Durable Hard Shell Cabin Luggage Suitcases With Wheels

Updated 25/08/2022:
BA, Delta and Virgin label it hand luggage, EasyJet calls them cabin bags, and several air carriers call them carry-on bags. Most individuals call it hand baggage; all are agreeable phrases for a similar item. These travel hand luggage bags are also ideal for venturing by train or car.

Four-wheeled cabin luggage bags are usually known as spinner luggage and generally possess little wheels. Two-wheeled cases are upright suitcases and typically have bigger trolley wheels.

: Bags For Short Or Long Haul Trips?

As far as air carriers are preoccupied, the guidelines associated with these small pieces of baggage include virtually any bag or case that you intend to take on-side. Be this a little suitcase, rucksack, holdall, or your unique handbag or business suitcase.

These small 4-wheel hand luggage are handy for transporting all you need for your boarding procedure or airline flight. Along with being an extension of your primary baggage for essential journeys, they can work as your principal baggage item for short excursions.

A flexible carry-on bag or cabin bag with wheels may also be a fantastic investment decision if you go for an extended vacation or a brief city stop. Bringing exclusively hand baggage will save cash on budget travel arrangements. Small lightweight suitcases will decrease airport interruptions at baggage carousel zones.

If you are purchasing a flight hand luggage case that's suitable as onboard air travel hand baggage, choose sensibly as there's no dependability in dimensions from airlines.

: 5 Cities Carry On Trolley Bag On Wheels

The lightweight cabin luggage with 4 wheels incorporates a durable two-wheeled structure in a resilient style. The rigid framework and protecting rubber-type balls come with a PVC bar to prevent the bottom part from wearing.

The lightweight, sturdy material with EVA sections guarantees a long-lasting and hard-wearing material. The top and aspect grips contribute towards effortless transporting.

Functional and protected, the 5 Cities New Summer carry-on trolley bag with wheels and retractable black handle supplies you the choice to tug the bag with simplicity when not being transported.

: A Budget 4 Wheel Travel Hand Luggage Holdall

The soft cabin luggage 4 wheels incorporate a front pocket for easy entry to passport, drinks and garments. Maintain your possessions secure with the additional padlock, which locks the 'more oversized' compartment of the travelling bag.

You should not bother about protecting your possessions. This travel hand luggage holdall includes a roomy and easily locked primary inner compartment to keep your items secure on your trips. The easy front zipped pocket is ideal for instant access to your belongings and other products.

This bag is highly flexible to transport by hand, put on your shoulder, or even attach over more oversized luggage. It benefits from two hand grips on top with a Velcro buckle to hold manually. Should you put the 4-wheel cabin bag on your shoulder, it provides a size flexible band for user efficiency.

Black Carry On Trolley Bag With Wheels
5 Cities Carry On Trolley Bag With Wheels

A durable two-wheeled style with a firm back frame will protect against base wear. Perhaps you are venturing with a more significant cabin case or hold baggage. In that case, the cabin carry-on luggage includes a focused mount band on the backside, letting you attach the bag around the expandable cart handgrip.

Increase your packaging capability with this specific holdall bag. It's the ideal designer-wheeled cabin luggage for those completely new restrictions. The perfect free hand-baggage for air carriers worldwide. Therefore, take full advantage of your optimum hand baggage allocation.

Safeguarded, you don't need to consider the safety of its subject matter, as this particular holdall features an easily locked main case to protect your things. Get the most from this hand luggage bag with wheels front side zipped pocket to securely keep your files and other things you need fast access to.

The Features:

Regarding comfort and usefulness, this lightweight bag has a variable shoulder strap to ensure optimum enjoyment and also incorporates a top transport handle. The small cabin bag with wheels has a supplemental sleeve segment on the rear to fit around the trolley case hand grips.

Keep without difficulty when not being used. These hard cabin luggage with 4 wheels are excellent for safe-keeping as they occupy little area when not crammed full. They may slide below your bed or reside on the wardrobe for your forthcoming trip.

This specific tough 5 Cities New Summer carry-on trolley bag with wheels is designed to last. Nevertheless, for reassurance, the 5 Cities bag offers a two years warranty replacement and assistance addressing all production imperfections.

Take the pressure from journeying with a retracting handle press-button release system, rendering it as simple as possible to pull this lightweight cabin bag on wheels behind you. Broaden your horizons with this light and portable bag in EVA sections. There is a top side and sectional grip for uncomplicated transporting.

