The Best Washing Machine And Tumble Dryer Appliances

Updated 29/12/2021:
When your washing state of affairs seem like you're doing 'double' the work, it is prudent to consider a washing machine dryer combo. You will spend a bit more for superfluous trappings and prices will vary. Save frustration unless you access outdoors drying space, or weather conditions are adverse.

The primary issues you will reflect on when shopping for a brand new small tumble dryer washer machine. The key benefits of a washer dryer are of space conserving - unless you have space for an independent automatic washer and tumble dryer, a good washer dryer is the ideal option.

: Hoover H-Wash 500 Washer Dryer Machine

The revolutionary ActiveCare concept via an excellent mixture of water and cleaning agents ensures the utmost care of your garments at the temperature for an ideal washing capability. The electric motor is hard-wearing and highly effective, the best belt solution you can find.

The brushless electric motor is four times longer lasting, decreasing vibration and friction. It stretches the appliance life and assures optimum silence and superb outcomes. The Hoover H-Wash 500 HD496AMBCB washer dryer adapts the clean motion for perfect results and extra productivity.

This particular machine 59 minutes plan is the most suitable when you really need your own washing accomplished in a rush. The specific system lets you clean a complete load of various materials collectively like cotton, synthetics, plus varying garments in less than 60 minutes.

H-Wash 500 Washer Dryer Machine
Hoover H-Wash 500 Washer Dryer

Improve your cleaning functionality using the different (hOn) App that lets you examine the standing of the home appliance. You obtain the conclusion of cycle notice and gain access to greater than 40 supplemental processes.

A sophisticated formula computes and automatically creates the best option programme, establishing laundry detergent and water following fibre and weight. This promises an improved performance without the need for a throwaway lifestyle.


  • Easy Programme Configuration
  • Great Price - Very Reliable


  • None..

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Cycles To Match The Load
  • ECO-Power Electric Motor

Unique Selling Point:

  • Acquire Notifications Via App
  • Diverse Dryness Functionality

(KG Mode) weighs the load throughout the first four minutes and modifies the system's capacity - and the water usage appropriately. Adjustable spin and temperature ranges assist you in changing the spin velocity and heat upon all cycles to accommodate the weight.

Specs: 240V | 58 x 60 x 89 cm | 66 Kg | 1400 RPM | 51 dB | 1224 Kw PY

With sensor dry, the Hoover H-Wash 500 washer dryer equipment will instantly quit the cycle whenever it registers that this load is dry. This action particularly prevents the process carrying on before the timer concludes, all conserving time, power and cash.
With the help of 3 drying out ranges, you will pick the degree you might need, such as IronDry, the CupboardDry option or even ExtraDry output.

Black Washer Dryer Machine In Kitchen

£489   Hoover H-Wash 500 Washer Dryer Machine - Get It!  

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: LG Freestanding Washer Dryer 1400 RPM

With allergy and infant care programmes, the LG steam technological innovation sanitises your garments using pure natural water. Considering the (British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval), your clothing is substantially softer upon your skin.

Protect against textile deterioration and (AI Third) generation direct drive strategy. The LG freestanding washer dryer machine immediately modifies motion throughout any wash load with the splendour of man-made ability to evaluate load weight and soft qualities.

LG ThinQ, together with WiFi functions, automatic washers from just about anywhere, downloading particular cycles and monitoring the electrical power implemented. It operates with Amazon ALEXA concerning voice commands too.

White Washer Dryer 9KG 1400RPM
Freestanding LG Washer Dryer 9KG 1400 RPM

Conserve space and precious time using the electronic washer dryer. Its (Wash and Dry) instruction functions without stopping the equipment. You can actually make a 2 Kg complete cycle within just 200 minutes.

The Pause and Add-Items signify incorporating items to any wash without waiting until the cycle completes. Basically, Push 'Add Item' and wait for the door to open so you can add garments. Subsequently, press (Play) to carry on.


