Laptop Bags On Wheels With Safe Locking Features

Updated 28/02/2020:
Our best wheeled business bags designed to safeguard laptop up to 17 inch. Cushioning maintains laptops preserved while big pouches store accessories. The cabin bags have large zip areas to keep work essentials for night jaunts. A telescopic grip draws in the luggage bag when not used.

: Samsonite DLX Wheeled Cabin Bag Luggage

Black Wheeled Cabin Bag Luggage

£213   Samsonite Wheeled Cabin Bag - Get It!  

: TravelPro Business Bag On Wheels TSA Lock

Business Bag On Wheels With Lock

£399   TravelPro Business Bag On Wheels - Get It!  

: Melvin Xtra Ladies Wheeled Laptop Bag

This 29 litres ladies wheeled laptop bag offers 44.5 cm of fashionable brief-case on castors with a bolstered area for as much as 14.6 inches display screen notebooks, or big tablet PC's. Light 3.6 Kg best for an individual traveller on business concerns or perhaps fun journeys.

Classy dark brown baggage including opulent cow-skin leather tag carrier and stylish markings. Extremely sturdy external shell, corresponding and contrasting brown pipe as well as solid spring back carrying grip. Strengthened plastic back internal shell, edge buffs plus cabin hand-grip, perfect for effortless over head cabinet recovery etc.

Ladies Wheeled Laptop Bag In Real Distressed Leather

A 3 number TSA locking mechanism guarantees security of the primary or perhaps notebook area and enables unlocking from agencies, impressive for U.S. journeys. Completely lined in grey band soft polyester textile throughout the bag.

The principal area features an inter-locking mesh structure viewing window, zippered area of 37.5 x 22 cm - a great idea for toiletries or perhaps fast admittance to papers, as well as clasp fixing elastic slanted packing belts for fastening garments or general objects.

Back expansive area essential for charts or additional non important objects. A moderate sized but completely bolstered area accommodates your important gadgets.
[Rating: 9/10]   £34 Get It → Melvin Wheeled Laptop Bag

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: Everki Rolling Laptop Case 15.6 Inch

A wheeling case 15.6 laptop holdall which continues the neat business set-up appearance of a brief-case. This particular carrier takes dimensions aside to offer the ideal journey solution for just about any notebook.

Regardless if you're transporting a 13 inch edition, bigger 16 inch, or perhaps anything in the middle, the trip guarantees your laptop is secure and cosy.

Case For 15.6 Inch With Steel Handle

The flexible pocket is constituted of three bolstered felt panels which offer a customised storage condition. Adjoining to this is two extra slots, seamed using the equivalent cushy textiles, rendering separate areas for an iPad, your Kindle or even tablet PC - as well as a mobile phone or iPod etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £239 - Get It → Everki Rolling Laptop Case

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: Wenger Patriot 17 Inch Laptop Briefcase

The Wenger Patriot 2 piece corporate styled briefcase with wheels is projected to accommodate most 15 to 17 inch wide screen notebooks. An all-business organiser features pockets, and in addition slots for your particular pens, personal organiser, mobile phone, iPod, business concern cards, ID and much more.

Briefcase With Wheels With Square Grip

Leisurely gliding castors establish constricting walkways plus close corners a snap. A telescoping command locks in position for effortless wheeling around. Roomy over night area accommodates garments for the next working day, plus for additional footwear. Easily removed day case firmly admits your PC, documents, and additional supplements.
[Rating: 9/10]   £101 - Get It → Wenger Laptop Briefcase

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: Roamlite Leatherette Business Roller Bag

This laptop roller bag is created from coated denier thick polyester using short superior calibre zippers, in addition to sturdy fittings.

It includes a notebook shield as well as elastic packing bands that offer versatile use for business concerns, or even a weekend journey. Front 'arranger compartment' with extra zipped front end as well as side bags.

Laptop Roller Bag In Vibrant Red

The plate shields the under-surface whenever rolling over rough surface areas. The trolley hand-grip strap enables the bag to be fastened upon the top of the trolley travelling bag. Colours come in a popular black, plus white and black, bright polka dot print, sheer navy plus red.
[Rating: 8/10]   £89 - Get It → Roamlite Laptop Roller Bag

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: Samsonite B-Lite Wheeled Laptop Case

This wheeled laptop case baggage is the ideal associate for transporting any 17 inch screen notebook around securely and safely. Including TSA fastened zipper locks, 2 smooth wheel castors, and in addition selectable in 2 master colours. The B-Lite range is perfect for the business sector, or pleasure seeking end users.

