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Best 10 Small Fan Heaters - Low Noise High Heat

Updated 19/10/2020:
These small fan heaters come with available electric power and speed options, which makes them perfect for practically all small and large rooms. Due to exceptional heat output, many blower heaters are the cheaper heaters to run, and thermostat monitored for energy efficiency.

They can incorporate handy timers, LED heat screen and touch control systems for fast and straightforward implementing. Various ceramic fan heaters accomplish increased heat circulation due to fan oscillation capabilities and the increased elevation of some styles.

: CMY Electric Fan Heater With Remote Control

Electric Fan Heater With White Exterior

£75   CMY Electric Fan Heater With Remote - Get It!  

: AmazonBasics Plug-In Electric Fan Heater 360

Electric Fan Heater In All Black

£32   AmazonBasics Plug-In Electric Heater - Get It!  

: Quared Fan Heater With Thermostat Oscillation

Black Fan Heater With LCD Screen

£79   Quared Fan Heater Thermostat - Get It!  

: What Is A Fan Heater Good For?

A fan heater is among the most manageable and least heavy form of a heating unit. It is a great way to heat an area promptly as it warms up quickly. Tower fan heaters are unproblematic to set-up on first time process as you just to take the fan heater and connect - you will warm up fast.

: Do Fan Heater Heat-Up Big Homes?

Electric fan heaters distribute a flow throughout the space like any heating unit will, yet with heated air. That is why it is a favoured and straightforward strategy to a fast rush of warmth. Decide which plug in fan heater is the right option, although this relies if you are heating a giant or modest home.

: Fast Hot Air Circulation In Any Space

Many people question which fan heating unit is the most suitable, nevertheless this seriously depends if you are warming a compact or substantial environment. Ceramic mini fan heater elements are fantastic for fast air circulation warmth in a space that may be genuinely cool in the wintertime.

: Are The Heaters Annoyingly Noisy?

Do search for the perfect noiseless portable fan heater to avoid anything at all irritating and deafening. Fan heaters tend to be relatively small versions in terms of heat and are ideal for moderate rooms, but some actually have a cool fan component for a perfect 'two in one' solution.

: Do You Need High-Tech Heating?

If you are interested in an energy efficient space heater to your requirements, you should think about a ceramic version, which might be more elaborate than regular fan heating units. A few are even incorporating a cooling fan, LED screens and touch controls - more cutting-edge as compared to typical units.

: A Thermostat For Easy Heat Control

Typically, fan heaters are perfect for raising the temperature in a specific space that could get a tad chilly. Many shoppers choose the preferred silent fan heater with remote control to keep away from the high in volume and infuriating units. A few blower heaters consist of a thermostat to present heat regulation.

: Oscillation For Heating Wider Spaces

Low-wattage fan heaters are often small products regarding home heating and consequently are ideal for bedrooms. Some incorporate an eco-efficient feature for a beautiful, versatile package. For you personally, you might want to think about getting oscillation mode for heating bigger/broader spaces.

: Are There Advantages To Fan Heaters?

There genuinely is no set-up expenses because as soon as you connect, it starts to function instantaneously. In comparison to others, 2Kw fan heaters are incredibly functional and ideal for enhancing several circumstances and conditions. All of the power used is switched straight to lovely warmth.

: TaoTronics Low Wattage Fan Heater ECO Mode

Low Wattage Fan Heater

£59   TaoTronics Low Wattage Fan Heater - Get It!  

Glamouric Fan Heater Thermostat 1500W

Small Fan Heater With Thermostat In White

£29   Glamouric Fan Heater Thermostat - Get It!  

Pro Breeze Oscillating Ceramic Blower Heater

Blower Heater Fan With 2 Knob Controls

£28   Pro Breeze Oscillating Blower Heater - Get It!  

DeLonghi Capsule Ceramic Fan Heater


  • Contemporary Pod Design
  • Advanced Heat Element


  • None.

Fan Heater In White With Top Handle

£44   DeLonghi Capsule Ceramic Heater - Get It!  

