10 Fashionable Chrome Towel Radiators For Chilly Mornings

The best bathroom towel radiators that maintain your area warm and comfortable, whilst guaranteeing your towels will always be dry and warm. The perfect space-saving small heated towel rail choices for virtually any home heating system with several classy designs to choose from.

01: Maine Chrome Electric Heated Towel Rail Bathrooms

This specific 120 x 60 cm straight style chrome bath towel rail gives you a superior quality radiator with a reasonable price.

Electric powered towel rails permit you to warm your bathrooms without needing to put your complete heating system on, therefore it is a lot more power efficient and can save a little money.

Electric Heated Towel Rail For Bathrooms In Polished Chrome

Maine Electric Heated Towel Rail For Bathrooms

The towel rails are created to provide optimum 'high temperature output', and for your own reassurance - also present is an industry leading 10 year warranty on all items. The assurance signifies that there is no doubt that your bath towel rail will last for a long time.
[Rating: 9/10] - £47 Get It → Maine Heated Towel Rail For Bathrooms

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02: iBath UK Electric Stainless Steel Towel Radiator

An opulent electric powered stainless steel towel radiator with a reasonable price tag. This lavish heater includes higher heat energy production and denser rails compared to additional average towel bars you can buy.

The electric powered rails enable you to warm-up your bathroom minus being forced to commit your entire central heating organisation on.

Top-Grade UK Steel Towel Radiator On Tiled Wall

iBath UK Stainless Steel Towel Radiator

It's much more energy competent and is going to save you cash, but for your particular reassurance - additionally extended is an industry conducing 10 years warranty on practically all the merchandises.

It's possible to be rest reassured that your towel bar is going to endure a long time. It incorporates anti-freeze fluid, wall angle brackets as well as required components.
[Rating: 9/10] - £67 Get It → iBath UK Steel Towel Radiator

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03: Kudox Chrome Heated Towel Rail For Bathroom

This particular high, rounded ladder design heated bath towel rail with good quality chrome finish creates a high temperature production of 370 Watts.

It's sufficient to maintain your towels heated - and heat up a compact bathroom or cloak-room in no time. It includes a fixing package for home wall structure installation.

Chrome Heated Towel Rail With Black Background

Kudox Chrome Heated Towel Rail For Bathroom

This specific minimalist towel rail provides 23 rounded horizontal steps and offers a practical and classy centre-piece for just about any modern day bath environment.

It provides 22mm bars that offer an increased output and enhanced appearance. Ideal for all home heating solutions, this bath towel rail links to your home heating system.
[Rating: 8.5/10] - £73 Get It → Kudox Chrome Heated Towel Rail

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04: Rhinorails Steel Electric Towel Rail Bath Ladder

With an elevation of 81cm, along with 12 side to side bars created from 1.2mm heavy steel, this specific bath towel warmer is designed for the smaller to mid-sized bath room.

It's finished in refined steel, that not just provides it a contemporary and opulent look, but additionally causes it to be durable and incredibly simple to clean.

Electric Towel Rail Bathroom Ladder Style

Rhinorails Ergo Electric Towel Rail Bath Room

The Ergo 600 Midi is produced from quality 304 stainless-steel for best home heating performance as well as high temperature circulation. The heated bath towel rails may be transformed in to 'electric powered only' models with the addition of an electrical heating unit and blanking connector.
[Rating: 9/10] - £140 Get It → Rhino Electric Towel Rail Bath Room

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05: Warme Haus Chrome Bathroom Heated Towel Rail

This first-class quality bathroom heated towel rail with present-day flat pane supplying high temperature production to warm up your towels, and in addition your bathroom space.

Constructed from 22 mm diameter durable steel including a robust superiority steel coated finish - it possesses a 10 years warranty with maximal functioning 7 bar.

Steel Layer Bathroom Heated Towel Rail Flat Style

W-H Bathroom Heated Towel Rail

The modern-day heated towel bar radiator characteristics associate to your central heating arrangement, just like a regular radiator - or perhaps transform to dual fuel for hot towels virtually all year. A fixing bundle is incorporated complete with connectors plus outlets.
[Rating: 9/10] - £99 Get It → W-Haus Bathroom Heated Towel Rail

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06: Curve Chrome Heated Electric Towel Rail Radiator

This towel rail features a good quality steel coated finish with 22mm smooth bars. The design of the towel rail enhances the total number of horizontal bars.

They are of 22mm diameter for much 'better high temperature outcomes'. Tilted or corner valves for pipework coming from the wall structure.

Curved Heated Electric Towel Rail In Chrome Plating

Curved Chrome Heated Electric Towel Rail

The high temperature production of the bath towel rails are accomplished through the sourcing of top quality steel, completed with in excess of 50 microns chrome.

