LED Backlit Bathroom Mirrors With Shaver Socket

Updated 12/08/2022:
These beautiful LED backlit bathroom mirrors are smartly created with an excellent complement for virtually any bathroom with demister pad and UK shaver socket. A perfect vanity option for improving lifestyles, bathroom cabinets or mirrors will behave as a statement and central aspect.

What Is A Backlit Bathroom Mirror?
Lit-up backlit bathroom mirrors feature LED lights as a part of the mirror which illuminates your complete bathroom and can simulate all-natural light. You can find back-lit illuminated bathroom mirrors with bright wall mounted light merging heated demister, Bluetooth and electric shaver outlet.

Rectangular LED Vanity Mirror
Rectangular LED Vanity Mirror

: FORAM Artforma Electric Bathroom Mirror LED

You may personalise this mirror and determine the capabilities with a wide selection of existing components. For example, a touch switch enables flipping the light on simply by contacting the glass within a specific point. The touch transition likewise permits you to modify light concentration.

Illumination performance is transformed by holding the press button. You may use this FORAM LED bathroom mirror 'motion sensor' to change the light on, devoid of making contact with the surface area. A weather station enables the realisation of present-day temperatures inside and out.

Link up your mobile phone through Wireless Bluetooth with the cordless loudspeaker and pay attention to music while regularly carrying out your morning hours. The cutting edge demister pad ensures competent representation without any hint of fog in the glass anywhere.


  • Customised Mirror To Your Taste
  • Several Sizes Are Available


  • None at all

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Low Power Usage LED Light
  • Weather Observation Display

Unique Selling Point:

  • Demister Pad Means No Fog
  • Bluetooth Speaker Music Fun

The pad helps prevent the mirror from fogging simply by steadily warming the specified region, certainly not the complete mirror. The heat mat is installed amid the FORAM Artforma LED bathroom mirror light surface. It evaporates a location while using proportions of 35 x 45 cm.

Specs: 2.5 x 50 x 50 cm | 3.4 Kg | LED 35000 hrs | CE RoHS

Use this independently driven make-up mirror with 3x magnifying power, accomplishing your daytime schedule. This is a high-grade mirror created from the finest components obtainable. The mirror uses LED diodes which lead to lower power usage while managing a splendid and impressive hue.

Electric Bathroom Mirror With White Frame

£146   FORAM Artforma Electric Bathroom Mirror - Get It!  

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: Elegant Round Lighted Bathroom Wall Mirror

This economical warm LED mirror functions with mains accessibility and simply no battery pack. The demister pad guarantees a vapour free vanity mirror, exquisite for beauty and shaving. It quickly warms up and successfully triggers the de-misting mirror surface area.

Benefit from the most apparent perspectives in the mirror encircled by mist and moisture content. Take advantage of the warm, consistent illumination transmission devoid of halo or glare.
The ELEGANT round LED backlit mirror is lit with LED and assures a unique appearance and elegance that complements virtually any bathroom set up flawlessly.


  • Finest Anti-Fog Features
  • Perfect For Make-Up Plus


  • None..

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Easy Set-Up With All Fittings
  • Warm Gentle Consistent Light

Unique Selling Point:

  • Smart Touch Mirror System
  • Classy And Fully Functional

This excellent mirror will render virtually any room appear more substantial and feel more brilliant. This is the IP44 standard that's water-resistant, dust particles proof. It also delivers thoroughly put together to save you time. A mains electric power association is demanded.

The mirror is constructed of 4 mm copper-free silver, which invariably and successfully stretches life span and beautifully merges for a contemporary concept.

Specs: 72 x 72 x 11 cm | 7.2 Kg | 60 x 60 cm | IP44 | A++

A mirror is a primary component of any bathroom's apparatus. The power-efficient LED light contact sensor off and on transition incorporates an integrated demister pad.
This is a wall-mounted hassle-free ELEGANT round LED mirror style produced from the finest materials in existence. The backlit light is gentle but bright for eye safety, yet stunning bathroom decor.

Round Lighted Bathroom Mirror Above Sink

£107   Elegant Round Lighted Wall Mirror - Get It!  

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: Why Use LED Light Rather Than Others?

