Small Condenser Tumble Dryers In Black, Silver Or White

Updated 13/01/2022:
Here you can buy the best compact condenser tumble dryers from the brand names with sensor drying capabilities. Modern but cheap A rated condenser tumble dryers with a small width in black, grey, silver or white finish, ample drum size and handy timer delay plus more.

What's A Condenser Tumble Dryer?
A condenser tumble dryer functions by extracting moisture from clothes and saving it in an easily-removed container, great if you cannot vent to the exterior of your house utilising a pipe.

: Beko 10Kg Freestanding Condenser Tumble Dryer

This exceptional condenser tumble dryer consists of a big porthole, exquisite for big loads and sheets. To stop over-drying, the sensor drying process instantly stops the cycle whenever ideal drying has been attained, flawlessly safeguarding your washing laundry.

Regarding extra convenience, the Beko 10Kg condenser tumble dryer includes several timed plans, helping you decide on the best option. Blocking over-drying, the sensor programmes determine the degree of humidity inside the drum and instantly quits when the best dryness grade is achieved.

White 10Kg Condenser Dryer Machine
Beko 10 Kg Condenser Tumble Dryer

Along with helping you save time and money, the appliance will take advantage of far better care and safeguards. Launching your tumble dryer with more significant items is more straightforward with the more extensive port entry.

Stunning for when you cannot unload your washing immediately, the automated anti-creasing function occasionally revolves around the drum for about 2 hours following a cycle completion. This isolates your washing to lower wrinkles.


  • Great For Bedding
  • Easy To Load Up


  • Not here

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Will Never Over Dry
  • Low Energy Consumption

Unique Selling Point:

  • Dial And Big Buttons
  • Auto Anti-Crease Plan

Assisting you to find an excellent system to match your everyday plan, this particular Beko DTLC100051W 10Kg condenser tumble dryer model offers time centred choices. This indicates you can pre-select the most effective drying period for your personal laundry washing.

Specs: Dial | 670 kWh | 66 dB (A) | 84 x 59 x 63 cm | 37.5 Kg | Kids Lock

Helping you save needing to clear the water on your own. It can be attached to the tube for immediate and straightforward water removal.

Compact Condenser Tumble Dryer In White

£249   Beko Compact Condenser Dryer 10Kg - Get It!  

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: Hoover Condenser Tumble Dryer Sensor Drying

The condenser tumble dryer comes with an 8 Kg load total capacity. It features 14 plans, including 4 smart sensor dry possibilities and timed drying out action. Ideal for medium-sized households, this particular dryer is fashioned with style and functionality at heart.

Being a condenser, the Hoover HLEC8LG freestanding tumble dryer will not need another wall structure vent out. The vapour is attracted straight into the condensing holding chamber, transformed back to the water. The condensed water can now be accumulated into the front water carrier.

Presenting an ingenious (Sensor Dry) system, this product permits you to arrange the amount of dryness you need. The clothes dryer shuts down routinely when this level of drying is accomplished. The equipment prevents over-drying and is accessible on expenses with the appropriate power.

White Tumble Dryer Home Appliance
Hoover HLEC8LG Condenser Tumble Dryer

Another critical point is this dryer comes extensively with a (One Touch) concept, so you will link this model together with your Google Android mobile phone. This permits you to include supplemental programmes, screen cycles and manage diagnostic inspections on your appliance.

(Crease Free) is a convenient characteristic suitable for drying a load with varying materials. It creates the ideal moisture to reduce folds and make ironing reasonably easy.

Sensor drying registers the quantity of moisture in each and every load and then instantly modifies configurations to accommodate. The appliance will conveniently stop the dryer cycle when the load is definitely dry, helping you save time, money and other resources.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • A Rated Condenser Tumble Dryer
  • Get The Dryness That You Require

Unique Selling Point:

  • Low Kilowatt Hours Per Annum
  • Intelligent Anti Crease In-Built

The Features:


  • Fully Woolmark Approved
  • Active Sensor Technology


  • None..