: What's The Best Fan Heater?

Fan heaters blow air forced via a heated component and then distribute this hot air into your space. You will find two sorts obtainable, one particular unit utilises a metal component to create heat which is the traditional and most frequent kind of mini fan heater unit.

: Should I Buy A Ceramic Fan Heater?

The other product is primarily recognised as a ceramic fan heater, mainly because it implements a ceramic component referred to as PTC. This transforms the power into high temperature faster and more effectively compared to the typical metallic 2Kw fan heater variations.

: Do Fan Heaters Warm Up Spaces Fast?

The heaters will accomplish the same degree of heat using reduced electric power, therefore are more cost-effective. A fan heater with thermostat provides warmth control and the fastest method to heat up your space. Some are less space-consuming and suitable for small areas or heating up people.

: Fan Heater Thermostat Benefits

Most conventional electric fan heaters present decent features such as thermostatic regulation and thermal cut off. Although many versions also possess a cool air conditioned environment for cooling in summer. Along with excellent energy effectiveness, ceramic fan heaters may include a whole lot more outstanding features.

: Are Fan Heaters Value To Run?

Energy-saving cheap fan heaters warm the particular space you are in and never the entire home, permitting increased heat solely where required, and also have numerous protection functionality. Great for putting on when the present home heating is not sufficient or for preliminary heating.

: All In One Heat And Cool Fans

Ceramic heating units are in many cases applied as a dependable heat resource. Heating and cooling fans come in the tower or desk styles, and many oscillate spreading hot air to all areas and not merely in a single route. In contrast to oil-filled heater units, they will never get excessively hot.

Present-day electric blower heaters are a swift, cost-effective and practical strategy to heat. They do not provide the same heat vitality as some, however, are perfect for trouble-free area heat. Understanding what heat productivity in Kw you will want from your heating unit may be difficult.

PureMate Mini Fan Heater Oscillation


  • Heat-Up Large Rooms
  • Light Compact Design


  • None..

Mini Fan Heater In Black

£34   PureMate Ceramic Mini Fan Heater - Get It!  

DFG Electric Heating Cooling Fan Ceramic

Heating And Cooling Fan In Black Finish

£39   DFG Electric Heating Cooling Fan - Get It!  

Useful Portable Fan Heater Features

Increased heat productivity will probably imply more significant operating expenses. If you want more performance, then pick the most economical unit on offer. Fan heaters for large rooms can be found with a comprehensive portfolio of features that make them more reliable.

Digital Thermostat And Heat Timer

Wheels might be an outdated concept, however, are really valuable in terms of manageable warming. If you have to use your fan heater in a variety of areas, wheels can make life easier. Digital settings, fan heaters with thermostat plus timer offer you control of the heat in the space.

Safety Features For Reassurance

The tip-over safety option will stop the heating unit from functioning if it tumbles. This is undoubted of particular importance with a totally exposed heat component. Make sure your small electric heater comes with an automatic shut feature, so your household and family are safeguarded.

Can I Use A Fan Heater In The Bathroom?

If you intend to utilise the heater inside the bathroom, make sure you decide on an energy-efficient heater with drip safety so that you aren't in danger if tiny water droplets from moisture build-up or condensation are a reality when working.

Quiet Oscillating Electric Space Heaters

Several powerful 3Kw fan heaters frequently offer cooling and heating capabilities so that you can use them to control the ideal temperature all year long.

Electric Fan Heaters And Dry Skin

It is wise to examine functioning sound levels and likewise be aware that a few versions might dry up the skin if employed in close vicinity. To generate a tranquil and more consistent dispersion of warmth in a room, choose a quiet electric space heater with swivel action.

Not Just Used In Wintertime

The fan heaters make the perfect portable heat option for workspaces, garages, any production facility and workplace surroundings. The 2Kw fan heater gives immediate directional warmth, however, are safely and securely stashed away for the summer.

