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Vibrant Wall Mounted Bathroom Mirror Cabinets With Light

Updated 03/12/2019:
This super mix of mirrored bathroom cabinets with shaver sockets and lights are a functional accessory for your sink or vanity equipment. Cabinet decorative mirrors supply a fashionable accentuate to your daily schedule, perfect for make-up, and an LED mirror area to store your toiletries.

An LED bathroom mirror cabinet is invariably a favourite and viable choice, merging a couple of requirements into one - and keeping the daily necessities easier. A cabinet bathroom mirror with demister provides illumination to the area too, plus an aspect of charisma and extravagance.

: iBathUK Tall Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet With Socket

Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet With Vertical LEDs

£197   iBathUK Tall Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet - Get It!  

: Warmiehomy White Bathroom Mirror Cabinet Demister


  • Independent Shaving Socket
  • Mains Power Plug Connection


  • None.

White Mirror Cabinet In Minimalist Style

£168   Warmiehomy White Bathroom Mirror Cabinet - Get It!  

: Quavikey Bathroom Storage Mirror Cabinet LED Lit


  • Two Glass Shelves
  • Hidden Demister Pad


  • None..

Bathroom Storage Cabinet With Vibrant LEDs

£169   Quavikey Bathroom Storage Mirror Cabinet - Get It!  

Ultimate Mirror LED Interior Decor

Illuminated bathroom mirror cabinets are incredibly flexible and include a genuinely fantastic present-day appearance to any household. LED bathroom cabinets with mirrored doors are among the most widely used products with consumers thinking of interior decor and toothpaste dispenser storage etc.

Delicate Light For Super Atmosphere

A good illuminated stainless steel bathroom cabinet with mirror is a brilliant way to add some additional light for your restroom with an advanced touch. If you love an even more tranquil environment, choose something with delicate lighting - or the colourful atmosphere of a bright room in your home.

Give The Impression Of More Space

In case your bathroom is smaller or with a little illumination, an illuminated bathroom cabinet will help brighten up the area and provide the false impression of more space. We appreciate LED bathroom storage mirror cabinets which look spectacular associated with minimal interior decoration.

Present-Day Minimalist Steel Impact

Stainless steel is additional excellent material for any tall mirrored bathroom cabinet, simply because everybody will notice they endure the test of time. These bathroom cabinets are simple to clean and long-lasting, look smooth and elaborate in spite of several transforming tendencies.

Ultra Handy Built-In Shaver Socket

LED is also a useful option if your bathroom provides restricted or perhaps absolutely no light. Bathroom cupboards with a built-in shaver socket resolve an issue you did not have any idea you had. This includes LED lighting, but chic white bathroom mirror cabinets are terrifically present day.

Get An Electrician To Set It Up

Illuminated bathroom mirror cabinets or perhaps those with shaver electrical sockets will have to be situated near to an electric supply - if you are uncertain, phone an expert. Non-illuminated or electronic powered cabinet bathroom furnishings, on the other hand, could be a straightforward DIY task.

: Pebble Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet Mirror LED


  • Infra-Red Switch Sensor
  • Stunning Illuminated Mirror


  • None..

Steel Bathroom Cabinet Mirror With Square LED

£249   Pebble Steel Bathroom Cabinet Mirror - Get It!  

: EMKE LED Bathroom Cabinet With Mirrored Door

Bathroom Cabinet With Bright LED Mirrored Door

£129   EMKE LED Bathroom Cabinet Mirrored Door - Get It!  

: NeueD Illuminated Bathroom Mirror With Light

Hayden LED cabinet is a smaller sized item of the best retailing Elana LED bathroom mirror cabinet utilising power efficient technologies and constructed from good quality aluminium.

This LED bathroom mirror cabinets with lights is extremely functional with integrated shaver outlet and useful mirror de-mister feature.

Illuminated Bathroom Mirrored Cabinet On Black Wall


  • Gives You Extra Light
  • 2 Sided Mirror Door


  • None

Made out of top quality aluminium with twin sided mirror door, there are 2 interior adaptable glass ledges with 'soft shut' hinges. Light fixture type is 66 x 0.07w energy conserving day-light vibrant LED lights. Comes with movement sensor to switch on LED lamps etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £199 Get It → NeueD LED Bathroom Mirrored Cabinet

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: Hapilife LED Bathroom Cabinet Mirror

You will find 2 shelves in the wall mounted bathroom cabinet mirror locker to help coordinate your toilet necessities and perform your cleaning with no inconvenience. It can economise more room from your entire cleaning desk and maintain it respectable day in and day out.

2 sides of this mirror may be adapted to the most appropriate elevation as you demand. Competent demister, it is going to acquire only 1 to 3 minutes to eliminate the mist off the mirror ordinarily.

White LED Bath Mirror With Woman Putting Makeup On

It offers you electricity conserving LED illuminations to forestall squandering your cash. A fashionable construction 'twenty-first century mirror styling' that makes your particular bathroom appear rather contemporary.

There's an electric shaver outlet on the exterior of the mirror with dual electric potential 120 240V. It's accessible to recharge your toothbrush, blow dryer or perhaps shaving devices. Effortless set-up that is going to deliver with a detailed guide to assist you mount it in a less problematic way.
[Rating: 9/10]   £169 Get It → Hapilife LED Wall Bath Mirror

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Brilliantly Lit LED Mirror With Demister

Vibrant lighting encompassing a mirror is going to be just the strategy for a brilliantly lit area. Movement sensitive LED mirrors include a demister pad as well as electric shaver socket. All together with a large number of various other large bathroom mirror cabinet contemporary characteristics.

