Combination Microwave Convection Ovens - Black Or Steel

Updated 27/01/2022:
These combination microwave ovens are certainly more progressed than regular freestanding countertop units. The microwave grill oven combos include heat convection and extras like digital defrost and reheating in classy chrome, stainless-steel and black styles.

Combi microwave ovens present additional versatility when preparing food, and allow you to utilise the equipment exclusively, grill only or perhaps convection heated high air temperature. You can even use the microwave as well as grill collectively.

Microwave Oven On Kitchen Counter
Chic Kitchen Counter With Microwave Oven

: Igenix Combi Microwave Oven Grill 900 W

This smart combination microwave with reflector glass exterior door is incredibly present day and classy. It will most certainly complement virtually any kitchen space. It features a spacious 25-litre total capacity - easily installs a big evening meal plate, including a user-friendly digital press button and dial.

You can grill, roast, cook and microwave due to its 1100 W grill, 2500 Watts convection oven and then 900 Watts microwave performance with 5 electric power configurations. The Igenix combination microwave is a genuinely multi efficient appliance with 10 pre-set menus, a screen timer and a countdown.


  • Stunning Appearance
  • Easy Pre-Set Options


  • None here

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Automated Defrost Settings
  • Ideal For Pizza And Pasta

Unique Selling Point:

  • Big Enough For Large Families
  • Simple To Deploy Timer Screen

This Igenix digital microwave offers an automatic defrost plus a fast start function. Enjoy the multi-level food preparation, allowing you to plan two individual sequences - perfect for thawing and preparing the food at once. A kids safety locking mechanism prevents children from opening the glass door.

Specs: 25L | 49 x 51 x 30 cm | 1100W Grill | 2500W + 900W

With this grill objective, you can brown lightly and crisp the microwave food toppings, grill sausage or even bread toasted with garlic etc. Just put your food on the grill tray supplied. Choose the time and grill. Midway through, it is going to beep twice to denote it needs to be flipped.

Microwave Oven Grill With Mirror Door

£169   Igenix Combi Microwave Oven Grill - Get It!  

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: Toshiba Combi Microwave Convection Oven

Flexible arrangement cooking blend microwave and oven features are offered here so you can defrost, heat up, grill and roast in a single kitchen appliance. Committing exclusively to the cash of any microwave, you can certainly possess a strong microwave and a grill with specialist convection features.

You will discover 10 helpful and straightforward auto choices and pre-specified selections for heating 10 well-known food products like lasagna. 5 electric power levels are intended for diverse foods and for your choice. The Toshiba convection microwave oven features a turntable reset zero and kid safety locker, plus a kitchen timer.

An uncomplicated sharp ceramic gloss cavity is presented here in comparison to the classic grey cavity. It is not only simpler to keep sparkling, but it is scratch resilient too. You achieve more from your microwaved meals with this impressive and easy to use 950 Watts combo microwave oven.


  • Powerful Convection Cooking
  • Power Levels For All Foods


  • None at all

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Easy To Clean Interior
  • Thaw Via Weight Or Time

Unique Selling Point:

  • Cook Retaining All Moisture
  • Simple Preset Cooking Modes

The several Toshiba convection microwave oven power variants render this unique microwave just for an extensive selection of heating system projects. Coming from low temperatures to make softer chilled foods to high temperature for warming up your leftover food.

Specs: 51.3 x 51 x 31 cm | 21 Kilos | 25 L | 950 W

Created to add new advantages to your occupied lifestyle, this first-class microwave is crammed full of convenient highlights. It includes a simple user interface, inner light and presets. The internal cavity within this microwave is quick cleaning with a highly approved anti-bacterial level.

Combination Microwave Convection Oven In Black

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: How To Buy A Microwave Combination Oven

The very best combo electric microwave combination ovens can deliver exceptional outcomes. A handful of versions even provide a 'steam' feature, but the proportions for these cooking designs are somewhat more substantial for the average family measured in Litres etc.

: Multi Cook In One Equipment

The acquisition of a grill for the typical large capacity microwave is an improvement in the unit environment. The appliances will include a constructed component for browning the exterior of foodstuff, many feature a grill, convection oven as well as microwave in one efficient equipment.

