Best Mini Chocolate Fountain Machines For Party Events

Updated 19/02/2020:
Got a sweet tooth? Our cheap chocolate fountains are super easy to use. Pour in your melted chocolate, activate and observe it beautifully cascade. The 10 chocolate fountains to buy mean not many can resist the smooth dark milk chocolate flowing adoringly down a never ending fountain.

: JMP Home Mini Chocolate Fountain Machine

Mini Chocolate Fountain Machine With Base Dish

£24   JMP Mini Chocolate Fountain - Get It!  

: Huanyu Large Chocolate Fountain 4 Steel Tiers

Big Chocolate Fountain With 4 Steel Tiers

£96   Huanyu Large Chocolate Fountain - Get It!  

: Tooltime Steel Chocolate Fountain

This delightful chocolate fountain is the best focal point for virtually any celebration or special event. Basically, fill up with delicious chocolate and observe as your visitors appreciate sinking in diverse food items, for example fresh fruit, candy, cookies, dispatching them to chocolate ecstasy.

Steel Chocolate Fountain With Dipping Skewers

The fountain was designed to maintain smooth chocolate featuring an additionally big drip holder that allows the fountain to be utilised for much longer. What this means is the enjoyment can last during your celebration, while there is no requirement to quit and thoroughly clean the actual fountain middle of the activity.

It's been fashioned with an extremely sleek flow to enhance the movement of the chocolate, setting up a continuous scrumptious drape of delicious chocolate. The structure is constructed from stainless-steel, helping to make the fountain sturdy and straightforward to completely clean.
[Rating: 9/10]   £23 Get It → Tooltime Chocolate Fountain

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: Posner Home Mini Chocolate Fountain

A mini chocolate fountain that is small sized and consolidated, rendering it just right to possess whenever having acquaintances over. The ideal present for virtually any chocolate 'fancier' - an amusing as well as delectable addition to just about any compact assemblage sporting three levels of luxurious chocolate.

Steel Home Mini Chocolate Fountain With Fruit Tray

Incorporating an indestructible steel device, this chocolate fondue is effortless to set-up and leisurely to cleanse. It possesses good dimensions for household deployment, demanding exclusively 450 g of chocolate and is uncomplicated to assemble and make clean, so get (dunking) in to the delightful liquid chocolate sweets.
[Rating: 9/10]   £33 Get It → Posner Mini Chocolate Fountain

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: Sephra Select Quiet Chocolate Fountain

The small edition of the Sephra bigger 'classical fondue fountain' of 16 inches. This choice chocolate fountain is the ideal dimensions for compact gatherings, and in addition constitutes a super present for the chocolate lover.

Using it's streamlined design and attractive brushed chrome steel finish, it is going to be in the spotlight of virtually any special event.

Quiet Chocolate Fountain With Steel Finish

The heated up basin enables you to dissolve the chocolate directly inside the fountain. The QuickSet tier element and dish-washing machine secure components make clean-up a piece of cake.

The hot basin melts down chocolate using a heat up on/off command. Food mark high-impact ABS tiers, QuickSet tier set-up - assembles in just seconds.
[Rating: 9/10]   £68 Get It → Sephra Quiet Chocolate Fountain

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: Gowe 5 Tier Chocolate Fountain Noiseless

Includes 5 levels with an elevation 68cm and extremely quiet electric motor, stainless steel container and column in to addition Auger. Big chocolate pot forestalls spattering and dissolves chocolate instantly.

The fountain may be shaped inside 30 seconds and operates 12 hours ceaselessly. Effortless to function and clean.

5 Tier 300W Chocolate Fountain With Steel Base

Packing material through secure exportation carton container. It is best not to function the chocolate excessively thick for the fountain. It is more beneficial to include a little vegetable oil to thin it out.

Don't ever contribute water inside the chocolate. Includes English instructions, stainless metal container, tower and also Auger etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £479 Get It → Gowe Chocolate Fountain

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: Gourmet Steel Red Chocolate Fountain

The modern vintage chocolate fountain with metal sections will enlighten your invited guests and afford them the pleasure of experiencing your individual steel red coloured delicious chocolate fountain to utilise anytime you like. It is the best centre piece at any celebration, accumulating with relatives and buddies.