  • Handy Baby Care Options
  • Load Weight Evaluation


  • Not at all

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Full Wash And Dry Continuity
  • Removes Allergens From Wash

Unique Selling Point:

  • Large Family Size Drum
  • Hygienically Beneficial

Laundry washing responsibility is now less complicated as the washer-dryer is loaded with exceptional capabilities present in LG machines. For example, the AI DD system and beltless DirectDrive will instantly register the weight and even softness of your laundry washing.

This LG freestanding washer dryer 9KG model works out the perfect options for your garments, making sure you always receive the best cycle feasibly. Regarding extra convenience, introducing the dryer performance enables the product to accomplish a complete laundry cycle without disturbance.

Specs: 56 x 60 x 85 cm | 67 Kg | Load 9 Kg | 310 Kw | Speed 1400 RPM | 75dB

User-friendly and uncomplicated, the big machine drum within the same size physique implies you can handle a lot more laundry washing. The unique steam systems may remove 99 percent of allergen substances to ensure that your garments are fresh and hygienically clean.

White Washing Machine Dryer

£575   LG Freestanding 9Kg Washer Dryer - Get It!  

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: Indesit Washing Machine And Dryer In One

Take advantage of the (Push and Go), the 8 Kg wash total capacity, 6 Kg drying capability, and Sensor drying. Therefore, it will never overdry garments. Two of the most frequent unsightly stains may be washed at 30 degrees in only 45 minutes. Ten-year components warranty too.

The washing machine clothes dryer offers numerous convenient capabilities to present your garments with the ideal wash and dry every cycle. The Indesit 8 Kg freestanding washer dryer Wash/Dry 45 functionality is a quick, successful cleaning and drying activity for gently soiled pieces.

In only forty-five minutes, clothing is cleaned, dried out and looking forward to your following opportunity. An anti-odour solution is ideal for renewing your dress and effectively eliminating fumes, perspiration and deep-fried food odours.

Freestanding Washer Dryer In White
Indesit 8Kg/6Kg Freestanding Washer Dryer

Anti aroma is an excellent approach to freshen up necessary clothes, trousers, and outfits before venturing out. The (Delicates) action supplies exceptional cleaning and drying measures, plus unequalled care and handling.

Along with highly effective stain elimination on your entire weighty soiled materials, the (Woolmark Apparel Care) action was created to give the best attention to woollen pieces. It preserves them with soft characteristics and convenience.

Conserve space and time using this washing machine dryer. Incorporating extremely successful wash processes with personalised tumble drying, maintain your day on the right track, along with your clothing looking fantastic.


  • Comprehensive Woolmark Care
  • Will Never Overdry Clothing


  • No..

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Will Take Care Of Your Dress
  • Brilliant For All Delicates

Unique Selling Point:

  • A Reliable Washer Dryer Machine
  • Assurance Of 10 Years Guarantee

Showcasing the revolutionary Push/Go system takes a single push to accomplish outstanding everyday washing. Basically, there is no need to pre-treat or even scrub and simply push the specific press button for two mere seconds.

Specs: Push/Go | 54 x 59 x 85 cm | Sensor Dry | 66 Kg | Capacity 8 Kg | 1400 RPM

The Indesit 8 Kg freestanding washer dryer will instantly begin a 30C cycle that is excellent for natural cotton and synthetic garments. The Water-Balance Plus will assist you in reducing your power expenses simply by establishing the quantity of water employed. This is based on every cycle demand, but guarantees minimum squander.

Washing Machine Tumble Dryer In Silver Grey

£345   Indesit Washing Machine Tumble Dryer - Get It!  

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: Practical Usage Washer And Dryer Combos

With our thoughts and opinions, this unique machine need not be considered a forbidding issue as washing machine dryers accomplish numerous rewards. You may even realise that you merely utilise the washer and dryer combo in the cold/wet weather, such as when you cannot conveniently 'air the laundry' on any washing line.

