3 Tier Stainless Steel Steamers For Healthier Meals

Updated 05/04/2022:
With uniform heat circulation for healthy food, 3 tier stainless steel steamers are the perfect strategy to cook vegetables or fish effortlessly, supplying an impressive means to economise, since it only demands one hob to prepare 3 diverse sections. Perfect for big family meals like our electric food steamers.

Three Tier Stackable Food Steamer Sets
These 3 tier food steamers will diversify how you prepare food. You can steam distinct food styles simultaneously like seafood, meat and veg with all the nutrition sealed in for tasty outcomes. The steamer pan sets delicately heats food to seal in nourishment for more wholesome meals.

: Kitchen Craft 3 Tier Stainless Steel Steamer

This specific pan is robustly created with sturdy riveted grips and a toughened glass cover. The encapsulated base guarantees consistent heat circulation. The big stainless steel steamer pot tiers are engineered for a precise fit with no steam escape when warming your veg.

Improve your health, save money and prepare your potatoes, meat portions and servings of crunchy fresh vegetables all upon a single hob. Economical by utilising only one ring, this specific 3 tier food steamer pot assists to save fuel expenses - and you obtain a delicious meal.

The KitchenCraft induction safe 3 tier food steamer provides a rugged glass cover, riveted handles for added durability, and a solid base for even high-temperature supply. It is functional to incorporate tiers when you desire them or use them as a stockpot for family dinners.

: Ingenious Ventilated Glass Lid

It comes gift idea boxed and is appropriate for all hobs. It is dishwasher secure with a 10 years guarantee certificate. This unique steel steamer pot is an essential merchandise for preparing and progressing a healthy and balanced eating routine and standard of living.

Showing off a well-ventilated glass lid, you will find all-encompassing riveted feature hand grabs and high-grade mirror processed steel on the inside and the exterior. The food steamer is a simple, easy and fundamental item in everyday food preparation. It is suitable for use on practically all types of hobs and induction.

Vapour facilitates maintaining nutritional requirements, vitamins, taste, colouring, and regularity in food products that are regularly demolished when boiling food items. The three-level technique permits ultimate usefulness for entirely different meals.

Concerning healthy and balanced eaters, this 3 tier induction steamer will become your first choice pan. Steaming allows you to maintain nutritional vitamins, minerals, taste, and structure, frequently misplaced if cooking in boiling water.

3 Tier Steel Steamer In Polished Finish
KitchenCraft 3 Tier Steel Food Steamer

If you're not on a health and fitness plan, you may still adore how quick it really is. Anticipate almost anything to drop onto your plate in only a quarter-hour.
By using a single ring, the 3 tier metal steamer decreases energy expenses. It helps you save space on the hob whenever you are preparing large meals or even numerous courses.

Steamed vegetables are loaded with nutritional supplements and require only a few minutes to prepare. Increase the flavour by adding garlic cloves, chopped natural herbs or a little vinegar. After that, stack it onto your dish or appreciate it as side food.

If you are creating a fast weekday meal, put it to use and vapour scrumptious crunchy amounts of veg and delicious helpings of meat or seafood. Set in a couple of potato pieces in the bottom three-tiered steamer pan, and there you are - you have a complete meal at the ready.

While preparing food a day ahead of time, create a few eggs to heat in the lower pot. Get ready to include in a salad following steam vegetables lightly with your meat or seafood inside the top couple of sections. Put it in vacuumed storage containers and keep it inside the refrigerator.

Fulfil that sweet tooth with self-made jellies and preservatives. Commit a portion of your preferred fruit or perhaps grow your very own. Use the bottom stackable food steamer pan to prepare it directly into delicious garnish or even toppers.

The Features:

Simply by preparing food like your meat, fresh vegetables and potatoes on a single ring, this specific pan actually leaves enough room to warm up extras. It can even assist in decreasing your energy payments.

Compared with complicated electric steamers, this particular KitchenCraft induction safe 3 tier food steamer is quick to clean and quickly set up. Apply it to any kind of hob whenever you like some steamed vegetables - and it operates on induction stoves perfectly.

The bottom and lid work like a stovetop casserole whenever you fancy some winter weather comfort meals. Use it if you feel like broth, stew or a big curry meal.

Beautiful and functional, you could possibly store your cooking equipment upon open racks or even on top of your family fridge. Featuring its sparkling, polished shine surface finish and attractive figure, this hob steamer in steel contributes a sprinkle of style to any cooking area.

