Small Sized Kitchen Chopper Food Processors Rated

Updated 11/02/2022:
The easy tactic to chop food items with our best mini food choppers reinforced with a powerful electric motor, they're the fast and painless solution for cutting fruit, veg and other ingredients. Small sized and easy to operate on the counter with ample capacity, it's possible to make big helpings for all.

What's A Mini Food Chopper Used For?
Multi-purpose electric food choppers are often used to consistently cut or chop fruit and vegetables, nuts, cheese, meat and baby food quickly. You may produce pastes and infant food using an extra few pulses. These compact food choppers come with hardened steel blades and robust motor speed.

Mini Blender With Pesto And Herbs
Mini Blender With Pesto And Herbs

: Kenwood Handheld Mini Food Chopper 800W

This neat small hand food blender assists to put together veg, soups, dips, gravies and potatoes, among various other delightful recipes. Using a high-performance 800 Watts motor, the metallic blade foot consists of 3 'perfected angle' cutting blades and ribs.

Constructed with this high executing Kenwood hand blender, the broth accessory comes with a large foot that will mix soups immediately in the container. It truly is more effective than ever and capable of managing much bulkier loads for your preferred dishes.

The SureGrip smooth aspects likewise add increased soft comfort whenever cooking food or cooking ingredients that are a tad bit more obstinate. In addition, this hand mixer is quicker, more powerful and in many cases, more reliable in its results than most.


  • Feels Just Right In Your Hand
  • Super Price From Reliable Brand


  • None here..

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Mix Up, Mash Up And Slice
  • Create The Best Mash Ever

Unique Selling Point:

  • A Great Inspiration For Meals
  • Small But Extremely Powerful

An exclusive TriBlade strategy is a genuinely impressive style that blends with the components to offer unmatched functionality. For example, the angled rotor blades mix more of the food quicker, constructed ribs decrease suction - and the exclusive foot prevents spattering.

Specs: 240V | 1.57 Kg | 7.3 x 42 x 7 cm | 800 W | 0.75 Litres

A better electric motor makes the food blender more productive than ever and can cope with much thicker masses. Even the most challenging foods, including fruit and root veg. The Kenwood hand blender offers stable speed regulations for comprehensive power over the mix.

Just slip the easy to implement dial from minimal to optimum speed and mix the food to the ideal uniformity each time without errors. Alterations to the grip model help make the blender more comfortable to work with slippery fingers.

Mini Food Chopper In Grey

£65   Kenwood Handheld Mini Food Chopper - Get It!  

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: KitchenAid Electric Mini Chopper With Pulse

An excellent compact food chopper that has been made to be equally helpful and flexible. It is the ideal proportions to be held on the worktop for all regular duties. This chopper can cut raw veg, fruit and even nuts. It includes essential one-touch functions, a steel cutting tool and an 830 ml dish.

You will soon puree prepared ingredients for salsa, mince garlic cloves and natural herbs as a platform for several dishes. The KitchenAid food chopper is user friendly to choose two rates of speed - slice or puree - and then press the option on the cover for electric On/Off.

In contrast to various other choppers, this excellent electric motor makes it more efficient. In addition, the razor-sharp cutting blades lead to tremendous overall performance for cutting, dicing and mixing.


  • An Established Kitchen Device
  • Extremely Easy To Use Buttons


  • None..

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Cut Your Veg To Perfect Sizes
  • Pulse Feature For Coarse/Fine

Unique Selling Point:

  • Cable Tidy Is In-Built
  • Choose From 2 Mix Speeds

You will find a pulse efficiency, too, intended for coarse or perhaps finer outcomes. A drizzle container inside the cover enables liquid ingredients, including oil, to be applied steadily without stopping the equipment. The light BPA-free dish includes a ready spout and grip - and accommodates the Kitchenaid chopper steel sharp edge.

Specs: 830ml Bowl | H22 x W17 x D14 cm | 2 Years Guarantee

The cutting application locks on the dish so you can securely pour the contents devoid of concern with the blade falling. The bowl and cutter are dishwasher secure, as is the cover. While not being used, the edge may be kept in the bowl, whilst the wire wraps perfectly surrounding the bottom part.

