Superb Cake Stand Mixers With Powerful Electric Motor

Updated 06/03/2022:
An excellent choice of UK stand food mixers for your preferred cake formulas, kneading dough, whipping and whisking cream. The electric food mixers control all actions incredibly proficiently and are the perfect kitchen mixer machine buys for making bread or cakes.

Our kitchen counter baking mixer machines are made to incorporate dry or perhaps wet ingredients to exclusively the finest uniformity - devoid of you winding up with aching hands.

: Heska Cake Mixer Machine With Steel Bowl

This impressive electric powered best value kitchen baking mixer lets you consider your family. At the same time, it targets all baking and food preparation demands. This mixer will take good care of your blending tasks without creating chaos. Preparing cakes, bread and pastry are now less complicated.

Positive aspects of high performance are presented with this tilt-head kitchen area stand mixer with 360 planetary revolutions. This Heska digital stand mixer will accommodate your food preparing requirements, guaranteeing excellent blending outcomes on every occasion.

The hands-free combined application is essential in your cooking area, and it is strictly intended to help you further. An AC pure copper electric motor with rotator blending is impressively silent and a perfect solution to take your cooking activity one phase further.

Catering entirely to the specific requirements of any household baker, although creating top-quality outcomes. The potent high end 6-speed motor provides to all demanding food preparing demands whilst ensuring excellent blending success each time.

1500W Food Stand Mixer Machine
Heska 1500W Food Stand Mixer

Prepared to blend, this compact baking mixer incorporates a 5.5L steel bowl with a secure handle. It offers a dough hook, soft beater, Flex-Edge beater, plus a splash safeguard. Use the multi-functional add-on's directly from the box. However, it likewise lets you avert creating chaos in the kitchen.

Using the tilting and anti-slide style, the tilt-head permits comfortable access to the mixture, as the anti-slip plastic suction cups maintain the equipment stable. Due to the anti-vibration structure, the stand appliance functions well below 75 dB sound.

The significantly refined food-grade steel dish effortlessly lets you make the dough in more substantial amounts without squandering a minute of your efforts. The incorporated bowl benefits from an uncomplicated grip handle and rigid steel components.

Dishwasher protected for fast and straightforward cleaning, there are speed management options with pulse feature and LED electric power signal. Six speeds allow you to proceed from delicate to robust and fast whip in seconds. You can periodically mix rapidly and efficiently using an extra pulse feature.

The small stand mixer will protect against creating a tangle when serving in your mixture. The integrated splash safeguard shield is translucent, permitting more accessible ingredients for splatter-free blending. The straightforward to place safeguard stops messy drips, falls and splatters.

The Features:


  • Very Low Noise Levels
  • Flexi Type Edge Beater


  • None.

To connect the splash protector, just turn one of the 4 integrated parts. Put the guard in by slipping it up above the shaft as it's made to be secured and sealed faultlessly. The 4 silicone suction cups maintain the appliance stable during use. It is built to be very low on sound and high on ability.

A unique tilting head style permits entry to quickly set up or remove the bowl and components. The Heska digital stand mixer provides a steel decoration belt and glowing blue LED light as an electrical power signal.

This advanced style makes it appear considerably more trendy inside your kitchen. All six add-on components are incorporated with the purchase and therefore are dishwasher Protected.

Operate the Flex-Edge beater for moderate light blends recommended for consistent mixtures. For example, creams, custards, mousse and so forth. Make sure you never try to use this beater for thicker dough, as the plastic border is just not intended for this.

Kitchen Cake Mixer With Blue Dial

£89   Heska Kitchen Cake Mixer Machine - Get It!  

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: Cooks Pro Cake Stand Mixer 6.2 Litre

This specialised multi-use stand mixer machine produces a selection of delightful treats from the convenience of your household using this trendy multi efficient 1200 Watts kitchen mixer. It's well suited for getting ready fluffy meringues, breadstuff dough, dessert mix, meat, plus more.

The powerful motor will take all the challenging work and pressure from cooking. The Cooks Professional 1200 Watts digital stand mixer guarantees an abundance of space, whether or not creating a substantial loaf of bread or something like small cookies.

You will likewise find a dough hook addition by incorporating a mixing container with a cover, a chrome steel bowl, an egg beater connection, and a whisk accessory. There is also a pusher for mincing and a few mincer plate designs.

The electric motor will assist you to combine whichever blend of ingredients you decide on. Several speed configurations consist of options from 1 to 10 and a pulse feature. Using a significant capability, the 6.2-litre bowl lets you create more in one move with the blending ability of 1.5-litres.

