Best Electric Wood Splitting Machines For Sale In UK

Updated 01/02/2022:
We now recognise the electric log splitter is considered the most popular kind of firewood prep tool you can purchase, sufficient for the majority of scenarios. Pretty much, these equipment run on similar petrol units, but the primary differentiation is that an electrical electric motor is utilised to force the hydraulics.

Electrical powered products are less cumbersome and manageable due to their modest spec. It is easy to arrange the appliance at floor level, rest or a counter. These excellent machines likewise necessitate less routine service and they are easy to carry from the garden tool shed etc.

Log splitters are the most appropriate system, although they are available in a considerable amount of various proportions - and also have a multitude of specs to reflect. To assist you to go through all the alternatives, here are the essential product features and aspects to reflect on whenever purchasing.

: Why Electric Power And Not Petrol?

Electric power or petrol frequently drive powerful log splitters with every supply of power supporting benefits and drawbacks. It is tricky to prevail over the convenience of electric power - connect it in, and you are ready to go - devoid of the fatigue of a small chainsaw or petrol engine unit, therefore you can split logs easily.

: Titan 1500 Watts Electric Log Splitter

The Features:

Splitting Machine In Black On Grass

£400   Titan Electric Log Splitting Machines - Get It!  

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: Sealey Horizontal Electric Wood Splitter

The Features:


  • Push Option And Lever
  • Easy Way To Split Logs


  • None..

Electric Wood Splitter With 2 Black Wheels

£284   Sealey 4 Tonne Electric Wood Splitter - Get It!  

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: HENSITA Compact Electric Log Splitter

This unique HENSITA electric powered log splitting machine helps you to make stove burning logs any time of the season. It comes with secure two-handed procedure and service free metal construct.

Useful and stress saving, it is going to switch a tedious and risky job into a speedy, peaceful, simple and easy automated activity splitting several logs every hour.

Compact Log Splitter In Black And Yellow

£330   HENSITA Hydraulic Electric Log Splitter - Get It!  

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: Firewood Cutting Is Now Straightforward

The primary benefit of employing a powerful, compact electric powered log splitter is that you can directly implement the equipment inside your home, outside or perhaps pretty much everywhere so long as you can locate a regular wall socket.

Establishing your firewood for energy/heat or garden fire pit is a gratifying process, notably if the timber is originating from trees in your property, nevertheless cutting the logs manually might be challenging and monotonous.

On the plus side, you will find equipment that can work for you accelerating the procedure and helping you with considerably more wood by way of much less exertion.

Various electric power log splitters are not nearly as resilient as types run by petrol engines, and therefore for significant, difficult wood logs that are challenging to cut up, a robust petrol splitter may be the approach to take. While they are bulkier and challenging to relocate, they do need the upkeep of any modest engine motor.

: Indoors And Outdoor Compact Log Splitters

Petrol log splitters keep their power and do not need to be utilised close to an electric wall socket. If you have a good log stack on the fringe of your house clear of your structure, you may bring your log splitter toward the heap as opposed to the different way.

Various petrol log splitters are sometimes created to be towed by means of automobiles, a benefit if you wish to transfer throughout the area regularly.

The splitter machines are available in some dimensions and strong points, but costs differ depending on these elements, therefore understanding how much electric power you require will allow you to cut costs. Should you be seeking to break-up just a few modest logs to supply outdoors cooking or perhaps tenting fire, a smaller electric powered log splitter is an excellent choice.

Should you be heating your house with timber and wish to create various separate wood piles for the long winter months, purchasing a more significant, quicker plus much more potent splitting machine can assist the task to be less of a challenge. See our log effect electric fires if you don't want the hassle of cutting.

: Mitox Horizontal Vertical Log Splitter

The Features:


  • Quick Split Action
  • Fast And Effective


  • None..

White And Red Electric Log Splitter

£319   Mitox Horizontal Vertical Log Splitters - Get It!  

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: Scheppach Electric Horizontal Wood Splitter

The Scheppach electric powered horizontal log splitting machines will complete the demand for vertical/horizontal log splitters where more significant split ability is necessary. High power 6.5 Ton splitting vitality, these ultra powerful splitters certainly are a pleasure to implement - stand or may use a workbench.