Steel 3 Tier Food Steamer

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: Penguin Home Stainless Steel Steamer 3 Tier

This 3 tier steamer set is constructed from secure induction steel with three tiers for food items steaming. With solid steel carrying handles and covers, this metal steamer set is a wholesome and valuable approach to cooking several food types simultaneously.

Long-lasting with solid steel handles for formidable capabilities, this specific steamer set was created to endure the requirements of any occupied cooking area. The Penguin Home 3 tier steamer set encapsulated solid base offers far better heat conduction, plus consistent heat circulation.

The bottom part steam cooker pot tier may be used as a saucepan with the steel cover with heavy-gauge functionality. This supplies you with better control over the high-temperature amount. This home steel kitchenware set suits all hobs.

This home cooking equipment selection is constructed out of high-grade, durable steel in top-quality steel. It offers remarkable food efficiency and strength in the food prep area.

Every item is fashioned and constructed to 'last for many years' to help you appreciate numerous years of food preparation and entertaining. This is a tough professional-grade food and rice steamer pot cookware that is a genuine pleasure to prepare food with.

Home Steel 3 Tier Steamer Set
Penguin Home 3 Tier Steamer Set

Superior quality cookware conveys a scenario when you pull it out from the cabinet. It will help you recall the countless scrumptious meals you have made in recent times. And the special occasions you've shared with all those closest to you.

This intelligent package deal includes two steamers and one casserole employing a glass lid. It can be used for three levels or possibly two tiers for every requirement. The set-up is suitable for application on pretty much all high-temperature sources.

The substantial calibre steel with toughened glass cover contains a vapour air vent opening. This three-tier steel steamer pot with a glass lid is a unique steel cooking equipment appealing for induction-type hobs.

The encapsulated bottom characteristic of the expert quality metal steamer cookware produces unequalled heat conductivity and uniform heat movement. It provides household chefs with a remarkable degree of heat control whenever preparing food. This results in increased energy performance.

The Features:

Whether you're an enthusiastic chef or maybe the one that manages household dishes. You will need sturdy and successful cooking equipment to endure everyday life in a hectic home cooking area.

Qualified for all hob varieties, including induction, can determine considerably more steam. This specific Penguin Home 3 tier steamer set cookware is constructed with stable riveted steel grips for long-lasting, high-performance.

Using a steel cover, dual pouring lip and inner calculating scale, preparing food will be uncomplicated. Get imaginative and prepare food with the only cooking equipment you will ever have to develop tasty dinners in your own home.

Protected for the oven, you may become more adaptable in the kitchen with this superior quality cookware. The induction steamer pans permit you to prepare on the hob. After that, exchange to the oven to maintain warm, or even include an additional aspect of food preparation.

Steamer 3 Tier With Sturdy Steel Handles

£31   Penguin Home Steel Steamer 3 Tier - Get It!  

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: Denny International Steamer Pan Set x3

This is a top-notch 3 tier induction hob steel cooking equipment steamer set. It consists of two 22 cm steamers and a single 22 cm pan. The 0.5 mm density is ideal for gas, induction hob and electric powered plates.

This specific 3-tier steamer is created from high standard steel with a sophisticated mirror surface finish, rendering it simultaneously classy and strong. A fine quality induction hob cookware, this Denny International 3 tier steel silver steamer set is ideal for gas, electric and hotplates.

With a mirror refined interior and exterior steel hollowed out handle, it features a knob (G) style crystal clear glass cover. Upon purchasing this home kitchenware, you're committing to years of engaging close friends to prepare food and experience enjoyable dinners.

3 Tier Steamer In Steel Silver
Denny International 3 Tier Steamer

Appreciate delightful and balanced home-prepared meals with this 3 tier steel steamer pot process from our excellent selection of cooking areas and cookware necessities.

This metal 3-tier steamer is a superb way of saving on food preparation space and your power bill, permitting you to vapour veg, various meats and seafood on a single hob.

A dependable and sturdy steamer cooker with long-enduring qualities benefits from a well-constructed concept with 3 tiers and a sturdy structure. The pans are made with steel and a highly advised steamer container for preparing more considerable amounts using enhanced heat relocation.

The Features:


  • Shatter Proof Lids
  • For All Hob Types


  • None at all..

Quick cleaning, the steel surface area is exceedingly effortless to wash. It helps prevent foodstuff from discolouration of the steamer itself. This specific premium quality Denny International 3 tier steel silver steamer is made from state-of-the-art steel. It comes with a sophisticated mirror finish, acceptable for gas and induction hobs.