Hoover HLEC8LG freestanding condenser tumble dryer AquaVision is a unique trademarked water reservoir constructed straight into the tumble dryer entry door. The ergonomic reservoir makes it simple to determine when the water demands draining.

The machine possesses a practical handle, rendering it straightforward to eliminate for draining and transporting in a similar manner like a modest carrier.

Specs: Anti Allergy | 69 dB | A+++ - G | 85 x 60 x 60 cm | 33 Kg | 800 RPM

This unique appliance will allow you to opt for the standard of dryness you may want. There are 3 possibilities: Ready Iron, Cupboard Dry, and more Extra Dry options.

Condenser Dryer With Black LCD Settings

£259   Hoover SensorDry Dryer - Get It!  

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: Candy Grand O'Vita Condenser Tumble Dryer

This innovative and practical condenser tumble dryer from the Vita collection provides a 9 Kg potential. It incorporates 14 drying programmes to pick from and quick-drying choices. The ingenious (Sensor Dry) feature lets you find the drying level you need via 4 models.

The Candy Grand O'Vita GVSC9DCGR freestanding condenser tumble dryer equipment will immediately shut off whenever it detects this degree has been achieved.
The machine helps you save time and effort. Additionally, you can make use of the (Timed Drying) performance that will permit you to establish the cycle for a particular period.

This is a beautiful selection for mid-sized homes. Brilliant sensor drying causes it to become successful as it registers the quantity of humidity in every single load. After that, it routinely tunes its options to accommodate. You will only ever utilise the ideal amount of power.

Graphite Tumble Dryer Appliance
Candy Grand O'Vita Condenser Tumble Dryer

Due to the wool system, you can maintain all your preferred knitted things looking fantastic too. It employs lower temperatures to guard sensitive textiles.

This design furthermore works together with the Smart Touch app. That permits you to keep track of the cycle, and in many cases, obtain new programmes for your Android mobile.


  • Control Via App On Phone
  • Saves Power And Energy


  • No

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Arrange Cycle To Suit You
  • Faster Drying Alternatives

Unique Selling Point:

  • Very Reasonable Price Tag
  • Choose Dryness For Ironing

NFC technology permits you to hook up to the machine through an app on Android mobile phones. This will help you pick, track cycles and function analysis assessments.

The Candy Grand O'Vita GVSC9DCGR condenser tumble dryer machine will immediately quit the cycle when it recognises that the load is dried out. This system avoids going before the timer finishes, conserving time, electric power and cash.

Specs: Rapid Dry | A+++ D | 85 x 60 x 58 cm | 1400 RPM | 68 dB | 220V

Fast Dry selections let you affect the time of an automated cycle so that it may be finished rapidly if you are in a hurry. There are about three possibilities to decide on (30, 45 and 60 minutes).

Condenser Dryer With Round Door

£285   Candy Grand OVita Tumble Dryer - Get It!  

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: Typical Condenser Dryer Features

You will have to empty the dryer container following every cycle, but there are numerous tumble dryers available today starting from basic to high-end. The first resolution you should make is whether or not you want a vented or an excellent small condenser tumble dryer for the kitchen.

: Ease Of Use And Performance

The sort of tumble dryer you acquire may have a significant impact on the simplicity of use, cost and electric power performance, thus its crucial to evaluate a few. The small-sized tumble dryers are practical because they can be placed anywhere, so long as the room is perfectly well ventilated.

: Simply No Vent Out Needed

A small condenser tumble dryer is fantastic for homes where it might not be feasible to set-up a vent to discharge the moist air. Water extracted from machine washed clothing during the routine is gathered in a tub which you empty frequently - some types use the domestic washer plumbing for this.

: Successful Condensing Functionality

Several recent version Hoover 8 Kg condenser tumble dryers possess the heat pump concept integrated. Pump dryers are presently the 'most successful' available that function based on the condensing theory to keep the withdrawn heat and employ it to warm up clean air coming in the appliance.

: About Heat Pump Tumble Dryers

Heat pump electric dryers are higher priced, although selling prices have fallen within the last few years. The heated air is re-circulated and then handed through a pump for recycling, making these types of designs genuinely cost-effective appliances.