: Combi Features That Cook Perfectly

These types of handy features permit various foods to be prepared and even roast meals. Many oven microwave combos possess pre-specified applications that immediately cook dinner, applying each of their different solutions with the correct food timing integrated.

: Microwave, Grill And Oven Cook

The stylish steel combination microwave convection oven can be quite a wise decision for anyone of us with limited kitchen space since it eliminates the necessity for a traditional oven. Grill and oven cook with these microwaves using many preset programmes - which can be really valuable.

: electriQ Combination Oven Microwave Silver

Considering the very best product features it provides, this fashionable microwave is an excellent companion to any kitchen space. In addition, with its impressive 900 W food preparation skills, this appliance offers you an extra grill assisting in 'crisping' the top part of any snack or cooking a modest supper.

Promising a 25L total capacity, you can accommodate a regular dinner plate. This signifies the electriQ combination microwave is as proficient at reheating your leftovers as it is at preparing any lunch. In addition, it includes 8 auto-cook options to assist take the complexities from heating meat or seafood.


  • Brilliant For Hot Snacks
  • Automatic Pre-Set Options


  • None whatsoever

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Fast Defrost Food Settings
  • Powerful And Looks Fab Too

Unique Selling Point:

  • Perfect For Reheating Food
  • Cook Fish, Pasta Or Hot Soup

You can reheat carrots and hot drinks, to mention one or two; therefore, you need not bother over-cooking foods again. In addition, the microwave actually can defrost by period or weight, which suggests you can take the food from the freezer and have it defrosted, all set to put together.

Specs: H38 x W59 x D40 cm | 25L | Grill 1000W | Mic 900W

The more significant electriQ combination microwave capability offers you an abundance of space to complement even small oven dinners. The metallic unbranded style appears terrific in any home. An integrated grill helps you create snacks in no time, and eight auto modes take the mystery from food prep.

Combi Oven Microwave In Silver Finish

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: R.Hobbs Combination Microwave Convection Oven

This substantial 30 Litres capacity family microwave includes a classy and specialist structure with a mirrored door surface finish. It merges microwave food preparation with grilling performance and a convection oven to prepare various dishes with just one single kitchen appliance.

Preparing food for family members and acquaintances or reheating significant food dishes transforms into a relatively easy task. The Russell Hobbs combination microwave grill offers 900 Watts of microwave electric power and 10 auto cook choices.

The indisputable fan aided oven functions precisely the same way as a regular oven. But, in addition, it supplies you the accessibility to an additional cooking option for sizeable dinner events or even parties.
The combination element permits you to merge microwave energy and grill and then a convection heating system that is fan aided to heat up, roast, crisp, and brown.


  • Perfect For A Big Family
  • Several Useful Functions


  • None at all..

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Microwave, Grill And Convection
  • Ten Automated Food Settings

Unique Selling Point:

  • Handy Clock And Food Timer
  • Big Glass Removable Turntable

Perfect for preparing lasagne, chicken wings, cooked, roasted potatoes and tasty pie snacks. This microwave contains a 31.5 cm extensive detachable glass turntable, including a steel interior appearance for unproblematic washing.

The Russell Hobbs combination microwave grill provides weight and time defrost configurations. In addition, this equipment offers you a child protection lock, including an uncomplicated but practical control panel consisting of a time clock and timer display.

Specs: 30L | 51 x 49.8 x 30 cm | 19.3 Kg | 2500W Fan

It is supplied, including a grill rack and then baking dish, providing everything required to implement just about every action of this combo microwave. The substantial 30L microwave is aesthetically designed and intended for fuss-free family and friends food preparation.

Steel Microwave Convection Oven With Screen

£149   R.Hobbs Combi Microwave Convection Oven - Get It!  

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: Samsung Oven Microwave Combo HotBlast 28L

The exceptional (EasyView) suggests that you can quickly screen the food preparation progress via the monitor door. The (HotBlast) concept is a 'new technique' of cooking that decreases cooking instances substantially. Enjoy the fried meals you adore the far healthier way - employing less oil.