Unlike electric-powered steamers, this item is straightforward to make immaculate and immediately sets up. Apply it to virtually any hob whenever you feel like some steamed vegetables.

Pan Set In Stainless Steel Silver

£29   Denny International Pan Set 3 Tier - Get It!  

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: Prestige Steel 3 Layer Steamer 3.8 L

Steaming assists to keep nutritional supplements while protecting the all-natural flavour and consistency of food. Multi-level food preparation will save time and effort. Perhaps you should heat potatoes in the bottom pan while steaming veg or seafood in the top two areas.

The steel base, which includes a metal core, is perfect for high heat dispersal, yet this 24 cm food steamer steams veg quickly and to the letter. This Prestige stainless steel multi steamer affords you delightful tasting greens every time - furthermore, its dishwashing machine is secure.

Steel steamers are exceedingly sturdy, featuring a heat toughened glass cover to quickly reveal whenever food is prepared. Decrease electric bills while increasing your food preparation possibilities with this steel 24 cm multi-layer steamer pot.

Multi-use and multi-tiered, the bottom will effectively be a casserole or even saucepan with the benefit of two extra steamer tiers. This is ideal for preparing vegetables or possibly a steamed pudding - preceding the primary matter.

This is a variable three-tier steel steamer pot comprising a single pan with two steamer inserts. There is a high heat toughened glass cover for simplicity of use. Quality steel is used for durability and elegance. Multi-level food prep will save you the power and helps keep vitamins and flavour inside.

Core Steel 3 Layer Steamer Smooth Finish
Prestige Steel 24 cm Multi Steamer

This steamer for induction hobs is a vital means to prepare for optimum flavour, radiant colour, and significantly improved taste for healthy steaming. The minerals and vitamins will not be rinsed away from your main ingredients in the steamer tiers, so your dinner cooks perfectly.

A sturdy glass cover makes it simple to evaluate your food preparation. Acceptable for induction hobs, it is sturdily constructed with top quality steel. This resilient pan possesses a lightweight alloy core within its base to assure uniform heat circulation throughout the pan.

Steam cook even more healthy tested recipes applying this special variable three-layer equipment. It offers a hard glass lid for see-through cooking convenience. This permits you to take notice of the cooking operation whilst closing in flavours and nutrients.

Crafted from calibre steel for higher limit durability along with excellent performance. This stovetop steamer is likewise free from BPA, PTFE and PFOA. This specific multi steamer involves one pan with two steam inserts.

The heat toughened glass cover offers several benefits for 'see through' food preparation. High-quality steel is employed for durability and magnificence. You will find a (friction-fused) steel base with an aluminium core for exceptional heat circulation.

The Features:


  • Core Heat Distribution
  • Toughened Glass Lid


  • No..

Variable level preparation of food saves on electrical power and assists in keeping vitamins and minerals. It maintains a natural taste, colour and structure. Oven secure to 180C, it is appropriate for all hobs, including induction. This 3 tier metal steamer is dishwasher safe, and Prestige provides a lifetime warranty.

Together with three stages inside your steamer pot, it is straightforward to cook a variety of components of a meal simultaneously on the hob.
You may cook a stew within the bottom. When it is practically ready, include the top division to prepare crisp fresh vegetables - and possibly a starter of steamed food items.

This Prestige stainless steel multi steamer is actually the best utensil for healthy and balanced cooking as it removes the need to fry or even boil your meal. It keeps the fresh vegetables' colour, taste, food consistency, and vitamins with its firm fighting glass cover.

Heavy-duty handles make lifting uncomplicated. This specific multi steamer is dishwasher protected and appropriate for use on nearly all hobs.

Stainless Steel 20 cm Multi Steamer

[Rating: 9/10]   £49 Get It → Prestige Steel 3 Layer Steel Steamer  

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: Tower 3 Tier Stainless Steel Food Steamer

Enhance your cooking area to a remarkably specialist standard using this essential three-tier steamer in a fashionable steel style. Steam fresh vegetables, meat and seafood to produce a complete multitude of scrumptious home-prepared dinners for your household.

The Tower T80836 Essentials 3 tier induction steamer pans have steel grips with a refined mirror surface finish. A reinforced glass cover with a vapour vent requires additional durability and protection. The base offers consistent heat circulation, appropriate for all hob types.

Dishwasher and oven secure up to 200 degrees Celsius. It arrives with a 12 months guarantee. You acquire an extended five-year warranty upon signing up. The base assures even heat movement, thus decreasing cooking time and preventing those awful hot spots.

