Stainless Steel Non Stick Stock Pots For Stews And Broth

Updated 03/02/2022:
Our best stainless steel stock pots are kitchen necessities, perfect for a diversity of recipes and your cookware armoury. They are large cooking pots, great for soups and stews cooked on any gas on glass hob for the family. Heat proof handles and ideal for every hob, just like our casserole pots.

What Is A Steel Stock Pot?
A steel stockpot is a big upright pan with high sides and dual grips for convenient raising. The pot will incorporate a cover and will also be appropriate for dense ingredients food preparation. A non-stick stockpot is utilised on the hob and in the oven with optimum stability, efficiency and sturdiness.

Polished Steel Stock Pots
3 Polished Steel Stock Pots

: Tower Steel Casserole Dish With Glass Lid

Oven secure to 200C, dishwasher beneficial and ideal for all hobs, this pot offers excellent quality steel with silicone handles and ample 6 Litres total capacity. You will find a sophisticated mirror finish exterior and interior with an encapsulated base for uniform heat movement.

The Tower casserole dish in stainless steel surface finish present a glass cover with a vapour vent for successful food preparation - and strong riveted grips with silicone covers. Accomplish high temperatures promptly and consistently for professional cooking outcomes.

Casserole Dish Steel Pot
Tower Casserole Dish Steel Pot

This is exquisite for stews, tasty soups, broths and then stocks that require to simmer over the hob for an extended time to reassign taste. Additionally, the stockpot is convenient to prepare pasta and boiling fresh vegetables.

Stable, prosperous and flexible, this casserole dish is constructed from solid steel with a classy finish. It features a glass cover, ideal for perfect food prep viewing. The riveted silicone protected handles increase control when touching - a durable, valuable and handy pot for any kitchen space.


  • Extremely Secure Hand Grips
  • Meals For The Larger Family


  • None here

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Solid Encapsulated Heavy Base
  • Five Years Guarantee Offered

Unique Selling Point:

  • Easy Clean By Hand Or Machine
  • Brilliant For Induction Cooking

Made for family food preparation and providing a 24 cm diameter and 6 Litres total capacity. This Tower casserole dish in stainless steel is designed to set up an assortment of diverse foods for one person, partners, or the entire family unit.

Specs: 24 cm | 26 x 28 x 17 cm | 1.36 Kg | 6L | Max 200 Celsius

Quick cleaning, this big dish is thoroughly dishwasher dependable, rendering it simple and easy to thoroughly clean after and before implementing.
The pot may be washed with a straightforward hand-wash. It is appropriate for all hob versions incorporating induction, and it is likewise thoroughly oven secure.

Steel Cooking Pot With Vented Glass Cover

£24   Tower Stainless Steel Casserole Cook Pot - Get It!  

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: Fissler PROFI Non-Stick Stock Pot Steel

This professional-grade stew pot is fantastic for planning soups, pasta, homegrown vegetables, or meaty meals. You will get an appealing cooking encounter with ideal heat diffusion and even circulation.
The 'Condensate Plus' capability on the cover enables water to return to the food and consistently moisten it to produce juicier food.

The Fissler Original-Profi cooking pot is excellent for cost-effective food preparation with a heavy, super tight metallic cover. The scales designed on the internal wall structure of the pan are practical for calculating amounts.

Due to a sizeable pouring rim, you may serve gravies and soups simply and precisely, all devoid of spilling or leaking. Fortuitously, the whole pot is straightforward to clean because of its quality steel structure.
With the encapsulated, very resilient base, the pot is warmed up promptly and consistently, conserving energy on all stoves in the process.

Big Steel Pot And Veg
Fissler PROFI Pot And Veg

This is a premium food preparation pot for starter chefs in the specialist cookery category. It is designed to cook fragrant and delicious meals - just believe you are a top-rated cook every day.

The cooking pot is exceedingly tough and also insensitive to scrapes and discolouration. It can be handled via convenient cold metallic grips with no oven mitts.

Produce extraordinary selections in the oven, after which quickly clean in the dishwasher. For committed inexperienced at-home cooks, the oven immune and secure dishwasher-safe pot are essential.
The curvy nature of the container's lid ensures condensed vapour trickles downward, setting up the food beautifully delicious and succulent.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Incredible Quality Stock Pot
  • Pot For Experts Or Newbies

Unique Selling Point:

  • German Construct You Can Trust
  • Comprehensively Oven Proof Pot

The Features:


  • A Well Crafted Pot
  • Optimal Heat Retention


  • None..

