Approach

Those non-catalytic stoves miss this catalyst system; nevertheless, non-cat stoves possess a couple of procedures set-up to minimise emissions, just like core exhaust baffles which produce a lengthy circulation route for any free standing wood burner exhaust strategy.

Stoves must have the required impact regarding the area you intend to heat. Do make reference to the spectrum of functioning needed plus the guide. A 'smaller wood-burning fireplace' using a modest combustion model burns well with average productivity.

Lincsfire Multi Fuel Small Woodburning Stove

A high powered enamel cast iron design multi fuel small wood burning stove with optional top or even back end flue outlets furnished with a 5 inch size flue pipe connection.

Wood Burning Stove With One Door

Included 4 up to 6 Kw heat yield contingent on the fuel expended as well as functioning. Air wash strategy plus secondary clean burning arrangement and strong cast physique design. Accommodated using German established Schott high heat proof glass and big top plate, along with night long burning installation.
[Rating: 9/10]   £391   Get It → Lincsfire Small Wood Burning Stove

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Lincsfire 5.5KW Iron Wood Coal Burning Stove

This superior wood burning multi style fuel stove is fashionable in all different types of household. A first-class stove constructed from dense iron utilising copper cast as an alternative from WPS.

Iron Wood Coal Burning Stove In Tiled Floor


  • Rear Or Top Flue
  • High Temperature Glass


  • None..

It comes with high calibre heat proof observing Schott glass including fire proofing heat of 1200 Celsius. You will find a black coloured heat resistive layer including the power of a very high 800 degrees Celsius heat immunity, which affords you a secure as well as comforting home surroundings.
[Rating: 9/10]   £237   Get It → Lincsfire 5.5KW Burning Stove

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If your stove is actually sizeable, you may have an excessive amount of heat with the effect that it will not burn on target. It is best to get a smaller sized modern log burner stove permitted to function instead of a considerable stove that does not execute effectively.

The proficient small log burning stove fireplaces made of cast iron come in an absorbing dark-coloured layer that's high temperature resilient.

They feature a premium quality heat resistive glass, and the log burning stove air-wash approach helps to keep the inside of these wood-burning stove fireplaces looking fabulous with the glass gleaming for maximum effect.