Wall Mounted Bathroom Mirror Cabinets With Light

Updated 07/03/2022:
This super mix of mirrored bathroom cabinets with shaver sockets and lights are a functional accessory for your sink or vanity equipment. Cabinet decorative mirrors supply a fashionable accentuate to your daily schedule, perfect for make-up, and an LED mirror area to store your toiletries.

An LED bathroom mirror cabinet is invariably a favourite and viable choice, merging a couple of requirements into one - and keeping the daily necessities easier. A cabinet bathroom mirror with demister provides illumination to the area too, plus an aspect of charisma and extravagance.

: Janboe Illuminated LED Mirror Cabinet

Cost-effective and earth-friendly with 6400K white superior quality LED light, this specific cabinet offers you a comfy aesthetic light encounter. The lighting is undoubtedly powered efficiently and earth welcoming. It will assist in saving cash on your electric power expenses too.

An infrared touch sensor button and demister pad essentially function via a mild wave to regulate the LED plus the demister pad. It is protected and simple to use in any wet bathing room. The Janboe illuminated LED mirror cabinet defogger pad is concealed under the door and back mirror, instantly heating/defog.

Delightful craftsmanship will save extra space as its created from superior quality steel and environmentally friendly copper-free silver mirroring. For this internal area, it might be divided widely by a couple of glass structures to pack with your electric razor, toothbrush, makeup or medicinal drugs.

Makeup and removing hair decorative mirrors are the best components to set up in bathrooms to produce a vanity space but are accessible in various models. Lit up mirrors offer well-liked characteristics in many bathrooms because of their fashionable exceptional sparkle.

Illuminated Lit Mirror Cabinet Anti-Fog
Janboe Illuminated LED Mirror Cabinet

Beauty mirrors may be illuminated or non-illuminated together with expandable opportunities to be tweaked right in a placement to accommodate your preferences. These mirrors are usually more compact in size and perfect for shaving or using cosmetics.

Equally important, it is functional because it can be wall-installed and positioned to just one aspect when not used. This makeup mirror is more impressive with the shaver electrical socket and LED light choices for a more power-efficient add-on for the bathroom.

Employing a slow door close style with superior quality barrier joint link, the opening up and shutting the door is effortless. Successfully stopping the door's banging systematically lowers sound and safeguards the cabinet framework.

Similarly, the sleek characteristics of this lit-up mirror make it possible to be a stunning centre point in any bathroom, small or big. Suitable for introducing charm to the area, this lighted mirror can be indented flush into a wall to achieve an opulent and attractive appeal.

The lustrous characteristics of the backlit decorative mirror develop a beautiful yet delicate appearance within the bathroom. Nevertheless, they are doubtful to be the most suitable option if you need an additional light source for daily routines like cosmetics etc.

The Features:

It is suggested to decide on an illuminated mirror composed of LED lights mainly because these mirrors will consume significantly less power. It is considered more durable and produces a brighter light resource when compared with regular modern wall mirrors.

Crafted from high-quality external copper-free silver, this particular Janboe 600 x 700 x 130 mm illuminated LED mirror is smart. The cabinet delivers the quintessential prevention of rust brought on by moisture and domestic chemical compounds.

The bathroom display case features soft close entry hinges. For that reason, there is no banging or destruction. Cabinet doors shut lightly and gently, successfully lessening noise and simultaneously guarding the structure.

Constructed from premium stainless steel that can drive back corrosion, unsightly stains and scratching, ensure it is brand new at buying and quick cleaning. The IP44 water-resistant mirror is ranked to satisfy the specifications of everyday use - so don't stress about spattering and leaks.

Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet With Vertical LEDs

£239   Janboe Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet - Get It!  

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: Warmiehomy Modern Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

Without a doubt, this LED light up bathroom mirror cabinet contributes some modern-day elegance and vivid illuminating to virtually any dull space. It benefits from a trendy one mirrored door with demister, lights, hidden electric razor socket, electronic clock and hands-free on/off button.

Another critical element is two flexible glass racks that supply lots of space for storage to arrange your personal necessaries and cosmetic extras. The Warmiehomy modern bathroom mirror cabinet keeps the area organised and tidied. Proficient at self-care, shaving or using beauty products.

You will observe this LED mirror cabinet with two flexible glass holders to supply sufficient space for storing. Use the touch sensor on/off switch function of the light and demister pad. It is situated on the underside (right side) or even beneath the cabinet on the right part - caused by various groups.