Proudly German-made, the bundle consists of one cooker with a 16 cm diameter. It is a cooker for all food preparation stoves, incorporating induction too. The short stay cool grips don't warm up when the container is used upon the stove; therefore, you don't require hand protection to grasp.

The imaginative Fissler Original-Profi collection cooking pot condensate plus efficiency functions due to the down alignment in the centre of the cover. This permits condensed steam to drop back in the pot to keep all ingredients delicious.

Specs: 16 cm Dia | 1.5 L | 26 x 18 x 15 cm | 1.4 Kg | 18/10 Steel

To productively cook with steel, it is recommended to adhere to only a few measures. Heat the container initially devoid of oil. After that, add it when the pan is sizzling hot. Decrease the heat by fifty percent, then put the food inside the pot - then brown just before flipping over.

Non-Stick Stock Pot With 2 Steel Grips

£149   Fissler PROFI Non-Stick Stock Pot - Get It!  

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: Why Cook Using Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is a functional and efficient metal to cook with since it is immune to rust and bending, especially non-reactive. You can use a steel casserole pot with metallic eating utensils as opposed to aluminium, or even copper mineral cookware. The steel pots offer consistent heat circulation and inhibit hot spots.

: Go For Cheap Or Higher End Pot?

A high-quality deep stockpot is undoubtedly an investment decision which will alter the approach you prepare food. Before you experiment with a unique stockpot, you can effortlessly get a more inexpensive alternative devoid of recognising disappointment. A fantastic stockpot will cook the food successfully every time.

: Small Or Family Size Stock Pot?

Catering stock pots can be found in all amount of capacities varying to several Litres. Should you usually cook one chunk at any given time for just oneself, you might want to keep your cash and buy a compact design. Intended for large households, save time when you purchase a more substantial pot.

: Will The Stock Pot Work For My Hob?

Steel cooking equipment is acceptable for just about any hob and finished in an appealing refined appearance. It may battle with unequal food preparation; however, the very best stainless steel cookware pots and pans incorporate a fused bottom which guarantees consistent heat exchange without issues.

: Steel Cookware And High-Temperature

Even though not reactive to acidic food items and immune to bending, steel cookware requires a bit of support with regards to very high-temperature conductivity. A comprehensively flexible and sturdy material, the steel stockpot is suitable for conducting heat and can radiate smoothly on most hobs.

: Eono Amazon Stainless Steel Dutch Oven Pot

This gleaming steel pot cooking exterior with star texture provides unprecedented 'stick' immunity and simple upkeep by an outstanding cooking surface area. The pot refuses to respond with food, will not discolour or change flavours - it keeps its excellent initial finish with fast washing.

A tight glass cover fits snugly to seal in moisture content and food's all-natural juices. It locks in flavour, consistency and vitamins and nutrients.

The Eono Amazon steel Dutch oven clear reinforced glass cover lets you observe while it's preparing food. You may finish the protected dishes inside the oven or perhaps keep them warm right up until you are ready to serve to your family.

Steel Dutch Oven With Grips
Eono Steel Dutch Oven With 2 Grips

The good news is that there is a measuring level within the pot to cook accurately. The edge is efficiently tapered to remove trickles and spills when preparing. The steel grips are ergonomically crafted and enduringly weld established, delivering you a safe and pleasant grasp.

The durable warp liberated durability, dense 3-ply impact fused bottom design includes resilient steel along with a sturdy structure. The encapsulated aluminium alloy core delivers high-speed, consistent heat throughout - and all hot spots are eradicated.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Heavy Duty Tough Dutch Oven
  • Refined Steel Exterior Surface

Unique Selling Point:

  • Ideal For Chicken Or Broth
  • Oven-Safe And Easy To Clean

The Features:


  • Locks In All Nutrients
  • Ideal For All Cooktops


  • None at all

Stable on pretty much all cooktops and simply perfect for all cooktops, plus it is induction agreeable. Risk-free for the stove, oven, broiler, and dishwasher is an ideal choice for everyday cooking and trouble-free washing. Hand cleaning is also straightforward, plus a lifelong guarantee.

A 3-layer metal structure incorporates a heavy-duty aluminium core that directs heat uniformly. It enables you to prepare perfectly with the Eono Amazon steel Dutch oven routinely and confidently.