Electric Log Splitter In Blue On Lawn

£394   Scheppach 7ft Electric Log Splitter - Get It!  

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: SIP 7 Ton Vertical Log Cutter Electric

The Features:


  • Splitter Large Wheels
  • Home Power Supply


  • None

Vertical Log Cutter In All Black

£570   SIP Vertical Log Cutter - Get It!  

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: 7 Ton Log Splitter For Smaller Sized Wood

The effectiveness of log splitters is assessed in tons, yet modest electric powered units may generate from 5 up to 7 or 9 tons of pressure, although more substantial electric and then petrol splitters tend to be more potent to 20 tons - or maybe more power with lots of them producing in excess of 35 or 36 tons.

The kind of logs that you will be breaking is the essential concern whenever searching out the strength of your splitting machine. Certain trees such as pines possess soft timber that cracks incredibly easily; perishable trees and perhaps others possess much more difficult wood that needs more vitality to break.

The size of the wood logs is additionally significant as the more substantial the log, the more difficult it is to break up. You may find that a piece of equipment in a position to split a log using a 6-inch log dimension machine is probably not in a place to divide a log that is 15 inches solid.

: Electric Power Or Combustible Fuel?

The cycle period of a log splitter machine processes the time it requires for the equipment to break up a log and get back in placement to separate an additional. Concerning the version, this time can differ from about 12 to twenty-five seconds, therefore if you are intending to split many logs, choosing a splitter machine with a 'short cycle' instance will save you time and effort eventually.

Petrol-based and diesel-powered log splitters are often more noisy and dirty as opposed to electric power designs.

If you are cracking substantial logs, even so, you will likely need to make use of a splitter version which can be managed top to bottom. Using an up/down ram, any log remains on the floor; you stand upward on the base plate and cut through.

In addition to their ability to split wood with different examples of solidity, splitters are designed to cope with a particular selection of log dimensions and weights. Ensure that the splitting machine which you have chosen is designed for the log shape and sizes to fit inside any contemporary log burner stove.

: The High-Pressure Hydraulic Log Splitter

12 up to 15-ton log splitters employ a hydraulic pump system to push logs correctly into a wedge, cutting them by using pressure instead of by utilising impact and velocity - extremely high pressures place substantial expectations on all elements in the hydraulic model.

: FM Compact Light Heavy Duty Log Splitter

The Features:

Electric Hydraulic Splitter In Red With 2 Wheels

£354   Forest Master Electric Log Splitter - Get It!  

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: Electric Benefits And Drawbacks

Each one of these power selections unveils both benefits and drawbacks. The most well-known dilemma of any log splitting machine may be the expense. Because there is not any electric power supply close, you can buy a petrol unit incredibly inexpensively.

These designs may be hard to work with and will frequently call for staying power. It is in no way the sort of gear you need for splitting multiple logs in a short time.

: Powerful Machines Up To 35 Tonnes

Most hydraulic log splitters make use of a pump system complete with oil or even water vapour, pressing the tool throughout the log - it works as an electrically powered splitter, but you will have to pay more for this form of performance, and you realise that a hydraulic splitting machine blends with pressure of 10 up to 35 tonnes.

In case you have a hydraulic splitting unit, petrol or electric power will eventually drive it. Preferences here are likely to be dependant on many aspects like noise.

An electrical log splitter is unquestionably more tranquil when compared to a petrol-based log splitting unit - and therefore will be more functional should you be working someplace, for example in the garden, but you should also reflect upon power.

: Clarke Vertical Log Splitter 6 Ton Force

The Features:


  • Electric Motor 3000W
  • Split Logs 300mm


  • None..

Vertical Log Splitter With Red Exterior

£369   Clarke Vertical Log Splitter - Get It!  

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: The Structure Of Your Wood Splitting Tool

Seasoned wood is aged plus much more developed. As a result, it can be considerably more fragile and is a more natural way to cut wood. Moisture content in the wood evaporates and then will discover you can cut through it, despite using a hand-operated splitting machine rather quickly. This action is specifically accurate for firewood which may have already left for a couple of months.

You will discover two wood splitter models you need to know about when choosing the right tool intended for your projects. Side to side splitters is much more prevalent compared to the straight assortment.