The straightforward option should be to be careful once packing the appliance and strive for just a little more than a fifty percent load; therefore you should not proceed beyond the boundary. Experimentation will need to soon explain to you what precisely succeeds and what does not necessarily.

: Energy Consumption And Drum Sizes

A hybrid machine will frequently turn out more affordable when compared to two individual products. The combo machines have a reasonably modest drying potential because of the more compact drum specifications - washer dryers cannot dry out precisely the same amount of clothes as they will likely clean.

: Washing As Opposed To Drying Capability

As far as improved energy consumption goes, the drying procedure uses even more power than cleaning, therefore should you be accustomed to drying your garments on the washing line or stand, this will likely supplement your energy consumption and raise your expenses.

The overall capability can be among the critical factors when shopping for any washer dryer appliance since all built-in washing machine dryers can dry out smaller sized loads than they can wash.

This issue is because the drum utilised in each procedure is comparable; nevertheless, the drum specifications required to dry out is more significant than the drum proportions necessary to wash precisely the same amount of outfits. Whenever drying, there has to be sufficient space for ample air to circulate throughout the clothing.

: Check Clothes Weight For Issues

If you wish to start a 6Kg weight, you will have to eliminate 2Kg of clothes before the drying out routine begins - which usually isn't specifically practical. The choice is to execute a 4 Kg load - after this, you do not have to consider it, and you may allow the system function it's complete cycle with no involvement. The situation then is how can you show what 4 Kg of garments will offer.

: AEG Freestanding Washer Dryer Combo

White 8Kg Washer Dryer Machine
AEG Freestanding Washer Dryer


  • Dualsense For All Fabrics
  • New Steam Option Featured


  • None here

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Many Programmes To Suit You
  • Dries And Reduces Wrinkles

Unique Selling Point:

  • Manages Delicates Perfectly
  • Full Wash And Dry Cycle Care

Specs: DualSense | 60 x 60 x 85 cm | 6 Kg Dry Load | 1600 RPM Spin

3 Big White Appliances

£699   AEG Freestanding Washer Dryer Combo - Get It!  

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: Bosch Serie 6 10Kg Washer Dryer Machine

AutoDry Freestanding Washer Dryer
Bosch Serie 6 Freestanding Washer Dryer


  • Outstanding Washer Dryer
  • EcoSilence Electric Drum


  • A Bit Pricey

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • WaveDrum - SpeedPerfect
  • Dependable Home Appliance

Unique Selling Point:

  • Performance Gentle Cleaning
  • Great For Larger Families

Specs: 61 x 59 x 84 cm | Weight 84 Kg | Capacity 10Kg | 240W | 1400 RPM

Grey Washer Dryer Machine With Open Door

£979   Bosch Serie 6 Home Washer Dryer - Get It!  

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: Candy 9Kg SensorDry Rapido Washer Dryer

White Rapido Washer Dryer Machine
Candy Freestanding Rapido Washer Dryer


  • WiFi Connect This Machine
  • Weighs Your Laundry Load


  • None whatsoever

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Diverse Dryness Results
  • Saves You Time And Cash

Unique Selling Point:

  • Connect To Your Mobile Phone
  • Great Price For This Machine

Specs: 58 x 60 x 89 cm | 64Kg | Load 9Kg | Delay | 220V | 1400 RPM

3 White Free-Stand Machines

£449   Candy Front Load Rapido Washer Dryer - Get It!  

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: Washing Cotton, Woollens Or Delicate Clothes

For automatic washers, a few purchasers could not be more indifferent regarding getting numerous alternatives, while for some - this is a significant concern. Most contemporary equipment will give you virtually all the applications you want to clean various textile choices.

Some choices include natural cotton, woollens, delicate garments and many others with different decisions according to how dirty the clothing. Additionally, where washer dryer combos are involved, we might recommend you think about shopping for some alternatives.

: Machine Drying Implementing A Sensor Device

Versions which attribute this sensor possess detectors which keep an eye on the dampness of your laundry load while it dries. In the event the preferred degree of moisture is met, the equipment ends by itself. For instance, in the fact that you were to choose a (Dry) setting, just about all fluid will be eliminated, but in case you decide on (dry iron setting) some moisture content will most likely be maintained for making ironing less complicated.