Specs: 24 x 19 x 15 cm | 1.1 Kg | 2 L | Oven-Safe | Warp-Free

This cooking equipment offers accurate cooking efficiency with a sophisticated, classic appearance that will encourage virtually any cook. Uncover your cooking guru and encounter unique kitchenware that's long-lasting. This merchandise is supported by a whole lifetime of assistance.

Catering Stock Pot With Polished Exterior

£49   Eono Steel Dutch Oven Stock Pot - Get It!  

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: Schulte UFER Huge 5.5L I Romana Meat Pot

This 24 cm 5.5 Litres substantial sized container is the conventional style that has been about for a long time. Essentially, after all that period, it relishes a vast and developing recognition. Its fashionable basic design is typically not the sole basis for this accomplishment.

The Schulte-Ufer I Romana meat pot offers a copper base and various functional components like the frame cover with numerous strengths. For efficiency and style, the top-quality shape cover and flawlessly fitting lid enable low water food preparation.

The portable cover holder supplies speedy condensation impact inside the container. Remarkable and exceptional, it is persuasive with a functional storage solution as it can be hung from its grip. This keeps the work surface area free from moisture build-up. It is likewise stackable just to save space.

The bottom of the kitchenware is essential for the excellent preparation of food. The pot features a top-quality all-stove copper foundation - just the best thermal conductivity and heat managing traits.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Measure Markers On Inner Pot
  • Fast Consistent Heat Dispersal

Unique Selling Point:

  • Fast Condensation Impact
  • Smart Thermal Conduction

Heavy-Duty Non Stick Stock Pot With Steel Grips

The Features:


  • Heavy-Duty Pot Design
  • Rust-Proof Steel 18/10


  • No cons here..

Using a Protherm all-stove copper bottom, food prepares quickly, and you preserve electricity. It gets hot promptly, disperses high temperature consistently and replies to any enhancements made on heat.
This base will make it feasible to prepare at 'minimum power' environment, which is mild on the food's vitamin content loss.

Due to its bottom deviation, the Protherm copper for just about any stovetop usually sits appropriately on the preparing surface. This renders it especially appropriate for use on induction and then ceramic food preparation types. They have specifically high requirements on the pot base.

Schulte UFER Romana Meat Pot
Schulte UFER Romana Meat Pot

For space reduction and nominal position in the cabinet, this container does away with this issue since all the containers may be piled - whether or not you have similar or diverse diameters. This merchandise suits induction, making use of the energy economising copper bottom.

Specs: 31 x 32 x 18 cm | 5.5L | 24 cm | 2.55 Kg | 18/10 Steel

This is a superior quality steel 18/10 heavy-duty style with heat protecting profile grips made of metal. The Schulte-Ufer 24 cm I Romana pot frame cover is constructed of rugged steel. The conveniently filled cover rack offers immediate condensation consequences inside the pot.

Using a functional interior scale measuring application, you will appreciate safe pouring throughout with the stabilising flowing rim. It is dishwasher-safe and then suited to all regular stove versions like induction and ceramic components.

[Rating: 9/10]   £68 Get It → Schulte UFER I Romana Meat Pot 24cm  

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: MasterClass Induction 11L Steel Stock Pot

Constructed using the highest calibre mirror refined steel, this excellent induction secure steel large stock pot is a long-wearing flexible cooking area must-have. It is appropriate for deployment on practically all stove-tops, which includes induction, all solid fuels, as well as 'AGA or Rayburn' kitchen range.

This MasterClass induction safe stainless steel stock pot is 26 cm or 10 inches broad and possesses an extremely dense concept, rendering it just right for preparing stews, broth, casseroles. As a matter of fact, using it's 11 Litres total capacity, it can additionally accommodate a poultry or big roast.

Coming with a top-quality steel cover, the stockpot has rolled sides. Hence, the body matches flawlessly, and it will not 'lift up' when the ingredients of the container are cooking. The stable side grips are excellent when transporting or raising the pot. You may take/carry the pot pleasantly, even if partially filled.


  • Durable Side Grip Handles
  • Great For Weekend Dinners


  • None

11 Litres Large Steel Stock Pot With Curved Lid

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Family Size Steel Induction Pot
  • 25-Years Warranty Reassurance

Unique Selling Point:

  • Genuine Kitchen Counter Essential
  • The Deep Sided Pot For Casseroles

This induction secure stainless steel stock pot includes a long-lasting encapsulated bottom with an encapsulated base for excellent food preparation. The base conducts high temperature consistently and proficiently. Without hot spots on the container, food cooks systematically and a bit quicker too.