Electric Mini Chopper With White Exterior

£67   KitchenAid Electric Mini Chopper - Get It!  

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: Geepas Small Food Processor 2 Years Guarantee

Swift, successful and flexible, this specific mini chopper permits you to blend, mince, cut and puree compounds at the contact of a press button. It is ideal for meats, fruits, veg, foods for infants, nuts and more. The motor unit permits you to cut and mixing various ingredients promptly.

Using the Geepas mini food processor could not be easier; simply place your ingredients inside the dish with the cutting blade, cover with the lid and use the power. Then, give the 'red press button' a brief, distinct burst to pulse, or perhaps hold it downward for a longer time for a full blitz.

Press 1 of 2 switches for the velocity you require; the reduced setting is ideal for dicing and cutting. The quicker mode is suitable for blending and mixing. Modify this chopper's cutting tool rates for a perfect consistency every time for milling, juicing or cutting.


  • Great For Pesto And Salsa
  • Do It All With One-Touch


  • None at all here

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Ample Transparent Container
  • Wash By Hand Or Dishwasher

Unique Selling Point:

  • Turbo Settings For Hard Veg
  • Acquire The Best Consistency

The razor-sharp bi-level cutting blades are constructed to withstand scrapes, jolts, decay and blemishes. Built with an anti-slip rubber pad, you can clean the bowls very quickly in the dishwasher or perhaps clean them personally by hand. Also, it gives you a reliable, very safe efficiency.

These chopping blades can easily cut onions, chop salad leaves, shred and blend iced fruit. A large and clear container will help you to make a complete portion and influence the level of cutting. In addition, the Geepas mini food processor non-skid coaster provides increased balance whenever cutting.

Specs: 18 x 25 cm | 1.98Kg | 400 Watts | 1.2L | 2 Speeds

A thermal safeguard procedure helps prevent the electric motor from reaching extreme temperatures. As a result, you can return the equipment within two years for a failure or breakdown of virtually any parts. It can help to prevent considerable expenditures and not waste your time.

Small Food Processor With See-Through Bowl

£26   Geepas Small Food Processor - Get It!  

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: Homeasy Mini Chopper And Blender 300 W

This small mini-sized chopper is outfitted with a four-part cutting edge, and the food is cut through the pressure of lightning fast-rotating. The material fibre is kept for the most significant magnitude.

Unlike classic compressing meat mills, the cutting blades of this electric powered Homeasy mini food processor grinder will never create hot temperature problems for the meats. This is especially vital during the procedure, so it will never impact the flavour.

Regardless of in a solitary, a few, or perhaps in a core group, the steel pot can fulfil all daily demands. The Voltage ensures the best taste of the ingredients each and every time. This kind of mill is made from 'without flavour' components, which will in no way impact the flavour of any dish by itself.


  • Great Price With Many Uses
  • Mince Veg Or Meat Perfectly


  • No Cons

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Two Controlled Speed Grades
  • Scrape Proof Exterior Layer

Unique Selling Point:

  • You Can Take The Blades Off
  • Powerful Electric Motor Within

Totally different from the last meat machine, you simply need to position the ingredients inside the carrier of the smaller chopper. It will be produced into meat in approximately 10 seconds flat.

It really is not essential to place in portions using this Homeasy food processor. It is easy to wash and take apart from the electric motor, but all may be washed in a dishwashing machine.

Specs: 1.8 L | 22 x 21 x 21 cm | 1.51 Kg | 350 W | 2 Speeds

You can utilise the two velocity configurations of the little grinder, and other uses are awaiting you to come across. The cutting tool is razor-sharp, so be sure to utilise it cautiously to stop accidents.

Mini Chopper And Blender In Steel Finish

£32   Homeasy Mini Chopper And Blender - Get It!  

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: Sensio Veg Chopper Machine For All Food

This excellent multi-function kitchen space chopper may be used to consistently chop or perhaps cut veg, nuts, dairy products, meat and fruit in mere seconds.
You can even produce sauces, paste and food for infants with an additional few pulses. As opposed to others, the little food chopper comes with four resilient stainless steel cutting blades.