Modern Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinet
Warmiehomy Modern Illuminated Mirror Cabinet

An inner socket for recharging the electric shaver or toothbrush is found on the inside top right-hand part of the case. Top to bottom fitting exclusively, the bathroom mirror is a wall structure set and installed with a digital clock. Ensure that you reserve a minimum of 150 mm access before sensor transition for the infrared sensor to operate successfully.

Additionally, the mirrored door comes equipped with a brilliant cool white finish, and its economical LED lights use the IP44 rating. The spectacular LED mirror cabinet demands mains voltage connectivity.

The cable is approximately 500 millimetres and is situated on the backside of the cabinet. The net weight is about 14 Kg - operate the pad for a vapour free reflection.

The Features:


  • Independent Shaving Socket
  • Mains Power Plug Connection


  • None.

Well thought out, the digital clock modification is located on the right-hand underside part. This wall-mounted Warmiehomy modern illuminated bathroom mirror cabinet provides two flexible glass racks to supply sufficient space. On the top right-hand spot, a completely independent shaver outlet is found inside.

Deploy the infra-red sensor switch to trigger lights and demist pad. On account of diverse batches, a touch sensor is located around the LED bathroom mirror cabinet underside, right side or perhaps beneath the cabinet around the right aspect.

The door possesses a magnet to open and draw the door shut. The rear is manufactured metal coated in white colour. A separate shaver outlet will charge up your toothbrush, hairdryer, or perhaps trimming equipment. It operates impartial of the mirror illumination. Take advantage of the smart touch sensor demister pad and time clock.

White Mirror Cabinet In Minimalist Style

£185   Warmiehomy White Bathroom Mirror Cabinet - Get It!  

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: EMKE Bathroom Cabinet Mirrored Door

You will see space-saving flexible shelving because this bathroom mirror cabinet assists you to take advantage of the dimensional room in your home. Quickly and efficiently position your shavers, personal care items and cosmetics, and it helps to make the area far roomier.

The concealed style inhibits dust and safeguards your personal privacy. Using its sizable inside, all stays in order behind the doors. Multi usable and straightforward to implement, the mirror cabinet may be flawlessly used to organise your own personal sundries and various items.

This IEMKE double door bathroom mirror cabinet can be set on the wall or over the toilet to incorporate efficiency and space-saving. It will not occupy much area as 3-tier racks help keep all orderly. A mirror is on the door, so you shouldn't acquire one, rendering it space conserving.

Most significantly, this exquisite mirror ensures a clear impression and excellent representation, making it easy to shave or even apply your beauty products. Once you shut the door, you protect your closed items from dust particles and water drops.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet Double Door
EMKE Mirror Cabinet Double Door

A bathroom mirror cabinet is definitely a trendy and practical selection, incorporating two demands as one and maintaining your everyday necessities inside reach. A lit mirror cabinet contributes additional illumination towards the room, too, in addition to an aspect of charm and opulence.

It is acceptable if the bathroom provides restricted or no natural light. If you have the room, an extra tall freestanding system or wall hung cupboard can produce a genuine aesthetic influence in concert. Fortunately, the cabinets are useful for keeping small towels.

Several possess entirely obscured cupboards, although others have a mixture of cabinets and shelf areas so that you can choose one that is suitable for your preferences. An easily locked mirror cabinet can provide extra reassurance to keep medications, capsules, or creams.

Well-thought-out, the two-way flexible pivots with 90-degrees opening capacity and covered handle offer you simple cupboard access. High definition decorative mirrors on the front side and back of the doorway provide you with an excellent encounter.

The Features:

This is great for your cosmetic makeup products or even trimming. Simultaneously, a slow close door helps prevent banging and noise. There are numerous variations and finishes to pick from when picking out a cabinet.

Choose clean, white units accompanying your bathroom suite, or maybe more colourful wood coatings that include unique styles and sparkle to your area. Additionally, there are cabinets in steel.

In reality, the EMKE double door bathroom mirror cabinet instantly gives that contemporary edge. It is easy to set up and keep this wall cabinet. It is not hard to put together, and all necessary equipment are incorporated. Made from aluminium alloy, this specific cabinet is created to last for several years.

As previously explained, the surface is water-resistant, making it appropriate for any moist surroundings. This particular bathroom mirror cabinet dual door within a wall installed design combines versatile shelf ability.