Steel Pot With Carrots And Courgettes
MasterClass Pot Carrots And Courgettes

The conventional construction looks perfect and extends a tried tested practicality that's dish washing machine secure - dimensions tolerating. A highly popular stock pot that possesses a solid encapsulated bottom which conducts high temperature consistently and expeditiously without any hotspots upon the container.

Specs: 11L | Induction-Safe | 29 x 35 x 27 cm | 2 Kg | Extra-Deep

Incorporated inside this MasterClass induction safe steel stock pot bundle is a top quality steel cover, however the stockpot features rolled borders so the cover accommodates impeccably, and it will not rise whenever the contents of the container are simmering. A few dimensions are accessible in this pot range.
[Rating: 9/10]   £44 Get It → MasterClass Induction-Safe Large Stock Pot  

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: WMF Stainless Steel Premium Pot All Stoves

An impressive stainless steel cooking pot that appraises 20.5 cm in height and accommodates a big potential of 8.8 Litres. Simply not just attracting at first sight, it's of the highest calibre refined (18/10) steel.

It easily forestalls the transportation of high temperature from the physique of the container to the hand grip. This assures the grips continue cool to contact through the cookery procedure.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Quality Cromargan Brushed Steel
  • TransTherm Best Heat Distribution

Unique Selling Point:

  • Power Conserving Aluminium Core
  • Tough Tempered Glass Covers/Lids

Cromargan Stainless Steel Cooking Pot With Round Lid

The Features:


  • Cool+ Grip Technologies
  • Cromargan Steel 18/10


  • None whatsoever here

Steel Stock Pot Premium Quality
WMF Stock Pot 24 cm Premium

Complete with interior grading to guarantee correct calibration, and a durable pot containing an award gaining construction prize.

Specs: 8.8L | 33 x 29 x 20 cm | 2.5Kg | Steel 18/10 | 24cm | TransTherm

The metal base supplies a fascinating direct contrast to the brilliantly coloured silicone bands about the hand-grips. Dish washing machine safe and eligible for virtually all heating system resources and induction.
[Rating: 8/10]   £133 Get It → WMF Stainless Steel Premium Cooking Pot  

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: Master Class 8.5 Litre Steel Stock Pot

Fabricated utilising the highest calibre, this stainless steel stock pot is a hard-wearing and flexible kitchen must-have. It's appropriate for deployment on practically all kitchen stove tops, and induction.

It boasts an additional deep style, rendering it just right for preparing stews, broth and a great deal more using it's 8.5 Litres total capacity.


  • Hand And Dishwasher Safe Pot
  • Beautiful Mirror Polished Steel


  • No

Encapsulated Stainless Steel Stock Pots In A Row

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • 5.5 L, 7 L, 11 L or 14 L Pots Too
  • Conventional Design Looks Superb

Unique Selling Point:

  • Use The Pot On All Stove Tops
  • Simply Hot Spots Within The Pan

Steel 5 To 8.5 Litres Stew Pots
Master Class 5 To 8.5 Litres Pots

This particular stock pot includes a solid encapsulated bottom which conducts heat energy consistently and expeditiously without any hot spots on the container.

Specs: 8.5L | 24 cm | 26.5 x 24 x 24 cm | 1.75 Kg | Polished Silver

Your meal cooks regularly as well as a little more rapidly. The solid aspect grips are impressive whenever carrying, or perhaps elevating the stock container. They are genuinely solid, so it's possible to transport the pot easily from stove to table etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £39 Get It → Master Class 8.5 L Steel Stock Pot  

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: Imperative Catering Steel Stock Pot Components

An aluminium core for excellent conduction redirects heat throughout the bottom plus sides of the induction hob stockpot for quicker food prep. Anodised cooking equipment has gone through a process to improve all-natural oxide levels on the components, rendering it non-porous and somewhat non-reactive.

: Conduction For Heat Uniformity

The anodised approach helps make the cookware more durable and less vulnerable to rust, in addition to supplying anti-stick qualities which are a good thing throughout cooking and washing. Several good large stock pots are generally coupled with a very conductive aluminium like some roasting pans etc.

: Non-Stick Layer Easier To Clean

In case you typically make use of your non-stick stockpot to boil, you will probably demand a surface area which heats up rapidly and thoroughly. Examine buying a 3 ply steel or lightweight aluminium core components. If you like to create meals in the pot - then a non-stick covering, or one that is simpler to cleanse.