Summer Carry On Trolley In Black

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: Cabin Max Anode Under-Seat Carry-On

This particular EasyJet size below seat hard shell hand luggage is measured at 45 x 36 x 20 cm and weighs only 2.2 Kilos. The cabin trolley suitcase conforms with the hand baggage restrictions of airlines both locally and globally. It is perfect for the new free hand baggage requirements of EasyJet carriers.

Light, portable and very resilient, the little Cabin Max Anode carry-on suitcase is made of tough and hard-wearing ABS substance. It is among the best luggage with wheels accessible. With top-quality complete circle easy glide spinner wheels, this smooth mobility offers effortless control of your baggage.

Interior packaging straps, a zipped divider panel, and the zipped pocket inner capability of 30 Litres will make your own suitcase roomy and robust. This means your hard shell cheap hand luggage suitcase looks forward to travel and leisure on any journey using the long-lasting coil zippers.

The (Endless Sea) Anode Carry On Suitcase
Easyjet Under-Seat Cabin Max Anode Carry-On

With a five years guarantee, the hard shell cabin luggage trolley suitcase is made with high-quality parts and is made reliable. This hard hand-luggage suitcase merchandise is supported by a 5-years extended warranty substitute facility, guaranteeing just about any processing anomalies.

This specific 30 Litres cabin luggage trolley is lightweight and sturdy hand luggage. If you are after a piece of fashionable and light cabin luggage that fits the EasyJet free carry-on allocation, then go for this case.

Created to fit the EasyJet carry-on exemption, the compact, lightweight hand luggage suitcase uses eight effortless glide wheels, simply perfect for Saturday and Sunday - or 7 days away on your journey. The sturdy ABS exterior shell has 10 mm long-lasting coil zips, and the bag weighs 2.2 Kilos. It is light, portable, robust and waterproof.

The Features:


  • Enjoy Best Mobility
  • Durable Zip Closure


  • Not here..

Measured to fit flawlessly in the (Luggage-Sizer). These bags are accepted by air travel handlers in all European countries. This helps your self-confidence of simply no additional expenses. The cabin case on wheels is excellent to fit beneath the seat and sturdy enough for any bumps along the way.

Through methodised packing, the 30 Litres inner capability benefits from a flexible packaging band, divider panel, interior with lining, and netted compartment. With mindful packing, this tiny Cabin Max Anode carry-on suitcase with wheels provides sufficient convenience for a 'one-week' journey.

Using four easy glide wheels, the hard shell hand luggage suitcase is drop examined for durability to ensure it keeps moving throughout your trip. The 360-degree multi-directional wheels provide considerably more control on level surface types and let you wheel your carry-on baggage beside you.

Hard Shell Anode Carry On Case

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: Why Buy A Hand Luggage Suitcase?

Coming to the airport with a cabin travelling bag that surpasses the airline's sizes could be an expensive blunder. If the main difference is a couple of centimetres, the flight companies may require examining your luggage with wheels and billing you to boot.

: Air Carriers And Unclear Sizing Woes!

If the case is marketed as cabin size, never imagine it will accommodate your selected air carrier. Flight companies may include luggage wheels and trolley handle included in the measurements intended for hand luggage hard case allowances.

: Airline Luggage Size Restrictions

Not every airline performs precisely the same restrictions, a few just offer measurements for the primary physique of the suitcase. If weight is a concern or you want to comply with airline weight limitations, a light four-wheel suitcase cabin size is worth taking.

: Features For Suitcase Ease Of Use

A telescopic handle translates to convenient flexibility. Ensure the airline hand luggage reaches the very best level for you, and supply a framework for further items, including wheeled laptop luggage types. A handle for simple, fast lifting generally complements them.

: Good Wheels For Motion Consistency

Any good 4 or 8 wheel plane hand luggage is an excellent strategy for simplicity of movement as the spinner coasters guarantee the weight is 'propagated consistently' throughout. There is no requirement to lean and pull, mainly because they can be wheeled in front of yourself.

Companies have very different specifications and typically confusing weight constraints. A handful of cases attribute tinker proof zips, or perhaps multi-compartment TSA cable locking. This idea suggests primary, and exterior spaces have one handle and the one fixed locking mechanism etc.