The stackable food steamer reinforced glass covers supply a clear field of vision. At the same time, its riveted handles guarantee a simple manoeuvre for many users. Ideal for all hob varieties, it is dishwasher and oven secure for up to 200C. This specific steamer set is vital for your own kitchenware.

Strong Steel Food Steamer With Lid
Tower T80836 Essentials Induction Steamer Pans

Finished with a refined steel finish, you can guarantee this 3 tier steamer is the perfect strategy for all your cooking requirements. Quick cleaning, this specific steamer is dishwasher-safe, making it quick and straightforward to wash - and keep safe after usage.

Exquisite, successful and amply sized, this specific shiny food steamer for sale is perfect for getting ready veg, meat and seafood for one individual or the whole family. The reinforced glass cover is 4 times tougher than untreated glass, enhancing protection and overheating prevention.

It is simple to manage the steam discharge using integrated steam ports to guarantee perfect food preparation outcomes. The silicone-protected riveted hand grips make the steamer user friendly and transportable. The base helps ensure constant heat supply, lowering cooking times and steering clear of hot spots.

The Features:


  • Improved Heat Resistance
  • Built-In Steam Vents


  • Not here..

Dishwasher and oven secure, this specific functional sizeable stainless steel steamer pot set is completed with a polished finish. It is well suited for all hob sorts together with induction.

Designed for all kitchen cooktop heat power resources and induction, it is a fully secure dishwashing machine. This Tower T80836 Essentials 3 tier induction steamer pans are suitable for cooking various meats, poultry and fresh vegetables.

This stainless steel food steamer consists of a 20 cm stock pan bottom part and two profound steamer inserts. This 3-tier steamer incorporates a toughened glass cover with a steam vent out for all kinds of dinners, enabling a progressive release of vapour through food preparation.

T80836 Essentials Induction Steamer Pans

This excellent steel pot quantity is great for preparing diverse measures, since it includes two individual steam levels. Visit our steel stock pot page.

This grants a separate layer to be utilised, or perhaps a 2nd to be appended afterwards in the cookery procedure. A 20/10 steel 3 level food steamer using an encapsulated bottom and ventilated 'tempered glass' cover.
[Rating: 9/10]   £33 Get It → Tower Three Tier Steel Food Steamer  

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: Morphy Richards Equip 3 Tier Steamer Set

This 18 cm 3 tier steamer provides you with the most effective cooking outcomes simply by locking in the vitamins and flavour, making it ideal for seafood, meats, veg, and rice. It is possible to steam three diverse food types simultaneously for successful cooking.

A reinforced glass cover consists of steam vents that assist in managing the level of vapour productivity. The Morphy Richards Equip 18 cm 3 tier steamer benefits from a sleek high-grade lustrous steel physique, supplying reliable toughness.

The bases possess a Thermo-core system, a cutting-edge material that will ensure consistent heat circulation. This supplies a faster and much more productive food prep process. All handgrips include a 'phenolic' style, which makes them cool to the touch.

Together with polished steel, this set benefits from a superior quality structure to ensure your pans possess lasting strength and are appropriate for all hob varieties. The covers incorporate steam grills which help regulate steam productivity for more successful food preparation.

This 3 tier steamer-pan for induction hobs is easily obtainable in 1- to 2 stage permutations. This specific specialist cooking pan set is suitable for utilisation on induction, ceramic hob, electric, and fuel stoves.

Its oven protected satisfactory to 260 Celsius, dishwashing machine safe, and the aggregated merchandise item weight is only 3.1 Kg. The food steamer matches just about any 20 cm pot stacked. Therefore it is feasible to prepare with three food steamer inserts simultaneously.

3 Tier Stainless Steel Steamer On Black Hob
Morphy Richards Equip Steel Steamer

Sporting a professional class steel model, each stockpot is liberally measured. This includes a 0.8 mm measure physical structure and a 7 mm encapsulated bottom. All are designed for consistent high-temperature dispersal.

Designed to endure long term use, the three-tiered steamer body presents ultra-toughness, holding off repetitive use continuously. Riveted phenolic grips stay cool throughout usage, enabling easy portability from stove to sink - and allowing you to serve straight from the steamer.

Take the inconvenience from healthful consuming as this Equip 18 cm 3 tier steamer is terrific for seafood, meats and veg. Therefore, whether or not cooking up a nourishing Weekend dinner for the family to experience or just mixing up fish and veg, this specific 3 tier steamer wins hands down.

The Features:


  • Fantastic Construction
  • Styled Black Enamel


  • None..