Pro Breeze Electric Fan Heater Mini Ceramic

Mini Heater With Round Warmth Contol Dial

£22   Pro Breeze Electric Fan Heater - Get It!  

Honeywell Heavy Duty High Power Heater

This industrial strength heater features a frost determining functionality that instantly begins the heating whenever the space temperature drops under 5 degrees Centigrade, continuing the area heated at a thoughtful and dependable level.

Very Powerful Winter Heater In Dak Grey


  • Wide Dispersion Heat
  • Heat Insulated Grip


  • None..

A broad dispersal heating unit that's just right to expeditiously heat up spaces adequate to 30 metres squared. Durable 2.5 Kw heater including large maximum protection steel casing.

All metallic design with a cooling air fan and electrical power heating system adjusting. Heating insulated hand-grip over heat safety, infant safeguard electric switch plus tip over safety switch.
[Rating: 9/10]   £59   Get It → Heavy Duty Honeywell Heater  

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Are Fan Heaters The Cheapest To Run?

Select the right heating unit for the area you choose at a price you can manage. An inexpensive mini fan heater which warms slowly for the area size you have may finish up taking much longer to warm up. They are the cheapest heaters to run and make good use of your electricity.

Guarantees And Electric Power Costs

An excellent heating and cooling fan will not have to cost a lot, but you will frequently get what you pay money for. Acquire an established brand that can warrant the cost of the merchandise. Search for much longer guarantees, more features, a smart thermostat control and electric power cost benefits.

Small Electric Fan Heaters For Fast Room Heat-Up

Ideally, use a blower heater together with a dehumidifier to help your house become even more comfortable - and dryer too. A dry household is a lot easier to warm up than a residence that is struggling with moisture build-up, condensation or chilly draughts during the cold months.

Stadler Fan Heater With PTC Heat Element

The fan heater offers improved heat range. Not merely as a result of it's visual appearance, however due to the fact this particular compact fan heating unit provides you with a modern PTC ceramic heating element. It heats up inconspicuously and silently delivering pleasurable heat.

Fan Heater In Silver Effect Exterior

The intelligent heating unit is also protected in two approaches. There is absolutely no overheating on account of the self controlling component and automated shut down in the event the heater is mistakenly toppled. The Anna is extremely popular because of it's Swiss style.
[Rating: 9/10]   £79   Get It   Stadler Form Fan Heater  

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Dimplex 3Kw Portable Electric Fan Heater

The flat fan heating unit is a perfect resolution where heat is necessary instantly. It offers thermostatic management and a selection of heat configurations such as cool air positioning. This fan heater a perfect solution regarding several areas like office at home, utility or rest room.

Control Fan Heater In Black And White

It's effortless transportability makes it simple for you to advance from one room to another and store aside if it is not being utilised. The actual DXF provides BEAB Intertek authorisation for additional basic safety confidence.
[Rating: 9/10]   £36   Get It   Dimplex Portable Fan Heater  

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DeLonghi HTF 3 Kw Thermostat Fan Heater

The fan heating unit is a highly effective, although powerful 3 kW side to side heat equipment using a range of three temperature adjustments. It features a modern rounded style and provides elegant functionality in your home or place of work.

Thermostat Fan Heater In White And Grey

It also comes with a cool air capability for summer season, featuring a temperature gauge to regulate the temperature and spend less on operating expenses.

It's in-built frost safeguard eliminates the temperatures slipping beneath 5 degrees Celsius, although the overheat safety cut-out prevents the heater if it is unintentionally covered up.
[Rating: 9/10]   £36   Get It   DeLonghi 3Kw Thermostat Fan Heater  

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The electric fan heater is perfect for offering that increased rush of heated air in a cool space or work area. A few versions manage to oscillate warmth more consistently through the area. Many fan heaters with thermostat have a cool blow action and are utilised as a cooling fan in the summertime.

Our compact fan heaters present instant and directional heat, are ideal for heating up virtually any location and give you that comforting heat when needed. These small fan heaters with rapid warm-up instances employ extras like oscillating features to flow the heated air throughout a wider expanse.