Using a horizontal splitting machine, the log is placed on the top of the device, and after that pressed with a wedge to cut throughout.

As a result of design and style, you may have difficulty obtaining bigger logs on this kind of machine. In the type of bulkier log, there is a vertical splitting machine which can be utilised by pivoting your machine and then moving the wood directly with merely no weighty lifting necessary.

The horizontal splitting machine can be helpful for smaller sized logs, and nevertheless for the larger types, you are going to have to look at a vertical system. These kinds are principally designed for commercial requirements mainly, but you can also reflect on acquiring a dual action log splitter.

: FM5 Compact Electric Log Splitter 2200 Watts

The Features:


  • Includes Bench And Cage
  • For Wood Burning Logs


  • None..

Compact Log Splitter In Red And Black

£288   FM5 Compact Electric Log Splitter - Get It!  

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: What Kind Of Firewood Log Cutter Machine?

A tractor installed log splitting machine is perfect if you are chopping logs in the woods as is a towable splitter unit. The advantages of a tractor machine are it will probably be exquisite for gardening or a considerable property environment, especially for tree growers as it is attached and may be taken straight to the wood heap.

: Electric Log Splitting Machines Soft/Hard Fire Wood

Considerably more powerful equipment is ideal for cracking logs with bigger sizes. Precisely, you will realise that vertical splitters supply the smartest choice here. Decide which kind of splitter you require by its electric power standard. For example, any four-tonne splitting machine will very easily cut logs that are only 7 inches in dimension, ideal for chiminea heat on those chilly evenings in the garden etc.

: Log Weight-Related Power Capability

You should also try to review the log weight, which may be misleading as a slender log might not consistently finish, but will depend on the kind of wood that you're slicing. Handle plenty of weighty logs and then split all of them with ultimate convenience - which means you do not need to needlessly 'over apply' yourself.

Messy oil leaks indeed are a well-known issue in several splitter types, frequently triggering permanent problems for the electric motor. Ensure that you select a make which includes heavy working, but a particular level of quality oil filtering method that will reduce the regularity of necessary service.

In the event you're going to be splitting a good deal of wood, opt for a version with short-term split action. Reflect on employing an extra wedge to create moderately sized parts with each pass rather than needing to split every log a few more times.

Any 7-tonne electric powered log splitter makes sure that it is transferred quickly. High-quality splitter tools attribute 'wheels and grips' suitable to the sort of work they may be intended. Log splitters are secure equipment if utilised appropriately.

: Safety With Eye And Hand Protection

You must only obtain splitters that provide good industry-standard dual redundancy, meaning that both hands need to be maintained away from wedge to ensure the ram can manoeuvre. Steer clear of wearing virtually any loose clothes or freely suspending materials whenever using a splitting machine.

You have got a few selections when choosing which power you prefer for a log splitter that may be hand-operated, hydraulic, petrol-based or electric powered, but do make use of eye protection and mitts to safeguard yourself from incidents.

If an electrically powered unit is your primary choice, do not lose belief that you can split solid hardwood inside and outside the storage building. You will find electrical splitters that provide you with petrol and diesel engine products - plus they are a whole lot quieter when compared to combustible motors, empowering you to function inside devoid of awakening other folks.

: Horizontal Or Vertical Log Splitter Variants

Taking into account that wood is significantly denser and for that reason heavy when compared to ply, in case you will be cutting logs which can be relatively simple to lift up, you can utilise a horizontal log splitting machine. This strategy can be an excellent solution if you will be focusing on a slope where logs never stay vertical for vertical tools.

These current log splitting machines available are driven by hydraulics, electric power and petrol-based fuel, extremely helpful for splitting firewood from very soft or hardwood logs for fires and stoves.

Along with cutting down the working hours of hands-on jobs, log splitters work exceptionally well in-house and industrial environments to generate swift and effective outcomes whatever the scale your task.

These splitters are dependable, accredited security authorised and can execute to a higher level whatever the circumstances you are employed in - intended for 'extended and short' durations.

Bigger and more efficient electric log splitters may have a considerably bigger maximum rating assessed in tonnes, as we have referenced several times, but for much more extensive, heavier logs, you will need a splitting machine in a position to somewhere up to 32 tonnes.