You will find the Sensio home mini food chopper electric motor and a detachable 600 ml total capacity dish with a cover. This implies you may accomplish your preferred constancy in a few moments. Then switch the contents whenever ready, or keep them inside the refrigerator in the enclosed bowl.

Set up the machine and disperse the food uniformly throughout the cutting blade action. Protect the cover and connect the unit to the mains outlet.
Press and then start the operating before the preferred regularity is obtained. Turn off the unit and eliminate the electric motor device - then cover and then clear the food from your dish.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Very Sharp Cutting Blades
  • You Cannot Really Go Wrong Here

Unique Selling Point:

  • Low Sound Easy To Use Chopper
  • Cuts All Ingredients Uniformly

Top Features:


  • 2 Years Guarantee
  • Easy To Store Away


  • None At All

The system is streamlined with extractable parts, rendering it easy to keep away right up until the next time. All detachable parts such as the lid, cutting blades, bottom ring and pan are dishwasher beneficial. It may be rinsed with lukewarm soap and water - then dried out.

The electric motor model may be cleaned out with a smooth, moist cloth and then quickly wiped dry. Under no circumstances manage the cutting blades with your bare fingers. The translucent jar is shut and sealed, therefore forget about sobbing while slicing the onions.

Specs: 300 Watts | 600 ml | 29 x 17 x 17 cm | 1.22 Kilos

This terrific Sensio home mini food chopper includes a 600 ml container capacity for excellent cutting of the ingredients with no hesitation. Lower in sound and consistent functioning, using a solitary touch press button, it is easy to function this chopper faultlessly through the 300 Watts motor unit.

Vegetable Chopper Machine With Transparent Tish

£22   Sensio Vegetable Chopper Machine - Get It!  

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: NINJA Vegetable Chopper Machine With Pulse

This excellent specialist stackable styled chopper is a convenient, manageable option that will take all the effort from food preparation. This small yet impressive system helps you accurately chop and manipulate ingredients. This is certainly ideal for safe-keeping in the refrigerator or cabinet.

Currently, there are two sealable pots, a portable cutting tool and a mixing pod for the secure, simple and easy cutting of ingredients. Irrespective of where you are with the food prep, or perhaps just how much space you possess, this Ninja professional chopper is a great choice.

Simply put the cutting tool inside the cup, put the pod on the top and then pulse. It is actually that easy. The outcome will be incredibly well-prepped ingredients set to prepare super food.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • All Ingredients Cut Flawlessly
  • Stacking Cups Incorporated

Unique Selling Point:

  • Consistently Cut And Blend
  • Space Conserving Strategy

Top Features:


  • Safe Simple Chopping
  • Parts Dishwasher Safe


  • No

You can set it entirely on the mixing dish and refrigerate it to hold fresh for a longer time. Battling for space for storage? The cups are prepared for stacking; therefore, there's always space for your food chopper. Washing is now much easier with all detachable parts dishwasher stable.

Specs: 14 x 14 x 25 cm | 200W | 220V | 1.5 Kg | 0.5 Litres

You can welcome accurately chopped ingredients with this excellent modest kitchen space essential. Using the Ninja professional food chopper, you can essentially bid farewell to issues. You can include a cover to maintain your creations for a later time.

Vegetable Chopper Machine With Round Lid

£29   NINJA Vegetable Chopper Machine Pulse - Get It!  

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: Chopper And Blender Features

There is typically an easily-removed chopper and blender dish with cover, which means you can accomplish your required uniformity in seconds and either quickly move the contents whenever prepared or keep all of them within the refrigerator in the covered dish.

: Achieve Your Preferred Uniformity

Set-up the machine and arrange the food consistently round the electric vegetable chopper cutting tool. Protect the cover and connect the unit into the mains outlet. Push and support the working switch until the preferred uniformity is achieved.

: Easily Removed Parts For Clean-Up

These electric multi choppers are streamlined with easily removed components rendering it simple to store aside right up until the next occasion. All electric blender components like the cover, cutters and container are usually washed with warm water and soap - then dried out.

: Careful! Ultra Sharp Cutting Blades

An electric chopper machine employs sharp cutting blades that chops meat consistently or mince natural herbs rapidly, Your food preparation is going to be more comfortable than ever having a blender. A food chopper allows you to slice the veg effortlessly.

