LED Backlit Bathroom Mirrors With Shave Socket

Updated 09/04/2020:
These beautiful LED backlit bathroom mirrors are smartly created with an excellent complement for virtually any bathroom with demister pad and UK shaver socket. A perfect vanity option for improving lifestyles, bathroom cabinets or mirrors will behave as a statement and central aspect.

: S'bagno Backlit LED Illuminated MakeUp Mirror

Backlit LED Bathroom MakeUp Mirror With Dimmer

£99   S'bagno Backlit LED MakeUp Mirror - Get It!  

: Pebble Elana LED Bathroom Lights Around Mirror

LED Bathroom Lights Around Rectangular Mirror

£199   Pebble LED Bath Lights Around Mirror - Get It!  

: Artforma Backlit LED Light-Up Bathroom Mirror

Backlit Light-Up Bathroom Mirror On Tiled Wall

£131   Artforma Backlit Light-Up Mirror - Get It!  

: Warmiehomy LED Bathroom Mirror With Demister

LED Bathroom Mirror With Demister Pad

£119   Warmiehomy LED Bathroom Mirror - Get It!  

: Neue Bathroom Mirror With LED Lights

Stylish bathroom LED lit mirror includes a couple of shelves within the cabinet, ideal to arrange your toiletry items and get on with your washing with no difficulties.

Two sides of the mirror may be adjusted to the the appropriate height. An effective de-mister will take up to 3 minutes to eliminate all mist from your mirror.

Bathroom Mirror With LED Lights With Cabinet Door

With power saving LED lamps and a fashionable contemporary designed mirror, this style will make your bathroom look sophisticated.

You will find there's a 'shaver socket inside the mirror' with twin voltage 120/240v. It is easy to charge up your tooth brush, hair dryer or electric operated shaving equipment.
[Rating: 9/10]   £199   Get It → Neue Bathroom Mirror LED Lit

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: Pebble Bathroom Mirror With Light LED

This lit LED illuminated bathroom mirror provides a little class for virtually any rest room. Additionally, it features a demister pad, that is concealed at the rear of the mirror and maintains the mirror free from vapour, moisture build-up or condensation.

Bathroom Mirror With Lights And Demister

This mirror can also be operated by a (No Touch Sensing) unit, which means the lights will switch on at the wave of one's hand across it. Each of the bathroom mirrors include a 10 years guarantee for your reassurance. IP44 ranking indicates this bathroom mirror can be installed in rest room areas 2 and over.
[Rating: 9/10]   £179   Get It → Pebble Bathroom Mirror With Light

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: Salbay Backlit LED Bathroom Mirror

This specific bathroom mirror with infra-red sensing unit trigger lighting and full-sized demister pad for a clean and steam free, crystal clear mirror. Dual voltage separate shaver outlet light type 96 x 0.07 Watts power saving day-light LED lights - similar to our home indoor sensor light items.

LED Bathroom Mirror With Grey Background

It comes with 10 year components guarantee, as well as maker warranty. Skyline is a 'beautiful mirror with LED's' operating in an extremely power efficient manner, the ideal accessory for the bigger bathroom. Infra red sensing unit is included to switch on lighting, plus a twin voltage shaver outlet incorporated.
[Rating: 9/10]   £119   Get It → Salbay Backlit Bathroom Mirror

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: Quavikey Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Shaver Socket

Illuminated Bathroom Mirror With White Socket

£109   Quavikey Illuminated Bathroom Mirror - Get It!  

: Aquariss Design LED Bathroom Mirror

The LED lit-up mirror with infra-red sensing unit, de-misting pad, electric powered shaver outlet, continuous bright LED lamps and background lighting.

This mirror functions an on/off sensor transition, full-sized de-mister pad and '240v electric shaver plug' situated around the bottom part.

LED Bathroom Mirror Light With White Sink

IP44 accredited zones 2 and 3 with white continual LED lights, which are pleasingly as vibrant as fluorescent tube lighting.

Ambient back-lit illumination, power saving of approximately 120000 hours life-span, straightforward 10 years guarantee, created and constructed to very high requirements.
[Rating: 9/10]   £93   Get It → Aquariss LED Bath Mirror Light

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Anti-Fog LED Backlit Bathroom Mirrors With De-Mister

: Elegant LED Back Lit Bathroom Mirror

Good quality 5mm silver supported glass mirror with an excellent reflection each and every time is accented with an attractive frosted glass framework.

LED illumination strip on the body provides a wonderful gleam - and is run by a straightforward and sophisticated chrome coated pull cord.

LED Lit Bathroom Mirror With Wood Background

Excellent for your vanity system, sink in the rest room or en-suite. Complete your bathroom fashionably with this magnificent ambient lighting impact reflection. Frosted border silver back glass is complimented with 'LED lighting strip lamps' on the structure, providing an attractive sparkle.
[Rating: 9/10]   £72   Get It → Elegant LED Back Lit Mirror

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: Warmiehomy LED Bathroom Mirror De-Mister

An impressive price for this delightful LED lit bathroom mirror. Back-lit decorative mirrors really are a genuinely lovely furnishing in which to boost your bathroom.

A nice style with obscured illumination accessories to give your household an extravagant feel with minimum electric powered work for optimum impact.

LED Bathroom Illuminated Mirror In Rest Room

Back-lit mirrors supply a kind of mysterious atmosphere for your house and make a comforting ambiance. They can charge up your shaver or electric tooth brush whenever LED's are off.

An electric pad installed in the back of the mirror maintains the mirror mist free - and an electronic sensing unit equipped at the edge of the mirror 'picks up motion' and switches the mirror on and off - simply wave your hand in front of it.
[Rating: 9/10]   £118   Get It → Warmiehomy LED Bathroom Mirror

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: Janboe Bathroom Mirror With LED Light

This particular lit-up LED mirror is really an attractive approach to transforming your bathroom decor. A fashionable, however practical style with 66 energy-saving LED lamps, it offers you with a high-class feel with minimum electrical power.

Bathroom Mirror With LED Light With Cream Sink

Top quality, ideal for your bath room with 2 rows of 66 led lamps in total. The lights possess a life time of over 50000 hours working profile and the de-mister pad makes certain that you've got a clear, 'steam free' mirror every time. Energy-saving features to decrease your home electricity bill expenses.
[Rating: 9/10]   £92   Get It → Janboe Bathroom Mirror LED

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Our LED backlit bathroom mirrors create an outstanding style declaration. With one of our lit up rest-room decorative mirrors, you can shed some illumination on your shaving routine.

A stylish and modern day take on the standard 'shaving for men' mirrors. Select from LED bathroom mirrors installed with extended life, reduced power lights, or back-lit designs.