There are several variations of numerous baggage locks apart from regular padlocks. Increasingly more flight hand luggage suitcases offer fixed combination locking systems. The locks are mounted on the side of the suitcase and provide somewhat elevated protection.

: Coolife Trolley Carry-On Cabin Luggage

This specific hand luggage pull-along case is well-crafted with top-quality components. Nevertheless, every suitcase experiences rigorous quality management assessments. They incorporate the drop launching check, raising check of the handgrip, wheel moving evaluation, zipper analysis, etc.

Using an integrated combination locking mechanism, it's easy to secure and unlock your own suitcase when travelling. The four multi-directional spinner wheels transfer efficiently and silently. The four-wheel hand luggage handle is convenient whenever lifting this trolley suitcase, even with significant weight.

This COOLIFE suitcase trolley carry-on is constructed of tough ABS substance, solid, light and scratchproof. The aluminium grip is compact and robust, but the inside of the luggage is protected with two-tier components. Polyester fabric and a 'slim foam layer' improve the flexible buffer and make end users more convenient.

: Airport Terminal And Hotel Transportabily

In addition to the inside mesh pocket with zipping and elastic, it offers a square-shaped full capability style. Expand and store the telescopic grip at three diverse phases, giving you the perspectives and height. Quickly pull your trendy hand luggage through the airport terminal to and from your hotel.

You'll never need to leave anything behind again with adequate room for possessions. This hard wheelie case hand luggage is small enough to adjust for over one hundred distinct air carrier allowance regulations. Roomy within, it comes with partitioning packing, which means you won't squander space.

Transferring through the international airport is never less complicated. With four multi-directional spinner wheels, you can effortlessly get where you require. The designer hand luggage case tucks beautifully inside the overhead storage compartments of more than one hundred airline carriers.

Trolley Carry On Cabin Luggage
Coolife Trolley Carry On Cabin Luggage

This bag ensures staying power and durability, examined substantially on diverse surface types and circumstances. It has been fall tested for durability to help you whiz to your gate and alter direction with virtually no lagging or even jammed trolley wheels.

Whenever and wherever you journey, we understand your baggage and contents are treasured personally. You need not be concerned regarding safety and security if you are venturing with your suitcases.
The cabin and check-in luggage possess an excellent protected combination locking mechanism that will keep your assets safe and conforms with all air travel guidelines.

: Preventing Hassle In The Airport

Absolutely nothing is more severe than having your 'possessions disorganised' when venturing or endeavouring to squash them in one little carrier. As an alternative, choose convenience while you pack any way you like.

Stay away from additional charges on more than one hundred unique flight companies through the EU and beyond using this small yet roomy, lightweight hand luggage case. Using the perfect sizes to prevent trouble at the airport, you may glide through check-in and security - then begin relishing your trip.

The Features:


  • Inner Mesh Zipper
  • Toughened Hard Shell


  • None here..

Journey with light and portable yet tough baggage that allows you to find your desired location in style. Whether or not undertaking a brief weekend away, or if you require an additional bag for your long-haul vacation. This strong COOLIFE suitcase trolley carry-on bag is reputable, robust and streamlined.

Compared to other ABS component hard shells, this specific ultra-light cabin luggage uses rigid material 3 times more robust compared to various other hard-shell luggage.
The resilient anti-scratch waterproof hard external cover on this trolley suitcase is resilient and robust enough to resist the trials of contemporary travel.

The ample inside divider will split up your garments, and a roomy built-in carrier is for your toiletries. There is a solid flexible metal telescopic handle and modest top/side grip handles with additional cushioning. This travel suitcase hand luggage incorporates a little bit more convenience for venturing.

Hand Luggage With Black Wheels

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: Flight Knight Light Suitcase TSA Lock

The ideal purchase for your forthcoming journey, this cabin-size travel bag works with more than 100 air carriers within Great Britain and around the world. This new 'cabin dimension' cheap hand carry luggage has a built-in USB charging slot and inner safe pocket.

Whether you're 'soaring' for business or even jetting away on vacation, this particular Flight Knight lightweight suitcase with a TSA lock provides you with versatility across your journeys.

Everywhere you journey, you understand your baggage and contents 'are valuable' for your requirements. The durable anti-scratch waterproof hard outer covering of this cabin spinner luggage is constructed from ABS. It resists the rigours of transport flight handling but safeguards items through your journey.