: Electric Mini Food Processor Speed

It is recommended that you buy an electric mini food processor if you like having your chopping jobs carried out with simplicity and inside the bare minimum period. The function of a veg food chopper isn't just restricted to vegetables; it may be used to cut fruit and to organise bread crumb pieces.

: Philips Compact Kitchen Mini Food Chopper

This first-class mini food chopper comes with the settings to assist create delightful and fresh home made foods, straying from salads, coleslaw to breads. The application guarantees better cutting consequences for equally soft plus tough ingredients.

A mix of the cutting blade configuration and the chopping perspective inside the internal container corroborate that virtually all ingredients are entirely treated optimally, and at a competent rate.

Continue to keep all drinks fresher the whole day with mixing success by way of the vacuum pressure concept. Produce striking and improved combined smoothies with much less froth and break up.

The Philips blender pre-specified programmes are perfect for vacuum smoothies, pulsing or even crushing ice. It is possible to clean easily as all detachable parts are dishwasher dependable.


  • Keeps Vitamins And Nutrients
  • Take The Blades Off To Wash


  • None whatsoever..

Kitchen Mini Food Chopper With Black Handle

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Diverse Blending Modes
  • Super Texture And Taste

Unique Selling Point:

  • Top Speed Blending Motor
  • ProBlend 6 3D Mixing

Oxidisation throughout the mixing process can instantly reduce the supplements and nutrients of the discharged fruit and vegetables by subjecting them to oxygen in the atmosphere.
A progressive StayFresh vacuum concept lowers oxidation simply by drawing out the air inside the food blender container.

Specs: 25 x 16 x 43 cm | 1400W | 4.3 Kg | 1.8 L | 35000 RPM

This equipment maintains 3 times the quantity of vitamin C following 8 hours compared to typical blending. Around 60 percent more antioxidant processes are conserved following 8 hours.
Uncover the best nutrition with the contemporary ProBlend 3D mixing technological know-how. The impressive Philips high-speed vacuum blender 1400 Watts motor functions for smoother combinations.

This particular strategy conflated with the high powered electric motor and adaptable speed intends that you are able to process a broad diversity of ingredients promptly and comfortably.

Additionally, the big container enables adequate to five helpings of food items to be created concurrently. This compounded with the big feeding pipe, intends that it is speedy and straightforward to make food for the entire household.
[Rating: 9/10]   £139   Get It → Philips Kitchen Mini Food Chopper  

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: Kenwood High Power Small Food Processor

The small food processor mixer is contrived to manage a selection of cooking area chores, for example beating up your eggs, blending cakes as well as light whipping of cream. Small sized and robust, this excellent edition includes 3 dedicated velocities for blending.

To help with end user commands as well as comfort, the mixer possesses a formed grip and wrapping around style lead for safe keeping.

With exceptional protection specifications, the locking style is upon the bowl independently. The food processor will never trigger unless of course, operating effectively. It includes wire storage space and secure dishwasher components like the cutting tools for chopping and blending.

Sizeable in capability, the Kenwood compact food processor is perfect for organising substantial meals, bread, pastry blends and lighter tasks. The multi-mill grinds and crushes natural herbs, spices and nut products. It is also well suited for grating dairy cheese products and cutting carrots.

The dried-out capability is 0.8Kg, and the functioning bowl liquid capability is 0.8L. The cover incorporates securing teeth for protection. If completely turned in position, there really should not be any problems when rotating the cover in place before starting the merchandise.


  • Perfect For Large Families
  • Many Safety Precautions


  • None at all..

Steel Blade Food Processor With See-Through Container

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Very Powerful And Sturdy
  • Makes Light Work Of Blending

Unique Selling Point:

  • For Versatile Food Preparation
  • Whisk Tool And GB Connector

Furthermore, this handheld mixer is made to manage many different kitchen responsibilities like beating eggs, combining cake mix and whipping. Streamlined and sturdy, this Kenwood compact food processor offers 3 specific speeds.