Lighting is installed surrounding the edges or perhaps the top of the LED lit mirror to supply outstanding illumination when shaving etc. Through the use of LED's, these mirrors will never require the bulbs swapping as frequently as typical lighting fixtures because of their proficiency.

: Bathroom Mains Or Battery Power?

Lit-up wall toilet mirrors are available in a few variations that connect to the mains electric power or using battery power. They may be specifically advantageous in bathrooms which often don't have a window or adequate supply of sunlight - like those that are part of a home refurbishment etc.

: Mirror Vapour And LED Demister Mirror Pad

Just one annoyance in the bathroom is when you depart the shower or bathroom, the mirror has entirely steamed, and you are struggling to find yourself in the reflection. Mirrors have a demister pad stimulated by a tiny button that will securely warm-up to clean-up the mirror instantly.

: Need A Make-Up Mirror With Magnification?

Vanity designed lit bathroom wall mirrors are perfect for putting on make-up, cleaning your teeth, trimming and some other tidying duties that need utter detail. Freestanding desk mirrors feature a regular aspect and magnification part, yet now more 'oversized mirrors' provide only a little region for magnifying.

: Electric Shaver Or Charge The Toothbrush

Frequently a helpful bathroom acquisition nevertheless is only presented in hotel rooms, but various mains run mirrors have a couple of built-in shaver electrical sockets. This permits you to boost your electric shaver or maybe toothbrush when positioning close to the mirror with lights around it.

: Using Touch Sensor On/Off LED Lights

Nowadays, bathroom mirrors add technology like touch sensing on/off and LED lighting created to make the early morning regimen incredibly easy. The large LED bathroom mirror concept has been subject to a transformation over the years where lighted mirrors establish a spectacular location.

: EMKE LED Mirror With Dimmable Lights

The touch function regulates equally the LED light, and the demister of this LED-lit bathroom mirror. The defogger system will warm up promptly as you switch the mirror on through the touch sensor. This efficiency keeps the reflected image for cosmetics or shaving with 'no waiting' around.

Using an integrated Wireless Bluetooth audio speaker, you can appreciate music with 360 degrees surround audio whenever you are going for a shower. Simply hook up the EMKE 800 x 600 mm illuminated bathroom mirror with your mobile phone and iPad tablet by the Bluetooth feature.

A 6500K colour heat LED strip illumination integrates light upon the mirror. Together with the direct light inside the bathroom, the concept of light traversal renders the mirror region clear of dark areas. It is secure and offers very clear imaging, so you appreciate a stylish lifestyle.


  • Play Music While You Shave
  • Link Up To Your Smartphone


  • None at all

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Effortlessly Control Brightness
  • No Shadows Or Darker Regions

Unique Selling Point:

  • Use Ultra Bright For Shaving
  • Fast And Very Easy To Set-Up

The demister pad is launched instantly whenever the LED light fixture is started. This can be a practical approach to manipulate concurrently, all with no requirement to touch many times. You immediately enter into the EMKE illuminated mirror anti-fog settings to maintain a transparent image.

Specs: 8.2Kg | 80 x 60cm | 6500K | IP44 | 60W | 5mm HD Silver

Of course, this LED makeup mirror illumination is dimmable, but it is regulated with light contact of the press button. So just touch for a few seconds to enhance the light strength to most the intense.
Quick and straightforward to set up by any domestic electrician, each unit looks great once mounted. An English language publication is also supplied.

LED Mirror With Lights Around Frame

£133   EMKE LED Mirror With Lights Around - Get It!  

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: GNAPE Bathroom Vanity Mirror Back-Lit

The substantial-quality long durability LED duration of this mirror is much greater than 50000 hours. Making use of the mirror a few hours each day indicates it will eventually last over 4 decades. A copper-free eco-friendly set of components are employed with silver reflectivity covering.

You will find 3 types of lighting selections in white light, relaxing white light and yellow light about totally flexible lighting. Moreover, it manipulates the colour temperature simply by pressing the touch transition. In addition, the GNAPE bathroom LED mirror light may be activated and turned off with a basic tap.