: Compared To The Vented Dryer

Although a vented tumble dryer dries the linen washed, it produces loads of moist air. This sort of clothes dryer has to be mounted near another vent which has been installed into an exterior wall structure, permitting the damp air to funnel outside the house.

: Hotpoint NT M11 82XB Condenser Machine Dryer

Offering an 8Kg volume, although as a section of this collection, the clothes tumble dryer includes a selection of specific drying programmes and capabilities to ensure your family's washing is machine dried to the best standard every time.

Dryer In All White Colour


  • Sensor Dry Function
  • VG Energy Rating


  • None whatsoever

White Tumble Dryer Machine
Hotpoint NT M11 82XB Condenser Dryer

The sensor machine drying makes use of clever sensors to observe the humidity and heat ranges within the drum of the equipment for optimum power effectiveness.

Additional capabilities incorporate a 9 hour delay timer, which provides you the versatility to dry clothes when you prefer. Proportions of this quality dryer are h85.1 x w59.7 x d58.5 cm.
(Rating: 9/10)   £409   Get It   Hotpoint NT M11 82XB Condenser Tumble Dryer  

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: Siemens Condenser Clothes Dryer Machine

Featuring an attractive glass door and white finish, the compact clothes condenser tumble dryer appears every bit the revolutionary home equipment. There is a big softDry stainless steel textured drum.

Condenser Clothes Dryer In White

The Features:


  • Internal Drum Light
  • Remaining Time LCD


  • Pricey..

White Freestanding Tumble Dryer
Siemens Freestanding Tumble Dryer

A 'children's lock' safeguards from injury by guaranteeing the appliance cannot be opened up throughout operation. The fully digital switch and LCD display provide you with total management over your machine drying efforts.

Additional options for this equipment consist of: lingerie cycle, outdoor, combined textiles, bathroom towels, bedding, shirts, 30 minute warm and woollen's.
(Rating: 8/10)   £679   Get It   Siemens Condenser Clothes Dryer  

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: Bosch Serie 6 Dryer Quick Programmes

Lovingly created with a neat glass style door and a modern white stainless steel appearance, the 8 Kg volume dryer would make an attractive inclusion to every home.

Smart Sensor Dryer With Glass Style Door

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Quiet And Powerful
  • Easy To Read Screen

Unique Selling Point:

  • Partial Load Plans
  • Lowest Power Usage

The Features:

White Serie 6 Dryer Machine
Bosch Serie 6 Dryer

Because of a delicate drying technique, your garments are looked after as well. An inside light source in the drum enables you to as always, see your clothing, while the children's lock helps to protect little kids from injury by ensuring the appliance can not be exposed in the course of performing.
(Rating: 9/10)   £699   Get It   Bosch Serie 6 Smart Dryer Machine  

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: Small Condenser Dryer For Under-Counter Space

The primary aspect you will have to reflect on when deciding between a freestanding or integrated dryer version is if you want the cheap condenser dryer home appliance to be on display or concealed within your kitchen cabinet structure.

: Integrated In A Cabinet Or Freestanding?

Freestanding smaller condenser tumble dryer designs can be positioned just about anywhere you have floor space, while integrated models are created in a cabinet. Freestanding is much easier to set up, although the built-in need minimal work - a cabinet door will require fixing to the front side.

: Hot Moist Air Through The Window

Vented tumble dryers function by expelling warm or hot moist air using a tube, and out of a convenient window - possibly a vent within an exterior wall structure. They are really less expensive when compared to a washing machine dryer, condenser or advanced heat pump products.

: Water Tank Under The Machine

The compact condenser tumble dryers here never need an outwardly vented hose pipe so you will take pleasure in the independence of putting them anywhere you choose, provided the area is airy. Water taken from your garments is gathered in a container under the equipment.

: Automated Drying And Shrinkage

There are a couple of different methods to avoid shrinking. Among the best is to select a tumble dryer with 'automated drying' efficiency, which immediately completes when clothing is dried out. This will likely save your electric power expenses as well as your garments.