Of the ceramic enamel inner, its extremely smooth surface area renders it very easy to completely clean. Additionally, it is hugely rust and scrape proof, so it refuses to discolour as time passes. With a 28L space, this Samsung combination microwave is enhanced for an even more roomy facility.

Screen the cooking progress in no time over the EasyView door. Using an even more translucent door compared to the conventional microwaves, you really have a much better perspective to guarantee it will not burn up or flood out.

Steer clear of oily cookware and scorching oil splatters - get pleasure from the fried meals you cherish. The (SlimFry) technological know-how rolls around heated air mixed with a tiny amount of oil. You can actually delight in scrumptious meals like crispy seafood using only a single tbsp of oil.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • A Healthier Way Of Cooking
  • Family Size Ample Interior

Unique Selling Point:

  • Big Grill And Defrost Modes
  • View Food Cooking At All Times

Top Features:


  • Ample Internal Capacity
  • Steel Looks Fantastic


  • No cons here..

Washing the Samsung combination microwave has ceased to be an inconvenience due to an anti-bacterial ceramic inner. The exceedingly smooth exterior makes easy work for cleaning and is remarkably rust/scrape tolerant. It certainly can't discolour with time, so it's a more spartan existence for everyone.

Specs: 28 Litres | 46 x 51.7 x 31 cm | 17.9 Kg | 900W

The (ECO Mode) drastically lowers energy usage with the industry's most affordable standby electric power. When you find yourself not preparing food, the electricity employed to preserve necessary characteristics is nominal, helping you save cash on power bills.

Oven Microwave Combo With Steel Knob

£169   Samsung Oven Microwave Combo 28L - Get It!  

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: Fast Heat Combo Convection Microwaves

The primary disadvantage of getting a combo microwave is it's more costly than various other forms of microwave oven. Should you be not really trying to find something which may pass as an oven alternative, in that case, reflect on watching the lower specification products.

Built-in or integrated oven microwave combo machines will be for individuals who want a smooth, efficient kitchen space, and are ready to pay the extra expense to possess it. Each one of the choices is offered as integrated, but do cost somewhat more than the freestanding units.

: Combo Microwave Internal Sizes

The grill and combi microwaves will be more substantial than solo 25L microwave ovens so ensure the turntable is sufficient enough for your dishes. The digital microwave capability is scored in Lt, starting from 13/14 Litres up to 45 Litres.

: Appliance Inner Height And Breadth

Litres is a way of measuring volume instead of elevation or breadth, but the equipment with the corresponding capabilities may look incredibly different. Check your own most substantial dishes to discover if you will require that size with regards to height as well as breadth.

: Turning The Food To Cook Better

Virtually all microwaves function by turning the food within on a turntable, therefore subjecting it consistently to the microwave rays. A few of the smaller sized smart microwaves have turntables using a size of 24 centimetres - overly short to keep an average meal that maybe 28 cm in size.

In the event width and turntable environment are not necessarily a difficulty, reflect on whether you can pile dishes. The bigger microwaves automatically have more inner elevation, and several include shelves set-up allowing a few dishes to be heated-up simultaneously.

: Panasonic Inverter Combi Function Microwave

This top quality stainless-steel combination design microwave includes a large 34 Litre cavity, which is created to allow you to prepare scrumptious and healthy foods your loved ones will adore. Full of revolutionary functions, in addition to being an easy task to both use and thoroughly clean.

The intelligent microwave sensor guarantees exceptional food preparation and heating outcomes for every food type. A sophisticated sensor picks up the quantity of vapour discharged from food. It immediately computes an ideal cooking period and power that is necessitated.

: Browning And Crispiness Precision

It is a large 34L capacity Panasonic inverter combination microwave oven, ideal for any family event. The nominal slimline style is advanced and small, rendering it fantastic to save space on your own kitchen surface. A sensible mixture of cooking plans is excellent for many different food products.

This microwave oven prepares your food quickly, even though the oven, grill or perhaps both supply the food its usual browning and crispiness, although maintaining juice inside. Pretty much everything occurs in unison, substantially cutting down the cooking periods.


  • Keeps Juices Inside All Food
  • 30 Auto Programmes Accessible


  • Pricey..