  • Contemporary Style Vanity Mirror
  • Every Light Is Energy Conserving


  • No Cons

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Very Safe In Wet Washrooms
  • Tough Mirror Glass Protection

Unique Selling Point:

  • Wall Mounted Style Rectangular
  • Soft, Warm And Yellow Light

The mirror glass is guarded by the encircling frame and inner technology using a secure and straightforward set-up. Regardless if influenced by exterior forces, the mirror will never splashback. The GNAPE LED backlit mirror provides you with all screws to hang flawlessly.

Specs: 8.88 Kg | 800 x 600 mm | LED 50000 hrs | IP44 Rated

The LED bathroom mirror provides an excellent electric powered surrounded structure and dual colour LED elements with a double water-resistant style. It is IP44 ranked to guarantee trustworthy illumination in any drenched bathroom situation.

Bathroom Vanity Mirror Back-Lit White Light

£149   GNAPE Bathroom Vanity Mirror - Get It!  

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: S'bagno Backlit Illuminated MakeUp Mirror

Vibrantly LED lit-up, this bathroom mirror will arrive with a Wireless Bluetooth speaker providing a totally fantastic encounter. The trendy wall attached LED mirror includes a dimmable characteristic, letting you light up to any desired level at the touch of one button.

This S'bagno back-lit LED bathroom mirror will stream online sound wirelessly through Bluetooth. Enjoy from your mobile phone device, iPad, iPhone and Google Android mobile phone.

The quality integrated touch partition structure supplies efficiency, which could be considerably more expensive than any regular switch. Still, it's made to make life better.

Super easy for connecting, the mobile phone and iPad can play tunes with 360 degrees surround audio and outstanding acoustic quality. You may delight in HD stereo sound while showering. Using the dimmable press button, you may power over the LED-backlit mirror for a few seconds.


  • May Be Suspended Two Ways
  • Copper-Free Style HD Silver


  • Never

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Heat Manipulated Defogging
  • Movement Sensor In-Built

Unique Selling Point:

  • iPhone And Android Compatible
  • Dimmable Controlled Mirror

You can actually modify the light from 0 to 1800 LM, it's 80 percent more economical, and the LED light can last much more than 50000 hours.
Convenient to set up in two variables, the wall structure attached S'bagno backlit mirror may be attached top to bottom and horizontal. Plus, all installing components are supplied.

Specs: 50000 LED hours | 800 x 600 mm | 0 To 1800 LM

The anti-fogging action commences once you convert the mirror to (on). You don't need to continuously treat the mirror with fog-free aerosols or wash it several times every month.

Backlit LED Bathroom MakeUp Mirror With Dimmer

£135   S'bagno Backlit LED MakeUp Mirror - Get It!  

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: Shaving Or Cosmetic Utilisation?

Rather than jazz up your bathroom, LED back-lit mirrors imitate daylight putting together appropriate circumstances for shaving or cosmetic utilisation. Seeing that LED's last for many years, you can escape the hassle of needing to exchange them frequently.

: Anti-Fog Reinforced Glass Layer

Various other critical popular features of illuminated mirrors incorporate the integrated anti-fog layer. The film reinforced glass for additional essential safety, they are really environmentally friendly and splash cheerful with an uncomplicated bathroom illuminated mirror unit installation.

: Brilliant For Windowless Bathrooms

Mirrors with a built in light are fantastic for windowless rooms because they discharge light that may be comparable to daylight luminescence, therefore setting up a well-lit area. You can set-up an extensive lit mirror over a vanity unit, or perhaps use a more compact one within your own make-up system.

: Wireless Bluetooth Audio Toilet Mirror

Tune in to your individual tracks in the washroom by using a Wireless Bluetooth sound mirror. This kind of progressive LED Bluetooth mirror concept helps you to easily link up your gadgets proactively to your bathroom light mirror, letting you extensively delight in your bathroom fun.

: Pebble POLAR LED Bathroom Light Mirror

With a premium quality structure to IP44 safety criteria, this lit LED bathroom mirror is secure and built to UK specifications. Because of the auto demister, under no circumstances will you bother about mirror vision issues with the integrated heated demister pad preventing all mirror fogging.

A movement sensor switch will alter the Pebble Polar LED bathroom mirror on/off simply by moving your hand over the sensor transition without needing to contact the mirror. Its rotation equipped, as this LED bathroom mirror may be installed possibly landscape style or perhaps portrait to accommodate the format of your own bathroom.