: Energy Efficient Tumble Dryers

Additionally, you can choose any slimline condenser dryer with heat pump concept, which dries clothing even more energy successfully and with more considerable attention, or possibly a tumble dryer that offers committed drum movements engineered to safeguard sensitive fibres.

: Eliminating Dryer Moist Air

Many vented tumble dryers have to be situated alongside a window, entrance door or outer wall to eliminate the moist air; therefore you should present an external vent out built-in the wall structure - or suspend the pipe from the home window.

: Smaller Size Compact Condenser Tumble Dryers From £200

The quiet performing A rated condenser tumble dryers with substantial sized drums for rapid drying even larger loads. They easily prevent tangling and reduce creasing with the most up to date sensor condenser clothes dryer versions using much less power.

Crucial Tumble Dryer Location

The good cheap condenser dryers generally cost a bit more than the vented versions, but its worthwhile spending the additional cash if you need the choice of placing the electric dryer anywhere you prefer, or to prevent setting up a vent out etc.

: AEG T6DBG821N Condenser Tumble Dryer 8 Kg

This particular Lavatherm 8 Kg front loading condenser tumble dryer features a sufficient total capacity, good B rated energy proficiency and operates incredibly silently as a result of (Silent Technique).

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Delicate Washing Options
  • Airflow Within The Drum

Unique Selling Point:

  • Cupboard Dry And Extra Dry
  • Perfect For Large Jumpers

Dryer In Bright White


  • Reverse Tumble Action
  • ProSense Tumble Drying


  • Never..

The unit features a full range of options on it's electronic display and uncomplicated rotary management. Delicate and more 'consistent drying' out of every load, modest or huge, cotton or delicates, supplies most effective protection of your clothing.

It's finished in a long-lasting multi-layer galvanising technique, which will not corrode, even if scraped, thus maintaining it's stylish visual appearance over several years.
(Rating: 9/10)   £549   Get It   AEG T6DBG821N Silent Tumble Dryer  

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: Samsung Series 5+ DV90T5240AW/S1 OptiDry Dryer

Finished with a glass door and a modern day white appearance, the 8Kg capability condenser tumble dryer can make an appealing supplement to any residence. It is possible to maintain outfits looking brand new because of (Diamond Drum) engineering.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Smart Heat Sensors
  • Door Reverse Usage

Unique Selling Point:

  • Excellent Energy Savings
  • Use Quick Plus OptimalDry

Dryer With Open Door in White


  • Filter Clean Alert
  • Less Energy Usage


  • None at all..

A big LED display and an alterable door are present. An extremely impressive option for considering any problems with your clothes dryer is available in the form of an intelligent check. Your smartphone enables you to determine any concerns, decreasing the dependence on locating the manual and avoiding unneeded professional assistance etc.
(Rating: 9/10)   £740   Get It   Samsung Series 5+ Tumble Dryer  

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: Variable Heat Drying Configurations

Most heat pump condenser tumble dryers with variable temperature configurations assist you to dry clothing at best suited temperature without influencing the material or support the correct amount of moisture content.

: Keep Some Moisture In Garments

Dry your clothes extensively but keep some moisture to get more organic drying; therefore they are ready to put on faster, or draw out the saturated liquid and finish drying on the washing line to keep fibres intact with more energy efficiency.

: Programmes And Cycle Periods

Many 9 Kg condenser tumble dryers are very convenient to use with a sensor, generally having considerably more programmes to assist influence the duration of the cycle. Ordinarily, you'll discover cabinet dry, line drying, iron dry, synthetic care, easy ironing and anti-crease options.

A 'big drum capacity' but small condenser tumble dryer is among the most power efficient means of drying the laundry because garments usually take a fraction of the time to dry when compared to small or modest dryers. The capacity for standard freestanding equipment run from 6 Kg up to 9 Kg.

The small size tumble dryers we evaluate here are really flexible so you can set one any place in the household because they just plug-in and are prepared to go. They gather water from the routine laundry in a compartment which can be under the appliance.

The clothes dryer will tell you when the container is filled, and it is then merely not that hard to eliminate and unload it. We hope you find your perfect compact condenser tumble dryer here on this website - and thanks for reading.