Specs: 400W | 2.17 Kg | 15 x 27 x 17 cm | 1.4 Litres | A+

The mixing machine includes an easy fit moulded grip and wrap-around wire safe-keeping - along with a valuable wire grasp whilst the speed regulation is thumb controlled. This version incorporates a beater lock for increased protection, plus top-quality steel beaters for longevity and durability.

It comes with a handy lead grasp, while the acceleration command is thumb enabled. Like with all good hand blenders, this excellent edition boasts a beater inter-locking technology for appended protection and high calibre steel beaters for strength and intensity.

Effortless to utilise in the kitchen plus fully dish-washing machine secure for easy cleanup.
[Rating: 8/10]   £35   Get It → Kenwood Small Food Processor  

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: For Veg, Meat And Healthy Smoothies

Mini electric food choppers are compact appliances for the kitchen, which help save you time as well as energy inside your kitchen area. They can be suitable for veg cutting up, beef mincing and healthy blending milkshakes or smoothie pureeing, enhancing your own meals for friends and family.

The Food Chopper Machines For Any Kitchen Counter Top

Make Quick Work Of Laborious Tasks
Many are much like a kitchen processor; nevertheless, the electric vegetable choppers are specifically created for smaller sized and customary duties, being quicker to manage than the usual large blender. Any kind of electric powered chopper comes with suited sharp cutters that may be easily eliminated.

: Cuisinart Mini Chopper Mixer 5 Years Warranty

This imaginative modest sized mini chopper mixer equipment makes cutting as well as grinding food items effortless and unproblematic, it's exceedingly effortless to stack away, rendering it an essential in virtually every cooking area.

Boasting a one velocity, twin strategy with a curving, sharp cutting blade for cutting - in addition to a flat, a blunt cutting blade for grinding purposes.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Very High Quality Equipment
  • Offers 2 Bowls Versatility

Unique Selling Point:

  • Ideal Baby And Infant Foods
  • Diverse Pulse Configurations

Mini Chopper Mixer With Black Square Base

Top Features:


  • Dishwasher Safe Parts
  • Brushed Steel Housing


  • None..

A 600 ml Lexan PVC work container is solid and durable enough to accept equally hot as well as cold food items, and is housed inside a sturdy brushed steel conclusion which is constructed to endure.

Specs: 240V | 0.9L | w14 x h23 cm | 5.7 Kg | 350 Watts

The cover is fashioned with open ports for you to intelligently append water throughout to the mix. There's a safety locking mechanism and it comprises effortless to clean, easily removed, dish washer secure components.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99   Get It → Cuisinart Mini Chopper Mixer  

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: Revel Good Chopper For Vegetables 260W

A rather good chopper for vegetables and impressive addition to virtually any kitchen. Fashioned for each day deployment, this particular chopper is effortless to utilise and manage - rendering it great for mixing, blending, crushing, chopping up just about any texture.

The food item cutter can comfortably economise you time and energy in devising meats, fruits and veg, in addition to cutting crushing nuts plus seeds.


  • Easy Blending And Chopping
  • Offers Fine Speed Controls


  • None

Food Chopper With Transparent Plastic Exterior

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Cut Tough Ingredients Uniformly
  • All Dishwasher Safe Components

Unique Selling Point:

  • Chop Tough Veg And Seeds
  • Simple, Cheap And Effective

It is ideal for chopping up onions, tomatoes and preparing the ingredients for meals. Designed with the motor unit that sits on top of the bowl, whisk fresh cream, whip-up milk-shakes or just stir-up cold beverage with ease in it's 500 ml capacity bowl.
[Rating: 8.5/10]   £18   Get It → Revel Good Chopper For Veg  

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: How To Clean The Electric Motor?

With one push on your electric mini chopper button, you can get an ideal consistency. The electric motor can be cleaned with a moist fabric and then quickly wiped dry. It is easy to turn off the vegetable chopper machine and take away the lid - then empty the prepared food in the container.

Operated by potent motor, our kitchen mini choppers come with sufficient electrical power to break-up several food types efficaciously. The food blenders chop ample helpings of fruit and vegetables to your sought after dimensions, minus the fuss of slicing them separately or manually.

The mini cutters will accommodate just about any kitchen's interior decoration, and an integrated safety catch forestalls chance events.