The advantages of sensors are that clothing will be safeguarded from probable deterioration brought on by ‘ lower temperature drying, and you will likewise conserve energy (also cash) because the appliance will not carry on and run when the maximum level of dryness is accomplished.

Girl On Machine

: Operating Expenses Versus Bad Drying Weather

The operating expense of a washer dryer could be appreciably more significant than that of an automatic washer as the drying procedure uses significantly more electrical energy when compared to washing exclusively.

: Some Possible Drawbacks..

: Is Your Machine Reasonably Economical?

While you can anticipate being charged up to £50 each year to operate a washer, you will almost certainly pay approximately 90 to £190 per annum to run a combination. In the event the machine is reasonably economical, it must be nearer to the lower of that range. In case you exclusively use the clothes dryer section - you will probably spend much less.

If you utilise the dryer during winter times, you would be taking a look at energy expenses of around £77 every year. Undoubtedly they are exhaustive estimations; nevertheless, they'll provide you with some concept of what to anticipate.

: Ample Space For The Dryer Combo At Home?

Determined by exactly where you intend to position your brand-new equipment, this might or may not be considered a challenge for you personally. Should you be fortunate enough to possess a utility space or comparable - then you will not genuinely care just how loud the appliance.

Should you be purchasing a washing machine tumble dryer combo, space-saving will probably be an issue which most likely results in putting your appliance in a part of your living area - the kitchen area or perhaps kitchen/living room where disturbance will be an element. Likewise, if the product is comparatively near to your sleeping area, you'll prefer it not keep you alert during the night.

You prefer to be familiar with the matter; therefore you do not obtain a gleaming new 8 Kg washing machine appliance for home, perform a basic wash to learn the clothing is still wet at the conclusion, and question what in the world went pear-shaped.

: Automatic Washer Programme Functionality

Just like any home appliance, washing machine dryers will include a different selection of applications according to the complexity of the product. Generally, the higher you will spend, the more significant applications and functionality you will acquire.

: Washing Machine Dryer UK Popular Brands

: Simplicity Of Use And Instruction Manuals

This aspect does not necessarily desire an immense amount of additional justification. The majority of the home appliances tend to be reasonably uncomplicated to implement, but in some instances provide a great deal more possibilities than others - which can result in misunderstandings occasionally.

One of many troublesome areas covered in fine detail is the fact you must be convinced not to overburden the drum, or perhaps you might surpass the amount the system may dry successfully.

When a machine is excessively complicated, or customers lament that it's challenging to figure out, we will point out this within our analysis. This issue is not the situation with modern day products since many are created to be comfortable and straightforward to work with, without studying the instruction manuals.

: Home Appliances With Short Wash Convenience

The fast wash choice is often a well-known characteristic, so several combinations make it available. Choosing this method will help you to clean and dry a compact load of garments in a very brief time, for instance, forty-five minutes. This strategy is ideal if you want to obtain clothing washed and dried quicker than any outdoor rotary clothes dryer utility, something many of us encounter occasionally.

: Inexpensive Combo Washing Machine Dryer Machines

Washing machine dryer home appliances are indeed not wholly regarded as exceptionally cost-effective home appliances - their particular category varies from A plus to D rating. Presently, there is a small number that includes top mark rankings; however, the bulk of them are B ranked.

This unique grading does not mean it is a poor strategy to get one; basically, the concept involved with a 'combination' equipment does not give itself to the maximum specifications of high energy proficiency.

: Functionality Using Sensor Drying And Timers

Besides the energy distinction, you must also search for an environmentally friendly feature, which includes sensor device drying, water performance, the fuzzy logic check for dirt, postpone timers that permit you to use less expensive electric power through the night. Use concepts including eco-performance that allow you to clean at more cooling temperature ranges, cool fill exclusively, and many others.