Flight Knight Lightweight Suitcase TSA Lock
Flight Knight Lightweight Suitcase TSA Lock

The TSA locking mechanism ensures your hand luggage wheeled case is available to TSA agents. They execute their investigations without having to crack your baggage locking mechanism. This 'spinner hand luggage' functions with a flexible press button 3-step telescopic grip technique that offers easy motion throughout the trip.

The wholly lined 4-wheeler hand luggage interior and the multi-use organisational pouches make packaging clothing effortless. The 8-wheel style is for full 360-degree manoeuvrability, examined thoroughly on various surface types and circumstances to ensure endurance and durability.

A long telescopic handle offers three distinctive stages in 3 perspectives and heights to effortlessly pull this hand luggage bag for sale through the airport terminal - and to and from the hotel. It is unimportant how high you are or even where you are going. You can modify the grip to the perfect elevation you need.

The Features:

An extra strengthened handle exists for supreme durability. You will have adequate room for all possessions and will not have to leave anything behind for a second time. This air travel cabin bag is small enough to match more than 100 diverse air carriers' baggage allocation guidelines. Furthermore, it is roomy within.

This specific Flight Knight lightweight suitcase comes with a coated multi-use partitioning for newly made packing, which means you will not squander space. Transferring from the airport is never less complicated with four multi-directional spinner wheels. So you can quickly get to where you want.

Examined substantially on various surfaces and circumstances to ensure stamina and durability, it has been 'drop-examined' for toughness. This renowned style flight cabin suitcase comes in numerous dimensions, letting you pick the ideal combination for brief city rests or long haul routes.

New Lightweight Case In Pink Finish

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: Why Hard Shell Hand Luggage Cases?

Take into account the impact absorbent external shells, which usually all help in keeping your valuable possessions protected. The ideal hand luggage suitcase can become your supreme equipment with a collection of lovely colours and designs to match your trend.

: Make Luggage Stand Out From The Rest

A classy, vibrant case has the increased advantage of becoming uncomplicated to identify on the baggage slide carousel. Made to fit in a plane cabin, most make suitable 'light in weight' hand luggage so you will not have even to be sniffing around the baggage carousel.

: How To Beat Flight Stringent Criteria

Getting small hand luggage suitcases can be challenging, however, if you are a recurrent flyer, select a case which satisfies specific requirements of your desired flight. For maximal air travel mobility, you should choose luggage that meets the more stringent criteria.

: Baggage Sections For Your Belongings

Intended for travel and people on business trips, the best baggage for you may consist of extra features such as sections for notebooks, tablet PCs and smartphones. Ideal for weekends or outings, cabin travel suitcases frequently includes a useful front compartment to hold other merchandise.

: Luggage Cases For Valuable Contents

You may choose a moving travelling bag, which is an extensive travel carrier frequently together with a laptop area and outfit transporter with small wheels for comfort. Pick from our choice of smooth and high-quality cheap hand luggage case choices in sturdy materials.

: Packing Your Stuff Flawlessly

Made to fit a notebook safeguarding, hand luggage suitcases concentrate on a thin, successful style. A few selections possess elastic pockets and straps that may slide over a classic case handle so that it can be piled over typical baggage.

: Transporting Your Garments Via Airline

A clothing transporter is an excellent approach to move clothes with minimal creasing because the garment bag will permit you to place your garments out extensively. They usually are crafted with a hanger consisting of connectors to secure clothing.

: Hand Luggage With Wheels For All Surfaces

The four-wheel suitcase cabin size is 'uncomplicated to manoeuvre' through even surfaces, like airport terminal floors. The coasters proceed efficiently and can consider weight freewheeling. Should you be on a coach or additional tight area, wheeled cases are pushed effortlessly.

: Samsonite Neopulse Spinner S Hand Luggage

This unique Neopulse series is the ideal mix of weight and durability. The small cabin luggage with wheels redefines light and portable polycarbonate baggage standards. Produced in the EU, these men/ladies' hand luggage with wheels flawlessly work in merging lightness and robustness due to the self-reinforced style and rough edges.

The superior and elegant 4-wheel Samsonite Neopulse Spinner S hand luggage design is founded on technological innovation. The vibrant colour provides a metallic and dull surface finish with red-coloured detailing. A contemporary and utterly unique appearance.

This particular pull handle and steady rolling dual wheels will satisfy the requirements of the repeated passenger. Another cabin dimension spinner 55 cm bag with an additional width of 23 cm is combined with this range.