1200W Digital Stand Mixer
Cooks Professional 1200W Digital Stand Mixer

Consisting of 3 cake mixer machines combining accessories, a flat beater, whisk and dough hook attachments, the stand combination mixing machine incorporates a two-year guarantee.

Basically, select the ideal tool for your recipe ingredients, include the ingredients into the bowl depending on your suggestions and utilise the different speed configurations 1 to 10. There is a wide variety from slower mixing to faster rates.

Move ahead to incredible speeds for whipping, perhaps mixing egg whites, or even with the pulse feature to accomplish the proper proportions or mince various meats.

The Features:


  • Great For Fluffy Meringues
  • Whisk Plus Flat Beater


  • None..

Additionally, a convenient countdown timer may be established from 1 to 15 minutes. It could be paused whenever you want by switching the velocity command key to zero.
It will instantly continue once the mixer is started back. Still, the stand mixer will immediately quit when the timer actually reaches zero.

The Cooks Professional 1200W digital stand mixing machine incorporates a 1.5L mixing container with a cover, suitable for blending fresh fruits, veg and making icy refreshments. The stand mixer is produced with a flat beater for typical up to weighty mixes like cakes, cookies and pastry.

This electric cake mixer includes a practical mincer connection with 3 diverse plates used to mash chicken, lamb and meat to produce several delightful dishes. The mixer likewise features a dough hook, simply perfect for creating your own bread in your own home.

Cake Stand Mixer With Steel Bowl

£139   CooksPro Cake Stand Mixer With 6 Speeds - Get It!  

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: MURENKING Electric Food Mixer Big Bowl

Enjoy duplicate hand kneading with dual dough hooks and planetary technique with the benefits of consistent and comprehensive 1200 Watts power. Using a (stepless control) and automatic tilting head, the MK-55 mixing machine incorporates 8 speeds for constant revolving unrestricted.

Stop the MURENKING food mixer dough blender by pressing the velocity control switch. Spinning the mixer head-up option that tilts head may be raised and decreased quickly. With almost zero noise and life safeguards, the kneading sound is below 80 dB, relaxed throughout the task.

A 5.5 Quart steel bowl provides a sufficient total capacity. Several multi-purpose add-ons are incorporated, like the dual dough hooks, a flat beater, a wire whisk, plus a splash safeguard. They, strictly speaking, help you increase ingredients devoid of creating clutter.

Food Mixer Double Dough Blender,
MURENKING Food Mixer Double Dough Blender

Using accreditation and complete guarantee, this mixer for baking is ETL and FDA authorised. 12 months guarantee for 1 to 3-speed equipment. The twin shaft style blends and kneads dough without difficulty, helping you save both the time and energy of hand mixing.

Never use hot water or hot water and soap, and you should turn off and disconnect the power connector just before cleansing. Never use a dishwasher, metal wire brush, steel ball, or perhaps bleaching substances throughout cleaning. Having an overheating safeguard, once the stand mixer is too hot, it will eventually stop instantly until it finally cools down.

Remember to employ standard or optionally available components to prevent malfunctioning fixtures and trigger merchandise problems. The Flat beater is used immediately and comprehensively for mashing potatoes blending cake batter and biscuit dough.

The Features:

A steel wire whip rapidly merges air into ingredients for fluffy whipped cream, excellent boiled 'frosting' and pancakes with whipped egg whites. Furthermore, the MURENKING food mixer dough blender overheat and overload safety structure will cease working under these circumstances.

The see-through splash safeguard prevents chaos; therefore, no more splashes and dirty mess. This means you can concentrate on experiencing the marvellous treats you might have just completed. This specific food mixer and a blender make baking much less cluttered and more satisfying.

Electric Food Mixer In Red With Big Bowl

£119   MURENKING 1200W Electric Food Mixer - Get It!  

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: Your First Stand Food Mixer?

Should you be just stepping into cooking or maybe making cookies, you may be wondering why you would desire a machine to perform your blending for you personally. An electric cake mixer fully transforms how you cook or make the dough, and of course, if you buy stand mixer accessories, far more besides.

: Add-Ons That Make Baking Easier

Count down timers are an incredible capability that you can arrange to knead the dough so the equipment will switch itself off if it's finished. Various stand baking mixers are recognised for the small connector on the top which may be utilised for add-ons.

: Need A Good Set Of Accessories?