Cabinet With Bright Mirrored Door

£182   EMKE Bathroom Cabinet Mirrored Door - Get It!  

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: Ultimate Mirror LED Interior Decor

Illuminated bathroom mirror cabinets are incredibly flexible and include a genuinely fantastic present-day appearance to any household. LED bathroom cabinets with mirrored doors are among the most widely used products with consumers thinking of interior decor and toothpaste dispenser storage etc.

: Delicate Light For Super Atmosphere

A good illuminated stainless steel bathroom cabinet with mirror is a brilliant way to add some additional light for your restroom with an advanced touch. If you love an even more tranquil environment, choose something with delicate lighting - or the colourful atmosphere of a bright room in your home.

: Give The Impression Of More Space

In case your bathroom is smaller or with a little illumination, an illuminated bathroom cabinet will help brighten up the area and provide the false impression of more space. We appreciate LED bathroom storage mirror cabinets which look spectacular associated with minimal interior decoration.

: Present-Day Minimalist Steel Impact

Stainless steel is additional excellent material for any tall mirrored bathroom cabinet, simply because everybody will notice they endure the test of time. These bathroom cabinets are simple to clean and long-lasting, look smooth and elaborate in spite of several transforming tendencies.

: Ultra Handy Built-In Shaver Socket

LED is also a useful option if your bathroom provides restricted or perhaps absolutely no light. Bathroom cupboards with a built-in shaver socket resolve an issue you did not have any idea you had. This includes LED lighting, but chic white bathroom mirror cabinets are terrifically present day.

: Get An Electrician To Set It Up

Illuminated bathroom mirror cabinets or perhaps those with shaver electrical sockets will have to be situated near to an electric supply - if you are uncertain, phone an expert. Non-illuminated or electronic powered cabinet bathroom furnishings, on the other hand, could be a straightforward DIY task.

: Quavikey Bathroom Storage Mirror Cabinet

This selected LED lit up bathroom mirror cabinet is lightweight aluminium and wall fitted with shaver socket demister for makeup, cosmetics or electric razor recharging. The mirror cabinet is made from anti-rust alloy and pure 'mirror planes' that can absorb light using a full-covered style.

Proficient at broadening the extent of reflectivity, this Quavikey LED illuminated bathroom mirror cabinet offers a visual feast from decorative mirrors. The versatile inner space may be openly split by two glass shelves and loaded with your personal razor and medicines.

Fundamentally, the demister pad is flawlessly obscured underneath the reverse aspect mirror from the door. Speedily warming up and successfully 'demisting the mirror surface' area. Feel absolutely free to enjoy the clearest perspectives in the mirror while the mist and humidity linger.

The outlet provides dual connectors with an isolated transformer found on the internal top of the cabinet. It may be charged with electric razors, besides other devices. Bathroom mirrors that use systems like heat or LED are created to make the early morning routine incredibly easy.

Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinet
Quavikey LED Illuminated Mirror Cabinet

Lit up bathroom mirrors are a fashionable and functional selection. They supply sufficient lighting for using makeup, cosmetics, and removing hair. The light is furthermore dim enough to produce a comforting atmosphere during the night for a bathe inside the tub.

Should you be contemplating getting a lighted mirror for your bathroom, ensure that you select one with economical lighting. LED bathroom mirrors illuminate instantaneously and help to maintain your energy bills affordable.

Some even include a convenient sweep sensor to trigger the illumination - just move your hand underneath the sensor, and the mirror will illuminate straight away.

Bathroom mirrors with heated up demisters make the perfect approach to the bathroom. An anti-fog mirror incorporates a heated demister pad to stop steam. When having a bath or perhaps shower, therefore forget about cleaning the mirror with a towel, helping you save time and inconvenience.

The Features:


  • Two Glass Shelves
  • Hidden Demister Pad


  • Not here..

More often than not, an infra-red sensor option is the most dependable solution to turn on LED lighting within a moist atmosphere. To productively trigger the switch, the space involving the mirror and the washing basin is required to be more than 150 mm.

Another advantage of the Quavikey LED illuminated bathroom mirror cabinet is the glass employs explosion-resistant glass, which will successfully improve safety. Good quality buffering hinges offer a consistent encounter throughout open/closing - and successfully decrease sound.

Shelving may be without restraint, separated by two glass racks and populated with loads of items like a shaver, cosmetic cream products and drugs. The framework is in lightweight aluminium, ideal for damp conditions like bathrooms.