Acceptable for almost all kitchens, the inner total capacity markings enable you to prepare with precision and perfection. The Morphy Richards Equip steamer glass cover incorporates an integrated steam vent for a moderate vapour discharge throughout your food preparation system.

Using an ample 18 cm total capacity, this kind of steamer makes it perfect when cooking for equally single and more significant households. This steamer is dishwasher safe, empowering an uncomplicated, clean following use.

This fashionable food and rice steamer pan set makes a sensible companion to your cooking area for all hob styles. A 4 mm (thermo-core) encapsulated bottom supplies uniform heat movement and fast cooking, helping you save precious time and energy within your food prep zone.

Tempered Equip Steel Steamer

[Rating: 9/10]   £35 Get It → Morphy Richards Equip Steel Steamer  

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: Royal Cuisine 3 Tier Steamer Pans In Steel

This impressive top quality multi food 3 tier steamer pan arrangement is created from using rolled bordering to forestall drips and additionally delivers with a glass cover.

The 3rd pan may be utilised on it's own as a cookery container. Appropriate for gas, electric powered and in addition ceramic type hobs, plus it's dish washing machine secure as well.

Calibre Steel 3 Tier Steamer Pans With Black Grips

The Features:


  • Hollow Hand Grips
  • Encapsulated Base


  • Never..

It is a steel food steamer with safety glass lid and eligible for virtually all hob kinds, plus dual sided carrying hand-grips. 3 components food steamer elevation around 24 cm. The third pot can be expended on it's own, every bit as a cooking style container.
[Rating: 9/10]   £34 Get It → Royal Cuisine 3 Tier Steamer Pans  

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: Prima Euro 3 Tier Steamer Glass Lid

A superior strong cooking area three tier food steamer pot bundle comprising 3 levels of 24 cm steaming containers using an induction 'encapsulated base' with steel physique.

There is a chromium steel hollow plastic hand grip as well as ventilated glass cover. For contributed ease of use, this variety of pots are dish-washing machine safe.

3 Tier Food Steamers In Stacked Position


  • Dishwasher Safe Set
  • Heavy Steamer Pots


  • Not at all

An impressive power competent cookware for wholesome non-fat household cookery. Approximate dimensions breadth 24 cm plus aggregated elevation incorporating cover around 35 cm. Dish washing machine safe and desirable for ceramic, electric, as well as induction.
[Rating: 8/10]   £22 Get It → Prima Euro 3 Tier Steamer with Glass Lid  

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: Judge JX03 Steel 3 Tier Steamer Set

Eat wholesome and cook expeditiously using this first-class steamer for cooking with three levels, a home appliance which provides equally luxury functioning and delighting looks.

Featuring a three tier cookery area, it's possible to prepare assorted meals in one move, rendering meal times unconditioned child's play.

Steamer For Cooking 3 Tier On Table

The Features:


  • 1 Year Full Guarantee
  • Polished Steel Body


  • None

This kitchen cookware steamer is implausibly adaptable enabling you to vapour seafood or veg. The encapsulated base guarantees regular high temperature dispersal.

The hardened glass cover including steaming vent-hole, metal base as well as top-grade steel frame-work make it appropriate for deployment on practically all hobs - which includes induction.
[Rating: 9/10]   £49 Get It → Judge JX03 Steel 3 Tier Steamer Set  

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: Stainless Steel Steamer Pan Sets For All Hobs

: Russell Hobbs 3 Tier Vegetable Steamer Steel

This 3 tier vegetable steamer is a conventional item for classical cookery that possesses an ergonomic configured, effortless to grasp cool 'Bakelite' hand grips for best comfort as well as safety.

All hand grips on this particular cookware are entirely projected to accommodate impeccably and it's appropriate for virtually all hobs, which includes induction merchandise.

3 Tier Vegetable Steamer See Through Cover

The Features:


  • Suitable For Induction Hob
  • Long 10 Years Guarantee


  • No..

High 'calibre steel cookware' with an encapsulated foundation for best high temperature conductivity and as a consequence dispersal. Long-wearing glass cover with steel flange. Ergonomic projected, leisurely to grasp handles plus 10 years full warranty.
[Rating: 9/10]   £36 Get It → Russell Hobbs 3 Tier Vegetable Steamer  

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These 3 tier stainless steel steamers are light, sturdy and appropriate for utilisation using all kitchen utensils. Hardened glass cover with steaming vent seals in flavour.

In addition to being able to contend with 3 dissimilar foods concurrently, each level may even be contributed at a separate phase for different preparing periods. The ventilated glass cover makes it simple to observe progress.