Microwave In Chrome With Touch-Screen

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Sensor Auto Plan Settings
  • Big 36cm Glass Turntable

Unique Selling Point:

  • Food Is Coked Smoothly, Evenly
  • Silver Internal Surface Area

Select from 5 pre-set settings that match virtually any food category. Forget about undercooking and then overcooking too. The combi oven is made with a comprehensive portfolio of balanced approaches to cook foods quicker with better culinary knowledge - exquisite for Weekend roast dinners.

Preserving excellent power regulation, this oven assures your meals are prepared carefully and consistently, keeping necessary nourishment and supplements. In addition, the intelligent inverter concept in the Panasonic inverter combi microwave saves hard work and promises your meal is prepared fast.

Specs: 34 L | 45 x 56 x 34 cm | Weight 18 Kg | 1000 W

You're going to be pampered for variety with a selection of 30 programmes presented, from potato chips for lunchtime or even beef roast. You don't need to determine cooking instances; simply enter the weight. The microwave oven takes care of the rest, making your regularly plan relatively clear-cut.

Due to the dual level convection cooking, it is possible to prepare 2 levels at the same time, to make even sizable households more content at eating times.
(Rating: 9/10)   £299   Get It   Panasonic Inverter Combination Microwave  

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: Russell Hobbs Combi Microwave Oven Grill

This excellent fashionable and big 30 Litres combination microwave oven and grill includes a contemporary and classy design using a reflected door conclusion.
It blends microwave oven cookery with grilling electrical power and convector oven, allowing you to prepare a diversity of foods with merely one home appliance.

This substantial fashionable capacity 30 Litres microwave is available in a dark-coloured casing. It incorporates a modern-day reflected mirror surface finish. Cooking foods for family and companions or heating significant plates will become relatively straightforward with 900 Watts of microwave power.

The combination element permits you to merge microwave energy sources, a grill, and a convection system fan to heat up, roast quickly, crisp and even brown lightly. The R.Hobbs digital combination microwave is perfect for cooking snacks, sausages and pizza.

The functional fan aided oven works the same way as a typical oven which supplies you the accessibility to an auxiliary food preparation unit. It is brilliant for essential dinner functions and family member get-togethers.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Fan Assisted Very High Power
  • Sunday Meal Family Gatherings

Unique Selling Point:

  • Easily Take Out Glass Turntable
  • Effortlessly Crisp And Brown Food

Smart Microwave Oven Grill With Glass Door

Top Features:


  • Classy Mirrored Door
  • Timer Defrost Settings


  • None

This microwave possesses a 31.5 cm extensive removable glass turntable, including a steel inner for easy domestic cleaning. Additionally, it features weight and time defrost adjustments, a kid safety fastener, an easy-to-understand control panel, plus a clock and electronic timer.

It is an appliance that comes with a grill shelf and cooking holder, providing everything required to implement just about every action of this combination microwave.

Specs: 51 x 51.9 x 33.5 cm | 19.9 Kg | 950 Watts | 30L

The assortment of automated cook possibilities makes planing the R.Hobbs digital combination microwave not too tricky. The grouping factor allows you to incorporate microwave force, a grill and then fan based convection heating.

It delivers complete with a griddle rack as well as cooking container, affording virtually every thing you necessitate to use virtually every functionality of this combination microwave oven. The large 30 Litres space is attractively configured for fret-free family cookery, the container comprises rack plus instruction guide.
[Rating: 9/10]   £146   Get It → R.Hobbs Combi Microwave Oven Grill

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: Presets, Defrost And Timer Features

Several functions save you time, the rest are on the subject of preparing for food quality. The presets will support making and defrost securely, but the range of capabilities will set apart the costly microwaves from the less expensive. Deciding on which you require will be dependant on 'what type of food' creation you wish to accomplish.

: Digitally Weighing Microwave Food

The automatic food preparation, reheating and thawing differ from equipment to equipment, although just about all permit the user to type in the weight of the food they wish to prepare, warm, or perhaps defrost. The combination microwave convection oven computes how much time it requires.

A fresh accomplice is the 'defrost action' that involves arbitrary breaks of microwave rays to decrease thawing periods. Modern electric microwave combination ovens can also feature a steam function, which will primarily emit vapour into the oven space - helpful for veg or seafood.