Even from a good cheap stand mixer, you can get an extensive set of accessories, incorporating juicers, your favourite ice cream machines, lean beef grinders plus much more.

Although a handheld mixer may be somewhat less complicated than a straightforward whisk, it will not match the simplicity of turning on your kitchen mixer and then undertaking something different.

: Planetary Action And Dough Hook

A handful of UK bought stand mixers promote planetary operation combining, which means the beaters consider an oblong route surrounding the bowl to make sure of consistent blending.

Just about all, including the least expensive cake stand mixers include three essential accessories in the paddle for conventional mixing, a whisk and a steel dough hook for kneading breadstuff dough.

: Cake Mixing Electric Power

Typical hand mixers tend to be only up to 260 Watts of electric power on the thin mixes that are generally used in combination with an electric motor that is 210 to 245 Watts that should indeed function properly. Consider the kinds of beater accessories, speeds, and safe-keeping system for the add-ons.

: FIMEI Electric Cake Mixer With Guard

This is an ultra-powerful 6-speed AC-motor compact stand mixer using 1000 Watts. The complete metallic core provides high-intensity functioning, long service life and almost zero noise, below 75 dB. Straightforward to function, the 360 degrees planetary blending activity and tilting head style can be set up quickly or even for removing containers and add-ons.

Furnished with a 5L steel bowl and handgrip, this mixer will focus well on regular households. The FIMEI stand food mixer presents high blending adaptability to knead, combine eggs or perhaps cream. Convenient to use to make cakes, bread and waffles, apply it to generate tasty dishes.

The ceramic glaze layer is dishwasher secure. However, the dough hook and flat beater are dispersed with a ceramic glaze, making the components longer-lasting. It is much easier to thoroughly clean. It helps make the mixing heads even more lovely and ideal for various sorts of cooking.

Stand Food Mixer Machine
FIMEI Stand Mixer Food Mixer

The underside of the stand food mixer provides you with silicone non-slip legs for additional balance. Moreover, it has the functionality of keeping the power wire. The multi-functional electric powered mixer looks superb in the cooking area - an exceptional present for friends and relations.

This appliance provides mechanised metal gears regarding highly effective transmission. Furthermore, the gears are supplied with a noiseless system to minimise the sound throughout operations. The sound is lowered decibels, much less than the standard dough machine.

Any ceramic glaze is more straightforward to completely clean, besides protecting the dishwasher. The blending hook may be used in the dishwasher for washing; nevertheless, try not to drop it on the ground, impacting the looks.

The Features:

Of course, the connector of this mixer for baking is a British plug that is engineered for use in Great Britain. Its volt quality is 220 - 240V. Compared with the regular four suction cups, the six here are more steady, so the machine will not shift abruptly through fast functioning.

An excessive amount of dust can stop the suction cup from functioning appropriately, which could trigger the machine to roll over throughout use. The steel bowl of this particular FIMEI stand food mixer with 1000W power is pleasant to manage and effortless to use.

Of the tilt-head style, turn the securing lever, enhance the arm of the mixing machine, and you will set up a diverse accessory when you want. It takes merely a few seconds to accomplish most actions. The splash guard facilitates you to include ingredients running without creating clutter.

Electric Cake Mixer With Whisk

£69   FIMEI Electric Cake Mixer Ceramic Glaze - Get It!  

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: Aucma Quiet Bread Baking Mixer Twin Hooks

The 6.2L food-grade steel bowl will satisfy your cooking area demands. This cake stand mixer with double handles and one part splash safeguard is more helpful in holding and washing. A high-efficiency pure copper electric motor and sturdy casing make the procedure easy.

An integrated chip sensor heat instantly turns off when reaching extreme temperatures for your safety. The enhanced speeds with pulse performance mean entry to a selection of tasty tested recipes. Using the handy 6-speed manager, you can create different delicious recipes.

Pulse can accomplish the best speed in a second, sometimes employed to beat egg whites. The tilt-head structure mixing machine permits usage of set up or removing bowl and components effortlessly.

Using multiple add-ons and anti-slip styles, the Aucma stand food mixer appliance incorporates blending equipment, whisk, dough hook, blending beater. The anti-slip suction legs maintain your kitchen machine stable without shifting - even if it's functioning.

The multi-functional electric powered mixer's optimal presence and professional assistance look remarkable within the food prep area. It's a beautiful gift idea for your friends and family.