: Is This Travel Cabin Bag Manoeuvrable?

The 4-wheel hand luggage case has a built-in 3-digit TSA combination locking mechanism to maintain all your possessions secure for a safe and relaxed journey.

A dual tube pull handle is perfect for effortless gripping and raising with the built-in ID label. Colouring particulars include silver and ivory around the pull handle press button. This travel cabin bag with wheels provides simple and easy manoeuvrability and steady rolling.

You will discover two soft-touch carry hand grips on the top and another on the edge of this lightweight hand luggage with wheels. When it comes to the primary wheel handle is expandable and secured with the press of a button.

The handle can be secured when not being used. Nevertheless, it cannot be attached to different elevation configurations. This approved cabin baggage comes with a built-in tag around the retracting grip.

Red Neopulse Spinner S Hand Luggage
Samsonite Neopulse Spinner S Hand Luggage

You can find a lined zipped divider panel throughout the top and underside area - plus flexible cross ribbons inside the base area. The wheels glide wonderfully, so you may roll it vertically, which places less stress on your arms and shoulder muscles than just leaning forward.

This specific business hand luggage is genuinely light and portable using sturdy components. Using the 30-inch variation evaluating only 8.2 lbs, you may pack an abundance of merchandise without exceeding the 50 lb examined luggage restriction. Furthermore, the edges of the suitcase are strengthened, supplying it with additional impact-counteraction.

Polycarbonate is a rigid material with a superb thermal level of resistance. Nevertheless, this light cabin luggage with 4 wheels is susceptible to scuffs and scrapes.
You will not necessarily anticipate this trolley suitcase to look gleaming and brand new for years. The ribbed cover will help with this particular bag, although the scrapes will be relatively less noticeable.

The Features:


  • Far Stronger Point Locking
  • Pull Handle - Twin Wheels


  • None..

The closure of the case incorporates a zip. It is obtainable in approximately six diverse colours, all based on the dimensions you desire to acquire. Each colour has a metal surface finish, making the travel suitcase appear somewhat stunning.

This trolley suitcase comes with four dual spinner wheels like most airport luggage. Just more expensive bags have dual wheels, and they will cost more. Nonetheless, they are less complicated to utilise. The Samsonite Neopulse Spinner S hand luggage wheels convert 360 degrees, which allows you to drive this luggage however you wish.

A crucial characteristic for anybody who travels, the TSA-approved lock ensures that TSA agents may securely open your luggage if they decide to examine it. Along with other varieties of locks, they can open up your suitcase purposely, which may trigger some significant destruction.

The locking mechanism is a 3-digit combo in which the authentic combination is (000), so you may establish your own within just a few minutes. When you set up the formula, you can only gain access to your small hand luggage on wheels, aside from the TSA agents.

Wheeled Neopulse Spinner (S) Hand Luggage

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: Hauptstadt Koffer Alex Hand Luggage

This hard case cabin baggage is the faultless travelling associate for whatever journey. Providing terrific economic value, these genuinely are the most inexpensive, but dependable type to protect your baggage from knocks and bumps by workers.

The hard shell sets are accessible in 'a more modest' 21 inch, but appropriate as hand baggage for all airways. This includes Ryanair, Easy-Jet in addition to BA, which grants you enough packing material space to accommodate everything. Ideal for a lengthier stay, or perhaps just for extra outfit options.

This Hauptstadt Koffer Alex hand baggage offers multi directing wheels 360 degrees for optimal mobility. The case may be towed in the established two wheeled manner, or displaced whenever erect on four wheels.

Hauptstadt Koffer Alex Hand Luggage
Hauptstadt Koffer Alex Hand Luggage

Secure in this first-class German carry on suitcase, you acknowledge your material possessions are entirely safe inside. It's long life continues internally with a sophisticated impact wash-and-wear plastic liner. All are fastened utilising this particular integral sanctioned locking mechanism.

You have lots of space with the environment competent internal compartments, which includes an easily removed washing case. Collectively, the trolley's lightweight intends you can cram more inside.

The Features:

This merchandise comes with the undertaking that it will be exempt from faults in craftsmanship and parts for the entire guarantee time period of 1 year from the buy date. Primary compartments on the interior side come with a zippered separating wall.

In a lightweight structure, the 4 wheel spinner travelling bag comes with dual wheels and a double grip. The completely advanced design comes with an ample, soft substance lined inner. An interior zip fastener pouch is present with a divider and limiting bands.