Chocolate Fountain With Red And Steel Exterior

Function with an assortment of chocolate soaking food items, for example berries, biscuits, fresh fruit etc. This fountain offers a somewhat 'sentimental 50's restaurant' designed structure, as well as a fashionable steel red finish. It will certainly end up being a great accessory for almost any cooking area.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29 Get It → Gourmet Chocolate Fountain

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: Zerone Chocolate Fountain For Parties

Priceless for 'chocoholics' anywhere, the VonShef chocolate fountain will take extravagance to innovative, scrumptious levels, inadvertent of whether you decide to take pleasure on your own, or even share the event with family members or friends.

Chocolate Fountain With Fruit Bowl

Essentially, fill the fountain using the delicious chocolate of your choosing, heated up within the microwave oven. You can use milk, dark or white coloured chocolate, or possibly a mixture of the three.

Observe the fountain convert in to a constant, melted stream of delight. A chocolate fountain additionally creates the ideal melted chocolate for designing the tops of cakes etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £39 Get It → Zerone Chocolate Fountain

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Best Chocolate Fountains To Buy In UK For Amusing Treats

: JM Battery/Mains Chocolate Fountain

The battery controlled table fountain continues to be specifically made for table-top implementation. Well suited for dining places, coffee houses and also watering holes, this particular fountain is sleek and stylish, elegant and cost-effective, which makes it an excellent accessory for virtually any dinner encounter.

Battery Chocolate Fountain With Polished Stainless-Steel Dome

Created from exactly the same sophisticated, easy-to-clean metal, this straightforward, 1000 grammes design features aesthetic impressiveness.
[Rating: 9/10]   £152 Get It → JM Battery Chocolate Fountain

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: BuoQua 7 Tier Large Chocolate Fountain

A 7 tier large chocolate fountain with a modern propagation of elevated electrical power economising heating organisation, automated command plus perpetual and systematically heating. It swiftly and instantly melts chocolate using the adaptable heating temperature, forestalling it from counteracting with your ingredients.

Effortless to function and cleanse with a quick set-up process. Constructed of steel, it's long-wearing and offers an extended life-span. An elevated wear proof seal resolves the conventional slurry leakage issue of the fountain equipment.

Chocolate Fountain Waterfall In Steel Finish

Big total capacity 8 Kilogrammes and for 90 up to 110 individuals deployment with an elevation of 103 centimetres. With automatic melting of chocolate using the heating functionality and innovative temperature manipulations, it can effortlessly melt your chocolate with simply no demand for additional gadgets.

Additionally, it supports incessant heat to safeguard the chocolate from altering the flavour and ingredients.
[Rating: 9/10]   £349 Get It → BuoQua Chocolate Fountain Waterfall

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: BG Chocolate Fountain Fondue Creation

This table top chocolate fountain could hardly be more fashionable. Excellent for children's celebrations or perhaps for adult chocolate enthusiasts. Put it on the table, serve the melted delicious chocolate in and observe it stream. You'll have a delectable, mouth-watering chocolate fondue dessert to enjoy together with your family and friends.

Mains Powered Chocolate Fountain Shown With Strawberries

The fountain is a special gift idea and will make an ideal home warming present, marriage, or perhaps birthday present for the chocolate lover you know. User-friendly, uncomplicated and also entertaining to view. Produced from stainless-steel, sturdy and heat resilient.
[Rating: 9/10]   £13 Get It → BG Mains Chocolate Fountain

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: LOKE Nostalgia Small Chocolate Fountain

This item contributes an exquisite and fashionable feeling to special occasions using this particular small chocolate fondue fountain. It is ideal for love or money - from wedding parties and birthday events to open air barbecues.

Contrived with a plastic foundation plus 2-tier column, the whole unit accommodates up to 2 Lbs of chocolate, and in addition is effortless to function.

2-Tier Chocolate Fountain With Diverse Fruits

Just pour dissolved white or perhaps dark chocolate in to the foundation and turn on the electric motor. The auger design fountain conveys chocolate up to the crown of the column where it cascades down every level for a rousing demonstration.

Offer friends with fresh strawberries, white mallows in addition to other delicacies to dip in the liquid chocolate.
[Rating: 9/10]   £23 Get It → LOKE Chocolate Fountain

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Our selection of small and large chocolate fountains are excellent for whole milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate plus more. Using the chocolate fountain machine, pour your selected free-flowing liquid chocolate straight in to the pre-heated foundation and switch it on for an remarkable showcase. A tasty delicacy accessory.