Bathroom Storage Cabinet With Vibrant LEDs

£199   Quavikey Bathroom Storage Mirror Cabinet - Get It!  

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: Pebble Grey Bathroom Cabinet Mirror LED

Intelligently thought out, this bathroom mirror cabinet with shaver socket assists 220 240V. This distinct element lets you charge your electric razor or electric powered toothbrush. Put it in the outlet through the night without providing the light continually productive.

Most importantly, the shaver socket employs isolating transformers, which separate the provision from the mains and comply with British standards. This makes the Pebble Grey bathroom mirror cabinet well suited for bathroom usage - positioned towards the top of the case's interior.

The advanced infrared on/off sensor triggers the lighting and demister, and it registers motion in a 5 cm array. Just swipe your hand over the sensor to change the light and demister pad to (on). Swipe once more to switch the light and demister pad to shut-off - found on the cabinet's underside.

You will find the demister pads function by softly heating up the mirror surface area to avoid moisture build-up or condensation - and minimise (foggy) physical appearance in the reflection. The demister pad is cost-effective and designed with eco-friendly parts to keep a low operating expense.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet Nimbus
Pebble Grey Bathroom Mirror Cabinet Nimbus

Another main factor is the 'soft close' system that shuts cabinet doors delicately and silently. It maintains your belongings secure and in position. Additionally, it helps prevent little hands and fingers from becoming pinched, so it's excellent for family usage. Moreover, it boosts life expectancy.

In most cases, an IP rating means ingress safeguarding, and the figures reference the degree of proper protection from water, vapour and dirt. This particular mirror is IP44 scored, which suggests it can be set up inside bathroom-specific zones two or three.

Sector two is a location extending 0.6 metres outside of the bath's border and an elevation of 2.25 metres from your flooring. Zone 3 is any place outside specific zones 0, one and 2.
It is just where no water will probably be combined. The built-in shaver outlet is actually a spectacular safe-keeping option for just about any bathroom.

Equally important, this specific ultra-contemporary lit up bathroom cabinet provides cost-effective lights, rendering it simply perfect for cosmetic use or hair trimming. In addition to promising functions like a shaver plug, you will find a demister pad working the movement sensor system.

The Features:


  • Infra-Red Switch Sensor
  • Stunning Illuminated Mirror


  • None..

Essentially, you will observe the bathroom mirror cabinet will assist in keeping your restroom clutter-free with a great storage place for all necessities. The built-in motion sensor triggers lights and the pad for convenience. This cabinet provides the ideal safe-keeping resolution.

You will find the bathroom mirror cabinet incorporates a demister pad as industry-standard for a vapour free mirror instantly. The convenient built-in shaver socket is undoubtedly an additional advantage. Ideal for male tidying and removing hair, the electricity socket is cautiously situated to charge your electric powered shaver and devices.

This Pebble Grey bathroom mirror cabinet is a gorgeous centrepiece providing the ideal brightness for your day by day routine. Economical, the lit mirror cabinet will employ LEDs with a standard lifespan of 120000 hours. It complies with the IP44 score and sets up the IEE wiring constraints.

The cabinet may be set up onto a plasterboard wall space using several appropriate fixings. Installation of the Infra-red sensor to trigger lights and demister pad is found beneath the cabinet around the right-hand area. A size of 15 cm is necessary for the sensor to succeed competently.

Steel Bathroom Cabinet Mirror With Square LED

£219   Pebble Grey Bathroom Cabinet Mirror - Get It!  

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: Hapilife LED Bathroom Cabinet Mirror

You will find 2 shelves in the wall mounted bathroom cabinet mirror locker to help coordinate your toilet necessities and perform your cleaning with no inconvenience. It can economise more room from your entire cleaning desk and maintain it respectable day in and day out.

2 sides of this mirror may be adapted to the most appropriate elevation as you demand. Competent demister, it is going to acquire only 1 to 3 minutes to eliminate the mist off the mirror ordinarily.

White LED Bath Mirror With Woman Putting Makeup On

The Features:

It offers you electricity conserving LED illuminations to forestall squandering your cash. A fashionable construction 'twenty-first century mirror styling' that makes your particular bathroom appear rather contemporary.