The included motion sensor triggers lighting and the demister pad for simplicity of use. A strikingly fashionable centrepiece providing an extraordinary brightness for your day by day plan.


  • Genuine Top Quality Mirror
  • Ten Years Of Reassurance


  • Nope..

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Stunning British Styled Mirror
  • Energy Efficient Long Lifespan

Unique Selling Point:

  • Reliable De-Mist Anti-Fog Pad
  • Smart Motion Sensor Trigger

For vapour free clearness, the mirror incorporates the pad as standardised for a steam-free mirror immediately. In addition, it complies with the IP44 position enabling the unit to be set up for IEE wiring restrictions.
The Pebble Grey LED bathroom mirror may be mounted onto plasterboard wall surfaces employing an assortment of appropriate fixings.

Specs: IR Sensor | LED 120000 hrs | IP44 | 600 x 800 mm

An Infrared sensor to trigger lighting and a de-mist pad is situated under the mirror around the right-hand part. A distance of 15 centimetres is necessary for the sensor to function correctly.

LED Bathroom Lights Around Rectangular Mirror

£159   Pebble LED Bath Lights Around Mirror - Get It!  

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: Warmiehomy Bathroom Mirror With Demister

A one-touch sensor on/off converter functions the LED bathroom mirror light fixture and demister pad around the right-hand aspect on the bottom level. Another socket for recharging the electric powered shaver necessitates mains power for the outlet demister pad, the touch sensor plus clock.

Speedy to set up, this Warmiehomy 80 x 60cm LED bathroom mirror is wall installed and width wise suitable. Perfect for shaving, trimming or just putting on cosmetics, the bright LED for in house light is economical lighting with an IP44 score. Moreover, the demister pad is meant for a vapour free mirror.


  • Ideal For Morning Shaving
  • Recharge Electric Tooth Brush


  • None here.

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Smart Electronic Clock LED
  • Beautiful Bright White Light

Unique Selling Point:

  • IR Triggers The Demister Pad
  • Fits Flawlessly Horizontally

An electronic clock is situated at the bottom of the mirror. The correction switch is found on the right area of this vanity mirror. The Warmiehomy LED mirror is required to be cabled via AC power. The electricity wire is around 500 mm and situated on the rear.

Specs: IR Sensor | W80 x H60 x D5 cm | 8.5Kg | IP44

Be sure to set aside a minimum 150 mm admission space before the sensor switch, all intended for the IR sensor device. An Infrared sensor will trigger lighting. The electric power shaver or perhaps toothbrush functions impartially of the mirror illumination on the right-hand side.

LED Bathroom Mirror With Demister Pad

£105   Warmiehomy LED Bathroom Mirror - Get It!  

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: Salbay Backlit LED Lit Bathroom Mirror

This specific bathroom mirror with infra-red sensing unit trigger lighting and full-sized demister pad for a clean and steam free, crystal clear mirror. Dual voltage separate shaver outlet light type 96 x 0.07 Watts power saving day-light LED lights - similar to our home indoor sensor light items.

This unique, fashionable and functional LED lit-up mirror cabinet is made to beautify your bathrooms and assist you with cosmetic make-up products or removing hair. The adaptable storage space cabinets offer an ideal space for storing and obliging the majority of your requisites.

Wall structure plugs are offered that suit stone or maybe brick wall spaces. An electric power line is topping the cupboard with no connecting plug.
The Salbay backlit LED mirror lights are controlled by an IR sensor transition established on the right bottom level of the case. Position your hand around 50mm under the sensor to activate the illumination.


  • Store Your Bits And Pieces
  • Demister Flexible Heat Pad


  • No..

LED Bathroom Mirror With Grey Background

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Infra Red Smart Motion Sensor
  • Brilliant For An Early Shave

Unique Selling Point:

  • Tons Of Useful Room Inside
  • All Fixings Are Supplied

The demister functions through the rocker switch on the interior of the cabinet close to the shaver outlet. Click on the button to (1) is to switch on (0) to convert off. The demister will be successful roughly 3 to 5 minutes following turning on, so vapour free sight is stimulated by a movement sensor.