: Copper And Aluminium Conductivity

The stainless steel more significant cooking pot variations with aluminium are generally less expensive than the copper mineral, yet copper provides far better heat conductivity. Presently there several laminated types accessible, using the aluminium core creating the edges plus the lower pan areas.

This signifies even heat circulation throughout the stainless steel stockpot, thus decreasing food preparation periods. Cooking food with stainless steel needs very little oil or extra fat included within the pan and most are induction hob suitable for most requirements.

Large Steel Stock Pots With Super Heat Dispersal

: Stellar Oven Proof Steel Stockpot

This particular 'classical Domus' configured oven-proof steel stockpot is fused with unmatched calibre and the dense base guarantees consistent high temperature dispersal on practically all kitchen hobs.

Created with mirror refined superior 18/10 steel, (Greblon) safeguard, plus the Stellar steel stockpot is dish washer and oven secure.


  • Induction And Oven Safe Steel Pot
  • Stunning Mirror Polished Steel


  • Not here..

Stylish Domus Steel Stock Pot In Curved Shape

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Ideal For Gas And Ceramic Hobs
  • Hot Forged Base For Uniform Heat

Unique Selling Point:

  • Conventional Round Domus Shape
  • Pot Is Oven Safe Up To 210 C

Specs: 20cm | 4.15 L | 42 x 26 x 17.5 cm | 1.88 Kg | Oven Safe 210C

The Stellar stockpot comes with a life warranty including a 10 years non-stick undertaking. It blends the highly appealing Domus construction with first-class steel that has been impeccably mirror refined. Formulated base guarantees consistent heating as well as reduced power usage.
[Rating: 9/10]   £48 Get It → Stellar Domus Steel Stock Pot  

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: Lacor Stainless Steel Cookware Stock Pot

The stainless steel cookware stock pot structure is established from 18/10 untarnished exterior with first-class immunity to rust, food item acid as well as common salt.

This Lacor steel cookware stock pot is also strengthened through an extremely dense border that enables leisurely pouring out. The underside is of dual density including satin finishing on equally the interior and exterior, and it also possesses a mirror dressed edge.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Very Stable And Easy To Clean
  • Excellent For Large Families

Unique Selling Point:

  • Efficient Heat Distribution
  • Very Durable Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Cookware Stock Pot With Metal Cover

The Features:


  • Induction Hobs Safe
  • Thermo Radiant Steel


  • Not Cheap

Lacor Steel Cookware Stock Pot
Lacor Steel Cookware Stock Pot

Specs: 50 L | 10 x 40 x 32 cm | 5 Kg | Hygiene 18/10 Steel

The Lacor steel stock pot hand-grips and knobs are constructed of welded metal pipe - plus they are very close-fitting, heat proof and ergonomic.

Containing a thermo radiant under surface, it's appropriate for gas, electric power along with induction styled kitchen hobs. The angular bottom and grips render the container effortless to cleanse.
[Rating: 9/10]   £161 Get It → Lacor Steel Cookware Stock Pot  

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: BergHoff Thermo Large Auriga Stock Pot

A fashionably large stock pot that proposes no end of characteristics, so you are able to cook to flawlessness in your kitchen.

A superior 6 coating base provides accelerated, electricity economising cookery, while the easily removed thermo control on the BergHoff stock pot cover enables you to effortlessly keep a wary eye on the high temperature progress.


  • Innovative 6 Layered Base
  • Energy Saving Food Prep


  • None

Big 6.8L Orion Large Stock Pot With Curved Grips

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Perfect For Induction Hobs
  • Satin Steel Looks Terrific

Unique Selling Point:

  • Safety Stay Cool Hand Grips
  • Unique Auriga Layer Stockpot

Specs: 18/10 Satin Steel | 24cm | 5.4L | 29 x 26 x 23cm | 2.7Kg

The characteristic hand-grips extend a secure as well as dependable clench, plus a functional pouring out edge enables you to drain off fluids with simplicity - making the BergHoff stock pot a comprehensive success in the cooking area. Stock pot size 24 cm with 6.8 Litres capacity is OK for every heat resource.
[Rating: 8/10]   £50 Get It → BergHoff Large Auriga Stock Pot  

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High calibre stainless-steel stockpots which position tidily on any kitchen hob - an impressive match for the majority of household ovens.

They're entirely dish washing machine safe, so it's possible to enjoy effortless cooking succeeded by simple cleanup. Using reinforced side hand grips and leisurely pour out style, it's easy for you to prepare meals with simply no fuss or chaos.