Careful Consideration Before Installing

It is worth noting the kind of wall you end up setting your double mirror bathroom cabinet upon. Drilling straight into the heated towel radiator pipe could be devastating, therefore if you happen to be uncertain - it's advisable to seek advice from your bathroom cabinet maker or perhaps a specialist.

Slim Mirrored Bathroom Cabinets With LED and Storage

Shaving electrical sockets constructed into decorative mirrors are increasingly becoming standard due to the realisation they help to make a frequently monotonous job that tiny bit simpler.

A Touch Of Spectacular Luxury

The streamlined style of any decorative bathroom mirror cabinet with light and shaver socket will allow you to produce a spectacular focus inside your bathroom, regardless of shape, dimensions or type of the area. Contemporary and welcoming, lit bathroom cabinets will embellish your entire day.

: Neue LED Bathroom Wall Cabinet Mirror

There exists an infra-red movement sensor for hands-free functioning positioned beneath this mirror cabinet on right-hand aspect.

This particular sensing unit transition functions the lamps and requires a clear section of 15cm to function successfully. The electric shaver outlet is kids risk-free for shavers, tooth brushes and so on.

Neue LED Bathroom Wall Cabinet With 2 Vertical Strips


  • Socket For E Toothbrush
  • Frame Silver And Grey


  • None..

The electric outlet is affixed to the inside of cabinet for basic safety and simplicity of use. The interior of the door is mirrored, which provides a spectacular impact.

An absolute must have whenever implementing make-up or shaving your face. The rear of the cabinet is also a mirror aspect providing additional illumination.
[Rating: 9/10]   £389 - Get It → Neue LED Bathroom Wall Cabinet

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: Diamond Solid LED Bathroom Cabinet

The Diamond provides 2x 14 Watts T5 fluorescent lighting units with 20 x 0.1 Watts white LED strip for interior illumination.

The inner 240 volt electric shaver outlet comes with integrated 'on/off rocker' transition, therefore lighting may be turned off whenever re-charging shavers or even electric tooth brushes.

Saturn Solid Oak LED Bathroom Storage Cabinet With Chrome Tap


  • Soft Closing Hinges
  • 10 Year Full Warranty


  • None..

Back of the door provides the de-mister pad integrated, so the front and back door de-mists any time lighting is started up.

It also includes an on/off infra-red sensing unit button positioned on the bottom level. There is a dual sided mirror door and the entire merchandise comes with a 10 years guarantee and suppliers warranty.
[Rating: 9/10]   £269 Get It → Diamond LED Bathroom Storage Cabinet

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: Neue Design Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet Light

The impressive beautiful LED lit mirrored bathroom cabinet with shaver socket and light offers super characteristics, which includes wire free out of sight demister pad, electric razor outlet, sensor device electric switch, dual sided mirror door as well as mirror rear screen.

A strong as well as fashionable storage cabinet that is hotel calibre with an indiscriminate cost. The touch as well as feel of it 'talks' genuine luxuriousness, and it possesses many additional characteristics not discovered on different cabinets. The cord free demister is fully hidden in the door that's mirrored front end as well as rear.

LED Bathroom Cabinet On Wood Panel Wall

First-class demister that not just supplies vapour free screening, however enables the rear of the door to be expended like a mirror since it doesn't possess the demister pad bonded to the rear of this door.

A modern electrical power flexible joint system eliminates the apparent cable in between the door and the framework determined. Incomparable to this impressive cabinet is a reflected internally backed screen affording additional illumination and reflectivity, plus an inner light is integral to the style.
[Rating: 9/10]   £299 Get It → NeueDesign LED Mirrored Cabinet

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: Diamond X Illuminated Mirror Cabinet Socket

Soft warmed lily-white fluorescent lights are incorporated in this illuminated bathroom mirror cabinet with shaver socket. Interior 240 Volt electric shaver outlet using integrated toggle/off rocker electrical switch.

Electric razor outlet can additionally be expended with illuminations inactive. Auto branded infra-red light sensing element toggle/off switch base. Be sure to enable 10 cm ranging from obstruction for instance of faucet or sink etc.

Square Bathroom Mirror Cabinet With Strip LED


  • Low Energy Lighting
  • LED Under Mirror Style


  • None..

Soft closing hinges using easy clamp doors, plus completely adaptable ledge mounts. The storage locker features a 2 mm bevel LED border, and this excellent cabinet demands to be associated to an earth cable.

Gross item weight is only 18 Kg, but be sure to enquire about an expert if perhaps you're not adequate to fitting it out on your own. This cabinet is in conformity with IP44, CE as well as ROHS rules with dual versatile ledge grades.
[Rating: 9/10]   £354 Get It → D X Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

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These bathroom mirror cabinets with lights are a wonderful approach to transform your rest room. Full of helpful characteristics, they are a significant addition for virtually any modern-day bathroom.

There is a de-mister pad for a vapour free mirror and twin voltage electric shaver outlet to subtly charge any electric tooth-brush or shaver, even if your light is off/on.