Specs: 240V | 12 Kg | 650 x 600mm | IP44 | IR Sensor

This Salbay backlit LED cosmetic mirror on/off infrared movement sensor for the hands-free process is positioned directly below the cabinet upon the right side.
Put the electric powered toothbrush on the top ledge well hidden, and you can charge as needed. You can place racks at the preferred height, so there is plenty of space for your bathroom necessities.

It comes with 10 year components guarantee, as well as maker warranty. Skyline is a 'beautiful mirror with LED's' operating in an extremely power efficient manner, the ideal accessory for the bigger bathroom. Infra red sensing unit is included to switch on lighting, plus a twin voltage shaver outlet incorporated.
[Rating: 8/10]   £179   Get It → Salbay Backlit LED Bathroom Mirror  

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: Aquariss Design LED Bathroom Mirror

The LED lit-up mirror with infra-red sensing unit, de-misting pad, electric powered shaver outlet, continuous bright LED lamps and background lighting.

This mirror functions an on/off sensor transition, full-sized de-mister pad and '240v electric shaver plug' situated around the bottom part.


  • Several Dimensions Offered
  • Landscape Or Portrait Align


  • None at all

LED Bathroom Mirror Light With White Sink

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Contemporary Chic Appearance
  • Demister Anti-Fog Functional

Unique Selling Point:

  • Mirror For The Entire Family
  • All Lighting Is Energy Efficient

Specs: 700 x 500mm | IP44 | Depth 45mm | Cool White LED

IP44 accredited zones 2 and 3 with white continual LED lights, which are pleasingly as vibrant as fluorescent tube lighting.

Ambient back-lit illumination, power saving of approximately 120000 hours life-span, straightforward 10 years guarantee, created and constructed to very high requirements.
[Rating: 9/10]   £129   Get It → Aquariss LED Bath Mirror Light  

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: Anti-Fog LED Backlit Bathroom Mirrors With De-Mister

: Artis Bathroom Mirror With LED Light

This particular lit-up LED mirror is really an attractive approach to transforming your bathroom decor. A fashionable, however practical style with 66 energy-saving LED lamps, it offers you with a high-class feel with minimum electrical power.


  • Light For Make-Up Experience
  • Illumination Dimmer Features


  • None here

Bathroom Mirror With LED Light With Cream Sink

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Easy Wall Mounted Set Up
  • IP44 Water Resistant Rating

Unique Selling Point:

  • Water Splashing Safeguarding
  • Lighting Memory Functionality

Specs: 500 x 700mm | Anti-Fog LED | 6.78 Kg | Rectangular

Top quality, ideal for your bath room with 2 rows of 66 led lamps in total. The Artis lights possess a life time of over 50000 hours working profile and the de-mister pad makes certain that you have got a clear, 'steam free' mirror every time. Energy-saving features to decrease your home electricity bill expenses.
[Rating: 8/10]   £66   Get It → Artis Bathroom Mirror LED  

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: Mirrors With Smart Movement Light Sensors

Instead of needing to dry both hands after activating the light in your mirror - you also contact switches on the LED mirror. You can just wave your hand over the movement sensor element, and the illumination will switch on and off gracefully.

: Trendy Mirrors Bath And Body Grooming

Bathroom vanity mirrors with lights are a fashionable and useful choice because they present bright enough lighting for putting on cosmetic make-up products, bath and body goods, and for grooming or trimming hair. The light is likewise created bright or sufficiently dim to make a soothing atmosphere.

: Are Bathroom Illuminated Mirrors Eco-Friendly?

Bathroom mirrors with heated demisters make the perfect approach in the restroom. The anti-fogging mirror incorporates a warm pad to avoid the mirror from vapour when having a shower or using the bathtub, therefore no more cleaning the mirror regularly.

Many LED mirrors with an electric shaver outlet will make a significant acquisition with your bathroom as well. There is an incorporated shaver plug generally situated on the outside of the mirror, permitting you to just enjoy your illuminated bathroom mirror with shaver socket.

Our LED back-lit bathroom mirrors create an outstanding style declaration. With one of our lit up rest-room decorative mirrors, you can shed some illumination on your shaving routine.

A stylish and modern day take on the standard 'shaving for men' mirrors. Select from LED bathroom mirrors installed with extended life, reduced power lights or back-lit designs.