Stand 6.2L Food Cake Mixer
Aucma Stand 6.2L Food Mixer

This specific food processor and mixer will probably be your most good kitchen appliance for your home. Highly effective 1400 Watts electric motor and 6 speeds with pulse supply superior functioning. This particular mixer not only looks more attractive but, in addition, functions much better.

Aiming to assist you in baking or preparing food openly and effortlessly, the anti-slip suction legs and heat diffusion structure on the underside are for secure usage. This machine is significantly less weighty, nevertheless, more robust, and this expands the life expectancy of your mixing machine accessories.

Velocity shifts from reduced to high enable you to beat, combine potatoes or even knead the dough for loaves of bread within the most real momentum. Overload and overheat safety features guarantee risk-free implementation.

You will love the high-performance genuine copper motor plus the superior steel bowl with several handles. There are 6 plus speeds and a rotary button together with pulse functionality.

A glowing blue LED light behaves as an electrical power signal with metal gears, ball bearings, and belt construction. But you will appreciate the low noise level is just under 75 dB.

With a vibrating assimilation style, there is no shifting throughout functioning. The 'small food stand mixer' is furnished with a dough hook, beater, and stainless steel 2 handled bowl. The baking mixer machine is straightforward to work with, producing cakes, bread, snacks, pastry, waffles, etc.

The Features:

All anti-slip plastic suction cups maintain the machine stable in use. The components can be easily set up and clean. The splash safeguard assists you to stay away from spattering whenever mixing and incorporating ingredients, preserving your cooking area nice and neat.

The tilting-head kitchen mixer makes it possible for the easy-to-install. It eliminates the steel bowl and three or more accessories. You will find the pulse and electrical power signal with convenient multi-velocity control, all this for a suitable selection of yummy recipes.

Your Aucma stand mixer food mixer features a light electric power gauge and anti-slip plastic suction cups. The cups keep the mixing machine stable while running and lower the noise. Using a die-cast aluminium beater and dough hook with a single layer of Teflon.

The excellent big bowl inside your food mixer for baking will fulfil your entire demand. Embrace food-grade steel materials to help you quickly make the dough in more considerable amounts without squandering time.
Splatter safeguards are used for less complicated ingredients and splatter-free blending, protecting us against unpleasant trickles, falls and splatters.

Baking Mixer In Blue And Steel

£129   Aucma Bread Baking Mixer Machine - Get It!  

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: KitchenAid Vintage Classic 4.3L Mix Machine

The KA Classic tilting head mixing machine is ideal for high-performance household blending. This particular, exceptional preparing food equipment offers great outcomes repeatedly. The 4.3 Litres stainless steel blending dish comes with 10 rates of speed and effortlessly blends your ingredients.

Vintage Classic With Stainless-Steel Bowl

The Features:

Lovely Style Vintage Mixer Machine
KitchenAid Vintage Mixer Machine

For even more adaptability, the power centre was created to utilise the motor's capacity to function suggested accessories, from food mills to pasta producers plus more. This particular mixing machine can make light work of desserts, batters and cakes because of a primary electric motor, whisk beater and dough hook.
[Rating: 9/10]   £399 Get It → KitchenAid Vintage Classic Mixer  

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: Baking Mixer Power Motor For Bread Dough

Forget those cheap hand styled cake mixer machines that feature a dough hook. It is likely that the electric motor is not really strong enough to deal with bread dough. It could end up being too unpleasant positioning the stand mixer over a dish for the length of time it requires to work your mixture.

: The Tilting Head Functionality

Just about all stand mixers feature a tilting head structure in which the bowl continues fixed and locked right into the bottom, plus the head is over a joint; therefore it can position to lift-up the beaters from the dish itself.

You will find many small food mixer versions that have a bowl lifting strategy where it fastens onto a framework - and a handle is used to elevate the container to reach the beater components.

: Machines In Expert Kitchens

The previous bowl lift up concept was traditionally applied primarily in professional kitchen areas, nevertheless is now obtainable in many of the more expensive and more significant capability good mixer machines.

: Mixing Machine Bowl Lift Action

The benefit while using bowl lifting style is that the mixing machine can accommodate below a cupboard and not need to be relocated forwards to make use of it together with the tilt head bread mixers. Generally, there would not be space beneath a cupboard to elevate the head part.

: Access Bowl For Adding Ingredients

Some individuals choose the bowl lift mixing machines as they may appear considerably more specialist, and they frequently have a bigger bowl total capacity. Nevertheless, others such as the freestanding mixer tilt head structure when you access the bowl to incorporate ingredients, or perhaps scratch over exterior etc.