: Large Capacity Combi Microwave Ovens

Different sequence food preparation isn't too innovative as several older large capacity microwave ovens may be set to proceed from thawing directly into cooking the food. In more sophisticated halogen oven equipment, the options are usually more refined, permitting exciting food preparation.

Countertop Combination Microwave Ovens Black Or Steel

Some microwave grill oven combo versions remove the turntable entirely but can be individually space successful, enabling you to take advantage of the flatbed combination microwave oblong interior - ideal for pizza cooking and such like.

Look into the additional physical characteristics the convection microwave with grill may require. By way of example, built in ovens will frequently include drop style doors. This might make bringing food out less complicated since the door can behave as a rack to rest dishes etc.

: Bosch Microwave 17L 800W Quartz Grill

Adaptability as well as efficiency are bundled within the microwave and grill, to present you with excellent overall performance, plus scrumptious meals. Having a spacious 17 Litre total capacity, this microwave oven offers 5 electric power ranges with an optimum production of 800 Watts.

The steel structure is increased with straightforward push control keys and 'pop-out dial' adjustments. Digital controls and a clear LED screen make sure that selecting configurations is straightforward. Even though the (up to 100 minutes) digital clock timer will come in incredibly helpful.

An inside illumination will allow you to monitor the food without needing to disrupt meals by opening up the door. Food preparation and reheating meals are unproblematic due to optimum electric power productivity of 800 Watts. With the Bosch freestanding microwave oven AutoPilot 7, you may prepare your food to perfection every time.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • AutoPilot Works Out Food Plan
  • Five Diverse Power Levels

Unique Selling Point:

  • Lovely Steel Design Microwave
  • Inner Light To Spy On Your Food

Quartz Grill In Brushed Chrome Style

Top Features:


  • MW And Grill Function
  • Hinge Door Inner Light


  • No Disadvantages

After putting your dish in the merchandise, decide on the suitable automated application in the screen plan. Then, simply add the weight of the dish and press (Start). After that, the AutoPilot feature gains control and establishes the food prep function, heat and cooking food length of time.

This oven shuts down the system at the end of your food preparation time. Because several dishes with the AutoPilot need the use of ovenware using a cover, the inside wall space likewise stays sparkling. Food preparation genuinely could not be less complicated.

Sporting a spacious 17 Litres capability, this Bosch freestanding microwave oven provides 5 electric power variants with substantial optimal productivity.

Specs: 230V | 35 x 46 x 29 cm | 11.25 Kg | 17L | 800 W

The programme attributes weight automated configurations when you type in the weight of your food and the food variation. It enables the microwave to instantly discover the appropriate position to cook or defrost the food perfectly.

Programmes include weight automated configurations for which you enter the weight of your food items and also the food kind, as well as allowing the microwave oven to instantly select the appropriate environment to prepare, or thaw the food.
Digital adjustments and a very clear LED display screen make certain that selecting controls is straightforward.
(Rating: 9/10)   £129   Get It   Bosch Microwave Quartz Grill  

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: Hoover ChefVolution Microwave Combi Grill


  • Inverter Combination Appliance
  • Powerful Fast Uniform Cooking


  • None here

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Big Capacity Ideal For Families
  • Kids Safety Featured Included

Unique Selling Point:

  • Smart Jet Defrost Functionality
  • 900W Electrical Power Output

Microwave And Oven Combo In Steel Finish

£199   Hoover ChefVolution Microwave Combi - Get It!  

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: Convection Grill Heating System

Several combo microwaves merge the very best as each uses a cooking microwave ability offered with a grill; nevertheless, they also use a convection heating system like a cooling fan oven - letting them exceed just grilling and heating-up meals, yet effectively cooking as well.

High-quality convection microwaves with grill feature can easily prepare equally well as conventional ovens - nonetheless, with the benefit of full velocity. Its the most beneficial and most flexible kind of microwave having the ability to cook meals and also using the oven, yet quicker.

A sizable capacity combination microwave oven delivers more food preparation flexibility when compared to a regular solo microwave model. The main reason for this is they virtually incorporate a sufficient microwave force with a grill and convection heat strategy of fast, hot air-flow.