This bathroom towel rail may be attached to a central home heating system whenever equipped with a couple of appropriate valves.
[Rating: 9/10] - £126 Get It → Curved Heated Electric Towel Rail

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07: Phoenix Bathroom Electric Towel Warmer Heated Rail

Enjoy a traditional look in your bath room while maintaining it warm and comfortable, using the fashionable Flavia heated bathroom towel rail by Phoenix.

It's a flexible radiator with a stylish structure and good quality stainless steel finish. This particular towel rail incorporates a high temperature production of 712 BTU each hour, as well as 209 Watts.

Electric Towel Warmer In Polished Steel

Phoenix Flavia Bathroom Electric Towel Warmer

It's going to supply a constant and continuous supply of high temperature anytime it is utilised, and will heat bath towels through.

It's measurements are 80cm x 30cm, so is streamlined enough to be utilised in modest bathrooms, and is operated by electrical energy so that you can heat the bathroom without activating the gas central heating system.
[Rating: 9/10] - £175 Get It → Phoenix Bathroom Electric Towel Warmer

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08: SMH Flat Styled Bathroom Chrome Towel Radiator

Bathroom chrome towel radiator with a variety of crossbars, 16 pipes every 6.8 cm broad, 12 mm deep and nicely separated directly in to 5 divisions 2,3,5 range with piping centre 55 cm. It will have to be plumbed directly in to your central heating organisation, but this edition is a very fashionable item with a present-day style.

High calibre chrome coated conclusion comprising of 3 layers. First coating of copper to establish the metal surface area silkier plus 2nd coating of nickel to safeguard the stainless steel and forestall corroding. Third coating of metal to establish an exceptionally refined finish.

Bar Design Chrome Towel Radiator On Brick Wall

Wall structure mounted where joints are welded adopting top quality silver/copper through an automated and computerised welding equipment, essential for a perfect finish. The chrome bathroom radiator is high pressure examined twice throughout the constructing procedure, and practically all fixtures, components and set-up guide are incorporated.
[Rating: 9/10] - £179 Get It → SMH Bathroom Chrome Towel Radiator

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09: Hapilife Steel Anthracite Small Heated Towel Rail

This high calibre configured steel anthracite small heated towel rail is a pleasing to the eye fashionable radiator specifically acquired to fuse with the inside of your bathroom space, offering a high heating system production to warm-up the towels in addition to your entire bathroom.

An impressive designer radiator that will correspond to the elegance of any interior, regardless if that be stripped and down-played etc, an extremely contemporary present-day, or perhaps a less altered conventional design. A rather fashionable radiator concept that has been created to a high calibre, possessing an advanced system.

Small Heated Towel Rail In Steel Anthracite

A styled and directly heated up towel warmer with easily altered bars in an anthracite coal colour 900 x 500 mm. Professional and high protection EU standard that extends 400 hours of neutral salt misting examination. Treble coated copper as well as steel, with a dense coating of nickel.

This electric heated towel rail radiator is the finest value you can buy, in addition a sector leading 15 years warranty on all merchandises. This implies that it's possible to rest guaranteed that your radiator is going to endure the examination of time.
[Rating: 9/10] - £99 Get It → Hapilife Small Heated Towel Rail

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10: Vecchio Victorian Chrome Bathroom Towel Radiator

A conventional chrome bathroom towel radiator that delivers with 8 ribs in white with stylish chrome environment. Pipe centre on 58 cm essential to be plumbed directly in to central heating organisation. Regular model comes with a fashionable styling tipped top rail, just right for towels.

High calibre steel coated environment comprising of 3 coatings. First layer from copper to constitute the steel surface area more fluent. Second coating of nickel to safeguard the metal and forestall corroding. Third coating of steel to establish an exceptionally refined conclusion.

Carbon Steel Heated Bathroom Towel Radiator

Floor supporting joints are entirely welded adopting top quality silver and copper through an automated welding device for a perfect conclusion. High pressure screened twice throughout the fabricating procedure. All of the electric towel radiator fixtures, components and manual are enclosed. Radiator valves aren't added, however can effortlessly be bought independently.
[Rating: 9/10] - £149 Get It → Victorian Bathroom Towel Radiator

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Best Electric Towel Warmers In Stainless Steel For Bathrooms

With our chrome electric heated towel rails for bathrooms, can there be anything superior to a wonderfully heated up bath towel whenever you come out the bath-tub, or the shower area on those chilly winter season mornings?

Our selection of designer heated rails provide a myriad of choices to heat your bathroom and warm-up your dressing gowns.

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