: Stand Food Mixer Bowl Size

Mixers feature a variety of bowl dimensions, but it is advisable to select proportions that will be the most successful for your requirements. The standard stand food mixer bowl dimensions are between 4 and 5 quarts - with some more substantial.

: Kenwood Chef Classic Food Mixer Blender

The stylish KM provides 3 electrical power channels. They are all optimised for a variety of focused food preparation projects. Situated at the rear of an easily-removed front cover, this outlet supplies an amount of 'slow velocity' and high torque to push specialist accessories, including the multi food grinding machine and roller.

Chef Classic In White With Metal Container

The Features:


  • Big 4.6 Litres Capacity
  • Digital Speed Control Light


  • None

The Chef Classic with vintage appearance is finished in gloss white and a silver coloured container. This Chef is for all daily cooking area jobs, but additionally it permits future chefs to become far more ambitious.
[Rating: 9/10]   £329 Get It → Kenwood KVC3100 1000 Watts Chef Classic  

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: Swan Retro Mixer With Gear System

The Swan vintage stand mixer with large container features one thousand Watts highly effective and reduced sound electric motor. It functions turning switch management with LED, pop-up head lift and adjustable 8 stepless velocity.

Mixer In Blue With Large Steel Dish

The Features:

It comes with a translucent splash safeguard, 4.5 litres brushed metal container with storage space, planetary blending motion, as well as stainless steel gear technique. Accessible in lovely cream colour and Swan supply a 2 years warranty.
[Rating: 9/10]   £84 Get It → Swan Retro Planetary Action Mixer  

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: Bosch Serie 4 MUM Food Blender 1000W

The Bosch MUM is the ideal equipment for virtually any kitchen, bestowing innovative functionality using a date-less Bosch styling. The (Multi Motion Drive) is the high powered 1000 Watts electric motor which can be utilised with a blender. A range of tools arraying from an ice cream generator to pulp instrument.

Multi Motion Drive Blender In Red

The Features:

The stainless steel container enables an upper limit of 3.9Kg of functioning dough mix, guaranteeing it is the ideal equipment for any task.

Using incorporated lead safe keeping plus rubber suction legs, this particular device has been finished effortless to expend - and just right for the cooking area. Safety-lock device for the blending container and cover latch add-on's.
[Rating: 9/10]   £229 Get It → Bosch Serie 4 MUM Drive Blender  

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: Capability To Create Cookies And Bread

Ensure the bowl size is adequate to cook a bunch of cookies or perhaps knead one loaf. If you carry out loads of significant amount cookie or loaves of bread baking, you may want to choose a more substantial mixer with the capability to create multiple batches of food or cake mix.

: Is A Small Food Mixer Sufficient?

Contrary to several small electric food mixer machines where power consumption can be an approximate overview of how potent any equipment is with regards to stand mixers, it is preferable to purchase an even more perceptible functionality.

Mixer bowl capability is a super starting point, but several could be as low as 3 Litres, nevertheless typical is among 4 to 5.6 litres etc.

: Creating Even Bigger Batches

Bigger 6 Litres and more bowls are perfect for specialist batch bakers. Servings are usually produced from steel, but 'less expensive versions' have a plastic material bottom - nonetheless they may be created from glass as well, which lets you monitor the ingredients as they blend.

: New UK Best Stand Mixers With Reasonable Price Tags

Blender rotary processing will imply the combination is relocated to the centre of the dish instead of becoming moved to the side areas. Every stand food mixer will have a wide range of speed rates managed by a slider or maybe a rounded knob which permits you to accumulate to the frequency you prefer steadily.

Just about all baking mixer machines may have 3 tools as standardised, the balloon whisk for cream, eggs as well as lighter blends, a dough hook related to kneading and a beater intended for batters, cookie dough and common harsher ingredients blending.

: The Splash Guard Is Necessary

An additional item that is well-liked is a splash guard, necessary for preventing the ingredients of the bowl getting out through the course of strenuous blending. Virtually all cake mixer machines employ planetary blending processing, which suggests the instrument orbits as the arms transfer through the bowl insides.

Our selection of special design kitchen electric cake mixers available is excellent if you appreciate preparing food or baking. A versatile, trustworthy food mixer is a crucial product for virtually any active kitchen space. See our mini food chopper tools.

You will discover several stylish red, black and cream UK stand mixers here from labels like Swan, KitchenAid and Bosch plus much more.