: Samsung Auto Dose Freestanding Washer Dryer

White Auto Dose Washer Dryer Equipment
The Deep Cleaning Samsung Washer Dryer


  • Hygienic Cleaning Steam Mode
  • Clean At Cool Temperatures


  • Not here..

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Extremely Smart Washing
  • Makes Washing Enjoyable

Unique Selling Point:

  • Deep Cleaning Garments
  • AI Controlled WiFi Link

Specs: 60 x 60 x 85 cm | 20 Kg | Spin-A | Load 8 Kg | 1400 RPM | 54 dB

Black And White Wash Dryer

£640   Samsung Washer Machine Spin Dry - Get It!  

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: Are Washing Machine Tumble Dryer Combos Noisy?

Detailed are typically the absolute maximum sound levels in decibels (dB) which can be exact in the event the wash is rotating. Even as we do not have the apparatus to test audio variants personally, we need to take those numbers given by the companies - but are frequently reasonably trustworthy.

The trouble is, on the other hand, the estimated dB is less likely to imply that much to you without some circumstance. To provide you with an overall strategy, anything at all approximately 73 dB might characteristically be regarded as reasonably peaceful, with a refrigerator giving 54 dB as a consideration.

: Help To Choose The Best Quiet Washer Dryer Combo

Because viewpoints can differ considerably with regards to how noisy/hushed any specific version is, we suggest always examining some genuine purchaser testimonials before making your order. Whenever we publish web links to retailer's internet pages, you will routinely discover a vast amount of opinions from verified purchasers - occasionally a considerable selection of views per equipment.

You might find one individual who affirms the sound is incredible; nevertheless, we recommend to get an equilibrium searching a handful of evaluations. In the event, one individual says it is loud, and 12 say it's noiseless, overall, we might typically affiliate with most.

: Cool Wash Programmes For Wool Or Cotton

The modern washing machine drying machine possesses plenty of outstanding programmes to make routine laundry day less complicated. You may maintain your preferred woven textiles and jumpers brand-new with devoted natural cotton programmes because they wash at reduced spin rates.

You can safeguard your delicate garments with hand clean exclusive programmes or give your clothing a good clean with unique infant programmes. They likewise have plans that pinpoint genuinely persistent staining, so you are never concerned if you leak a little dark wine on your most popular t-shirt, or stress if the children come in from having fun in the back garden blanketed in grass discolourations etc.

: Machine Drying Programmes With Anti-Crease Plans

Washing machine dryers include plenty of brilliant drying programmes to keep your garments flawlessly dry and looking their best. It can save you time for pressing with convenient anti-crease programmes, safeguard your preferred woven goods.

Enjoy the woollen programmes that softly tumble garments, or employ smart refresh programmes which keep everything smelling beautiful and refreshing. Numerous washer electric dryers have sensor drying highlights as well, designed to exercise the perfect drying time for every weight. A 7kg washer machine dryer combo with this concept will make sure you do not fritter away energy, and it shields your preferred items from deterioration brought on by excess machine drying.

: Best Washer And Dryer For Run Costs And Spin Cycles

The cool off schedule is a fantastic decision that possesses diverse positive factors. An excellent down pattern is a short cycle towards the end of the drying system - similar to 12 minutes, which usually steadily decreases the heat of the weight and often allows you decrease creasing, helping to make pressing far less problematic.

The fast cycle is superb if you do not get to clean the equipment soon after it halts - as is frequently not realistic. Furthermore, the best washer and dryer with the short-term cycle will help lower shrinking, as it is the unexpected modification of temperatures coming from warm to cool which could trigger garments to get smaller.

: De-Tangle Garment Function For Easy Ironing

The reversing activity is a somewhat exceptional characteristic in any washing machine, and even more frequently present in tumble washer dryer combos. This kind of function nevertheless is a tremendous attribute; however, the drum transforms in the two directions - this enables you to de-tangle garments and minimise creasing - rendering ironing less demanding.