Wheeled Laptop Case With Long Grip

The rather voguish sleeve slips across the trolley hand grip of the bag. There is a top carrying handgrip, collapsible trolley grip, two interior areas and written document partitions in the top pocket area. It includes a laptop area for 17 inch screen notebooks plus external zippered bag TSA combination locking mechanism.
[Rating: 9/10]   £143 - Get It → Samsonite Wheeled Laptop Case

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: Verbatim 15.6 Inch Rolling Laptop Bag

The Verbatim 15.6 inch rolling laptop bag is constructed with calibre industrial textiles, zippers in addition to telescopic hand grip. It includes comfy big and soft rollers for leisurely manipulation of mobility.

This bundle includes a separate laptop bag, premium security for both laptop and tablet PC plus a combination locking mechanism enclosed.

Laptop Bag With Two Wheels

It accommodates the majority of 15.6 inch laptops in the wheeling case with individual trolley band and is customs agreeable. There is a toiletry carrier, tablet PC bag, business organisation arranger and immediate access bag.

A combination locking system is offered with cushioned rollers, ergonomic hand-grip - and abides with the leading airways baggage limitations.
[Rating: 9/10]   £90 - Get It → Verbatim 15.6 Inch Laptop Bag

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UK Best Gents/Ladies Leather Laptop Bags On Wheels

: S Babila Trolley Leather Laptop Bag

Excellent trolley style ladies leather laptop bag that's constructed from the finest calibre refined grain, where the item will feature crinkles, scratches and abrasions - which are entirely integral features and components part of the all-natural and wonderful visual aspect of this pelt.

This first-class wheeled executive business bag is cabin dimensions essential for virtually all leading airways, it possesses a large front end zipped up area including an interior area for documents..

All-Natural Ladies Leather Laptop Bag In Brown

The centre area possesses an easily removed notebook security sleeve appropriate for laptops or big tablet PC's adequate to 15.6 inches. You will find additionally more compact areas in that liner for particulars such as video discs, the rear area possesses partitions splitting directly in to 3 subdivisions - appropriate for 1 inch ring-binders or perhaps papers.

Upon the exterior the case, a top carrying hand-grip is intemperately cushioned and essential for easy carrying, however there's a concealed trolley arrangement underneath a zippered flap, which expands to 62 cm above the bag and back to safeguard the case throughout transportation.
[Rating: 9/10]   £299 Get It → S.Babila Leather Laptop Bag

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: Lightpak Business Laptop Briefcase On Wheels

The comfy business laptop briefcase on wheels arrangement as well as easily removed computer sleeve is created of black colour sturdy plastic. A big primary pocket area comprises of the bolstered notebook sleeve and includes additional room for papers and pamphlets etc.

Laptop Briefcase On Wheels With Square Hand Grip

A 2nd zip-fastener pocket area at the rear is separated to more subdivisions for A4 records. An add-on area in addition to a second space accompanies an organiser department using pen loops as well as name calling card areas.

There are added segments and areas to conciliate more compact material possessions. This excellent case is outfitted with a disposable trolley organisation and incorporates straight-forward smooth castors, in addition to a bolstered space.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99 Get It → Lightpak Briefcase On Wheels

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: AmazonBasics Laptop Wheeled Business Bag

Great for engaged professional persons, this 16 inch laptop wheeled business bag offers practically all the protected, accessible environment you demand in a 'modest sized' journey congenial bag.

Ranging from 1 business confluence to the following, or perhaps from your hotel to the conference centre and back once more, the wheeling laptop computer bag permits you virtually everything you require comfortably.

A zip-fastener open front end space generates a handy environment for swiftly getting at your things, or perhaps hoarding those eleventh hour objects for the trip.

Wheeled Business Bag With Long Steel Handle

This front area additionally features as a convenient work base with denominated areas for holding more compact particulars. It accommodates dual ports for paper, small sized zones for pencils and marker pens, plus room for a smart phone or business cards. A big zipped up area comfortably obliges big text books, large data files and heavy laptops.
[Rating: 9/10]   £40 Get It → AmzBasics Wheeled Business Bag

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: Tassia Wheeled Gents/Ladies Laptop Bag

A wear proof wheeled stylish laptop bag which embraces top quality oxford textiles in addition to polyester. It's solid and can without doubt endure for long term deployment. It's transportable and can simply be carried directly on the plane with simply no motivation for waiting to get checked over for baggage weight etc.

The ideal wheeling case whenever you happen to be in a rush, this highly popular rolling notebook carrier is commodious enough to keep your garments, towels, footwear, make-up, notebook, reports, drinks container and so forth.

Stylish Laptop Bag

Adopting top quality comprehensive castors, this excellent rolling notebook bag will not generate much sound while advancing on the ground, or perhaps even mismatched floor surface areas. Safeguarding feature for notebook with interior dense cushion to contract impacts throughout your journey or company trip.
[Rating: 9/10]   £71 Get It → Tassia Wheeled Laptop Bag

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View our best wheeled briefcases to carry business or perhaps weekend necessities effortlessly and coast your heavy notebook along without fatiguing. Continue organised to travel with baggage document area and incorporated file partitions.