Extremely smooth, this bag range comes with a contemporary look. It features a basic corner protective covering with first-rate contrasts.

The construct calibre of the Hauptstadt Koffer Alex hand bag is from the Makrolon poly-carbonate selection, which is pliable and light. It's IATA approved and rugged build with exceedingly low dimensions to weight balance.

Luggage With Brown Exterior

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Virtually all two-wheel or vertical cases possess two more substantial wheels and indented into the case within a plastic material casing. These types of hand luggage with wheels will travel around through harder solutions like highways more efficiently, frequently with 'less shock' via trolley grip.

: Wheeled Flight Hand Luggage Tips

Some rucksacks and hand luggage holdalls help to make suitable travel luggage for less burdensome traveller individuals because they maintain your hands-free. An excellent strategy for some, plane hand luggage frequently consists of pouches and Mp3 player storage compartments.

: Luggage Caring For Your Valuables

A hard lightweight cabin case is a superb strategy for regular flyers or for added reassurance when journeying. Pick a hard case for a sturdy option which will safeguard your valuable items from the deterioration of the aircraft hold.

The best hand luggage trolley can overcome being dragged along various surfaces. Four-wheeled spinner luggage is generally simpler to manoeuvre through smooth floorings, such as those in the airport terminal. Two-wheeled cases with bigger wheels usually are simpler to pull around rough surfaces.

: Cabin Luggage In The Overhead Locker?

Small wheels are typically created from rubber or plastic material. You might find hollowed-out plastic wheels to be a little loud when tugging. Coming to the airport with a hard case cabin luggage surpassing the air carrier's dimensions could be an extravagant oversight. For a few centimetres, the airline might insist upon examining your suitcase.

When shopping for hand luggage bags with wheels, selecting diligently will make an optimistic return. Ensure it is satisfying for bringing belongings and make those journeys with small 4-wheel cabin luggage for all limitations.

: Carry On Hand Luggage Suitcases For All Airline Trips

Keep the merchandise independent with specific packaging of the luggage, or get a travelling cushion - also keep in mind the adaptor connector. The passport covers, travelling pouches and hand luggage hard case tags in fabulous leather are likewise essential add-on's.

: 2 And 4 Wheel Multi-Directional Features

Luggage with four wheels have increased in recognition fairly recently; nevertheless, two-wheeled hard shell hand luggage cases have their benefits. Once again, this will count on the travelling you will frequently perform as there are several positive aspects for both equally.

: Aerolite Set x2 Carry On Suitcases

This particular lightweight expansive trolley case is just right for making the best of your hand baggage allowance on affordable flying trips from firms like Ryanair and hand luggage in excess of 10kg.

The case matches the maximal dimensions earmarked of 55 x 40 x 20cm, or expandable to 55 x 40 x 25cm. The cabin maximum carry on flight sanctioned baggage will accommodate in to any airline business overhead cabinet, or perhaps luggage estimated IATA dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 or less.

This Aerolite Set carry on case set offers you relaxed travelling with their genuinely ingenious cabin size travelling bag. Arrive with crumple free clothes with the benefit of a 'zip-off' notebook carrier.

It is suggested you check you particular airline business as size tolerance might alter - everlasting for meeting those single bag restrictions. A clothes carry-on with laptop computer carrier.

x2 Hard Shell Carry On Suitcase
Aerolite Set x2 Hard Shell Carry On Suitcase

The Features:


  • Best Value Cases
  • 5 Years Guarantee


  • None.

Cabin Hand Luggage Suitcases In Black

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: LEVEL8 Carry-On Suitcase Pocket Lock

Suitcase With 8 Spinner Wheels
LEVEL8 Carry-On Suitcase With Front Lock

The Features:

Carry-on Suitcase Front Pocket Lock

Please observe that sizes are outside, which includes hand grips and wheels. The small 55 cm dimensions abide with most cabin baggage standards of 55 x 40 x 20 cm, however you should ascertain with your particular airway prior to journeying.
[Rating: 9/10]   £170 Get It → LEVEL8 Carry-On Case Spinner Wheels  

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Every size of hard cabin case should follow your specific airline carry-on constraints. Impressive hard built cases with smooth wheel spinners offer a pleasant range of motion. We hope you enjoyed our hand luggage suitcase with smooth wheels page - and the ideal cabin sizes for the majority of airlines.