There's an electric shaver outlet on the exterior of the mirror with dual electric potential 120 240V. It's accessible to recharge your toothbrush, blow dryer or perhaps shaving devices. Effortless set-up that is going to deliver with a detailed guide to assist you mount it in a less problematic way.
[Rating: 9/10]   £104 Get It → Hapilife LED Wall Bath Mirror  

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: Brilliantly Lit LED Mirror With Demister

Vibrant lighting encompassing a mirror is going to be just the strategy for a brilliantly lit area. Movement sensitive LED mirrors include a demister pad as well as electric shaver socket. All together with a large number of various other large bathroom mirror cabinet contemporary characteristics.

: Careful Consideration Before Installing

It is worth noting the kind of wall you end up setting your double mirror bathroom cabinet upon. Drilling straight into the heated towel radiator pipe could be devastating, therefore if you happen to be uncertain - it's advisable to seek advice from your bathroom cabinet maker or perhaps a specialist.

: Slim Mirrored Bathroom Cabinets With LED and Storage

Shaving electrical sockets constructed into decorative mirrors are increasingly becoming standard due to the realisation they help to make a frequently monotonous job that tiny bit simpler.

: A Touch Of Spectacular Luxury

The streamlined style of any decorative bathroom mirror cabinet with light and shaver socket will allow you to produce a spectacular focus inside your bathroom, regardless of shape, dimensions or type of the area. Contemporary and welcoming, lit bathroom cabinets will embellish your entire day.

: Neue LED Bathroom Wall Cabinet Mirror

There exists an infra-red movement sensor for hands-free functioning positioned beneath this mirror cabinet on right-hand aspect. This particular sensing unit transition functions the lamps and requires a clear section of 15cm to function successfully. The electric shaver outlet is kids risk-free for shavers, tooth brushes and so on.

Neue LED Bathroom Wall Cabinet With 2 Vertical Strips

The Features:


  • Socket For E Toothbrush
  • Frame Silver And Grey


  • None..

The electric outlet is affixed to the inside of cabinet for basic safety and simplicity of use. The interior of the door is mirrored, which provides a spectacular impact. An absolute must have whenever implementing make-up or shaving your face. The rear of the cabinet is also a mirror aspect providing additional illumination.
[Rating: 9/10]   £419 - Get It → Neue LED Bathroom Wall Cabinet  

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: SALBAY Solid LED Bathroom Cabinet

The SALBAY provides LED lighting units with 20 x 0.1 Watts white LED strip for interior illumination. This inner 240 volt electric shaver outlet comes with integrated 'on/off rocker' transition, therefore lighting may be turned off whenever re-charging shavers or even electric tooth brushes.

LED Bathroom Storage Cabinet With Chrome Detail

The Features:


  • Soft Closing Hinges
  • 10 Year Full Warranty


  • None..

Back of the door provides the de-mister pad integrated, so the front and back door de-mists any time lighting is started up. The SALBAY mirror also includes an on/off infra-red sensing unit button positioned on the bottom level. There is a dual sided mirror door and the entire merchandise comes with a 10 years guarantee and suppliers warranty.
[Rating: 9/10]   £179 Get It → SALBAY LED Bathroom Storage Cabinet  

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: Mood Neue Mirror Bathroom Cabinet Light

The impressive beautiful LED lit mirrored bathroom cabinet with shaver socket and light offers super characteristics, which includes wire free out of sight demister pad, electric razor outlet, sensor device electric switch, dual sided mirror door as well as mirror rear screen.

A strong as well as fashionable storage cabinet that is hotel calibre with an indiscriminate cost. The touch as well as feel of it 'talks' genuine luxuriousness, and it possesses many additional characteristics not discovered on different cabinets. The cord free demister is fully hidden in the door that's mirrored front end as well as rear.

LED Bathroom Cabinet On Wood Panel Wall

The Features:

First-class demister that not just supplies vapour free screening, however enables the rear of the door to be expended like a mirror since it doesn't possess the demister pad bonded to the rear of this door.

A modern electrical power flexible joint system eliminates the apparent cable in between the door and the framework determined. Incomparable to this impressive cabinet is a reflected internally backed screen affording additional illumination and reflectivity, plus an inner light is integral to the style.
[Rating: 9/10]   £299 Get It → Mood Neue Design LED Mirror Cabinet  

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These bathroom mirror cabinets with lights are a wonderful approach to transform your rest room. Full of helpful characteristics, they are a significant addition for virtually any modern-day bathroom.

There is a de-mister pad for a vapour free mirror and twin voltage electric shaver outlet to subtly charge any electric tooth-brush or shaver, even if your light is off/on.